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The season finale will reveal the origin of "Bazinga"
This word is what Sheldon is known for. There's no way a show about Sheldon as a kid wouldn't have it.
  • Partially; we find out the origin of the word (it's the brand name of various practical jokes that Sheldon buys, like fake gum and whoopee cushions, etc) but it isn't in the season finale.

Tam was the roommate that lived with Sheldon before Leonard.
  • Jossed by Season 12, episode 4 of The Big Bang Theory. Tam chose not to move to California with Sheldon for college, and he and Sheldon hadn't spoken since

Let's see, we have:
  • Troublesome genius child with various geeky interests and a Token Minority best friend
  • Shallow sister with stereotypical girly interests
  • Not-so-bright jock older brother
  • Bumbling Dad interested in sports
  • Caring mother who can be overly moralistic at times
  • Grandmother who is much cooler than her square of a daughter (the aforementioned mother)
  • The show takes place in the late 1980s, the same period in which FoxTrot first debuted

The show is Sheldon's memoir
He is narrating so it's either this or a long winded speech at his noble prize ceremony.
  • Semi-confirmed by the finale of the first season as Sheldon mentions having had children, meaning that he's much further on in his life than shown in The Big Bang Theory and is looking back at his early life.

Sheldon will cross paths with Leonard (or other Big Bang Theory characters) at some point
Obviously Sheldon will never officially meet any of these characters until
Big Bang Theory, but there's the possibility that Sheldon and Leonard (or Penny, Amy, etc.) will be in the same place at the same time and neither will ever realize it. Maybe they'll both take a trip to the same place, or one of the characters travels to Texas on vacation, etc.
  • We never actually see Sheldon's first meeting with Howard—that could still be on the table. And if they get off on the wrong foot, it could add an extra layer to their animosity in the parent show.

Sheldon's father will have an affair with Paige's Mother
We know that Sheldon's father will have an affair. We also know that Paige's parents are having marital problems. In the episode "Carbon Dating and a Stuffed Raccoon" that Paige's parents might be getting a divorce. In that episode, Paige's mother goes to Sheldon's father to vent. It's not to much of a stretch to think this might develop into a romantic relationship.
  • However, the Season 4 finale suggests George's first affair was with Brenda. On the other hand, even if this is right, it doesn't rule out another affair with another woman.

The Coopers were forced to move after George Sr. died
The main page points out how much different the Cooper house in Young Sheldon is compared to the one shown in The Big Bang Theory and that there's no mention of them moving afterwards. Then it hit me. When would be the perfect time for them to move? When they lose the main breadwinner, of course. After George Sr. dies, the family will be struggling with money for a long time, so they moved to a new house because they needed a cheaper place to live. Could be how they explain it in the future.

As an alternative to the above, the Coopers moved due to the many hardships they faced starting in the fifth season.
Georgie getting Mandy pregnant resulted in the community largely turning against the Cooper family. George and Mary losing their jobs would put a damper on their finances as well. As a result, they moved away in order to both escape their reputations and because they need a less expensive house.

The final episode of Young Sheldon will give us a Big Bang Theory Reunion
It's already semi-confirmed that the show is future Sheldon's memoirs, so, if they can get the cast to agree, it'd be nice if the last 5 to 10 minutes are adult Sheldon finishing his memoirs, and we get to see the gang and their kids, perhaps finally see if Raj finally ended up with someone. It'd be a nice way to cap off the franchise (in a few years of course, we don't want this show to end just yet).
  • It'd be even nicer if Raj ended up with Missy. With Raj still being single by the end of The Big Bang Theory and Missy having divorced her husband, plus some ship teasing before that, it'd be nice to see both of them finally catch a break. It is said by adult Sheldon in “A Baby Tooth and The Egyptian God of Knowledge” that Missy had four children in total, so she found someone else, assuming that A: she didn't reconcile with her husband, B: she wasn't carrying triplets in "The Bow Tie Asymmetry", and C: the theory about Missy undergoing a Teen Pregnancy (see below) is Jossed.

Mary became a lot more religious after George Sr. died
Although Mary is already religious during the show proper, her portrayal in The Big Bang Theory shows her to be a lot more insular - it seems obvious that she became The Fundamentalist after George Sr. died, since she had to lean on her faith. That also explains why Georgie became the head of the house so early - Mary took his dad's death very poorly.

Sheldon's grandfather was none other than D.B. Cooper
If you look at D.B. Cooper's police sketches, they do kinda look alike. We know Sheldon's granddad was the only one who encouraged him to pursuit a career in science, and that he was quite the eccentric - sounds like the type of weird genius who could pull out a plane hijacking. D.B. Cooper looked around 40 in 1971, so he'd be old enough to be married to Sheldon's grandmother.
  • That was Sheldon's maternal grandfather, whose name is revealed to be Charlie Tucker in "Contracts, Rules and a Little Bit of Pig Brains". D.B. Cooper could still be George's father though.

Veronica will be George Jr.'s first wife, and George Sr.'s death will be what causes them to split up
Lots have speculated that Veronica will be Georgie's first ex-wife that he marries at age 19, as alluded to by Sheldon's narration. But their marriage will be a short one, though not through any fault of their own. According to the timeline, Georgie will be around 19 when his father dies. And as we know from "The Sibling Realignment", Georgie had to financially, and likely emotionally, support his grieving family. Obviously, being able to take care of both his new wife and his mother and sister will be too much for Georgie and he and Veronica's relationship will crumble. Though Veronica, being the kindhearted person she is, would understand the situation even though she's not thrilled and the two will amicably part ways.

  • Likely jossed as Veronica hasn't appeared since season three and Georgie gets Mandy pregnant in season five (though he's only 17-18 at the time).

Missy will get pregnant near the end of the show's run
In S3 E20 "A Baby Tooth and the Egyptian God of Knowledge", adult Sheldon states that Missy ended up giving birth to four children in total. In S7 of the parent series, Sheldon travels to Texas to help Missy with the birth of what is supposedly her first child, and she is pregnant with her second child in TBBT S11. At this point, she is in her late thirties, so it seems unlikely for her to have two more children after that. It is unlikely that her second pregnancy was a multiple birth, as no mention of that is made at any point in the episode, and Courtney Henggeler was only pregnant with one child in real life. Also, consider that her "first" child was born at home; home births for the mother's first child are extremely rare and irresponsible in real life, and there is no clear reason that she couldn't give birth at the hospital. Therefore, this theory postulates that the child born in TBBT S7 was her first in-wedlock child, but the second or third child that she gave birth to. Her actual first child was born before TBBT S7, possibly when she was only a teenager, and Mary obviously wouldn't let her get an abortion. This is definitely plausible, as in Young Sheldon S5, she has already been through one (somewhat) serious relationship, and watches R-rated sex comedy movies when Mary and George aren't around, and so if Mary and George separate, then Missy will have far less oversight from her family. One more piece of evidence to consider is that in TBBT S11, when Sheldon and Georgie are talking to each other, Georgie says that Missy was a "dumb teenager", in a way that suggests that Sheldon knew what Georgie was talking about, and that it was a significant burden on Georgie (who already had to provide for Mary, Sheldon, and presumably his own child). This conversation also establishes that Sheldon was blissfully unaware of everything going on in the family, while the Young Sheldon S5 finale shows that Sheldon was fully aware of his family's financial problems, and of the fact that everyone was constantly miserable; therefore, there may have been something else significant (that hasn't yet happened in Young Sheldon) that Sheldon was unaware of.
  • What would be even better is if Missy's pregnancy is what causes George Sr.'s fatal heart attack. Throughout the series (as of S5 E21), we have seen George deal with a lot of difficult things in his life, such as losing his job, Georgie and Mandy's pregnancy, and his impending breakup with Mary, and he got through all of those. It would also tie in perfectly to "One Bad Night and Chaos of Selfish Desires", where Missy is worried that she gave George a heart attack.

We will eventually see the argument between George and Mary that Sheldon reenacted in "The Guitarist Amplification".

Given that the parent show established that Sheldon hates to be around people who argue (to the point of it being a legitimate trigger for him) thanks to Mary and George, it seems inevitable that their fights will get nastier. Perhaps one of them will be a Call-Forward to Sheldon flipping out when Leonard and Penny bicker. However, unlike in the parent show where it was Played for Laughs (albeit, somewhat dark laughs), here, it won't be funny at all.

The season finale will have Narrator Sheldon reveal the fate of Dr. John Sturgis.
Crunching the numbers, he'd be well into his eighties at the start of TBBT, and 96 or 97 when Sheldon marries Amy—if he were still alive. John may have been battling early-onset dementia even then, and may have spent his last years in a senior care facility (making his jests in "The Geezer Bus" quite sad indeed). Narrator Sheldon will speak in a tearful voice of the day he heard of his old mentor's passing, perhaps saying if he did believe in Heaven, then it woukd comfort hum to know the three greatest men in his life—his grandfather, father, and Dr. Sturgis—keep company there now.