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"I am a flaming Moltres!"

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    Running Gags 

    Indigo League 
  • "Pokémon — I Choose You!":
    • This gem.
      Ash: Is it because you don't like me?
      Pikachu: [nods his head] Pika Pika.
      Ash: Well I like you a lot. And since you're the first Pokémon I'm training, don't you think you could be a little nicer and open your mouth and tell me what's wrong?
      Pikachu: [opens his mouth; you can see his teeth] CHAAAAAAAAAAAA!
      Ash: Uh. That's not... exactly... what I meant...
    • Pikachu refuses to get inside his Pokéball, and just keeps smacking it back into Ash's hand with his tail, without even looking at him or changing expression. In addition, Delia misinterprets his actions as playing catch with Ash.
    • When Delia mentions how Pikachu is a little weird, Pikachu looks pissed off (complete with a speech bubble with a skull and crossbones appearing over him), and he promptly shocks the crap out of everyone present.
    • Ash's attempt to catch a Pidgey using his jacket instead of a Pokéball.
      Ash: [sneaks up on Pidgey hiding his face behind his jacket] Hi, little friend... SORRY, BUDDY!
    • Ash's food is stolen by a Rattata. The Pokédex identifies it:
      Pokédex: A forest Pokémon, Rattata. It likes cheese, nuts, fruits and berries.
      Ash: Yeah, but this isn't a forest, it's an open field.
      Pokédex: It also comes out into open fields to steal food from stupid travelers.
      Ash: That means I-I'm stupid?
      [Pikachu laughs hysterically]
  • "Ash Catches a Pokemon":
    • When Ash, Misty, Pikachu, and Caterpie are settling down for the night, Misty tells Ash to shut up while they're preparing for bed. Ash's response? "Don't let the bed bugs bite!" The way Ash delivers that comeback is hilarious!
    • Misty to Ash: "Pidgeotto is a bird! Caterpie is a worm! Birds eat worms, Mr. Pokémon Master!"
    • Caterpie using string shot on Meowth and turning him into a mummy.
  • In the episode "The Challenge Of The Samurai", Samurai and Ash, after battling with other Pokemon, wind up getting into something of a Metapod-based freudian pissing contest where they both have Metapod out and do nothing but order them to use harden, for what's implied to be several hours on end. And both of them take it completely seriously. What seals it is Misty's reaction: sunbathing with Pikachu.
    Samurai: Metapod! Harden like his!
    Ash: Maximum hardness, Metapod!
    [cut to the sunbathing]
    Ash: More power, Metapod! Samurai's is weakening!
    Samurai: Harder! You're the stronger Metapod!
    Ash: A little more!
    [by this point, Misty and Pikachu have finished their sunbathing]
    Misty: We could be stuck in this forest for the rest of our lives. Boys can be so stubborn.
    Ash: Don't... give... up...
    Misty: You two are more hardheaded than your Metapods!
  • "Showdown in Pewter City" has Team Rocket setting up a pitfall trap at the start of the episode - then forgetting where they placed it, which leads to them falling into it, getting buried seconds later. They reemerge at the end of the episode, only to be trampled on by Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu.
    James: I told you I'd get us all out of this!
    Jessie: This was all... [the three are all stepped on by our heroes] ...your fault! Buried alive and trampled...
    Jessie & James: We've hit rock bottom! [the three of them all fall back into the pit]
  • From "Clefairy and the Moon Stone":
  • "The Water Flowers of Cerulean City":
    • When Jenny threatens to arrest Ash and Brock:
      Officer Jenny: Or maybe you're a burglar who broke out of jail!?
      Ash: I've never been to jail!
      Brock: Neither have I, ma'am!
    • Pikachu refuses to fight Misty during Ash's Cerulean gym battle. The humor is not so much the refusal as how Ash was about to throw him into the arena overhand, like a Pokéball.
    • Towards the end, Team Rocket is blasted off again by an electrical blast fired by Pikachu while trying to get away from the Rockets' vacuum cleaner. They end up getting sucked up before Pikachu does, and as they're blown out the other side, there's a quick shot of the Sensational Sisters' Seel, who had been sucked up right before Pikachu fell into the water, right next to the exit point bidding them adieu.
    • Misty's sisters deciding to award Ash the Cascade badge for defeating Team Rocket. Misty whines about it and Daisy points out that if Pikachu had been willing to battle, Misty would've lost. Then Ash and Misty argue about it at the end.
    Ash: Misty, you're not gonna be a sore loser about this are you?
    Misty: I didn't lose anything! It was a draw!
    Ash: Well, I'm the one who got the badge!
    Misty: What?! You lost with Butterfree!
    Ash: That was round one! I made a great comeback!
    Misty: If Team Rocket hadn't busted in, I would've destroyed you!
    Ash: You're lucky they showed up, you were about to lose!
    Misty: Lose?! I was just getting started!
    Ash: Oh yeah?!
    Misty: Oh yeah!
    Brock: Oh, brother...
  • Meowth biting Sandshrew in "The Path to the Pokémon League", only to break his teeth:
    Jessie: Stop pussyfooting around!
    Meowth: Just biting my time!

    Meowth: OW! The moment of tooth!
  • In "The School of Hard Knocks":
    • Pretty much everyone swooning when they first see Giselle (or a picture). Yes, even Ash. Complete with a dig at Misty (as Ash says, "girls who treat you bad and look even worse") which triggers her Berserk Button.
    • The reactions of the ones who don't: Jessie points out she has an even bigger ego than them, Meowth claiming that he's cuter, and Misty growing increasingly angry 'til she goes Godzilla. Even better: after claiming to be cuter, Meowth gets sent blasting off by Jessie and James via Megaton Punch and later crashes back down just in time for their motto.
    • Pikachu accidentally turning on the treadmill and then trying to run it. Then Brock accidentally speeds it up, sending Pikachu tumbling. Pikachu kicks it after getting back up, only to end up hurting his foot. And the crew has no idea this is going on since they're listening to Brock ramble on about Pokémon Tech.
    • Team Rocket tunneling into Pokémon Tech and only then realizing that they're now outnumbered three to one. To make things even more humiliating, they get sent packing not in a battle, but by the students pelting them with Poké Balls.
  • "Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village" features this Lampshade Hanging exchange from Team Rocket after they fall into one of the traps surrounding the village, right after Ash comments (as a dig at Misty) that one would have to be pretty stupid to fall into one of those traps:
    Jessie: This is the third hole we've fallen into! How come whenever we make traps, no one falls into them?! We always fall into theirs!
    James: Well, I thought this one was pretty strategic in its placement.
    Meowth: [meows painfully]
  • "Here Comes the Squirtle Squad":
  • "Mystery at the Lighthouse":
  • "Electric Shock Showdown":
    • Lt. Surge's priceless Flat "What" upon Pikachu avoiding Raichu's attack by grinding its tail against the ground.
    • There's also Team Rocket and their snarky commentary.
    Brock: [on Pikachu] It used its tail as a ground, and dodged the electric shock!
    Jessie: [from outside] What a shocking story.
    James: That was quite a... tail.
    Meowth: [slaps them both over the head] And now you've both been pun-ished.
    • Brock, after seeing Team Rocket's cheer:
    Brock: That was really disturbing.
    • As Ash leaves for a rematch against Surge:
    Ash: My lucky star is shining today!
    Misty: [holds onto Ash's extended arm with one hand while holding the other up to her eyes for shade as she looks into the distance] Where? I don't see it! How can you see a star in the middle of the day?
    Ash: Arrgh! I don't mean it's actually shining!
  • "Battle Aboard the St. Anne":
    • James and Jessie disguise themselves as two stereotypical teenage girls who hand out their tickets to the ship for free to Ash and co., marking the first time in the series James is Disguised in Drag. While Jessie talks to them, James constantly joins in by saying the word "Cool!" in the most girly voice he can come out with. Much later after successfully giving the tickets to Ash and friends, Jessie notes how their plan worked, then James follows it up with a question and Hilarity Ensues after:
      James: [in his girly voice] Like, don't I make the coooolest girl?
      Jessie: Grrrr! [smacks James on the head with a mallet]
      James: [girly voice] Ooow!
      Jessie: Stop acting like an ignoramus!
      James: [normal voice] Ooow...
    • After their speech, Ash turns to Misty and says "Do you know anyone who says "radical" anymore?"
    • Ash's excited reaction when the Gentleman asks if anyone else wants to challenge his Raticate.
    • James's Imagine Spot when he thinks all the Pokémon they will be stealing will be just for him and Jessie.
    • The Magikarp Salesman tricking James into buying a Magikarp, and James' Imagine Spot and excited voice and laugh.
    • Ash, Pikachu, Misty and Brock eating extremely fast at the buffet at the beginning of the second act.
    • Brock lusting over the Gentleman's beautiful female partner (of course).
    • Jessie and Meowth's reactions to James buying the worthless Magikarp.
    Meowth: WHAT A DOPE!
    James: But you don't understand! Magikarp is a gold mine! Even its PokéBall is solid gold!
    Meowth: IT'S JUST GOLD-PLATED! (slashes the gold PokéBall, revealing the red-and-white regular paint underneath)
    Jessie: Magikarp is a no-talent Pokémon that can do nothing but flop around! How can you possibly expect to sell it?
    James: I was tricked!
    Jessie: How'd you get the money for it, anyway?
    James: Well, the advance on my salary didn’t quite cover it. So I…
    Jessie: So you did what?
    James: I used the advance on your salary.
  • "Pokemon Shipwreck":
    • We get two problematic Team Rocket mottos:
      • First, they say the lines up to their names while lounging on a beach. James then remarks about the blazing sun, until they wake up to find themselves laying under a burning stove.
      • Then, after they're saved by Misty's Goldeen from drowning, they spit up water and wearily say the beginning of their motto.
    • After Ash and company save Team Rocket from drowning, Pikachu snaps his fingers in disappointment when Meowth was the last to revive. Meaning, Pikachu actually wished for Meowth to bite the dust.
    • Then there is the reaction to them getting up all ghouly-looking. The three heroes and Pikachu all scream and yell "ZOMBIES!" with both Jessie and James looking insulted.
      James: Who are you calling zombies?!
      Jessie: We are not zombies!
  • "Island of the Giant Pokémon":
    • Jessie and James doing their introduction speech while talking to Giovanni on the phone.
    • First you have Squirtle suggesting the "fate" of his trainer and Charmander and Pikachu telling him off.
    • Ekans and Koffing invoking Punch-Clock Villain and refusing Meowth's orders to capture Pikachu, saying Pokémon only do bad things because their masters are bad. Then when Meowth tries to coax them into it by picking a fight with Ash's Pokémon, they sit by drinking tea.
    • Then later on, everyone's at an "Oden" stand lamenting their fate. Pikachu is comforting Ekans and Koffing (who are pretty upset) while Charmander looks on. What are Meowth, Squirtle and Bulbasaur doing? Well, both of them have clearly been drinking alcohol as Meowth's passed out and a very red-faced Bulbasaur is going off at Squirtle!
    • Ash, the gang and Team Rocket are in a rail car going at top speed with their Pokemon trying to catch up to them.
      Ash: Stop the car right now!
      Jessie: Uh, we can't do that.
      James: [holds up the brake lever] We can't stop! The brake's broken!
      Ash: Gimme a break!
    • Not to mention how Team Rocket starts predicting what happens at the end of their rail car ride.
  • At the end of "Tentacool and Tentacruel", Misty makes the V-sign toward the camera while holding her new Pokémon, Horsea, and Ash complains, "Wait a minute, that's supposed to be my pose!"
  • "The Ghost at Maiden's Peak":
    • Anything involving the Gastly, from the Venustoise illusion, to the quip about making some quick bucks by helping the spirit maiden. Plus, this exchange:
      Gastly: What is that?
      Misty: It's a cross! I also got garlic, a hammer and a stake!
      Gastly: Ugh! What do I look like, a vampire or something?
      Extra funny: he kinda does, with fangs and all.
    • When James meets the old woman:
      Old Woman: I see a young and beautiful woman who will lead you to a cruel fate!
      James: I don't need a fortune teller to know that, some woman is always causing me trouble. It's a curse. [sigh]
      Jessie: [clearly offended] Who do you mean?
    • How does Jessie manage to save James from the ghost maiden? By shooting a rocket launcher at her! And then there's this little exchange:
      James: You really do care!
      Jessie: It's not because of you. Girls like her disgust me, always waiting around for her man as if she were his faithful pet. She can't stand the thought of losing him. She cries, but I'd say "See you later!" There are plenty more fish in the sea.
      Meowth: I could sure go for some fish.
  • From "Bye Bye Butterfree": "He's gonna shock us!"
  • "The Tower of Terror":
    • On their way to the Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town, Brock accidentally pulls Pikachu's tail, and gets electrocuted and scares Misty. Then Ash says it scared him too, enough to turn him into a ghost, and turns around with his face replaced by a skull. The others are not amused to the point where Pikachu electrocutes him.
    • Charmander uses his flame powers to light a candle but accidentally torches Brock in the process. Brock then yells at Charmander. And even Pikachu can't help but laugh. What makes it even funnier is that it's vaguely similar to this moment from "The Muppet Christmas Carol".
    • The Ghost Pokémon expressions from the same episode. Especially the eyeballs.
  • "Haunter vs. Kadabra:"
    • As Sabrina's father is explaining his daughter's backstory to Ash, he shows him a picture of their family.
      Ash: Sabrina had this picture of her family in her room. If you have the same picture, then that must mean you're...
      Sabrina's father: [thinking] Does he know? He must have figured it out by now. After everything I've said, he must have figured out the truth about Sabrina and me. He must realize that I'm Sabrina's father.
      Ash: Then that must mean you're a photographer!
      Sabrina's father: [flies off the bench]
    • Haunter defeats Sabrina... through comedy routines.
    • Later, after Ash has defeated Sabrina...
      Ash: But if you've known Sabrina since she was a little girl, then that means...
      Sabrina's father: So you figured it out, eh?
      Ash: Then you must have taken her baby pictures too!
      Sabrina's father: [facefault] HOW DENSE CAN A PERSON BE?!?
      [Ash just looks at him, clueless; he recomposes himself by clearing his throat]
    • When James unveils his "deadly weapon that's been perfected over thousands of years" to capture Pikachu: a fishing net.
      Meowth: Ya mean THAT'S your secret weapon?!
      James: It takes a genius to realize a fishing net is the perfect weapon!
      Jessie: Oh, James, it's the greatest discovery since Einstein invented the lightbulb!
      Jessie and James: [dancing and singing] Even greater than the chicken who invented the egg! [a giant egg falls on top of them and squashes them]
      James: [recovered] All of us TRUE geniuses know, of course, that it was actually the egg that preceded the chicken.
      Jessie: [recovered] Of course! I knew that. I had just... forgotten.
      Meowth: [irritated] Now ya got my brain scrambled! Let's cut the egg-splanations and capture Pikachu!
    • Haunter's attempts at making Team Rocket laugh. Jessie does her able best to resist - until she can't anymore, and the screen cracks to symbolize her cracking.
      Meowth: [as he, Jessie and James plummet to the street far below, while Jessie continues to laugh hysterically] She's gonna die laughing!
  • "Primeape Goes Bananas":
    • This is pretty much a crowning episode of funny, with Mankey beating Ash up when he's about to reach for his hat, throwing a rice ball (or donut, if you'll believe the English dub) into Ash's Pokéball when he tries to catch it, and mimicking his signature "turn cap and toss ball" move just to tick him off, but the funniest example probably happens right after it evolves. After somehow forgetting they were terrified a second ago, Jessie commands the Pokémon to attack the twerps. Primeape does NOT take kindly to this dismissal, and punches her so hard she flies into a rock, and gets buried to the neck.
    • The look on Ash's face before he sics Primeape on Team Rocket is priceless.
  • "Pokémon Scent-sation!":
    Misty: I wish Ash could have heard it.
    Ash: [normal voice] I heard it.
    • Then Pikachu picks up on this and, when ordered to be quiet, shocks Ash, blowing his cover.
    • Later when the Celadon Gym is set on fire thanks to Team Rocket, everyone's frantically trying to put out the fire and Pikachu uses a watering can to extinguish a flower.
  • "Hypno's Naptime":
    • This exchange at the sight of Magikarp that has basically been rendered comatose.
      Nurse Joy: Even Magikarp is affected, and usually it's so full of life.
      [the poor fish flops over, completely still]
      Misty: The magic has disappeared!
      Ash: Looks like it's ready for the deli counter.
    • When Team Rocket arrive and show that they have lassos, which can easily capture Drowzee & Hypno.
      James: I don't get it, why didn't we do this from the beginning!?
      Jessie: We have to fill a Half Hour!
    • At the end, we have Misty accidentally catching Psyduck. She trips and a Pokéball falls out of her bag. The Psyduck just touches it with its beak and immediately gets captured.
      Misty: Oh, no! Now it's in my Pokéball?!
      Ash: Good work, Misty; you captured Psyduck.
      Misty: Ohhh! Now I've got the headache!
      Narrator: And so, Misty effortlessly captured Psyduck, and the mysteries were all solved. Congratulations.
      Misty: DON'T CONGRATULATE ME!!!!
  • There is a place in "Hypno's Naptime" called... *snicker*... Hop Hop Hop Town! It's actually a literal translation of its Japanese name, Yoyoyo Town.
  • "Pokemon Fashion Flash":
  • "The Punchy Pokémon":
  • "Dig Those Diglett!": Diglett and Dugtrio's noises whilst they work are surprisingly catchy. Jessie and James think so, too:
    Diglett & Dugtrio: Diglett-dig, Diglett-dig, TRIO-TRIO-TRIO! Diglett-dig, Diglett-dig...
    Jessie & James: TRIO-TRIO-TRIO!
    • Moments before that, the construction man tries to attack the Digletts ala "Whack a Mole" style.
    • And when Gary throws a Poke Ball at one, only for it to politely return it to him. Even better? He embarrassedly thanks it! Then freaks out.
  • "The Ninja Poké-Showdown":
    • Jessie and James say their motto Large Ham style in kabuki costumes and full makeup, only to ditch the costumes not even a minute later when it turns out they can't move in them.
    • After Psyduck has already irritated Misty by popping out of her ball when she called for Starmie and then latching onto her leg when she told it to fight anyway, the Pokémon gets a chance to demonstrate two of its attacks: Tail Whip, which is no more damaging than a small dog's wagging tail, and Scratch, which it attempts to use on Jessie's Arbok but succeeds only in getting its head lodged between Arbok's jaws, which makes its headache worse and causes it to run around in circles shrieking in pain. The music playing when Psyduck realizes its head is stuck in Arbok's mouth helps make the scene even funnier.
    Misty: Oh, what a totally pathetic Pokémon! Now it's giving me a headache!
    • Koga pulls a lever and a whole bunch of Voltorb fall down the ceiling shafts and in front of Team Rocket.
    Meowth: What are they?
    Jessie: I don't know, but they're in the way! (flings a net at the Voltorbs and reels them in) This is a nice little catch!
    Meowth: (holding one Voltorb in his paw) I dunno what these things are, but I can use 'em to practice my bowlin' game!
    James: Th-Th-Th-THAT'S A VOLTORB!
    Meowth: A Voltorb? (The Voltorb in his paw spins around to face him as it prepares to self-destruct) AAH! (KABOOM!)
    • Even Meowth gets increasingly annoyed and exasperated by Psyduck's jabbering.
      Meowth: What's with this loser Pokémon?
      Misty: Psyduck, you're just gonna get hurt out there! Return! (tries recalling Psyduck into his Poke Ball, to no avail.) Arrrgh!
      (Meowth stares in bewilderment as Psyduck continues jabbering. Then he begins to fume.)
      Meowth: Grrrrrrr! (kicks Psyduck in the butt) YOU'RE IN THE WAY!
      • James then suggests that they steal Psyduck, and Meowth stops him and swats Psyduck away. Misty is aghast.
      James: Hey, let's snatch this Pokémon, too!
      Meowth: We don't need Pokémon like that! [whacks Psyduck away with a hockey stick; Psyduck continues to sprint in circles while babbling insanely]
      Misty: Even rejected by Team Rocket?!
  • "The Flame Pokémon-athon!":
    • Pikachu enters the eponymous race (never mind why they allowed a Pokémon as a contestant), his ride being Squirtle. At one point, Squirtle is trudging along, panting for breath under Pikachu.
      Race Announcer: Bringing up the rear are Pikachu and Squirtle! But slow and steady may not be enough to win this race.
    • Electrode may be the single fastest Pokémon in the original 151, but the episode does a good job showing us what using one in a race would be like: even more Epic Fail.
    • When Team Rocket reveals themselves during the race, everyone is glaring at them with determined stances. Everyone except Squirtle and Pikachu, who're ignoring them to chow down on the food the racing Pokemon are supposed to eat.
    • Misty comparing the Rocket Trio to The Three Stooges, which royally ticks off Jessie.
  • In "The Legend of Dratini", Ash is at the Safari Zone, which is a familiar place to all who played the game. He got 30 Safari Balls. What does he have at the end? 30 Tauros. Could also be a moment of awesome from another viewpoint, since in-game Tauros is one of the rarest Pokémon in the Safari Zone.
  • "The Bridge Bike Gang":
    • How about the irony of the situation that they are in; Ash destroyed Misty's Bike early in the series, and now they have to go through a bridge that NEEDS said bike. Not that the bike could have carried all of them.
    • Charmander using his Flamethrower on Chopper's Golem. Chopper orders Golem to Tackle, and Golem rolls, still encased in flames. Charmander dodges as everyone is scared to see the rolling ball of fire roll towards them and they run with their buttocks on fire from Golem. Chopper is forced to recall Golem back into his Poké Ball... but with Golem still on fire, Chopper starts yelping and tossing his Poke Ball like a Hot Potato. Ash and Charmander are quite amused to say the least.
    • When Tyra steps up to battle Ash using her Cloyster, Misty butts in declaring she ought to have this battle since Water types are her specialty. She prepares to call out Starmie, only for Psyduck to pop out of his ball instead. Misty reluctantly lets it battle, hoping that it'll get a headache strong enough to unleash its psychic powers on Cloyster and win the match. Cue Misty's biggest Humiliation Conga ever, with Psyduck making itself the Butt-Monkey and the entire bike gang laughing their asses off at it. At the very end, Cloyster uses Clamp on Psyduck but still no headache, so Misty's ready to throw the rented bike onto Psyduck in order to get it to fight back!
    • At the end of the episode, Chopper and Tyra give Ash and Misty honorary nicknames as thanks for their deeds.
    Chopper: [to Ash] From now on, we're calling you "Awesome Ash"!
    Tyra: [to Misty] "Mighty Misty"!
    Ash: [bashful] Aw gee, I'm not that awesome...
    Brock: [to Tyra, grabbing her hand] You could call me "Honey"! [gets slapped in the face]
  • The Ditto from "Ditto's Mysterious Mansion".
    • Jessie shows Ditto a photo of her very first true love whom she wants to see as an adult. Ditto transforms into the boy in the photo without even making him look like an adult, and even LICKS Jessie's face! Even James and Meowth can't help but crack up, even if they have to get bitch slapped for it.
    • When Jessie demands that it turn into a Dratini, it turns into the book the Dratini is pictured in instead.
    • Then there's Ash and friends' imitation of Team Rocket's motto, complete with Duplica saying "ignite" instead of "unite". Jessie and James's reaction is priceless. The Japanese is equally funny, with Misty referring to the group as "The lovely, charming protagonists" instead of "villains" and Brock substituting "Roketto-dan" with "Poketto-dan" - literally "Team Pocket".
  • "The Battling Eevee Brothers!":
    • Misty royally pisses off Jessie, who starts spewing fire after gaining about five Cross-Popping Veins. Meowth's reaction is gold:
      Meowth: Wow! Jessie just evolved into a Flareon!
    • Ash, Misty, and Brock watch the Eevee brothers praising Mikey.
      Misty: That's so sweet. It must be nice to have big brothers.
      Ash: You could pass for my brother.
      [Misty slugs Ash who falls to the ground, moaning]
      Brock: Grasshopper have little sense, but big mouth.
      Pikachu: [mimicking Brock's pose] Pika-pika.
  • In "Wake Up Snorlax!", Ash, his friends, and Team Rocket are attempting to wake a sleeping Snorlax when one of them comes up with the idea of invoking True Love's Kiss. After a failed and undesired attempt by Psyduck, Team Rocket prepares for their attempt. While it turns out to be Meowth in princely regalia, and his attempt gets an explicit negative reaction from the Snorlax, it's better than the alternative.
    Ash: Which Pokémon are they going to pick?
    Brock: The same ones they always use.
    [they, and the audience, are promptly assaulted by the image of being kissed by Arbok and Weezing]
    Misty: That Snorlax would have nightmares.
    Ash: I'd have nightmares too if I saw lips like that.
  • "Showdown at Dark City":
    • Despite it not being the punchline, Misty's fake name from the Swedish dub:
      Brock: Caesar Salad.
      Misty: Ann Ananas. (Anne Pineapple, also a possible reference to Anna Book, the voice actress.)
      Ash: Tom Atsås. (Tom Atosauce.)
    • It's even funnier in the English dub, where Misty's name is "Ann Chovie".
      "Thank you for your wisdom and advice, Tom Ato!"
    • Pikachu and ketchup. There's a reason why it became the rodent's Trademark Favorite Food after this episode. The scenario involving the ketchup was pretty hilarious as well. The leader of the Yas gym has his Scyther attack Pikachu to see if they're gym material. Scyther ends up hitting the bottle, causing ketchup to squirt all over its eyes and send it into a red-induced frenzy. The gym leader assumes Pikachu was just that strong, while he's crying over his beloved bottle of ketchup. Even better is that prior to this scene, we see Scyther looking like a total badass, cutting down structures and sitting with its blades folded... only for it to be thwarted by a sauce.
    • When asked to help one of the prospective gyms attack the other gym, Ash refuses and goes into a speech about how this gym is just as reprehensible. As he turns to walk away, feeling good about the speech he just gave, he slips on the aforementioned ketchup and falls flat on his face.
  • "The Problem with Paras":
    • The entire premise is funny given that Paras is a total wimp with a bad case of Minor Injury Overreaction, leading to Pikachu and Squirtle attempting to fight as weakly as possible.
    • The parts with Meowth wanting to help Cassandra with evolving Paras, and insulting Arbok and Weezing in the process.
    • A Moment of Awesome with Paras landing a Non-Lethal K.O. sucker punch on Charmeleon.
  • "The Song of Jigglypuff":
    • In the beginning, the Rocket trio runs into trouble with some of the citizens of Neon Town. Although it's cut from syndication, yet kept on the VHS release of the episode, James has a man jump on top his head and smack him and Jessie ends up getting spanked by a large, fat woman.
    • The episode introduces one of the great running gags of the show. Jigglypuff sings its lullaby which puts everyone to sleep. Jigglypuff gets mad and pulls out a marker to draw on everyone's faces.
    • Team Rocket tries to record Jigglypuff's voice so they can weaponize the lullaby. Not only do they fall asleep during the recording, they only manage to record their own snores.
    • Ash and his friends try to see if any of their Pokemon can listen to Jigglypuff's song without falling asleep. At first it seems Psyduck is the only one who can stay awake. Turns out it was just sleeping with its eyes open.
    • At the end of the episode, Jigglypuff starts following Ash and his crew around. In every subsequent appearance, it comes out of nowhere to sing its song. Cue Mass "Oh, Crap!" from everyone when it shows up.
    • Team Rocket's new song, which doubles as Awesome Music.
  • "Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon!":
    • James chuckles as if he had some ingenious plan to get them out of the cave. When Jessie gets excited, James simply gives a nonchalant "Hmm? We're all doomed!" Jessie is rightfully pissed.
    • At the end of the episode, Team Rocket is trapped in a cave with the fossil Pokémon that terrorized them in the last half of the episode. This dialogue occurs:
    Jessie: Hey there, somebody help us!
    James: We don't want to be extinct, too!
    [Aerodactyl rubs its eyes]
    Meowth: Shhh, you're gonna wake it up!
    Jessie & James: Rock-a-bye Dactyl, please don't eat ussss...
    [James sneezes]
    Aerodactyl: Aerooooo...?
  • In "A Chansey Operation", Ash and friends are made to assist a doctor in treating Pokémon that have been injured in a car accident. Unfortunately, some of the patients aren't very cooperative.
    Doctor Proctor: [reading from a card] Dodrio, a Triple Bird Pokémon. Its three heads represent joy, sorrow, and anger.
    Ash: Uh... All three heads look pretty angry to me.
  • "Holy Matrimony":
    • The episode's beginning, as Team Rocket read the sign with James' picture on it:
      Jessie: Hmmm...this kid looks a lot like you.
      James: You think so? He looks pathetic.
      Meowth: That's what she means, James.
    • James is trying to avoid being dragged back to his mansion home by Jessie and Meowth. Not wanting anyone to know about his past life, he makes up a fake tragic story about running away in his childhood, in the winter, with only his faithful Growlithe by his side. Somehow, it ends with him freezing to death. Dog of Flanders, anyone? Cue the heartwrenching music and waterfall tears.
      Jessie: That's such a sad ending!
      Meowth: That poor kid!
      Brock: I can't believe James is gone!
      Ash: I miss him!
      Misty: [the only one not crying] Hmph... JAMES IS STANDING RIGHT HERE!
      James: Ah, that's right! [Jessie and Meowth stare at him] What? D'oh! I'M ALL MIXED UP! [sobbing]
    • How completely NOT surprised James is when his parents are revealed to have faked their deaths. A stark contrast to Jessie and Meowth who are terrified—not even reacting when James' parents say the first two lines of their Team Rocket motto.
    James' Father: Prepare for trouble!
    James' Mother: Yes, dear, and make it double!
    Jessie: Th-th-they're- They're- They're...
    Meowth: THEY'RE GHOSTS!
    James' Mother: Oh, James, we're so happy you've come back home!
    James' Father: And you're wearing a suit!
    Jessie: They're either alive...
    Meowth: Or they're solid ghosts!
    James: [grumbles and removes the gag from his mouth] They're not ghosts, you furry imbecile! It's just like them to pull a stunt like this to get me to come back home!
    Meowth: Wait. Does that mean...
    Jessie: You really don't have amnesia?
    James: Huh?! Uh... Who am I? Where am I?!
    Meowth: What's all this junk?
    Jessie: What kinda inheritance is this?!
    Meowth: It looks like a lotta weird gym equipment!
    James: Don't you fools get it?! Jessebelle tricked you two into coming down here!
    Meowth: How'd she spot us?
    James: IMBECILES!
    • A moment later, Jessebelle is chasing James around the room with a bullwhip. His parents are calmly sitting at a garden table in the middle of the room, drinking tea. And the twerps are also watching this spectacle.
      James' Father: Those two were made for each other. Just like you and I, precious.
      James' Mother: It's a perfect match.
      Ash: Shouldn't we try to help him?
      Brock: Nah, I don't like to get involved in these little family squabbles.
    • Jessie and James share a heartfelt moment on their hot air balloon. And then...
      Meowth: HEY, WAIT! You forgot Meowth again!
  • In "Who Gets To Keep Togepi?", Team Rocket temporarily gets ahold of the unhatched Togepi's egg. Meowth cares for it like it was his own child, but James constantly makes crass comments and jokes about eating it, which leads up to this:
    Meowth: [polishing the egg with a cloth] Rise and shine, my little eggy-poo. Meowth's gonna make you nice and shiny 'cause we got a lot of inca-batin' to do.
    James: [hands Meowth a plate with scrambled eggs on it] Here.
    Meowth: What's this?
    James: Your scrambled eggs.
    Meowth: [turns furious, then hits James with a frying pan] I told you ta lay off the E-G-G-S! How could ya be so insensitive, ya numbskull?!
  • "The Ultimate Test":
    • This gem during the second test. The second test is to test on their ability to recognize a Pokémon. When the Instructor gives them their first question, which shows a round shadow...
      Instructor: Identify this Pokémon!
      Ash: This is going to be a breeze for me. It's a Voltorb!
      James: Ah, it's simple. It's a Pokéball without a doubt.
      Jessie: It's obviously an Electrode.
      Instructor: And the answer is a... [picture reveals a Jigglypuff] Jigglypuff, seen from above!
      All Three: HUH?!
      Special mention to the Instructor's expression upon revealing the answer.

      To make this even funnier, the Japanese airing actually used this on their equivalent to the Who's That Pokémon? bumper.note 
    • Ash is given a Weezing in a test where trainers are tasked to fight with random Pokémon and actually does pretty well, with Brock noting that "even Team Rocket could win if they fought like that." Cut to Team Rocket scribbling furiously in notebooks.
      James: Hurry, take notes, take notes!
    • Ash's reactions to finding out during the battle portion he's got the same Pokemon Team Rocket uses, and yelling at Todd/Snap not to take any pictures when Todd snaps a picture of him with Weezing.
    • Ash not knowing what moves Meowth has, and Team Rocket's Meowth's angry reaction.
  • In "The Breeding Center Secret", after meeting Cassidy and Butch for the first time and hearing their copycat motto, Meowth complains that it's theirs and how "It took us months to find a motto we could swipe!"
  • At the end of "Volcanic Panic", the gang talks about going back to Viridian City to get Ash's last badge, and this conversation ensues.
    Misty: Gee, I wonder what I was so mad at you about anyway... [Ash looks terrified]
    Brock: Don't you remember? You were mad at Ash because he destroyed your—
    Ash: [flailing wildly] ALALALALALALALALALA! That's ancient history! Let's hit the road to Viridian City! [walks off, humming]
    Misty: I remember now!! You're gonna pay me back for that bike, Ash Ketchum!!! [runs after him, with Brock following her]
  • "Beach Blank-Out Blastoise":
    • When the trio and Pikachu arrive on an island full of turtle Pokémon, Ash and Squirtle examine a Blastoise shell and immediately fall asleep. In an attempt to wake them up, Misty orders Pikachu to thundershock them. Ash and Squirtle are not happy.
    • Later, when they're saving Team Rocket, Jessie is less than thankful.
      Jessie: Just what do you think you're doing?!
      Misty: Don't you give us any attitude, we just saved your slimy lives!
      James: Well, I'm grateful.
      Jessie: (slaps James) They're our mortal enemies! How dare you be grateful they saved your life!
      Ash: I almost feel sorry for that guy.
  • In "Battle of the Badge", when Team Rocket show Togepi to Giovanni. His face is priceless. Then he asks what does Togepi do. The trio pause for several minutes, because they have no idea what type of powers Togepi has!
    Jessie: Well, uh... It'd make a handsome paper weight.
  • In "It's Mr. Mime Time", Team Rocket tries to capture a Mr. Mime. They realize they actually captured Ash, who was wearing a Mr. Mime suit, and he steals their balloon.
  • In "Make Room For Gloom", after a confident Florinda thanks Brock for helping her believe in herself and feels ready to run her family's nursery, as long as a special someone is around to share it all with her, a lovesick Brock turns his back to her and goes into a blissful spiel with quite amusing results.
    Brock: This is so sudden! I've always dreamed of having somebody like you, someone as kind and talented and beautiful as you are, and now you've made all my dreams come true! Yes, Florinda, darling, yes! I'll share my life with you! [turns around to find himself looking into Ash's eyes instead of Florinda's]
    Ash: Hey, Brock, are you talking to somebody?
    Misty: I think maybe you had a little too much of that antidote.
    [Brock turns to see that Florinda has already proposed to her true love, Potter]
    Brock: [visibly distraught] Rejected by the one girl I've loved! I'll never find another one like her again!
    Ash: [trying to console him] Cheer up, Brock, you'll find plenty of other girls to reject you!
  • In "Go West, Young Meowth", when Team Rocket decides to visit the movie theater and SING their motto to the kids and Delia, all for the sake of preserving musical theater!
  • "To Master the Onixpected!": The most awesome way to Break The Fourth Wall: Meowth fast-forwards the Team Rocket motto!
    Jessie: That was exhausting.
    James: I think I bit my tongue.
  • "The Ancient Puzzle of Pokémopolis":
    Brock: "If they built a temple to honor Psyduck, they weren't hidden — they were lost."
    • The episode has a giant Alakazam and giant Gengar fighting. What stops their bout? A giant Jigglypuff that sings with a hilariously deep bass. It even acts like the regular-sized Jigglypuff in Face Doodling on the two other Pokémon, complete with a loud, angry shout of "PUFF!" That shows she's just as angry as she's ever been about it, but in the deep, booming voice of a large grown man.
  • In "Bad to the Bone", Meowth's attempts to... cheer up a trainer when his Marowak leaves him, by telling the trainer that he still might be able to get a ticket to WATCH the Pokemon League... when it's their team that stole his badges in the first place.
  • In "Fire and Ice"...
    Misty: You can stuff your greedy little face after we find a Pokémon Center!
    Ash: My face is little?
  • In "Friend and Foe Alike", Team Rocket are eavesdropping on a conversation between Ash and Nurse Joy regarding Richie.
    James: Those kids are really friends!
    Meowth: Friends are very nice to have!
    Jessie: There was something that prevented me from having friends when I was a little girl.
    James: [laughs] It must've been your personality!
    Jessie: [nodding] Uh-huh! It must've been my... HUH?!?!?
    [Jessie hits James over the head with a large paper fan]

    Orange Islands 
  • Ash acting like a five-year-old in "Wherefore Art Thou, Pokémon?".
    Ash: [whining] I am not a big baby! Am I, Pikachu?
  • Even though it's been used for Shipping proof, this exchange from Poké Ball Peril is hilarious. To set it up, Ash and Misty, who are traveling without Brock, have been captured by Team Rocket, and the Terrible Trio takes notice:
    James: Jessie, I think we've accidentally captured a pair of very romantic creatures in our little cage!
    Jessie: (making lovey-dovey eyes) You mean? Daaaaawwww!
    Meowth: Dey're loveboids!
    Ash: (Ash and Misty look at each other for a second before turning away, blushing) You're crazy!
    Misty: Crazy is right! Never in a million years!
    Jessie: (Jessie and James are doubled over while Meowth is rolling on the floor) But you're blushing!
    James: Kissy, kissy!
    • Jigglypuff randomly appears on the blimp. Team Rocket, just from seeing her mouth open, know she's going to sing and frantically grab their parachutes, slowly falling asleep before fainting out the door.
  • From The Lost Lapras, after Tracey interrupts Team Rocket's menacing abduction of a Lapras because he wants to interview Meowth:
    Jessie: Who are you, anyway?
    Tracey: Oh, sorry. My name's Tracey, I'm a Pokémon watcher!
    Jessie: O-kay, if you're a Pokémon watcher, then you won't mind stepping aside and watching us steal this Lapras.
  • A hilarious yet shocking case of Getting Crap Past the Radar in Lorelei's showcase episode..."I know what she's doing! It''s...perverse psychology!"
    • In the same episode Team Rocket interrupts Lorelei's lecture and suggest her to try and sell them. As it happens, she already does it.
  • The episode when the gang returns to Pallet Town after their adventures in the Orange Islands. Instead of A Tents Situation, it should be renamed to Muk rapes EVERYBODY.
    • Whenever Professor Ivy is mentioned to Brock. He goes sulking.
    • Ash even does that when Misty mentions Gary's name!
    • When Team Rocket bound and captured them, Meowth's curiosity got the better of him, and continues to pester Brock on why he left Professor Ivy; Brock managed to get out of his bonds and reappear on Team Rocket's high wire!
    James: Eeehh, he took my parasol!
    • Ash presents his mother with his Orange League trophy. What does she do with it? Use it as a dumbbell.
  • From The Crystal Onix the gang has fallen into another Team Rocket trap where we get this exchange:
    Ash: Team Rocket!
    Misty: Why don't you just pretend you're a tree and leave?
    James: Ooh funny, who told you that one, Professor Oak?
  • In The Stun Spore Detour, Jessie is paralyzed and bedridden after getting stunned by a Vileplume, but somehow manages to work up enough energy to return to her hyper violent self and starts stomping James. Then she weakly crawls back into bed.
    • James tries to steal the healing weeds from Misty by posing as a mother with Meowth baby and telling a sob story about the baby's paralysis. It's sad enough that Meowth starts bawling about needing to help the child, and blowing their cover in the process. Cue a Jessieless motto...with James remaining in character!
  • Pikachu and Meowth end up stuck together in Bound for Trouble and Pikachu wastes little time showing Meowth who's in charge. Meowth tries to act chumly so he can trick him and take him to Giovanni only for Pikachu to give him a good shock to let him know Meowth's not as smart as he thinks he is.
  • Snorlax in Snack Attack. Anything it does make this episode funny. note 
    • Snorlax casually pushes off Ruby's (the owner of the Seven Grapefruit Islands) staffs while eating the grapefruits.
    • Ash and the gang decides to harvest all the grapefruits in that island. Unfortunately, Snorlax rushes to their stash and eats it. By closer look, you can see Snorlax is very happy before pushing Ash off when Ash attempts to stop it.
    • Fed up, Ash uses his Bulbasaur to stop Snorlax. Unfortunately, Bulbasaur's Vine Whip attack makes Snorlax eat faster and Bulbasaur's Razor Leaf manages to cut open the grapefruit for it before Bulbasaur gets flattened by Snorlax's Body Slam.
    • After Snorlax manages to eat ALL of the grapefruit in the island, the gang are relieved since Snorlax has nowhere to go. Cue to Snorlax jumping into the sea and does a butterfly stroke, swimming towards the second island.
    • At the second island, when Snorlax eats Team Rocket's stolen grapefruit loot, the gang including Team Rocket tries to stop it. However Squirtle, Arbok, and Victreebel are flattened by Snorlax's Body Slam, Lickitung's tongue is used as Snorlax's napkin, while Goldeen is nearly eaten by Snorlax.
    • And of course the many many Epic Fail of the gang and Team Rocket trying to make Snorlax falls asleep.
  • Ash disguises as an apple in Pokemon Food Fight! in order to lure Snorlax up the mountain. Naturally Snorlax catches up to him and tries to take a bite only to throw Ash to the ground.
    Ash: I think I broke my core.
    • Also Snorlax attempting to eat a trainer's Gloom!
  • In EP098 A Way Off Day Off, Team Rocket enters on a zip line. Both Jessie and James crash into a tree, and deliver a Non Sequitur, *Thud*. Then Meowth swings in and snaps them out of it with Fury Swipes.
    Jessie: Team off at the lead of spite...tonight...
    James: Surrender now or surrender now...surrender now...
    Meowth: Meowth! Say the motto riiiiight!
  • In the episode In The Pink Jesse sends out Lickitung to capture some Nidoran and it chases them into a Cave. Only to run out terrified past them wondering what's wrong. Then, the Nidorans come out, along with a Nidoking.
  • In the episode "Wherefore Art Thou Pokemon", while looking for a female Nidoran, Pikachu spots a tree full of delicious looking fruit. Unable to resist, he calls out for the Nidoran while slowly and conspicuously edging his way towards the tree.
  • The Wacky Watcher, which is a filler episode about Magikarp...that just so happens to throw in a Groucho Marx expy as the titular professor. Cue 22 minutes of goofy wordplay and slapstick.
  • When Team Rocket tried to steal Pikachu when Ash met the Gym Leader Danny, Danny just casually takes the suction cup off and later gives them a heavy rock when they tried again. Just how casual he acted was hilarious.
  • In Pikachu Re-Volts Cassidy and Butch use a Drowzee to hypnotize Pokemon into fighting for them. Jessie and James stumble on their operation and the two teams show their disdain as only Team Rocket agents can: DUELING. MOTTOS.
    • The capper is Meowth's completely deadpan expression through the whole thing. Granted, he was hypnotized but still.
  • The Rivalry Revival, the final episode of this season, gives us Team Rocket targeting Gary. They go through their motto, after each of James' lines, it cuts to Gary showing no reaction whatsoever, and then at the end, it shows that Gary had gone down the other path all along, and presumably didn't even know that they were there in the first place.
    • Later, when they disguise themselves as news reporters, and refer to Ash and his friends as a "vibrant group of youngsters...mostly." cue Professor Oak's Angry Eyebrows.
    • During the Reporters Scene, Brock is able to recognise Team Rocket through their disguises, how does Jessie get around Brock?
    Jessie: I want to remind you viewers we are coming to you live! L-I-V-E, LIVE"! (Cue Brock's reaction).note 

    Johto League 
  • In The Double Trouble Header we get this exchange:
    Casey:The Electabuzz will beat everybody.
    Ash: The Electabuzz couldn't beat an egg.
    Casey: Oh yeah? What about the great hitters on the Electabuzz?
    • Let's not forget the battle that follows after, either! Ash's first official battle in the Johto Region, I wonder what challenges are going to come? Wait, did Ash just send out Charizard? Against a Pidgey? It goes about as you would expect. Even better, Charizard doesn't even use actual moves to beat Casey's first two Pokémon! He beats Pidgey by exhaling strong enough to blow it backwards and knock it out, and then sends her Ratatta flying by flexing his stomach when it tackles him. Chikorita, at least, puts up enough of a fight to get a flamethrower... with Ash asking Charizard to go easy on it. I think we can see why Ash began starting over with new teams every region.
  • Just about everything involving Mr. Parker's antics as "Gligerman" in EP138 The Superhero Secret. Especially the hammy introduction of his superhero alter-ego.
  • "Charizard's Burning Ambition": Look at what Charizard's been through and then look at his face. Crosses into Mood Whiplash, however, considering what the episode's about, and what will happen.
    • A funnier face is the one he makes when he realises that by taking flight, he knocked Ash and Pikachu off his back. Ash calls him back and Charizard looks back to see what he wants...only to see Ash on his bum on the ground. Charizard then makes a hilarious face he never makes at any other time.
  • "Good Quil Hunting":
    • A trainer named Koji tells the gang that this forest is swarming with Cyndaquil and Ash promptly runs off, taking no notice of Koji's rude threats to not get in his way.
    • Team Rocket's giant Meowthinator bot is equipped with bubblegum launchers and shoot them at Ash who barely dodges them.
    Jessie: Looks like you got yourself into a sticky situation, eh, twerp? Ahaha!
    Ash: Pikachu! Quick! This way!
    (Ash and Pikachu sprint underneath the Meowthinator's legs. The robot lowers its head as it watches them go, then it flips over and falls on its back)
    Jessie: What was that all about?!
    Meowth: You said take it out for a spin.
    • As Ash and Pikachu race into the cave to save Cyndaquil from the bratty rival trainer Koji, Team Rocket prepares to fire another secret sticky weapon from their Meowthinator robot.
    James: Meowthinator impersonator ready for launch! Twerp-seeking putty ball, engage! Engine light, ignite! On your mark, get set— (Jessie whacks him on the head with a giant hammer) Ow!
    Jessie: JUST FIRE IT!
    James: Whatever you say...
    (Presses the button and a huge orange rubber orb emerges out of the robot's mouth and floats into the cave.)
    Koji: It's all over, Cyndaquil! I got you cornered! Sandslash! Poison Sting!
    (Sandslash unleashes Poison Sting. Cyndaquil jumps out of the way. Ash runs past and scoops him up)
    Ash: Gotcha!
    Koji: Hey! Come back here! (Gives chase, but the giant putty ball rolls right over him) Ouch!
    Ash: What a day! What's next?
  • From Hocus Pokémon:
    • Ash volunteers to get Parasect's stunspore for Lily the Magician's potion. Parasect seemingly releases Stun Spore... but Lilly's Murkrow blows it back.
    Ash: Hey! What's the big idea?! I wanted that Stun Spore!
    Misty: Uh, I don't think that was Stun Spore, Ash.
    Brock: She's right! You almost got a spoonful of Sleep Powder!
    Ash: Uh, Sleep Powder? Ugh... (whimpers)
    • Ash gets turned into a Pikachu. Enough said.
  • The Fortune Hunters: Misty freaking out when the Pokémon fortune book labels her a Gyarados, whereas Ash and Brock are labeled a Bellsprout and an Onix, respectively.
    Misty: That fortune stuff's a lotta baloney!
    Ash: That's very accurate.
    Brock: It's amazing how a book like that could be so—
    (Misty flies into a rage)
    Brock: It's amazing how a book like that could be so... wrong!
    • As the three walk along, Misty continues ranting about what the book says in terms of her fortune.note 
    Misty: That book is totally bogus! I should be anything but a Gyarados type! Out of all the water Pokémon, Gyarados is the only one that's not like me!
    Ash: Come on now, Misty, don't take it so—
    Misty: Well, how should I take it, Mr. Bellsprout?! (examines book) It says here that Gyarados types are stubborn loners who rarely listen to the wise advice of others! They are frequently grouchy and irritable and lose their temper! Now how would you like it if it said that about you?!
    • James, the flaming Moltres! Eric Stuart even commented that it was his favorite line he did with the show.
    • Kudos to Jessie's line. Jessie's facial expression during that line is priceless.
    Jessie: I think that costume came right out of his closet.
    • The ham that James unleashes is such that Jessie and Meowth can only trail after him in bemusement for the entire episode. This is perhaps the only time anyone listened to James until "Best Wishes".
    James: We shall hold our heads high and proudly march through the front portal. Make way!
  • "Air Time" has a wonderful bit of Fridge Funny: Jessie and James are mistaken for two ventriloquists hired to perform on a radio show.
  • Another tiny moment from "Carrying On", when a group of carrier Pidgey are named as Wingy, Dingy, Flingy...and Norman.
  • In "Moving Pictures", Brock, in response to having to hear a story with Ash, Snap, and Misty from an old lady, said probably one of the funniest and most OOC lines IN THE ENTIRE SERIES.
    Snap: We're stuck now.
    Ash: She's getting ready to tell her whole life story.
    Misty: We'll be here forever...
    Brock: I wonder if she has any string cheese.
  • The mere picture that instantly launched ValleyShipping where Charla cuddles up to Ash's Charizard while the latter is standing tall and proud. Makes a person burst into laughing fits just looking at it!
  • The Dunsparce Deception: Team Rocket try a scam to steal the town's Dunsparce and it involves putting on an amateur stage production called Dunsparce Vs. Moltres, with Meowth and James playing the titular roles respectively. Unlike James the Flaming Moltres from earlier, this display has weaker production values than a School Play.
    • The climax of the play is James the Moltres attempting to do a Sky Attack on Meowth the Dunsparce;
      Jessie: Moltres uses a Sky Attack!
      James: A what? Jessie, I don't even know what a "Sky Attack" is!
      Jessie: Neither do they! Just fake it, do anything!
      (James proceeds to pick up and throw Meowth bodily across the field)
      James: SKY ATTACK!
  • In EP204 Right On, Rhydon!, Team Rocket try to say the motto while chowing down on apples. Both Jessie and James start choking. Even the music is off.
  • In the episode, One Trick Phoney!, where Team Rocket use a Battle Park (which was closed for repairs) to try and steal Pikachu, Ash's Totodile faces off against the park's Charizard, as part of a practice battle. The crowning moment of funny during that battle would have to be when the two Pokemon basically have a Scary Face attack contest, with Jessie and Ash shouting at the two respective Pokemon to make their Scary Face attacks "even scarier!" and "way, way, WAY scarier than that one!", etc., etc...(to the point where the mons are straining their faces, puffing out their chests so that it looks like their lungs are about to burst, and looking slightly constipated, except with their mouths wide open)...until the mons lose balance and fall over backwards. Totodile wins the battle in the end, via a Watergun blast to the Charizard's back, regardless. But either way, Totodile's and the Charizard's "scary" facial expressions were priceless!
    James: So who out-scared who?
    Meowth: I'm not sure if I'd call that scary, or disturbing...
  • "Same old Song and Dance":
    • The gang meets Brittany and her two Igglybuff singers. Jigglypuff appears and Ash snatched her mike and stores it in his backpack.
    Ash: That was a close one. I better store this till after the show's over.
    • Jigglypuff's increasing jealousy towards the Igglybuff duo and at one point snatches their ribbons. She quickly gives them back when the trainers show up.
    • As Jigglypuff sneaks into the dressing room and rummages through the heroes' backpacks to get her microphone back. At one point, she finds a bread loaf in Brock's bag, and she eats the loaf in a single bite.
    • Team Rocket steal Brittany's Igglybuffs and Ash and Misty tell Brock to stay behind and cover for the show. At first he refuses, but when Brittany begs him, Brock quickly changes his mind. He then dresses up in some Mariachi costume and does a little Mexican. At first, and surprisingly, the crowd loves it. Unfortunately, the crowd soon loses patience and the cheers quickly turn to boos.
    Brock: La-la-la! This is my paradise!
    • Team Rocket discover that along with the two Igglybuffs they also snatched Jigglypuff by mistake. They promptly throw her out and leave her tied to a tree with her mouth taped.
    • By the time the gang returns to the show after defeating Team Rocket, Brock is still doing his pathetic mariachi act and faints from exhaustion as the crowd continues booing him.
    Brittany: Brock, we're back!
    Brock: Huh? (promptly gets back up to his feet) Ladies and gentlemen, I'm pleased to announce that Brittany and the Loony Balloons are back!
    (Crowd cheers)
    • Then as Jigglypuff once again sings everyone to sleep and draws on her sleeping audiences' faces and storms out, even the narrator is struggling to stay awake as he closes the episode.
    Narrator: Everyone will wake up before...too long and then our heroes... will be able to continue... (yawns)...their journey. Eventually. (snores as the episode fades to black')
  • When Misty's Poliwhirl evolves into Politoed in Outrageous Fortunes, the first thing it does is shake hands with Ash's Phanpy (using its trunk, no less), Delaney's Poliwrath, and even James' Victrebel.
  • "Control Freak"
    • Jessie stealing the mystical mask and staff and declaring herself the "Pokemon Queen". Even James and Meowth seem to think the power has completely gone to her head.
    • Jessie using the staff to force Meowth to do an embarrassing dance.
    Meowth: I wish I could stop makin' a dope outta myself.
    James: Then stop that dreadful dancing!
    Meowth: Believe me, Jimmy, I wanna stop, but my body's got a mind of its own.
    • Jessie has all of the hero's Pokemon (except Golbat, thanks to his supersonic) under her mind control spell. However, whenever she steps over a stone tile barrier, Pikachu snaps out of it and shocks her. Tierra explains to Jessie that she can only have the power over Pokémon if she stays behind the stone line.
    Tierra: It won't work.
    Jessie: What won't work?
    Tierra: It says on the tablet that the Queen was only able to use her mask and staff to control Pokemon within her home village. See those half-buried stone tiles behind you? That's the boundary line, and you're outside it. So if you wanna control any Pokémon, you have to stay back in there.
    Meowth: Whaddya mean?
    James: The only way for Jessie to continue her reign as the Pokémon control queen is if she reigns in this sandbox.
    Jessie: Oh, it's certainly great to be the Pokemon Queen, but it would be a royal pain to stay here for the rest of my life.
    • As the gang walk off into the sunset.
    Ash: I guess controlling Pokémon would've been cool, but I like the old fashion way a lot better.
    Misty: Yeah, and besides, it's a lot more fun to catch a Pokemon and raise it, train it and be friends with it. Don't you think so, Brock?
    Brock: Huh? Oh, yeah! And when you're aiming to be the world's best breeder, there's nothing more important than your Pokémon.
    Misty: Yeah, except maybe a girlfriend, right, Brock?
    Brock: Very funny!
  • In Just Add Water, Misty and an unofficial Gym Leader get kidnapped by Team Rocket. When Ash and Brock track them down with Ash getting ready to face Team Rocket, Psyduck shows up and glares angrily at Team Rocket and turns around to Ash with its normal confused look, causing everyone to face fault.
  • The unofficial song "Pokemon Christmas Bash" features the dub cast attempting to rap the lyrics to a Christmas-oriented song. The performances of the various actors cover the whole Ham and Cheese spectrum, but special mention must be made of Rachel Lillis' performance as Misty. Her performance as Jessie isn't that bad, but Misty's voice was simply not meant to rap.
  • A Goldenrod Opportunity has Pikachu bump into Clefairy. Whitney shows up and kisses Pikachu's "boo boos". Brock then slams his head against a brick wall resulting in a bump on his head and asks for his boo boo to be kissed. Misty does the "ear pull" treatment and states Whitney doesn't kiss bozos.
    • When Team Rocket steal Clefairy and use an electro magnetic handcart for their getaway, they're moving so slow Pikachu is able to keep up by walking on its hind legs. Once Clefairy's safe Pikachu electrocutes the train tracks sending Team Rocket's handcart speeding into a tunnel. The next episode states they crashed into a wall in Saffron City. Which is in Kanto.
    • During Ash and Whitney's gym battle, Clefairy loses by using Splash via Metronome. Which makes it funnier is that nearly every time Metronome is used, it's a powerful attack. This time, it's the most useless move ever - especially since there's no water. After a big buildup, it looks like Clefairy is doing Jumping Jacks as an attack.
  • Brock falling in love with all of the kimono sisters (except Sakura) and instead of getting dragged away by the ear, Misty drags him away by the nose. In the sequel episode, Misty is too busy helping Sakura foil Team Rocket's plans leaving Ash to fulfill her duties.
  • In The Mother of All Battles, Tyranitar gets captured by poachers. They're about to do the same thing to Larvitar, but Ash takes the hit and gets stuck in a sleeping bag-esque trap. Brock and Misty ignore Ash to talk to a Pokémon Ranger while Pikachu pokes Ash with a stick.
  • In The Wayward Wobbuffet, Ash's gang and Team Rocket are in hot pursuit of Wobbuffet, who has a key they need. Eventually, Jessie and Ash jump on a speed boat he's riding in. He ends up breaking off the steering wheel and throttle, taking them for a ride.
    • Earlier in the episode, he has a conversation with a Quagsire. It looks like he's asking for directions.
  • When Brock gets sick in Sick Daze, Misty takes over his cooking duties for the day. She accidentally puts too much sugar in the cooking pot, tries to balance it out with some salt, adds too much of that as well, and goes back to sugar. She then starts dumping random ingredients into the pot. The end result, "Misty's Mystery Stew (with 47 secret ingredients)", is something not even Ash will touch.
    • Jessie later gets a hold of the stew, and loves it.
  • In The Totodile Duel, Ash and Misty are about to throw their Lure Balls with a horizontal split screen between them. Misty starts pounding on the split screen and Ash hits it back.
  • We all know the Running Gag of Misty dragging Brock by the ear whenever he mets a pretty girl correct? Well in Fossil Fools Brock gets revenge when she's gushing to a Scientist about Water Pokemon and drags HER off by the ear.
  • In Forest Grumps after escaping the Ursaring and their Pokemon saving them from a falling bridge the twerps and Team Rocket are celebrating until they remember they're enemies. They immediately leapt to different sides. Ash, Misty, Brock, and their Pokemon on one side and on the other Jessie, James, Victreebel, Arbok, Meowth, and...Psyduck?!
    Misty: Get over here! You're on our side!!
    (Psyduck waddles back over while all of Team Rocket looks on dumbfounded.)
  • In "The Heartache of Brock", a girl actually falls in Love at First Sight with Brock, who's flabbergasted. Temacu starts talking about her wedding to Brock, with him in a white suit and her in a pale pink dress. Ash and Misty are watching them talk, and are talking among themselves:
    Ash: Wow, imagine Brock, married?!
    Misty: You and I will be married someday, too.
    Ash: *nodding* Mh-hmm...HUH?!?
  • ''Houndoom's Special Delivery' is basically Buttons and Mindy in Poke-form, staring Togepi and a beleaguered Houndoom.
  • Wynaut and Wobbuffet
  • Whichever Way the Wind Blows has Team Rocket trying to steal a bunch of grass Pokemon. But they blew all their budget on anti-stun spore protection, leading to a....rather underwhelming method of capture.
    James: An incredible Vileplume of Doom robot!
    Misty: Vileplume of Doom?
    James: Not really.
    Meowth: With a huge nuclear-powered Bellossom Wrangler robot!
    Misty: Bellossom Wrangler robot?
    Meowth: I wish.
    Ash: What?
    Misty: ...that looks just like a bag.
    James: Okay, so it's not exactly high tech!
    Meowth: Whaddya want? We used up our whole budget on anti-stun spore protection!
    Meowth: Next time, we use the robot!
    • After Team Rocket's plan goes predictably sideways, they blast off with this exchange.
    Jessie: Our foolproof protection plan...
    James: Had no protection and no plan!
  • Due's and Don'ts begins with Team Rocket attacking Ash and American Football players. Complete with ball and goal posts! Even by their standards, the entire setup is just so outlandish that it's a borderline Big-Lipped Alligator Moment.
    • Their motto is also sure to get some chuckles out of any NFL fans.
    Jessie: Prepare for trouble, don't drop the ball.
    James: And make it double, with an offsides call.
    Jessie: To protect our team, we won't call it quits.
    James: We unite our runners with a fourth down blitz.
    Jessie: To denounce the evils of an eighth-round pick.
    James: To extend our reach with a 3-point kick.
    Jessie: Jessie.
    James: James.
    Jessie: Team Rocket does one for the gipper at the speed of light.
    James: No time-outs, the clock is running, so let's fight, fight, fight.
    Meowth: Touchdown! That's right.
    • After getting blasted off earlier than usual, Team Rocket decides to "be democratic" and vote on who is to blame for their constant failures. This goes about as well as you'd expect.
    Meowth: If that's the Democratic way, I'm voting Republican.
  • Espeon Not Included: Jessie thinks she's captured every evolved form of Eevee only to realize she may be missing one. When Meowth gets in the way, Jessie bashes him into the screen.
  • In "Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up?"
    • Upon learning of the Professor Oak's radio show, Team Rocket sees an opportunity in this and disguises themselves. With James as Prof Oak, Jessie as DJ Mary...and Meowth standing on Wobbuffet's shoulders in a Totem Pole Trench.
    Jessie: Just who are you supposed to be, anyway?
    Meowth: I'm the big-mouthed overbearin' producer. Every show has to have one, baby!
    James: Sad, but true.
  • In "Hoenn Alone", the last episode of Master Quest and Johto as a whole, Team Rocket unsurprisingly tries stealing Pikachu again. Jessie, James and Wobbuffet end up landing on one truck while Pikachu and Meowth land on another. They taunt Ash with their getaway... and then the trucks turn in separate directions.
    • Later, Pikachu and Meowth meet a Haunter who attacks them for little to no reason. Meowth retaliates by using Fury Swipes. It works about as well as you'd expect.


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