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  • Special Deluxe Golden Delicious High Power Magnum Borot PUUUUUUNCH!!! *miss*
    • Boss Borot is the staple CMOF of SRW, although his subsequent appearances make him quite the Lethal Joke Character. Observe his Borot Dynamic Special, where he throws everything including the kitchen sink at his opponent. Since he's also a Lethal Joke Character, it's not too often to see players build up Boss Borot and record it dealing the final blow and finishing off some series Big Bad or the Final Boss. Why send a legitimate, extraordinary powered Super Robot or a squad of trained Real Robot pilots when you can humiliate those villains (may or may not be an Eldritch Abomination) by sending a junk scrap robot like Boss Borot to kill them off?
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    • When he appears as part of the Mazinkaiser series, he is a legitimate force to be reckoned with, but still has some silly attacks (Borot Hip Attack, anyone?). His Shin Mazinger incarnation, however, is when he truly drops the Joke Character status and becomes full-on badass.
  • Anytime Sousuke Sagara breaks out the Bonta-kun is going to be funny, with the scene from Super Robot Wars W being one long level of total awesome and laughing your ass off at the same time.
  • Masaki Andoh's notoriously crappy No Sense of Direction is insane! In Super Robot Wars: Original Generation, he gets lost aboard the Hagane... DURING A GUIDED TOUR! In Super Robot Wars Alpha, he gets so lost that the Gundam Wing cast is forced to hunt him using the ZERO SYSTEM!
  • Badass he may be in the current OG Saga, Axel Almer HAS his share of funny... when he's Ahoseru in SRW Advance. Some of his funny moments include:
    • When snooping on Kazuya Ryuuzaki and Erika coping to each other, he instantly blares that he and Erika makes a better couple, since they're both amnesiac, and "An amnesiac couple would be better". Cue to Kouji punching him and telling him to shut up.
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    • When the Dragonar team was about to leave, Ken gets to have a good bye wave from his girlfriend Linda, his buddies Tapp and Light ponders on how nice it is to have a friend (read:girlfriend) wave good bye on departure... Cue to Axel waving both of them good bye, promptly disgusting both Tapp and Light, thinking that Axel is gay.
    • On the subject of Advance...
  • Shin Super Robot Wars:
    • It turns out that what Lu Cain was after was in the university database, which Ryusei plays off as just minor breaking-and-entering. Once again, Rai lambasts Ryusei's foolishness, and when Sanshiro weakly agrees, the dialogue awkwardly comes out that Ryusei has implied that Rai prefers men. No excuse can save Ryusei from a severe verbal bout.
    • When you take down the first enemy in an Earth Route Scenario, the Skullrook uses a Spirit Command! Of course, Zuhl's "galactic" genius is not matched by his assistant, who rapidly starts pushing the wrong buttons. After a while of this (culminating in Tekagen), Zuhl furiously orders his subordinate not to use any more Spirit Commands, to Ryusei's vast amusement.
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    • Boss is about the only one whose machine wasn't somehow handed down by the family, but Kouji observes that the Boss Borot is mainly just in the way. Boss takes umbrage at this, but with his lackeys in tow he plans to one day build the Boss Borot into one hell of a machine. Later on, Mucha shows up piloting the Borot, claiming that he's taken it without telling Boss, entitled by all the hard work he put in. He's not too worried about reprisals from Boz, who is unlikely to be able to follow all the way to space, and has even installed a Map Weapon! It also turns out that the Boss Borot's map weapon, though powerful, is totally impossible to aim.