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  • Kyoko from Black Cat before her Heel–Face Turn fits this trope very nicely. She is shown outside of the Apostles as being a normal school girl that text messages and goes clothes shopping.
  • During an episode of Black Lagoon, Revy and Rock are made to deliver news on a shipment to proto-Magnificent Bitch and mob queen, Balalaika. They find her...busy in the middle of a several-hour marathon of doing post-production and slicing on porn films that her cartel is distributing; all the while complaining loudly that she should really should have caved and spent the money to hire an intern for this and wishing for someone to shoot her.
    • Revy calls Shenhua at home to seek her help, and as Shenhua talks on the phone, you see her apartment mates Sawyer the Cleaner and Rotton the Wizard playing video games. Not so odd in Rotton's case, since he's a pretty decent guy, but definitely this trope for Shenhua and Sawyer, who are quite psychotic.
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    • Since every character in the series is a Villain Protagonist, any time they are "off the job" would probably qualify for this.
  • Mayuri Kurotsuchi from Bleach is a rare "Good Guy" example of this trope. His various omake episode appearances include offering to change Renji's zanpakuto Zabimaru into an attractive woman (even providing a pamphlet) and filling in for his daughter at a "Shinigami Womens' Society" meeting. His character sheet, too, lists his various hobbies, which include reading every single line of the "Seireitei News Letter" and publishing his own surprisingly popular personal health article. However, a more literal example of the trope could be applied to Gin Ichimaru, who hosts his own amusing "Bad Guy" version of the Shinigami Golden Cup omake.
    • Gin, Tousen, and Aizen are also seen at the end of one OVA casually sipping tea in the mortal world. Gin cheerfully advises the audience to "be careful on your way home." Especially with Aizen's Moral Event Horizon...
    • In the 23rd ending credits for the anime for episodes 266-278, every character, villain or not, is seen in street clothes in the mortal world, participating in evening activities. Only one who defies this is, naturally, Ulquiorra; instead of doing anything, he's out in the rain in an overcoat, still looking the same. No bags, no indication of what he's doing, and no one around him. (The song is 'Stay Beautiful' by Diggy Mo, if you're interested in searching for it on Youtube - no link provided as they have a tendency to get taken down.)
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    • In the final arc of the manga, the Schutzstaffel, Yhwach's Praetorian Guard and his most powerful soldiers, are seen chilling on couches in the Royal Palace and eating fruit, waiting for their emperor to finish absorbing the Soul King.
  • A large chunk of Chrono Crusade (manga version) shows The Sinners doing strangely...normal things. Aion goes out shopping for Fiore and sneaks in a gift for her. In a later scene, he discusses his evil plans with his group at what appears to be a normal family dinner. Flashbacks show Chrono and Aion drinking together, Aion teasing Chrono about his crush on a girl, Chrono doing laundry, etc. At one point, when one of the heroes is kidnapped by the bad guys, she even points out at the breakfast table that everything seems very...normal.
  • In Cyber Team in Akihabara, the Quirky Miniboss Squad spend much of their time being normal people, and end up befriending the protagonists in their off-time.
  • Arguably, Death Note and Code Geass use this as an Invoked Trope with the behavior of their respective Villain Protagonist and Byronic Hero when they are aware they are under surveillance. Light has his infamous potato chip eating scene, and Lelouch has a perhaps better example in season 2, where he goes on a sort of date with Shirley at the mall and is observed by both his fellow classmates and the government, and manages to pretend to be oblivious to both, and to enact a scheme as Zero while on the date.
    • In Death Note, Teru Mikami subscribes to a gym (though it does factor into Light's plan).
      • And if you don't take in to consideration that Misa Amane is the Second Kira, she's actually a pretty fun person, as well as a very successful entertainer (model, Idol Singer, actress, etc). Don't cross either her or Light and you'll be okay.
      • Light and Ryuk have been known to hang out watching wrestling matches and playing video games in between plotting and executing bouts of mass murder.
  • In D.Gray-Man, when Tyki is invited over to the main villain's lair, he ends up having to help one of the Earl's favorites, Road Kamelot, with her homework.
    • The Noah family in general would be a normal, happy family, enjoying family dinners and helping each other out when they need it, if not for the whole "wanting to destroy the world/kill God" thing.
    • Tyki also has friends from before he awakened as a Noah. Whenever he's not being an evil henchman, odds are, he'll be with them. This was actually how he met Allen the first time.
  • There are almost as many chapters focused on En's family than on Kaiman in Dorohedoro. The term 'Villains' isn't exactly appropriate though.
  • Lord Il Palazzo, from Excel Saga, seems like the typical Evil Overlord. But when his operatives are out doing his bidding, he's left to his own devices. Plotting world conquest? No, just playing video games, learning guitar, reading comics, and teaching himself foreign languages.
    • Much of the manga is spent following Excel and Hyatt (and later Elgala) as they try to hold down a succession of low-paying jobs, trying to make ends meet.
  • Baptistin out buying French bread for the Count of Monte Cristo in Gankutsuou is quite memorable. The manga even includes an omake that shows him kneading bread with Bertuccio and launching into a tirade (complete with images of him throwing around breads and pastries to admirative crowds) about how he's going to become the best baker in Paris. The two-page omake then ends on the Count and his servants eating and decreeing that, really, Baptistin's bread isn't very good.
  • Organization XIII from the Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories manga do this: Zexion drinks tea and makes tsukemono (Japanese pickled vegetables), Lexaeus reads manga and solves puzzles, Vexen likes to complain about people not realizing/outright ignoring his seniority, Larxene reads Marquis de Sade, Axel reads books about cooking, and Marluxia and Larxene have dinner together.
    • In the 358/2 Days Manga, you also have Xaldin, Zexion, and Demyx playing Twister.
    • And the actual game of 358/2 Days shows us what Axel and Roxas like to do when they're off duty: hang out on the Twilight Town clocktower and eat ice cream, as shown in one of the previous page illustrations. In the same game, the other Organization members lounge in their castle's equivalent of a living room.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima! has Chao managing a restaurant while she plots to break The Masquerade. She even goes to the point of doing an ad for it on a jumbotron type thing after she finishes her Evil Gloating.
  • When Nagi (in both his Mai-HiME and Mai-Otome incarnations) isn't messing with people's heads for fun, he's sometimes seen reading from his favorite book and/or enjoying the local scenery.
  • Several scenes with Hayate and the Wolkenritter in the first half of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's feature one or more of the antagonists hanging out with Suzuka, having a nice dinner at home, or out shopping, in a manner reminiscent of scenes featuring Nanoha's family and friends. This is in between or even during scenes where the Wolkenritter are beating the crap out of the heroes and stealing their Mana. All they want is to be a happy family, anyway.
    • Semi-used in Strikers. Shortly after the new cyborgs are activated, most are seen relaxing in baths, sipping tea, or, in Scaglietti's case, getting a trim from his secretary. The only one who doesn't relax is Sette. This serves to emphasize her position as the most robotic of the Numbers.
    • Arf is introduced relaxing at a hot springs while Fate looks for the Jewel Seed. She encounters Nanoha with her friends and, unimpressed with her, threatens to eat her if she gets involved. The next episode shows her having dog food for dinner before checking on Fate.
  • Mazinger Z: Several times, when the heroes infiltrated into one of the submarine fortress of Baron Ashura's, he/she was taking a relaxing shower (and he/she did not appreciate being interrupted. Nobody -including the heroes, Ashura's minions and the audience- did, in fact). And often he/she was shown playing organ or drinking a glass of fine wine in his/her private chambers.
  • Once his initial arc introducing him as a bad guy in Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok is over, Heimdall spends nearly all of his time getting dragged out shopping by Frey.
  • While this is never directly referred to, the Big Bad Altena in Noir is mostly seen in the beginning of the series picking grapes, writing letters, and taking walks in the sunshine. This has the effect of making her more creepy than the previous mafioso punks and thugs.
  • In Saint Seiya, the Sanctuary Pope aka Saga, the Gemini Gold Saint, was often shown either bathing or showering. Since he was a strong fighter with quite a nice body, this was used as Fanservice for the female viewers. He wasn't the only one, though: in the anime-only Ansgard saga, the Brainwashed and Crazy Princess Hilda was often shown feeding her pet crows and tending to her small garden.
    • Later in the series we also have Hades dragon Thanatos. Who is introduced when he is having a small concert for some nymphs.
  • In the second season of Slayers, while the party gets sidetracked from their main quest by the royal family, Zelgadis complains that Xellos will get ahead looking for the bible. Cut to Xellos enjoying a nice glass of water at a local cafe.
  • Trigun has a rather chilling example in often showing the Psycho for Hire and Omnicidal Maniac Legato snacking on junk food while plotting to make Vash's life a living hell.
    • It was cake...or possibly steak. In the manga, it was definitely steak, not very cooked, and he was eating it with his arms still pinioned to his sides by his self-torture sarcophagus. And this was about where Midvalley decided it was embarrassing to be obeying this guy and tried a coup. No dice, partner.
    • In the anime, Legato is often seen in the background, calmly eating soup in a bar. At one such occasion, he witnesses some local thugs trying to molest a woman... and calmly mind-controls them to kill each other, continuing to finish his soup all the while and then leaving without saying a word.
  • Kyo'ichi, already an Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain Butt-Monkey in Vampire Doll, is degraded even further when the protagonists find him shopping for groceries, having swapped his Impossibly Cool Clothes for a sweater. In another blow to his villainous reputation, he only shops at that store because the ladies running it find him to be The Woobie and give him free stuff.
  • In X/1999, when Seishirou and Fuuma are not out murdering people or destroying Tokyo, they enjoy eating ice cream and other not-so-evil things. Which drives home how much of a heartless bastard they can both be, saying things like, "What a pity, the ice cream shop will be gone because of our earthquake".
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!:
    • Pegasus was once depicted eating dinner and reading a comic as the various duelists unwittingly aided his evil scheme. The comic's apparently the inspiration for Pegasus' nigh-unbeatable Toon World deck.
    • The third-party villain Tron from Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL is seen watching cartoons in a few scenes. (Although in one of them, he's doing it while his henchman IV is nearby, negotiating with some mercenaries to deal with Yuma.) The villains Gilag and Alit are shown hanging out in a bar and Gilag gives Alit advice for his crush on Kotori. Gilag also watches TV (but he seems to steal cable) and reads manga frequently. He even draws some manga sketches and shows them to a manga artist, who says they suck.
  • In Zettai Karen Children, when Hyoubu Kyosuke isn't organizing his evil organization for battle, he's playing video games against Weasel Mascot Momotaro. And losing.
  • On two occasions in Naruto, members of Akatsuki are seen having dumplings for lunch; once in the beginning of the Return of Itachi arc with Itachi and Kisame, and once in the Three-Tails Arc with Deidara and Tobi.
  • Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist was revealed in one of the video games to have a thing for...chocolate parfait. Yes, how fearsome.
  • While Gray and Gray Morality means that no one is clearly a villain, there are still plenty of Antagonist Out Shopping scenes in Darker Than Black. First, for the British agents- April visiting a host club and complaining when the hosts collapse from drunkenness after she out-drinks them. Her partner November 11 is shown to have a Funny Answering Machine, and is a fairly nice guy when off the job.
    • In the same episode, November 11 is kidnapped by Amber's henchman Maki, a Creepy Child, and Amagiri, who have just finished blowing up several embassy buildings. Maki spends his spare time learning Japanese and complains about burning his tongue from his Remuneration of drinking hot milk.
      • A later episode has Amagiri complaining about how his Remuneration of eating hard boiled eggs is bad for his cholesterol.
  • Baccano! does this much in the same vein as Darker Than Black. One particularly memorable example is when Ax-Crazy Psycho for Hire Claire Stanfield casually hits up Rachel for a lunch date so he can ask her how he can get this girl he likes to notice him...
    • Then again, Claire is arguably the main, or at least most proactive, hero. Yeah. It's that kind of series.
    • In one of the light novels set in 2002, the leader of SAMPLE starts one of their cult meetings by apologizing for his lateness - he kept dying on the final boss. Those Japanese shooters are hard.
  • Tentai Senshi Sunred is made of this trope, featuring villains with crappy part time jobs, the head of the evil organization getting lost in a department store, and sentai monsters having domestic squabbles about who ate whose ramen, among other things. The ending theme is set to a heartwarming sequence of the evil organization having a family dinner around a cozily small table.
  • An example which overlaps with Go-Karting with Bowser- in an episode of Busou Renkin, the Affably Evil villain Papillon wants to meet and talk with the heroes at a neutral location, and they chose the local burger joint. The waitstaff are horrified by Papillon's signature stripperific butterfly outfit and try to subtly indicate that they'd prefer him to carry out. It gets even funnier when the Large Ham Big Good Captain Bravo shows up in his costume and, like Papillon, is adamant about eating in the restaurant, and indicates his desire to eat there regularly.
  • In Tokyo Mew Mew, Taruto, Pai, and Kish are once shown eating parfaits while complaining about global warming.
  • A variation occurs in Yu Yu Hakusho, as demon hunter Sensui spares a demon, Itsuki, after the latter asks for one more day of life so he can see the finale of his favorite TV show. This small request catalyzes the change in Sensui's belief of demons being mindlessly evil threats to the belief that they are rather human - and sometimes better people than actual humans.
  • During his Face Framed in Shadow period, Dio of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure was often seen lounging and reading books in his hideout with A Glass of Chianti.
    • Kira Yoshikage, psychopath tendencies aside, was just your average wealthy businessman. He went to work, got his suit tailored, bought sandwiches,etc.
  • Pokémon
    • Some episodes feature the Team Rocket trio in this trope semi-frequently. One episode had Giovanni spending time catching some rays at the beach while James and Jessie pestered Ash and co. while they were researching Slowpoke evolution.
    • Hilariously done in "The Island of Giant Pokémon", where in one scene, Koffing and Ekans are chilling and having tea while Ash's Pokémon give Meowth a good shellacking.
    • Since Hoenn, Jessie has taken to entering Pokemon contests (usually in a Paper-Thin Disguise to avoid controversy), usually shanghaiing Meowth into the mix. This is especially evident in the Sinnoh contests and Kalos showcases, where they often competed without a villainous plan or intent of cheating, sometimes even winning from fair skills.
    • Jessie actually gets the occasional Shopping Montage. On occasion, she ends up spending all their available funds.
  • Even though the rest of his crew is doing questionable things, in One Piece, we meet our likely final Big Bad Blackbeard just having some cherry pie and ale in a random bar.
    • The cover stories after the war also show the Marines lounging around, most notably, Admiral Akainu cutting a bonsai.
      • The CP9 members actually go shopping during their Cover Story while they wait for Lucci to recover. After he does, they go bowling.
      • Cover-stories in general focus on defeated villains trying to deal with their lives after being clobbered by the Straw Hats. Wapol ends up inventing the One Piece equivalent of Lego and becomes filthy rich thanks to it, Hatchi fulfills his dream of owning a Takoyaki stand, and Gedatsu starts up his own hot-spring resort. The rest of the Baroque Works Officer Agents start up another Spiders Cafe.
  • The anime version of Ryuusei no Rockman had a Filler arc which showed several of the main villains as Punch Clock Villains. Libra, in particular, took up a job as a Game Show Host and wrote a book, proving himself to be far better at entertaining humans than trying to destroy them.
    • The manga MegaMan Gigamix has the Robot Masters from Mega Man 5 get part-time jobs at an amusement park. They dub themselves "The Part-Timer Squad" and consider their duties Serious Business; when they're on the clock, they see nothing wrong with helping MegaMan and ignoring Wily's orders, as making customers happy is more important to them.
  • Douglas Rosenberg, the Big Bad of El Cazador de la Bruja, spends much of the second half of the series on vacation, in order to avoid raising unwanted attention, but the casual comments he makes, like "fishing requires patience", imply that, at the same time, he's keeping a close eye on the protagonists.
  • The 4th Hellsing OVA ED features the Millennium Organisation destroying London completely...Then moving on to Japan, not to destroy it, but to become otakus. All this, while Schrödinger strolls happily in the foreground. While in no way canonical, it is absolutely hilarious to watch The Major, Captain, and Doktor amongst the other prominent members of the organisation walking around acting all nerdy.
    • In the episode proper, Rip's lieutenant laments that as a vampire he can no longer do simple things like feeding pigeons in the park.
  • Dragon Ball Z:
    • Androids 16, 17, and 18 did this a lot. One scene even had 18 shopping for new clothes.
      • In the Bad Future of Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks, Androids 17 and 18 take the time to enjoy a few rides in an amusement park in-between their rampage... also while killing everyone in the park and destroying it after they're over.
    • In the new movie, the God of Destruction Beerus and his attendant Whis enjoy eating Sushi, playing bingo, and breakdancing before proceeding to fight the good guys.
    • Zigzagged during the Buu Saga in one scene with Majin Buu, who has achieved his Super Buu form. He gets bored with no-one around (the heroes are trying to figure out how to make a successful attack against him, and he's not only somewhat concerned about it), and decides to get a snack at a bakery, saying, "no sense destroying the world on an empty stomach". (Well, he doesn't pay for anything, but then, the bakery and the town itself is deserted due to the crisis.)
  • Dragon Ball Super: Goku Black and Zamasu, the Big Bad Duumvirate of the Future Trunks Saga, plot to wipe out all mortal life to create their own view of a paradise. In-between mass murder of the Earthlings, the two are shown chilling out in what looks to be a summer house located in a beautiful field, enjoying A Spot Of Tea and admiring the view outside the city.
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena applies this trope to the student council members in the filler episodes, and to the point of eeriness with Akio near the end of the series.
  • When new villain, Villagiulio, appears in Rinne no Lagrange, he seems to be a serious deal. In the very next episode he spends most of time goofing out at the beach and goes drinking with Madoka's uncle after they got into a fight over a coat they both wanted to buy.
  • In Beelzebub, a side arc involves tissues from the demon world, which summon members of Behemoth's 34 Pillar Squad (En's personal army) when used properly. The arc just so happens to take place during the squad's monthly trip to a family restaurant, and they're all very annoyed that their meal-time bonding is being interrupted.
  • Done in an episode of Sailor Moon S. Professor Tomoe actually comes back from shopping to find that he's locked out of his house. Cue him doing his Face Framed in Shadow/Large Ham moments in public and snacking on the food he bought.
  • The main premise of The Devil Is a Part-Timer!, along with a helping of Heroes Gone Fishing and occasionally Go-Karting with Bowser.
  • There's quite a bit of this in the anime adaption of Valkyria Chronicles. You have Jaeger fooling around, Selvaria trying desperately to do whatever Maximillian wants done and Karl hanging around trying to be helpful. Neither Gregor nor Maximillian take part in this, which is a clue to who the viewers are supposed to sympathise with. The OVAs play this up even further. The first two end with Selvaria hanging around a beach alone, and hanging around at a festival alone, hoping Maximillian will turn up. Then there's Selvaria's dress-up OVA and the card-game between the four main villains.
  • Ratman is centered around an evil organization that does this on a weekly basis. They're less about world domination and more about causing chaos, just to discuss it over Fatman(CO) pizza. Most of the plot arcs involve abnormal heroes noticing the fully-dressed minions (Jackies) shopping around for daikon. Normal heroes don't think they exist because of the ridiculously low bounty (FIVE. HUNDRED. YEN.), but weirdoes attracted include a catgirl with wrestling mastery and a maid android with rocket arms.
  • In Rurouni Kenshin, Makoto Shishio, the Big Bad is seen drinking sake and enjoying a nice picnic with his girlfriend, Yumi. In the remastered version, they are also seen having sex.
  • Sgt. Frog: Hell, this could be the alternate title of the series!


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