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The Super Robot Wars franchise is chock full of these. One of the main reasons why the games are popular is also credited to how kickass the character Leitmotifs are.

  • First off, all licensed series have their openings and other music for its characters as their own Leitmotifs, thus they won't be listed here. Many of these are awesome in and of themselves, so see their relevant Anime sections for those. The Game Boy Advance installments put an interesting spin on some of these themes. Whether it's due to software limitations or something else, the songs are incredibly sped up. As a result, you'll hear themes like "Reason" from Tekkaman Blade and "Last Impression" from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz sounding MORE kickass.

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    Courtesy of JAM Project 
The songs of JAM Project are pretty much the incarnation of this trope, having the power to turn just about anything into a Moment of Awesome.
  • "Hagane no Messiah" ("Messiah of Steel"), the theme of Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden and the group's first contribution to the franchise.
  • "GONG" is one of the greatest songs ever made, both in terms of the melody's essence, as well as the context of the song in relationship to Alpha 3 it appears in. See the lyrics for yourself.
  • Although it can be argued that "Skill" in Alpha 2 is the most popular JAM Project song, used as finale of many of their concerts or used for an encore. Fans have made this powerfully clear in a number of animated music videos made over the years. One powerful example is during the final opening CG scene in Alpha 3, where the Alpha Numbers stare down an impossibly huge numbers of STMC, and charging towards and getting buried in an endless swarm of them. The actual music makes this scene look rather doomed and depressing, but overlaying it with the end of "Skill", however, and you absolutely cannot believe for an instant they aren't going to emerge victorious (or hold back the Manly Tears the end of that song forces from you).
  • The Second Super Robot Wars Z: Hakai-hen gives us "Noah", while its sequel Saisei-hen has "Hagane no Resistance" ("Resistance of Steel"), both EXTREMELY energetic themes for two great games.
  • "Wings of the Legend" from the Second Super Robot Wars Original Generation, combining a slow buildup of a ballad into an epic marching song. Such is the song's popularity that fans are split as to which among this song, "GONG", and "SKILL" can be considered as the group's magnum opus.
  • "Shining Storm" is an enthusiastic triumphant battle song that will get your blood pumped up for Super Robot Wars Original Generation The Moon Dwellers.
  • "MAXON", the first opening theme for The Inspector, the Animated Adaptation of Original Generation 2, and its second opening, "Ryuusei Lovers".
  • The 3-episode Original Generation: The Animation may not have been great, but at least JAM Project provided "Meikyuu no Prisoner" ("Prisoner of the Labyrinth"), later used as its own Leitmotif in Original Generations and Original Generation Gaiden. It also comes back during the climactic battle against, of all people, Ignis, in 2nd Original Generations (just the map).
  • Beginning the International Era, JAM Project once again gave out an epic piece for Super Robot Wars V: THE EXCEEDER. It starts out slow until it reaches epic level of yelling "FIIIREEE!! FIIIREEE!! FIIIREEE!!"
  • Super Robot Wars X gives us Hagane no Warriors, which plays at the final boss against Hopes as he calls upon all the heroes to power Al-Warth with positive emotions in order to sustain it in one hell of a Batman Gambit.
  • For Super Robot Wars T, JAM Project gives us Tread on the Tiger's Tail, another epic piece that encapsulates the hot blooded, energetic battle that Super Robots engage at.
  • For the first major update for Super Robot Wars 30, a stage was added, 'Happy 30th Anniversary!' which gives us Concerto Of SRW, a celebration of their part in Super Robot Wars history.
  • The main theme of 30, Drei Kreuz - Hagane no Survivor. The Drei Kreuz' motto of "do what you can, the best you can" holds strong, and they will not falter and keep surviving anything that comes at them with Hot-Blooded fervor.

    Classic Timeline 

    The Alpha Trilogy 

    The Z Trilogy 

    Nintendo Handheld Games 
Super Robot Wars Advance

Super Robot Wars Reversal

Super Robot Wars Destiny

  • When this game was released, none of its original musical tracks were named. Once the Second Original Generation was released, the title theme was given the name "Destinies". It was given an orchestrated version for the Second Original Generation.
  • Joshua and Cliana each have a normal Leitmotif, but a second one is triggered whenever they use the strongest attack in whichever mecha they are in. For Joshua, "Desire" and "Drumfire", respectively; for Cliana, "Duologue" and "Duet", respectively.
  • "Devastator", the default theme of the Melior Esse of the Ruina.
  • "Despair", Destiny Big Bad Perfectio's Leitmotif. Until the release of the Second Original Generation, fans have been calling his theme "King of Ruin". Its remix from 2nd Original Generation is also pretty great.

Super Robot Wars Judgment

Super Robot Wars W

  • "Bullet Striker", Kazuma Ardygun's first Leitmotif.
  • "Just One Chance", used in the "EXA Nova Shoot Over" attack for the Valzacard
  • "Determination ~ Pride and Memory in the Heart", the Leitmotif used when Kazuma's younger sister Mihiro gets to pilot the Valhawk solo for one scenario (for the rest of W, she's a co-pilot). It's gentle enough to match a character like Mihiro but forceful enough to match what she's capable of handing out, even worth keeping on the Valhawk when Kazuma returns post-Time Skip. It's kept on the Valstork battleship, so you'll hear it by using the eldest Ardygun sibling Shihomi, after she succeeds their father Blessfield. This possibly makes this Leitmotif the Ardygun family's theme song.
  • "Eternal Memory" for the Final Boss, despite it being uncommonly upbeat.

Super Robot Wars K

Super Robot Wars L

    Original Generation 
  • One of the great things about Original Generations is it gives exclusive Leitmotifs to almost every playable character on the roster without neglecting their presence, ranging from "Treue" ("Loyalty") for the Blue Blood Leona Garstein, "Rushing Dandy" for close-quarters combat Ace Pilot Kai Kitamura to "Hero Senki" ("Hero War Chronicles") for the enigmatic Gilliam Yeager. Even Inspectors' leader Wendolo gets the unique "The Judge and the Judged Leitmotif rather than the usual "Violent Battle" theme the other Inspectors have.
  • The Second Original Generation gives us "Dashing Black Shadow", Leitmotif of the JinRai. The fact it sounds so twisted already speaks volume of the machine and its intentions.
  • "Utsuro no Tamashi" ("Vacant Soul"), belonging to Duvan Org. The strong bass and tempo serves as a sign of just how callous and cold-hearted the individual is.
  • "Kuro Honno no Karyuudo" ("Supreme Among the Four Dragons aka Highest of the Four"), for the Magnificent Bastard Son Ganlong and his massive OuRyuuOu, which plays in the climactic battle with Baral forces.
  • Newcomer Ing Egret's Leitmotifs "22nd Child" and "Lost Children". If you think they sound familiar to particular Alpha Leitmotifs, you're correct: in fact, they're used as Foreshadowing.
  • In the same vein as "Ware Koso wa Baran Doban" and "Makenaize! Gunleon!", the Second Original Generation brings us "Gantetsu Banchou G Bankaran no Uta" ("Song of the Iron Stubborn Gang Leader G Bankaran"). Absolutely NO ONE saw this Leitmotif coming, particularly from a Japanese Delinquent who got little more than a mention from a drama CD.
  • Back in Super Robot Wars Destiny, Glacies and Ventus were given Bootstrapped Leitmotifs of Joshua Radcliff's and Cliana Rimskaya's default themes, provided the player successfully convinces them to pull a Heel–Face Turn. For the Second Original Generation, the turn is mandatory; instead, they are given the exclusive "Destine" and "Deliverer" Leitmotifs, respectively.
  • One Leitmotif given an awesome guitar riff is "Genocide Machine II", used exclusively for Guest general Grofis Lacrein, a remix of the old "Genocide Machine" from 4 and its remakes.
  • Not only do the JakuOhKi and BuOhKi finally make an appearance in the games via the Second Original Generation, we're treated to their Leitmotif "Jakubu Shuuten" ("The Phoenix and Tortoise Encircling the Heavens").
  • Once "Ultra One" starts playing, you've realized you played right into the hands of the villain for the Second Original Generation. If you listen carefully, you'll hear it incorporates parts of "Arrow of Destiny" from Alpha, a key to their identity.
  • New character Yong Gebana in the Dark Prison Downloadable Content has a jazzy Leitmotif "Auditor Girl".
  • "Tamashi Naki Hatagami Tachi" ("Pantheon of Soulless Machines") in Dark Prison is an awesome remix of "Heartful Mechanic", previously heard in 4.
  • "The Last Fighter Twin" is an awesome Dark Reprise of a very peppy theme of Great Battle 2 during the climax of The Moon Dwellers.
  • "Dark Prison", the theme of the Granzon, is suitably ominous, giving you that sense of impending doom as the Granzon starts firing up its singularity weapon and bombarding you with gravitational attacks.

    OG Saga: Masou Kishin 

Super Robot Wars Compact

Super Robot Wars 64

Super Robot Wars Compact 2/Impact

Super Robot Wars Compact 3

Super Robot Wars MX

Endless Frontier

Super Robot Wars NEO

Super Robot Wars Electronic Encyclopedia

Super Robot Wars V

  • We have a new competitor for "most rocking SRW Event BGM ever" with "Raise the Anchor!"

Super Robot Wars X

  • This game introduces the very menacing event theme, "Dynast, Rising On Ground," signifying that some great evil note  is here to kick the player's ass.

Super Robot Wars T

Super Robot Wars 30

  • For the first time, we have character themes with lyrics in the game, and they do not disappoint. Special mention goes to Sasurai no Yaiba ~Sleeping Beast~, a rocking, awesome theme for Edge sung by Masaaki Endoh himself.