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Howard's anatidaean alter-ego?
Howard Wolowitz, Kavorka Man with an exaggerated self-perception of his attractiveness to women. Is his forename a deliberate shout-out to the hero of the film Howard the Duck, in which an alien in duck form arrives on Earth with a similar sort of self-belief and unshakeable confidence in his abilities - and has an incredibly unlikely cross-species romance with an attractive woman?

Penny's last name will be spoken at her and Leonard's wedding .
However backround noise will make it inaudible and for the rest of the series she will use Leonard's surname.

  • Jossed: we did not see their wedding. And when a wedding of sorts happened onscreen (series nine-ten?), the family surname was not referred to.

Season 8 will end with yet another character leaving.
With the death of his mother and the sudden arrival of his half-brother Josh, Howard decides to head off with Josh and look for their father to confront him for leaving. However they will not be successful and Howard will return at the beginning of season 9, once again putting his father behind him.
  • Jossed.

Mike Rostenkowski is Mike Ehrmantraut from Breaking Bad
Just think of it. That would be awesome.

British-Indian comic actors like Meera Syal and Sanjeev Bhaskar will play cameos as friends or relatives of Raj
And why not? The TV sketch-show
Goodness Gracious Me sent up the experience of being Indian/Pakistani in Britain (essentially: being immigrants keeping up traditional life in a foreign country), and with its spin-off, The Kumars at Number 42, sent up Indian family life much as seen in Raj's background. GGM and No 42 have been screened in the USA, so Americans are no strangers to this show or to Indian humour.

Penny and Sheldon will become Platonic Life Partners in season 7
This will likely cause problems with their respective relationships with Leonard and Amy.
  • Partly correct! In the 21st episode of that season, Amy expresses jealousy of that easy friendship, while understanding that it is completely platonic. (The quasi-resolution is that Penny takes Sheldon to a psychic who advises him to be closer to his girlfriend.)

Amy is Lilith Crane, taken Up to Eleven
Is the character of Amy Farrah Fowler based on Lilith Crane from Frasier? The same unworldliness, an insistence that every quirk of human behaviour can be interpreted by logic, a belief that the quirkier and more inconvenient human behaviours can be reprogrammed - by neurology and brain surgery, rather than psychiatry - and the same monotone, robotic delivery in her speech. Also a sort of left-field logic that makes her do crazy things for logically impeccable reasons. Like Lilith, Amy also appears to be trying to puzzle out and make sense of normal human interactions by close scientific study, observation and hypothesis.

Penny is a graduate level anthropology student
She is on an extended research project on the American Nerd, undercover.

Penny has a high sex drive
Ample evidence suggests Penny engages in casual sex, after going out with Leonard, due to being tired of the losers she usually goes out with, Penny has trouble going back to them. She even later states after dating Leonard she can't go back to dating dumb guys. * In The Barbarian subligation Penny states she hadn't had sex in 6 months likely to to her refusal to go out with dumb losers, relying on a vibrator to achieve her appetite (which isn't enough so she takes out her frustration playing Age of Conan). Leslie Winkle suggested this was the reason.
  • After getting back together She wastes no time in having lots of sex with him, including once while Leonard is at work.
  • This is guessing? I'd take it as canon.
  • The surprising thing is that so does Leonard, in fact obviously his sex drive and know how is enough to keep Penny satisfied!

Mike, the guy who Penny dated from the Season 1 finale, is actually a guy named Barney Stinson
To think of it, he has a blog, he writes details of their sex life, he's a womanizer and has no shame to have sex with another woman.
  • This is now canon in my mind :)

Penny is short for Penelope.
She even used this name in her Age of Conan handle.
  • Penny IS short for Penelope.

The Flashback of Penny as a teenager in "The Staircase Hypothesis" is actually one of Bridget Hennessy.
Penny just seems way too ditzy in this scene to actually be Penny.

Penny's last name will be revealed in the final episode. It's reveal will come with heavy Lampshade Hanging
Her last name reveal has been confirmed by Bill Prady (though since Prady's departure Steve Molero has said it's reveal is unlikely) however when is never said. Also her first name basis will be heavily Lamphaded upon the reveal of her last name by most likely Howard, possibly Raj. Sheldon is a maybe but since he lives across from her it's unlikely. It would seem silly for Leonard to comment on not knowing her last name: not only has he dated and slept with her, he collects HER MAIL from time to time so he has to know what it is.Most likely he will quip a joke about it being strange for Penny to never mention it.

Sheldon's estimation on Penny's number of sexual partners is more accurate than Penny would like to admit even to herself.
Ample evidence that Penny engages in casual sex is plentiful at least before dating Leonard.
  • As Sheldon says, "Numbers don't lie."

Howard recommended Leonard to Stephen Hawking over Sheldon for safety reasons.
For Hawking's expedition, Howard recommended Leonard because as much as he'd loved to be rid of Sheldon for 3-4 months he feared that the crew would throw Sheldon overboard. A reasonable concern, if the gang's expedition to Antartica is any indication of Sheldon's behavior.
  • Not exactly. Howard specifically said that Hawking needed an experimental physicist. Leonard fits the bill, whereas Sheldon is a theoretical physicist.
    • Wow, they've been to Antarctica as well?

Character Backstories based on evidence provided in the show.
  • ca. 1998
    • Leonard Graduates from high school and moves to Pasadena to attend Cal tech
  • ca. 1999
    • Raj and Sheldon graduate from high school and move to Pasadena to attend Caltech;
    • But Raj's school-level education would have been in India? The Indian school system is ferociously academically competitive, so this makes sense.)
    • Howard Graduates from high school and attends Caltech
  • 2002
    • The events of The Staircase Implementation
  • ca. 2003
    • The four Graduate from Caltech undergrad
    • Howard decides to go to MIT for Grad school He has Raj, Leonard and possibly Sheldon check on his mother from time to time.
  • ca. 2004
    • Penny graduates from high school and moves to California to pursue acting she shorty meets Kurt and the two date.
  • ca. 2005
    • Howard Receives a masters degree gets a Job at Caltech
  • ca. 2006-2007
    • Raj Leonard and Sheldon receive their doctorates
  • 2007
    • Penny breaks up with Kurt and decides to movie to Pasadena to start fresh.

  • Two little problems with this
    • The four don't meet until they're already working at Cal Tech. Leonard meets Sheldon when he answers an ad for a roommate that the latter put out, and then meets Howard and Raj when they help him move a couch up to the apartment. Howard and Raj may have known each other before this.
      • The staircase implementation points out Leonard was already friends with Howard and Raj when he moved in with Sheldon which is stated to be in 2002 which makes them far too young (minus Sheldon who was working on his PhD at 14), very early 20's, to have even been college graduates let alone be working at a college. Though it could be possible that they finished school two years early making them working there as grad students, but it's stated that Howard spent grad school at MIT. Realistically the characters would have had to be closer to 30 or late 20's to have PhDs and that's back in 2002.
      • there are inconsistencies in these events such as an earlier episode stating that the elevator was broken before Leonard moved in. also inconsistencies about when they moved in So it can be theorized that later episodes are more fact and any previous episodes facts that contradict this can be considered retcon.
    • Sheldon is about the same age as the rest of them, and he was already qualified enough to teach undergrad before he was 18.

Beverly is only half right
Leonard's mother has pointed out that Howard and Raj seem to be in something akin to a homosexual relationship, but also pointed out that Howard's circumstances make him a stereotypical Jew, maybe accounting for it. Raj... just scared of women. As the seasons, and flanderisations, have passed, Howard has acquired Bernadette and never really shown tenancies, and Raj? Raj just got more feminine to the point he is bordering on being a stereotypical 'flaming' gay man, and we know this show loves stereotypes. He likes many shows that would be considered for women (Good Wife, Sex in the City), has read Twilight which hasimplications of itself and always treats Howard like 'the pants' in the relationship. His attraction to Howard is blatantly obvious and only a reverse flanderisation could make him even seem heterosexual.
  • Raj telling Howard that he dreamed they lived in adjacent mansions, and there was a tunnel connecting his back yard to Howard's front yard. from the Bus Pants Utilization practically confirms this.
    • However "The Thespian Catalyst contradicts this with Raj wishing a relationship with Bernadette repeatedly daydreaming a series of scenarios that would involve Howard giving him permission to have sex with Bernadette one of them Howard dying. He even says, "Apart from the musical number, I'm definitely not gay."
    • Also Raj gets and erection from hugging Penny in the first episode immediately followed by heavy Ho yay with Howard. It's mostly his Camp Straight tendencies that have been flanderized.
  • It's too bad there are No Bisexuals.
  • Raj has flaming, girly tendencies because he watches Sex and the City, read Twilight and all this stuff in an effort to understand women, and has now been influenced by these works. Including how to treat your BFF.
    • Raj did those things because he has a purple streak.

Meemaw will be played by Cloris Leachman.
  • Jossed, she was played by June Squibb.

Howard's mom will be played by Rosanne Barr.
Casting joke, and she's Jewish and has a nasally voice.
  • Howard's mother is usually described as being more attractive and with a more pleasant personality.
  • Howard's mother is consistently described as morbidly obese and unattractive (though sometimes with a I Was Quite a Looker touch). Her personality is consistent with Jewish Mother stereotype — she's caring, demanding, obsessed, one time she wants her son out, next time she doesn't want him to move in with his wife. Rosanne Barr could play her, but they should put her in a fat suit and give her scary, unflattering make-up.
    • Howard's mother, although she's never seen, is played by Carol Ann Susi. If she's ever fully revealed, they'll likely put her in a fat suit and makeup. Also, given the tensions on the Roseanne set, it's unlikely Chuck Lorre will work with her again.
Howard's mom will be played by Fran Drescher.
She's Jewish and has a nasally voice.
  • Except that Howard's mother is supposed to be unattractive, if not mistakable for a man and frightening.

Howard's mom will be played by Simon Helberg in a fat suit and drag.
  • How would he be in two places at once? I think this could only work if they did a 70s Show-style flash sideways.
    • Jossed Sadly, she is never appearing on screen now.

Howard's mom will be CGI.
The more we hear about her health problems and beauty regime, the more repulsive she becomes. By the time she actually appears onscreen she'll be so unutterably hideous that no human actress could live up to the image.
  • But like a kosher Grendel's mother, she has been glimpsed: in the episode where she smothers Raj with brisket and cheesecake, a huge barely-glimpsed silhouette was seen in the background passing across the light cast by the kitchen door. As with Grendel's mother in one screen adaptation of the Beowulf myth, this was more unsettling and disturbing than a full realization of the awful reality. Imagination drew the picture.
    • And she wasn't so unutterably hideous that Howard's dentist was not put off from having an affair with her... there's a dentist for every cavity, I suppose.
  • Mrs Wallowitz is not unspeakably ugly. Howard is forced to envision his mother as being uglier than she is because his shallowness is the only thing that keeps him crossing "that line" with his mother. Since, minus physical appeal, his mother basically embodies his ideal woman and he has basically no luck with women outside his own family.

Penny's mom will be played by Katey Segal.
  • It has been stated that Penny's mother will appear in a future episode, but Kaley Cuoco wants Lisa Kudrow to play her. Whether or not that will happen is a WMG for another day.
    • Jossed
Penny's brother and sister will be played by Martin Spanjers and Amy Davison.

Penny's brother will be played by Aaron Paul
Because her brother cooks meth and it'd be funny.
  • Jossed. Penny's brother Randall was played by Jack McBrayer.

Penny's dad will be played by John Goodman.
  • Jossed, In season 4 episode 9, Penny's dad was played by Keith Carradine.

Sheldon's dad will be played by John Goodman.
  • Jossed. In the Luminous Fish Effect, it is revealed Sheldon's dad is dead.
    • There are always flashback episodes.
      • likely jossed there too. His young Sheldon actor, Lance Barber, will likely appear in any flashbacks, since his death isnt that far removed from that time period.

Leslie Winkle's dad will be played by John Goodman.

John Goodman will show up at some point!

Leonard's father, if he ever makes an appearance, will be played by Jason Alexander.
Came to me while watching Seinfeld earlier today. When both Alexander and Galecki have their glasses on, I see a plausable family resemblance.
  • Or, he'll be played by Chevy Chase, as Johnny Galecki played Rusty Griswold in Christmas Vacation.
  • Jossed. He is played by Judd Hirsch

Sheldon has Asperger's.
Come on! Just look at him!
  • Jossed. Word of God says no.
  • If Sheldon had a mental illness, then it would make laughing at his socially maladjusted antics faintly reminiscent of those Victorians who visited asylums to laugh at the inmates. You Bastard!!
    • Officially, no, he doesn't. He really couldn't without it becoming a major point in the show. It would suddenly be "Oh that's awful, they're making fun of disabilities!" and they'd have to play it as sympathetic. But as one of the spergin', there are a LOT of things that would indicate him as an extreme case of Asperger's. And a lot more things that are looking at a funhouse mirror version of my own tendencies.
    • Jim Parsons addresses this in an NPR interview. The writers deliberately incorporate aspects of Aspberger's into Sheldon's character, without labeling it, as stated above.
    • Asperger's isn't a mental illness; it's a higher functioning level of Autism. Calling it a mental illness is a highly controversial thing to say. You Bastard!!
      • As someone who happens to HAVE Asperger's, I have to agree with the above troper. It's not a disability or mental illness. It just makes you less socially adept with a few little quirks thrown in.
  • This is formally listed in the relevant section of Alternative Character Interpretation.
    • The Writers probably don't know Asperger's as well as we do.
      • That's why they wrote him as such?
      • Some of them don't know Sheldon as well as we do.
  • Just being smarter than the average bear and not understanding most (completely contrived) social conventions doesn't mean you're mentally ill. Sheesh.
    • While this is true, Sheldon obviously has more than just those two symptoms of the syndrome. He's very anal about his schedule, in the flashback episode he seemed to have trouble with eye contact, and he doesn't read emotions very well. All of these are major signs of Asperger's. As someone who was diagnosed with Asperger's at the age of 8 and has done plenty of research on the topic (mostly so I could fully understand why I think the way I do), I should know. (Though I'm not an expert by any means.)
  • Sheldon has also displayed a pointed tactile aversion and is asexual.
    • Recently Sheldon has said that "coitus with Amy is not completely off the table at a possible point in the future. He is likely not completely asexual just most of his life has been more focused on science than on woman. His relationship with Amy proves that he is not completely asexual.
      • Well, asexuals can still have sex, especially if they are not repulsed by sex and have a partner that would desire sexual activity. So, acknowledging that sex may become a possibility sometime in the future does not preclude Sheldon being asexual because sexual orientation is about attraction, not behavior.
      • It's possible that Sheldon only believes he's asexual because he's not attracted to anyone on a physical basis. What if he were sapiosexual? He considers himself so brilliant that he doesn't think anyone else is on his level, and therefore would never be attracted to anyone. Amy is one of the few people who has actually taught him new things, so it's possible that he's starting to regard her as his intellectual equal and is feeling attraction for the first time. The reason he hasn't acted on it yet is because of his germophobia, but eventually his attraction to Amy will become strong enough to overcome it and they will have a physical relationship.
  • While the writers of the show say no, the actor who plays Sheldon nods towards Asperger's as his main inspiration for the character. For the record, this troper has Asperger's Syndrom and wasn't offended at all. In fact, he enjoys finding similarities in between Sheldon and his Aspy friends and him.
    • Parson's has said he never heard of AS untill many fans began to speculate, but has since became familiar with it and has read the book Don't Look Me In The Eyes
    • It's his aspie-ish tendencies that make me (an aspie) like him so much.
    • That is sort of a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, as Parsons didn't know about Aspergers until fans kept bugging him about it. He recognizes the connections and it helped him understand his character better, but "Sheldon has Aspergers" was not part of the performance that made people think of it to begin with.

  • My own interpretation is that the people who Lorre and Prady knew that inspired how they wrote the character were likely autistic (there's a lot of it about), but obviously awareness of autism and Asperger's sydrome has only become prevalent in the past ten-fifteen years so the traits they were riffing on were deemed just independant idiosyncracies, taken together though they present enough evidence to allow for a pretty watertight diagnosis of Autism/Aspergers. I think it was Bill Prady who said that in universe Sheldon was never officially diagnosed so they don't diagnose him either. There was a very telling line of dialogue in one episode when Mary confirms that although she had him tested, they didn't follow up with the 'specialist' in (i think it was) Dallas and later laments that she didn't. I think that that is as clear a nod as the writers are prepared to give to the potential for it.

  • There are of course very good reasons for not confirming Sheldon as having autism/aspergers, since doing so would turn him into an 'issue' character- they couldn't get away with treating him as antagonistically as they do and every story would have to go through a kind of comittee process to ensure accuracy and inoffensiveness effectively neutering him. However, as someone with Asperger's I wouldn't insist on such political correctness myself- they have treated Sheldon pretty fairly so far, balancing his pathetic and unsympathetic aspects against moments of outright heroism and pathos. Based on his current treatment i'd be perfectly willing to greenlight any plot or character trait if it meant autistics finally had a media champion after a decade of 'antisocial mavericks' clearly in the autistic mould but unconfirmed by nervy creators scared of labelling their characters (House, Sherlock, Monk et al.)

  • I'm no expert on autism (though I do have a friend with Asperger's), but from what I know I certainly see Sheldon as an extreme case of it. I never thought of Monk as autistic, but rather as an extreme case of OCD (although I've heard from people who should know that Monk is not OCD, even as an extreme case). If I were autistic and given the choice between Sheldon and Monk as a "media champion", I'd take the more likeable Monk. Sheldon's funny to watch, but if I found myself in a universe in which The Big Bang Theory was real and I ran into Sheldon, I'd avoid him like the plague and sure wouldn't be nice to him. I wouldn't seek Adrian Monk out in his universe (unless I needed a murder solved), but I'd be much nicer to him if I ran into him.
  • Not to go off topic here, but House is not autistic. He reads people to the point that it borders on telepathy; something an autistic person could never hope to do. It is true he's a prodigy with diagnostic medicine and he's socially awkward, but that doesn't automatically make him an autistic savant. If anything, House is a psychopath.
  • I believe, as someone who has autism that Sheldon is an undiagnosed autistic. When Sheldon was young he was tested, but the doctor didn't identify the Autism so he is resistant to accept it in the modern day. (In primary school I was referred to a doctor behind my mother's back and the doctor failed to deliver that diagnosis so my Mother resisted suggestions until I nearly finished Junior School). The reason I suspect outside is Unfortunate Implications. Think about it, if Sheldon is neurotypical then his behavior is his fault and the mocking/annoyance the gang has given him is a fair and justified response, if he is on the spectrum however the his behavior is, at least in part, the result of a condition he cannot control. Think of how everyone else would react to that...

Sheldon has Intellectual giftedness.
It is not as easy as bang you are gifted enjoy your life. It also causes isolation.

Throughout the series, it seems that Sheldon had no friends before going to college at a very early age — he only had bullies, including his twin sister. In college, he was extremely young in comparison to any peer, so he would not make any real friends at all. With time, he became (more) eccentric and had no chance to be sociable until meeting Leonard and more importantly, Penny.

Sheldon's social skills have seriously improved since meeting Penny for the first time. He even learned sarcasm.

  • This isn't a WMG. It's a statement of fact.

Sheldon has obsessive compulsive personality disorder.
Obsessive compulsive personality disorder, unlike the more well-known obsessive compulsive disorder, is incredibly pervasive (extending to all areas of the person's life), usually permanent, and comes with a complete lack of awareness that obsessive-compulsive thinking is unusual (while it's usually highly distressing and isolating to people with obsessive compulsive disorder, who are aware their thoughts are irrational but can't stop it). Sheldon is almost a text book case.
  • Sheldon exhibits highly ritualized behavior, seemingly based on irrational and disturbing thoughts (for example, thinking the world would somehow fall into chaos if he did something different on certain nights), and gets very frustrated when someone doesn't see the logic in his approach.
  • Amy (a neurobiologist who would certainly know it when she saw it) has even referred to his behavior as "obsessive compulsive" multiple times.
  • Sheldon insists he isn't crazy because his mother had him tested. He couldn't have been diagnosed with a personality disorder as a child, due to diagnostic protocol. Further, his mother once said something to the effect of, "He's not crazy, I had him tested. But I wish I'd followed up with the specialist in Dallas." The specialist could have been a therapist who specialized in personality disorders or obsessive-compulsive thinking/behavior.

Sheldon is a Vulcan.
It might make an... umm... interesting plot in S7.

Sheldon accidentally shifted into a mirror universe in the arctic expedition where Vulcans are less unemotional and have Evil!Spock beards.
Mirror!Sheldon came here, and Normal!Sheldon went to the mirrorverse. They didn't notice, though, since they were busy trying to prove string theory while their associates played with the can opener.

Sheldon is not a Vulcan, he is a Minbari.
To be precise, one from the Worker Caste. Every single caste of Minbari culture cultivates one specific aspect of life, leaving everything else to the two other castes respectively. We know that the Religious Caste cultivates the emotional and spiritual life of the Minbari race, while the Warrior Caste cultivates the physical, martial and strategical capability. It makes sense to assume that the technical, mathematical and scientific knowledge is cultivated by those who would make most direct use of it: the Workers. Also, consider how Sheldon reacts to alcohol in the episode "The Pants Alternative" of Season 3. For the head bone, I suspect that he used the triluminaries to add enough human DNA to his own to make it vanish. Also, "Sheldon" is his correct name, they just constantly pronounce it wrong. It's pronounced "Shel-don" in Minbari, not "Shelden" or "Sheldn".
  • Thinking of it, this would sort of imply that Sheldon's father is also from the Worker Caste, since his mother seems to be from the Religious Caste. Also, his hate for Babylon 5 is either some sort of cosmic irony or a disguise.
    • Or it could be because it depicts the lives of Delenn and Valen in so much depth with no regard for their privacy that any Minbari would find it hideously embarassing and offensive to see their great leaders in such a manner.
      • He dislikes it because it spends too much time dwelling on the fickle lives of unimportant people (humans, the Religious and Warrior Castes, the First Ones, etc.) and completley glosses over the centrally important Worker Caste.
  • He have first Minbari soul reincarnated among humans.
    • Implausible. We know that Minbari souls reincarnate among humans since the last Great War against the Shadows, which was around 1300 A.D.
      • Technically, Minbari souls never reincarnated, the Minbari just misinterpretted what the triluminaries actually do.

Sheldon is a changeling.
  • He often states that he feels like an alien due to his difficulty conforming to social norms (and the rest of the cast often jokes that he is), so him being one of the Fair Folk isn't that farfetched. His idiosyncratic humor is often prank oriented, and his lack of empathy and brutal honesty are notorious, which somewhat resembles traditionally fairies both Seelie and Unseelie. Finally, his roommate and relationship agreements are long, filled with clauses, seemingly contradictory, and interpreted to his convenience, which is very similiar to the pacts mortals sign with the Unseelie Court.
    • Let's just hope he never discovers his magical potential.

Sheldon and Leonard were swapped at birth
Look at their mothers. Nuff said.
  • ...this theory is possibly the only thing that could make "The Maternal Congruence" even squickier than it already is.
  • It does sound like something Leonards mother would do in some sort of weird nature VS nurture experiment.
Or alternatively, the real reason they became friends is because they subconsciously remind each other of their mothers.Unless one mother was vacationing when they gave birth, it doesn't seem plausible. Sheldon is from Texas and Leonard is from New Jersey.
  • If Leonard's mother did her postgraduate work at a university in Texas, the scenario could work out nicely.
  • This is unlikely, judging by the heights of the two characters. Sheldon's mother and sister are both above average in height, like Sheldon, while Leonard is below average in height. Similarly, Leonard's mother wears glasses like he does, which may imply that bad eyesight is carried in there family.
Penny is a cousin of Socko, Spencer's friend in iCarly
Penny Blossoms aren't the first thing she's made. She sends Penny-Tees to Socko, who gives them to Spencer, Carly, Freddie and Sam.
  • Penny isn't Socko's cousin, Penny is Socko's sister.
    • So does that mean Socko cooks meth?
      • No, that would be their third brother Matthew.
      • Or their sister Crystal.

Penny is actually the protagonist of a dating sim.
Guess the player's into the megane-type.

Sheldon has every psychological disorder known to man.
He's an Autistic Neurotic Paranoid Schizophrenic with OCD. Being Hollywood Crazy, this is the most logical explanation for Sheldon. Well, logical in TV-land.
  • He's not crazy. His mother had him tested.
    • Though she never followed up with that specialist in Houston.

Sheldon is actually over acting
He learned early in his life that if he doesn't take Refuge in Audacity, people just punch him in the face instead of being left speechless.
  • I know people like this. But you have ruined the show for me, curses!
  • Ruined the show? I would be surprised if this wasn't one of the reasons why Sheldon acts the way he does- in my opinion this makes him more awesome.

The final lines of Season 3
Based on a few things that came up in The Wheaton Recurrence but were never brought to fruition:

Leonard: I love you.
Penny: I know.

Leonard: You quoted Star Wars.
Penny: I believe I quoted The Empire Strikes Back.
* Kiss*

  • Can we all get a heartfelt 'hallelujah' that this was not the case?
  • No.

  • That's likely to be a line in a season finale if not the series finale.

Wil Wheaton is the Big Bad of the series.
He claimed his grandmother was dead so he could win a card tournament, and drove a knife into the suppurating wound of Leonard and Penny's relationship just to beat Sheldon at bowling. Not only do these actions violate Wheaton's Rule, they clearly establish him as the series' main antagonist. Comic Shop Guy (Stuart) is The Dragon.
  • Alternately he didn't intentionally break up Penny and Leonard, but lets Sheldon think he did because he likes screwing around with the crazier fans.
  • Well, if I was Wil Wheaton, I'd do everything I can to destroy the lives of those who won't let me forget I'm Wil Weaton.
    • Yes, but Wesley Crusher was Sheldon's favorite character. His hatred of Wil has nothing to do with that, if it did Wil (hating the character himself) would probably sympathize more. Wil knows what an egotistical jerk Sheldon is and delights in knocking him down a peg. He's not evil, he's just doing what needs to be done.
    • Hmmmm. By messing with his friends life?
    • Except we don't know that he did it on purpose, just that he likes letting Sheldon think he did. Honestly, the breakup was coming sooner or later anyway.
  • Sheldon and Wheaton have now made peace, though this could of course be temporary.

The reason Wil Wheaton told Brent Spiner being Sheldon's enemy "doesn't take up a whole lot of time"
It was a reference to how much time one of Sheldon's enemies would spend featured on the series. Wheaton only showed up for the episodes in which he was Sheldon's enemy. We have yet to see him or Spiner again.
  • Essentially Jossed; Wheaton has made numerous subsequent appearances as Sheldon's friend, though Spiner hasn't appeared again.

Sheldon's Mother is Paying Leonard, Raj, and Howard to be Sheldon's friends
  • IT would explain why they seem to keep coming back after the massively hurtful comments, the ridiculous rules, the Housemate agreement...
    • Jossed Leonard sticks around because Sheldon didn't rat him out to the landlord when he detonated the elevator and stopped Leonard from selling secrets to an attractive foreign spy. Raj and Howard put up with Sheldon because they think Leonard's worth it.
      • He did more than that. He actually SAVED Leonard's LIFE by throwing the explosive concoction into the elevator himself just before it detonated.
    • Someone who could put up with Sheldon would be a pretty cool friend for someone a little more normal.
      • It is not that hard, remember Howard's quote He came with a manual. In fact, he is so predictable that it makes it easy to avoid most of his annoyances. Oh, and he would not hesitate to lend you money if you needed it.
      • Sheldon shuts up pretty quickly when told, that makes him a lot more tolerable.
  • Not quite. a) Sheldon often tries to read emotion/behave properly. He fails (partially because of his limitations partially because it is his "hobby" not profession) but he tries. He sometimes resigns but often when he considers "the problem" as too hard. His jokes are probably bad attempts rather then malice - he read about social structure in book but he didn't grasp all nuances. b) Sheldon helps. He helps creating flowers for Penny. He lends Penny money. He is willing to risk life for Leonard, whom he hardly know at this point and save him..

Penny's last name is...
  • Candy: Because it would be sexy.
  • Worth: She's related to a certain butler. Which means Batman exists in the BBT universe, which is awesome.
  • Foryourthoughts: Unlikely, but possible.
  • Baggs: Just for Pun.
  • Lane: Because The Beatles are awesome.
  • Nichols: Even though it's been done.
  • Wise: Which is kinda creepy, when you think about it.
  • Arcade: Again, Just for Pun.
  • Perry: Added Alliterative Appeal.
  • Penny-Penny: And it turns out that Sheldon is being formal when he knocks on her door.
  • Wyatt: Because that is what her dad was called in season 4, even though he had been referred to previously as "Bob" in season 2. He is a farmer who probably goes by his last name to distinguish himself from all the other Bobs in Nebraska. Therefore his full name is Bob Wyatt, therefore Penny's last name is Wyatt.
  • Priddy: Because The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension is awesome.
  • Hofstadter: Because the show is really a daytime drama.
  • Dreadful: Just for Pun with added Nightmare Fuel potential.
  • Royal: Pennyroyal is a naturally occuring abortofacient. The plant extract was used by mediaeval herbalists as a sort of "morning-after pill" to prevent conception. Even today, aromatherapists are warned not to use this essential oil on pregnant women. Given that Penny's lifestyle has caused her pregnancy scares in the past...
  • Blossom (s) : Her Penny Blossoms business name was actually her full name. With Mayim Bialik on the show, there's great potential for a Blossom joke.
  • Loafer: Just for Pun, and reason enough not to want attention drawn to it.
  • ?enny: Any name that rhymes would work, with the added bonus that if they get married, they'll be Lenny and Penny ?enny.
  • Harrington As a Shout-out to Kaley Cuoco's role in "Brandy and Mr Whiskers.
  • Farthing: Just for Pun yet again.
    • There are references around the Web to Chuck Lorre having said, in interviews, that Penny's family name, yet to be revealed on show, is "Barrington". So far actual proof in the form of an interview transcript is elusive.

The Big Bang Theory is the future of the Charmed universe
Penny is Billie's identical granddaughter, because Billie's daughter is Penny's mother. This is why Penny's dad's name is Wyatt. She is named after her great-great-grandmother. This also ties in with the above thread, in that her surname is actually Halliwell, and it has gone unrevealed due to The Masquerade.

Penny will break with Leonard
In reality physical attraction is hardly a base for stable relationship. The problem of finding a common topic to talk may be hard not mentioning having a totally different set of problems they have to deal in their live.

Wil Wheaton is Fawkes.
Same looks, same interests, same personality. QED.
  • Want. Because a Guild/BBT crossover would be... special.
  • Wouldn't it make more sense the other way around? We know Wil Wheaton exists as an actor in the BBT universe, maybe he just calls himself 'Fawkes' online.

Howard is Moist.
He lives in the LA area and has more than enough free time (as well as tecnological expertise) to act as a mad scientist's sidekick. Not to mention how his mysterious unnamed friends are always able to get him access to semi-legal defense technology and information at the drop of a hat...
  • His turtleneck probably conceals some sort of anti-persperation device.

Penny will return to college.
Her statement in the season 3 finale that, through dating Leonard, she can no longer stand dating stupid guys has the potential to be a turning point for her character. Where would she logically find smart guys? Exactly. Even if she went back for all the wrong reasons at first, it would set her up for some much-needed Character Development.
  • She certainly needs to break away from being the show's bike. Even a small acting role would be nice, just to remind viewers that she does actually have a life beyond bringing the guys food and having sex.
    • Confirmed as of season 6.

Sheldon is the reincarnation of Lee Harvey Oswald.
Just look at the pictures: Sheldon Cooper, Lee Harvey Oswald.

Penny's tattoo doesn't actually say "soup".
Remember the last time Sheldon tried to show off his knowledge of Chinese? He's not a reliable source.
  • Not necessarily, reading Chinese and speaking Chinese are two entirely different things. It's entirely possible that Sheldon can read Chinese and not be able to speak it, considering his Texan accent (Chinese is a largely tonal language). Hell, it's possible he was speaking Mandarin, and it was translated by someone who speaks Cantonese!

It probably says something like "aardvark" instead.

Leonard is related to Lilith Sternin.
Don't you think Leonard's mom is a lot like Lilith?
  • Leonard's mom is more like a female version of Sheldon (which explains a lot). Lilith may be logical and calm to the point of seeming emotionless, but it's just a front she puts up. Lilith is actually a very caring person; she just doesn't show it except in certain circumstances. Leonard's mom doesn't seem to have any warmth to her at all.
  • Yet in Frasier, it is revealed that Lilith, with Frasier's connivance, used their baby son Frederick as a lab-rat in a series of maze experiments: Lilith says, with pride, that when put in the maze, Frederick was commendably quick at finding his way to the bottle of milk. As a WMG with some substance to it, can we postulate:
    • That Beverley and her husband also used Leonard as an infant lab-rat in behavioural studies experiments?
    • OK, more of a Frasier WMG: Frederick Crane will grow up scientifically brilliant. But with similar parents, he will develop into another Leonard and end up in a place not unlike Caltech. Conversely, Leonard at twelve would have been as awkward and nerdy as Frederick. Frederick also had the woes associated with the middle name "Gaylord". What embarrassing middle name does Leonard have?
    • Dissapointingly, Frasier's mother Hester - a psychologist who named her two sons for favourite lab rats - and Beverley Hofstadter are played by different actresses (Rita Wilson and Chrstine Barancki respectively.) But when Frasier's mother makes appearances in that show (once on family film and once in a fantasy sequence) and is dressed conservatively with 1960's hair... the resemblence to Beverly Hofstadter is incredible, as if the BBT producers were consciously basing Beverley on Hester Crane. So perhaps there is a deliberate connection - but not to Lilith. As a Freudian, of course Frasier's complex would be oedipal... and he'd look for a girl just like mom.

Penny's ex boyfriend from the pilot was sent to prison.
Pantsing someone in highschool = Bullying. Pantsing two adult in your apartment = sexual assault.
  • Pantsing someone that just goes away and doesn't call the police = not going to prison.
    • On the other hand, the same guy is later mentioned as having a bench warrant and as having urinated on a police car, so his ongoing pattern of criminal behavior may have caught up with him.

The third season rotting was intentional.
Because in the "Tangerine Factor", Sheldon says "Actually, I throught the first two renditings were far more compelling. Previously, I felt sympathy for the Leonard character, now I just find him to be whiny and annoying.". Either it's intentional, or Sheldon is a sort of psychic-fourth wall breaker. Or it's just a coincidence, but that would be just hard to believe.
  • Might be more of a Hilarious in Hindsight.
  • That's the likeliest explanation. Leonard ended up as the whiner mainly because he's the straight man surrounded by characters defined by negative traits (most especially Sheldon). That one line was a joke partly meant to reinforce the unpleasantness of Sheldon, but yes, in the long view it sounds like breaking the forth wall.

Raj is misoginistic.
He sure as hell loves making jokes at Penny's expense, and he has been shown to be an ass when he drinks. Maybe he doesn't talk to women when he's not drunk because he just doesn't have the guts to say his women-bashing out loud. It would also tie in with the idea that he's bitter about being lonely and lashes out on others.
  • True, but there is more. Raj is, for sure, an ass even when sober, and complains about having an hard life when he received everything on a silver plate. But, the one time he thought to be drunk (with analcoholic beer), acted like a charming and well mannered person, the same way he acts to his superiors. My opinion is that he is always an ass with people when he fells to be in a higher position, and being drunk is just the self-confidence booster that makes him insufferable to everyone. Technically, it's called "coward dick".
  • Now that he's been Flanderized to be ever more effeminate, his misogyny (or whatever it may be called) has given way to putting women on a pedestal.

Sheldon fell for Amy for real in The Desperation Emanation
It happened just in the second Amy said "the most pragmatic thing anybody said to him". Now, I am not a fan of shamy but I think that unlike what everyone is expecting of it. This thing will start pulling Sheldon more and more into "normal people" situations.

Penny will end up in an intro-level Physics class taught by Sheldon.
Related to the theory that she's being set up to go back to school to meet smart guys. Penny would panic when she saw Sheldon enter the room, and when he began his opening lecture (the same one he began in "The Gorilla Experiment") she'll walk out of the room and go home to cry. Leonard will then show up to comfort her, and she'll tell him the story. At which point he will reveal...Sheldon doesn't get to write his own lectures any more, he memorizes lectures given to him by the University. Penny then realizes that back in "The Gorilla Experiment" Sheldon was just trying to present her with some the same basic foundation for understanding physics that any college freshman in his class would receive, and she'd failed to understand it only because she hadn't dedicated herself. She then asks Sheldon to regive the lecture, and this time listens carefully and understands.

The show will have a special or made-for-tv-movie about the gang going to San Diego Comic Con
And it will be great.
  • Hell, that needs to be the four-part Grand Finale.
    • There's going to be a four-part Grand Finale?!
    • The show's still going on with no talk of it ending anytime soon, calm down and keep your pants on.

A version of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog exists in the world of The Big Bang Theory.
Albeit not as a film, but as a cartoon drawn and written by Penny for Leonard, featuring a caricature of Leonard as the Villain Protagonist Main Character and a Friend to All Living Things Purity Sue with her own first name (although with a considerably different personality, wether this is intentional or not) as the Love Interest. Captain Hammer is a portmanteau personality of several different other ex-boyfriends of her. Bonus because Moist is played by Simon Helberg, who also plays Wolowitz in The Big Bang Theory. Penny intentionally left out a Sheldon-like character because she could think of no non-insulting way to present him, and she left out a Raj-like character because she doesn't really know him.

Raj is bisexual.
Raj has shown that he is attracted to men on several occasions, mainly Howard, but other men as well.
  • Howard/Raj allusions were present from the beginning of the series, and grew stronger with time. Maybe they're both bisexual. His attraction to women is as well.
  • His "definitely not gay" in the episode with his Bernadette dreams made it sound as if he'd been wondering if he was gay - and in the same episode he mentioned "accidentally" ending up in a gay bar (apparently by himself, as none of the other guys know what he's talking about)
  • Of course, we must remember that Raj wasn't raised in America, and therefore wasn't influenced as much as a born-and-raised American on gender cues and identity (i.e. girls wear pink, boys wear blue, girls play with dolls, boys with trucks) because those differences are a culture thing.
    • We must also remember that most of his village, including his family, assumed he was gay too.
  • In the pilot he gets an erection after Penny hugs him, though the scene that follows is filled with Ho Yay between him and Howard.
    • In season 6, he oggles Penny while she's wearing a black dress with massive cleavage.
    • He has generally shown interest in women.
  • To anyone not familiar with Indian film conventions, the mandatory big musical number in any Bollywood movie will look like the gayest thing on earth. Raj has a Bollywood moment with Bernadette in a fantasy sequence. This should certainly not be mistaken for evidence he is gay: the song and dance number in Bollywood is the big resolution of all the UST flying around the place, always heterosexual. To Indians it oozes the right sort of pheromenes. It's unfortunate the rest of us watch it and think "gay". All male film idols in Bollywood are, by Indian standards, as rampantly hetero as Chuck Norris or Van Damme. And Raj placed himself firmly in centre stage.

The series will end at a logical closure point
  • Penny will get back together with Leonard and fall in love again. Sheldon will marry Amy Farrah Fowler and have a baby via a surrogate. They will all live in a house together since there's no way Sheldon could survive on his own.
    • As of season 6 Penny and Leonard are back together
  • Howard and Raj will realise their love for eachother and get into a menage a trois with Bernadette.

Any mistakes the writers make about geeky/nerdy subjects are deliberate.
Let's face it my friends. The writers get more obscure reference jokes right than they do wrong. When they make an error (such as calling the Green Lantern Power Battery a Green Lantern Lantern) they're doing it to deliberately mess with the fans. After all, is there anything that a "true fan" loves to do more than spot mistakes and then complain about them on Teh Intarwebz? If the writers didn't make mistakes, the fans would have nothing to complain about. They do it on purpose, people!

Sheldon is Batman.
During the Night of 1,000 Pennyblossoms, he gets hopped up on caffeine and reveals his other identity. That's why people aren't allowed in his room; they might find the entrance to the Batcave (also known as apartment 3A). Now all I need is to prove that "Penny" is just a cover for Stephanie Brown...

Stuart is the Big Bad of the series.
Follows in part from the WMG of Stuart as The Dragon and Wil Wheaton as the Big Bad. This troper is sure Stuart finally reveals himself as the true villain all along. Thinking about his character, he's very similar to Leonard, which is assumed to be why they get along so well. The difference? Leonard has Sheldon, Raj and Howard as friends, whereas Stuart is lumbered with Captain Sweatpants and the socially inept patrons at the comic book store. Leonard's friends may not be pefect, but he at least has close friends who enjoy a basic social life. Stuart becomes jealous and starts to look for ways to sabotage Leonard. He wasn't so much looking for a relationship with Penny, she was just a way to hurt Leonard. And Wil Wheaton sabotaging Leonard and Penny's relationship? Not just to beat Sheldon at bowling. He was being manipulated by his friend and Mystic Warlords of Ka'a partner Stuart.
  • This is actually still plausible, he would easily turn on somebody when it came down to it.
    • Likely Jossed as he has gradually become more closely friends with Raj and through him the group

The series, or perhaps just a season, will end with Penny and Leonard moving to Nebraska.
Penny will consistently fail to get any acting work, and will decide to move back to Nebraska, just like in the Neil Diamond song "Midnight Train To Georgia" in which the female protagonist leaves LA because she can't get acting work, and her boyfriend comes with her. Of course, they wouldn't end the series on such a note, so it'll probably just be the end to a season.
  • Jossed. Season 5, she finally lands a gig in a commercial. She was however, about to do just that before she got the call.

Amy's character was introduced to Ship Sink Sheldon/Penny once and for all.
Despite comments by both the producers and the actors that portray Sheldon and Penny that they will never be together and that Leonard/Penny is the One True Pairing, fans have not listened and admitted defeat.

Sheldon considers Penny to be one of his closest friends (possibly the closest, considering she has done things for and knows things about him that others don't, and vice versa), but does not feel romantically inclined to her in the slightest. Earlier seasons had several Ship Tease moments between them, in particular the episode where Penny falls and breaks her arm in the shower and only Sheldon was around to help her, but as of lately they are almost non-existent.

Amy is basically Sheldon's female other half, and the fourth season has been slowly building up to move them closer and closer together, to the point where they'll probably become an actual (though still very odd) couple.

  • I'd actually speculated in the past that Sheldon was going to ultimately get together with Leslie, a "Hate Becomes Love" deal but because the writers struggled with Leslie led them to ditch her character and bring in a new woman, Amy. Leslie did leave around the same time Amy showed up...

Sheldon and Leonard are the guys that bullies Ben Tennyson at school.
Just... look (picture "Cash" and "J.T.")
Howard never had a fight with Bernadette in the season 4 finale
He just wanted to show off his gold watch Bernie got for him. Look at how he looked like he was gonna show it then and there before Raj and Penny came out of Leonard's room in the morning after sex

Penny will want to get back together with Leonard, except this time around Leonard has lost romantic interest in her
The fourth season had been building to the fact that Penny is miserable without Leonard but too stubborn to fully admit it. Leonard has improved signficantly in the dating game, although nowhere near a "stud," but that has also resulted in him getting a little more cynical about the uncertainty of relationships. The events of the fourth season finale, [[spoiler: Leonard and Priya splitting up while Raj and Penny had drunk sex with everyone knowing about it] (it didn't happen]), will be the catalyst for the reversal of roles.
  • [[spoiler Jossed They mutually get back together.]]

Predictions for season 5
  • Tensions will rise with Leonard and Sheldon, as Raj was seen as a superior roomate for Sheldon than Leonard has(though Leonard could make the arguement of him being similar to that when they started out)
  • The wedding of Howard and Bernadette will be either an hour long ep or split for a two-parter
  • A sherlock holmes style mystery with Sheldon and Leonard as Holmes and Watson, respectivly. And Will Wheaton as the Moriarty.

Howard is not Howard
Shortly after the events of the FRIENDS spinoff series, Joey, the man we only know as Seth committed some crime (or was in the wrong place at the wrong time) so heinous that he had to create a brand new identity for himself. We see evidence in Joey and the Party that Seth had a thing for women with high-pitched voices (indeed, Molly sounded almost identical to Bernadette), even if Molly was not actually his girlfriend. Seth also mentioned to Michael Tribiani that he still shared an apartment with his grandmother. Its very possible that his grandmother somehow found out about whatever he was involved with, and knew the necessity of a new identity, and so she agrees to go along with it, even going so far as to create for herself, the identity of the Mother instead of the Grandmother. After leaving Los Angeles and moving to Pasadena, the man now calling himself Howard began to deliberately dress in more and more ridiculous outfits. This is to throw off those who might be looking for the more normally dressed Seth. Sometime after he last appeared in "Joey," he met with a man who had a history of forging documents. He needed these documents so that he could get a job that would lend itself to his own skill set (possibly, he felt like he needed to prove he was innocent, so a job with a well-equipped university was the best place to start). So Doctor Koothrappali creates these documents, and even gives him a job in the same University that he is working at. Koothrappali and the newly created Howard soon meet Leonard Hofstadter, new in town, and it is from here that we see the events told in the form of a flashback in The Staircase Implementation. At first Koothrappali periodically would accept payments from Howard to buy his silence, though he has since stopped making Howard pay, as he has gradually come to genuinely like Howard, no doubt because he created him. Over the past 5 years, Howard is growing more and more comfortable with his new identity, and is less and less concerned with proving his innocence. Who knows what implications this will have when his secret comes out?

Penny suffers from slight Manic-Depression
On a web MD site, the following symptoms came up: poor judgement, promiscuity, easily distracted, poor temper control, spending sprees, talking alot, very upset, lots of energy. Now in the christmas and new years ep, its seems she hates being alone for holidays as she admits in the latter. Can't pick a boyfriend to save her life (or purposely picks losers to make herself feel better but falls in love with them, but when they break up later no matter what) and can have sex with a guy for 36 hours (annoyingly retconed to give her a high and mighty personality in "The Plimpton Solution"). She never bothers to learn to check her engine and where Sheldon's spot on the couch is (And is annoyned when corrected on it). She has a very short temper (like in the snap anger she had in "The Einstein Approximation" when she fell). More likely this brought on by environmental causes than a genetic problem.
  • That's not Manic-Depressive. If Penny wouldn't go to sleep for a few days, then had suicidal thoughts, she would be bipolar. She doesn't. Not even close.
    • How do we know/there are multiple forms of MD. You can have bipolar depression to a lesser or greater degree of severity, and also someone suffering from bipolar disorder can have episodes which are years apart, so it's possible that Penny just hasn't had a depressive episode in the time we've seen her, only a manic episode or maybe even neither. Also, there are long periods where we don't really see what Penny's up to, so she could be doing anything, including not leaving her apartment because she's having an episode. We never really knew what she did while the guys were in Antarctica, for example, and she could have spent the whole time crying into her pillow and cutting herself for all we know. I'm not convinced of this WMG, but only because there's not enough information in the show to go on. So far nothing I've seen either confirms or denies it.

The reason Raj can't speak to women...
Is because as a young child he accidentally walked into a room a his father work with a patient in a "compromised" position. this has left a mental scar that has left him only able to speak to the opposite sex when drunk. He might not even remember it.
  • It might even have been his own mother. Raj ruefully admits that when his parents first met, his father had a rather unorthodox view of her on the examination couch. Apparently they started dating some time after her gynae check-ups. And a hidden secret of Indian gynaecology is that quite often, the doctor is being paid on the side to report back to the parents that their daughter has kept her virginity intact. If it isn't, he knows a good plastic surgeon who will "restore", for a fee...

The series finale will focus on Sheldon and Amy.
Ok, everyone knows Leonard and Penny end up together. So, where's the drama? They'll get happily married a few episodes before the finale. Then, Amy gets word that if she wants to keep her funding coming she has to marry that Saudi prince, but everyone is sad at the idea of her leaving and moving to Saudi Arabia, so somehow they get it into their heads that they have to convince Sheldon to admit he's in love with her. He'll try to keep his vulcan-like mindset, but eventually everything he's repressed will come out (the memory of the kiss is one thing, the jealousy he's expressed over Leonard showing interest in her is another). This will lead to a Race for Your Love to the airport, during which Sheldon will break every taboo he has (driving, ignoring germs...), only to find out...Amy called the wedding off the instant the Prince threatened to cut her funding, found another source, and was waiting patiently at the airport. The whole thing was a setup to get Sheldon to finally admit how he felt about her. The show ends with all the other characters arriving, kissing their love interests, and fading to black...
  • Sheldon and Amy get together and go on and on about having a baby by Artificial Insemination. In the Lab, Bernadette the Microbiologist mixes the egg and sperm. Bernadette is distracted, another chemical is in the test-tube Carmina Burana, extreme Close-Up on the Test-tube, the egg mutates into an Eldritch Abomination.
    • But it is Sheldon's 28th birthday. Sheldon and Amy are in the Lab gazing hopefully at the Test-tube, Carmina Burana. Then pon farr kicks in, Sheldon sweeps the table clear and makes mad monkey love with Amy. Slow-Motion as the Test-tube falls to the floor. Focus on the debris on the floor. Off-Screen, we hear Sheldon and Amy at it. A spider walks towards the debris and eats, spider's eyes glow red, Carmina Burana.

The show will have a bout of Cerebus Syndrome with...
  • Raj's dependence on alcohol is bound to backfire one day.
    • Jossed. As of the season 6 finale, he can talk to women without being drunk.
  • Raj? What about Penny? Her wine consumption is mostly played as a running gag, without much by way of adverse consequences. But it seems to be showing up increasingly often, and in the kind of quantity that may not cause immediate disasters, but has got to start having long-term effects eventually.
    • Update: She seems to have backed away from that cliff, no harm done. Wonder what that says?

Sheldon and Stewie from Family Guy co-operated on Time Machine and Hypno Ray
In Britain the episodes are broadcast out of chronological order: Leonard tries to get back with Priya; next, Leonard hopes to get with Penny; then, Penny moves in next-door.
  • Sheldon is using his Time Machine.
  • Stewie uses his Hypno Ray; Brits believe that E4 has a big box of episodes and pulls them out of the box at random.
  • The proof that Stewie's theory is false: videos have 4-5 episodes on them. If E4 were pulling videos out of a box, there would be 4 episodes in a row with the same continuity.

Penny's acting career will eventually take off.
Ironically, it will be a role in the kind of movie with a stereotypically nerdy fanbase (science fiction, fantasy, or super heroes).
  • Think of all the story possibilities! Autograph hunters! Sci-fi conventions! Penny having to point out several times that she is not [name of her role]!
    • Yes! At least, they should do something with this. It doesn't have to completely take off necessarily (although it's not bad if they do it that way), but when I saw ads for the second Abrams Star Trek movie I thought they should write it in that Penny got a tiny one-line role in it, and despite how trivial her role was the guys came to idolize her (beyond sexual attraction) for it. They'd keep asking her to say her line...Leonard would want her to put the uniform she wore on and have sex...and many things that I can't think of but the superior comedic minds of TBBT writers could.
    • It could also be a voice acting role, possibly to shed some light on how underrated voice actors are by comparison to screen actors.
  • And either Leonard or Sheldon are accidently recruited as "science advisors" for her show or movie.
    • And it will star Nathan Fillion opposite Penny!
    • A fitting and ironic acting role: as the "eye-candy" in a series where a new scientist takes the revived role of Professor Proton. Penny gets the gig as his white-coated lab assistant - something the guys have trained her for!
Penny and Bernadette have opened a can of worms with Amy.
They basically did nothing wrong with the dress shopping, and Amy's reaction was outright pathological. They're now reinforcing her belief that she has to spend every second of every day with them, or be completely alone. Eventually, they'll have to have a sit down with her, and teach her to learn to entertain herself, and accept that they wont' always be around.

Howard and Raj opened a similar can of worms with Sheldon
Back in seasons 1-3, Sheldon would go to Penny with many problems of relating to people and other things. He even managed to develop a tad more socially with her. But then came Howard and Raj's plan to get him a girlfriend. With Amy, he soon started to go exclusively to her with his problems and acted more callously towards everyone but Amy (Lesser extent Bernadette), such as going from lack of social skills type of misunderstandings, to knowing full well what he was saying to them and getting off scott-free. Possibly since he can just wallow in his old ways with her with little need to develop, causing him to treat the gang more "Why can't you be more like Amy" interaction.

Raj has never seen Batman: The Brave and the Bold
Why else would he say AQUAMAN sucks?
  • Based on that, he must not have watched Justice League either. Or he really just doesn't like Aquaman.

Rita and Zedd are Howard's parents
Here's the facts;
  • Angel Grove is in California like Pasadena
  • Rita is very shrill
  • Zedd has a hint of jewish tendencies
  • And someday Howard will grow to be Thrax

Sheldon's mother will be an antagonist for a future episode
Her general religious judgmental prejudice personality has been increasing as of late, it seems little time before she crosses a line and does something very much considered racist towards someone.

I really hope this because I consider them scrappies for their hatred of their kids dating white people.

Amy is bisexual.
I know that if she ever comes out they're more likely to just call her a lesbian, but still, just look at her reaction to Penny's hot dresses in The Recombination Hypothesis.
  • Possibly she sees no real difference between hetero or homosexual relationships and just wants love one way or another.
  • This is becoming a major series Running Gag — though just to play Devil's advocate, this could also be If It's You, It's Okay with respect to Penny.

Penny is really Penny Gadget
She was sent by Metro City PD to investigate scientists that have the potential to become MAD agents. (With Sheldon being the most likely candidate.) Her story about being a dumb blond, waitress is really a cover so that the 4 boys wouldn't suspect her.
  • It would certainly explain why we haven't been told her last name!
  • Dunno. We've never seen Penny wearing green pants.

Alcohol doesn't really help against Raj's inability to communicate with women.
To be precise: It's a placebo. It helps because Raj believes it does. We have seen Raj talking to women only seconds after having the first drink on several occasions. But Alcohol doesn't work instantly.
  • Yes it does.
  • We've also seen him talking to a woman (Summer Glau no less) when drinking what turned out to be non-alcoholic beer, so this was confirmed a while ago.
    • To add to this: the first time we ever saw the alcohol in effect, Raj didnt know about it before hand, and was just as surprised as everyone else when he realized he was actually talking to Penny for the first time. Since then hes just become so dependant on it as a cure for his problem that his dependence has fostered the placebo effect.

The five of them are destined to have a five-some together
Hence the title of the show.

Bernadette and Howard will not get married at the end of season 5
Mayim Bialik said in an interview that there WILL be a wedding, but maybe not the one we'd expect. This could be a joke, but it could also be Leonard and Penny accidentally ending up married, or, for more laughs, Sheldon and Amy.
  • In Series Seven, Howard and Amy bond during the scavenger hunt and discover a shared love of Neil Diamond, ending up with their visiting a karaoke bar and singing duet. Amy is getting more and more pissed off with Sheldon not noticing her sexual frustration. Howard fancies himself as a ladies' man. Amy wants to try sex at least once before she dies. Hmmm.... watch out, Bernadette.

The entire thing is just a dream
The whole series turned out to be just an over-thought hypothesis by Leonard and/or Sheldon of whether or not they should talk to the new girl who moved in across from them.
  • I hope this is true so the last words of the series can be:
  • And that's how Penny's last name going to be revealed:
    '' Oh, hi, I'm Penny. Penny [her last name]...
    • If the whole show has been in Leonard's head, how did he know what Penny's name was before meeting her?
      • Better still, the daydream would end just before this reveal. Like, we dissolve to Leonard asking Sheldon what he thinks a good name for her would be, and Sheldon would say something like "Well, we already used a Polish name for that waitress microbiologist we decided she works with, so how about something Scandanavian?" Of course, this is a relative "better still" scenario; All Just a Dream is a hated way to end things for a reason. (Plus the show already did a decent fakeout ending for the 100th episode.) Arguably it would almost be worth it if the "real" Penny's first line revealed a deep understanding of physics or something.

The Elevator will be fixed in the series finale
To represent change or an ending.

Sheldon gets a lot more than he lets on.
Oh, he's still pretty naive, but sometimes he realizes what's going on but just runs with it for his own amusement.

Leonard will stand up to his mother at some point.
Well let's be honest, he has to have alot of repressed resentment at his mother, and at some point she'll do something that'll make him snap and he'll deliver an epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech where he'll call her out over everything horrible she's ever done to him or any other person. The sad part is, she'll probably find this fascinating and make notes on his outburst. So Leonard will get even more pissed and kick his mother out of his apartment and his life.
  • I hope so, cause I hate her. Say he finally gets a breakthrough in his work and makes a major discovery and he wins a award for doing so but his mother shows up as she is the one who will present it to him. During the speech she makes a snide remark over how one success doesn't make up for multiple failures but her genes were bound to rub off on him eventually. This causes him to lose it and Call her out over everything she's done to him. The neglect, the emotional abuse, (bringing up the hug machine he built as a kid) and always downplaying everything he's done as insignificant even calling him a disappointment when he was within earshot. She tries to defend herself claiming it was the best way she believed to raise him and he responds with this question "The best way for me? Or for you?"

He then snatches the award out of her hands and turns to all the faculty and his friends who are in stunned silence and says thanks for coming and walks off the stage.

  • A nice touch could be given with Amy and Sheldon, as they used to be like Beverly but have gotten to be much more sociable. Sheldon could even find her off putting and tell her as a scientist she's brilliant but as a human being she is inferior.
  • I also think Beverly is a horrible mother, however I also think she does love her children deep down, not sure if she is aware of it saying how cold she is.
    • She doesn't even perform good science. So far the topics of her books have mainly been about experiments on Leonard all throughout his life, but she had nothing to compare the results to, no control if you will. Combine that with the assumptions she makes, not taking Leonards' opinions of the matter into consideration or even factoring it into her assumptions, She is practically a poor scientist for not considering this evidence, almost like she is cherry-picking data to fit her own shrink stratagem. Now re-read my post: A mother who doesn't care about what her children thinks or has to say about what she is doing to them, coming up with her own assumptions of the truth, for an experiment that not even the reason "For Science!!" can even attempt to absolve. She shouldn't be a doctor, and she shouldn't be a mother. She is due for someone to blow up on her, and when it does, it will be devastating, it will be brutal, it will be... sad really, because when she met Sheldons' mother she did show wanting to be better for her children. Maybe it is too late for her to be a better mother. We don't know what made her as she is. We don't know her parents, her fears, we only see the logical machine with several built-in faults. She suffered a divorce, her marriage was toxic, the experiment was probably the only way she could be with her son, and the emotional suppression was to keep the pain of the divorce she felt from reaching her child, unwittingly blocking out any other emotion and sense of empathy, of any motherly warmth. Or, she really could be that horrible. We don't know all the facts, but the few facts we do know about her don't paint a saint.

Beverly really wants Leonard and Penny to be together.
From the beginning, that is, not just since they became "homegirls". Also, she cares more about Leonard, and gives him more support and better advice, than he gives her credit for.
  • Exhibit A: her first words to Leonard after meeting Penny. What a mom, huh? But does he ever listen? Sigh.
    Beverly: If you want to have sex with that woman, find out what brand of cologne her father wore.

Penny's play from the pilot will come back to the story eventually...
To be put into production towards the end of the series. As Ruleof Funny. Or something.

The entire show is Penny's play
Meta enough?

Sheldon will actually research drag coefficients on tassels of flying carpets.

He will be hired as a consultant on a movie set in a fantasy version of Arabia (like a remake of Aladdin) with a director just as nerdy as he is, who is intent on getting all the physics in the film right.Ironically, on the day he begins his research, Leonard wins the Nobel Prize.

Sheldon is NOT a virgin.
He seems to know a lot about sex. And he didn't lose his virginity to Amy Farrah Fowler either.
  • Amy was the first Girl he ever went out on a date with, so unlikely .
  • Although it is entirely possible that he simply researched sex when Leonard started bringing girls back.
  • Not likely Sheldon has trouble just hugging people. Ample evidence suggests while he has some knowledge of sex he completely misses social cues from woman who would want to sleep with him.
  • Reminds me of Granny Weatherwax, the old witch in the Discworld Esmerelda Weatherwax can act as very competent midwife. She knows how to make and prescribe potent aphrodisiacs. She knows exactly when to hand out her herbally-distilled Viagra and who to. She counsels young girls on sex and advises newlyweds on the, er, mechanics needed to produce children. She has her own Amy-to-Sheldon thing with a senior wizard at the local University. One thing is missing. She has been likened to a blacksmith-cum-vet who knows everything there is to know about horses. Except how to get in the saddle and ride one. It is entirely possible Sheldon has the same massive theoretical knowledge - perfect recall, after all - but lamentably little practical experience.
  • Well, as of "The Opening Night Excitation, he's not anymore.

The final episode will have William Shatner.
After that, there will be no reason to continue, as once they get Captain Kirk himself on the show, they could only go downhill.
  • Considering Kaley Cuoco's recent series of commercials as The Priceline Negotiator's daughter, the writers have a brilliant opening for it, too!

Leonard is a Decoy Protagonist for Howard
As of the sixth season Howard has been in a commited relationship, married, will have to face leaving his mother's house and been in space. Leonard's storylines have been mostly about his relationship with Penny. Overall it seems like Leonard would have been a sidekick character on another show while Howard would have been the main character.

Raj is from a Rajput family
The only reason given as to why Raj's family is rich is because Raj's father is a gynecologist.If you think about it despite being a doctor, Sheldon says his family is "halfway between Bruce Wayne and Scrooge McDuck." a doctor in poor country is not that rich, the latest of a long line of patriarchs on the other hand...
  • It is quite possible to become extremely wealthy in medicine especially if one owns a clinic or even hosts seminars though there might be family money as well as even then you'd be talking millions not billions.
  • Raj's father, like many Indian doctors, might well have trained and worked in Britain: many Indians will happily work in the UK and over twenty or so years save money which, while not spectacular by British standards, sets them up to live like millionaires back home in India. For a doctor or other professional, twenty years on a NHS salary - especially at consultant level - would certainly be more than ample as start-up capital to establish an independent practice at home serving other well-heeled Indians. This would also explain Raj's stay at Cambridge University: going to England would not be that big a dislocation for him, and if his parents were there at the time, it might well have been akin to Howard living at home with Mom...

All of Chuck Lorre's series exist in the same universe...
...except for The Big Bang Theory. It has been established that Dharma & Greg and Two and a Half Men are in the same universe, given the events of the season nine premiere. However, when in a recent episode, of BBT, Sheldon and Amy are arguing over what couples' costume to wear on Halloween, and one of the possibilities listed on the whiteboard is "Dharma and Greg". Since these characters are fictional in this universe, it would suggest that those of Two and a Half Men are also, and therefore, The Big Bang Theory exists in a separate universe from Dharma & Greg and Two and a Half Men.
  • This would also imply that in "The Griffin Equivalency", the character that Raj has an encounter with at The Cheesecake Factory is in fact the real Charlie Sheen, not Charlie Harper from TaaHM.
    • Charlie was shown watching Dharma and Greg in one episode. Another episode had a couple played by the actors looking at a house being sold by Evelyn, and the third that you are referring to (I think) with Frankie seems like the future of Dharma and Greg. Chuck Lore is a fan of CelebrityParadox
      • There is a simple soloution to this. Dharma and Greg is a reality show in the universe they exist in
  • Unlikely. In one of the episodes, they are watching Oshikuru Demon Samurai, with the same song that was written by Charlie Harper in one of the episodes of Two and a Half Men.
Sheldon will become Shelly de Killer.
If we assume that The Big Bang Theory takes place now, the years can match up pretty nicely. Sheldon will start to age faster from the stress of having to put up with his friends and eventually go completely off the deep end the next time somebody bests him at his field of study. At some point, he'll meet the previous de Killer assassin and agree to become the heir to the de Killer estate in an effort to once again be the best at something. His alias, Shelly, comes from his mother's nickname for him.
Mary and Beverly will...
End up killing each other due to their polar opposite positions on motherhood and religion. Mary will get enraged at Beverly for not treating her children with the love and devotion they deserve, while Beverly will (calmly) analyze Mary's attitude as a result of her relationship with Sheldon's father. Beverly will calmly and confidently state that God and Jesus and other religious aspects are nothing but delusions created by a mind searching for acceptance, which will send Mary off the deep end. She tackles Beverly and pummels her with a crucifix.
  • Partially confirmed. Mary and Beverly finally met each other in "The Maternal Combustion" and while they did get into a massive argument, they eventually made up. Though there may be other episodes that expand on this...
The elevator will be fixed in the very last episode.
This universe is an alternate universe to "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog"
Yes the similarities between Moist and Howard are striking, but they both have female leads by the name of Penny. But consider the treatment of Leonard as a child, if it was taken to the extreme then he could be Doctor horrible, they both have very similar beginnings, shy geniuses that have a crush on a woman who doesn't know they exist, they both seem to be the sane one (Leonard to his friends, and DH to his friends and the ELOE). And remember how Sheldon would experimented with chemicals? What if he wanted superpowers, along with revenge, we already know that there was chickens near him, whose to say a horse near by and he becomes bad horse, and the accident spreads the chemicals into the air. If that is to happen it is possible for other people to become heroes/villians. Of course most people have immunity, not everyone is a hero. And who would Raj be? The Pink Puncher.

Sheldon is the Big Bad of the series.
Follows in part from the WMG as Wil Wheaton as the Big Bad. At the end was revealed that Sheldon is the true Big Bad, while Wil Wheaton is only the Disc-One Final Boss. In another words, the serie is " Hijacked by Sheldon."
  • It doesn't help that at times Sheldon causally talks about murdering someone to solve a problem(one time even thought of torturing a guy whom hacked his word of war craft character.) Granted at times he doesn't seem to mean it....other times.

Mary Cooper and Wyatt will date at some point.
  • Jossed, for now: at the end of Series Nine she ends up with Leonard's father. Appalling both Leonard and Sheldon.

The Series Ends with Sheldon and Leonard Moving out of the Apartment and Going their Separate Ways.
Whether it involves either or both of them marrying their girlfriend or something else, I always imagined it would end like that.
The End of Sheldon - he takes over as Professor Proton and does so well at it (we know he does relate well to children) that the series is revived on TV with Sheldon as the new Professor Proton. It lasts a year or two and gets cancelled. When Sheldon tries to go back to academic work, he finds that he, like the original Professor Proton has lost any hope of being taken seriously as a scientist.
The episode was atypical and much too sad to be funny It was also loaded with foreshadowing. Can't help feeling that Sheldon becoming Professor Proton Jnr is going to be very significant and not in a good way.
  • He was always on lab accident from supervillain, and being disowned by the scientific community would create a motivation for his start of darkness. He always thought his villain name would be Dr. Arragonto, and was surprised how many supervillains got into doctorate school. Combine it with developing a death ray, a nuclear power plant, and an MRI when he was a little kid, (Leonard) his own personal minion bound by a contract, and his desire to have a button that blows up planets. If he can't inspire as Prof. Proton Jr., he will make everyone fear that name!

Alex will finally get fed up with Sheldon and quit, delivering a "Reason You Suck" Speech in the process.
And it will be glorious.
  • 50% jossed. It's assumed, but not confirmed, that she quit her job after the Valentines day episode, so it's possible she could have given him a speech of that sort off screen.

Penny's last name is...
...Scavo. As far as I recall, the time setting of Desperate Housewives is never explicitly stated, so the two shows could exist in the same universe, with this Penny being the grown-up version of the other Penny (or perhaps she went through some weird time warp that sped up the growth process—given everything else that happens on Wisteria Lane, it wouldn't surprise me). Fed up with her spineless father Tom and her domineering, power-hungry mother Lynette, she faked her own death (just before Tom and Lynette move away in the Grand Finale) and ran away to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. This explains why she bonds so readily with the guys—they remind her of her nerdy brothers, Parker, Porter, and Preston. The whole "Nebraska" thing is a fabrication to keep her true past a secret (no, Penny didn't do anything scandalous, but would you want your friends to know you lived on a street where blackmail and murder are everyday occurrences?). However, Fairview's location is never explicitly stated either (it is said to be in "Eagle State" but this sounds more like a nickname than an actual state name) so she could actually be from Nebraska. Her "father" Wyatt that we see obviously isn't her real father—he's an actor friend who needed something to put on his resume, and she felt the need to beef up her fabricated backstory, so she decided to kill two birds with one stone. She doesn't hate waitressing because it's boring/thankless/underpaid—it's because working in a restaurant setting reminds her of her father's pizzeria (whom she subconsciously misses). And...well, you get the point.
  • And where does Mrs. Cooper fit into this?

Priya's Ultimate plan was to have Sheldon kicked out of his own apartment.
She picked apart the roommate agreement so Leonard would have more control. She would have figured a way to get Sheldon out.
  • More likely so Leonard wouldn't be required to do the patently ridiculous things in the agreement.
  • Honestly, sounds like Priya. I'd say this one is pretty much confirmed, she has been shown to be quite manipulative.

Sheldon's parking spot hasn't been his for years.
The university realised early on that he wasn't using his spot because he carpooled with Leonard and didn't own a car, so they reassigned it to someone else, then reassigned it to Howard after he went into space.

The Mexican Peso in Sheldon's nose is the cause of his behavior.
When Howard was practising magic for his cousin's birthday party, Sheldon mentions someone stuck a peso in his nose, and it's still there. Having a metal coin on one's nose can't possibly good, so that's probably the reason behind his unusual behavior and personality, with the side of effect being his high intelligence.

Lucy was lying to Raj about seeing someone new.
Given her personality, she was probably freaked out when Raj went right back to pushing the relationship past her comfort zone. Facing the prospect of having to break up with him in person, she made up the story to let him down gently.

Raj is Bi Romantic
and Heterosexual
  • To clarify Raj is only sexually attracted to women, but can form romantic attachments with both men and women.

Only Sheldon's story about the letter from Howard's father is a lie.
The envelope was pretty big for just a letter, so it was:
  1. A photo of his father holding Howard as a baby, with "Howard my son, my greatest gift" written on the back;
  2. A letter detailing his secret life and why he had to leave, that he was in the auditorium at Howard's graduation and cried because of how proud he was, and a message about family being the most important thing and not to abandon it, and;
  3. A The Far Side birthday card with "Happy birthday Howard. I love you" written on inside. Or, the letter was the birthday card.

    • Bonus: Sheldon's was a lie only because they didn't let him in on the plan

Raj is going to end up with Janine Davis
  • They've already hinted at this, plus she could probably keep him in line or intimidate him back to being quiet around women.
  • Plus, there's no African Americans in the main cast.

The ending of the series will be a Gainax Ending or a semi-gainax ending
Leonard gets tenure, marries Penny, who's acting career takes off. Raj gets a Nobel prize, and Sheldon tries to up his game. He fails to read a table right, resulting in his being critically injured. The last scene is everyone around him in a hospital bed. With his last bit of strength he asks Penny to sing soft kitty. As she does she starts to break down but soldiers on, as it fades to black, you hear Sheldon's heart monitor alarm go off. Credits.
  • Jossed, at least partially. We're at the beginning of season 11, episode 2, so it's unknown whether or not Leonard even has a job, Penny and Leonard have been married, but Sheldon dying would be a sad and perfect way to end the show to make viewers say WTF, which is something we all know TV creators love to do.

Alex Jensen is the Big Bad of the series.
Follows in part from the WMG of Sheldon as the Big Bad. Alex Jensen will be hired as The Dragon of Sheldon, but she tires of Sheldon and betrays him, becoming in the new Big Bad.

Sheldon will get visited by Yakko, Wakko, and Dot.
Cause if anyone deserves to get driven crazy by them, it's him.

The entire cast is immortal
How else do they attend Comic-Con so many times?
  • Multiple Comic-cons in different locations, at different points of the year.

Matt Smith is Sheldon's favorite living Doctor actor.
  • Why else would he not include Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, John Hurt, Christopher Eccleston, and David Tennant on the list of people he tried to invite to his comic convention? He could have also tried inviting Peter Capaldi to get the scoop on the new series of Doctor Who. Then again, either Capaldi would have been busy filming the series or Sheldon believes that Matt Smith is the only good actor who has played The Doctor and that Capaldi will not live up to the role.

Sheldon wanted to roast Ahmed Best.
  • Sheldon has made it known that he dislikes Jar Jar Binks. So why would he include Ahmed Best on the list of people he tried to invite to his comic convention? The answer: to roast him. Either literally or metaphorically.

The characters will not talk about the big bang theory until the series finale.
It will be the final conversation in the show.

The "Big Bang" in the show's title foreshadows the time when Sheldon and Amy will have sex.
The final scene of the series will be Sheldon and Amy having sex for the first time. When that happens, it will cause a big bang that will create a new universe. Or maybe it will create a universe identical to that which is portrayed in the show, ending with the show's theme song and intro.
  • Jossed they had sex in "The Opening Night Excitation".

When the series ends Leslie will come Back for the Finale, and will hook up with Stuart.
Assuming that Raj has found someone by then, it would be a nice Pet the Dog moment for Stuart, and a neat way to Pair the Spares in the supporting cast. It would nicely fulfill Leslie's desire to be with a man who will happily let her make every decision for both of them, which wouldn't really compromise Stuart, since all he wants is to be with someone who even slightly appreciates him (and what would Leslie appreciate more than someone who never challenged her?).

Penny is already a successful actress.
In the final episode, it will be revealed that The Big Bang Theory is a Show Within a Show loosely based on Penny's journey to stardom. Penny will leave the set and meet up with the real gang, who will be played by different actors.

If Sheldon Cooper should ever have sex, the series would end.
Will Sheldon ever have sex? Will it be with Amy or will she lose her virginity before he does? Seeing as "coitus" has the potential to drastically alter a person's brain chemistry, it's possible that Sheldon's behavior, which is arguably a vital aspect of the paradigm defining the relationships in the show's Five-Man Band, could be forever altered. With that in mind, it's possible that a direct result of Sheldon having sex will inevitably lead to the show's downfall. That being the case, most likely Sheldon will not have sex or express typical male interest in the subject until the series' final season.
  • Jossed He and Amy had sex in "The Opening Night Excitation" and the show is still going.

Howard lost his virginity in a garage.
In "Adhesive Duck Deficiency", Howard, high on "special cookies", confides in his friends that he lost his virginity to his cousin, Jeannie, at his Aunt Barbara's just after a funeral. In "The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary", a single word, "Corolla", in response to Bernadette claiming to have lost her virginity in a Camry, implied that he lost his virginity in a car as well. The way he describes his encounter with his cousin, having "locked eyes over a side of pickled herring", it would seem they would have gotten inebriated, proceeded into the garage and presumably into Aunt Barbara's Corolla, wherein they proceeded to "do the nasty."

Penny's full name sounds like "penetrate."
Her last name may be Tate, Trate, Trait, or anything else that may make her name sound like "penetrate."

Penny's last name is Dreadful.
Like the show Penny Dreadful.

In the season 8 premiere, Sheldon will propose to Amy.
He will have learned a lot from his time away from her.
  • Jossed.
  • It was the season 10 finale, the wedding was the season 11 finale

At some point, one of the cast, hopefully Leonard, will give his mother the "Reason You Suck" Speech she deserves.
And it will be the most awesome thing ever seen on the show.

Mrs. Wolowitz will be killed off.
Carol Ann Susi has died, and perhaps this will be a case of Real Life Writes the Plot. Looks like Stewart will need to look for something else to do.
  • Confirmed.

Amy getting Sheldon's Meemaw's cookies in season 8 was a Xanatos Gambit on her part.
She knew that Sheldon might pull that petulant crap involving getting her a present to make her feel awkward. However, she needed something that could be distributed if Sheldon didn't end up going there, if only because he might get too indecisive and run late or Bernadette decided not to indulge Sheldon's petulance, so she got the recipe and prepared them so that if he did do that, she could give him the cookies, and if he didn't, she could give everyone cookies.

Now That Penny Has Cut Her Hair Short, She'll Be Chosen for a National Commercial
In an earlier episode (The Psychic Vortex), Penny mentions that a psychic told her she would be in a national commercial if she cut her hair. Leonard mocks the improbability of it, which sparks a conflict with Penny. With the debut of Kaley Cuoco's pixie cut in season 8, things will finally happen for Penny. Kaley cutting her hair caused a big response among the fans—what if it was all for an obscure callback such as this?
  • She's an apparently-successful sales representative for a pharmaceutical company with acting experience. Many, many drugs actually do have nationally televised commercials, and if her company decided to produce one, they would save time and money by making Penny their spokeswoman.

Leonard's mother is the 'specialist in Houston' that Sheldon's mother was referred to
Beverly may have started her career in Houston, and the child psychologist Sheldon's mother consulted with may have shared details of his case with her; hence her interest in Sheldon started well before Sheldon and Leonard met. For all we know she may have orchestrated their meeting as part of yet another of her experiments.

Penny's last name has already been revealed.
She was unknowingly married to Zach for a while so her last name would technically be Johnson. I could totally see the writers pulling something like this.note 

Penny will eventually get a PhD.

Howard's mom. And Stuart. (Brain Bleach is available.)
  • At the end of series seven, Stuart, bereft of comic-book shop and uncertain if he'll get the insurance money (he was living in the back room of the store, don't forget, which is probably in breach of commercial insurance - and, in a store full of inflammable things, he cooked food in there, another good reason for the insurers to decline payment) takes a job as live-in personal assistant to Mrs Wolowitz. It solves his immediate problems re. somewhere to live and gives him a better salary than the comic book store ever did. He discovered he loved the job. And he's on first-name terms with Debbie. (SECOND WARNING RE. NEED FOR BRAIN BLEACH)
  • What if... romance develops? Stuart is an ubergeek with very little actual experience with women. Less than any of the other guys, including Raj. He has self-esteem issues. Mrs Wolowitz, as the family dentist will testify, is not completely unattractive. She needs validation too. It is common for the nursed and the nurse to fall in love and get romantically entangled. Co-dependency beckons. Either Hell or happiness. Howard is horrified at a shifting dynamic that makes Stuart into his stepfather. Bernadette will also be justly horrified. And they are paying Stuart's wages. Need that Brain Bleach yet?

Sheldon's dad is as smart as or even smarter Sheldon
Throughout the series Sheldon has mentioned his father multipled times all of which have the distinct trait that his father was drunk through out his childhood. I have noticed in certain episodes such as the Thanksgiving one that Sheldon warms up to Bernadette's dad as he gradually gets drunk and even acts like a womanizing and, possibly, passionate Texas man. In the episode in which Wil Wheaton mocks Amy and Sheldon takes Wheaton's side Sheldon gets accidently drunk because of a spiked drink Penny slipped him and again Sheldon acts like a native Texan who tries to protect his woman. Now this has led me to believe that Sheldon's dad was exactly like Sheldon but because of how much of a asshole he was nobody truly liked him and realized people only liked him when he was truly drunk and when he found out his son may possibly have been going down the same track like him he tried to keep his son from suffering the same realization like he did.
  • Jossed: He's in yYoung Sheldon as a typical Texan dad.

Sheldon's "sabbatical" at the end of Season 7 will one way or another not last.
Either Sheldon will chicken out and go back to see Leonard and Penny or Amy will definitely try to make sure this will not last.

The upcoming Season 8 will most likely be the final season of the show.
Think about it a lot of things have changed over the course of the Season 7 finale especially on how Leonard & Penny are now finally engaged. The entire 8th Season will most likely be about how Leonard and Penny will settle for their marriage plans while Sheldon will one way or another figure out what to do with his life considering on how things have changed so much. Besides the show has been going on for 7 years now so it has had a good run.
  • The problem with this theory is that CBS has already confirmed 3 more seasons...
    • Although CBS is running into contractual (read: pay) snags with the cast.

Niles Crane's "imaginary protégé...
In an episode of Frasier, it is revealed that Niles Crane had a childhood "imaginary friend"... called Sheldon. Niles blamed him for wetting the bed when he was four or five. Sheldon Cooper had a childhood bedwetting problem. Could it be this is another inspiration for naming the TBBT character? Or... did Niles' imaginary friend take physical form as Sheldon Cooper, compounding Niles' intellectuality and personality problems by several magnitudes?
  • Wasn't it Leonard who wet the bed?

Kripke is taking a speech class to get rid of his speech impediment
John Ross Bowie has been forgetting to do the W's in place of R's and L's quite frequently in the more recent seasons. Whether it's due to laziness or just simply forgetting is anyone's guess. However, this could be a possible in-universe explanation should it become too noticeable to ignore.

Leonard and Raj DID NOT actually meet Nathan Fillion when they went to the restaurant to pick up food for Stuart's party
They actually saw best-selling mystery writer Richard Castle who is a dead ringer for Nathan (since it's established in the Castle-verse that Firefly exists) and happened to be in California on a book signing and to check on the progress of the long-gestating Nikki Heat movie. He was just playing with them when he told them he was Nathan.

The last line of dialogue in the series finale will be...
Sheldon asking, "Do you want to know something interesting about staircases?" Because, it would make for a nice book end.

Howard's brother is smarter and more successful than him
It's been confirmed that a future episode that Howard will meet his long-lost half-brother (played by Matt Bennett from Victorious). Since Howard is a Butt-Monkey when it comes to his lacking of a doctorate, I expect his brother to have had a better childhood, a PhD and/or be way more accomplished that he is. Like how George Lopez's long-lost sister had a better childhood, job and life than he did.

The ping pong game for the TARDIS alluded to Raj and Penny's night they "didn't have sex".
"Raj 8; Penny 4"....

Leonard will take Penny's last name.
Exactly What It Says on the Tin. They'll eventually be married, and Leonard will take her name.
  • Jossed, she's now Penny Hofstadter.

Penny and Leonard won't get married come Season 9
This will probably be Jossed, but what the hell? She will be pissed off about Leonard's semi-affair and reject him, or decide that she wants to wait and have a real wedding in front of her friends and family (as well as being creeped out about the thing with Zack). Even though Sheldon has become the Breakout Character and the other relationships have taken away from it, Leonard and Penny's relationship is still the driving force of the series and I never expected them to marry until the series finale to resolve it, and the show will run for at least two more years. They could always shift focus to Shamy (which is more than likely) or Howard and Bernadette having a child, but Leonard has become the Decoy Protagonist and probably needs a bit more fleshing out. Additionally...
  • Jossed. They got married. Oh well.

Raj will dump Emily for real
I remember reading somewhere (it may have even been this wiki) that Emily's actress may be Put on a Bus due to being contracted to appear on another show. Plus this girl is clearly batshit crazy and even Raj has standards. When he finds out something too crazy, he'll call it off.
  • As implied in "The Hot Tub Contamination", it was Emily who dumped him in the end. (Oh, and so did Claire)

Penny's dad is going to knock Beverly down a peg.
Penny's dad actually likes Leonard. Eventually, probably in conjunction with Penny and Leonard's wedding, he's going to meet Beverly as Penny's new mother-in-law. He's not going to put up with her crap, and when she starts in on Leonard, he'll come to his defense and welcome him into the family twice as hard.

Sheldon will spend most of the ninth season trying to win Amy back.
It'll be the standard "you didn't know what you had until it's gone" plot, complete with Amy likely dating someone else who is much more open than Sheldon could ever be. Sheldon will realize the similarities to what Leonard went through with Penny and point out that he's now doing the very same thing.
  • Meanwhile Amy will try everything she can to move on, then eventually near the end of the season she finally will. But when she looks around at what she has now, she'll realise she misses what she used to have.
    • Both confirmed and it looks like Sheldon was successful in getting her back.

Amy, Sheldon, and Dave will become a polyamorous triad.
Yup, an OT3. Amy broke up with Sheldon because she felt underappreciated and frustrated with their lack of forward momentum, coupled with Sheldon's difficult personality. Dave likes Amy a great deal and is all but infatuated with Sheldon, and he happily endorses their declaring their love for each other and considers it all a wonderful night. Sheldon loves being admired for his brilliance no matter who it is, and unlike every other instance of Amy being on the receiving end of male attention, he doesn't mind letting Amy get back to her date with him even immediately after they get back together. Dave's last lines in The Earworm Reverberation are perfectly in line with frubbles (the feeling of joy brought about by the happiness of others; in the context of polyamory, this means feeling joy at seeing one's partners being together without envy or jealousy) Coming together as a triad would solve most of the problems with the relationships between each pair:
  • Amy wouldn't have to put up with Dave's gushing over Sheldon because Dave would have his own relationship with him, and she'd have emotional backup for when Sheldon is being overly difficult.
  • Sheldon wouldn't feel pressured to engage in coitus with Amy (and she wouldn't be sexually frustrated) if she has another male partner, and Dave is more than happy to pay Sheldon all the attention he wants.
  • Dave wouldn't need to feel awkward about his appreciation for Sheldon conflicting with his affection for Amy, because it wouldn't be a conflict anymore.
    • While I'm sure the polyamory won't happen, it will be a waste of a character if they never show Dave again. Sheldon, the fanboy of so many sci-fi creators (and the only living scientist Sheldon seems to admire more than Sheldon admires himself, Stephen Hawking), to the point that many have gotten restraining orders against him, having his own fanboy. There are a lot of fun ways for the writers to go with that, if they choose to.

Bernadette will miscarry
Don't have much basis for this one. Just got bored and wanted to make a WMG.
  • Jossed.
  • You'd think, but no it's not. Bernadette got pregnant again, and it would actually make a lot of sense to have her miscarry the second baby.

Penny's role in the series will be completely reversed by the end.
Originally Penny was introduced as the one character with a successful social life while the male leads were all socially inept but had better careers. However now Leonard has become more confident, Raj has learned to talk to women and Howard has resolved his feelings towards his mother. All three male leads have been in functional long-term romantic relationships with women. However we rarely see or hear about Penny seeing anyone outside the main cast anymore. For example In The Love Spell Potential everyone else having a good time and getting along well while Penny becomes miserable, spiteful and drunk with nowhere else to go. However Penny's career is becoming much stronger. Eventually Leonard will be bringing less money into their marriage and enjoy a fun and varied social life his nerdy friends while Penny becomes the angry social outcast paying for Leonard's takeout food.
  • I could see her being less social and maybe angry, but not an outcast. If she finishes college, I could see her and Leonard meeting in the middle.

Sheldon is really an awakened from Don't Rest Your Head and is getting close and closer to becoming a nightmare with each season.

Sometime during Sheldon's insomnia trying to solve the equation, the name of the episode eludes me, but during that episode he became awakened and was given some Exhaustion powers over manipulating people through odds and provability while his Madness is String Theory, the ability to tug at the thread of the universe to unravel doors, walls, cars, people for a short time. At higher ends he could even tug at heart strings, or the red string to get his way.

Problem is he's used this too much and is at risk to pull so many strings at once they'll just envelop him and he'll become a second stringer.

One of Raj's grandparents is/was a reactionary Goan.

Namely, (s)he resents/resented being called an Indian and considers himself Portuguese as he never accepted India invading/liberating Goa in 1961. As Raj (in my opinion) spent a lot of time with this grandparent as a child, that's where be gets his well demonstrated hatred of various aspects of Indian culture - however he doesn't know why as it is buried in his subconscious.

Leonard and Penny will have another break up before the end of the series

As of May 2017, there are two seasons left to air still before the presumable end of the series. Seeing how season 9 and 10 has featured some marital troubles (Leonard not 'trying enough', Penny being unsatisfied with her job, Leonard being insecure about Penny working with an ex, Penny getting along with Raj better than Leonard when they lived together...) as well as some 'foreshadowing' from Beverly ("Leonard and Penny insist on finding roommates"), and the fact that, from a meta point of view, the writers need to keep Leonard/Penny need to keep things 'spicy' so as to not bore the viewers, suggests that this couple will continue their on again off again relationship by breaking up once more. The fight will come about from all the issues that have arisen and haven't been solved and conclude on a temporary break. They may or may not divorce, but given the tone of the series they will no doubt reconcile by the series finale.

Sheldon engages in Literalist Snarking.

Sometimes his literal retorts where he seems not to have got the metaphorical meaning come across more as him just being a twat. It would be hard to put it past him given his frequent assumptions of superiority just to to that to rub people's noses in it and show off. Also, this troper has found it is very difficult to pull that trope off yet finds it amusing himself.

Sheldon and Amy's first dance will be to 'Darlin'' by The Beach Boys.
As they could finally agree on it, and it'd be an adorable callback.

Sheldon is demisexual.
Demisexuality is basically when a person doesn't experience sexual attraction until they form an emotional connection to somebody, and typically are only interested in sex with people they know really well. In other words... exactly what happened with Sheldon and Amy.

Leonard will get killed off at the beginning of the next season.
Blame it on the Roseanne spinoff. With the original matriarch out of the picture, the show runners will try to bring in as much fans of the original back to the series to keep it relevant. That would involve convincing Johnny Galecki to return and join the new show. Johnny would decide the new show needs him and would switch networks. Since Chuck Lorre is no stranger to killing off the lead, then he’d have Leonard have an untimely death but handle it more tastefully than Charlie Sheen. Who knows, maybe Penny would be revealed to be pregnant with Leonard’s kid(s)?
Sheldon wasn't actually as bad as we think in the arctic
In fact everyone was frustrated and suffering from reduced emotional capacity, in part due to isolation and them running out of fresh entertainment. As a result Sheldon, who's personality is the most abrasive, appeared more out of control than he actually was due to their own short patience.
Sheldon actually covered for Leonard and Co for the Arctic.
Let's face it, whether we agree that Sheldon was as bad as the guys claim or not, whether you think he deserved it or not it wasn't some small experiment in a lab for a few dollars that the guys sabotaged, it was a massive expedition. It'll have cost thousands of pounds, easily, to fund them going to the arctic and for reasons of unprofessional conduct (Sheldon isn't the only scientist in the world who has poor social skills, particularly when faced with problems) they rendered the whole thing completely invalid. In the real world they'd have been sued, they would probably have been fired and their careers would've been ruined.So why? Why did they face no consequences for their actions.All I can assume is that Sheldon has to have covered for them. Consider it for a second, as he was the one in charge of the mission he'd have reported back, he must have claimed that, upon returning he realized that the equipment had accidentally been damaged, or mis-calibrated or something. I cannot explain his motives, considering his reaction in the show, but I also cannot see any way they avoided legal repercussions of their actions is that Sheldon saved them. I suppose the question is why?
  • Because at the end of the day, no matter how mad at them he was, they're still his friends and he cares about them.

Raj will end up with Missy.
In "The Porkchop Indeterminacy," he was the one she took an interest in. In "The Bow Tie Asymmetry," they meet again and Missy mentions that she's separating from her husband. And this would allow Raj to end up with someone by the end of the 12th season without either introducing a new character or bringing back one of his exes.

The Grand Finale will have a Call-Back to that of St. Elsewhere.
During Caltech's graduation party, Sheldon will receive a parting gift that happens to be the snow globe from the St. Elsewhere, given to him by none other than Tommy Westphall, the boy who dreamed up that series and potentially hundreds of other TV shows. And for bonus points, in the final scene, Sheldon will say "good night, St. Elsewhere" as he leaves Caltech for good.

Penny is cousins with Bridget, Kerry, and Rory Hennessy.
They're related through their mothers (both played by Katey Sagal) being twin sisters.

The writers made Priya a Designated Villain on purpose
  • On The Wildebeast Implementation There's one scene where Amy gets a report from Bernadette (who is currently spying on Priya) and says "Priya just made a snide comment about your acting career", Penny asks what she said and Amy replies "She thinks its cool you're following your dream no matter what" which isn't snide at all and is actually kind of nice. Penny looks really confused for a second then reflexively says "That bitch!". The moral of the story: don't just assume someone is a bad person because the main characters don't like her.
    • To be fair she does cheat on Leonard, and unlike him, she doesn't stop herself before going too far, and only seems to confess after Leonard did, citing that they'd 'both messed up a little' as a reason for him not getting mad.

Bernadette always enjoyed cartoons for preschoolers in secret
No normal parent is unironically emotionally invested in the cartoons their kids watch. While it's true she hadn't gotten out in ages, you'd expect her to find entertainment on the internet. Yet she's sitting there, deeply invested in an episode of Bob the Builder and makes Amy wait until the episode is over before they leave. Why? Because her enjoyment of Nick Jr type cartoons was a secret of hers for years, it gave her a mental escape from the horrors of her job and just let her lose herself in something silly and mindless where everything's happy all the time and problems are simple and easy to solve. Having kids gave her an excuse and a cover to be a little less secretive about it. This serves as a great example of how she's Not So Different from the guys and Amy and their nerdy interests.

If she hadn't been written out Leslie would've ended up dating Sheldon.
It's fact that she was a main character for a time but was downgraded and written out in season 3 but before that, while she dated Leonard and Howard the most, passionate, relationship she had in the show was her mutual rivalry with Sheldon. It is an all too common trope for a relationship like that to become romantic on a sitcom. A possible additional piece of evidence for this theory is that the very episode she was written out (at least until the Sheldon's birthday episode) was the episode where they introduced Amy.

The restaurant scene in "The Prestidigitation Approximation" is an Imagine Spot that Leonard has...
... from worrying about Priya finding out that he never told Penny that they couldn't hang out anymore. Considering it's never brought up again, it's a possibility.

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