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  • In general, due to the advance of technology, the problems faced with archiving old films are now being repeated with a great deal of online content made in Adobe Flash in the late '90s and '00s. The announcement that Adobe would be discontinuing the Flash Player in 2020 was welcomed in many quarters of the tech world, as Flash was a notorious resource hog and security vulnerability that bogged down computers and left them open to hackers and viruses (the reason why Apple's iDevices did not support Flash — a controversial decision in the late '00s but one that was Vindicated by History), and one that was obsolete with the rise of the faster, more secure, and more mobile-friendly HTML5. At the same time, however, it was also recognized that, due to compatibility issues between HTML5 and Flash, a lot of early internet content created in Flash, especially in animation and gaming, would be rendered inaccessible and likely lost forever in the future. A group called Flashpoint has been racing to archive old Flash games before they disappear, and one person is even trying to save all the old banner ads created with Flash. While Flash is not the only obsolete file format whose content risks being lost (others include MAC, SXW, and DXF), it is undoubtedly the most high-profile due to its sheer ubiquity at its peak.
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  • This is a very common phenomenon on YouTube, due to their often draconian policies regarding copyright and localization, as well as their clunky maintenance of content (unsurprising given the sheer, overwhelming volume of videos that they host). Full series playlists are almost always a crapshoot, especially if it's a Long Runner (such as The Angry Video Game Nerd), and especially if it's fan-made. For the most part, you're better off referring to the creator's website if you want access to a gapless catalog.
  • When Blip closed in 2015, a lot of the videos it hosted were lost in the process. Many videos by content creators who were no longer active were deleted with little chance of return. Many other content creators who remained active and moved to other video hosting sites faced countless issues when reuploading their video backlogs. Many videos had their original files lost and it wasn't uncommon for the creators to ignore content they felt was mediocre or otherwise not worth the effort to reupload. But the most notable issue was that many videos, especially reviews, featured so much copywritten content that they had to be heavily edited to be posted on sites like YouTube, with many of them getting taken down so much often that the uploader gives up trying to post it.
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  • Let's Plays and other videogame playthroughs can be particularly vulnerable to this due to things like files getting corrupted or streamers forgetting to archive old broadcasts. If the problem isn't noticed soon enough many hours of footage can be recorded after the gap and due to the nature of the medium it can often take a substantial amount of effort to replace the lost segment (replaying the entire game up to that point on a new save file, for example). It's reasonably common for the gap to be explained away either in a clip at the start of the next video or even just in the description, sometimes including a brief summary of any major developments that happened during it.
  • Several early lonelygirl15 videos have been removed from the official listing (in some cases, probably due to copyright infringement); namely, "First Blog / Dorkiness Prevails", "School Work in Summer... BLECHH!!!", "Grillz feat. Danielbeast, LG15, P. Monkey and O'n.", "Proving Science Wrong", "My Lazy Eye (and P. Monkey gets Funky!)", "The Tolstoy Principle (and Dad "talks" to Daniel)" and "Daniel, Be Careful". The videos are referenced on numerous occasions in later episodes and still viewable on YouTube. The later series 1 episode "Uncle Dan (D-Bone Remix)" is missing from both and YouTube, but is viewable on Revver.
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  • The earliest portions of the League of Intergalactic Cosmic Champions were erased from the web (although various posters had offline copies of most of it), the copies were later put up on a GeoCities site. Thanks to Yahoo shuttering GeoCities in 2009, it is now gone again from the web.
  • Most of the first season of LoadingReadyRun is unavailable; in the early days, videos would be phased out to make room for newer ones (this was before the existence of YouTube). Most of the episodes have not been reposted, due to some of them having copyrighted music, the crew being busy with other things, and that most of them were just plain bad.
  • CUT!, a Slender Man blog that was distinguished by its heavy use of Gallows Humor, has been wiped clean of entries.
  • The success of Marble Hornets led to the creation of dozens of parodies and original vlogs, many of which were subsequently abandoned (for a variety of reasons) and removed. A list of dead/inactive series can be found here and here.
  • Limyaael's Fantasy Rants: Limyaael's first Faean novels, the Orlath trilogy, were taken down from Fiction Press due to someone plagiarizing them (Or something). Which is a real shame, because what little is known about the plot of those novels, both through Limyaael's comments and the other novels taking place in the same universe, seem to indicate that the trilogy was an absolutely brilliant Deconstructive Parody of cliched fantasy.
  • Draw Your Own Story episode 1-9 and a good chunk of episode 10, due in part to moderators deleting old threads on the forum where they were hosted, and in part due to the site being hacked and a lot of uploaded files (i.e. images that made up episode 10) ending up lost forever. What little we know of them is pieced together from memories as well as old episodes still on the contributors' hard drives.
  • Several writers of the original Darwin's Soldiers RP on Furtopia played out scenes via private messaging. Those scenes were never released.
  • Game music podcast Nitro Game Injection has two missing episodes: #6, which happened but wasn't recorded, and #54, which KyleJCrb isn't sure ever actually happened...
  • An early website for Back to the Future: The Ride featured a tour of Doc Brown's institute. One page contained some clever blueprints of Doc's post-trilogy inventions, including a personal time travel suit, a hover-bike, and an improved Mr. Fusion. Sadly, the Internet Archive only saved two captures of the blueprints section, and neither one successfully captured all of the blueprints.
  • The Viral Marketing sites for District 9note  have been lost completely. The unofficial wiki captured a few screenshots and preserved some of the information in text form, but anything added to the sites after 2008 was lost.
  • The Nostalgia Chick's first livestream, which was unrecorded. Ellis also took down her review of Dune after considerable criticism was leveled at her unprofessional behavior in it, and soon thereafter posted an apology video in which she admitted to letting her dislike for the movie lead to not treating it with her normal standards of conduct. As of Sept. 2014, the video can now be found through the Lost Media wiki.
  • The website PO.B.R.E. is dedicated to archiving translation and romhacks in Brazillian Portuguese. Unfortunately, the are a few missing translations.
  • Pornographic pay websites often have some videos that simply vanish after a while. Reasons vary, from the video being unpopular to unforeseen legal troubles to the girl turning out to be underage, but one rather heartwarming example is the "Sandra" episode from the famous Bangbus site. The reason Sandra's video disappeared from the site? She and the webmaster got married!
  • The first episode of Incognito Cinema Warriors XP (Bride of the Gorilla) is no longer available for order or download: a combination of format changes in subsequent episodes, dissatisfaction with the quality of the episode and a lack of desire to redo it in the current format.
  • Brad Jones has several:
    • His The Cinema Snob episode on Grizzly II. The movie itself was unfinished and thus never commercially released. The film's producer found the review and ordered it taken down. Since Fair Use laws become extra muddy with unreleased material, Brad complied and took it down. (Although his review can be found online.)
    • The Cinema Snob episode on Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party was taken down about an hour after it was uploaded, supposedly due to Content ID issues. He managed to get it put back up, only for it to be taken down again. Jones later compared the episode's rarity to the McRib.
    • The very first Midnight Screenings episode, which had Brad and Jerrid Foiles reviewing Thor, has disappeared forever. Brad said in a later review that it mysteriously disappeared when the show was still on Blip, and was never recovered.
    • Shot on Shitteo, an anthology starring his frequent collaborator Jake Norvell, which can't legally be released following Norvell's firing from Team Snob. He's now attempting to find a way to release it with retooled footage but so far there's no concrete release date. (He's joked that The Day the Clown Cried would come out before Shot on Shitteo does.)
    • A number of his reviews are not available because either it'd get flagged by YouTube for content (meaning a lot of the gorier earlier reviews) or because of a copyright claim where the copyright holder refuses to compromise (Brad mentioned-of all movies-Can't Stop the Music as an example of the latter in a livestream).
  • Brows Held High episode on The Girlfriend Experience was made before Oancitizen joined TGWTG, and it was reposted on the site when he was too busy to make new episodes. Problem was, that on the initial run, the show was known by few people, and most of them friends, so no one pointed out the sexist undertones in many jokes. On the site, several fans got angry, which led to Oancitizen removing the video from his account, and recording a commentary apologizing for it. And the less we say about Shit TGWTG Fans Say, the better... And now his episode on Crispin Glover's What Is It? is gone. Though for reasons similar to the Cinema Snob example above, the movie has no commercial release and is only allowed to be played at private screenings with Glover's presence.
    • The What Is It? and The Girlfriend Experience episodes have been re-uploaded to other sites by fans, as part of their Keep Circulating the Tapes efforts after blip shut down.
  • The Real Golden Gamer's You Probably Won't Make It Let's Play.
  • Jack Douglass of Jacks Films included a "Tool of the Week" segment (in which he criticized and mocked a fellow YouTuber) in an early installment of his Featured Fridays videos. Viewers complained about the uncharacteristically mean-spirited tone of the segment, and Jack removed the video several days later with an apology, admitting that he was just trying to be "edgy".
  • Some posts from Hyperbole and a Half have been removed. Allie, the creator, explained this is is either because they contained information that might make real people in the stories uncomfortable or just because she finds them embarrassingly bad.
  • The It Gets Better Project has a couple:
    • The San Francisco 49ers' video was taken down after two players, in the heat of the controversy surrounding Chris Culliver's homophobic remarks, denied ever making the video, and when reminded of its existence, said they did it under false pretenses.
    • Oscar Pistorius' video was taken down after he was charged with murdering his girlfriend.
  • CNHubNicktoons has more than a few.
    • All of the Adventures of Slinky videos from I Am Bagel, due to the fact that they weren't scripted. The only trace of it left is on this video and the CN/Hub/Nicktoons on YouTube block on the livestream channel. There was a article of it on Nick Fanon but it brings up a deleted article. As of November 8, 2014, the whole Slinky series has been deleted with the entire "CNHubNicktoons on YouTube" block being removed completely for a major rebrand of the Live Stream channel and the video being deleted, making the whole series lost.
    • All of Matt Boo's videos were removed by May 2014 due to many videos being deleted from CNHubNicktoons by an unknown offender, driving him to quit and remove all remaining videos he did so he could move to his own channel. Only three select videos still live, albeit on Matt Boo's new channel, two of which are unlisted and are only accessible by an announcement video. Some other videos survive on his PC but he has no plans to upload them.
      • The aforementioned three videos were also taken down on February 13, 2015 to avoid copyright strikes and MattBoo hating a select couple, making the last traces of the original CN Hub Nicktoons extinct.
      • On May 2013, when Flipnote Hatena was ending, MattBoo uploaded many of his flipnotes to CNHubNicktoons. When the videos were removed by an anonymous user as mentioned above, the flipnotes were included. The only way to access them is on Sudomemo (well, some of them, anyways).
      • Those flipnotes have since been available on Flipnote Studio 3D, via through the Nintendo DSi Gallery (the only online feature in North America).
  • Mario Party TV
    • The players have made mention of 'lost episodes', gameplays that for one reason or another was either not uploaded onto the channel or not recorded altogether. One noted one was a run on Mario Party 7's Grand Canal sometime before the playthrough for the Summer Salt season, one where (yet again) Mr. Doom had an insanely good amount of luck. Clips from that episode were used as The Stinger for the 'canon' playthrough. Mr. Doom ended up finding two lost episodes (a playthrough of 6's Castaway Bay and a playthrough of 5's Toy Dream) when he was going through his hard drive and posted them on his personal account.
    • According to Mr. Doom, nearly two whole seasons worth of episodes were wiped out when his hard drive crashed, and it took them longer to redo those episodes because of real life commitments and circumstances. The Shy Guy's Perplex Express episode had to be done three times before it stuck. The second attempt was eventually salvaged and posted on Mr. Doom's personal account, along with what he could salvage from the first attempt.
  • One of the threads that the work known as Update consists of was deleted from the forum it's hosted on, but still exists in a PDF archive being circulated and downloadable.
  • Achievement Hunter's Let's Play of the Magic: The Gathering Xbox Live arcade game was apparently filmed, but not uploaded. Any reference they make to it implies that it was incredibly boring. There's also an episode of Let's Build that has been removed due to backlash from many people finding out a game that Geoff and Gavin talked about playing while driving, called "Connect the Hots", was tantamount to stalking. Both realized that, indeed, it did and apologized profusely over it.
  • Prominent SCP Foundation writer Fishmonger had a falling out with the site and demanded his works be deleted under threat of legal action. His SCPs and other works are lost - or not, since an archive of (most) of his works can be found here. However, they can't be found on the SCP-wiki anymore. The others that are not included with the zip really are lost though.
  • Many YouTube Poop creators have been hit with this over the years, usually due to the poop getting taken down because of a copyright claim.
  • The Nostalgia Critic was going to have a tribute video dedicated to Rachel, who left the show as of the Face/Off review. As mentioned in the actual episode, this video was accidentally deleted.
  • The "Hotbox" episode of Jake and Amir was never officially uploaded to YouTube for obvious reasons.
  • ClickHole originally had a video called, "If You Grew Up With 'Calvin and Hobbes,' You Need To Watch This Right Now". It was a Rule 34 video. The video was soon removed, and trying to view it through the site's URL redirects you to the YouTube page of the removed video.
  • slowbeef and Diabetus had a test run of a Retsupurae livestream, but never bothered to save the video of it. Thankfully, one person watching actually did save the recording and it was later put up.
  • The superhero web serial Star Harbor Nights could no longer be found online, though it is on The Wayback Machine.
  • Episode 376 of Good Mythical Morning, which featured Sam Pepper, has been removed as of September 2014. No reason was given, but since Pepper got himself in trouble for sexual harassment around that time...
  • The episode of The Slow Mo Guys featuring Sam Pepper is no longer available on the main channel, though reuploads exist and the video was removed before Sam made a general ass of himself.
  • The Pizza Party Podcast's 13th episode is all questions and answers, as Pan forgot to record his audio for the first part. The other podcasters lampshade the first half's status as a lost episode though.
  • No recording is known to exist of the first several days of Twitch Plays Pokémon Red, back before the stream became very popular. As a result, not much is known about the details of what happened then. The community generally refers to this period as the "Lost Days".
  • JonTron is somewhat infamous for this, having either privatized or deleted numerous episodes simply out of Old Shame. Some are quite justified (such as "Top Ten Overrated Games," which generated heavy backlash), others were taken down mainly because they fell out of favor with Jon because they no longer fit his show's style (most notably "Apples and Breaks," a short video where Jon mourns his broken Nintendo DS). Many of these videos have seen mirror uploads on YouTube, and many more are still hidden from public eyes.
  • Chuggaaconroy once had a whole lost series, devoted mainly to showing Pokémon Platinum's major battles (i.e. rival battles, gym leaders, the Elite Four & champion, and Legendary Pokemon). What makes this especially notable is that some of these videos include capturing Regirock, Regice, and Registeel, who could only be legitimately captured via (now-defunct) special Nintendo events. According to the announcement video for his 2015 Platinum LP, the videos were mainly made both to find his footing as a content creator and to help answer questions about the game back when it was still new (for reference, they were recorded around a year before the game's English release). Similarly to JonTron, Chugga had deleted these videos out of Old Shame. Unlike JonTron, however, Chugga eventually restored all 88 videos and compiled them into their own playlist on July 15, 2016, due to immense fan demand. Chugga also had a "Fifty Facts" video, where he lists fifty trivial facts about himself. He took it down because many of them became outdated, most notably him being autistic (now known to be the result of a misdiagnosis). A mirror upload can be found here.
  • Random Assault: Episode 024. And the original "pilot", the Talk Radar Fan Extravaganza has never been rereleased.
  • Summer Games Done Quick 2015 had a run of Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, but when Gamepro 11 was banned from GDQ events and Twitch over it, that run have never seen the light of day again (all other runs have), and have issued DMCA takedowns on YouTube reuploads of the run. However, it can still be viewed on the Twitch replay.
  • Who Back When doesn't have any missing episodes of its own. It does, however, make a point of reviewing the missing episodes of Doctor Who, using reconstructions and audiobooks where available.
  • The Minecraft Youtube group Team Crafted had an example of this after they collectively voted out one of their members, SetoSorcerer, after a Skype call. This was reportedly due to several members of the group (including BajanCanadian, the one who put the idea forward in the first place) expressing displeasure with Seto's recording style and not opting to appear at public Minecraft events like the rest of the group. Seto's explanation video of this break, where he described getting kicked out of the group and falling into a deep depression as a result, was uploaded for a short time before being taken down and reuploaded with a number of remarks removed (supposedly for "legal reasons"). He has requested that fans take down mirrors of the original video, which they have complied with. Because of this, the video can no longer be found.
  • Fan Fiction Dot Net is infamous for its event known as 'the purge' where in an attempt to free space, the site admins went on a mass deleting spree of inactive Forums and even inactive threads on active Forums. Many once popular Forums ended up being killed in the process and many fond memories being wiped clean without consent, which can't even be recovered through the Wayback Machine thanks to the site's infamous use of 'robots.txt' in its code, keeping the machine from working with the site. Even many famous Play-by-Post RPs had several key arcs completely wiped, only being archived through such things like TV Tropes pages. The effects of the purge can still be felt today; many of its Forum goers (including many who signed up specifically for the Forums) have long since jumped ship a long time ago, leaving many Forum archives virtual ghost towns even for popular franchises like Pokémon. Compare to days of old where popular Forums could get posts every few minutes to today, where most Forums are lucky to get five posts a day.
  • Campus Life ended up falling victim to this as well, with one of its very few completed arcs as well. The Forum Campus Life was hosted on at the time ended up getting purged due to inactivatynote  and lost a greater part of the 'Dark Sonic' arc. The only thing from that arc that survived was the climax, which only survived because the RP got ported over to another Forum just before it happened. All the build up it had, however, can only be experienced through the TV Tropes page itself.
  • Back in the late 2000s and early 2010s, Voltalia had a YouTube channel called "voltarsgirlfriend" that housed, among many things, several AMVs and a Massive Multiplayer Crossover video series called Total Drama Highschool. She accidentally closed it a couple years later and deleted all of Season 1 and part of Season 2 in the process.
  • Xiil3gendaryzetsubou lost some of their early unrecorded streams for Super Danganronpa 2, as well as all episodes of their Persona 5 and Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors Let's Plays.
  • Oddity Archive's first LaserKaraoke installment is this due to a copyright claim from TrungTamAsiaChannel.
  • The Lost Media Chronicles by Shoegazer Productions has a missing episode, as ironic as that sounds. Episode 49 - Dubs went missing because it used voice work done by someone else as a joke. It disappeared not long after creator Randy McNeely was removed from the Lost Media Wiki due to some internal conflicts that have yet to be made public. Seeing as the person who provided the voice work (whose name will not be mentioned here to avoid further drama) was an admin of the wiki himself, the episode's disappearance is likely related to Randy's departure from the site.
  • Despite many copyright claims making their mark on episodes of Cinematic Excrement, the entire series has been preserved on Sean Moore's Vimeo account... except for episode 53, a review of The Great Mission to Save Princess Peach!. This was taken down in 2018 when it was revealed that Justin "JewWario" Carmical, to whom the episode was made in tribute, was a sexual predator.
  • A number of TV Tropes forum threads went missing around 2010 when the site owners purged old threads in order to save space and bandwidth. Among these is e.g. the first season of The Massive Multi-Fandom RPG; essentially all that remains of it is its accompanying discussion thread and a recap page on the wiki.
  • "Secret Missing Episodes" of Barney Bunch fame are parodies of this trope. They basically involve every male character from a series announcing they're gay and having an either poorly-represented or censored orgasm.
  • Smash Master Show has enough of these to warrant its own page.
  • After Chris Savino was terminated from Nickelodeon for a reported history of sexual harrassment, he deleted all of his social media accounts which included content that was exclusive to them. His Instagram was notable for containing behind the scenes photos of The Loud House that weren't seen anywhere else, along with original drawings and several promotional updates regarding the live action pilot of his Bigfoot and Gray comic.
  • While most of Rank 10 YGO's Pathetic Aesthetic streams note  were uploaded to his YouTube channel well after they aired on Twitch, Rata has stated that the D/D/D stream footage is "unsalvageable" and will not be uploaded.


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