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    The Love that Moves the Stars 
The Love That Moves The Sun and the Other Stars, God of Happy Endings (End of All Desires, Highest Joy)
A pale shadow of the Love from a distance.
  • Overdeity.
  • Symbol: Three circles that are one circle.
  • Theme Song: Paradiso by Robert W. Smith.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good.
  • Portfolio: Happy Ending, Comedy, The Power of Love, The Good Guys Always Win, Happily Ever After, Heaven, God Is Good, Did You Just Have Tea With Cthulhu, You Cannot Grasp the True Form, Brown Note, Take Our Word for It, Good Is Not Soft, Evil Will Fail.
  • Domains: Love, Hope, Faith, Joy, Beauty, Intelligence, Art, and Finality.
  • Followers: Those who reject the Seven Deadly Sins, like: Plato, Lily Potter, NOBLE Team, Alexander Hamilton, Bert and Ernie, Oliver Twist, and Sir Galahad the Pure.
  • Friends: Those who fit in the Spheres of Paradise, including Sol Badguy, Liu Bei, Gomez and Morticia Addams, The Librarian, Joe Joestar, Juror #8, The Guru, Heart Aino, Pit, and Eru Ilúvatar, The One Above All
  • Rivals: The Highest Joy has a strange relationship with others who claim to be the capital-G God. YHVH is only one really concerned with deposing the End of all Desires, but He also ends up in awkward situations with God-figures like Aslan, the God that likes Bob, the Presence and Arceus, as they also have equal claims to being the capital-G gods in their worlds. He does, however, agree with the Presence's assesment of Superman being "a good and faithful son" and praises the Man of Steel for choosing a Happy Ending for the entire DC Universe during Final Crisis.
  • Enemies: The Love that Moves the Stars can only "hate" evil and nothingness in themselves, whether it be personified as Azmodan, the many Deaths or the abstract members of the Grand United Alliance of Destruction. Still, he has nothing to fear from these beings, since His existence is strictly necessary. The only being He is known to fear is The Joker, who confuses His deep mind's omniscience.
  • Pities: Those doomed to the Circles of Hell, including The Kinkou Order, Fighter, Aphrodite, Gluttony, Wario, House of Hatred, Oberon the Fairy King, House of Slaughter, House of Trickery, House of Betrayal, and Melkor.
  • Opposed by: Often clashes with William Shakespeare over his many tragedies. Not that He doesn't like Hamlet or Othello, but the Highest Joy finds it quite anticlimatic to end before seeing King Hamlet and Desdemona's ascension to Paradise.
  • Herald: Saint Beatrice, the greatest beauty to be found in His creation. The End of All Desires cannot be fully comprehended by humans, so He primarily befriends and beckons other through her.
  • Legend says the End of all Desires is one of Dream of the Endless's many attempts to introduce Eru Iluvatar as an entity within stories themselves. It may be his most successful attempt, and regardless of that legend's truth, ever since his ascension The Love has guided all stories to a Happy Ending. Even those stories with a Downer Ending only end so because the characters had the freedom to reject the Love's gift of Happily Ever After and eventually, the Love has made it so that The Good Guys Always Win.
  • Originally dwelt in the House of Love, but He was expelled by Aphrodite and Captain Harkness their garden a "whirlpool of lust and depravity." He likes to spend His time helping J.R.R Tolkien and his friends, the Heptapods, write stories. Unfortunately, His happiness is so great that it is more than capable of disintegrating their lodgings, so the Highest Joy generally resides in the more-durable House of Otherness while sending Beatrice to the other Houses on His behalf.
  • He has no role in the already-crowded management Grand United Alliance of Good. Although He sustains all-goodness, He wants no part in forcing people to accept what's best for them, lest he end up like YHVH.
  • He sustains whatever goodness is in existence and has written a Happy Ending for all beings... except the Joker, whose origin the Love knows nothing about. Even the incarnations of the Joker that seem to die still make the Love ever so slightly afraid, if only because He has no idea where the Joker's soul rests. Because of all this, The Highest Joy has a special respect for Batman, although He feels the pain Bruce suffered to continue his war on crime. Still, He knows there is at least one story, where Bruce finally found happiness...
  • The Love has tried to find ways to ascend Superman's son, Jonathan, to the Pantheon, as a fitting reward a righteous and noble man who always wants happiness for everyone.
  • The Highest Joy has blessed Wander and his quest to show people the joys of happiness without forcing them to do anything. The Love's closeness to Wander has also led to his eminence to reach Paradise, where Saint James has adapted a comment by Wander into a hymn sung by a chorus of dancing fires of glee that circle the universe's outmost stars.
    Wander: I only present the positive path, I don't force you to follow it.
  • Despite His awkward meetings with Arceus, the Love feels pride in Ash Ketchum for never allowing difficulty from stopping his search for greatness and treasuring the simple joys in life. If there is one thing Arceus and the Love that Moves the Stars agree on is that Ash deserves a happy ending. Perhaps it is through the Highest Joy that Ash will find the true meaning of being a Pokemon Master.
  • The Highest Joy watches Shido Itsuka's journey with great interest, knowing that Shido is a kind and benevolent young man who wants the Sprits to be happy. He also knows of Shido's true origin as a reincarnated human/Spirit hybrid, but He does not reveal it because He believes Shido deserves to come to terms with that knowledge on his own terms.
  • James T. Kirk, Spock, Leonard McCoy felt wary around the Love at first, as they previously encountered an entity that claimed to be God. Knowledgable that such entities litter the Ninth Circle of Hell, the Love understood the Enterprise trio's hesitance and gave them His blessing to continue their journey. Amazingly, Spock does not dismiss the Love's existence, as doing so would be illogical, much to McCoy's amusement.
    • On Kirk's suggestion, Jean-Luc Picard became acquainted with the Love through His herald, Beatrice. Unsurprisingly, Beatrice and Picard became good friends, with Picard suggesting Beatrice's master should humble Q if he ever enters the Pantheon.
  • Mario and Link are some of the Love's most enduring examples of the triumph of good over evil. He still pities Bowser and Ganondorf because their black hearts damn them to eternal shame and humiliation; not helped at all by Bowser's stubbornness and the borderline tragic circumstances of Ganondorf's creation.
  • Although the Highest Joy approves of Dexter's accomplishments, He has done what he can to suggest knowledge is nothing without the wisdom to appreciate it. Dexter, a worshipper of science, doesn't know what to make of the Love, but he intends to the Love's messages. After all, questioning the obvious is not scientific at all.
  • Despite the many tragedies he endured, Samurai Jack completed his journey and returned home. For that, the Highest Joy considers his story an excellent example of the happy ending He intends for all men. He especially takes joy in Jack's reunion with Ashi in the Pantheon.
  • The Devil who finds it better to reign in Hell has loudly gone on about how he intends destroy the Love with his infernal power, but despite all his pontificating, he has yet to advance an attack. The Beast and the Saddam Hussein's Husband have similarly kept themselves as far away from the Love as possible, which two of the other Satans use as evidence that none of them are the original Devil. Having been rejected by all of them, the Love leaves them to their own ruinous devices.

Intermediate Gods

    Kamille Bidan 
Kamille Bidan, God of Downer Endings
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The AEUG Logo and his Zeta Gundam
  • Theme Song: "Zeta - Toki wo Koete", "Mizu no Hoshi e Ai wo Komete", "Metamorphoze"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Character Development, Ace Custom, Piloting the Zeta Gundam, having a Gender-Blender Name with pointing out being his usual Berserk Button, Chick Magnet, having blue hair, Hot-Blooded Good Jerks, Generation Xerox, Hurting Heroes, Newtype Powers.
  • Domains: Robots, Tragedy, Pilots
  • Superior: Yoshiyuki Tomino
  • Allies:
  • Respected by: Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron, Jimmy Hopkins
  • Enemies: GUAE Mecha Cohort, Haman Karn, Bask Om, Gendo Ikari, Tenjuro Banno, Eliza and Neil Reagan
  • Conflicting Opinion: Char Aznable
  • Kamille made his ascension into the pantheon after the end of the Gryps Conflict where he, along with the AEUG, had managed to defeat Paptimus Scirocco and the Titans faction before his mind was wrecked by his fallen Arch-Enemy as a payback for his demise, as well as most of his close allies like Emma Sheen were killed in that said conflict which brings his other nemesis Haman Karn as the sole victor of the war before she successfully restores Zeon from its former glory.
  • Kamille is happy to work as a pilot once more, and reunited with Amuro Ray and Bright Noa. Kamille, now becoming a free agent working in the Londo Bell. On the other hand, Kamille is not pleased that Bask Om is present in the pantheon proper since he and the Titans were responsible for ruining his life in the first place, the same goes to Haman as she was waiting for him to ascend so that they can settle the score once and for all.
  • His relations with Char became conflicted as he tries to give a reason to Char regarding of his actions during the 2nd Neo-Zeon War. Char hasn't respond to his reason yet because he feels that they might become enemies someday.
  • There are rumours about an alternate universe where he has a happier ending, the Gods, however dispel the rumour by showing everyone the 50 episodes of Zeta Gundam.
    • Aside from that, there are some speculations that he becomes better after his long recovery during the first Neo-Zeon War, in fact, he never lose his touch as a Gundam pilot.
  • Many Gods are impressed that a kid was able to punch a guy bigger than him, successfully kick his ass, get arrested, kick the officer's ass, and steals 3 Gundam Mk. II's from the Titan's base all during the same day.
    • Due to this, Kamille gained the respect from Bully Hunters like Kaito Kumon and Jimmy Hopkins since they regarded him as a strong person for his act of being able to stand against the tyranny of the Titans.
  • People often mistake him for Luke Skywalker because of a soundtrack that got released making him look like him, Kamille points out his hair is blue.
  • Has formed a friendship with the Gunpla Fighter Yuuma Kousaka after he was impressed with his piloting skills during Gunpla Battles and was also amused of his latest signature Gunpla the "Lightning Zeta Gundam" which reminded him alot of his own signature Mobile Suit. No wonder that he might get interested in this non-violent sport just for fun.
  • Spends his free time in the House of Technology editing his Zeta Gundam, to avoid thinking about his tragic love life.
  • He became close friends with Kotaro Minami while he also sympathizes with him after knowing his story of how his life became a living hell during his earlier days as Kamen Rider Black while he was also happy that his life becomes better since he became Black RX. Same thing with Ange since her life became miserable when she lose all her respects from her kingdom after she was exposed as a Norma until she had gotten better after her and her comrade's war against Embryo has ended. It should noted that both Kamille and Ange have similar personalities and users of their respective transformable mechas.
  • He also became supportive towards Shinji Ikari and Go Shijima since they shared the pain of having their fathers being a bunch of complete bastards. Like being said, he also became enemies with Gendo Ikari and Tenjuro Banno due to their horrible treatment towards their respective children.
  • Knight Gundam was overjoyed that someone else that he recognized had arrived at the Pantheon, but quickly remembered that he would not remember their adventures together. The two are still friends, seeing as how Knight helped him to presumably marry Fa Yuiry in his world.
  • Due to him being one of the icons in the 80's, Kamille became associates with Kung Fury, the two would support each other as they fight together against their respective enemies.
  • He has put both the Reagan siblings on his hit list because at one point, they're making fun of his name before they kick their asses for crossing the line.
  • Remember, whenever they try to mock his Gender-Blender Name, this will be his response to them: "KAMILLE'S A MAN'S NAME AND I'M A MAN".

    Lazlo (Suikoden
Lazlo, God of Earning The Right To Life (Lazlo En Kuldes, Protagonist IV)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His two short swords crossed together with the Rune of Punishment placed over them
  • Theme Music: Rune of Punishment
  • Alignment: Neutral Good to Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Being Blessed with Suck, Before Turning it to Cursed with Awesome, Tenkai Star, Happily Adopted, Dual Wielding, Person of Mass Destruction, Game-Breaker, Heroic Mime, The Stoic, The Scapegoat, Has Loads of Fangirls, Earn Your Happy Ending, Actually From Noble Heritage
  • Domains: Heroes, Swords, Power, Navies, Forgiveness, Royalty
  • Allies: Jeane, Viki, Commander Shepard, Eucliwood Hellscythe, Miyuki Hoshizora/Cure Happy, Link, all of the ascended Fleet Girls, many of the good-willed thieves, pirates and such.
  • Enemies: Luca Blight, the Abyssal Fleet, Exdeath
  • Formerly a Gaien Knight from Razril, Lazlo was falsely accused of killing a man named called Glen and was exiled from his nation. However, he quickly became the leader of Island Liberation Navy of Obel, and by gathering people to assist him, started to fight off against the Kooluk Empire.
  • Lazlo possess the Rune of Punishment, one of the 27 True Runes. It possesses great powers, being able to wipe entire naval fleets in one attack, and grants its bearer inability to age. However, it slowly drains the life out of the user and is practically a Doom Magnet, making sure that its bearer uses it. However, by showing kindness and forgiveness, the Rune eventually settled down to a "Forgiveness Phase", a state where it stops draining the bearer's life and instead heals them. So Lazlo essentially turned Blessed with Suck into Cursed with Awesome. And good thing, as it allowed him to life through one last usage of it, allowing him to get a happy ending.
    • Because of this, Lazlo is really dangerous. And killing him would be a huge gamble, as the Rune of Punishment jumps into the nearest person around it as soon as its current owner dies. So If you were to kill him, you would be stuck with the Rune until you die.
  • His ascension wasn't taken that warmly, as his tale is considered one of the least liked of the bunch. Though the fact that he is currently the first Tenkai Star chronologically probably help him come here over the other Tenkai Stars.
    • He seems to sympathize with Link as one of his own adventures was criticized due of how tedious the sea travel can be, like with Lazlo.
  • Where he might be the obvious counterpart to Eucliwood, he does wish that she would find a way to control her powers better.
  • He, like other Suikoden protagonist, has an impressive Magnetic Hero having a record of something like 107 man and beast of different breeds and backgrounds recruited. Including multiple pirates, thieves and assassins send to kill him. That is why he has rather good connections with some of the good outlaws.
  • As a former commander of a naval fleet, he seems to get along with the ascended Fleet Girls. And as such, he has a certain dislike for the Abyssal Fleet.
  • Is still bit oblivious to the fact that he is the Prince of Obel who got lost. The fact that he ended up working for his father in the end is rather amazing.
  • Besides the fact that there isn't that much appealing about him, he seems to be rather popular with the ladies, even when not taking account his role as a Magnetic Hero.
  • He has a bit of a dislike for Exdeath due the fact that he also had to deal with an evil tree of sort in his own world.
  • Not to be confused with the boy scout of the same name.

Roxas, God of the Prolonged Prologue (The Key of Destiny, Number XIII, Yoroxaz)
  • Intermediate God, Greater God when wielding Oathkeeper and Oblivion
  • Symbol: The Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades
  • Theme Songs: Roxas, The Other Promise (when battling), Another Side (vs. Riku)
  • Alignment: True Neutral at first, Neutral Good in truth
  • Portfolio: Cosmic Plaything, Anti-Villain, Decoy Protagonist, using light for the Organization, being Token Good Teammate for the Organization, Punch-Clock Villain, being a Morality Pet
  • Domain: Introductions, Prologues, Exposition, Time, Beginnings
  • Heralds: The Samurai Nobodies
  • Allies: Axel (Lea), Xion, Sora, Ventus, Wreck-It Ralph, Link, Yuma Tsukumo, Kaito "Kite" Tenjo, Ryoga "Shark" Kamishiro, Ruby Rose, Team Charm Gardevoir, Gentaro Kisaragi
    • Partner: Gardevoirnote 
  • Rival: Riku
  • Enemies: Master Xehanort (specifically his Nobody, Xemnas), Sora Shiun'in.
  • Former Ally: Larxene.
  • Ascended at both Sora and Lea's request. The two of them had Phoenix Wright make a case in front of the Court of Gods for why Roxas was technically a separate individual from Sora, despite being his Nobody. In light of recent events before the hearing, as well as Roxas starring in the prologue that used to name this trope, it was deemed that Roxas may be allowed in the Pantheon as his own character.
  • Upon proper ascension, Roxas had a joyful reunion with Axel. While the two had left on uneven terms, they were more than willing to put it behind them and enjoy being in the Pantheon, free from the Organization's designs. They, of course, had Sea Salt ice cream to celebrate.
    • While Lea won't make a big fuss in general, Roxas is in particular one of the few he'll allow to use his Organization name.
  • Part of his ascension was also the return of his Samurai Nobodies… who now answer to him, which finally grants a number of them to the GUAG, though he isn't used to having them under his command.
  • While they have moved past it, Roxas thinks that he and Riku should settle the score and have a friendly rematch.
  • Roxas considers his title somewhat of a backhanded compliment, but will take it nonetheless. He has also met up with Link, and they've discussed the long prologues they've had to go through.
    • Lenneth Valkyrie, of all people, took the time to describe her game's prologue to Roxas and Link.
  • Since he's lived a whole year as a Punch-Clock Villain, Roxas was able to find common ground with Wreck-It Ralph. Since then, the two have met for ice cream, officially making them friends, in Roxas's book. This is notable, as Ralph is one of the few Disney gods that Sora has yet to encounter on his travels (for now).
    • At one point, Ralph invited Vanellope to accompany them. Roxas didn't mind, it certainly made for a louder ice cream meeting than usual. Though Vanellope did remind him of Lock, Shock, and Barrel a bit too much.
  • Is very uneasy around Raiden, due to the fact that he sounds a lot like Axel, in addition to his generally unnerving behavior. On the flip side, Raiden considers Roxas to technically be a child soldier, and has considered making Xehanort one of his targets.
  • After spending an amount of time in Sora's heart, Roxas has gained a vague idea of Xion's identity. Upon telling Axel, the latter took him to meet Ruby Rose, who was able to automatically trigger more of Roxas's memories, just like she could for Axel, finally reestablishing Xion in their minds.
    • Axel then told Roxas about Xion being trapped as the ambassador in Suetopia. At that point, the three of them decided to finally get Xion out of there, with Roxas bringing out Oathkeeper and Oblivion. It took some doing, but they eventually saved her, reunited, and found a place for her.
    • Some time after, Axel introuduced him to Ventus. The two were speechless for seemingly minutes seeing each other, before Ventus suggested they all get ice cream. While Roxas was happy to oblige, he couldn't help but wonder why Ventus looked and sounded so much like him.
    • Amusingly, Roxas is often mistaken for either Sora or Ventus by their respective Gardevoir partner. Pantheon law allows Roxas to be considered partners with the Friendship Gardevoir, though he wants to be his own person, with Sora fully backing him up.
  • Became friends with a boy called Yuma Tsukumo. The duelist confused him for his friend Kaito due to their voices being alike and Roxas himself thought Sora was around for the same reason (It was actually Yuma's partner Astral).
    • Sadly, the circumstances of this first meeting were less than nice since he was beaten up by a little boy called Sora Shiun'in. He was outraged that someone like him could share that name (Not helped by the fact he feigned to be his friend at one point) and worked with the surnameless Sora to have Yuma ascended to get back at him for his cruelty. A hard task because he found out from Xion that Yuma was really close to being banned from entering but they succeeded.
    • Incidentally, he finally got to meet that friend of Yuma who sounds like him. They happen to get along very well now.
  • Met up with one Gentaro Kisaragi whom he found was so similar to Sora. He has sympathized with Gentaro over the incident of "Project: Alternate Gentaro" and is helping Gentaro recover from such a trauma. For that, Gentaro has thanked him and invited Roxas to a party with his fellow Avatars of Friendship (and also innocently stated that Gentaro and Elena should be a couple, much to their embarrassment).
    • Likewise, when Sora lost one of his legs to the asylum, so did Roxas.


Lesser Gods

    Admiral Razorbeard 
Admiral Razorbeard, Unholy Herald Of The Downer Beginning

    The Cosplay Research Society 
The Cosplay Research SocietyMembers ,Goddesses of Bizarre Endings (President: Pleiadian, Elnath)
Clockwise from the middle:Subaru, Itsuki, Hikaru, President, Nanako, Aoi

Crono, God of Waking Up at the Start and the New Game+ (Chrono, Cro)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Time Egg, AKA Chrono Trigger; alternately, his Infinity +1 Sword Dreamseeker
  • Theme Song: "Chrono Trigger"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Waking up at the start, fighting to change the Bad Future, silent main characters, wielding a sword and the light element (which covers both wind and lightning), red hair, MCs who die (temporarily or not, depending), starting all over again with bonuses
  • Domains: Time Travel, Good, Beginnings, Dream Achievement, Choice
  • Allies: Frog, Ayla, Marle, Serge, The Doctor, The Pantheonic Time Police (especially Trunks), Dialga, Present Trunks, Sora, Hiro Nakamura, The Defiers of Fate, Son Goku, Silver the Hedgehog, Lucina, Link, Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth, Juror #8, Sae Niijima
  • Enemies: Lavos, Queen of Hearts, The Dahaka, Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash, Randall Ross, Master Xehanort, Manfred von Karma
  • Complicated Relations: Homura Akemi, Nox
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Magus
  • In the year 1000 AD, Crono woke up to a regular, sunny morning with no other ambition than to enjoy his town's Millennial Fair. However, that changed when his childhood friend Lucca's telepod malfunctioned and caused the disappearance of Marle, a mysterious girl Crono had just met at the fair. Crono was determined to bring her back and followed, and from there Crono and his friends learned of a plot to summon an alien parasite called Lavos that would destroy their world, leading to a time travelling adventure spanning millions of years in order to stop Lavos and change the future.
  • One of his friends, Frog, had been in the Pantheon for a long time and several times requested that the Main House ascend the rest of the team in order to keep a better watch on Lavos. His requests were delayed as it was judged that the Pantheonic Time Police would suffice and Lavos had been dormant the whole time it'd been in the Pantheon. Then one slow day, Magus apparently picked up the Idiot Ball and performed the ritual to summon Lavos so he could try getting rid of it once and for all. All by himself. It went about as well as you'd expect, and the rest of the Pantheon was taken by surprise. In the panic, the Main House finally listened to Frog and summoned Crono to the Pantheon so he could fight alongside Frog and Magus to subdue Lavos, which they did successfully. The Main House rewarded Crono with godhood over Good Morning, Crono and New Game+. Even though it took a dicey situation to achieve it, Frog is glad to have a friend (Magus doesn't really count in his eyes) on board.
    • Magus himself was indifferent to whether Crono or anyone else ascended or not and remains as standoffish and unfriendly as ever, and isn't even particularly thankful that he came to help during the aforementioned incident (some deities think he didn't grab the Idiot Ball and instead the whole thing was a gambit precisely so Crono would ascend, but he obviously ain't telling). Still, he'll readily fight alongside Crono if it means he gets to whale on Lavos.
    • Two women of Crono's team have also ascended: Ayla, who greeted him with a massive glomp followed by a tight squeeze, and with whom he has since spent playful times eating, drinking, and sparring; and Marle, who was more than happy to see her bethroted.
  • It may or may not be the case that Crono died a few years after his adventures with the fall of Guardia. He was one of the Ghost Children who appeared to Serge throughout his adventures, and at first chewed him out for messing with time and negating Crono's efforts to defeat Lavos. Ultimately, though, Serge corrected his mistake, so they're in good terms now.
  • Crono's temple is a replica of his house in Truce, where he was born. The Millennial Fair is adjacent to it so all the deities can have fun with its attractions. Leene's Bell is arguably its most notable landmark, and the one by which people know they're near Crono's temple.
  • It should go without saying that due to the major role time travel played in his epic journey, Crono has more than a few friends deeply associated with that way of travel. He is much praised by the Doctor for using time travel to save the world and generally do good.
    • Crono has formed close ties to the Pantheonic Time Police, not just to keep Lavos in check, but to stop anyone from trying to commit evil using time travel and hopefully avoid a bad future in the process. He's particularly close to Trunks as he also fought to avoid a Bad Future and the two often train their swordplay together. Trunks' Pokemon Dialga has also expressed interest in Crono, so Trunks has allowed it to sometimes accompany Crono on adventures.
      • From his time spent hanging out with Trunks, Crono met his Alternate Self. The younger Trunks became immediately attached to Crono since he reminds him of his Cool Big Bro Tapion, both for his story of time travel and looks. Crono is happy to serve as a role model for the young Trunks.
      • By the way, despite an uncanny similarity, Crono is not related to Trunks, or Goku or any of their friends, nor is he a Saiyan at all, even though his hair color makes him look like he's in Super Saiyan God mode.
    • He was a follower of Hiro Nakamura prior to ascending. The salaryman is a big fan of Chrono Trigger, so he'd been supporting Crono's ascension alongside Frog for a long time, and geeked out something fierce when he finally came up. He hopes to see the rest of the crew ascended.
    • Other heroic time travellers Crono made friends with include Silver the Hedgehog, Lucina and Link, who all relate to Crono's quest to avoid a Bad Future.
  • Conversely, Crono has made plenty of enemies who wish to manipulate time for their evil purposes, or who chastise him for daring to change his world's fate at all.
    • For the former case, there is Reverse Flash, whose machinations to ruin the Flash's life out of pettiness are abhorrent to Crono. Randall Ross is just unbelievable, wanting to destroy all of time (and therefore the world) through the Timenado just because he lost a volleyball game. To say nothing of Master Xehanort pulling various incarnations of himself from the timestream. At least Crono has an elemental advantage over that last one due to his magical element being light, which makes him good fighting partners with Sora, incidentally.
    • An example of the latter case is the Dahaka, who's furious with what Crono has done and wants to undo it, even if it involves the destruction of Crono's world. Of course, Crono isn't about to let the Dahaka steal his and his friends' futures away from them after they went through so much to secure them. Good thing the Dahaka is weak to water; Crono and Frog just spam Sword Stream whenever they face it, which fends it off for a while.
    • Crono's less sure what to think of Homura and Nox, recognizing that they have relatable and sympathetic motivations to do what they did. He can't forgive Homura for not being content with the kinder world that Madoka created and trying to undo it, or Nox for generally doing awful things. But he thinks they might be redeemable.
  • Since his quest to stop Lavos from destroying the world in the future was basically one big "up yours" to destiny, Crono has found himself some friends in deities who likewise won't let destiny stop them from achieving what they want, such as Lightning Farron and her team, who defied the gods themselves after they had given them a crappy mission to fulfill or else get turned into mindless monsters. Plus, they've had their own tangles with time due to Caius Ballad.
  • He has bad memories of being falsely accused and getting a bogus trial that nearly led to his execution had he not escaped prison. For this reason, he does not take kindly to the Queen of Hearts' penchant for Kangaroo Courts where she almost always sentences the accused to beheading, even for petty crimes. Crono also hates Manfred von Karma for his ruthlessness in getting the guilty verdict on all those accused to maintain his perfect streak.

    Peyton Westlake/Darkman 
Peyton Westlake, God of Leaving the Scene after Saving the Day (Darkman)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The word Darkman, with a sihoulette of himself forming the second "A"
  • Theme Music: Darkman 1 Main Titles
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Bandaged Face, The Grotesque, Mood-Swinger, Anti-Hero, The Cowl, Can Use Masks to Disguise Himself, Giving Up his Identity of Peyton Westlake
  • Domains: Instability, Disguises
  • Allies: Ash Williams, Kent Allard, Kabal, Joshua Graham
  • Enemies: Kingpin, The Invisible Man
  • Wary of: The Spy
  • Peyton Westlake was once a normal scientist working on synthetic skin. His days of being a regular human being came to an end after he was attacked by mobsters and left for dead. He survived, but was left with horrible burn scars, increased strength, and a fair amount of mental instability. After going after the men who tried to kill him, Peyton realized that any chance he has of a normal life was never going to happen, thus he became known as Darkman and has fought for justice from the shadows with the help of synthetic skin that can last 99 minutes. Being a vigilante from behind the shadows, whenever he gets some sort of crime stopped, he isn't one to stick around for long and goes somewhere else once all is said and done.
  • It was yet another ordinary day for the Pantheon and there was a man who looked pretty normal walking amongst a crowd of people. Someone then noticed the man going down a manhole, but they decided to leave him alone for the time being. Night came to the Pantheon and with it, some criminals who attempted to attack innocent people for no real reason. A man with a coat, hat, and bandage wraps across his face showed and began beating up the thugs who tried to harm the innocents. The innocents, who had ran off earlier and witnessed the confrontation, then tried to approach the man who had just defeated the criminals, but he had already disappeared. One of the people who witnessed the battle (who noticed the man from earlier go down a manhole and had a stopwatch with him) took a bit of time to piece things together and noticed that Darkman, a masked vigilante who specializes in making human masks, was the one who fought the criminals and surmised that he'd be useful in stopping crime from spreading further.
  • When it comes to disguises, Peyton needs to take a picture of someone he intends to disguise as and be able to match the tone of their voice perfectly. Given the 99 minute time limit he has with the masks, there isn't much room for error when it comes to finding out if there's any suspicious activity going on. Whenever he appears as a normal man, he has talked to some benevolent scientists on how to make a longer-lasting synthetic skin.
  • He had an encounter with Ash Williams thanks to the demonic book from the latter's world bringing Ash over to the Darkman's world. They both teamed up to stop the Deadites from overruning Darkman's city and while Darkman and Ash Williams don't meet with each other too often in the Pantheon, they will team-up if necessary.
  • Those who are involved with criminal empires, especially if they lead said empires, are a significant target for Darkman's wrath, especially if those crime bosses do something not just to endanger civilians, but to put Darkman in serious trouble. Kingpin has tried eliminate Darkman every so often, seeing how Darkman fighting against a criminal empire was not that different from Daredevil trying to take down Kingpin's own plans. Kingpin working with others associated with criminal empires such as Vito Corleone has given Darkman another reason to stop Wilson Fisk.
  • Darkman learned that he wasn't the only one who received nasty burn scars and opted to see who those additional burn victims were. He ended up meeting Kabal and Joshua Graham and was surprised to find out that the two were former criminals before having a change of heart. Graham has assured Darkman that he and Kabal won't cause any trouble for him and that they sympathize with Darkman on the circumstances that led to his burn scars. Contrary to what some may think, neither Kabal nor Graham have wanted Darkman's synthetic skin for themselves, even if it's possible for it to last longer than 99 minutes. Nevertheless, Darkman has remained good friends with Graham and Kabal following their initial meeting.
  • Peyton found out from others that some thieves such as Arsene Lupin have used disguises solely to stealing something that could be of worth to them. He wasn't amused at any of it, especially with the whole ordeal regarding synthetic skin and how, no matter how close he got back then, he still has to put up with the 99 minute limit of his masks, whereas the thieves (for the most part) don't appear to have a time limit with their masks.
  • More than a handful of deities have wanted Darkman's synthetic skin for their own nefarious purposes. The Invisible Man is one notable example, especially since he wears bandages across his face like Darkman does, but for a different reason. Needless to say, Peyton isn't going to allow anyone to take off with his synthetic skin, especially if it's someone as insane as The Invisible Man.
  • Kent Allard took an interest in Darkman after hearing about the latter's methods of fighting crime. While Darkman for the most part is one to work by himself and is generally focused on perfecting his synthetic skin, he's able to find time to work with Allard to give criminals a really hard time.
  • The Spy is someone who has been a source of considerable concern for Darkman. Not only is The Spy every bit as good with disguises as Darkman, but he is very unpredictable and could turn against someone he was working with when they least expect it. Trying to follow The Spy around and see what he intends to do at any given moment has been something of a challenge for Peyton, especially if he wants to see if The Spy is doing something far more suspicous than normal.
  • He is not a person who can be considered emotionally stable, but one sure-fire way to set him off is to call him a "freak". This can happen even if someone within earshot of him says the word "freak" without any intent of directing it towards him.

    Sunset Riders 
The Sunset Riders Members , Cowboy Quartet of Riding into the Sunset (Billy Cool, Cormano Wild)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: Their respective hats and a pile of money
  • Theme Song: Sunset Riders Stage 1
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Bottomless Magazines, Color-Coded Multiplayer, Bounty Hunter, Professional Killer,
  • Domains: Western, Shooting, Bounties, Shootouts, Sunset
  • Allies: The Man With No Name, John Marston, Jesse McCree, Lucky Luke, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Rivals: Gondar the Bounty Hunter
  • Enemies: Evil Deities from the House of Crime, Yosemite Sam, Hol Horse, Tauros
  • In a calm afternoon, from the sundowning, came four cowboys. These four were fabled heroes who would wander the land in search for bounties, pretty women and booze and doing so they managed to dismantle a powerful criminal organization run by an Evil Brit named Richard Rose. Once the did was done, they rode into the sunset to continue their adventures. Steve, Billy, Bob and Cormano reached the pantheon and decided to continue their endeavors as pantheonic deliverers of Justice.
  • The four usually wander around the pantheon together, usually searching for criminals with a huge bounty to their name and taking them out. While they are good natured, most of the time they are only in for the money but they will gladly help out those who are in need. They even have a code of honor between themselves when it comes to prize, whoever lands the killing blow gets the reward money but they don't mind splitting gains.
  • Steve and Billy are gunslingers whereas Bob and Cormano specialize in shotguns. They are also able to dual wield their weapons without throwing off their aim, which is impressive when you consider the latter two weapon of choice.
  • Wasted no time in meeting other deities from the Western setting. The four cowboys hold a great deal of respect for The Man with No Name, a legendary figure from the Wild West and he is rumored to easily be able to take the four down by himself. They sometimes even invite him on their adventures around the pantheon and he gladly has accepted a couple of times.
    • They met John Marston in one of their usual days where they were bounty hunting. They heard stories about his skills with the revolver and that he alone could make quick work of the four combined. Seeing as Marston has already left the life of an outlaw behind, they don't go after him and even sometimes like to hang out with him whenever he is available.
    • Then they later stumbled upon a very peculiar cowboy, one who wasn't really from wild west but a different era entirely. Jesse McCree has a bounty to his head of about 60.000.000 dollars but they found him to be an alright guy and decided to not bring him in or shoot him down. He even has joined them bounty hunting a couple times and find his marksmanship quite remarkable
  • They don't have the best experience with bulls, once or twice they had run into an stampede of them and almost got Squashed Flat for that. That's mostly the reason they stay away from Tauros.
  • Seeing that Sunset Riders usually go after criminals with a prize money behind their head, Bugs Bunny saw this as a perfect opportunity to fake a wanted poster for one of his arch-enemies, Yosemite Sam. Then he carefully placed it somewhere where the quartet could see it and after Bob took notice of it, they decided to go after the moustached gunslingers. He didn't even stand a chance but the Sunset Riders were dissapointed the reward money wasn't actually real and they prompty left, leaving Sam full of holes and he plans to get back at them.
  • Being Bounty Hunters, they have butted heads with Gondar a few times but they respect him enough to keep their hand for themselves and only dedicate to hunting down criminals from the wild west.
  • Of the four, Cormano is easily the most noticeable of the four. He is the only hispanic in the quartet but for some reason he speaks like a regular cowboy. The most notable aspect however is his outfit, some deities can decide wether the Pink poncho and sombrero fits him or not but he doesn't care about what others think about it.
  • There were times where Steve and Bob were missing and only Billy and Cormano were present to deal with the threat of Sir Richard Rose. They've even received a full name and some added information but they claim that they've never gone anywhere without Steve and Bob.
  • They once saw a poster of a weirdly looking creature and since the prize money was good, they decided to go after it. Not only did they came accross the TMNT but they actually became buddies with them since their game of origin is heavily inspired by an event the turtles took part in and the cowboys really enjoy pizza believe it or not.
  • Often found drinking booze, so it's not strange that the Sunset Riders like to hang out in the House of Alcohol. Bob however, has a hard time following along his buddies, since he either doesn't have enough tolerance for Alcohol or his taste is too refined.


    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Gods of Certain Doom Endings (Robert Leroy Parker and Harry Alonzo Longabaugh, Bandidos Yanquis)

    Paul and Peter 
Paul and Peter, Gods of Plot Points Commenced by the Borrowing of Food (Paul: Jerry, Butthead; Peter: Tom, Beavis, Tubby)
Paul and Peter

Snoopy, High Prophet of Cliched Opening Lines (Joe Cool, Flashbeagle, The World War I Flying Ace, The World-Famous Novelist, The World-Famous (insert occupation here))
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His typewriter or his doghouse
  • Theme Music: Flashbeagle when he wants to dance; Joe Cool whenever he tries to enter the House of School
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Mr. Imagination, Intellectual Animal, Deadpan and/or Silent Snarker, Cloudcuckoolander, Funny Animal, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Breakout Character
  • Domains: Dogs, Imagination, Storytelling
  • Herald: Woodstock
  • Allies: Charlie Brown, Hachiko, Krypto, Clifford, Jake the Dog, Pluto the Pup, Duck Hunt Dog, Milla Basset, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Darunia, Xion, Filia.
  • Rival: Garfield.
  • Enemies: Greebo.
  • Opposes: cats.
  • It Was a Dark and Stormy Night. Suddenly, a shot rang out! A door slammed. The maid screamed. Suddenly, a shadow of a dog walking on two feet appeared within proximity of the Court of the Gods, looking for a place to stay. The maid had to be calmed down since the shot happened by accident and the Court gave the dog a place to stay due to the fact that said dog has had a history of coming up with extremely unimaginative ways to open up a story. The dog was annoyed that the court didn't recognize his true skills as a writer.
  • Prior to his ascension, Snoopy was a follower of Darunia. The two are occassionaly seen dancing whenever Darunia is in the mood.
  • Snoopy doesn't just imagine himself as a novelist. He has also imagined himself as a Big Man on Campus or even an Ace Pilot for World War I.
  • He is shown to get along well with many of the other dogs in the Pantheon. Snoopy has also found good company with dog lovers such as Xion and Filia.
  • The House of Food has been trying to tell him not to eat too much pizza otherwise he would experience nightmares. Snoopy seems to remember that, though he has been eating cookies whenever he makes a pass there.
  • Snoopy doesn't like cats at all, though Greebo and Garfield seem to be the two he has significant problems with. Greebo for being a mean cat and Garfield for being another iconic newspaper comic strip character like the dog.
    Snoopy: I have the world's largest collection of anti-cat jokes!
  • Snoopy had a hard time understanding why CatDog, a mix between his own species and the one he is very much against, is a real kind of creature. Snoopy decided to ignore the creature after giving it some thought.
  • Even if Snoopy isn't as good of a storyteller as he claims to be, at least he has standards when it comes to writing them. For one, he doesn't try to make his stories something that people will need Brain Bleach for while they're reading it or after they've finished reading the story.
  • Snoopy once visited the House of Sports to play tennis. This is how it turned out.
  • Has made some rounds to the House of Music and usually spends his time dancing on the pianos there. Occassionally, he takes up the identity of Flashbeagle and dances to his own tune.
  • Every now and then at the Pantheon Academy, Snoopy takes on the role of Joe Cool. His attempts at staying in the Academy haven't been successful, however.
  • Gets really frustrated whenever he sees a sign that says "No dogs allowed". His herald, Woodstock, gets annoyed when "or birds" is included on the sign. Luckily, there are no such signs in the Pantheon, though it hasn't stopped some tricksters such as the Itazura Griefers from coming up with ideas that involve them.
  • Snoopy's mailbox usually consists of letters he received from "the Editors" regarding his stories. They are usually rejection letters, much to his frustration. Thus far, no one knows who this "editor" is.
  • His doghouse happens to be his temple. It's because it's Bigger on the Inside than it is outside. A few deities that went inside were surprised with what they could find there.

    Ted Mosby 

Theodore Evelyn Mosby, God of Alternative Endings (Ted Mosby, Jed Mosely, Schmosby, Lady Tedwina Slowsby, Alternate Ted (proposed by Barney from the Pantheon)
  • Rank: Demigod
  • Symbol: The yellow umbrella (shared with Tracy)
  • Theme Song: Hey Beautiful (The theme song) or For The Longest Time with Barney
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (at the beginning), Chaotic Neutral (as the series progresses), Lawful Neutral (again at the end of the series)
  • Portfolio: A Literal Walking Spoiler As Everything About Him Won't Be Tagged, Lives In A World Where His Ending Is Different, Birds Of A Feather (with the other Tracy), In A Happy Marriage, Could Never Be Trusted With Secrets, Deadpan Snarker, Being Too Idealistic In Romance To The Point He Started To Focus More On A Woman's Appearances (he eventually grew out of it), Has A Completely Embarassing Middle Name, Always Break Up With His Girlfriend (until he met Tracy), Insufferable Genius
  • Domains: Marriage, Architecture, Teaching, Alternate Ending
  • Allies: Tracy Mosby (his wife....Well, not HIS WIFE), Barney Stinson, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Willow Rosenburg, The Baudelaires
  • Rivals: Brainy Smurf
  • Enemies: Malal, GUAC Yandere Squad, Count Olaf
  • Respected by/Respects: The House of School and his students (those that didn't quit his class at least), Star Wars deities, House of Knowledge
  • Laughingstock to: detectives
  • In an alternate world where Tracy is alive and she and Ted are happily married, Ted would eventually live a life where he is happily surrounded by friends and family. The Court of Gods would eventually ascend this Ted after his death because of the fact that apparently since they want him to represent the Revised Ending, they decided that the Ted from the Alternate Ending would be the best choice since he originated from it and how the backlash from the original ending is so strong it ended up on every form of media and caused fans to never watch the series and the creators' other works. After his death occured, he was now ascended in the Pantheon.
  • After his ascencion ceremony occured, he would be surprisingly approached by Tracy and Barney who asked him why he would go back to Robin after it was proven they were never meant for each other. This made Ted confused as he didn't expect it from his "wife" and "friend" and explained how the events from his world went just to see if there is something wrong with them. After some time pass, Barney and Tracy then realized that he is not their Ted and told the situation of their world. Although Ted is upset that the other him went back to Robin, he understood him as he knew that if similar events would play out, he might have get back together with her, but that doesn't matter to really him anymore anyway as his wife is alive from his world and they are happily married before his arrival in the Pantheon. After the meeting, he started hanging out with Barney and Tracy as if it was like old times and they occasionally went bar to bar to argue, talk about pointless conversations, and more.
    • A lot of deities, especially The House of Love wanted the Ted and Tracy in the Pantheon to share a temple and get together. Although both of them understood what the deities wanted, they don't want to do it, because Tracy wanted to save the Ted from the Retconnian and Ted knew that the Tracy from his world would be in the Pantheon someday, knowing it's possibilities, and dating each other would make it look like for them that they cheated the people they actually love, although it caused a lot of sexual tension. Still, that doesn't stop them from hanging out with each other but with friendship.
    • In the case of Barney, he feels bad over the fact that he and Robin are divorces since in his world, they are happily married. Even if he didn't accept his womanizing ways because he wanted Barney to be happily married sith Robin since he is so used to Barney and Robin being so happy that he wanted them to be extremely happy from each other, he still wants to be Barney's friend and agrees to play laser tag with him.
    • Apparently, a lot of deities don't know how to call the Ted from the Pantheon and the Ted from the Retconnian so to avoid confusion, Barney declares that his nickname should be Alternate Ted since technically, he and Tracy came first before him and he believes their Ted is better than him. It is something that most deities accepted and they started calling him that since.
    • One day, he was asked by Barney and Tracy if he could help them saved their Ted from the Retconnian. When hearing about this, Ted asked them to wait for a few days for a response. After thinking this through, a few days later, he accepted their proposal because he wanted both of them to be happy and he knew that saving their Ted is one of the key components to do it. Since then, a lot of deities saw them making plans in order to find a way to avenge the Original Ted from the Retconnian.
      • However, Malal became a great obstacle to their job as he doesn't want anything in his world, the Retconnian, to be removed and/or to be saved. This causes them to take extreme measures in their plans in order to establish their goal of saving the Original Ted.
  • Ted really loathes the GUAC Yandere Squad since one of his ex-girlfriends, Jeanette is one. Since then, he occassionally ran to every single deity regardless of how dangerous they are to tell them to never date one because of his experience.
  • Because he was a professor for architecture, The House of School decided to hire him as one. However, on his first day, he was in the wrong classroom and got late for his real class as a result. Eventually, those that are brave enough to stay on his class eventually started to respect him as a teacher.
  • Ted is completely obsessed with Star Wars and wanted to find a way to befriend some of them. He eventually got one with Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia after they learned that Ted wanted to name his children after them (although he named his daughter Penny in the end). Still, he eventually became allies with them and was even offered to go on some adventures with them in the galaxy.
  • One day, he followed Barney and Tracey because they wanted him to meet one of their friends, Willow Rosenburg. Upon meeting her for the first time, he was shocked to see she looks like one of his friends, Lily. Although there are some things that made him shocked upon learning more about her (such as the fact she's a lesbian, a witch and that she became evil one time), he became friends with her.
  • Ted decided to become a detective one day, believing he could solve all kinds of cases. Unfortunately, it backfired, all of the cases he received were unsolved filled with inconsistencies and became a laughingstock to the detectives as a result.
  • Although a lot of deities don't love hearing him saying his trivial facts because it annoys them, the House of Knowledge showed respect to him because he at least knows them at heart, which causes him to have a rivalry to the egotistical Brainy Smurf because it envied Brainy how someone they consider annoying at least respect him.
  • To relieve the experience of The Gang being once a band singing a theme song because that is how Barney introduced them as such to his father, Barney, Ted and Tracy became a three-person band, with Tracy and himself being the guitarists and Barney as the singer. They managed to attract a lot of fans largely due to Tracy being beloved by the Pantheon, and Barney having a suprisingly good singing voice.
  • He eventually met one of Barney's avatar's portrayals, Count Olaf. He started hating him when he learned what he did to the Baudelaires. He eventually became friends with the children as a result and he and Count Olaf have huge hatred from each other, which made Ted wish that Barney's avatar didn't portray this man just so he could kick his guts out.
  • Do not mention The Wedding Bride in front of him or else you have to face his huge rant of the movie.
  • "And that the story of how I ascended to the Pantheon!"


    The Gamers! crew 
The Gamers! crewmembers , Divine Quintet of Non-Indicative First Episodes
Left to right: Aguri, Karen, Keita, Chiaki, Tasuku.
  • Quasideities
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Symbol: Their cellphones
  • Portfolio: Ragtag Bunch of Misfits, Sustained Misunderstanding, First Episodes that Subvert Audiences' Expectations, Interpreting Events the Wrong Way, Insecure Love Interests To Each Other, Lack of Communication that Leads to Hilarity, Unwittingly Causing Problems to Each Other
  • Domains:
  • Herald: Konoha Hoshinomori (Chiaki's little sister)
  • Allies: Good deities in the House of Gaming, Chiaki Nanami
  • Enemies: Gork and Mork, Trolls in general
  • Conflcting Opinion: Greg Heffley
  • When the first episode of Gamers! was broadcast, the Pantheon was introduced to the life of Keita Amano, who was invited by Karen Tendo to join her gaming club. Viewer expectations were subverted when he turned down the invitation and never joined the club at all and the gaming club itself rarely appeared and were largely irrelevant to the actual plot. Instead, the story of Gamers! focused on the romantic mishaps of Keita, Karen and their new friends Tasuku, Aguri and Chiaki; all of whom have varying degrees of interest in video games. Impressed their show threw such a curveball, the Pantheon's higher-ups allowed their ascension.
  • Upon arrival, Keita, Karen and Chiaki made a beeline to the House of Gaming, much to Tasuku and Aguri's consternation. There, they were surprised to learn their favorite video game characters were real people. Keita and Karen spend a lot of time in the arcade section and Karen does some research to continue her work on freeware games. All five have received the most modern and advanced gaming consoles as acknowledgment for their love of the gaming experience.
  • The House of Mentalism is utterly baffled by them due to their remarkable ability to misinterpret and/or overreact to any event and scenario and any reasonable explanation will only get them to draw even more negative conclusions. Needless to say, with all these misunderstandings, they're pretty much Gork and Mork's bitches.
    • Just to make sure there are no confusions, let's be clear about this: Keita and Karen have feelings for each other, as do Tasuku and Aguri. Chiaki has feelings for Keita, who only thinks of her as a friend, while Keita and Aguri are Just Friends. At some point, their relationships have been misunderstood, with some people thinking they are cheating on each other with each other.
  • Chiaki Nanami is someone who the group talks to quite a bit. The group (Hoshinomori and Keita in particular) was pretty surprised to hear that there was another gamer named Chiaki (two of them, even), especially since even if she's a bit out there, she's really friendly, not very judgmental in the long run, and most of all, a positive influence towards her friends. Hoshinomori believed that Nanami had someone she really loved, to which the latter acknowledged. The group was shocked after learning about how Nanami's fate (particularly her human one) was brutal, especially given that the world she's from is nowhere near as relaxed as that of Gamers!. Nevertheless, Nanami keeps in touch with the group (with Keita and Hoshinomori being frequent conversation buddies) whenever she can and whenever they visit.
  • Keita befriended Peter Parker, Shido Itsuka and Yuu Haruna for having a lot in common with each other. The four young men normally gather to play and discuss video games and talk about their love problems. Keita is actually surprised to learn Peter, Shido and Yuu have actual experience in things Keita has only seen in video games.
  • Karen is friends with Ami Mizuno, Ika Musume, Mikoto Misaka and Cecilia Alcott thanks to their similar voices. She likes talking with Mikoto and Cecilia about their relationships, Ami helps her with schoolwork and Ika is one of the very few humans that she considers a friend, thanks in no small part because Karen once took part in this.
  • At first, Chiaki was hostile to Keita due to some differences in their gaming preferences. Over time, however, they worked out their differences and became friends. Well, Keita considers her friend; Chiaki actually fell in love with him, partially because they were actually friends in online gaming under aliases. Chiaki put 2 and 2 together but Keita didn't. Afraid a romance would ruin things between them (by that point, Keita and Karen had started dating), Chiaki asked her sister Konoha to pretend she was the person behind Chiaki's online accounts. To make things even more complicated than they already were, Konoha fell in love with Keita as well.
    • To fix this, she consulted Anzu Mazaki and Honoka Mitsui, who found themselves in similar situations regarding their respective love interests, and Tenri Ayukawa, who valiantly sacrificed her affection for Keima Katsuragi. They advised her to at least keep things friendly with Keita for now, and their love problems would solve themselves eventually.
  • Tasuku was formerly a gaming nerd until he worked hard to become popular. While he is reluctant to be open about his nerdy past, he still enjoys playing games, which led him to become friends with Keita. He was concerned when he heard about Greg Heffley, who constantly uses underhanded means in attempts to become popular. He, Keita and Karen tried to talk that Greg that popularity is not everything and that he should try to improve himself as a person, but Greg walked out on them. The Gamers have tried to contact him but he continues to ignore them.
  • Unlike her friends, Aguri is not a gaming fan and it took some time for her to take up gaming for entertainment. Even so, the story of her romance with Tasuku earned her a few supporters in the House of Romance. She actually fell in love with him before he became popular.

    George and Harold 
George Beard and Harold Hutchins, Gods of Full-Circle Endings (Fluffy Toiletnose and Cheeseball Wafflefanny)
George (right) and Harold (left).
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: George: On the right, his tie and flat-top. Harold: on the left, his T-shirt and bad haircut.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Theme Song: A Friend Like You
  • Portfolio: Classical Anti Heroes, Those Two Guys, Salt and Pepper, The Trickster, Book Dumb, Class Clown, Harold's bad haircut, Gay Best Friend (for Harold)
  • Domains: Children, School, Craft, Storytelling, Friendship, Happiness, Celebration
  • Allies: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, The Three Stooges, Pippi Longstocking, Eloise, Richie Foley, The Powerpuff Girls, Dennis Mitchell and Bart Simpson, Kevin McAllister, Weird Al Yankovic, Discord, Lilo and Stitch, Matilda Wormwood
  • Enemies: Agatha Trunchbull, Dolores Umbridge
  • Special Relation: Principal Krupp/Captain Underpants
  • This is George Beard and Harold Hutchins. George is the kid on the right with the tie and the flat-top. Harold is the one on the left with the T-shirt and the bad haircut. Remember that now.
  • These kids are not bad, but they should do like having fun and are known pranksters in Jerome Horwitz Elementary School. Like rearranging the letters on the sign and make some gross humor like "Welcome to the Pantheon," to "We come to Pee."
    • They met the actual Curly Howards/Jerome Horwitz when they decided to throw a food fight in the House of Foods, which caught the Three Stooges' attention by way of a pie in the face.
  • They are basically in charge of watching Principal Krupp because they are concerned of him becoming Captain Underpants and getting himself into trouble. There's also the fact that they need to return him back to normal so they need deities who can manipulate water to help them catch him.
  • They like drawing comics based on their own superhero, Captain Underpants, under their "company" Treehouse Comix Inc. but not many of the mature deities take them seriously: what's with the crude drawing, bad grammar, and the killing off the gym teacher. However, the child deities seems like to like it.
    • Despite their comics, they respect the big comic book figures like Stan Lee in which they were rather amused of their comics, in which they were in need of inspiration.
  • One of their pranks involves the Database as they realized that Professor Poopypants gave them a good idea. They decided to replace the names of all the deities and use the name from his dumb chart to make up dumb names for everyone. For example, they made one for Agatha Trunchbull, Stinky Gerbilbrain.
  • He manage to find some pranksters like Dennis and Bart, and much to their surprise, a planner of house traps named Kevin. They decided to work together to make a prank against mean teachers and bad guys, especially the former considering that their school is filled with them and act cruel toward the students. They are known pranksters and manage to get away with it because the teachers aren't very smart.
  • George and Harold owns a time travelling port-o-potty and went on an adventure through time. When they decided to look into their future, they became inspired comic book writer and artist, respectively. They found out that Harold ended up marrying another man and adopted several kids.
  • Once made their entire school listen to several hours of Weird Al Yankovic way back in their first book. By the time their first movie happened, Weird Al actually returned the favor, much to their ecstatic delight. They sometimes drop by his temple to discuss ideas for comics and songs.
  • Apparently, their "Haha-Guffaw-Chucklomatus" is much larger than other children, which is a big reason as to why they are so perky and happy. They are so big apparently, that they can even withstand a powerful blast from a "Anti-Humor Ray", and even when the machine was powerful enough to subdue them, all it took was the mention of Uranus to get them fully back up and running.
    • Discord was intrigued to hear how if they were "normalized" their essential character would be destroyed (at least according to Harold), and how this was essentially true once the "Anti-Humor Ray" was on full power, only to recover once they heard the world Uranus, and how it kind of mimicked how Discord was almost erased from existence when he tried to become normal for tea party with Fluttershy. With their permission, he decided to test how powerful their laughter really is by discording them before showing them a tape about the King Of All Cosmos wanting his followers to remodel Uranus. Without wasting a second after the first Uranus was heard, they started laughing hysterically and essentially undid Discord's magic, impressing him to the point he sometimes helps them out with their pranks (not that he wouldn't do that anyway should they failed, he does love a good laugh after all).
  • George Beard and Harold Hutchins, recently met Lilo and Stitch, two friends whose depth of love rival theirs. The love Stitch's inventive pranks, and though they admire Lilo's efforts to be good and reform herself and others, are bound and determined to get her "to loosen up a little", especially after they heard a rumor that she pulled a prank on an entire beachful of tourists as revenge for them being rude to her. Lilo, on hearing about Mister Krupp and Captain Underpants, cheerfully asserted, "So you're teaching him! Like me and Stitch!" The two boys have a tough time disputing this.
  • Initially thought of Matilda Wormwood as a "Melvin", but a prank she pulled on Mr. Krupp sufficiently impressed them.
  • When everything seems like it return back to normal, they saw Mr. Krupp walking and see a deity snapping their fingers, which turn Mr. Krupp into his Captain Underpants persona. As he flies, they chase him. "Oh no!," screamed George. "Here we go again!," screamed Harold.


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