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Characters from the webcomic "Who Made Me A Princess".

Warning: Majority of the tropes here are spoilers from the completed webnovel. You have been warned.

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    Athanasia de Alger Obelia 

The Princess of the Obelia Empire

The Treasure of Obelia

The only daughter of the Emperor of the Obelia Empire, Claude, and his late unofficial consort, Diana. She is the first princess and the only heir to the throne of the Obelia Empire. Originally dying at her first life in her father's hands, a woman named Lee Jihye found herself reincarnated as the pitiful Athanasia and with the knowledge of what will happen to her, she tries to prevent herself from falling to her bad ending.
  • The Ace: The only daughter of Emperor Claude de Alger Obelia and the sole heir to the throne of Obelia. A bright kid who manages to memorize the Sociological Theory and speak Common Pascal Tongue. To add that, many boys in the webtoon are smitten for her, is a certified a beauty and she is also a talented and capable magician.
  • Act of True Love: She started having a resentment and fear for Claude in the early parts of the story. But as time goes, she grows to love him as her father.
    Athanasia: Even if Claude no longer sees me as his daughter because of Jenette
    Claude was the first father I've ever have and I've love every moment of it...
    This is the only time I can say this so truthfully.
  • Affectionate Nickname: She is called by her nickname, "Athy".
  • Angelic Beauty: Ijekiel even named her "Angel".
  • Becoming the Mask: Originally planning to act as a Daddy's Girl to survive, she ends up finding herself to care for Claude as a father and became a full-fledged Daddy's Girl in time.
  • Berserk Button:
    • Telling her that she should just be happy that she should be married to a prince and live her life without worries irritates her.
    • Degrading her capabilities as a magician and the heiress of the throne is also a no-no.
    • Using her as a pawn for your plans is also an absolute no.
  • Beware of the Nice Ones: Known to be exceptionally kind, even to Lucas. But this girl also has its limits, notable example would be her stunt on Claude's birthday.
  • Big Fancy Castle: As the story progresses, Athanasia did manage to get her well deserve castle after Claude ordered her to live in the Emerald Palace
  • Child Prodigy: Sociological Theory, Arlantian language, common Pascal tongue, just name it and she'll gladly show you how bright she is. And she is also a gifted magician
  • Costume Porn: There is no appearance of Athanasia that includes her in a shabby clothes. Just look at her debutante ball dress.
  • Daddy's Girl: Her Plan C is to act cute and be Claude's most favored child just to survive her Doomed by Canon ending. She did become Claude's beloved daughter not until he forgot about her and fans are heartbroken that Athanasia have to do everything again, back to square one
  • Dreaming of Times Gone By: Athanasia often dreams sequence of events showing a woman she dubbed as "Fairy Lady" and an unknown man whenever Claude is around. She wasn't even aware that the unknown man was Claude and the woman she dubbed was her now deceased mother, Diana. She only got slightly aware that the dreams were Claude's own memories during the time she was in a coma due to her mana running wild.
  • Dude Magnet: Ezekiel and Lucas harbor feelings for her. Cabel and even Lucas' alternate self has a crush on Athanasia.
  • Downer Ending: The ending of original Athanasia's life in 'Lovely Princess'. Her mom died due to childbirth, her dad blames her for her mother's death. She is forced to live in a pitiful situation all her life in the Ruby Palace. Her dad didn't love her and instead, he loves her half-sibling and just when you thought she could at least be happy, she is falsely accused of trying to poison her half-sister and died at the hands of her father at a young age of 18, who told her that he never saw her as his daughter. He didn't even mourned or show remorse after he was told that it wasn't original Athanasia's fault. It's no wonder the new Athanasia is so desperate in making the latter's situation in her second life much happier.
  • Giver of Lame Names: Even Lucas lampshades how bad she is at naming her pets.
    • She named her first pet and magical beast Blackie
    • And a blue bird she named Bluey
    • Averted when she has her third pet whom she named Nox, even Lucas was shocked that she gave a better name.
  • Hilarity Ensues: She knows how dangerous her father can be, but it doesn't stop her from plotting to hit Claude while he's sleeping after the boat incident between the two of them.
    • She hit Lucas after he transported her at the Alpheus' residence in the middle of the sky. Her face shows that she isn't even slightly happy about it.
  • Inhumanly Beautiful Race: Her father's insanely handsome, her mother is drop-dead gorgeous, don't question how she became that beautiful. Heck, even her evil uncle is quite a good-looker.
  • Meaningful Appearance: Possessing crystaline eyes in Obelia means that the person is a member of the royal family. It also links to the ability of the royal family to use a special kind of magic.
  • Missing Mom: Athanasia's mother, Diana, died due to giving birth to her. She did see her in her dreams, it's just that she wasn't even aware it was her... until she grows older and realized that the dreams she saw are Claude's memories of his time with Diana.
  • Morality Pet: She serves this to both Claude and Lucas. She is the only person holding them down to prevent them from doing violent things.
    • In Lucas's case, he cares about no one, except for Athanasia. If something bad did ever happen to her, it is implied that Lucas might end the world they are in with just a snap of his fingers. Even implying that you would do something bad to her puts him off really bad.
    • In Claude's case, Athanasia's presence itself would greatly change his decisions, most notably during Jenette's verdict. He was originally planning to execute her but a mere glare from her makes him fastly change his verdict to Jenette. Athanasia even said in her monologue during that scene that Claude can't stand it if she ever harbors resentment to him.
  • Oh, Crap!: Athanasia had been aware that mentioning Diana in front of Claude is a Big "NO!" but it doesn't stop herself indirectly doing so. The most notable Oh, Crap! moment she has is when She took a sip on the tea Claude is drinking and said the same exact words Diana described to the tea. It even adds Fuel To The Fire that the same tea is Diana's favourite
  • Older Than They Look: Discussed by Lucas once and Athanasia thought that he figured out of her status as a reincarnated person which nearly served as a Wham Line for her.
    Lucas: Right, you're not a kid.
  • Power Incontinence: Her magical reserves are just so massive that the leftovers are split to a holy beast she named Blackie lest she gets killed from it. This stopped being a problem after season 1 since she absorbed Blackie. It's also hinted early that her magical reserves are the reason why Diana passed away in childbirth because her body couldn't handle the strain.
  • Pretty Princess Powerhouse: Don't expect her to just sit around and do pretty things all day because she's a competent magician herself and is just below Claude and Lucas in terms of her magical capabilities
  • Sacrificial Lamb: The original Athanasia was killed by her own father without even doing anything wrong, falsely accused of poisoning and for what? Nothing. Even the reincarnated Athanasia thinks it's too cruel to kill her without a reason why.
  • Spoiled Sweet: She's the beloved and favored daughter of the Emperor of Obelia who was gifted with counted treasury, lives in the Emerald Palace, has her very own library and was even built with four rose gardens. Adding to that, she's kindhearted and humble.
  • Sweet Tooth: Really loves her sweets.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Sweets are her all-time favorite, notably chocolates. Even Claude took notice of it.
    Claude: You seem to like the cake more than you like me
  • "Well Done, Son!" Guy: What the original Athanasia felt to Claude, who only looked at Jenette.
    Novel! Athanasia: What will it take for you to love me?

    Claude de Alger Obelia 

The Emperor of the Obelia Empire

Claude is the current Emperor of the Obelia Empire and Athanasia's father. He is introduced as the one who killed the original Athanasia by his own hands.

  • Berserk Button:
    • Saying that his precious daughter should be married off for the sake of the empire triggers his Papa Wolf tendencies.
    • Saying something insulting to Athanasia is also a Big "NO!"
    • And early in the story, mentioning Diana will result in a Death Glare.
  • Bishounen: He is so handsome that you'll momentarily forgot that it's the same guy who parents a 14-year old daughter. Even Athanasia thinks so.
    Athanasia: (Internally) You sure you're a man with a kid?
  • Blackmail: Kind of. He tried doing it to Diana, telling her that he won't love Athanasia, even going as far as telling her that he would erase any memories he have of her and if she wanted to, she can visit and watch Athanasia as a ghost and what did Diana do? She smiled at him, as Claude described in the novel.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: He's usually shown sleeping, having tea with his daughter, or dumping paperwork to Felix but he is said to be a ruler who is much better than the former tyrant Emperor, his brother.
  • The Comically Serious: Even Athanasia acting cute to him won't change his expression.
  • Drowning My Sorrows: He always do this whenever Athanasia's birthday would come, which is also the anniversary of Diana's death. Ouch.
  • The Dog Bites Back: Claude learned the hard way when Athanasia finally snapped and delivers him the same medicine he's been giving her since he lost his memories.
  • Doting Parent: Ordering that the chair Athanasia is sitting on his office should be soft? Getting pissed at the mere speculation of someone saying horrible things in front of Athanasia during her debutante ball? Gifting Athanasia with a private library and four rose gardens? Hiding the drawings Athanasia gave him and even cast a preservation magic? We get it, Claude. You don't really love your daughter that much.
  • The Emperor: He is literally the Emperor of Obelia.
  • First Love: Penelope was his first love and fiancèe. Well, not until she decides to screw with him and cheats on him with his own brother
  • Good Parents: Despite being a Disappeared Dad for the first five years of Athanasia's life, he did raise her pretty well.
  • He Cleans Up Nicely: Not that he's ugly, he's far from ugly. It's just that Claude usually dresses so casually whenever Athanasia saw him. So when he bothers to dress up nice and fancy for the Debutante...
  • If You Ever Do Anything to Hurt Her...: To Diana and Athanasia.
    • In Diana's case, it was revealed that he slightly blames Athanasia for her death and that he originally planned on killing her, but every attempts gets thwarted for the fact that Athanasia is almost the carbon copy of Diana. He can't bring himself to killing her and is torn by the mere fact that Athanasia is the only gift Diana gave him.
    • Meanwhile, in Athanasia's case. he doesn't want history to repeat itself. Losing Diana was already painful for him and if Athanasia left him, he might die out of grief. It is notably shown in the novels and later, the webtoon, when Athanasia ran away from home. She teleported herself temporarily to check on him and found a very distressed, pale and thin Claude after her initial disappearance.
  • Maternal Death? Blame the Child: Claude slightly blames Athanasia for Diana's death.
  • Memento Macguffin: A lot of it, actually.
    • Athanasia wished her advance birthday gift from Claude. She simply wanted a family portrait with the two of them like the other royal portraits, it was her final wish before Claude got a memory loss.
    • His daughter's drawings, even going as far as casting a preservation magic on it. The dumbfounded look he has when he and Felix found it was utterly hilarious.
    • And the last one and a certified Tearjerker was the tea he usually drinks. It was then revealed that the Lippe Tea is actually Diana's favourite tea, according to Felix.
  • Older Than They Look: Although Claude's real age isn't revealed, it's speculated that he is in his 30s, but he looks like he is in his early 20s. It is later noted that those with so much magical energy and talent usually live longer than most people and aged slowly, so this is justified.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: He is known for being ruthless and cruel who have murdered his brother to forcefully get the throne and squash any rebellion impending to happen but he leaves everyone astounded after he complemented his daughter's appearance after their dance.
    Claude: You look as pretty as you looked when you first entered. Don't worry.
    • Even more hilarious is the fact that he even doesn't believe it himself after having memory loss and forgetting all the things he have done for 9 years, including his memories with his daughter.
  • Overprotective Dad: Expressionless as he may seem, Claude doesn't like it if some pests are hovering around Athanasia. Just ask Ezekiel for that. In the final book at the novel, he nearly attempted murder on Lucas because of how much he liked his daughter but came to approve of him when Lucas decided to bring a baby dragon as a new pet for Athanasia.
  • Parents as People: Claude is too grief-stricken by Diana's death to properly care for Athanasia and neglected her for the first 5 years (9 in the original "Lovely Princess" novel) and even in the current universe, he spent his time mourning for her instead of celebrating Athanasia's birthday.
    Athanasia: It's not that I'm "sad because daddy didn't make it."
    It's just... It makes Claude feel like a normal person.
  • Papa Wolf: Whatever you plan to do, don't harm Athanasia. It doesn't matter if it's a person or an animal, or even physically or verbally, Claude will hunt you and probably cut off your tongue, feet or hands and hang it on the gates
    • In the novels, a noble took an opportunity to gain his graces after seeing how Claude and Athanasia's bad relationship is judging by how she walked out of the party, insulting her manners to gain his trust, his attempt backfiring horribly.
  • Please Don't Leave Me: Delivers one to Diana in desperation.
    Claude: Don't go, choose me.
    Now, in this moment,
    Instead of the child that is eating away at your life as we speak!
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: For his ruthlessness, many agree that he is at least far more effective as a ruler than his predecessors.
  • Replacement Goldfish: This is what Athanasia thought of what Diana's relationship to Claude was like after seeing Penelope's broken portrait on his room. It's actually not true as Claude only kept Penelope's portrait as a reminder of what Penelope did to him (As the portrait itself had it's frames broken off). Although being his Second Love, Claude loves Diana so much and his actions to her death are justification of how much he treasures her.
  • Second Love: Although few hints about Claude and Diana's relationship is revealed, All the readers can probably tell that Claude loves Diana so much. Sure, he acts like a Jerkass during her pregnancy to Athanasia but as revealed later in the story, the only reason he neglected Athanasia and tried to erase his memories of her late mother is because he slighty blamed her for Diana's death and adding to that, he simply can't accept Diana's death. Before her death, he tried to convince her in desperation to pick him and not the child, knowing that she will die if she continues her pregnancy but Diana chooses the latter.
  • So Proud of You: He may not boast about it a lot, but he knows how intelligent Athanasia is.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: With Anastacius, his older brother. They can even be mistaken as twins.
    • And with the addition of Athanasia, she may look like Diana but when she's angry or she snapped, she looked exactly like Claude.
  • Wide Eyes and Shrunken Irises: His inital reaction after seeing his daughter cough up blood in front of him.


Imperial Magician

The Magician of the Black Tower

Introduced as a gifted child magician who cured the princess from her "sickness", Lucas is the youngest imperial magician who is a Child Prodigy and Athanasia's playmate. He is then revealed to be the Magician of the Black Tower

  • Awesome Ego: In-universe. He's handsome and the best, and he knows it.
    Lucas: The Black Tower Magician have always been handsome!
  • Betty and Veronica: The Betty to Ezekiel's Veronica. While Ezekiel gives off a more kind and princely atmosphere, Lucas displays a cold and manipulating personality that doesn't care about anyone except Athanasia.
  • Bishounen: Oh yes, the illustrator really likes drawing the characters here absolutely beautiful, and Lucas is no exception to this treatment.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Lucas may act nice and friendly if the formality calls for it. But Athanasia and anyone who knew of him are aware that he's more than nice and friendly.
  • Brick Joke: In one of the extra's in the final book of the novel, Lucas asked what Athanasia would like for a gift and she suggest "Maybe a dragon" jokingly. Days after he asked that, Lucas actually caught a baby dragon for her as a pet.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: As a result of living a long life, Lucas is a very competent magician that is even greater than Athanasia and Claude combined, and is even par or greater than Ezekiel and Athanasia when it comes to intellectual knowledge, but he would rather spend his entire time messing or teasing Athanasia rather than giving all his time in some paperworks. The only flaw he has is that he is very bad at teaching others magic, something that even Athanasia mentioned.
  • Childhood Friends: With Athanasia. They've been together ever since he was given the job as the Imperial Magician and as her playmate.
  • Childhood Friend Romance: With Athanasia again. Even Ezekiel knew he won't stand a chance since it is clear that Lucas is one step above him. He's been with Athanasia ever since they were children, have known her more than him and have been her friend ever since.
  • Crazy Jealous Guy: And he doesn't even realize it himself.
    • When Athanasia requested that the doll Lucas made for her should be "a handsome boy", he refuses it quickly since he doesn't want it.
    • After bringing her back from her meeting with Ezekiel, he look pissed and even questions why he is a bad mood.
    • In the novels, he burned her gloves after her visit in the Alpheus residence, saying 'it's already tainted'.
    • Another again in the novel, in the same scene, he told her she's his.
  • Green-Eyed Epiphany: Invoked after Athanasia and Ezekiel's meeting on the flower field. He even questioned why.
    Lucas: Why am I such in a rotten mood?
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy: His first appearance is this.
  • May–December Romance: By the time the novel ended, Athanasia is 18 years old while Lucas is thousand years older than her.
  • Mysterious Past: The only thing Lucas is known for is the fact that he became the Imperial Magician at a young age who introduces himself as a talented child magician who cured Athanasia of her incurable disease, which is only Athanasia having too much magic in her body it nearly killed her. Later, it's revealed that he was actually The Real Magician of the Black Tower who lived for thousands of years.
  • Older Than They Look: Lucas may look like a kid who is the same age as Athanasia, but he is actually thousands of years old than her
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: When he does something out of his usual self, it really bothers Athanasia.
  • Put on a Bus: He started his journey to find the World Tree to recover his magical reserves and left the Imperial Palace. But after he left, everything went downhill from there on.
  • Saying Sound Effects Out Loud: Lucas may be brilliant in magic but he's awfully bad in teaching it. Even Athanasia lampshaded it when he decided to teach her using sound effects.
  • Single-Target Sexuality: He only has his eyes for the sweet Princess Athanasia.
  • Snark-to-Snark Combat: Again with Athanasia. Their conversations and her monologues usually involve them bickering, annoying or insulting each other.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality: If you're not Athanasia, don't even try to act like you're close with him. Jenette found it in a hard way after getting too comfortable with Lucas because she's Athanasia's friend, he told her harshly that she shouldn't talk to him like how Athanasia does because she isn't Athanasia.
  • The Bus Came Back: Fans are absolutely happy after he came back from his trip to the World Tree.
  • The Stoic: He looks bored all the time, and is either seen reading a book or doing his job as the Imperial Magician. If he did show emotions, it always involve Athanasia's ridiculous requests to him.
  • Tall, Dark, and Handsome: He even overthrew the Lone, Grey Wolf, Duke Jarvis for his appearance alone for the girls invited to Athanasia's tea party.
  • Tsundere: A male example. He denied having feelings for Athanasia yet the readers fully knows he likes her. Athanasia did manage to catch his feelings for her, but even she questioned if he really likes her or not.
  • Will They or Won't They?: With Athanasia. Most of the time that they are seen together ends up them bickering, snarking and taunting one another, even going as far as sending another via teleportation in somebody else's house. The novel's ending stays ambiguous whether they will, but an extra story, which features Lucas jumping into alternate universe, confirms that They Do and at one timeline, are Happily Married with Babies Ever After

     Jenette Margarita
The original heroine of "The Lovely Princess" novel. Half sister of Athanasia in the original novel.
  • Awful Truth: Jenette is not Claude's daughter conceived through his fiancee, her mother. She is conceived by Claude's brother, Anastacius. Jenette didn't take the news well.
  • Charm Person: As a "Chimera", the black magic around her allows her to make people like her and works based on her subconcious will. This also explains why Claude warms up to her in the original novel.
  • Meaningful Appearance: Possessing crystaline eyes in Obelia means that the person is a member of the royal family. This is the reason why Ezekiel's father and everyone around her were fooled and thought that Jenette is Claude's daughter and he is horrified when he learned that Jenette is actually conceived by Anastacius, not Claude late in the novel. Additionally, her crystals eyes are actually residual magic leftover from her creation as a "Chimera" and when the residual magic is all taken away, her eyes are actually green instead of blue.
  • Naïve Everygirl: Really, she means well sometimes but lacking a perspective on other things gives people around her a lot of problems.
  • Not Blood Siblings: Played With. Jenette is indeed related to Athanasia and Claude... but by a technicality and accurately, she is Claude's niece.
  • Sheltered Aristocrat: She is raised in a very sheltered way by the Alpheus family so Ezekiel's father can make use of her relation with the royal family to gain a standing in the political scene.
  • Walking Spoiler: Big time. It's hard to talk about her without discussing the fact that Jenette isn't really related to Claude in the sense that they are father and daughter and also about the circumstances of her birth.

     Felix Robain 

The Red Blood Knight

The Knight of Princess Athanasia
Claude's most trusted ally and Athanasia's knight who have a reputation of being entitled as the "Red Blood Knight".

  • Bash Brothers: Implied with Claude during his younger days in Obelia.
  • Bishounen: Adding to the roster of good-looking men in the universe of Who Made Me a Princess.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: He is often the Butt-Monkey of the webtoon but he's one of the best knights in the Empire who have an undeniably known reputation being the Emperor's most trusted ally and the Princess' knight.
  • Dork Knight: Felix is known for being the Emperor's most trusted ally and his friend whom he have known for such a long time, Claude even trusted him enough to protecting his beloved daughter. He also has a formidable reputation in helping Claude squash any rebellion, gaining him the title of being "The Red Blood Knight", but he is a very adorkable knight who is prone to Athanasia and Claude's teasings, much to their fun.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Again with Claude. His mother was Claude's caretaker and the two of them have been together for a long time. Felix is one of the few people, the other being Athanasia, who could discriminate his unreasonable actions or nag him at his nonchalant attitude.
  • Luminescent Blush: He didn't take Athanasia's teasing well after she found out about his reputation in the past.
  • No Hero to His Valet: Felix regards Claude as a friend first and emperor second.
  • Older Than They Look: He was mistaken as a young man by a few visiting young ladies in Athanasia's tea party and you wouldn't realize that he is Claude's age due to how young he looked either.
  • Red Baron: The Red Blood Knight, to which Athanasia gave it a Punny Name "The Red Blood Cell".
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Claude. He nags him and doesn't give a damn if he's the ruthless emperor of Obelia. It irritates Claude, but Felix did have a point with some of the things he said.

     Lilian York
A noble who volunteered to become Athanasia's maid.

     Ezekiel Alpheus

The son of Duke Alpheus and the male lead in the original novel, "The Lovely Princess".
  • The Ace: Smart, handsome and skilled with swordmanship. He's also one other person who can match Athanasia in intellect and studies.
  • All Love Is Unrequited: Ezekiel fell for Athanasia but she didn't exactly reciprocate his love, believing that she isn't the right person for him. Later, he felt that he doesn't deserve her because of what his father had done... but fortunately for him, in the extra's in the final book, Athanasia is implied to have reciprocate his love in one Alternate Universe.
    • It was even pointed out by none other than Jenette in a very offending way, she told him that he would never, ever be with Athanasia since she has Lucas by her side. Even going as far as telling him they were on the same boat, Ezekiel was none too please with her statement.
  • Bishounen: Have you seen him? The illustrator truly pulled all the stops to make many of the characters to look really beautiful in the Manhwa.
  • Cool Big Bro: Is genuinely kind and patient to Jenette like a brother would.
  • For Want of a Nail: Because Athanasia met him very early before he left for Arlanta, Ezekiel never came to love Jenette and fell for her instead.
  • Love Interest: In the original "The Lovely Princess" novel, he is the love interest of Jenette. In the current universe, while it's implied that Jenette does see him in a romantic light, his romantic interest is shifted to Athanasia due to For Want of a Nail effects in play.

     Anastacius de Alger Obelia 

Former Emperor of the Obelia Empire

Anastacius is the former Emperor of the Obelia Empire who was killed by Claude after he attempted to kill him. He is only shown in flashbacks.

  • The Dreaded: Just mentioning his name brought enough fear from the other characters. Ezekiel's father is horrified to know about who Jenette's father actually was late in the novel.
  • Cain and Abel: The Cain to Claude's Abel because he was envious of how much talented Claude was in magic and attempted to conceive Jenette artificially just to get back at him.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: He looks just like Claude with messier hair.
  • Walking Spoiler: Yes, it's hard to discuss him without going into his relationship with Claude and Penelope and his role in Jenette's birth.

     Penelope Judith

Claude's former fiancèe and Jenette's Missing Mom who died due to childbirth like Diana.
  • Alpha Bitch: Is a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing and ambitious to boot.
  • Asshole Victim: Really, not many but Jenette and her family missed her. With what she did to Claude, fans are extremely relieved that she's already dead.
  • Beauty Is Bad: The atrocities she committed can't even be counted on hands alone.
  • First Love: She serves this to Claude until she decided to screw it and committed an affair with his brother.
  • Missing Mom: To Jenette, she died before the story begun.
  • Your Cheating Heart: Her betrayal served as a reminder to Claude how not to trust people easily. He became emotionally scarred due to her betrayal and played around with his harem not until Diana came into his life
  • Walking Spoiler: Talking about Penelope's history would include Jenette's true heritage and her past with Anastacius and Claude.

Athanasia's beautiful mother

Diana is Claude's unofficial consort and Athanasia's Missing Mom who died early before the story kicks in. She's a dancer from Siodonna that is brought in the palace to entertain Claude. She appeared mostly on Athanasia's dreams.
  • All Girls Want Bad Boys: She did fell for the The Stoic Claude and managed to conceive him a heir at the cost of her life.
  • Brooding Boy, Gentle Girl: The novel reveals that she had this relationship with Claude as she helped him to slowly heal from Penelope's actions on him... which makes her death even more painful for Claude to bear.
  • Hot Consort: She is often depicted as being "a beauty that you couldn't take your eyes off' in the webtoon. Lily, Felix and, even Claude subtly remarked on how beautiful she is.
  • Missing Mom: She died after giving birth to Athanasia. Averted in another timeline, when Lucas jumps through other universes. He encountered Claude desperately begging Diana not to pick Athanasia, he then resorted in eating Athanasia's magic while still in Diana's womb. The extra implied that Diana lived in that universe
  • Never Say That Again: Athanasia knew and was aware that mentioning or asking about Diana has been a forbidden subject to both of them. It doesn't stop her from mentioning it unconciously.
    • She did, finally, decided to ask about Diana and all Claude answered was he never remembered her, but she knew that he is lying, so she dropped it.
  • Nice Girl: Diana appears rarely in the webtoon, but that doesn't stop fans to adore her personality. She did tame Claude and is justified in his feelings how much important her role is in his life. Her selflessness knows no bound and even risked her life giving birth to Athanasia rather than picking a peaceful life with Claude. Lily looked up to her, and frequently showers Diana with praises with Felix whenever she's brought up. Even with Claude's Jerkass attitude, she understood the meaning beneath his harsh words and believe that Claude would take care of their only daughter. It's no wonder why fans also likes her too.
  • Plot-Triggering Death: Her death is the reason why Claude neglected and left Athanasia in the hands of the maids in the Ruby Palace and was forced to use black magic just to forget the pain he felt losing Diana.
  • Second Love: For Claude. She had become his One True Love whom he treasured deeply after Penelope's betrayal. That's why he is so hurt by the fact that she picked to give birth to Athanasia rather than staying by his side, knowing that she'll die if she continued her pregnancy. Unable to cope with her loss, he casted a black magic on himself to forget about Diana so he can be at ease with his grief.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: Again with Claude. He was the Emperor of Obelia and she was nothing but a mere dancer brought to entertain him. Not to mention, one is already dead and is always trying to look out for the other, while the other is alive but is trying to forget the other one just to cope with the pain. Fate really just wants them apart.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: Athanasia often hears from Felix and Lily that she looks just like Diana, except for her eyes. Even Claude, who rarely mentions Diana, sees her for a split second in Athanasia and indirectly told her that.
    Claude: I forgot how different you are, no matter how similar you look
  • Unkempt Beauty: No wonder Athanasia is so beautiful. She may have messy hair but there's no denying that Diana is drop dead gorgeous.

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