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A character sheet for the cast of the Deepgate Codex. Loads and Loads of Characters abound. They are listed in order of the book they first appear in.

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     Scar Night 


The temple archon in the city of Deepgate, Dill is descended from a long line of warriors, included his famous father Gaine, and ultimate ancestor Callis. A sixteen year old boy at the start of the story, Dill is an untrained, naive boy terrified of breaking the rules, yet eager to live up to his ancestors' greatness.

Rachel Hael

The daughter of General Edward Hael and sister to Commander Mark Hael, Rachel is the only untempered (read as: possesses emotions) Spine Adept. She is assigned by Presbyter Sypes to train Dill in diplomacy and combat, despite being totally unqualified for the position.


A psychotic, badly scarred angel who haunts Deepgate's rooftops, Carnival is a serial murderer and stealer of souls. Once a month, during the new moon, she descends into the city, murders someone, and devours their soul, then cuts herself in order to commemorate the event, causing these evenings to be known as "Scar Night."

Presbyter Willard Sypes

The head of Deepgate's church, Sypes is an old, sick man who has devoted his life to Deepgate and the Church of Ulcis. Frequently playing the role of the senile fool, Sypes is far more coherent than he appears.

Adjunct Fogwill Crumb

Sypes' right-hand man, Fogwill is a prissy momma's boy, who has more spine than might be expected. He is one of the few people to suspect Devon of being a soultheif.

Alexander Devon

Arch-chemist and Master Poisoner of Deepgate, Devon's chemical weapons are one of the Church's principle weapons against the outside world. Left sick, dying, and bereft of his beloved wife, Elizabeth, after prolonged exposure to his poisons, Devon is determined to obtain more life and revenge on Deepgate for himself.

Mr. Nettle

A scrounger whose daughter's soul was stolen by Devon, Mr. Nettle spends the entire novel on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge, first against Carnival (whom he belives to be the thief), and then Devon. Huge, single-minded, and thuggish, Mr. Nettle refuses to give up, no matter what happens to him.
  • The Alcoholic
  • Badass Normal: The crowning example. He punches out Ulcis, tackles Carnival repeatedly, and faces down several undead archons armed only with his cleaver and his madness.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: Attacks Carnival and survives. Bloodies Ulcis' nose. Beats down undead angels. This is Mr. Nettle's forte.
  • Handicapped Badass: Spends the last portion of the book hobbling about on a crutch. This does not slow him down much.
  • Implacable Man
  • Knife Nut: Meat cleaver actually.


The god of chains and eldest son of Ayen, goddess of light and life, Ulcis lead the rebellion against her and was cast out of Heaven for it. Residing in the vast abyss Deepgate is built atop of, Ulcis offers humanity an alternative to eternal damnation, and is slowly but surely building an army with which to reclaim Heaven. Except not. He's actually far more interested in conquering the mortal realm and feeding on souls for all eternity than he is in actually going to war with his mother. He's also Carnival's father.

     Iron Angel 

John Anchor

A huge, dark-skinned man from the Riot Coast, Anchor serves as The Dragon to Cospinol, god of brine and fog. Simple-minded and cheerful, Anchor has a live-and-let-live attitude, but is a terrifying fighter when roused, capable of holding his own against the likes of Carnival using only his fists and armour made of living crabs. His name is taken from his primary task: tethered to the end of a massive rope, Anchor walks the earth, dragging Cospinol's flying ship, the Rotsward after him.

Alice Harper

A dead woman in service to the Mesmerist cause, Alice Harper served as one of King Menoa's engineers in life, and now continues to serve him in death. Despite her many successes on his behalf, she is constantly tortured and forced to assume new forms by Menoa, who values her services, but values his sadism more. She eventually betrays him and sides with Rys' forces.

King Menoa

The leader of the Mesmerists, King Menoa is ruler of Iril, the Maze of Hell, and the chief opponent of Rys, Sabor, and the other children of Ayen. Seeking to reduce the world to a state of constant change and flux, Menoa sends his servants into the world through portals caused by bloodshed, raising hordes of demons, building infernal machines, and attempting to tamper with the time stream itself in the hopes of gaining dominion over all creation. He is Ayen's bastard (and favorite son) by a mortal lover, who killed himself in order to save her life during the War in Heaven, and was damned to Hell. He then overthrew Iril, Ayen's husband, and sought to avenge himself on his brother's.


The god of flowers and knives, and leader of Ayen's remaining sons, Rys is worshipped throughout the North, where his people cut knives into their own flesh in worship of him. Arrogant, self-centred, and charismatic, Rys fights an unending war against Menoa and his Mesmerists for dominion over mankind.


The god of brine and fog, Cospinol is the only one of his brothers, save for Ulcis, who has failed to escape from his prison. Kept aboard his slowly rotting ship by Ayen's curse, Cospinol is dependent upon John Anchor to keep his ship moving and be his voice in the outside world. He is roped into helping Rys' plans during the beginning of the novel, and sets out with Anchor to capture Carnival.
  • Antivillain: Cospinol is an antagonist to Rachel, Carnival, and the rest of the cast, but he's only a villain in the same sense that Rys is a hero.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Torn apart and devoured by Carnival in God of Clocks, a fate that he definitely did not deserve given his generally sympathetic nature, and the fact that he was aiding the heroes by the end.
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: Mocked and belittled by Rys despite being his elder.
  • Grandpa God: Takes the form of an old man.
  • Physical God
  • Stronger Sibling: He and Rys are both this to Ulcis, moving on Deepgate the moment that their older brother falls. While Cospinol isn't much of a fighter, he's certainly tougher than Ulcis was, and John Anchor's presence makes him truly dangerous.
  • Winged Humanoid


The youngest of Ayen and Iril's sons, Hasp is Master of the First Cathedal and leads the battle against King Menoa from within Hell. He takes a shine to Dill, and does his best to instruct the young angel in swordsmanship and the art of war, before Menoa comes for them both. Contaminated by a Mesmerist parasite, Hasp is forever after forced to do the bidding of any of Menoa's followers.

     God of Clocks 


The god of clocks, Sabor is introduced in Iron Angel but does not really come into his own until the novel that bears his title. Sombre, colourless, and unemotional, Sabor spends most of his time operating behind the scenes, battling King Menoa for control of the time stream, creating a myriad of alternate universes in the process.
  • Antihero: Type III or IV.
  • Big Good: The closest thing the novel has, leading the coalition against Menoa, despite most of his followers not being aware of it.
  • Bodyguard Betrayal: Betrayed by a version of his Battle Butler, whom Menoa corrupted. It doesn't matter much in the long run though.
  • The Chessmaster: The only who can rival Menoa. Sabor is engaged in a massive plot that spans entire time streams and universes, yet somehow manages to keep all the strings firmly in place.
  • Expendable Alternate Universe: Escapes the fate of his brothers by leaving a "temporal copy" to die in his place. It is worth noting that the copy agreed with this plan.
  • Only Sane Man: Ulcis is a monster, Rys is narcissistic prick, Hafe is a fat slob more concerned with eating than anything else, Merith is mad, Cospinol is a sad old man waiting for the end, and Hasp has Menoa's parasite screwing with his brain. Sabor is the only one of the gods to have his head in a place remotely resembling reality.
  • Out-Gambitted: Which results in his death at Hasp's hands. He gets the last laugh though, as the plan he sets in motion ultimately still succeeds in derailing Menoa's own plans.
  • Physical God
  • The Quiet One
  • The Smart Guy: To his brothers.
  • The Stoic
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Sabor is a ruthless guy who's willing to go to almost any lengths if it means making his plans work. Since his plan roughly boils down to "stop satan from ending the multiverse" this is understandable.
  • Winged Humanoid


Goddess of light and life and mother of the other gods, Ayen closed heaven following her husband's murder of a mortal she was having an affair with, prompting her sons to revolt against her. She takes the appearance of an old woman, and has little idea of what is actually going on in the world.

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