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Characters / Super Robot Wars

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Super Robot Wars Main Characters Index
Classic Timeline: 1 | 2, 3, 4/F/Final
Classic Subseries: Masou Kishin | Compati Hero Series
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Compact Series: Compact 2/Impact | Compact 3 | MX
Z Saga: Z | 2nd Z | 3rd Z | Walking Spoilers
Nintendo Handheld Series: A | R | D | J | W | K | L | UX | BX
VTX Trilogy: V | X | T
Other Standalones: 64 | GC | NEO | OE | X-Ω | DD | 30
Original Generation Saga: Steel Dragon Battle Group | Earth Federation | Enemy Factions | Civilians and Walking Spoilers | Endless Frontier

This page contains information and tropes of characters from Super Robot Wars and its Spin Offs, namely, the ones created specifically for the series. To know about the ones from various Humongous Mecha Anime, Manga, Light Novels and other media that are featured in the games, see the respective series' pages, as you won't find them here: this page is reserved solely for Banpresto-created original characters.

Entries with characters that have made appearances in the Original Generation series are bolded.