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fasoman1996 Imma gonna teach you a lesson. from Argentina (A.K.A. Naziland) Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
Imma gonna teach you a lesson.
May 15th 2019 at 3:27:09 PM

[up] Definitely

[tup] for Solo and Kuryakin

@Sigfried As a big shadowy blob, consider mentioning Noob Saibot

Angry rat.
louisent31 I'M WAITING FOR YOU, SHIROUMASA from Chaldea Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
May 15th 2019 at 3:34:16 PM

Timey Wimey Ball [tup]

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Come on, Nasu! Just give us the TSUKIHIME REMAKE!!!
RJ-19-CLOVIS-93 from New Zealand
May 15th 2019 at 5:43:15 PM

@ nightelf: I don't think you should go. Personally, I feel Hotman can be a serious negative nancy here

@ TPPR 10: I think you need a better image of Absolute Virtue

@ Aldrich: Aldrich would consider the Scarlet King a rival in the god-eating field, though I imagine this'd be more one-sided as the Scarlet King would be more amused than anything by his cruelty and cannibalism. Pennywise would be more amiable, being that he eats people and makes them fearful because it's delicious, like salting the meat(and children fear the most). They would enjoy each other's company. Ethan Roark Junior/the Yellow Bastard as well, since he can only get up with the screams of his victims. Aldrich would also earn the disgust of most of the blobs in the pantheon. I'm not sure what might happen if the Thing tries to infect Aldrich, and I'm sure nobody does

Is there anything more I should add to Gan?

Gan, God of Overarching Heroes (The Other)
  • Votes: 1(louisent31)
  • House: Heroic Roles (House of Heroes)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Dark Tower itself
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: God of the Stephen King multiverse, Greater-Scope Paragon, Subtly Intervening To Keep Order, Eldritch Abomination from the Primordial Chaos (A Benevolent Example), Manifests As The Dark Tower, Cosmic Entity
  • Domains: Creation, Guardianship, Divinity, Order(the White), The Multiverse
  • Allies: Roland Deschain, Cosmos, The Living Tribunal, God(God, the Devil and Bob, Bruce Almighty), Chuck Shurley, Amara, Eru Illuvatar, The Love That Moves The Stars, The One Above All, The Presence, The Entity
  • Rivals: YHVH, Galeem, Eliphas
  • Enemies: The Crimson King, Randall Flagg and the Grand United Alliance of Destruction (particularly the Lich, Amatsu-Mikaboshi, Merged Zamasu, Lord English, Dharkon), The Anti-Monitor, Barbatos, Melkor, Krona, Don Thousand, Hajun, The Old Gods
  • Wary of: GOLB and Azathoth
  • In the overarching multiverse of Stephen King, Gan is the creative overforce watching over it. Having spun it from his navel, Gan is the God who the Dark Tower that maintains the multiverse is his manifestation. Ka is said to be the will of Gan, a subtle sort of Divine Intervention. It's said that he has a wife, Bessa. He was the "Other" than Pennywise spoke of between him and Maturin the Turtle.
  • Almost never directly involved with the Grand United Alliance of Good, but will influence things to help them out. He is somewhat like Eru Illuvatar, being the god figure of their respective series who function as the Greater-Scope Paragon. The two have been seen conversing with each other on the nature of existence, creation, order, chaos, good and evil. Melkor was not pleased to learn another being like Eru had ascended to the pantheon
  • Usually found with other Top God and God figures who think it's best to help from afar, than directly interfere. There is the God known by Bob, The One Above All and The Love That Moves The Stars. TOAA recognizes his style of being a Greater-Scope Paragon, with the Living Tribunal serving a similar function to the Dark Tower. He also feels a certain kinship with the Entity, as they are both the source of life as it's known in the worlds they come from.
  • Emerged from the outer dark of the Prim, which makes him as much of an Eldritch Abomination as the Crimson Queen or other monsters from that. He can be considered an intelligent and benevolent Azathoth. He was not happy to learn of many malevolent deities of the Primordial Chaos such as the Chaos King, who considers Gan unnecessary intrusion and "a hapless romantic".
  • Doesn't want Krona to get anywhere near him, since he is willing to tear the multiverse apart in search for the answers to how everything came to be. And Gan spawned the Stephen King multiverse, after all. However Amara was much more pleasant, having grown out of her "not liking ordered creation" phase and along with her brother Chuck Shurley the three feel like they can sit down and have a casual conversation.
  • Is the most powerful force on the side of "the White", which represents order to the Crimson King's chaos or "the Red". A number of others who represent order consider themselves better fit to be the ultimate representation of order. Eliphas is the entity who's order is at least something Gan could understand, but has stated to YHVH and Galeem that he doesn't care for "law" being suppression of free thought and obedience. Order is simply a structured, sensible existence as opposed to void and Primordial Chaos.
  • Perceives Dharkon as a major force of the Red that Gan opposes, and the Crimson King champions. The Old Gods' chaotic desires are also part of what Gan considers to be the Red, along with God of Chaos GOLB. He is less apprehensive on GOLB due to not acting with much thought and Betty's merger altering him. However their chaos might actually be less dangerous than Hajun's desire to be utterly alone, the only thing in existence after he destroys everything. He regards Hajun as something worse, the Black or simply "the Void".
    • Like YHVH, Gan doesn't consider Lucifer's chaos to be the chaos of the Crimson King. It's more a social chaos than the cosmic chaos that works against Gan's cosmic order.
  • The GUAD considers Gan to be a major block in their plans of bringing the destruction of everything. They are trying to do what the Crimson King failed to do and tear down the Dark Tower, bringing an end to his ordered multiverse. Among those who are most invested with this are Lord English (an utterly determined soul who makes sport of slaughtering Lovecraftian gods), Zamasu (who decries Gan's Greater-Scope Paragon status as him being lazy) and the Lich (who, given similarities to the Crimson King and his relation to GOLB, takes bringing down the Dark Tower as a sort of holy mission).
  • Asides from the GUAD, the Anti-Monitor and Barbatos both want to tear down the Dark Tower. Barbatos wishes to spread his Dark Multiverse everywhere, and the Anti-Monitor finds it a possibly easier way to ensure his Anti-Matter Universe is the only one to exist. Don Thousand's desire for chaos to be supreme also leads him to want to subsume the tower.

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Representing New Zealand, TV Tropes addict
nombretomado MOD the formatting mod Relationship Status: P.S. I love you
the formatting mod
May 15th 2019 at 7:50:53 PM

Hi everyone, the matter of private PM's should not have been brought up here. It's the definition of making the conversation about the troper personally. Let this suffice:

~nightelf37, we are aware of some of your habits here. I will simply advise that you should strive to listen to others' advice on how to improve your conduct. If it becomes so much of an issue it derails the thread, it will become actionable - meaning thumps or suspension.

~HotmanX32 will be discussing his actions with the mods.

Please do not spend more time commenting on personal opinions of other tropers. Advice is fine.

Edited by nombretomado on May 15th 2019 at 7:51:07 AM

RJ-19-CLOVIS-93 from New Zealand
May 15th 2019 at 10:01:32 PM

General conduct is that you should post a draft of a specific thing once a day, right? Most two per page

Representing New Zealand, TV Tropes addict
M1gamiTensei 2edgy4me from THE SINS NEVER DIE Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
May 15th 2019 at 10:09:13 PM

In America right now, gonna be staying here forever I guess. Funny that nobody ever mailed me about the nightelf issue but I was on a plane so...

I wanna do Blackthorne for Shotguns Are Just Better. Unfortunately, most people who know Blackthorne know from Projared. Whoops.

Edited by M1gamiTensei on May 16th 2019 at 1:10:02 AM

nightelf37 The Keyblade, Mermaid, and Pony Seeker from Hadithi (it's Swahili for 'story') Relationship Status: Brony
The Keyblade, Mermaid, and Pony Seeker
May 15th 2019 at 10:31:41 PM

Oh remember Black Sun Nocturne or Ferot_Dreadnaught wanted Grunt for that trope. Or was it just Short-Range Shotgun?

Edited by nightelf37 on May 16th 2019 at 1:32:02 AM

If you can't get around it, go through it fast. Personas and Nanos, make 'em here.
RJ-19-CLOVIS-93 from New Zealand
May 15th 2019 at 10:41:22 PM

Black Sun Nocturne hasn't been around here in ages. Ferot was the one proposing Grunt

Representing New Zealand, TV Tropes addict
May 15th 2019 at 10:46:51 PM

[up][up]Grunt for Short-Range Shotgun (due to having a Signature Weapon that's shore ranged even by the standards of a game that plays it straight but a build that lets him tank things to get close).

Edited by Ferot_Dreadnaught on May 15th 2019 at 10:47:45 AM

nightelf37 The Keyblade, Mermaid, and Pony Seeker from Hadithi (it's Swahili for 'story') Relationship Status: Brony
The Keyblade, Mermaid, and Pony Seeker
May 15th 2019 at 10:53:48 PM

Okay, so here's my current agenda.

  1. I'll hold off on the Persona 1 cast so as not to look like I'm in a rush to complete the cast.

  2. I'm gonna start working on the Nightwings. Looks like I'm gonna make a record if I succeed here.

  3. I'm gonna watch a Let's Play of Bravely Second so I can properly rework the Bravely Default party, whose profile is woefully short.

Until then, I'm not posting any profiles on the thread.

If only someone can help me with Fionna and Cake. We barely see them in the show, given they're in a different universe from the Adventure Time canon.

If you can't get around it, go through it fast. Personas and Nanos, make 'em here.
RJ-19-CLOVIS-93 from New Zealand
May 15th 2019 at 10:56:32 PM

Got a few ideas in mind. I'd like to know if you approve of them or not

Representing New Zealand, TV Tropes addict
May 15th 2019 at 11:59:02 PM

[up]I'm okay with the virus.

Fire Emblem Heroes Code: 4547311645
May 16th 2019 at 2:12:35 AM

[up][up][tup] for Jimmy Olsen and the Viruses. Also, [tup] for Gan.

Edited by TheWikiaEditor on May 16th 2019 at 2:13:08 AM

nightelf37 The Keyblade, Mermaid, and Pony Seeker from Hadithi (it's Swahili for 'story') Relationship Status: Brony
The Keyblade, Mermaid, and Pony Seeker
May 16th 2019 at 4:25:12 AM

Hmm…if I am to rework the Bravely Default party… never mind. I'd be wearing myself thin with the 11 Nightwings. No need to Add Yew and Magnolia to the quartet.

[tup] for Jimmy Olsen and the Viruses.

[down][tup] for Alan Turing, Inventor of the Turing Test.

Edited by nightelf37 on May 16th 2019 at 8:53:01 PM

If you can't get around it, go through it fast. Personas and Nanos, make 'em here.
louisent31 I'M WAITING FOR YOU, SHIROUMASA from Chaldea Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
May 16th 2019 at 5:19:16 AM

Hey guys. So I might take a while for me to do Wei Shen, because one, I'm still playing the game, and two, I always let my sister watch Netflix everyday because I don't want to make her mad. But I promise that I will be able to do him eventually.

So I wanted to make another proposal and it's about the infamous Alan Turing, known for decoding messages for the Allied Powers during WW2, considered to be the father of artificial intelligence and theoretical computer science (pretty much math in computer science), and condemned for his homosexuality back in the 20th century. And his trope will be the Turing Test. Obviously, he is the Trope Namer and the person who created that. It's a test to prove if the AJ is human enough or the literal embodiment of the hollowness of a machine. The Turing Test is pretty much influential and also controversy and became an important concept of a AI's philosophy.

I wanted to do historical figures because history is literally one of my favorite things in the world aside from science, though the latter can be debatable for me. I mean, I don't give a shit if that historical figure is cruel, I mean, I do care and I will hate them if they still exist, but what interests me about them is what they do in life, even if their actions and moral are not ok in my book. I wanted to do Alan Turing because his life interests me. If I got approved of doing him, I have a lot of research, including his personal life, his actions in WW2, the Turing Test itself and a lot of the things he does after WW2 and I'll do my best to do him justice and it will take a while to do him because research is my life dammit. I may also consider watching The Imitation Game, though I heard it could be a bit inaccurate and it even had it's own page of Artistic License – History, though it may help fleshing out Alan Turing.

After doing Alan Turing, I may also consider doing a few historical figures and probably adopt some historical figures that are left for adoption.

I hope I'll get approval of this, if not, I'm okay with it, it's just a proposal I wanted to do passionately. Also, it's possible that I didn't do a good job of doing him because I'm sure my research is not accurate and so is history itself, but I really wanna do him though.


Edited by louisent31 on May 16th 2019 at 8:38:42 PM

Come on, Nasu! Just give us the TSUKIHIME REMAKE!!!
fasoman1996 Imma gonna teach you a lesson. from Argentina (A.K.A. Naziland) Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
Imma gonna teach you a lesson.
May 16th 2019 at 5:34:52 AM

So do you guys think these two are good to go?

Daithi De Nogla and The Gaming Terroriser, Divine Duo of Irish People (Nogla: David Nagle, Daithi, Zoidberg, AirlessCanvas28; Terroriser: TheGamingTerroriser, Brian Michael Hanby, Terminator)
Nogla's Logo and Avatar
Terroriser's Logo
  • Potential House: Pantheon/Nationalities
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: Their respective Youtube Icons.
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with some Chaotic Neutral leanings
  • Portfolio: Troll and Butt-Monkey at the same time, Vitriolic Best Buds yet they are very close, Very good at Mario Kart,
  • Domains: Gaming, Ireland, Jokes, Trolling, Friendship
  • Heralds: Joe and Tony (Nogla's dogs)
  • Allies: VanossGaming, Zoidberg, Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Terminator, Mario and his friends, The Survival Crew, Homer Simpson
  • Rivals: Aran Ryan
  • Enemies: The Hellhounds, The Original T-800, Darth Maul, The Fazbear Gang
  • Opposes: Ronald McDonald (Terroriser)
  • Daithi De Nogla and The Terroriser are two Irish youtubers, mostly known for making videos together and playing with other people of the Banana Bus Crew. Notable for their nationality and antics, both were suggested by their good friend Vanoss and quickly became the holders of the title of Irish People. At first Vanoss only intended to only suggest Nogla for the title and invite Brian just to pull a prank on him, and initially he did just that only to later reveal to Brian that he too was chosen, before Brian almost Rage Quitted. The three celebrated by playing a game of COD Zombie in the House of Profession.
  • Faced opposition from Aran Ryan given that he thought they weren't fit for representing the Irish trope. Before the boxer could hit them in the face, Terroriser shot him with a crossbow and promptly kicked him out of their temple. They also joined forces to overthrow Jacksepticeye as the number one Irish Youtuber.
  • Despite all the trolling, they are great friends and often hang out in real life. While they aren't recording videos, they like to take strolls around the Houses of Gaming and Food. Sometimes they are joined by Evan whenever he is bored. Other times they have requested the Court of Gods to allow them for recording some videos for their channels, mostly Gmod, and inviting other deities to participate.
  • Brian has a very good range of voices, but his most common one is The Ahnold voice, which actually got him to meet Arnold himself in the pantheon and impress him with the imitation. That said, for a while he was tired of everyone asking to do the voice, even refusing to address any joke regarding it. And stop making him say "Get to the Chopper!"
    • Another type of voice he likes to make is the angry Hitler, which he used to make fun of Adenoid Hynkel's voice. Needless to say, said prank almost landed both irishmen in a lot of trouble.
  • Like Vanoss, both prefer to appear in their avatars, which in Brian's case tends to cause confusion given that it's just the Terminator, causing confusion with the two ascended robots. The Heroic T-800 is just mildly amused at the imitation while the original one is not, which has made him target Terroriser and Nogla.
    • Nogla on the other hand uses his channel's avatar, which makes other think he is a bit retarded (Doesn't help that he is prone to being loud and stupid). In the past he used to have a Zoidberg avatar instead, which is a reason he is friends with the lobster and could even call himself one of his few genuine allies.
  • Brian is tired of everyone saying he uses McDonald's Wi-fi to upload his videos, given his rather bad internet connection. It got to the point where he and Nogla came accross Ronald McDonald and Terroriser almost beated him up because Nogla kept teasing him.
  • For an Irishman, a lot of people are a bit confused about Nogla's accent, being a bit unusual even for Irish standards. Terroriser thinks his voice is what would happen if Wario spoke with an Irish accent.
  • Usually recommended to not play with them, given their Troll nature. Accounts of other friends have mentioned both hitting their friends ball in Golf Games, taunting them, or in Brain's case, knifing in Gun Game matches. The latter is usually referred to as getting "Terrorised".
    • That said, it's usually a result of them being the Butt-Monkey of their group, constantly getting shot and killed in friendly matches by their friends. Terroriser also tends to get bullied by GMOD map makers by making his stuff being crappier than usual and he was glad that in the pantheon he wasn't treated to same way.
  • Terroriser has a soundboard that he uses to record funny sounds and most of those sounds are just from Nogla alone. The latter is a bit annoyed at Brain always recording him when he least expects it but has bought a soundboard of his own to fight back.
    • Notable sounds from the Nogla Soundboard include: "Shave my balls!", "Brian would do me" and a series of Nogla screams.
  • Recognized the Survival Crew thanks to the countless games they've played in Call of Duty: Zombies and decided to become friends with them. They also like to join them when they are fighting zombies out of boredom and where a bit surprised to discover that the Hellhounds had a temple in the Pantheon. They have lost a lot of games thanks to those dogs and so Nogla decided to pull a prank on them. The result was almost getting mauled to death.
  • Given their countless games in, they wanted to meet Homer Simpson personally after having drawn him countless times. First thing they did when they found him was check on his face so the next time they could draw him better and after finding out that they keep drawing him in a lot of weird situations, Homer just laughed it off.
  • They held a grudge against Darth Maul ever since he made them lose a Star Wars themed Zombies game. That and demonetizing their videos because of copyright.
  • They consider themselves the best Mario Kart players in the pantheon, a reason why they are very good friends with most of the Super Mario Bros. deities.
  • Nogla once ventured into the Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria and got attacked by a wave of animatronics. Reportedly he screamed like Mickey Mouse before he was beaten to death and ripped apart. He doesn't want to talk about the incident.

Angry rat.
May 16th 2019 at 7:22:40 AM

Louis@Try not to leave a Wall of Text

Gacha Is A Lie.
M1gamiTensei 2edgy4me from THE SINS NEVER DIE Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
CrownlessMimic Lil Red, Lil Red from 80% Rain and Clouds, 20% Sun Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
Lil Red, Lil Red
May 16th 2019 at 7:50:38 AM

@ Faso: [tup]

Odore odore!
Crossover-Enthusiast #KevinTime from somewhere doing something Relationship Status: Chocolate!
May 16th 2019 at 9:38:43 AM

[up][up] Have I mentioned I love that image?

A simple emoji does not express the amount of egotistical narcissism that this boy possesses
M1gamiTensei 2edgy4me from THE SINS NEVER DIE Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
May 16th 2019 at 9:56:47 AM

Seeing the new Godzilla movie trailer, you sure Rodan is Lesser God

TPPR10 I stare through your soul from Suomus Relationship Status: Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!
I stare through your soul
May 16th 2019 at 10:02:09 AM

IIRC, the different Kaiju are ranked in relation to eachother.

The Witch of Deep Staring
May 16th 2019 at 11:22:55 AM

@ Timey Wimey Ball: Some of Solo and Kuryakins' interactions with other characters are based on their physical similarities and having the same actors. Could you please modify them? We don't do that kind of stuff anymore.

@ Clovis: [tup] for Gan. Link and Princess Zelda could ocassionally receive guidance from Gan in their constant struggles against Ganondorf, seeing him as the same benevolent god as the Golden Goddesses of Hyrule, who fulfill the same trope as Gan. Mata Nui could also have conversations with Gan about what it means to be a benevolent god, as the people of the Matoran universe worshipped him for his goodness but Mata Nui was not a god in the mythical sense and ultimately failed to prevent Makuta Teridax's rise to power. Gan could also be friends with Aslan, a fantastic representation of Jesus, and they could also have conversations about what it means to be a benevolent god.

Bazzardreturns The Marked Prince from Canada Relationship Status: In love with love
The Marked Prince
May 16th 2019 at 11:49:30 AM

[tup] for Faso's profiles.

Now onto the next grand adventure... Here on the Tropes Pantheon!

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