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  • Anything having to do with Bonta-kun
  • In the first mission, the Trailers pick up two passengers: Quatre Winner and Heero Yuy. The latter of which is actually Duo, paying Heero back for enrolling in Relena's school under his name back in Gundam Wing.
  • Blessfield has Shihomi and Carret throw salt at the monitor to ward off the "Evil spirit" after a deal with Prospector ends up costing him the money he had just made on the mission.
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  • In Mission 25, if Sinclyine engages a unit with a female pilot (and he usually goes after the Nadesico), he gets chewed out by every female on the team.
  • In the New Game+ version of episode 32, Hikaru ropes several of the boys into helping her finish her manga. Hayato notices that Sōsuke's shading consists of endless repeats of the message; "I wanna get out of here" in Morse Code.
  • The game takes a six-month Time Skip halfway through that also encompasses the ones taken in many of the component series'. The lengths of the originals varied between a few months to ten years in their original canons, which are naturally handwaved away in the game. This means, however, that little Ruri-ruri develops the equivalent of three years in one hell of a growth spurt.


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