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    "Super Watermelon Island" 
  • The Watermelon Stevens determine who to sacrifice to Malachite with a game of Nose Goes.
  • Steven wakes up to an earthquake, and Peridot immediately goes into freak-out mode about it possibly being the Cluster. Only for Steven to interrupt her mid-mobilization to explain that he saw Malachite with the Watermelon Stevens, at which point he and the Gems go into a tense conversation about it while Peridot deflates in the background, annoyed that she has no idea what the heck they're talking about. It's even funnier given that it turns out she was right in the first place.
    Peridot: What.
    • That scene in general is full of hilarity. The Gems are especially hammy and gung-ho when the take off to fight Jasper, particularly Garnet, who points dramatically into the horizon and leads a battle cry of "TO THE NEAREST WARP PAD!" as they run into the distance. And the nearest warp pad is, like, ten feet away.
    • Later, when Steven finally explains it to her she responds to Steven's worry with the total sarcastic boredom of someone who's been in way too many crazy situations lately.
      Steven: Lapis must be getting tired from fighting Jasper for so long!
      Peridot: Just being on a ship with Jasper made me tired.
    • Steven wanting to help the Crystal Gems but was told to back because it's dangerous:
      Peridot: Why don't you just disobey them? Rebel. Isn't that, like, your guys' thing?
      Steven: You're right. Oh, I know! I'll fall asleep and go into a Watermelon Steven again. This way, I can help them and be safe at the same time. Eheheheheh. [lies down]
      Peridot: Wow. You're a real anarchist.
      Steven: No one can tell me what to do.
  • Steven's Rousing Speech is presumably pretty awesome, but we can't understand any of it.
  • When Alexandrite manages to break free from Malachite's ice, she turns Malachite's attention from the Watermelon Stevens back to her by hurling Sugilite's flail at her. It wraps around her before whamming her in the face. The animation is so fast and fluid, typical for slapstick in this show.
    • Malachite's many 90's cartoonish expressions during said fight. Especially when Alexandrite punches her in the stomach.
  • The Watermelon Stevens going absolutely Ewok on Malachite, completely with arrows, catapults, and gliders.
    • Before that, as they mobilize into The War Sequence, a small family of watermelons is bidding good bye to a parent... Turns out the parent going away is actually the mother, not the father.
  • Amethyst's first words after they separate from Alexandrite.
    Amethyst: [lying face down on the ground giving a thumbs up] I'm alive...
  • Since the first few scenes and the premise were leaked, quite a few fans were postulating how the Watermelon Stevens have been reproducing to form a stable population size, with a few Squick-y explanations posited. Fast forward to the episode and it turns out... they just grow more of themselves. The reveal of such a simple answer after such wild theorizing is absolutely hilarious.

    "Gem Drill" 
  • Peridot yelling "Liar" when Steven parrots the reassuring phrase she told him to say.
    Peridot: Okay, Steven. Are you ready to drill down into the planet, to depth never before reached by your species, to stop the Cluster from forming and save the world?
    Steven: I don't know!
    Peridot: Don't say that! Say "we're gonna do this together and it's gonna be great!"
    Steven: [more confidently] We're gonna do this together and it's gonna be great!
    Peridot: LIAR!
  • Steven informs Peridot that the other Gems won't get here in time and that they will have to proceed with stopping the Cluster on their own:
  • When Steven finds out it'll take them about two hours to reach the Cluster, he wishes he'd brought some music. Peridot then pushes a button, and elevator music starts playing.
  • Steven wondering how Peridot expected all the Gems to fit in the drill.
  • Peridot's origin story:
  • Steven holds off Gem mutants with a blast cannon turret controlled by what appears to be a Nintendo 64 controller.
    Steven: Something doesn't feel right about this.
    Peridot: Then use the D-pad.
  • It doubles as a Tearjerker and Heartwarming, but Peridot freaking out as the Cluster tries to form is pretty funny.
    Peridot: Steven! I'm sorry I couldn't save you, or the billions of other lifeforms who matter far, far less to me!
  • Peridot wondering if the drill's vibrations are damaging Steven's "head holes".

    "Same Old World" 
  • Peridot giving her reasons for not coming back to the Temple. 1, she doesn't want to be bunking in the bathroom again, and 2, she wants to repair the hole in the barn her robot made.
    Peridot: I've seen what goes on in that bathroom.
    Steven: [mortified blush]
  • Steven stays behind and says he'll catch up with them on Lion... but then realizes he doesn't know where Lion is. His attempts to get him to appear are hilarious.
    Steven: Lion! Hey Lion! [deep breath] LEEEEEON! I have a big steak right here in my hand for you! Whoops, I dropped it and it fell out of existence! You can't hide from me for too long because you love me SOOOOO MUCH!
  • Steven and Lapis making fart noises. Again.
  • Steven's scenario of Lapis living in Empire City: Trying to make it as a single Gem in the city, hanging out at a coffee shop and having a wacky roommate, clearly having learned everything about city life from sitcoms. Bonus points for Lapis actually ending up with a wacky roommate at the end of the episode.
  • When they get to Jersey, a guy tries to throw his shoe at them. They easily dodge it.
    • The fact that the shoe got up that high in the first place.
  • Steven says Lapis would like Jersey, because "The people here seem to hate the Earth, too."
    • Especially funny since the writer of this whole bit is actually from New Jersey.
    • The fact that after avoiding naming any real-world places (Empire City is blatantly New York), the show kept Jersey's name, complete with the Jersey Turnpike!
  • Steven and Lapis have a touching conversation about the ever-changing nature of Earth, resulting in Lapis' decision to stay at the barn... whereupon Peridot wanders along to investigate, butts in to their conversation, and greets Lapis in a cheery, pleasant manner.
    Steven: You're staying here?! Like, here here?
    Lapis: [happily] Yeah! Here here.
    Peridot: Yes! Here, here, everybody! ... What are we talking about?
  • Lapis, of course, has not been around for Peridot's Heel–Face Turn, and flips out at her former captor happily pottering around the barn... but Peridot remains sanguine (and oblivious) as Lapis demands reassurance from Steven. Poor Steven has a This Is Gonna Suck moment and even does a facepalm as he realizes his UN-worthy peacekeeping skills are going to be called on again.
  • Steven lampshading the pattern of Lapis' previous appearances near the beginning of the episode.
    Steven: I feel like I only get to see you when something horrible's going on.

    "Barn Mates" 
  • Steven's suggestion in "Same Old World", straight from a sitcom, about Lapis moving to the big city and getting a wacky roommate comes back here, especially with this image.
  • Peridot talking about how to make up with Lapis... while Lapis is in front of her.
  • In general, Peridot's lines in this episode were hilarious:
    "I like the cut of your gem, Steven Quartz!"
    "... Show her my sweet?"
    "H2-Oh my gosh!"
    "I got yo number."
  • On Steven's advice, Peridot makes an apology card for Lapis. This being Peridot, the "apology from the heart" doesn't exactly make Lapis feel better.
    Lapis: [reading aloud] Sorry I interrogated you. You were just full of such useful information. That's a sincere compliment. Peridot. [gives a smiling Steven and a grinning Peridot a flat look]
    • It took Peridot an hour to write that.
  • The return of Camp Pining Hearts is both adorable and hilarious.
    Peridot: How about my Camp Pining DVD?
    Steven: Which season?
    Peridot: Five.
    Steven: Trash.
    Peridot: I know!
    • Even better, this implies that Peridot eventually figured out that the show has more than one episode.
  • Some black comedy. Peridot follows the logic that Lapis Lazulis love the water, so she tries to gift Lapis a pool. Lapis' response is to explain her water-induced trauma complete with Creepy Monotone and Death Glare, all to the increasing discomfort of Peridot and Steven.
  • Peridot leaves because Lapis doesn't want her at the barn... then promptly comes running back in a panic because of the Roaming Eye.
    Steven: [just finished calling out Lapis for being mean to Peridot] Now it's too late, and she's never coming back again.
    [Peridot comes back screaming]
    Steven: Oh, look. She's coming back again.
  • Lapis' "are-you-shittin'-me" face, which she wears for most of the episode.
    • Steven and Peridot's grins while she's looking at them while trying to give Lapis her tape recorder as a gift. Even better with Peridot slowly inching towards Lapis.

    "Hit the Diamond" 
  • The Homeworld Rubies all have wildly different, humorous personalities: a tough and grim one who reminds you of a one-eyed pirate, a dramatic one who makes karate poses and drop-kicks a flower, a cheerful Cloudcuckoolander who remarks on how beautiful Earth is, a cowardly one who hesitates leaving their craft and doesn't appear to be too bright, and the Comically Serious leader.
  • The plot of the entire episode is predicated by the fact that the Homeworld Rubies saw Peridot, Steven and Lapis, and got their Roving Eye swatted out of the sky in the last episode, and then immediately forgot about it.
  • Ruby is possibly the worst infiltrator known to man. Thankfully, she's a mole for the dumbest army of Rubies known to Gems. When she infiltrates the Homeworld Ruby squad, she's nearly caught out when they remember there are supposed to be five of them... until the sergeant Ruby forgets to count herself.
  • The leader not noticing the barn until Ruby (ours) mentions it. While it was directly in her line of sight.
  • While she gets into it eventually, Lapis' completely bare-minimum effort at the start of the baseball game is gold. It's made even better by her deadpan facial expressions and stiff body language à la Daria Morgendorffer.
    • The other "home team" Gems (sans Steven, who uses his real name) come up with Sue Donym names for their human disguises. Lapis... picks "Bob".
  • Steven challenges the Ruby squad to baseball for whether or not they're allowed into the barn. It works.
    Lapis: [leaning against the wall with her arms crossed; chuckles] This plan sucks.
  • Sapphire saw the possibility of a baseball game, but didn't expect things to go that way.
  • The two teams get dramatic intro sequences, with the Crystal Gems identifying themselves as Earl (Pearl), Amy (Amethyst), Sophie (Sapphire) and Bob (Lapis). The Ruby team gets a sequence of... Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby and Ruby.
    • A bit of meta humor considering the show's anime influences: "Amy" and "Sophie" sound like anglicized dub names.
    • Also the part that everyone introduces themselves in a very dynamic way and then there's... Lapis, with the most bored expression in the universe. The Crystal Gems each have a unique font for their names — for example, "Earl" is in cursive and "Sophie" is in a fancy script. "Bob" is in a plain, standard text editor font.
  • The fact that our heroes' biggest problem playing the game is that Ruby and Sapphire can't stop flirting with each other.
    • We get a scene where they are flirting and one of the other Rubys looks directly to the camera with an exasperated expression.
    • As Sapphire sniffs a flower Ruby gave her, a baseball bonks the former on the head, to no effect.
    • And when Sapphire strikes out due to being too busy flirting with Ruby, Lapis just gives them a sarcastic thumbs-up.
    • Meta funny: a bunch of the European dubs tried to downplay Ruby and Sapphire's romance, claiming they were just "really good friends". Explicitly outlining that they're in love and flirting feels like Rebecca Sugar and company getting back at them. The way Lapis even says "Flirting" feels like it was underlined in the script.
  • Steven tries to calm Peridot:
    Steven: Well, heh, we're doing just fine! Everything's gonna be a-okay!
    Peridot: YOU'RE LYING TO ME!
    Peridot: THANK YOU!
  • Steven finally steps in to keep Ruby and Sapphire from flirting, which is just as hilarious.
    Steven: Ruby, stop being cute. And Sapphire, keep your eye on the ball.
    Ruby: Pun intended?
    Steven: What did I just say?
    • The fact that for once, Steven has to be the mature, goal-oriented adult to what is essentially Garnet.
  • Just when the gang is about to get away with it all, their subterfuge is ruined at the last minute because Ruby and Sapphire forgot to stay away from each other for just one more minute.
    • When Ruby and Sapphire re-fuse, Garnet tumbles out with a stupid laugh before going "Whoops."
  • The Rubies' priceless reactions when they realize they were tricked.
    Doc: THEY'RE GEMS!
    Army: We're been tricked!
    Navy: What a turn of events!
    Eyeball: Grrr!
    Leggy: [not even facing the right direction] Huh? W-What?
  • When the fused Rubies try to attack the Gems, Peridot runs out of the barn to stop them... and falls on her face. She quickly tries to stand up, and again falls on her face. She just gives up and runs on all fours.
    • When Peridot finds out that the Ruby squad was only looking for her to find information on the whereabouts of Jasper, she becomes highly indignant, arguing that they SHOULD be looking for her because she betrayed the mission, called Yellow Diamond a clod, and is the new leader of the Crystal Gems.
      Pearl: What?
    • Peridot spends the whole episode thinking she pissed off Homeworld so bad that they sent a death squad after her. The truth is arguably worse: Homeworld decided that even if she is a traitor, they don't care.
  • When it turns out the Homeworld Rubies were actually looking for Jasper, Steven tells them that she's on the planet Neptune as a last ditch effort. It works.
    Amethyst: Man, Rubies are dumb.
  • The fact that the Gems, who are each of them far older than Steven, all rely on Steven, who is a child, to improvise for them every single time they need to tell a lie to the Ruby Squad.
  • Ruby and Sapphire's flirting throughout this episode skirts the line between "Awww, that's adorable!" and "Ugh, GET A ROOM YOU TWO!" For example:
    Ruby: Just look at the ball.
    Sapphire: I'm trying, but all I want to do is look at is you!
  • As the Ruby Squad leaves, Left Eye Ruby stays glaring at Steven for a few seconds... before quietly and intensely saying thank you and going.
  • The credits list the five Homeworld Rubies with various silly nicknames: "Leggy", "Navy", "Army", "Eyeball", and "Doc".

    "Steven Floats" 
  • Steven's reaction to the rotting cake, which Amethyst apparently was still going to eat.
    Steven: That was a CAKE?!?
    • Later in the episode, when she's looking for him outside and trying to get him to come home, she calls out that he missed out on it.
  • Sadie's nonchalant reaction to Steven saying he was off saving the world.
  • When Steven jumps off the top of the lighthouse, he passes an airplane. Cue an announcement that the captain has turned the seatbelt sign on because they've "got some boys in the sky".
  • Amethyst's reaction to seeing Steven floating far overhead.
    Amethyst: Oh, there's Steven. Just flying around.
    [she walks toward the house and pauses in the doorway]
    Amethyst: Wait, can Steven fly? [beat] Yeah, I think I remember that. [goes inside]
    [a pause, then the sound of footsteps running back out]
    Amethyst: No no, I'm thinking of Lapis!
  • Steven realizes that he has to make his message short and quick so Amethyst can hear it during her short jump. The result?
    Steven: I could really use your assistance dealing with the sudden appearance oaaaw rats!
    [Amethyst jumps again]
    Steven: Of a power which was previously unbeknownst to me which I can't control... um...
    [Amethyst jumps again]
    Amethyst: Dude, summarize.
    Steven: Go get Garnet!
  • Pearl freaking out and promising to catch Steven while he's still floating down gently a mile in the air.
    Amethyst: I think it'll be a while...
  • Steven's too high up for the Gems to talk to, so Garnet tries to think of a solution for about ten seconds or so. Cue her suddenly leaping off-screen, the sound of glass breaking, and a car alarm going off.
    Garnet: I found a phone.
    Amethyst: Whose is it?
    Garnet: That's not important.
    [Steven's caller ID says "Kofi"]
  • All of the Gems keeping Steven company through the night, including:
    • The Gems tossing Steven some snacks, with Amethyst beaning a seagull with a bag of chips.
    • Garnet jumping up to take turns for a checker game.
  • At one point, the Gems try to help Steven fall faster by weighing him down with various heavy objects, including a boat.
    • A little bit later, Steven drops the boat. It lands off-screen with a sound that suggests it's probably not going to be seaworthy again.
    • Before trying to weigh him down, Pearl states that Steven must be tired, since he's been up all night.
  • Steven's melodramatic fantasy about missing his chance at getting the first doughnut of the day. It ends with the townspeople feeding his doughnut to a dog, then him dying, his bones falling to Earth, and Sadie picking up his skull to reenact the "Alas, poor Yorick" speech from Hamlet.
  • When he starts falling faster after getting sad, Steven realizes that his floating powers are tied to his emotions... before he angrily adds "Just like all my stupid powers!"
  • Steven tries to think of something happy to slow his fall again. He discounts doughnuts because he's missed getting the first doughnut of the day, the beach because he's about to slam into it at terminal velocity, and Rose because "those feelings are complicated!" With the last one, he even lifts up the panel showing her while he falls.
  • While Steven is still falling, we hear a snippet of conversation the Gems are having to try and get him down.
    Amethyst: But if he did have a jetpack, he could just put it on upside-down!
  • Garnet states that her Future Vision tells her that Steven will, by that point in time, have learned that his floating is controlled by his emotions, and that he'll land softly and safely behind them, ready to give them all a big hug. He drops out of the sky like a log.
    Garnet: ...Close enough.
  • While it's also kinda sad, there is just something funny about Pearl dryly mentioning "I would have liked a hug..." when Steven runs off.
  • Steven being so happy to get a donut that he slams into the Big Donut's ceiling, to which Sadie visibly cringes.
    Steven: Oh, bother...

    "Drop Beat Dad" 
  • Steven gushing about roadies.
  • "Eighty percent of Germans make their living DJ-ing!"
  • When Greg sees the huge van drive up to the car wash, he tells Steven not to tell the driver about the free wax.
  • This exchange when Greg and Steven see who the driver of the van is:
    Greg: Marty?!
    Steven: You mean your rotten old manager? [grabs hold of Greg] I'll protect you, Dad!
    Greg: Ah, don't worry. I've got a hose.
  • Steven having to shield his eyes from the glare off Marty's outfit and sleazy smile.
  • Marty is unimpressed by Sour Cream's warehouse venue.
    Marty: What is this, a concert for ants?
    Steven: We could invite some ants...
    Sour Cream: Aunts, uncles, music is for everybody!
  • Marty using the phrase "Real Talk" five times in the span of a minute.
    • Shortly thereafter, he pulls out his phone and says "Marty here, talk to me" as if he's answering it. The scene cuts back to Steven and Sour Cream, but you can just hear him saying "Yeah, I know I called you."
  • Marty's astonishment at Steven lugging a case of equipment that takes two full-grown men to lift.
    "Geez! What does Greg feed that kid?!"
  • Steven's attempt at doing a "mike check". "This mike looks great!" Later, when Marty gets on stage, he realizes Steven never even turned it on.
  • Nobody likes Guacola, the dreadful guacamole-flavored soda Marty is trying to sell... except for, oddly enough (or not), Onion.
  • Sour Cream is so angry at Marty for using his show as an excuse to shill Guacola, he slips into the same gibberish Yellowtail speaks in.
    • When he realizes he did that, he blushes a little. It's as hilarious as it is adorable.

    "Mr. Greg" 
  • Pearl is rather nonplussed when she finally hears the song that won Rose over. It doesn't help that it's been turned into a burger jingle. But she has to admit through gritted teeth that Rose would have found it hilarious.
  • The way Pearl's name comes up in lights over her when Steven says "And let's bring Pearl."
    • And her face when she is lit up by the spotlight, it's just a pure confused face.
  • Greg and Pearl's reactions to Steven abruptly suggesting Pearl should come along on the trip.
  • While being carried by the hotel staff, Pearl is as stiff as a log.
    • When they go into the elevator, she actually hits her head with the top of the door.
  • The running gag throughout the episode of people overreacting to the absurd tips the Universes give out.
  • Before starting the "Mr. Greg" song, Greg hands his new business card over to the hotel clerk. It reads "Mr. Greg: Bazzzillionaire." No, that isn't a spelling mistake; he spelled the word with 3 Z's.
    • "And if I break a table, it ain't no– Whoa!" (Greg slides off the table, which he is currently dancing on.)
    • Pearl bringing said number to a grinding halt by refusing to dance with Greg; as she leaves in a funk one of the singing bellhops shouts "Boo! You ruined the song!"
  • Despite having the money to buy the finest steak and brie, Greg and Steven still eat pizza and Chinese take-out for dinner.
  • As Steven pushes Pearl and Greg to deal with their issues in the emotional climax of the episode, the hotel's piano player abruptly shifts from the sad, atmospheric background music into upbeat circus music, and Steven has to pay him to stop and let him take over the piano himself.
  • The bill Greg racks up in the end is amazingly long.
  • Apparently nothing during the musical numbers were free actions; the Universes' clothes were actually tailored and everyone singing was being paid to do so.

    "Too Short to Ride" 
  • Steven putting the bow in Peridot's hair.
  • Peridot sees a cat video on TubeTube and confusedly asks "Why was this documented?"
  • Peridot attaches her new tablet to her forearm... with a Henshin Pose (complete with "SHING-SHING" sound effects).
  • All of Peridot's tweets.
  • New rules prevent Steven and Amethyst from riding the coaster, but Peridot stands there smug as can be due to her large head shape — and then Mr. Smiley pats it down to reveal it's literally gem-shaped Anime Hair. Which results in her going Angrish.
  • In a Freeze-Frame Bonus, just as Steven is about to ring the bell for the ring toss game, there's a note stuck under the bell: PLEASE RING FOR RINGS. (BUT NOT FOUR RINGS)
  • Amethyst's scheme to cheat on the ring toss game and the universe making it so:
    Amethyst: Hey Mr. Smiley, is that Onion trying to set the rollercoaster on fire?
    Mr. Smiley: I'm not falling for that one again!
    [a woman screams; cut to Onion randomly holding two torches right next to the rollercoaster, apparently trying to burn it down]
    Mr. Smiley: No! I'm still paying off the last lawsuit!
    • Even better? Those "torches" that Onion is holding are actually burning bundles of cotton candy.
  • Mr. Smiley's lack of sleep.
  • Steven and Amethyst trying to show Peridot how to shapeshift. Highlights include:
    • Them both stretching their tongues to lick their elbows.
    • The return of cat fingers. Steven gets rid of them by sticking his hand in the ocean.
    • Amethyst turning into a ball and (accidentally) hitting Peridot in the face.
    • And finally, they decide to just try pulling on her until she stretches.
      • And as they are pulling on her, Peridot responds by monotonically repeating "Ow."
  • Peridot lets slip that she's been taking Steven's clothes.
    Steven: [offscreen] What?
  • When Peridot discovers her telekinetic abilities, Steven eagerly starts listing applications: opening jars, removing staples without a staple remover, and opening doors without touching them after washing her hands.
  • Peridot's movements when she manages to save her tablet with her new power. She resorts to using her arm as a fishing reel to bring it back to her.

    "The New Lars" 
  • Steven denies that he's staring at Lars and Sadie... while his eyes are bulging out of their sockets.
  • Lars apparently sleeps in the nude.
    • Steven's reaction to said nudity deserves mention.
  • Lars' parents try to talk to Lars about his grades. Of course, Steven has never been to school...
    Steven!Lars: Fffffffbdf. That doesn't spell anything!
  • Steven's attempt at acting as if he's Lars. "Attempt" being the key word here.
    Steven!Lars: I'm Lars! I'm Lars!
  • Lars' reaction to waking up in Steven's house and finding out what happened.
  • Everybody likes Steven!Lars much better than the original. Except Onion, who is seriously unnerved.
  • Jenny taking a simple sentence from Steven!Lars as a compliment. Apparently the bar is set very low.
    Steven!Lars: I don't think you stink...
    Jenny: [happily surprised] Lars! What a nice thing to say!
  • The fact that almost no one finds the idea Steven possessed Lars strange.
  • Buck's reactions to Steven!Lars are delightful.
    Buck: [on encountering Steven!Lars the first time] Buck is pleased.
    Buck: [on seeing Steven!Lars attacking Steven in an attempt to switch back] Buck is no longer pleased.
  • Steven!Lars is excited to watch a movie with Sadie... until he remembers her taste in movies.
    Steven!Lars: The Organ Pickler? Part... Seven?!
    Sadie: I keep telling you, that's the good one!
    Steven!Lars: Um, how about this one? Fangs of Love!
    Sadie: I think I'd rather have my organs pickled.
    • Then after the movie...
      Sadie: I tried to warn you! [turns to Steven!Lars, who's bawling his eyes out]
      Steven!Lars: They just wanted to be together!
  • Lars' parents have apparently been prepared for some time for him to turn to a life of crime.

    "Beach City Drift" 
  • Greg's old photos of himself and his dream car. They go from him posing with it to embracing it to sharing a Spaghetti Kiss with it — and end with the dealer and a police offer kicking him off the lot. While he's still on his hands and knees, spaghetti strand in his mouth.
    • The Freeze-Frame Bonus of the kids' expressions after the camera switches back to the group after seeing these pictures. Essentially '-'.
  • When Kevin calls Greg "Grandpa", Steven protests that Greg isn't a grandpa, but a "regular Pa".
  • After Kevin leaves without paying:
    Greg: Hey! He forgot to... Eh, what do I care? I'm rich.
  • Greg's reaction to Steven using the word "hate".
    • Steven then uses the word "creep" instead.
  • "I smell what you're steppin' in!" "Ew..."
  • Ronaldo brought a scooter to the car race.
  • This:
    Ronaldo: [watching through binoculars] This is it!
    Jenny: Are they gonna crash?
    Ronaldo: No! We're about to witness the true power of the Supremo!
    Everyone else: Ohhhh.
  • Kevin's temper-tantrum when Stevonnie insists on being a good sport after coming in a close second at the drift race.
  • On a meta level, this episode was probably done entirely so that the Crewniverse could spoof Initial D.

    "Restaurant Wars" 
  • Kofi stands in place behind the door, waiting for Steven to walk in front of his restaurant, before opening it and yelling at Steven.
  • Peedee, ashamed to be wearing a pizza costume, tells Steven not to look at him.
  • Steven laments that Peedee shouldn't blame himself because he was the one who ordered mozzarella sticks in the first place. Peedee bluntly replies that it really is all Steven's fault, then.
  • Fryman making Ronaldo do deliveries. When he complains that he doesn't have a car, Fryman makes him use his wheelie shoes.
  • Kofi offers to sign Steven up for his new VIP customer program... one that involves a massively-long contract and a branding iron.
  • Steven's plan to force a truce by having Ronaldo and Kiki pretend to date is derailed at the last moment when Ronaldo's not-so-imaginary girlfriend shows up.
    • Earlier when they were making plans for Ronaldo and Kiki to pretend to date, Ronaldo mentions his girlfriend, and Jenny responds by whispering, "Where she at, tho?"
    • Said girlfriend is voiced by DeeDee Magno-Hall, aka Pearl.
  • Peedee and Jenny's "WHAAAAA?" reactions to Ronaldo actually having a girlfriend.
  • The fact that, for a brief moment, Ronaldo was the only sane man among the kids when they came up with the girlfriend ploy.
  • Ronaldo calling after his now-ex "Ohime-sama", only for his Wheelie Shoes to give out and cause him to eat boardwalk.
  • Kofi and Mr. Fryman's over-the-top reactions to the food at Steven's "restaurant", complete with Steven doing an Animeesque scoff at how they underestimated him.
    • Much like the last episode, this is an obvious reference to cooking animes, complete with insane recipes and Expospeak on how the meal makes the eaters feel.
    • When Kofi and Mr. Fryman are begging Steven to quit his restaurant, Kofi says this:
      Kofi: There's already a line!
      [cut to Onion standing outside the door]
    • Extra hilarious because it's Onion who wants to eat Steven's culinary inventions, and Onion hates food.
    • "And with pizza on a bagel... you can eat pizza anytime!"
  • Garnet returns after disappearing for a five episode stretch... and just stands in the background saying and doing absolutely nothing until she claps at the very end.
  • The reactions of other people working on the boardwalk.
  • The overly long gag of Ronaldo moping over the loss of his girlfriend. At the end of the episode, he's the only one who is still unhappy.

    "Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service" 
  • Apparently Jenny blew out all four tires on the Pizzamobile trying to play Sour Cream's latest mix on the car stereo.
    Steven: Well, his drops are pretty dirty.
  • "Pizza time!" [Cue Gilligan Cut to Steven sacked-out on the couch after stuffing his face with pizza]
  • Steven and Kiki's reactions to realizing the other one wasn't a dream.
  • Steven's various... cheesy one-liners when fighting off the cheese monsters threatening Kiki in her dreams.
  • Steven falls asleep in the middle of his final talk with Jenny. All she does when noticing is poking him with her broom while confused.
  • The End Of Evangelion reference at the end, with giant pizzas replacing the mass production Evas.

    "Monster Reunion" 
  • After Steven heals M.C. Bear Bear, he runs down the stairs, eager to tell the Gems that his healing powers are back. He then grabs a plate out of Pearl's hands, shouts "Look what I can do!" then throws it on the ground! And then there are Pearl and Amethyst's reactions:
    Amethyst: Alright! It's a Ste-party!
    Pearl: [horrified] What is the meaning of this?!
    • Amethyst then runs off to find other stuff to break.
  • Steven using Puppy-Dog Eyes to get Garnet to allow him to try and un-corrupt Centipeetle. When Pearl asks why they're trying this, Garnet says that she "lost a battle of will".
    • She also sounds slightly annoyed about having lost it too.
    • Steven uses the same move again to spare Centipeetle from being poofed. Again, the Gems cannot resist him.
  • When Steven tries to heal Centipeetle's gem again by kissing it, he forgets that her gem is also her eyeball and his kiss stings her eye. Centipeetle gives Steven a Death Glare for that.
  • Steven stating that his plan didn't quite go the way he wanted. With Centipeetle sitting in the background like a confused bird, it's one hell of an understatement.
  • Steven asks Centipeetle to write her name, so she does and holds up the paper with a big smile. He assumes she can't write, and her smile immediately falls.
    • The Brick Joke when the other Crystal Gems show up at Centipeetle's ship and Pearl shows Steven some similar-looking scribbles to explain how they knew what was going on. Turns out that Gem writing is really scribbly and Centipeetle can write in it really well despite her semi-corrupt state!
  • Amethyst turning into a bug monster to join Centipeetle and her crew.
    Pearl: Amethyst, don't make fun!
    Amethyst: I wasn't... [turns back to normal]

    "Alone at Sea" 
  • Lapis doesn't remember who Greg is, which makes their introduction a bit awkward.
  • Greg and Steven rent Lapis a boat to help her love the water again. This happens.
    Lapis: Steven, I... don't deserve this.
    Steven: Of course you do! We even named her... Li'l Lappy!
    [cut to the boat's new name, crudely taped over the old one — S.S. Misery, with the top of the sign having fallen over; Greg, giving a thumbs up, notices and hastily tries to fix it; Lapis can't help but chuckle]
  • Greg and Steven repeatedly cracking bad puns and then going "Ayyy!" at each other.
  • Lapis having no clue what's going on when Greg pours some OJ into champagne glasses.
  • The fact that Lapis and Steven played with the boat's horn for so long that Steven briefly lost his hearing.
  • Greg hasn't met Lapis since "Ocean Gem", leading to quite a bit of awkwardness when he's reminded.
  • Lapis curb-stomping Jasper: as soon as Steven's in danger, she creates a water fist that goes straight through the boat and sends Jasper flying.
    • Jasper's blasting off agaaaaain!
    • Alternately: WAN PAAAAAWNCH!
    • Also hilarious when you realize that not long before that, Jasper gushed about how she could fly as Malachite. And she did fly again with Lapis' help.
  • Jasper, after passionately pointing out how much bigger and stronger she and Lapis are as Malachite, throwing in that they can fly.

    "Greg the Babysitter" 
  • Vidalia gets some amusing lines:
    • "Oh, you're too cool for mushed-up carrots?"
    • "So, have you done anything lately? Besides worship everything [Rose Quartz] does?"
    • "If anything bad happens to my kid, you'd better pray your space goddess' magic can bring people back from the dead, because I will destroy you."
      • The last quote crosses with Heartwarming in Hindsight when it's revealed in season 5 that Rose turns out to be capable of doing so, as she's implied to have done with Lion, although Greg might worry about the thought of explaining to Vidalia of how he or her baby turned pink and possibly having powers.
  • Even as a baby, Sour Cream is his usual self.
    Greg: So, Sour Cream, you ready to spend the day with your rad Unkie Greg?
    Sour Cream: Meh.
    Greg: You really are Vidalia's son, aren't you?
    • The fact that Baby Sour Cream still has Brian Posehn's deep voice.
    • Even baby Sour Cream's face is hilarious and adorable. The fandom has affectionately dubbed him "Lennybaby" for this reason.
  • Greg's search for a missing Rose and Sour Cream by running through town, looking in a garbage can, and playing an arcade game while calling out for them.
    • Greg eventually finds Rose and Sour Cream, with Rose happily watching Sour Cream climb up a Ferris wheel, which Rose says she let Sour Cream do because he wanted to.
  • Greg's epiphany.
    Greg: Yeah, but I'm not a baby! I don't need someone to feed me or change my clothes! I don't need someone to save me when I climb onto a ferris wheel, and... aww, man... I am a baby.
    Rose: [motherly tone] Do you wanna get down?
    Greg: Yeeeeah...
  • At the end:
    Steven: What ever happened to baby Sour Cream?
    Greg: No one knows...
    [Iris Out on teen Sour Cream in the background]
    Sour Cream: Meh.

    "Gem Hunt" 
  • Early on, Pearl asks "Who's your favorite Gem?" Later on, she seriously considers the possibility that they're not talking to her because of it, tells them it was just a joke, and begs them to refrain from telling Garnet.
  • After a serious moment in which Steven speculates about the corrupted Gems, he decides to lighten the mood by rolling down a nearby hill. Connie, meanwhile, snowboards down the hill on a sheet of bark.
  • Connie repeats some lines from "Do It For Her/Him" (back in "Sworn to the Sword") to prove that she's ready. Pearl then sings the next line at the top of her lungs.
  • There's something darkly humorous about Connie's brief rant about the prospect of civilization's collapse.
  • Connie making tea from Pine Needles. To avoid getting scurvy.
    Steven: Like a pirate!
  • Pearl very loudly telling them not to make any loud noises when they find the Gem monster.
  • Steven's photo-taking routine.
    Jasper: Hey, Rose. Look what I got.
    Steven: [camera phone clicks]
  • Steven and Connie look fine in their group photo at the end. Pearl, however, has her eyes closed.
  • Pearl's extremely high-pitched shriek of "JASPER!"
  • In a meta sense, the fact that this is the first episode in which Jasper leaves on her own accord. In her first appearance ("Jail Break") Lapis dragged her into the sea in a fusion, in ("Alone at Sea") she was punched into the sky by Lapis, and in the one before that ("Super Watermelon Island") she fell down a chasm while unconscious.

    "Crack the Whip" 
  • Pearl forgetting Connie had sword practice.
    • Pearl's hilariously disgruntled face when Amethyst ribs her about it.
  • Amethyst shapeshifting her feet into eyes so she can watch Steven and Connie train without having to sit up.
  • "Snack break! Snack break! Snack break! Snack break!"
  • Amethyst's attempt at trying to pass off for Lars. "Hey, Donut Girl! It's me, Donut Boy."
  • Listen very carefully when Amethyst, Steven, and Connie first enter the donut shop: Sadie is humming the Pepe's Burgers jingle.
  • Lion on the Ferris wheel.
  • Peedee's utter lack of reaction at Steven, Connie, Amethyst & Lion's antics in front of Beach Citywalk Fries, as if to say "Yeah, I stopped being surprised by crap like this long ago."
  • When one of the Gem Beasts from "Gem Hunt" crawls onto the beach and growls at Steven and Connie, Steven awkwardly says "I remember you too, buddy..." while slowly forming a bubble around himself and Connie.
  • Jasper exits by sinking menacingly into the water shortly after giving a We Will Meet Again speech. It's absurd.
    • Stevonnie's reaction to Jasper retreating back into the ocean:
      Stevonnie: Hmm, I guess she lives in the ocean now.

    "Steven vs. Amethyst" 
  • Pearl keeps getting interrupted by Amethyst dropping eggs in the garbage disposal, leading to her just shouting out "JASPER'S BACK, LET'S WORK HARD!"
  • Amethyst making egg salad by dropping eggs in the garbage disposal. She later eats it straight off the disposal and washes it down with a jar of mayo.
  • Pearl's enthusiasm over the Pearl Prize Pouch.
    • The prizes from the Pearl Prize Pouch. First Steven got googly glasses, and later we see him with a harlequin hat.
  • They manage to work in, of all things, a coding joke: Pearl unveils Holo-Pearl Version 2.000001 for training. That means she found a day one bug and immediately patched it. One has to suspect coding in the ability to recognize high-fives was in there somewhere.
  • Holo-Pearl: THE SHARPEST WEAPON IS THE MIND! Real-Pearl: Mmh-hmm, mmh-hmm. Steven: Mmh-hmm, mmh-hmm.
  • Steven and Amethyst's fight to see who's "the worst" eventually degenerates into awkward scrapping. Then the two fall over after trying to punch each other and burst out laughing.
  • The whole fight in general, from the Animesque intro — where both characters boast about how badly they're going to lose — to them angrily complimenting each other mid-battle. Half the things they say while fighting are Funny Moments.
    [Steven gives spikes to his bubbles]
    Amethyst: WHA- Is that new?! [angry] Because it's AWESOME!
    Steven: No! That was an accident! Accidents are not awesome!
  • Steven uses his shield to bifurcate a chunk of the ruins before it can crush Amethyst. Amethyst reacts with indignation that he's trying to help her in the middle of a fight.
    Amethyst: Hey! Don't save m–
    [shield changes direction and hits her in the back of the head]
  • "You've ruined the ruins!"

  • As Steven admonishes Lion for chewing on his Thunder Bird shirt, he says that, if the shirt was destroyed, "how else [is he] going to remember the time [he] rode the Thunder Bird in Funland?" As he says this, he places the shirt next to a "Thunder Bird" button and a picture of himself riding the Thunder Bird.
  • Steven describing Bismuth's gemstone as an "innie".
  • Bismuth wanders around Lion's dimension, lost, until Steven leads her out.
    • From Bismuth's perspective, Steven's head keeps popping in and out of random places in the "grass", like a Whack-a-Mole machine.
  • Bismuth emerges from Lion's mane. The Crystal Gems' reactions:
    • Equally as funny is Lion staring at what's coming out of his mane in total shock.
    • And Lion's expressions as Bismuth is climbing out of his mane. It looks vaguely uncomfortable.
  • "You were in my lion, and now you're in my house!"
  • There's something amusing about the gusto with which Bismuth meets Steven's "new rituals", including badminton (and knocking the birdie into the ground so hard it makes a crater), card games, and eating pizza while watching kung-fu movies.
  • Amethyst wrapping a burrito and a bag of chips inside of an entire pizza, and then attempting to swallow it whole while the Gems are watching TV. As this happens, she looks like a fish gasping for air.
  • Steven repeatedly asking if they're at the Forge yet.

  • Even though we didn't get to see Lapis and Peridot redecorate the barn, the way everything is arranged leaves plenty to the imagination. Special mention goes to the giant silo filling in the hole in the side of the barn and the truck stuck cab-first through the loft door (that is apparently a makeshift balcony/TV watching area)! Combined with the interior of the barn featuring several aquariums — including a vacuum cleaner — one has to imagine the two spent a night going nuts with their Elemental Powers.
    • There's also the random bike pieces embedded in the ground and a tent flying the green Canadian flag first seen on Camp Pining Hearts next to the barn.
  • Peridot is now wearing her stuffed alien's bowtie. Said stuffed alien has a gaping hole in its throat and is floating in their new aquarium.
  • Lapis and Peridot watching Camp Pining Hearts on the truck bed balcony.
    Percy: But Paulette, I need you!
    Peridot: [annoyed] Oh, get over it, Percy. Go make another friendship bracelet.
    Lapis: Seriously...
  • This exchange when Lapis and Peridot want to show Steven and Amethyst the interior of the redecorated barn:
    Peridot: You should see the inside! Lapis, fly us in!
    Lapis: [cheerfully] No.
  • Lapis describes the Meep Morp (aka art) of the leaf Steven gave her in "Same Old World" as a reminder of the time...Steven gave her a leaf. Her delivery of the line and Steven's reaction to it sells it.
    • In the same scene, Steven asks if a TV with car mirrors playing a clip of Percy saying "I just feel trapped" over and over again in repeat is supposed to represent the thousands of years Lapis was trapped in the mirror. Lapis' response?
    • The fact that Lapis made a Meep Morp based on Camp Pining Hearts at all is silly enough.
    • The idea that Peridot has managed to make Lapis a fan of the same show she likes. They've really come a long way from the time Lapis didn't want to even see her.
      • Fridge Brilliance: It could be that Lapis is lampshading the all-devouring nature of fandoms. "I just feel trapped" indeed...
    • In the same vein, the scene's general tongue-in-cheek satire of abstract art is something to behold.
    • Peridot turned the broken tape recorder into a Meep Morp called "Wow, Thanks".
      Peridot: [with an enormous grin and in a completely cheerful tone] It has no functional purpose! It just makes me...feel bad!
    • Just the words Meep Morp. Just say it out loud, "Meep Morp". Now imagine Lapis saying it. Now imagine Lapis inventing the term.
    • Steven's face looks like his far-distance render when Peridot shows him the "Occupied" exhibit.
    • The whole exchange, while also very sweet, is also plain hilarious from Peridot's shouting to Lapis' much more shorter and subdued responses back. Especially when Peridot asks Lapis what season of Camp Pining Hearts she's currently watching before Steven tells her they need to get going.
    • Peridot's last act is to take her bowtie and toss it to Lapis, who just lazily holds up her hand while the bowtie sails over her head, just like when they were playing baseball.
  • The entire Meep Morp exchange is basically a perfect summary of the basic types of people you'll find in an Art Gallery. On one side, you have Peridot representing artists who are pretentious asshats and are not as deep as they think, while Lapis is the one people can't decide is being literal-minded or just lazy. On the audience side, you have Steven who is the guy who's very supportive and sees meaning in everything even if it's not really there, and Amethyst is the one who thinks all of it is just bizarre bull hockey.
  • Jasper is so ridiculously badass that when she emerged, she melted all of the rock around her while flexing her biceps.

  • Jasper notices Peridot and asks what she is doing there. When Peridot says she is a Crystal Gem, Jasper's reaction is to remain completely stone-faced and summon her helmet with the intent of beating the crap out of her.
  • Peridot yelling out praise of the Earth, then squeaking and hiding behind a rock, hoping that Jasper won't notice her.
  • Peridot trying to use her metal powers throughout most of the episode, only being able to make the injector part wiggle a bit. She finally makes it move when she needs to impale Jasper.
  • Due to all of the above, the fight between Amethyst and Jasper takes a little while to get going. Jasper asks if anyone else has "got something to say?"
  • Jasper pointedly ignoring Peridot's attempts to show off her metal powers.
  • As Jasper rants about Rose taking Gems' purposes away, she turns to Peridot.
    Jasper: You've stripped her of everything. Her limb enhancers, her status, her dignity!
    Peridot: I still have one of those things.
    • And since she doesn't specify which, it's possible she's referring to how she still has one limb enhancer left.
  • Peridot talks about all the benefits of Earth, such as how she learned to control metal. Cue the metal bar she couldn't move all episode falling of its own accord.
  • Jasper's Angrish reaction to Steven and Amethyst's fusion: "UGH, WHO ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO BE???"
  • Pretty much everything Smoky Quartz says is hilarious, but a special mention must be made of the casual self-congratulation after they've curbstomped Jasper: "Great job, Smoky! — Thank you, thank you, Smoky." Complete with handshake.
  • Peridot laughing childishly as Smoky Quartz curb-stomps Jasper and she loses most of her army of corrupted Gems.
  • As tragic and horrifying as Jasper's corruption is, Peridot's reaction is pretty funny.
  • Amethyst expressing a desire to not do anything for a month after beating Jasper at last... only to return to the Barn to find the Ruby Squad floating in water bubbles.
    Amethyst: Ugh...

    "Back to the Moon" 
  • Why are the Rubies floating in water bubbles?
    Lapis: They showed up on their little ship acting very angry... so I put them in time out.
  • Pearl's reaction to Steven saying his nicknames for them.
    • The names in itself: Leggy, Army, Navy, Eyeball and... Doc.
  • The entirety of Steven's attempts to find out why the Rubies are here.
    • Leggy has entirely forgotten why they're on Earth.
      Steven: That's okay, I used to forget why we went on missions all the time.
      Leggy: I'll just... go over there then. [awkwardly shuffles out of the way]
    • Army tries to attack Steven.
      Steven: [cheerfully] Good afternoon!
      Army: [charges] I'll tear you limb from limb!
      Garnet: [grabs Army by her shirt scruff and holds her up] Hey, don't be like that.
      Army: [struggles] Rassa frassin...
      Garnet: Awwww... [shoves Army under her arm] Next!
    • Navy does know, but gets Performance Anxiety and shuffles over to the corner with Leggy.
    • Eyeball is... less than helpful.
      Eyeball: I'm not tellin y'all nothin' about nothin'. [closeup on her face] Grrrrr!
  • For some reason Doc losing her temper is really funny.
    Doc: Then you said "She's on Neptune!" So we LOOKED! And she wasn't there! SHE WASN'T! ON! NEPTUNE!
  • Amethyst shapeshifting into Jasper... and the Ruby Squad buying it.
    Amethyst-as-Jasper: YUP! That's me! Always huge, never small! All the... all the time since I was made! [grins]
    • Once again, the Ruby Squad had Amethyst in their sights, and then somehow Failed a Spot Check when she transformed.
  • Amethyst-as-Jasper passing off her coloration as a tan. Eyeball looks suspicious for a moment, and then...
    Eyeball: Stupid Earth sun! [kicks a small clump of dirt] I hate this planet!
    Amethyst-as-Jasper: Curse this planet! [does same]
    [the Ruby squad eagerly joins in, either stomping or kicking the ground and throwing sod in the air; cut to the Crystal Gems all wearing priceless expressions, with the exception of Pearl, who's facepalming]
    • She turned purple because of the ultraviolet rays.
  • Amethyst asks if Peridot and Lapis want to be prisoners and they politely say no. The Rubies see nothing wrong with this picture.
    • As Amethyst asks this, Peridot can be seen grabbing Lapis' arm protectively while glaring at Amethyst. Lapis doesn't look bothered in the slightest.
  • The Rubies' ship follows TARDIS logic.
  • The Crystal Gems pretending to be Jasper's "prisoners". In particular, Pearl goes straight into Large Ham mode.
    Pearl: OF ALL THE INDIGNITIES! Do what you wish to us, but I'll NEVER talk!
    Amethyst-as-Jasper: Pft, I wish.
    Offscreen Ruby: Ha, because she talks too much!
  • Amethyst as "Jasper" offers to let Doc sit in her lap. Eyeball sees this, and sheds a Single Tear of jealousy.
  • A subtle one, but when it looks like the Homeworld Rubies have been fooled, Pearl cheers Amethyst for pulling it off by telling her "I told you you could!", despite earlier saying "There's no way this is gonna work!"
  • Sardonyx's expression as she hits the Ruby fusion with her hammer, knocking them out of the Moon Base, complete with peace signs with her free hands.

  • Steven complaining about how he has no bars even when he's right next to a satellite, and says that he's gonna change his phone plan when he gets back to Earth.
  • In a freeze-frame moment, you can see that each of the other four Rubies have their own comical facial expressions. Doc in particular looks like as if she's been through this before.
  • Eyeball not believing any of Steven's claims that he used to be Rose.
    • "Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me four times... ya already fooled me, and ya can't fool me again..."
  • Steven brings up a pic of Rose Quartz on his phone and holds it up for comparison, even making an expression similar to Rose. A shojou-esque background of rose petals even appears, complete with Bishie Sparkle. Eyeball still isn't convinced.
  • Hurtling through an asteroid field, Steven and Eyeball freak out at an incoming large one — only for it to turn around and reveal itself to be doughnut-shaped as they harmlessly pass right through.
    Steven: Oh? Oh.
    • After Eyeball takes a rock to the gem which cracks it, Steven's freaking out in worry about her while she tries to shrug it off. Eyeball's form then destabilizes before she can finish her sentence — as she turns into an even smaller self with all of her limbs coiled in, looking like a floating cube person with an afro. It's enough to cause her to briefly flip out and lose form altogether for a second.
    • Steven asks Eyeball "What's wrong?" in response to her doubling over in pain and her body flickering. Eyeball just shoots him a flat glare as she shows him the very obvious answer.
    • Her reaction to Steven licking her gem.
      Eyeball: WHAT was THAT supposed to be?
  • Eyeball's final decision to attack Steven soon devolves into the two of them running in circles around the walls of the bubble.
    Eyeball: I'm gonna take your gem and bring it back!
    Steven: What– NO! Please don't take my gem! [suddenly confused] Wait, what would even happen to me?
  • Eyeball's darkly hilarious face and chewing on her chisel as she fantasizes about getting her own Pearl.


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