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  • Urban Legend of Zelda
    • The defunct "Two Year Rule", a belief Banpresto won't include any series until two years after it ends its film/television broadcast in order to avoid Spoilers. In reality, a series can't be added because its rights hasn't yet come up for licensing. This rule can be disproven simply by looking at the original Super Robot Wars, which had Mobile Suit Gundam F91 barely over a month after it came out in theaters.
    • There was a rumor that Banpresto and fellow developer Winkysoft had some kind of falling-out post-Alpha Gaiden, which may have been why Masou Kishin elements (outside of three recurring characters) hadn't appeared in a mainstream game after Alpha Gaiden. This was also proven false when they reappeared in the Second Original Generation.
    • The idea of "hybrid" robots (neither a Real Robot or Super Robot) in the games, since some units don't behave the way they should (ie: a real dealing more damage than a super or a super more accurate and agile than a real). Through debugging the games, uncovering combat calculations and their formulas and admissions from Word of God, there's no such thing as "hybrids" - all units in all games are either real or super.
    • Players had thought a Humongous Mecha series originating from Eroge Visual Novels can never be included in the franchise because of their premise, even if they are given a Bleached Underpants adaptation. With Demonbane as part of Super Robot Wars UX, this was another theory proven falsenote .
    • Rumors were once abound that certain creators were defensive about their properties entering Super Robot Wars. Ouji Hiroi of Sakura Wars and the Mashin Hero Wataru Series was suggested to have disliked the franchise and barred both series being included, until their respective debuts in Super Robot Wars X-Ω and X, hinting that it was never truly the case. Likewise, CLAMP towards Magic Knight Rayearth: despite Code Geass being a CLAMP property (it was made in conjunction with Sunrise), the latter was fair game, but not Rayearth, yet it appears alongside other series for TExplanation .
    • For the longest time, it was thought that the reason why the Cybuster and the Masou Kishin characters were made was because Banpresto failed to obtain the rights to Aura Battler Dunbine for Super Robot Wars 2. On the Super Robot Wars DD 1st anniversary stream, after the third crossing pilot was revealed to be Masaki Andoh in the Billbine, Takenobu Terada acknowledged that rumor and said it was false.
  • What Could Have Been: Current series producer Takenobu Terada had wanted to make a licensed installment called Shin Super Robot Warsnote  featuring only Showa Era-Mecha properties to give it an "old-school" feel. This game would play more like the Alpha saga rather than modern entries with simpler mechanics such as the lack of SR Point objectives and the ability to play as the villains in New Game+. His idea never got past the planning phase because the younger staff at B.B. Studio had no interest in this scenario; instead, the incorporation of only Showa Era-series would form part of the Alternate Universe narrative for Super Robot Wars DD.
  • The Wiki Rule: See it here.

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