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There has to be something in The Bible about this.

Television has had to choose between making gold or crap. They can pay top dollar to make shows like Mad Men and hope to cash in on DVD sales, or crank out dirt-cheap reality shows that can turn a profit even with tiny ratings.
Or, they can say "fuck it" and make a show about dating Flavor Flav.

Flavor of Love (2006-2008) is a VH1 "Celebreality" show. It centers around Public Enemy Hype Man and Large Ham Flavor Flav finding true love, after his breakup with Brigitte Nielsen. 20 girls were to compete for his heart until only one remained. It resulted in not one, but three seasons, each with a new supply of girls. Hilarity ensued.

The show is So Bad, It's Good, and goes way beyond Bile Fascination and right back to Crazy Is Cool. Oh, and? The season 1 girls weren't told they'd be dating Flavor Flav, until they'd already been cast.

Each contestant is given a nickname by Flav (he's admittedly not good with names) and is referred to by that nickname for as long as she remains on VH-1. The contestants compete for intimate dates with Flav by partaking in various challenges, ranging from silly to ridiculous. At the end of each episode, the show features a clock ceremony where contestants receive gold clocks to wear around their necks. Flav brings the few remaining women's parents on in the third or second to last episode. Finally, the season finale takes place in a tropical destination: the finalists and Flav spend the last two days at a luxurious resort preceding his final decision.


The whole mess was a Star-Making Role for many of the girls, and resulted in a number of spinoffs / clone shows, many of which feature a whole lot of contestants from previous shows. These shows include, but are in no way limited to:

Also, Flavor of Love itself spun off from Strange Love, a spinoff of The Surreal Life, in turn based on The Real World, which... you get the idea.


This series provides examples of:

  • Accidental Misnaming: During one competition, Flavor Flav's name was misspelled as "Flava Flav". Flav didn't take too kindly to it.
  • Arch-Nemesis:
    • New York and Pumkin in the first season.
    • Krazy and Deelishis in the second season.
    • Somethin and Spunkeey also in the second season. However, this was short-lived as both women were eliminated early.
  • Attention Whore: A lot of the girls on the show come off as this, making it really obvious that they are on the show for camera time. Pumkin, Hottie, New York, Spunkeey, Bootz, Buckeey, and Deelishis are examples that stand out. Even after the show, some of them do ridiculous things to stretch their 15 minutes of fame.
  • Author Appeal: Flav likes reindeer. Then he nicknames one of the girls in Season 3 Prancer.
  • The Baroness: Red Oyster. Ohhh boy. Red dress, whip, long black hair, serious look on her face... she was trying very hard to be the trope archetype.
  • Battle Butler: Big Rick, jumping in between New York and Pumkin at the season 1 reunion show.
  • Becoming the Mask:
    • All of the girls start referring to themselves by their show nicknames, and become more crazy and obsessed with Flav each episode.
    • Averted in Flavor Of Love Girls: Charm School, where the very first thing Mo'Nique did was to get rid of the girls' nicknames and tell them to become themselves again.
      • Played Straight in Charm School 3 as everyone, including Ricki Lake, referred to the Flavor of Love girls by their nicknames.
  • Berserk Button: Flav doesn't like his name misspelled. In the 3rd season, he eliminated a girl because of it.
  • Better as Friends: Flav and Brigitte, Flav and Goldie, Flav and Hoopz.
  • Betty and Veronica: New York is confident that she'll get all the attention on her group dinner with Goldie and Flav, as she's thinner, better-dressed, and more viciously sexual than the more clownish, friendly, and modestly-dressed Goldie. Instead, Goldie greets Flav by making out with him, which surprises and turns on Flav so much that he pays no attention to New York whatsoever all evening.
  • Beware the Nice Ones:
    • Sweetie did not take her elimination well. At the reunion show, even Flav agrees that her elimination was a surprise. In her defense, the other choice was Hottie, who failed the challenge. (They had to cook chicken for his mother. While Sweetie had to overcome fear of chicken to complete the challenge, Hottie on the other hand placed the chicken in the microwave and set it on "chicken".)
    • In a deleted scene of the reunion, Nibblz is shown to be like this. In the show Nibblz was a friendly girl towards the other contestants (even though she's open about enjoying sexual things). She never picked fights with others nor reveled in drama. She confronts New York about the comments the latter made about Nibblz (they were about Nibblz being dirty, filthy, and needing manicures, makeup, and bras) and she viciously insults New York as revenge, telling her that she looks like a man.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Hottie. The other contestants seem to like New York more than they like her. New York flat-out calls her out on this, saying that she herself is at least honest about who she is whereas Hottie is "a wolf in sheep's clothing."
  • Blatant Lies:
    • When New York storms off from her second elimination, she declares that she doesn't give a fuck... while highly upset and crying.
    • Hottie during the lie detector test, in spades. She maintains the claim that she has a 26-inch waist (something the thinner Smiley, who actually has the measurement, disproved), that she is in her twenties and definitely not over thirty (she was 33 at the time of filming), and that she isn't a Gold Digger. The only question she answers truthfully as shown in the end credits is if she knows everyone else thinks she's crazy, which she answers affirmatively. Her interrogation is actually the one that spawned the well-known Brigitte Nielsen gif.
  • The Bullies: Buckeey, Bootz & (to a lesser extent) Deelishis towards Krazy.
  • Bully Magnet: Poor Krazy just wasn’t lucky, as she was a target of bullying by the other girls in the house.
  • Butt-Monkey: Pumkin is portrayed as being awkward, unsexy, uncool, and sheltered in nearly every scene she's in, in comparison to her more confident and sexual rivals. She thinks "OG" stands for "Olive Garden." She fails nearly every challenge she's in: Despite being a substitute teacher and a cheerleading coach she is deemed the worst at handling the children's party challenge, she cooks poorly, she does the worst in the Five Senses challenge, and she loses the surprisingly good gains she makes in Las Vegas. Despite all this, she does manage to make it all the way to third place, even if her notoriety is cemented in the "spit heard 'round the world" and getting shoved into a camera because of it.
  • Cat Fight: Quite a few.
  • Catchphrase: "FLAVOR FLAAAV!!!"
  • The Chessmaster: New York played this role well in the 7th episode of season 2 when Krazy was used as an Unwitting Pawn by New York to start a fight so someone can get kicked out.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: This is constantly lampshaded in the concessionals. Even Buckeey mentions that she refuses to trust the girls in the house in competition settings due to how they will easily back-stab you.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl:
    • New York in the first season. By episode three she's sobbing because Flav has to leave her for the second challenge of the day. She even comes into his bedroom when other girls are in there sleeping (platonically) with him just to keep an eye on him.
    • Rain, one of the early eliminations, speaks about Flav like they're already dating.
    • When Brigitte Nielsen arrives to test the girls, Hoopz estimates that she can't be trusted because she still has feelings for Flav and is jealous of the women competing for them, something Flav himself admits is probably true.
  • Clip Show: Usually ran before a season's finale.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Wire. Also, Flav.
  • Control Freak: This is what led to New York's second elimination. When Flav and New York were spending time together on the boat in the season 2 finale, New York told Flav that she wanted to control his life. This scared Flav, and he told New York that she was acting like her mother. To avoid dealing with New York, he chose Deelishis at the end.
  • Corpsing: It's pretty obvious that the producers were egging New York and Hoopz on to keep arguing in the season one finale when they try to hide the fact that they're laughing unironically.
  • Did You Just Have Sex?: Pumkin to Goldie. Subverted: it later turns out Goldie didn't sleep with Flav, realizing she only saw him as a friend.
  • Dirty Coward: Pumkin, for spitting on New York and running away after. It just proves that Pumkin was too afraid to fight NY with her fists.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Saaphyri attacks H-Town after she hits her with a bouquet of flowers. Later justified: In Charm School, it was revealed that Saaphyri was traumatized by having her furniture and possessions taken away after her father died, becoming very possessive of the things she owns.
  • The Ditz: Many. Red Oyster accidentally revealed herself to be one when she didn't know the word "electrifying". Hottie can also count, due to attempting to microwave a chicken.
  • Double Standard: Flav wants his girl to be only his, but she's got to understand that occasionally he wants to touch other girls. On the lips.
  • Drama Queen: Many contestants comment on how dramatic New York can be.
  • Dreadful Musician: Krazy. The show lampshades this by having a glass-breaking effect when she sings. She not exactly a bad singer, but she's shrill and overly dramatic.
  • Empathic Environment: When Flavor Flav eliminates New York from the second season, thunder and lightning goes off. This was almost certainly added in post-production, though.
  • Enemy Mine:
    • Rain was so psychotic in her argument with New York that most of the car ended up siding with New York. Even Hoopz ended up holding New York's hand for support when the argument became more violent.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Many of the girls have this. To elaborate:
    • In the first season, New York already shows her disdain for the girls and her being the antagonist with this quote:
    New York: They're a loud pack of idiot bitches, and I hate 'em already.
    • Buckwild introduces herself to Flav by already nicknaming herself and saying "It's time to get Buckwild!"
    • For all three seasons, the scene in which the girls get their nicknames can count. When they are being nicknamed, some of the girls show how they are going to be throughout the series.
  • Et Tu, Brute?: Krazy gets this reaction when Deelishis turns on her later in the show.
  • Even Evil Has Standards:
    • Despite her manipulative ways, New York was genuinely appalled and worried about Krazy's life when Buckeey almost pushed her off of the balcony.
    • Even though New York dislikes Hoopz, even she was also shocked at Bridget Nelson's attitude towards Hoopz in season 1.
    • When Smiley has an emotional breakdown and confides in New York that she's not sure she should be on the show, New York doesn't betray her to Flav, only telling him that there's someone in the house who might not want to be there. (And in her defense, the other contestants were also exhausted by her behavior and wanted her to make up her mind) Pumkin, on the other hand, rats her out immediately.
  • Everything Is Racist: Pumkin can't catch a break. It really is her own fault though; just about everything she says comes off the wrong way.
  • The Fellowship Has Ended: Hoopz, Goldie, and Pumkin all become close friends by the end of the season and celebrate each other's good dates. When Goldie (and then Pumkin) are eliminated, they part with bittersweet goodbyes to each other and no hard feelings.
  • Felony Misdemeanor: Flav's mom recommends to send Sweetie home because the latter tried too hard to impress her — even though that was the point of the day.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • New York's mother speaks to her daughter about the possibility of Flav dumping New York again. Her prediction comes true in the finale when NY gets dumped again.
    • There were many hints that Flav was never interested in choosing New York as the winner in the second season.
      • In the 7th episode, he chooses three girls over her and Krazy to date.
      • In the 8th episode, he chooses her and Bootz last to go on the triple date. During the date, he gives Bootz a lot more attention than her. It took NY to force Flav to give her attention to get the one-on-one time.
      • In the finale, he chooses Deelishis to go on the solo date first. New York was pissed, naturally.
  • Gilligan Cut: When Hoopz says that she hopes New York is crying in the limo, the scene cuts to New York crying in the limousine with a broken heart.
  • Gold Digger: Hottie. She's pretty blatant about it in confessionals. This (combined with her outrageous lies and two-faced attitude) made her even more unpopular among the other contestants than New York herself.
  • Good Cannot Comprehend Evil: Many contestants always questioned Krazy as to why she would think New York was her friend. Goldie called her out on this at the reunion, as well. It also combines with Good Is Dumb as well.
  • Granola Girl: Peaches in the first season; Wire in the second.
  • Guilty Pleasure: The show itself. It's entertaining as hell, but you'll be hard pressed to find someone to admit that.
  • Gullible Lemmings: Keazy in season 2 for not only thinking New York was her friend, but for allowing herself to be manipulated by New York.
  • Half-Truth: In Toasteee's defense, the videos she did in college are not technically porn. They're actually videos of her wearing nothing but a thong, strangling fully clothed men with her thighs. ... ...Or So I Heard.
  • Hates Everyone Equally: New York. While the other women have no problem clowning around together and having fun (justified in that most of them were just there for the money), she openly states to hating everyone else in the house as early as the second episode and never befriends anyone. She does, however, respect Red Oyster since she is also playing the game like New York; she also acknowledges Goldie, albeit condescendingly.
  • Hidden Depths:
    • During the Five Senses challenge, Hottie proves herself to be a shockingly great singer. Goldie dryly comments that everyone has something they're good at.
    • During the challenge where the women have to cook chicken for Flav and his mother, tomboy Hoopz surprises everyone by being incredible in the kitchen, and even Big Rick asks if he can have some of what she's cooking.
    • New York is amazing at roulette, as proved in the Vegas episode.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: Krazy attempts to befriend New York, knowing how manipulative and bitchy the latter was. It's either Krazy was too desperate for friends or she was just that clueless.
  • Hypocrite:
    • Arguably other the females towards Krazy. While it's a competition, they criticized Krazy for being an opportunist and wanting a singing career. Cue being after the show they start acting/modeling/appearing on other shows, etc.
    • At the end, it turns out that Flavor Flav comes off as this due to only agreeing to do the show for publicity, while criticizing some contestants for only coming on the show for fame. Though arguably he had been a hypocrite from the jump, having multiple girlfriends yet eliminating contestants for having feelings for their exes, and eliminating Sweetie for setting boundaries when he later claims he loves "the chase."
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: Krazy has shades of this, especially with her complaining about Deelishis being a backstabber and Krazy trying to be friends with New York, despite the fact that New York doesn't like her.
  • I'm Not Here to Make Friends: Played with. Most of the contestants declare that they're only there for Flav and disparage anyone who's trying to play nice or make friends, but this was turned on its head when it was revealed that most of the contestants in season one didn't even know they were competing for Flav when they signed up, and most of them willingly hung out with each other in the house. New York was the only one to stick to this principle from the get-go, shooting down anyone who did so much as try to start a simple conversation with her.
  • Instantly Proven Wrong: Pumkin is confident that she'll do the best in the challenge involving throwing a children's birthday party, since she's a substitute teacher and cheerleading coach. But since this is Pumkin, she bombs within minutes.
  • It's All About Me: From a lot of people, including Flav himself. Most notable is Hottie — when she tries to bring Red Oyster's family trouble back to her own experience, the latter tells her to shut up and to not make everything about her.
  • Jerkass: Bootz and Buckeey from the second season, and of course, the self-proclaimed H.B.I.C.(Head Bitch in Charge in case you didn't know) New York.
  • Jerkass to One: Deelishis didn't seem to have a problem with anyone except for Krazy, the only one she was antagonistic towards.
  • Jerkass Has a Point:
    • While Bootz was a complete bitch about it in her argument with Krazy, she was correct when she pointed out on how clueless Krazy was when Krazy was trying to make friends with everyone instead of getting to know Flav. This show is a competition and making friends is the last thing you should do.
    • While New York's mother is an annoying controlling bitch towards her adult daughter, she has good reasons for not wanting New York to be with Flav. For starters, Flav has no respect for women. He's middle aged with a lot of children, and is old enough to be her father. He's had issues paying child support in the past too and he also acts like a Manchild. Also, NY's mother mentions the possibility of Flav dumping New York again ("What if he doesn't pick you? That would be an egg on your face again"), and she's proven right when Flav dumps New York. Twice.
    • New York calls Smiley out for lying to Flav about her feelings after she had been dumping all of her emotions on the rest of the contestants, which made all the girls look like liars for bringing the issue up to him. Then she bluntly informs her that her attitude is exhausting and she has nothing to offer a partner but more problems until she gets her act together.
  • Kavorka Man: The picture says it all.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: Bootz may have been a bully, but New York's behavior got so bad in the second season that even some of her fans wanted security at the reunion to let Bootz go so she could fight New York.
  • The Lad-ette: Hoopz is an athletic, laid-back tomboy who gets along with everyone (except for a short argument with New York, which was considered even by her to be a surprise) and dresses more... modestly than the other contestants.
  • Large Ham: Flav of course.
  • Leitmotif: A few girls in the show have their own theme music:
    • Goldie has country music that plays occasionally whenever she receives her clock.
    • Bootz has some hip-hop music playing sometimes whenever she's shown on screen and when she gets her clock.
    • Krazy has a Latin-like jingle playing whenever she gets her clock.
    • Both Hoopz and Deelishis had smooth, chilling music whenever they got their clocks.
    • Lastly, New York has her own theme jingle whenever she receives her clock and whenever she appears for the first time in an episode.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Spunkeey comes on the show and tries too hard to be a replica of New York by slamming the other girls on their supposed faults. Everybody sees through her fake ways, including Flav, which led to her elimination in the second episode.
  • Lethal Chef: Played for Laughs with Hottie in season 1. She attempted to "bake" a chicken in the oven and serve it to Flavor Flav's mother. Hilarity Ensues. Downplayed with Pumkin and Sweetie when they under-cooked her chicken, but even hers wasn't as bad as Hottie's.
  • Let Us Never Speak of This Again: No matter how many spinoff shows they appear in, none of the girls will ever admit to having been attracted to Flav. Apart from New York. To their credit, most of them probably weren't.
  • Light Feminine and Dark Feminine: Krazy (light) and Deelishis (dark) have this dynamic as enemies.
  • Manchild: Guess who.
  • Manic Pixie Dream Girl: Wire thinks she's this. Toasteee has shades of it as well, especially when she's drunk.
  • Manipulative Bitch: New York, natch. She isn't above shedding tears to win Flav's sympathy, and in the second season she takes an active role in manipulating others.
  • May–December Romance: Flav was 46 at the time of the first season, twice the age of the 23-year-old New York, which is one of the many reasons the latter's mother doesn't approve of the relationship.
  • The Mole: Red Oyster, who volunteered to spy for Flav. Also Eye'z, who wasn't really a competitor anyway.
  • Narcissist: New York and Bootz have shades of this. Both New York and Bootz have no scruples with manipulating others, and they both play the victim and never want to admit their faults. There's even this article that speaks about how narcissistic New York is.
  • Never My Fault:
    • Miss Latin gets in on this in the reunion. She constantly insults Red Oyster for snitching on her (even calling her ugly), while ignoring the fact that had she not called her ex-boyfriend in a competition setting, she wouldn't have gotten eliminated in the first place.
    • There's an un-aired clip of New York speaking about her second eliminiation, questioning as to why Flav dumped her for the second time. She ignores the fact that Flav outright told her that he eliminated her because she wanted to control his life. She also refused to take responsibility for this. This even bites her in the butt when Tango dumps her on her own show.
  • Nice Girl: Goldie is a stand out amongst the girls as she is the only girl to act friendly and joyful with nearly every single girl she’s interacted with in spite of the competition, even towards New York. She’s so friendly that the only girl she’s justifiably had issue with was Cherry for blabbing about her puking in a bucket.
  • Non-Gameplay Elimination: Red Oyster excuses herself when she finds out her father's been injured. In the second season, Buckwild and Payshintz quit because they couldn't handle the drama with Bootz and New York respectively.
  • Not That There's Anything Wrong with That: New York assures us she has nothing against big girls, apart from hating them. Pumkin says she isn't prejudiced, she just can't understand black words.
  • Older Than They Look: Zig-zagged. Hottie doesn't look ten years older than New York, but she was during filming, yet it was equally ludicrous when she lied on the lie detector test with the claim she was in her twenties.
  • Odd Friendship: Despite Pumkin being the Butt-Monkey of the series, she was actually pretty popular with the other girls and was always hanging out with someone when not with Flav. Contrast with New York, who was almost always alone by her own choice, and sharing a room with another contestant almost always led to an argument.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Flav gives all of the girls nicknames because it's too much trouble to remember their real names. Their real names are usually revealed when the girls are eliminated.
  • Only Sane Woman: New York's mom, occasionally.
    "I don't wanna be seen in public with a man that's forty-freakin'-six years old, wearing a freakin' clock that's not even running."
    • Goldie and Hoopz both stayed pretty sane as well, just having a lot of fun with Flav and not getting mixed up in house drama at all.
    • If you get past her naivety, Krazy fits this trope (although she zig-zags this). She didn't seem interested in making enemies with anyone nor being combative and spiteful towards women who never bothered her.
  • Ooh, Me Accent's Slipping: Buckwild. She normally talks in ebonics, but New York scares the black right out of her.
    Flav: Can I ask you a question? Where the fuck did your accent go?
  • Overly Long Gag: By New York's mom, of all people:
    "You didn't say marriage. I know you didn't say that. That's never gonna happen. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever, Tiffany. Ever. Ever. Ever, in a million years. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever."
  • Parallel Porn Titles: Flavor of Lust.
  • Pet the Dog: After Red Oyster eliminates herself to be with her injured father, New York hugs her and tells her that she's "the only bitch in this house that [she] ever respected."
  • Potty Failure: SOMETHIN IN SEASON TWO. It ends up being the reason she gets eliminated. This is, however, combined with Potty Emergency, as Somethin admitted that she wanted to use the restroom during eliminations, but the producers of the show refused to allow her to. So this incident isn't completely her fault.
  • Pretty Fly For A White Girl: Buckwild, or at least she tries to be. Pumkin eventually realizes she can't keep up with all of the "black words". She copes by... getting cornrows.
  • Reality TV Show Mansion: Lampshaded by Hotlanta when she's eliminated.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Sweetie fires back at Flav after she's eliminated for being unfair to her compared to the other girls. Justified, given how badly he reacted to her setting boundaries earlier, but undercut when she gives him a hug and tells him she loves him anyway.
  • The Reveal: Red Oyster is married, and going through a divorce.
  • The Runner-Up Takes It All: New York goes on to have two seasons of her own dating show, two other reality shows based on her, and a small appearance on a film.
  • Running Gag: Every time Hottie blinks, a "ching" sound follows. VH-1 kept this up for every reality show she appeared in.
  • Sassy Black Woman: Many of them.
  • Screw the Rules, I Make Them!: Flav does this in Season Two to bring back New York on the show, even though she wasn't a contestant at the time, and again in Season Three to bring back Thing 2, after she was eliminated. Earlier in Season Three, he allows four girls selected by Saaphyri and Buckwild to enter the competition in Episode Seven.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Payshintz and Buckwild quit due to not wanting to have to deal with Bootz and New York respectively.
  • Sexy Silhouette: In the fifth episode of season 1, Flav has a challenge revolving around which girl can arouse his senses based on this trope.
  • She's Back: New York in Season 2.
  • She Cleans Up Nicely: Buckwild and Saaphyri in Charm School. Buckwild loses most of the accent and starts acting like a lady, and Saaphyri learns to control her anger and to verbally express herself.
  • Shoe Slap: Subverted. Buckwild attempts to throw a shoe at New York at the reunion show, but the shoe missed her by an inch.
  • Sibling Team: Thing 1 and 2. In the clock ceremonies, Flav even puts a gold clock on both of their necks. Eventually he broke them up as two equal competitors.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: Most of the girls, but especially New York.
  • Sleep Cute: Pumkin and Hoopz come to Flav's room one night just to snuggle up with him. Then made humorous when a jealous New York intrudes in lingerie, only to get ignored.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: In one of the most memorable scenes from the show, Hottie declares that she looks like Beyoncé. The other women fall to pieces laughing at her.
  • Smug Snake:
    • Toasteee reveals herself to be one in I Love Money.
    • New York brags so much about being this mainly in season 2.
  • Sore Loser: Pumkin acted like this when she was eliminated. She even went as far as to pick a fight with New York. Flav even lampshades it when Pumkin left the house for good.
  • Spin-Off: I Love New York and Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School.
  • Spiteful Spit: The Infamous scene where after a heated argument, Pumkin spits on New York. Pumkin should be lucky New York only got to push her into a camera.
  • Stalker with a Crush: New York. In just a couple of episodes, she's declaring that Flavor Flav is her soulmate and that they were meant to be together. It only goes down from there.
  • Stay in the Kitchen: Flav to Hottie. Extremely justified use of the trope.
  • The Stool Pigeon: Red Oyster loved to snitch to Flav about the other girls. She even gets called out on in at the reunion. When she eliminates herself, the episode preview even play it up to be her snitching again.
  • Stripperific: A bunch of trashy women in the mid-2000s have been summoned into a house to seduce a strangely-dressed Manchild. Appropriately, most of them dressed like they're on a night out in Vegas, no matter what time of day it is. This comes to a head humorously in the episode where they meet Flav's mother and attend church with her, and most of them women struggle to find an outfit appropriately modest to wear for the occasion.
  • Team Mom: Goldie. Not only is she the best with children, she tends to be the most sympathetic to the other women, even comforting Pumkin when the latter is scared of flying in Flav's private jet.
  • Terrible Trio: Buckeey, Bootz, and Deelishis.
  • Third-Person Person: Payshintz speaks this way occasionally in the second season by saying things like "Drama no good for Payshintz." Even New York and Flav speak this way occasionally.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: New York's (insulting) comment towards Pumkin and Hoopz explains this trope:
    New York: "They're both lesbians. I would say that Pumkin would be the lipstick lesbian and Hoopz would be, you know, the man.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: In the first season New York's Alpha Bitch personality is much more subdued: she only starts a handful of arguments, she actively avoids socializing with other contestants, and a lot of her Jerkass comments are confined to her confessional outbursts. Even her fight with Rain only started because Rain was offended that New York turned down participating in a game with the other girls in a way that was pretty polite by New York standards. In season two, she becomes a much more active participant in fighting with the other women and trying to sabotage them, and she plays up her character Up to Eleven. It's no wonder why the season two contestants absolutely hated her (to the point where multiple contestants tried to beat her up at the reunion) whereas the season one contestants viewed her more with annoyance.
  • Ugly Guy, Hot Contestants: The producers were apparently wise to this, which is why they revealed the prize only after the girls had been cast.
  • The Unfavorite: Hottie was obviously not well-liked by the editing team, given the bell-ring whenever she blinks and the admittedly hilarious rendition of her as a devil when she dresses in an unusual cape on the way to church.
  • The Unreveal: Hoopz's real name. It's Nikki, by the way. Deelishis as well. Hers is Chandra.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Krazy was this towards New York in season 2 twice.
  • Victorious Loser: Despite losing two seasons in a row, New York ends up with the last laugh when it comes to success. See The Runner-Up Takes It All.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Most of the girls who were eliminated in the first couple of episodes. This was interestingly subverted with Saaphyri, who was infamously known for being eliminated in only a couple of minutes of the show, after having an altercation with H-Town. And then she went through a genuine metamorphosis on Charm School, showed many Hidden Depths and won the freaking show.
  • What Does She See in Him?:
    • New York's mother has this reaction to her daughter's attraction to Flav.
    • A gender-inverted one happens when Krazy comments a few times on what Flav sees in Deelishis.
  • Who Names Their Kid "Buckwild": Lampshaded in the 3rd episode of the second season when a woman says "Your mom didn't name you that, didn't she?
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?:
    • Sweetie has a phobia of chicken.
    • New York. She was afraid of riding a horse in one episode of Season 2.
  • Xtreme Kool Letterz: The girls' names often play this one straight. They're named by Flav himself, so it's not surprising.
  • Yandere: When Flav gives Goldie more attention at a group dinner, New York becomes extremely jealous and starts flashing her steak knife at them, though they just ignore her.
  • You Are Fat: New York's mother rudely insults New York's weight in front of Flav.
  • Younger Than They Look: New York was only twenty-three on the first season of the show.