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”It’s a Saturnalia miracle!”

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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     Season One 
  • After Leonard is humiliated by Kurt, Penny's ex. Penny goes over to apologize, and soon degenerates into a crying heap. Leonard consoles her, and they kiss for the first time. Granted, Penny was drunk, but still.
    Penny: (sobbing) God, what is wrong with me?
    Leonard: Nothing. You're perfect.
    Penny: I'm not perfect.
    Leonard: Yes, you are.
  • Leonard, naturally, is rather upset afterwards, and Sheldon makes him tea, pats his back, says, "There, there," and asks if he wants to talk about it. When told no, he's relieved, but the fact that he did all of the above for his roommate really shows a lot about his maturity and care for Leonard, even at this early stage in the show.
  • While it was utterly unnecessary, Sheldon putting so much effort into making up a better lie for Leonard still shows that Sheldon has some concern for his roommate.
  • Penny coercing the guys to give Leonard a surprise birthday party, and later gives him a birthday kiss as a consolation for the fact he missed it all.
    • When Leonard admits that he never had a birthday party growing up because his mother accomplished his birth, not him, and in fact she wrote a paper on child raising related to it, Penny is incredulous, asking if the paper was titled "I hate my son and that's why he can't have cake." She decides then and there to throw him a terrific birthday party to make up for it.
    • Howard is tasked with keeping Leonard from finding out about the party. He fakes an allergic reaction to get Leonard out of the apartment, and in a sweet-yet-stupid move, actually induces an allergic reaction when Leonard isn't convinced. Granted Howard wanted the party to happen so he could hook up with one of Penny's friends, but he still went above and beyond to keep Leonard's party a surprise.
  • Penny to Leonard in the last episode of the season: "Yes. I will go out with you."
  • Sheldon refusing to let Leonard give up his comics and action figures. Even knowing he could buy it all for himself at the comic store, he's not going to let his best friend throw his life away because Penny got mad at him.
  • Sheldon accidentally charming Raj's date, Lalita, by comparing her to a princess in a book he had as a child. It's such an odd, yet sincere compliment, and she's genuinely flattered by it.

     Season Two 
  • In "The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis", Penny giving Sheldon Leonard Nimoy's Napkin. It's autographed, but she apologized because Leonard (Nimoy, that is) "wiped his mouth with it." This makes Sheldon realize that he now has a sample of Nimoy's DNA, prompting Sheldon to give her about 20 different baskets of fancy toiletriesnote . When she says "SHELDON...!", he can only say, "I know, it's not enough is it?" The hug after this and Penny's reaction. "It's a Saturnalia Miracle!"
  • "The White Asparagus Triangulation", even if it's for entirely self-interested reasons, it's still nice of Sheldon to try and help Leonard and Stephanie stay together.
  • "The Vegas Renormalization." Sheldon is locked out of the apartment with the others in Las Vegas, and has to stay with Penny. After a night full of his usual unreasonable demands, he surprises her and everyone by sincerely thanking her for letting him stay. It's not much, but coming from Sheldon it's remarkably touching.
  • "The Financial Permeability" could count for two: Leonard convinces Penny's ex to pay back the money he owes her (humiliating Leonard in the process). The first case of heartwarming is when Leonard allows Penny to get back together with her ex without saying anything, and the second is when Sheldon praises Leonard for such an act of selflessness...
    Sheldon: The true hero doesn't seek adulation, he fights for what is right simply because it's his nature...I was wrong. Minstrels will write songs about you.
    There once was a brave lad named Leonard, fi fi fiddle dee dee. He faced a fearsome giant, when Raj just wanted to pee...
    Leonard: You know, Sheldon really doesn't care when you pay him back. It's one of the few idiosyncrasies that doesn't make you want to... you know... kill him.
  • Despite being a general tear-jerking and heart-breaking episode "The Maternal Capacitance" has one heartwarming bit. It is of course how Sheldon and Leonard's mother hit it off, feeling comfortable around each other and ultimately play a game together really gives a soft inner core to what is a really harsh and heart-breaking episode.
  • The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem has a small one.
    Ramona: Dr. Cooper, I have to tell you, your friends are holding you back.
    Sheldon: I prefer to think of it as I'm pulling them forward.
  • In "The Cushion Saturation", when Penny and Leonard get the new, dry-cleaned cushion back for Sheldon, who refuses to sit in it, Leonard tries to shock Sheldon into sitting on the cushion by revealing that the only Thai restaurant that Sheldon will eat from closed several years prior, and Leonard has been buying the food elsewhere. When Sheldon mentions that that can't be true because the food is in containers from the old place, Leonard reveals that he bought 4000 containers from them before they went out of business and has been switching them. While this was Played for Laughs, I found it very heartwarming that Leonard would care enough about Sheldon's feelings to buy 4000 containers from his favorite restaurant to keep him from being crushed that it closed.
    • Small one after Penny accidentally shot a paintball gun at Sheldon's cushion and when they try to cover the evidence, Penny sits on the other side of the cushion to put a butt print in it. Leonard tells her the print is too small and perfect to pass as Sheldon's, and she is immediately flattered.
  • Sheldon showing genuine sympathy for Wil Wheaton when Wil told him his grandmother had died. Character Development at its finest, who cares if Wil was lying?
    • Even better: This wasn't Character Development. Sheldon's grandmother is the ONLY person he views as flawless and genuinely loved way back when he was the prick at the beginning. He also knows the pain of having lost someone dear to him. Even as the ass he was, his emotions were real. Makes his hate for Wil from then on much more justified.
  • When Alicia moves into the building and starts stealing the boys away from Penny. In an effort to make them stay friends with her she learns a 'stupid' physicist joke because 'she cares that much', gets them Chinese food and tries to get her geek on, uses a Star Trek metaphor, gets Sheldon's food right from the Chinese food place, and he doesn't even complain about how quickly she got it. It just shows how much Penny really cares about her friends.
  • In "The Terminator Decoupling", Sheldon (who is on a train with the other guys) is trying to relay information to Penny so she can find a flash drive and send him important files. The flash drive is inside a puzzle box, and he tries to tell her how to open it, but she ends up just stomping on it to break it and get the drive that way. Before she does this, though, she confirms that it doesn't hold any sentimental value for Sheldon, implying that even this early in the show, she cares enough to not put her own patience above his emotions.

     Season Three 
  • Penny gives Leonard the best welcome home gift imaginable.
  • Overlooked because the joke is that Sheldon is Comically Missing the Point, but in "The Psychic Vortex" Raj and Sheldon managed to make two (quite hot) female friends with Abby and Martha. While Raj and Abby were making out and Martha hadn't figured out Sheldon's asexuality yet (but still enjoying each other's company), she asked if she could stay with Sheldon in his room as the others weren't going anywhere tonight. He, of course, did not know what she was implying but agreed to let her in. As she sat on his bed he said, "Make yourself comfortable, I'll go ahead and sleep in Leonard's room tonight." All things considered, especially since Sheldon generally does not like people in his room, that was quite a gentlemanly thing to do.
  • Sheldon recognizing Penny as a close friend when she and Leonard break up.
    "I've taken great pains to accommodate for your presence in my life, it would be a shame for it all be a waste."
  • Penny and Leonard retrieving Sheldon from the comic store after their first fight. It showed that no matter how much he annoys the crap out of them, they really do care about him in the end. But that moment is really sweet.
  • In the Christmas episode (the one where Penny and Leonard's mother get drunk) Sheldon tells Leonard that when his biological family lets him down, he always has his surrogate family (him).
  • A small but sweet moment in "The Adhesive Duck Deficiency" is that when Penny cries out to Sheldon for help when she slips in the bathtub, he's more than willing to drop what he's doing to run over and help her. He then spends the rest of the episode taking care of her, granted in his own unique way. Most of Sheldon's actions in this episode could be seen as a Heartwarming Moment. He even sings 'Soft Kitty' to her.
  • An easily-missed one in "The Staircase Implementation", Sheldon in the flashback states that he chose his spot because it faces the TV directly, so no one can try to talk to him. In all present-day discussions of his spot, it's positioned so he can talk to everyone. Some viewers incorrectly regard this as a continuity error, but it's actually an extremely heartwarming Continuity Nod: as Leonard said, Sheldon was a lot worse back then, and having Leonard as his roommate for a couple of years clearly gained him an appreciation for having conversations.
  • The security guard called Leonard instead of the cops in "The Einstein Approximation." When Leonard thanked him, the guard just said it wasn't a big deal as his sister has a child with special needs. When it would've been easier to call 911 and get Sheldon arrested, the guard instead got Sheldon to tell him who he lives with and what Leonard's phone number is.
  • From "The Pants Alternative", Leonard decides to try and help Sheldon get over his fear of public speaking through psychiatry. In the process, the conversation gets turned around so that Leonard is sobbing over his ice-cold mother crushing him. This gets Sheldon to declare himself ready. When Leonard asks why, Sheldon responds 'if a man as broken as you can find the will to get out of bed in the morning, I can give one little speech.' It actually feels like Sheldon was genuinely inspired by Leonard's perseverance, which is amazing given how very little even impresses him (much less gets him to admit it).

     Season Four 

     Season Five 
  • Followed up in "The Russian Rocket Reaction," when Sheldon hugs Wil Wheaton, after Wil gave Sheldon an autographed Wesley Crusher action figure that Sheldon didn't get back in 1995, which started their entire feud.
  • This exchange subtly paid off later in the season when Penny intervenes to break up Raj's relationship with a Gold Digger. An awkward moment between Penny and Raj, like what happened at the end of Season 4, can lead to both parties being standoffish or reticent to be around one another. Penny feels guilty because she didn't know at the time that she was setting him up with a Gold Digger. Who does Raj go to when he needs to be consoled after the break-up in question? Penny.
    Penny: Raj?
    Raj: Hmm?
    Penny: Thank you for being my friend. (hugs him)
  • In S05 E05, Howard gets offered to go to the international space station, Bernadette ends up trying to convince him otherwise and even goes behind Howard's back to his mother. She ends up making amends with him and apologizes, her reasoning being that she'd be devastated to lose him and that he's her soulmate. To see Howard Wolowitz of all people get someone who cares and loves him that much and doesn't want to lose him is heartwarming.
  • In episode "The Isolation Permutation" when Amy and Sheldon cuddle despite his not caring for it, because he considers her his real close friend and constantly tried to help her through her pain of the issues with Penny/Bernadette see in the episode, not even Leonard got that much support in his worst moments earlier on.
  • Sheldon ''finally'' asks Amy to be his girlfriend. Despite it being in his typical, self-serving, emotionally-detached way, by Sheldon's standards it's awfully sweet and Amy recognizes it as such (at least until she had to abide by the Boo-boos and Ouchies Provision of the Relationship Agreement).
    Amy: It's so romantic...
    Sheldon: Mutual indemnification always is.
  • Sheldon giving Amy the tiara, and Amy's reaction to it. Doubles as a Moment of Adorable.
    Penny: You look beautiful!
    Amy: I course I do, I'm a princess and this is my tiara! (kisses Sheldon and bear hugs him)
    Sheldon: ...(to Penny) You're right, the tiara was too much.
  • A Couple from "The Recombination Hypothesis"-
    • Penny saved one of Leonard's inhalers after they broke up and gives it to him after make-up sex. He later uses that inhaler to try to bluff Sheldon out of divulging his whereabouts. View. Turned out to be an Imagine Spot, but could still count.
    • The entire episode was about Leonard figuring out what possible future he has with Penny. The majority of the story was a hypothetical scenario about what would happen if they got back together, which involves them struggling to communicate their feelings to each other and devolving into a purely sexual relationship with no emotional connection. He even says outright that all scenarios that go through his head end badly. Despite all that, his feelings for her are strong enough that he wants to give it another shot.
      Penny: Have you thought this through?
      Leonard: (nods) Yes and I think we should go anyway.
  • Penny and Leonard trying to take things slow and understand each other better through a relationship "Beta Test", which involved open communication and active attempts to fix the "bugs". It's all really sweet to see them want this to work out, and it shows how much they've grown and how much they really do care about each other.
  • Sheldon backing Leonard up when he was confronting his childhood bully.
    Sheldon: (to Leonard) I platonically love you, man.
  • In "The Hawking Excitation", Howard blackmails Sheldon into doing humiliating tasks in exchange of getting him to meet Stephen Hawking, to get back for all the insults Sheldon gave Howard. The last task he asks is a compliment, before revealing he already talked to Hawking about meeting Sheldon.
    • Sheldon meeting Stephen Hawking (who actually guests stars in the show), especially because all through the episode, you see how much it meant for Sheldon.
    • A small one, but it's kinda sweet to hear Sheldon say that he actually thinks Howard is very good at his job (he kind of spoils it by saying his criticisms are because he doesn't see the value in the job itself, but the feeling is still there)
  • Howard's apology to Bernadette in "The Stag Convergence," and everything following it.
    Howard: Tell her I'm really sorry. And if she doesn't want to marry me, I get it. But what I really want her to know is the guy that she is really disgusted by is the guy that I'm disgusted by, too. But, that guy doesn't exist anymore; he's gone. And the reason is because of her. So, if this relationship is over, let her know that she made me a better man, and tell her thank you.
    Penny: Oh my god, Howard! That's the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. And it came out of you!
  • Bernadette's father saying that he misjudged Howard and encouraging him to go into space. Getting that from a prospective father-in-law means a lot. This is especially heartwarming if you consider the fact that Howard's father left him as a kid.
  • The closing segment of the season finale... the whole thing. In the lead up to Howard and Bernadette getting married there had been some tension in the group, especially between Leonard and Penny over a horribly misjudged marriage proposal, but watching Howard's space launch Penny muses in awe that she didn't think he was actually going to go into space and Sheldon says with a tinge of jealousy "Boldly go, Howard Wolowitz." Bernadette and Raj both talk about how scared they are for Howard's safety and hold hands watching it happen. Penny reaches to hold Leonard's hand, which noticeably catches him off guard. But the biggest surprise is Sheldon, the poster boy for Hates Being Touched, reaching out to grab hold of Amy's hand. Amy's reaction says it all.
  • Special mention goes to Howard getting Bernadette a star-shaped necklace:
    Howard: Now, I'll need it back so I can take it to the international space station, so when I get back, I can give you a star that's literally been in space. (Beat) Take that, any guy who's ever bought you anything!
  • How about the Astronomic Zoom that revealed the heart on the top of the building? Pretty damn heart-warming!
  • In "The Pulled Groin Extrapolation"
    Leonard: [sarcastically] You sound like you had a great night.
    Sheldon: I did! How was yours?
    Leonard: Not bad. I had a lot more fun with Amy than I thought I would.
    Sheldon: What exactly do you mean by that?
    Leonard: Well, turns out she really knows how to help a guy loosen up and have a good time. Although, truth be told, my groin is a little worse for wear.
    [Sheldon hits Leonard in the shoulder with a Judo chop]
    Leonard: OW! Why did you do that?
    Sheldon: To send you a message. She is not for you!
    Leonard: What?
    Sheldon: NOT FOR YOU!
  • While not between the characters themselves, the bloopers for Season 5 show Simon, Johnny and Kunal talking near a makeshift panini press, but the machine malfunctions. Johnny grabs Simon and pulls him away in case something bad happens. Minor detail, but it is very nice to see the cast care for each other.

     Season Six 
  • Amy asking for Sheldon to tell her something from the heart. What he tells her is something so moving and completely out of character for him. It's about how he is a mix of things around her. He then admits he got it from the first Spider-Man movie. Which is kind of sweet when one realizes that Sheldon thinks everything through thoroughly, it says something that he chose to use that particular speech, since it raises the implication that even Sheldon thinks that speech was romantic!
  • When Sheldon finds out Penny is unsure about her relationship with Leonard and is considering ending it, Sheldon, after many awkward scenes with the two, simply says to her "Penny, please don't hurt my friend." Penny responds that's the last thing she wants to do.
  • With the first couple of episodes of the season being about Penny thinking about breaking up with Leonard, "Holographic Excitation" manages to turn it around in a very sweet way. Admitting she doesn't know what he does, with some prodding by she goes to his lab to attempt to show interest into his work. After trying too hard ("What's this?" "science equipment" "Oh, what's that?") Leonard slows her down and proves just how interesting and magical his work truly is, complete with a Carl Sagan-esque monologue about our place in the universe. He almost instantly becomes more attractive to Penny and she warmly smiles at him, saying "Sometimes I forget how smart you are." They even end up having sex in the lab!
  • "The 43 Peculiarity" had Leonard at his neurotic worst when jealous of Penny's friendship with a male British classmate. She plays it off as a funny quirk of his, but when he anonymously confronts the guy (and tries to pass off her boyfriend as being a dangerous guy with gang connections), she gets very annoyed with him. But towards the end of the episode they had this surprising conversation.
    Leonard: It's hard sometimes, everywhere you go, guys are always hitting on you even when I'm standing right there. And they're always taller than me... why's everyone taller than me!? You know what, this is all in my head, this is my problem and not yours.
    Penny: Leonard, why do you always do this? Listen to me, you're the one I am with, you know I love you, so can you please relax because you're driving me crazy!
    (both freeze as they realize what she said)
    Leonard: ...You know, that's the first time you said you loved me...
    Penny: (long pause) ...yeah.
    Leonard: Are we just gonna pretend this isn't a big deal?
    Penny: That's... that's exactly what we are going to do... (tearing up) because you're about to make me cry. And we both know if I start crying, you're gonna to start crying!
    Leonard: (also tearing up) You're right, you should go!
  • Howard dreads dealing with his in-laws because all his efforts to be friendly and talkative to them end up in laconic two-word responses. Upon being pushed by Bernadette to go fishing with her father, he later admits he feels the whole weekend would be futile and that they just don't mix. Mr. Rostenkowski admits he was pushed into the whole thing by his wife as well and offers to instead take Howard to an Indian Casino and teach him how to play Craps. It's especially nice because we knew Howard hadn't seen his dad since he was ten and now had something of a father figure.
    Howard: Thank you, sir.
    Mr. Rostenkowski: (little smirk) Call me Mike.
  • Upon meeting Amy, Sheldon finds she is ill, and attempts to leave. Amy points out their relationship agreement states that, "In the event of sickness, the other has to look after them." Sheldon, however, admits that he intended this to apply only in his case and walks off. Only to stop less than a yard away, before turning and going back to her, he then admits that he did agree to help her in this case and ends with "Additionally, you're my girlfriend and I care about your well-being." one of the nicest things he's ever said, made all the more sweet by the fact he's a borderline insane when it comes his personal hygiene, and is terrified of illness.
  • "The Bakersfield Expedition" is close to a Downer Ending because it had Leonard's car get stolen with all the guys' important things while they were dressed up in Star Trek: The Next Generation costumes. They manage to get to a local diner to call for help, all the while being mocked everywhere they go (including a slushie being thrown at Sheldon on the side of the road). Raj insisted that they still try to make Comic-con while even Sheldon is admitting defeat, in one of the saddest moments of the series. When they finally get home, haggled and exhausted, they find Amy, Bernadette and Penny getting into a heated comic book discussion after trying to find out why the guys love them so much. The lesson ended up being that while the world may not appreciate you, you can always come home to those who love and accept you.
  • Penny really does ruin Valentine's Day for her and Leonard. They actually talk about it and she tells him how afraid she is of commitment, even though everything in their relationship is going great. So Leonard tells her that, instead of him proposing when she may not be ready, he will wait for her to propose. After a moment of consideration, Penny asks Leonard to be her Valentine. Really hammers home how well things are going between them this time around.
  • "The Closure Alternative" had Penny looking for something she's passionate about, due to her friends and boyfriend having a ton of things they're crazy about (Leonard's comic books and Bernadette being able to wipe out micro-organisms with her thumb), in the end she announces to Leonard she's really truly content with her life, due to having him and their friends around. Her life is exciting already.
  • Sheldon's present for Amy for Valentine's Day. Mostly because it shows how, despite making every effort not to, Sheldon actually does know Amy well enough to know what's important to her.
  • After years of only seeing Penny act a handful of times the final scene of "The Monster Isolation" has Leonard, Sheldon and Amy attend a class performance of A Streetcar Named Desire. What's actually nice about this scene is that while there are a few mild jokes (Sheldon excitedly waiting for the streetcars to show up) it is not meant to be comedic, Penny is doing a great job on stage and the others can't stop glowing over her performance. Even Sheldon. Sheldon did make a crack about how well she's doing on stage, yet she can't remember his orders. Still, he did compliment her work on stage, which itself is heartwarming from Sheldon of all people.
  • In "The Closet Reconfiguration," Sheldon accidentally reads a letter from Howard's father and is eventually convinced to tell everyone else. Howard, who never wanted to know what the note said, is hurt and upset. To make it up to him, each of his friends tell him a different thing that the note said, one of which is true. This way, he can both know and not know what the note said.
    • Made better by the fact that all the options (except for Sheldon's, which was very obviously made up) were sweet, heartfelt, and showed that no matter what that note said, Howard's father did love him.
  • Sheldon and Leonard tell "Professor Proton"/Arthur Jefferies (played by Bob Newhart) how much the Professor's old kids' TV show on science inspired them to pursue their current science careers.
    • Arthur, despite all that Sheldon put him through and Arthur having a heart attack, asks Sheldon to fill in for him at a children's party. Sheldon gleefully accepts as "Professor Proton Junior."
    • Sheldon singing "Soft Kitty" to Arthur.
    • The mere fact that Sheldon didn't remark on Arthur sitting in his spot has to count.
  • In "The Love Spell Potential", while playing Dungeons & Dragons, Amy and Sheldon get a love spell put on them. Amy gets upset at this, because the other guys think that their relationship is a joke. Sheldon thinks otherwise, saying that their relationship is very real, and wouldn't rule out an intimate relationship with her. After which, they begin to enact a love scene, Dungeons and Dragons style. If this was anyone else, Sheldon would never have done this in the older episodes. He really is growing as a person.
  • Howard has a "Raj is in trouble" sense. It's Played for Laughs, but it's a sweet indicator of how close they are.
  • Raj is on a date with Lucy and pressuring her to send food back to the kitchen, she panics and ends up climbing out the bathroom window. There's a problem though, the gates are locked and she has to call Raj for help. While it seems funny, Raj confesses he likes Lucy because he understands her anxiety, and they kiss. Adorableness, thy name is Kate Miccuci.
  • Raj unexpectedly talking to Penny without a drink in his hand, thus defying his "selective mutism" trait that had been a core of his character from the show's start. in the Season 6 finale.
  • The season finale has Leonard getting a job opportunity working on a project headed by Stephen Hawking. There is an initial worry that Penny might be upset about him leaving but she supports him instantly despite knowing she was going to miss him dearly and even helps Sheldon deal with his own issues. What clinches it is their parting words in the car has an "I love you" exchange, which has been a problem for them in the past.

     Season Seven 

     Season Eight 
  • Sheldon explaining to Amy that he called Leonard and not her because he had failed, and he didn't want her to see him that way.
  • Penny and Bernadette reconciling independently, with Penny realizing that Bernie just wanted to help her, and Bernadette realizing that maybe she'd been riding Penny a little too hard. The two of them get together, and then suggest inviting Amy to go for drinks. It veers off into funny territory from there.
  • Leonard's speech to Penny in "The First Pitch Insufficiency" after going through several relationship tests with Sheldon and Amy (who so far scored most of them).
    Penny: Let's just take the test.
    Leonard: No, no; I don't want to.
    Penny: Because you know we're gonna do bad.
    Leonard: No, because it doesn't matter, I don't care if we're a ten or a two.
    Leonard: Marriage is scary. You're scared, I'm scared, but it doesn't make me not want to do it. It just makes me want to hold your hand and do it with you.
    Penny: Leonard.... *touched*
    Amy: It would make me so happy if you said things like that.
    Sheldon: We got an 8.2, trust me, you're happy.
  • In "The Expedition Approximation," Sheldon and Rajesh are in a steam tunnel practicing for dark matter testing in abandoned mines. While down there, Sheldon confesses that switching to a new field of study at thirty was scary for him. To comfort him, Raj tells him about how he was scared when he moved to America, comparing his plight to the Voyager probe floating out in space long after his mission was over. Unfortunately, the mood was ruined when Sheldon saw rats climbing on top of Raj and beat a hasty retreat without bothering to tell him why.
  • In "The Misinterpretation Agitation," Penny and Amy forcefully march Dr. Lorvis back to his house when they find out he's locked the boys in his game room in order to flirt freely with them. Whatever faults Penny and Amy have, we see that their affection can't be won by some random stalker.
  • In "The Prom Equivalency" Sheldon tells Amy that he loves her, including his admittance that his feelings can't be explained any other way. At this point, he accepts that his feelings just are.
    • Penny and Leonard are on the rooftop for most of the episode waiting for everyone else to arrive. After a moment of Tempting Fate by saying how happy they are to have a prom with zero drama... they have a wonderful evening (while everyone else gets caught up in some drama). They talk a little about how their lives would have gone had they met under different circumstances, playfully teasing each other over their habits and insecurities. Several years ago those same insecurities were almost a deal breaker in their relationship, so it's really nice to see how much they've grown individually and together.
    • Especially the What If? imaginings, where Leonard speculates that he would have asked Penny to dance in his head...on the way home...while having a good cry. The heartwarming is that he's grown into someone who's confident enough to believe that he can be attractive to someone like Penny.
  • In "The Clean Room Infiltration", Sheldon buys Amy a gift just to spite her as revenge for having to attend her Christmas party: since they had agreed not to exchange presents, Amy getting one would make her feel bad. Well, it turned out Amy did get Sheldon a present - Christmas cookies made from his beloved grandmother's recipe. Sheldon tastes one and says they're "Perfect. They taste like her hugs." It's enough to make him reconsider his feelings towards Christmas... until Raj tries to take one and Sheldon slaps his hand away.
    Sheldon: She loves medieval literature. Chaucer's her favorite. Her eyes sparkle when she watches old French movies. I enjoy how harp music causes her fingers to dance like she's playing along.
    Bernadette: Wow. You really do love her.
    Sheldon: I do. Now let's find the kind of gift that makes her feel small and worthless.
  • Penny and Amy are out shopping when they were discussing how when they get together, they mostly have fun Penny's way. Penny tells Amy how she came a long way from the lonely introvert she was when they met, albeit followed with a snarky comment before stating that they can go basket weaving at a museum if that's what Amy wants.
    Amy: I promised myself, if I ever got friends, I'd do whatever they said. Really, I'm lucky you found me before a cult did.
    Penny: Well, you know, that was a long time ago. You're a different woman now. You're smart, you've got great friends, you've got a boyfriend, you're pretty, (Amy walks out of the dressing room cubicle in a mismatching and hideous outfit) you have zero fashion sense, but... Anyway, tonight we're gonna do whatever you want.
    • Sheldon finally giving the go-ahead for Leonard and Penny to move in together, beginning with one night per week. Their first night Sheldon spends sleeping on Penny's sofa.
    • Leonard and Sheldon have a heartfelt discussion on a lot of the things they struggle with as friends and roommates. Sheldon overtly admits that Leonard is his best friend and is fully aware of the sarcastic comments thrown his way. Both, comically, end up crying together.
  • Penny and Leonard putting an exhausted and over zealous Sheldon to bed, wherein they sing "Soft Kitty" to him and then comment on how adorable he looks if he was their baby. It then turns into a CMOF when Leonard remarks on how easy it would be to smother him with a pillow.
    • Emily telling off the guys for playing the "Emily or Cinnamon" game with Raj, telling them that Raj has enough love for her and his dog. She promptly kisses him until she finds dog hair in her mouth...
      • In another episode, Raj ends up confessing to breaking his girlfriend Emily's dresser when snooping around her apartment. At first, she gives him some harsh words, but shortly after she forgives him, pointing out that their first fight was bound to happen. In a show filled with Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist’s, this was a surprising twist.
  • Seeing Leonard and Sheldon work together on a project in "The Troll Manifestation," and doing so with (more or less) complete respect for each other's abilities. Leonard almost instantly runs to discuss it once he got the idea, and is compounded by Penny not only making an effort to understand his work but is very understanding when he runs out on dinner together because of his epiphany.
  • When Howard hears of his mother dying, Sheldon wants to say something. The others, afraid that he'll say something inappropiate, try to stop him, but Howard lets him speak. Sheldon then says the most appropiate, and heartfelt, thing he's probably ever said.
    Sheldon: When I lost my own father, I didn't have any friends to help me through it. You do."
    • Taking it further, despite Sheldon not understanding many emotions, between the death of his father, his Pop-Pop and Professor Proton, grief and loss of a loved one is something he genuinely understands.
    • The toast to Mrs. Wolowitz (and by extension, to Carol Ann Susi) at the end of the episode.
  • Sheldon and Penny finding out in their "falling in love" game that they do love each other but more like a brother and sister (or sometimes Penny as a mother figure). Then Penny remembers fondly the day she met him and Leonard, being that it's been 8 years ago.
    • Albeit she should've been arrested for it, Bernadette threatening the airport employee to get the lost ashes of Mrs. Wolowitz in her and Howard's hands is this after hearing how guilty he felt about not spending enough time before she shortly died. It's nice to see despite how they bicker, she still loves him.
  • Amy gets mad at Sheldon for applying to the Mars colonization project without telling her. In the end, he concedes that spending the rest of his life on an inhospitable planet would be lonely without her, and offers to apply for a joint application so that both could go. The give each other a big hug, which would have been unthinkable of Sheldon in earlier seasons.
  • Once Sheldon discovers the magazine article about an idea Leonard had that the two of them worked out together failed to mention Leonard (and instead just refers to Sheldon's "team"), Sheldon is genuinely upset and distressed about telling him. A huge difference from the credit hog he was in earlier seasons.
  • Amy and Sheldon's blanket fort. Neither of them had friends as a kid, and the pure innocent joy of the fort is adorable.
    • Sheldon wanting Leonard to ask to come in so Sheldon can exclude him, when Leonard indulges him, Sheldon states he just can't bear his glorious fort to be exclusive and invites him in. Though he can't be in "his" spot.
  • Penny vowing to help Leonard with re-paying his college loans despite him going crazy over her making more money than he does and her deciding to audition for "Clerks 3." Poignant considering he's being difficult with her and in the past, he did help her out financially.
  • Howard and his half-brother, Josh, bonding. Josh is impressed by Howard being an astronaut, sort of throwing the pitch, building a robot, and especially a robot arm to masturbate with. Oddly sweet when Howard proclaims him to truly be his brother.
  • How about the simple fact that Sheldon was going to propose in the first place because Amy was so upset? He went so far beyond his original characterization that he's almost another person entirely. Cue Mood Whiplash...

     Season Nine 
  • As it turns out, the Core Group (plus Stuart though he was trying to horn in) have been supporting Amy emotionally and telling her after the break up with Sheldon that she can find other guys worthy of her attention.
  • At their Vegas Wedding, Leonard had a prepared speech ready to go, while Penny did not. She insisted that he read his, which talks of astrophysics bringing them together. Penny tried an impromptu speech about how they are best friends, finding herself quoting "You Got A Friend In Me." When a confused Pastor wondering if she actually quoted the song from Toy Story she says with a grin "It's his favorite movie," and we cut to Leonard in tears.
  • Leonard admitting that he was trying to sabotage the wedding because he feels he doesn't deserve her, but she confesses that she's just as insecure as he is about "deserving" him. Then Leonard gets cheesy with his love proclamation and asks her "Penny Hofstader, would you stay married to me?" and they finally consummate the marriage in her bed.
    • Sheldon paying for Penny and Leonards' Honeymoon to San Francisco, before its revealed that he's joining them.
  • Sheldon and Amy reuniting, culminating in the biggest damn kiss we've ever seen on the show.
    • From the same episode, when recording his video diaries for himself, when he believes he's going mad, upon getting to Leonard he refers to him as his best friend, states he can trust Leonard with his life and that Leonard does more for him than he can count.
    • He also unhesitatingly refers to Penny as "my friend," which is a far, far cry from the Sheldon of Season 1.
    • Leonard smiles a bit when Sheldon states that Amy is the "dryer sheets for my heart", which leads to this little conversation between him and Penny after Sheldon storms out.
      Leonard: Am I like the dryer sheets of your heart?
      Penny: (smiling) Better, you're like the lint trap of my love. (kisses Leonard's cheek)
  • Dave of all people supporting Amy and Sheldon getting back together.
    Kiss her you brilliant fool!
    • Dave in general just comes off as a sweet, well-meaning fellow that just wants Amy to be happy — even if she isn't happy with him. He also has an incredible amount of respect for Sheldon, and is clearly thrilled that things worked out between them. Watching him leaving happily after effectively being dumped is very sweet.
  • Sheldon and Amy are about to have sex but both of them are nervous for different reasons, with Sheldon being nervous as physical intimacy has always been a challenge for him, while for Amy it's because it's always been an unattainable dream for her. But after talking to each about their worries they decided they'll get through it together.
    • Their whole conversation before they actually do the deed. They're both nervous, but they talk openly about it and their insecurities, which isn't something you see often on TV, especially when the characters are adults instead of teenagers. And it goes great. It really shows how far they've come, both as individuals and as a couple.
    • The scene beforehand. When Amy tells Sheldon she knows what his present is, he asks if it's OK. When she kisses him, he tells her he needs verbal consent. It's another example of Sheldon's super OCD cropping up, but it also shows that just because he wanted that to be his present doesn't mean he'd ever force her to feel obliged to accept it.
    • Professor Proton's advice to Sheldon before the consummation, since Sheldon is worried he'll mess up the experience.
      Proton: Sheldon if you're with the right person, it will be okay.
      • Previously, Professor Proton has only appeared to Sheldon in times of crisis and with much reluctance, but after the big night, he drops in voluntarily to see how it went. Of course, Sheldon thinks he's talking about the new Star Wars movie, but it's still sweet that he cares.
    • There's also the fact that Sheldon passed up on the chance to see the premiere of The Force Awakens for Amy's birthday.
    • Penny and Bernadette are initially stunned when Sheldon tells them what his present is, but rather than teasing him or (openly) freaking out, they handle it with calm, levelheaded support. This stands out because in earlier seasons, they (especially Penny) might have flipped out and spooked Sheldon. They also decide to break confidence and give Amy a heads-up, so she won't be completely blindsided when the moment comes and can have some time to prepare.
  • Sheldon's genuine efforts to apologize. Sure, he's inept at it, but he genuinely cares. It also shows a huge amount of Character Development, because at the beginning of the series, Sheldon wouldn't have cared about apologizing.
    • In the same episode, while Sheldon is trying to apologize to his friends so that he can be invited on their trip to Las Vegas, it turns out that Stuart was never invited in the first place. When the gang forgive Sheldon and let him tag along, it looks like Stuart might be left behind, but for a brief moment at the end, you can see him sitting next to Howard and Leonard on the Party Bus, showing that they let him come along too.
  • The degree of absolute joy Sheldon has when his Meemaw comes to visit. He even lets her sit in his spot.
  • Howard and Bernadette are finally expecting their first child as of "The Valentino Submergence". Considering their discussion about that topic started back in season 5, it's about damn time.
    • Although he's drunk at the time, Sheldon wholeheartedly reassures Howard that he will make a great father, on the basis that both of them know what it's like to grow up without one.
    • The Gang's night out in the next episode, celebrating in a karaoke bar by singing songs containing the word "Baby".
  • The episode where the gang throws Sheldon a birthday party is chock-full of them.
    • At Sheldon's birthday party everyone is giving him a toast and saying kind things about him. Leonard calls Sheldon his brother and means it.
    • Earlier in the episode, Sheldon — who has never had a birthday party just for him before — sees the number of people there and has a panic attack, and runs to hide in the bathroom. Penny follows him, and he allows her to enter the room and sit next to him on the bathtub. He apologizes for ruining everything, knowing how much effort everyone put into it, but Penny tells him he hasn't ruined a thing. She then says that she hates the fact that Sheldon's birthday was never fun when he was a child because his sister and her friends would always torment him, and that she especially hates that if she'd been there at the time, she would've been tormenting him, too. Penny then tells Sheldon that he's one of her best friends — and if he wants to spend his birthday hiding in the bathroom, she'll gladly hide in there with him. Considering how antagonistic their relationship was in earlier seasons, it's incredibly touching, and it shows how much they've both changed for the better.
    • When Sheldon does manage to come out of hiding, Penny tells the others ahead of time to be extra-nice to him because he's embarrassed about panicking. They all listen, and no one makes even the slightest joke about it.
    • Amy saying she feels like she got the greatest gift she'll ever receive the day Sheldon was born.
    • Wil Wheaton saying that, despite their bumps, he's glad to have Sheldon in his life, and that his life is definitely more exciting with Sheldon around.
  • When Howard decides to form a partnership with Leonard and Sheldon over their new invention, Bernadette convinces him to back out due to his frequent quarrels with Sheldon. Penny, on the other hand, convinces Sheldon to amend the contract by stating he is not allowed to make fun of Howard while they are partners. Surprisingly, Sheldon even takes this one step further with a separate clause stating he would donate 25% of his share of the profits to go towards the education of Howard's and Bernadette's firstborn child.
  • In "The Viewing Party Combustion", everybody in the group and Stuart spend nearly an entire episode in an intense argument. However, when Howard accidentally goes into anaphylactic shock because it turns out that mortadella sausage has pistachios in it, all of them immediately stop fighting and rush him to the hospital. And they all sit there in the waiting room until Howard comes out of the examination room okay.
    • It's a bit of Black Comedy, but when Bernadette discovers that Howard tricked Stuart into thinking that the Game Of Thrones viewing was a costume party:
      Bernadette: That wasn't very nice.
      Stuart: No, but he almost died, so we're cool.
  • When Penny wins a Wine Tasting experience, Bernadette and Sheldon opt to stay behind because Sheldon dislikes wine and Bernadette is pregnant. Sheldon then creates a Dungeons and Dragons style game to make Bernadette feel better about her pregnancy, which includes the fact that men are the ones to get pregnant in that world, and that Bernadette can drink, eat sushi, and her feet and ankles have never looked smaller. She really seems to enjoy it, and he tells her that she can come play with him anytime.

     Season Ten 
  • When Amy's apartment gets water damaged by a burst pipe in the 4th episode, Penny and Leonard suggest Amy and Sheldon move into Penny's apartment temporarily so they can try out living together as a couple. After Amy appeals to the scientist in Sheldon, he agrees to try out cohabitation. Throughout living together, Sheldon decides to get rid of the bathroom schedule and then in the 7th episode Sheldon decides to permanently move in with Amy.
  • Sheldon and Amy's argument, leading to them passionately running over to their apartment and having sex. They've come a long way.
  • In the "The Dependence Transcendence" Sheldon admits that he can't solve the math to perfect the miniaturised gyroscope after promising Colonel Williams to have it done in two months. However he seems more upset about letting down his friends than having to admit that he's not as smart as he thought and apologizes for landing them with such a tight deadline.
    Sheldon: I can't figure out the math. I've been wracking my brain for days. I've got nothing.
    Leonard: Seriously?
    Sheldon: I can't do it. I'm not as smart as I think I am. I'm so sorry. This is all my fault.
  • The birth of Howard and Bernadette's daughter, Halley, and their choice of Godparent: Raj.
  • While somewhat disturbing at just how obsessive he is at times, the fact that Raj is incredibly involved in Halley's birth and pregnancy shows his love for both Howard and Bernadette.
  • "The Holiday Summation":
    • Howard says that it's been difficult to sleep with all the crying at their house lately, whereupon a cut reveals that a large part of the crying was Bernadette's, not Halley's. Even though the lack of sleep frustrates him, too, Howard stays up trying to comfort his distraught wife as she cries over her fear that she's a bad mom.
    • After days of nonstop fussing and wailing, Bernadette finally gets Halley to sleep by getting into the crib with her.
      Howard: Good job, Mommy. I'm proud of you.
    • Howard's response gets even sweeter in light of what Sheldon looked up online in reference to "baby blues", that the best way to deal with it is telling the new mother that she's doing fine.
  • The final episode of the season has Sheldon fangirl Ramona Nowitski return while Amy is a visiting researcher at Princeton. After several days of hanging out obliviously, Sheldon asks her if she wants a romantic relationship and she kisses him. Understandably freaked out, Sheldon immediately leaves, catches a cab to the airport, flies to New Jersey, shows up at her dorm door, and proposes on the spot.
    • Doubly heartwarming since this is Sheldon: He probably had some incredibly detailed, ordered, and socially normal plan in place, but he essentially decides "screw it, I love Amy and she needs to know it."

     Season Eleven 
  • First, the most anticipated one: Amy said yes!
  • In one weirdly sweet moment, Leonard makes Penny a cake as a surprise for when she gets home.
    Penny: Oh, crap, is it our anniversary?
    Leonard: No. (beat) Wait. (pause as he thinks) No. No.
    • And then it turns out, it is their anniversary, and they both forgot. But neither of them mind at all, and just cheerfully wish each other a happy anniversary while Penny stuffs her face with the cake Leonard made. Sometimes, marriage isn't about remembering every important date — mutual love and enjoying being around one another is enough.
  • From Sheldon, to Howard: "You're a good teacher. Your son's going to be lucky to have you for a father."
  • After engaging in some awkward chit-chat, Beverly finds that she actually likes talking to Penny, and the two begin texting, Skyping, and Facetiming regularly. Leonard is understandably baffled, but it's actually quite sweet to see Beverly genuinely consider Penny a friend.
    • Penny brightly says that Beverly actually said she was proud of her for her advancement in her career.
    • In the biggest surprise, Leonard confronts his mother thinking she is prying for material for her next book. She tells him that Penny is one of the warmest people she knows and never took the opportunity to complain about Leonard. She confesses that Penny is her favorite of all her children's spouses, and that she's proud of Leonard for having married her. That's right, Leonard got his most genuine So Proud of You from his normally condescending mother, and he ends up crying.
  • In "The Bitcoin Entanglement" the group tries retracing their steps to figure out where they kept some bitcoin data. They figure out the computer they used was Leonard's laptop 7 years prior, which he gave to Penny shortly afterward. Penny revealed she gave it to Zach, who she dated shortly after she and Leonard broke up. Leonard was annoyed that she so easily passed on a gift he gave to her, feeling like she easily brushed off their break-up. When they meet up with Zach he revealed the computer had a video Penny made but never sent to Leonard where she confessed that she broke up with him because she knew the next step would be marriage and was not personally ready for it. Penny is embarrassed by the video (mainly because she was incredibly wasted when she made said video) but all the anger that Leonard had been building up that episode faded away, he teases her for liking him and affectionately kisses her on the cheek.
  • Sheldon and Amy try a randomized method of planning out their wedding details, and slowly devolved into an argument over the clashing themes and Sheldon not wanting a first dance. Deciding it would be less stressful, they go to the court house to have a judge marry them. When the time came Sheldon decided against it, saying that having Amy in his life is like finding dark matter, except he wasn't even looking for her. Since a marriage ceremony is about making a public announcement, he wants the world to know he found his dark matter, and have a first dance.
  • After years of Amy's unreciprocated Girl Crush and calling Penny her best friend (though Penny did consider them good friends), Penny realizes that in fact Amy is her best friend.
  • "The Monetary Insufficiency has Amy trying on wedding dresses and relishing how great she looks. Given her normal dowdy fashion style, and how much she used to look down upon herself and avoid being noticed, it's wonderful to see her appreciating her own beauty.
  • "The Matrimonial Metric" has a few.
    • Sheldon explains to the guys why he ran secret experiments on them to figure out which of them should be his best man: if he doesn't bring objective data into it, he simply can't choose between them. The guys forgive him after that, and tell him to just go with his gut, and not worry about hurting anyone's feelings. With that in mind, he chooses Leonard.
    • Penny has a Love Epiphany of sorts, and realizes that Amy truly is her best friend. She then goes from mildly annoyed about the whole situation to pissed that her best friend is considering choosing another woman to be her maid of honor. She storms over to tell Amy this, and Amy responds by shrieking, "BESTIE!" and Glomping her.
    • Sheldon is open to the idea of having Penny be his "Best Woman."
  • Turns out, Sheldon has given great thought to the idea of him and Amy having kids, and has even picked out names! Amy's visibly touched... though a bit put off when Sheldon reveals he wants fifteen children. Becomes a funny moment when Sheldon lets her know he doesn't expect her to bear them all and that they can rent an uterus, and both of them turn towards Penny at the same time.
  • Sheldon's reaction when he sees Amy in her wedding dress: He LOVES it! This is even more heartwarming because it was Amy's favorite of several dresses, but she was about to return it since neither Penny nor Bernadette liked it, which mystifies Sheldon.
  • In general, this season has given us far more Shamy fluff, with several scenes of Sheldon and Amy cuddling on the couch, holding hands, touching each other in support, and having the kind of conversations and occasional spats that only couples do. It's amazing how far they've come.
  • A deleted scene reveals that Stephen Hawking sent Sheldon and Amy a wedding gift shortly before he died. It's a pocketwatch for Sheldon, engraved with a note from Hawking, saying he's glad Sheldon married Amy. "It's about time." The message is signed, "Love, Stephen." Leonard, and to a lesser extent Sheldon and Amy, are all teary-eyed after hearing one last message from Hawking.
  • Sheldon and Amy unintentionally delaying the start of their wedding because they're having too much fun trying to solve a problem together. While comical, it does show how much they have in common, and there's no (internal) drama since the delay is mutual. Eventually they realize they should get to the wedding because they'll have their whole lives to do science together.
  • Sheldon, to his mother, just before his wedding: "Thank you. For everything. My whole life."
  • Penny bouncing up and down in excitement just before the wedding, and angrily telling Amy's mother to "PARK IT!" to prevent her from ruining it. Best maid of honor ever.
  • At the start of the wedding episode, Howard finds a lost dog and calls the owner. Guess who the owner is? Mark Hamill. Howard understandably freaks out. Hamill, meanwhile, is so relieved to have his dog back that he insists on giving Howard a reward. So Howard asks him to officiate Sheldon and Amy's wedding, much to Sheldon's overwhelming joy.
  • Leonard tears up a bit helping Sheldon get dressed.
    Leonard: Soon you will no longer, and most importantly legally, be my problem.
    Sheldon: (fondly) Oh Leonard. I will always be your problem. (they hug)
  • The vows. Oh, God, the vows.
    • First, Amy's.
    Amy: Sheldon, when I was a little girl, I used to dream about my wedding. But, eventually, I stopped, because I thought that day would never come. And then I met you. From the first moment in that coffee shop, I knew that there was something special between us, even though I did work on a study that disproved Love at First Sight.
    Sheldon: I loved that study the moment I read it. Ironic, huh?
    Amy: Clearly, it was wrong. Because I felt something that day, and those feelings have only gotten stronger with time. I can't imagine loving you more than I do right now. But I felt that way yesterday and the day before yesterday and the day before that.
    Sheldon: Is that growth linear or accelerating?
    Amy: Accelerating.
    Sheldon: Oh, maybe we could graph it out.
    Leonard: Save something for the honeymoon.
    Sheldon: Smart.
    Amy: Sheldon, I don't know what the future holds, but I know that I've never been happier than I am in this moment marrying you.
    • Then, Sheldon's.
    Sheldon: Amy... I usually know exactly what to say. But in this moment... I have no words. I guess... I'm overwhelmed by you. In a good way. Not in the elevator in the Haunted Mansion way. Even if I can't tell you now how I feel, I will spend my life showing you how much I love you.

     Season Twelve 
  • In the first episode, Sheldon and Amy are on their honeymoon, and Sheldon insists on having sex on a rigorous schedule. This irritates Amy, but Sheldon explains that he understands how important physical intimacy is to her, and it's too easy for him to neglect it. Maintaining a schedule is his way to ensure that he meets her needs. In his own way, he shows that he does understand what's important to her, and genuinely wants to be a good husband.
  • In episode 10, Sheldon is devastated when a theory he was working on appears to be disproven. He stumbles across an old video of his dad coaching a football game, and admitting that things look bad, but encouraging his players to still give it their best effort. Not only does this inspire Sheldon to return to work ("It's only halftime, there's a lot more physics left to play"), but it also makes him realize that the perspective he'd always had of his father was incomplete, which sparks an epiphany about his theory. Given how little Sheldon and his father understood each other while he was alive, It's incredibly sweet that it's his dad who finally helps him get over things.
    Sheldon: Thanks Dad. We're gonna give 'em hell.
  • When a team from Fermilab accidentally confirms Sheldon and Amy's theory, Sheldon faces a genuine possibility of winning the Nobel Prize he's always dreamed of, until it's pointed out that the team that confirmed it could win the prize instead. The Fermilab scientists offer to team up with Sheldon in the hopes of sharing the honors, but because only three people can share a Nobel, that would mean cutting Amy out. Realizing this is a lifelong dream for Sheldon, Amy encourages him to do it, but Sheldon insists that he doesn't want the recognition if Amy doesn't share it. Sharing credit and risking a Nobel Prize would have been inconceivable for Sheldon a few years ago, now that's how in love he is.
  • "The Inspiration Deprivation": Mrs. Davis informs Amy and Sheldon that if they win the Nobel in Physics, Amy will become the fourth woman in history to recieve that honor, and that would make Amy a role model for young girls who want to pursue science. After Amy eventually suffers a breakdown from the pressure of possibly losing the Nobel Prize and being a disappointment to women everywhere, Sheldon cradles her and sings "Soft Kitty" to help her calm down.
  • Throughout the series, Stuart suffered frequent humiliations that were often Played for Laughs. As of this season though, his comic book store is doing great, and he has a new girlfriend that he eventually moves in with. The show ended without revealing if it goes any further than that, but it's still great for him to finally have something good after everything he's been put through.
  • Sheldon and Amy did it. They won a freaking Nobel. Try to watch the scene where they find out without grinning from ear-to-ear.
  • "The Maternal Conclusion": After all those years of being abused and tormented by his mother, Leonard decided to forgive her despite everything. Beverly was surprised for the better. She even cried. To put things in perspective: Leonard broke a psychopath with one simple forgiveness.
  • When Amy is upset about an unflattering photo of her in a news report, Raj immediately offers to help her get a makeover.
  • The Grand Finale reveals that Penny is two months pregnant, and she and Leonard were hiding it until after the Nobel Award Ceremony because they didn't want their news to get in the way of Sheldon and Amy making history. The look of love and excitement on their faces as they talk about having a child and preparing to tell everyone else was tangible. They connect as a couple more than they ever had before, and even when Penny was dealing with morning sickness Leonard was right by her side, keeping her hair back and rubbing her shoulders.
    • It's said that they conceived after Penny took Sheldon out for a round of drinks to help calm him down after dealing with the stress of the fame of winning the Nobel in Physics, and came back home to Leonard feeling frisky. It's been a Running Gag throughout the series that Sheldon has been indirectly responsible for much of the big milestones of Leonard and Penny's relationship, so it is fitting he ended up involved there too.
  • Sheldon, in yet another self-centered rant, managed to insult and piss off his closest friends, who declare they plan on going home and not go to the Nobel award ceremony. Sheldon wonders why they always forget how he doesn't know what he is saying and Amy tells him they know full well, and that's the only reason they are still his friends. The group change their mind and go to the ceremony, and Sheldon didn't know they were still coming until he was on stage, given the medal, and they happily applaud and cheer for him. He was so stunned and touched he kept eye contact with them personally, forgoing his planned speech and instead asked them to stand as he called them each by name.
  • During Amy's Nobel acceptance speech, she encourages young girls everywhere who have an interest in science to go for their dreams, and not listen to anybody who says they can't pursue it.
  • Sheldon's Nobel acceptance speech. This is a man that, throughout the series, has been difficult to work with, hard to wring emotions out of, and generally ungrateful to his friends and roommates. Now, after getting a hearty reality check this past arc, he forgoes his lengthy speech and genuinely praises the influence the gang has had on his life, even ending with an "I love you all" as he asks them to stand. Some rather nice resolution for his character arc, and a good place for the series to end its main story.
  • The final shot of the season, as well as the series, is a rather quiet scene of the gang getting takeout again, talking and laughing all the while. All this set to an acoustic version of the theme song. The vanity plate that comes afterwards really cements the end of an era and carries much the same tone:


  • When Jim Parson first won a Golden Globe for playing Sheldon, by coincidence Kaley Cuoco ended up being the one to announce it on stage. You can see the surprise, love and excitement she had when reading his name from the card and they hug before and after his acceptance speech.
    • The cuteness of this really has to be explained fully. She opens the envelope, turns her head slightly to read the card... and her eyes widen, she gasps with a little "Oh my God! Jim Parsons!" and puts a hand to her heart, along with a huge grin. She then promptly starts squealing and bouncing up and down like a little school girl and gives him a huge hug when he comes on stage. In fact, she looks like she's more excited than Jim is.
  • After over 30 years in television, countless nominations for his previous shows only to lose every time, Bob Newhart finally received his first Emmy for the role as Professor Proton, at age 84.
    • The producers asked Newhart if they wanted his first guest appearance announced to the studio audience before filming began. He told them no, because he was worried the audience wouldn't recognize him and he didn't want to have to hear a tepid response (an understandable fear since his last major hit, Newhart ended over two decades ago). Which means the gasps of shocked recognition from the studio audience and the wild riotous applause that followed at his first appearance was completely genuine and unrehearsed. They weren't expecting him, but they knew him and loved him.
  • The Chuck Lorre Vanity Plate's can sometimes be dark and/or crude but the one at the end at the end of "Hesitation Ramification" bucks the trend in a nice way. The episode dealt with Penny getting a small break with a three-line bit in an episode of NCIS and she gets humiliated when her role and scene were cut out entirely. In a subplot with Raj and Stuart they were to talk with a nameless girl played by Lexie Contursi for a three-line bit that also ended up getting cut for time. Lorre notes the irony and expressed regret on that part of the business, and the really nice thing is he didn't want her or her friends/family to worry that the part was cut because of the quality of her performance, the exact thing Penny was angsting over.
  • The Season 7 extras showed a fun experience the girls had after filming a scene where they are trying to act like adults and go to a tea party at a hotel, only to find it was mostly for little girls. Kaley, Melissa and Mayim each saw a little girl that was their "mini-me" and (with their parents permission) brought them to the main set to act as their stand-in just for fun. It's just adorable to see both the actresses having fun with the kids, but the kids are obviously enjoying themselves.
  • After working with Mike Massimino for Howard's trip into space, the cast returned the favor with a skype call to a friend of his actually on the International Space Station, Joe Acaba. They started off the call by introducing him to "an astronaut's wife," Melissa Rauch still dressed as Bernadette and slowly the entire cast and crew came into view. Joe Acaba was very grateful and returned the favor by showing a real-time image of Earth through a window.
  • The Season 8 extras included a featurette where the stars and crew recalled their memories with Carol Ann Susi. It's really nice to see how much everyone cared about the late Mrs. Wolowitz; to boot, it's noted that a small portrait of Susi is on Sheldon and Leonard's refrigerator on one corner as a memorial.
  • At Comic-Con 2016 the writers revealed that they had cast Katey Sagal as Penny's Mom, which is a fun Casting Gag from 8 Simple Rules where she was Kaley's mother. When they were fielding ideas of who to cast, they weren't sure Katey would be interested but when talking to her she was ecstatic, saying "I am always ready to play Kaley's Mom."

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