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  • The Bloods of Bolton is basically a study on anti-social personality disorder in a specific bloodline. Frankly, it's a miracle that Domeric grew up with morals.
    • Roose is extremely cruel towards his servants when they screw up, refuses to emote no matter his actions and is unperturbed by his daughter's Troubling Unchildlike Behaviour.
    • Drucilla doesn't see people outside her family as worth caring for and has a nasty tendence towards Disproportionate Retribution — sewing the kennelmaster's daughter's mouth shut for badmouthing Roose, something she practiced with her dolls. She started when she was barely eight-year-old.
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    • Ramsay is the worse of the lot: he already was a Serial Killer at twelve-year-old and feels no remorse in terrifying and potentially murdering his siblings.
  • Nabiki Tendo in A DIC-less SI only cares about making things benefit her. Not only does she trick her sister into attacking an untrained civilian twice to steal a magic ring off him, but when Akane seemingly kills said civilian, Nabiki's only concern is how she can benefit from it or at least make sure having a murderer as a sister won't harm her finances.
  • In the Doki Doki Literature Club!/Doki Doki Literature Girls fic Enemies Within, Evil Sayori are the amalgamation of all the slain Sayoris that have become a singular being and were cast out of Sayori's mind. She is manipulative; lacks empathy for others; and ultimately wishes to destroy all dimensions where the original visual novel took place. While she claims she's doing it to get vengeance on Monika, she nevertheless sees nothing wrong with harming her former friends in her goals of total annihilation.
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  • In Fate's Favourite and its prequel Tom Riddle regularly refers to himself as "a clinical psychopath" as a Jerk Justification whenever one of his "friends" (mostly Harry) seems to forget he's not a nice guy.
  • Harry Potter ends up a sociopath in For Love of Magic and openly admits that it's only the women in his life arguing against it that keeps him from kidnapping and murdering the children of Death Eaters before they can become a problem. He uses them as a Morality Chain as he long since lost any morals he had and while most of his actions are part of an end goal, sometimes it's just for the hell of it. More than once he refers to or thinks of people in general as being useless bags of meat. His reasoning for not executing Voldemort's captured followers immediately? It's less wasteful to use them for human experimentation first.
    • Later chapters show that his lovers have started showing shades of this. When Harry discusses the concept of "The call of the void"note , Tonks admits to herself that these days, she mostly advises moral choices out of a combination of habit and the belief that someone should.
  • Melanie Sampson in the Twilight fanfic For You I Will is this. Unfortunately, Embry imprinted on her, meaning she now has a werewolf who is incapable of disobeying her as her accomplice.
  • The Friendship is Witchcraft version of Twilight Sparkle is devoid of empathy, especially for poor Spike. She has a completely unshakable belief that she is the center of the universe, and is an impulsive, Ax-Crazy Manipulative Bitch.
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  • Big Bad Checker Monarch from Getting Back on Your Hooves. She's been confirmed by Word of God to have been based off of real life sociopaths.
  • Hellsister Trilogy has Satan Girl, a sadistic and unrepentant monster bereft of any sort of empathy who gets her kicks out of gleefully murdering people by the boatload, thinks her powers put her above pesky concepts like morality, and isn't above of exploiting her charms to manipulate others.
  • Kingdom Hearts 3: Final Stand: Even before he joined up with Xehanort, Braig showed several signs of this, as displayed in such entries to the series as Moons of Fate. For starters, he has a high need for stimulation, freely admitting he only joined up with the guard at Radiant Garden for the thrill of the fight and to find glory, hated working for the guard because of their peacekeeping ways, and had a severe Lack of Empathy, enjoying getting a rise out of other trainees, one instance being his mocking Rimi being slapped by Captain Minoru and calling her a weakling to Kaname's face. After joining up with Xehanort, he keeps up the act of being a loyal soldier to Ansem to deflect suspicion and advance Xehanort's plans. He also possesses a grandiose sense of self-worth, which is best displayed in the final chapter of Re:Final Stand; once Xehanort is defeated, he bemoans that he'll never get a Keyblade now, to which Aqua and Terra flat-out tell him to his face that an evil bastard like him is not worthy of having a Keyblade and never will be.
  • Takeshi Yamamoto from Lightning Never Strikes Twice is acutely aware of the fact he's a disturbed kid. Since he was five years old, he found other people boring and dull, so he basically forces himself to be charming and amiable, which he pulls off flawlessly, but pretending to be the perfect Nice Guy doesn't stop him to from rash things - such as trying to jump off the school roof - or emotionally manipulating his father whom he thinks is unbearably sentimental. He's quite unusual for the mould since he genuinely wants to feel something, but it's ambiguous if it's genuine longing for normality or merely boredom driving him crazy.
    • Like many mental illnesses, Takeshi's problem is In the Blood, with his maternal uncle Eishun Kobayashi as a lower-functioning sufferer. Man actually killed his big sister's pet cat at six years old to feel something - he didn't - is unable to emote without giving a "plastic" impression and works as a hitman because that's the only thing he's good at doing. Needless to say, Takeshi and his late mother are quite disturbed by the possibility of the youth turning out like Eishun.
  • Prince Jewelius from the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic Loved and Lost. Initially he's presented as a nice and humble stallion, but after he steals Equestria's throne from the princesses by using the events of "A Canterlot Wedding" to his advantage, he shows himself to be a totally selfish and conceited tyrant who's willing to cause death and ruination out of spite or simply to get rid of a few ponies. A skilled manipulator, he tricks Twilight Sparkle and the entire city of Canterlot to turn against the princesses as well as Twilight's brother and friends, and he previously tricked Queen Chrysalis, another skilled manipulator, into trusting him so much that she didn't expect him to double-cross her. He has for years secretly hated his aunt Celestia and cousin Cadance (who regards him as her younger brother) simply for being more popular than him. He takes delight from the pain of his enemies, both physical and psychological, and he stubbornly regards his tyrannical rule to be glorious and superior to that of Celestia. His heart is devoid of love so much that Cadance's love spell has no effect on him, and the Changelings aren't able to drain love from him.
  • The RWBY fanfiction series The Makings of Team CRME has a lot of them. Aside from the canon characters (Cinder, Mercury, Roman, and Adam), each origin story has at least one.
  • Misunderstandings: Big Top. Torturing animals (both wild and sentient) in his sideshow for fun and profit is a dead give away. He also extremely manipulative, blackmailing a griffin into entering his exhibit, and torturing her into acting vicious. And he lied to her about her father being dead for several months and threaten to break her completely, like he had done to a minotaur, all with a huge grin on his face.
  • In Mortal Kombat: Desperation, Raiden becomes one in the process, where his goal to "protect" Earthrealm from outside threats at all costs twists into a selfish desire to conquer and subjugate all realms, becoming a power-mad tyrant (like Shao Kahn and Shinnok in the past) in the process. He is: very manipulative by blackmailing and strong-arming Daegon, Scorpion and Nitara into serving him; sadistic and homicidal, especially when he crosses the line by mass-zapping the Lin Kuei for not taking his offer to destroy Outworld, when he orders the destruction of Li Mei's village or when he attacked the Edenian refugees; showing superficial charm when he's torturing Cassie and Kevin (Kano's son), when he tells his ex-allies that he's doing it to "protect" Earthrealm from outside threats or when he threatens to torture Takeda and Jacqui; and shows extreme rage when his ex-allies compare him to Shinnok and/or Shao Kahn. Worst of all, he doesn't show any sense of remorse while committing such atrocities.
  • In Nightblade Nick claims to be one. Whether or not he is, he has many traits of being a sociopath, including the lack of moral compass and empathy.
  • Lampshaded in NoHoper when one of the vampyre students dies in front of Light and he shows no emotion over her death. The other students whine and scream at him and call him a sociopath. Light only agrees and tells them that they're probably right.
  • Benjamin Hares, the estranged husband of Grace Glossy from Old West. When he and Grace were young, he charmed Grace to marry him against her father's warnings. Though Grace was devoted to him, he tended to guilt-trip her whenever they argued. One year following the marriage, Benjamin was caught up by the debts he had hoarded as a conman, so he sold everything he owned with Grace and skipped down, leaving the pregnant Grace no choice but to return to her father. Ten years of absence later, Benjamin's in debts again, and Dufayel offers to cover him up in exchange for selling Grace's property to him as her husband. He attempts to use his old tactics of flattery, guilt-tripping and feigned concern, but the resistance he gets from Grace and their son Teddy chafes Benjamin who dares to be angry at Grace when she refuses to allow him to sell her out again. He asks her to consider his situation, but he doesn't do likewise with her, even daring to claim that he left because she never loved him enough. When she decides they're done for and tries to throw him out, he beats her up without any sign of shame, leaving her traumatized by the violent side he has never shown her before.
  • In Perfection is Overrated, Hitomi Kirihara, a Deconstruction of a Jerk Sue, has this as her personality. She sees nothing wrong with using her Mind Control powers to rob and later murder people, and cares for no one other than herself to the point at which when her Child is destroyed, which would normally result in the death of the person she valued most, Hitomi herself dies.
  • Uxie from Poké Wars shows all the signs. Utterly incapable of feeling remorse. Treats everyone around him as little more than disposable lab equipment. He casually orders genocide with the ease that someone would order a pizza.
  • In Prison Island Break, the writer stated determination that Big Bad Mephiles be a pure sociopath - while the criminals should be seen to have sympathetic qualities as they developed or their pasts were revealed to have twisted them to such a broken point, there must be nothing redeemable about Mephiles whatsoever. He has no distinct hardships in his past, but revels in his power to cause suffering whether in criminals or innocent staff.
    • For example, Sonic cares for his whole gang and is always deeply troubled when they get hurt, even if non-members don't concern him much, while Shadow develops a degree of protectiveness towards the weaker Silver and comes to respect Sonic. Even Scourge suffers from a drug addiction that was ultimately implemented by Mephiles himself.
  • The Resurrection of Rose:
    • Rose the Hat drops her care for her fellow True Knots in her thirst for vengeance. She conducts experiments on them which culminates in many of them dead; abuses her boyfriend Crow Daddy; and assembles an army of True Knots with the intent of wiping out Abra's entire town out of spite.
    • Barry the Chunk who remorselessly destroys a bridge endangering several human lives all to kill one girl.
  • Revival:
    • Maya Lottie, in truth Nyarlathotep, is a manipulative Outer God posing as a human girl. In the past, she killed the family of her current slave Patrick Stark then later arranges for the death of Charles to manipulate Lana into reading the Necronomicon which would inevitably result to the return of the old gods.
    • Yog-Sothoth is more logical in his actions and emotionless but is fully aware of his actions against mankind, but sees them as so below him, he lacks compassion for them. In King in Yellow, he kills Cthulhu's daughter/mother Cthylla and adopts Cthulhu's reincarnation to subject the child to months of mutilations and torturous training to make him a champion before using him to destroy mankind after Hastur's death.
    • King in Yellow: Hastur, Cthulhu's murderously insane half-brother, orchestrates a scheme to use his Yellow Sign to transform humans into mutated abominations in a bid to take over the world. He kills several of his minions with little rhyme nor reason, and plans to release the Outer Gods to consume them and take their powers as his own.
      • Dr. Moist, an Elder Thing wearing a meatsuit, conducts unethical experiments on humans and Deep Ones to transform them into Elder Things due to personally making his species extinct in the first place. He derides human emotions and compassion as weaknesses and serves Hastur primarily so his research would be backed by a Great Old One.
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness:
    • Hokuto Kaneshiro is depicted as such here. During his screen time, he effortlessly manipulates Tsukune and his group, fooling them into believing he's on their side until he reveals that he personally orchestrated Kuyou's attack on Yokai Academy as a distraction so he could steal an Artifact of Doom from the school; in the final chapter of Act III, he shows little to no reaction when Kiria, whom he had a Villainous Friendship with, is killed, stating that this simply proves that he was right and Kiria's plan was doomed from the start. On top of it all, the entire extent of his plan is to bring back Alucard and then just sit back and watch as Alucard destroys the planet because he's convinced that all life, human and monster alike, is an evil and meaningless plague that needs to be wiped out.
    • The original Falla Cii has shades of this. Intelligent and manipulative? Check; she managed to easily manipulate Kyouko and ultimately trick Tsukune's group, who know from what Falla's good sister Luna told them that Falla is a heartless bitch, into thinking she wants to be come a good person? Complete Lack of Empathy and moral conscience? Check; Falla went so far as to send her own little sister Complica to her death For the Evulz, and later outright admitted to Luna and their mother that she viewed Complica as a disgrace to their species and she's happy that her younger sister is dead. On top of it all, she comes right out and says that nothing matters to her more than herself and power, not even her own family, and goes so far as to mock Tsukune and co. for ever believing that she would "choose family over power."
  • The RWBY fanfiction series RWBY: Dark features two prominent ones:
    • Ruby Rose is a serial killer with an ego only overshadowed by her bloodlust. Desiring to surpass gods by becoming the most evil being in existence, she violently slaughters her own parents, mutilates her older half-sister Yang Xiao Long by cutting off her arms and gouging out her eyes, then travels around Remnant as a Serial Killer. When Vale is bombed by Lord Ozpin, Ruby waits by escape routes to kill fleeing survivors. Even after the carnage, she sticks around the ruins just to terrorize the survivors.
    • The aforementioned Lord Ozpin is a ruthless tyrant who demands respect and seeks power at any cost, ruling a dictatorship over Remnant and forming elite armies of warriors to snuff out any resistance and ensure his place of power. He bombs Vale as a demonstration of his power and authority, and otlaws anything that displeases him, including romance in the ranks of his enforcers.
  • RWBY: Scars depicts Weiss' twin brother Whitley as having a case of undiagnosed antisocial personality disorder. He manipulates others and doesn't think twice about stabbing his abusive father in front of a room full of people, blackmailing them, and framing another for the incident. Yet, he truly seems to care for Weiss, which is why he doesn't kill his previously neglectful mother Willow.
  • The Royal Woods Stalker Adam of the The Loud House fanfic Shattered Innocence is a sadistic Serial Killer who kidnapped and murdered Lincoln alongside other young child victims.
  • In the Warhammer 40,000 fanfic Secret War it's obvious that that Attelus' father Serghar Kaltos is completely and utterly irredeemably this and That Etuarq had told the truth about him in his speech.
  • Tsali the Ultimate Weapon from Sonic X: Dark Chaos is a Deconstruction of this. Several systems in his artificial brain were secretly modified to completely suppress his empathy and sense of mercy so he would never feel remorse for his crimes. However, when those systems are accidentally damaged...
  • Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location fanfic Spoiled Rotten: Before becoming one with Circus Baby, Elizabeth Afton was an emotionless 10-year-old who had a morbid love for her father's creations, so much so, she started luring children into the backroom of the pizzeria and trapping them in the springlock suits, leaving them to be crushed to death by the animatronic parts.
  • Agent South Dakota from the fanfic Stress Relief has even more signs of this than she does in canon. She is arrogant, violent, impatient, self-centered, confrontational and impulsive. Shown when she nearly beats her own brother to death in a fit of rage for beating her in practice too often. And she also regularly molests Agent Connecticut without a second thought. She has no consideration for anyone else’s feelings (especially not C.T.) and always belittles the opinions of authority and her teammates. She’s rather sadistic as she takes pleasure in beating other people up. And she only sees C.T. as a form of stress relief as she rapes her since she simply leaves without another word after she’s done. When confronted, she shows no remorse for the way she treated her aside from getting caught and even tries to make herself look like the victim.
    • Agent Florida also shows signs of this. He often acts like a Nice Guy and can almost be genuine about it, but he's perfectly willing to kill people whenever the situation calls for it. He has a genuinely friendly conversation with a guard that he was assigned to take out and when the guard figures out that he doesn't work there, Florida kills him without a second thought and never loses his cheerful attitude. He even mentions the fact that the guard's daughter will never see her father again like it's a mild inconvenience.
  • It's debatable if Theodore Nott is an example or not in To the Continuation, though, one character does explicitly label him as such, and he seems to agree. However, aside from one murder, which he had a somewhat sympathetic motive for, he doesn't really do anything concretely bad during the story.
  • Vale's Underground has many sociopaths, but the apex example is the mob boss only known to most as "Cinder." She is an almost textbook example of the trope. She has extreme callousness towards others and is willing to use violence whenever she can get away with it. She admits that she likes Mercury (another sociopath) because he doesn't have any moral hangups, thus proving how true this is for her. She can be superficially charming either when necessary or to mock someone when she's torturing them. She also seems to have a need for stimulation that is expressed through her sadistic urges and occasional sexual relationship with Mercury. Cinder does have some anger issues and a need to be violent with others along with some arrogance about being the most prevalent mob boss in Vale. She also gets manipulative by seducing Emerald and blackmailing Taurus. Her mother, Salem, notes that she always had signs of this even in her youth. Even acknowledging that Cinder doesn't even love her.
  • Cedric from Voodoo's Disciple is considered to be one in the the story. Despite this he thinks that psychopathy fits him better.

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