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Songs: (Age Rock) カリスマ (ゲームサイズ), (Balls-Out Rock) プリンシプル, Lovin' Life, ハマナスの花


Songs: a whole lot.

Born in Russia in December 16th, this music conductor is a perfectionist who seems scary at first, but really he can be quite mischievous. Hamanov travels a lot, and he collects a lot of candy from different countries.


Songs: (Melt) メルト


Songs: (Honky Tonk) 遠く


Songs: (Tokyo Roman) 恋する東京


Songs: (Wartran Troopers) ウォートラン・メインテーマ

  • Crossover: From Konami's arcade game Wartran Troopers.
  • Slapstick: During his LOSE animation, he accidentally flips a knife into his head. After freaking out a little, he shakes it off and resumes as normal.
  • Non-Standard Character Design: Hanemann is drawn in a more semi-realistic style, and wears a lot of dull greens. Even their animations look a bit out of place among the other kiddy, bright characters.




For more info, see her entry under the TheEpicOfZektbach character sheet.
Songs: (ORATORIO) Apocalypse ~Momento Mori~


Songs: (Happy Hardcore ~Third~) STAR SHIP☆HERO, (Reflective Trance) Diamond Dust, (Broken Samba Break) 灼熱Beach Side Bunny


Songs: (Viking) バイキングマン, たまごの物理科学的 及び調理特性に関しての調査、そしてその考察


Songs: Symsonic Breeze

A woman born in the Farthest Forest on November 9th. She's the most active during the night, and so enjoys the company of nocturnal animals living in the forest. She dislikes noisy daytime creatures.


Songs: (Circuit) Drivin' High


Songs: (Hipunk) Cobalt, Babel II, (Melo Punk 2) Lime-light

A gentle-minded soul who attends middle school, born in Japan, July 12th. He likes skateboarding as a hobby. He likes hamburgers and hot dogs, and dislikes roller skating and skiing.


Songs: (Cartoon) TOON MANIAC, (Voyage) Sayonara Sanctuary

The young prince of White Land. He dreams of travelling the world with his pet lion, but gets homesick easily. So he never makes it very far before going back home.

  • I Got Bigger: In 11 he looks a little older, and he got over his homesickness problem and became a sailor.


Songs: (Ever Pop) 2nd ADVENTURE, アルクアラウンド, トウキョウ・ドリーム・ポップ

A songwriter living in Japan, born on April 27th.

Hikari Nijuno

Songs: (Lovely Trans Pop) Rainbow Hue

An idol born in Akiruno City on September 30th. She's the first member of the Rainbow Trio. She enjoys karaoke with friends. She dislikes sushimi.


Songs: (PARADISE SHOWA) 情熱 fun! fun!

Hikaru Miura

Songs: (Boys) 君を抱きしめたい!

A singer from Shizuoka who's great at multitasking. He enjoys tennis, likes tea and dislikes swimming competition commentators.


Songs: (Twee Pop) 777, (Magic Pass) ひみつの言葉

Daughter of Queen Drumstick born in Meruhen Kingdom's flower garden on March 14th. She loves to sing and explore the castle, and hates it when someone tells her to 'act like a princess'.

Hipopo & Tamayo

Songs: (うそつき▽ハイパーロッケンローレ) エイプリルフールの唄, (Pop Desco) popdod

Hiroshi Jingu

Songs: (Anime Hero R) Spread Your Wings, the Great Gambler

Toru Kamikaze's cousin. An avid mah-jong player living in Yokohama, Japan. Currently locked in a fight with the evil squid Ikasama.

Hitomi Saionji

Songs: (Magical Girl) Charade of Love

A junior high school student living in Japan, who enjoys playing the flute and la crosse.


Songs: (ふること) 序


Songs: (SNOWY CORE) snow prism, illumina

One of the four Tsugidoka! characters. She’s the daughter of the general of a hospital and also the school council president. She has a mature personality and likes performing student council activities. She’s also very fond of Pastel-kun. She represents winter and thus has powers over ice.


Songs: (Ska) Ska Ska No.3, (Showtime) Ska Ska No.4

A travelling trumpet player.


Songs: (Showa Waltz) HONEY-BEE, (Chanson) 想い出の巴里祭, (Aegean) 魅せられて ~エーゲ海のテーマ, (Ska Rock) Swimmers

A songstress born on August 2nd. She likes flowers and making cakes. She dislikes cellphones. She keeps a pet poodle named Creamy.

Hoshi No Hito

Songs: (近代絶頂音楽) 天庭, (大宇宙の法典) 天庭 おとこのこ編


Songs: (Takkyu Boogie) Ping Pong Boogie

  • Expressive Mask: The helmet has an emotive mouth and eyebrow.
  • The Faceless: Wears a giant costume head that looks like a ping pong ball. Subverted in that there's a picture of what he looks like underneath the helmet in extra art.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Under the helmet.


Songs: (L.A. Metal) Blaster

He lives in Los Angeles, USA. His birthday is March 26th.


Songs: (Musical) ミュージカル"5丁目物語"よ りオーヴァーチュア

A young girl living in Japan born on July 29th.

House Girl

Songs: (House) 20, November


Songs: (BEAT ROCK) Lazy Girl, (BEAT ROCK 2) Wish

Born in Ireland, Hugh works as a repairman. He acts like a cool, older brother to others. He enjoys motorcycle sports and fixing bikes. He doesn't like sweets.

Hush Man

Songs: (Loud Beach) NAMIノリ//www.




Songs: (SF POP) DAWN, (J-Pop ~Second~) Destiny Lovers


Songs: (Future) Ostin-art, (Digi Techno) A Change of Probability, GET WILD, (Idol Wave) Empty my Heart, (Keyboards Pop) PEACEFUL PLANET PARTY, Maji LOVE 2000%

A usually relaxed boy who wishes to become a popular musician one day, born in Japan on November 4th. He has a pet dog and sometimes works with Timer and Shollkee. He likes feeding his dog, and things relating to Latin. He dislikes heights, and talking to tall people.


Songs: (Elegy) Sing a Happy Song, (Elegy 2) この子の七つのお祝いに

A ball-jointed doll.


Songs: (Zen Jazz) 明鏡止水


Songs: (Link) 空澄みの鵯と


Songs: (Warrior) The Man from Far East, (Asian) Beyond the Ocean


Songs: (SCAT) Cat's Scat


Songs: (Valkyrie Breaks) CELSUS, (Anthem) 天空の夜明け


Songs: (Cossack) ロシアのおみやげ, (Russia) Troika Dance



Izumi Ibuki

Songs: (Hi-Tension Gal Rock) イブの時代っ! (Emotional Duo) カタルシスの月, (Forever Friends) 走れメロンパン, 乙女繚乱 舞い咲き誇れ, 都会征服Girls☆



Songs: (Mixture) Jack, (Grand Core) STEEL CAGE, (Experiment Rap) Old O, (Spit Rock) Throat, (Big Beat) HYENA

Born in an industrial nation in ruin on June 12th, Jack spends most of his time searching for a 'red helmeted fiend'. He enjoys high concentrations of oxygen.


Songs: Innocence

Born in Lapistoria on May 31st, Jade's hobbies include becoming a God. He likes obedient people and dislikes the power that he cannot control. He serves as the true antagonist of Lapistoria.


Songs: QuoN

A sarcastic headmaster who collects peoples Lapises. He was born at the Lapis research institute on January 1st.


Songs: (Energy Rock) 夢と現実, (Color Fusion) Riot of Color

A Texan panda who loves to rock out on his guitar. He really hates awkward situations.


Songs: (J-jazz) Thinking of You


Songs: (Mods) 2tone


Songs: (Rockabilly) シャバダ! de ジルバ!, (Boogie) VIVA la HOT LOVE!

A dancer born in the USA.


Songs: (Soul) Gotta Get My Groove on

A sister whose groovy tunes are rumoured to make even angels dance.

John A. Chopper

Songs: (Yakyu Rock) Love to Catch Ball

The mascot of the Pink Poppers baseball team.

Johnny D

Songs: (Group Sounds) 太陽がみつめてる, (Liverpool) Love me Love me Love me

A guitarist and high school student living in Liverpool.

Johnny Josai

Songs: (Hillbilly) Pa La La 42


Songs: (Hard Renaissance 3) JOMANDA

One of three characters based on DJ YOSHITAKA, and the only one of such to appear in pop'n music.


Songs: (Allegria) クチビル


Songs: Listing them would take all day!

The friendly rival of Mary, born on the West Coast of America on July 3rd. She enjoys dancing, inline skating, pasta and sushi. She dislikes umeboshi (pickled plums).


Songs: (J-Rock φ) Looking for...

Jyun & Shingo

Songs: (Teen Folk) 時代を変えてくTeenage, (Street) Flapper, (Street Tune) 探検ノート (Street style), Orange, オレンジ

Two street musicians and best friends.



Songs: (Istan Beats) YOLCU MUSTAFA


Songs: (Oriental Folklore) 旗, 海神


Songs: (Taiga Drama) 雪の華


Songs: (Misty) Platonic Love, (Emo) Sorrows, ブルーバード, (Ruin) 空言の海,

Her birthday is February 2nd. A distant poet who isn't interested in current world events.

Kai & Zero

Songs: (Elebits J-Pop) Infinity of our Love, (Elebits POP) The Smile of You


Songs: (RINSEI) Kagerou, Butter-FLY

His birthplace is the Karst Plateau. His hobby is exploring caves no one has set foot in. He likes seeing chrysalises hatch and dislikes caves without a chrysalis.


Songs: (Lovely Paradise Tune) LOVE☆BA☆ZOOKA!


Songs: (Vs. Sound) 異能対決! VS.淀ジョル


Songs: (撫子ロック) 凛として咲く花の如く, 夏祭り, 回レ!雪月花


Songs: (Symphonic Jinraku) 天の峠

Rides a large metal nightingale. His birthday is January 21st.


Songs: (Nightmare Carousel) カーニバルの主題による人形のためのいびつな狂想曲, (Dream Champuru) Dimensiva Vulnus


Songs: (Happy Lovegazer) 恋愛観測, メニメニマニマニ


Songs: (100ºC BUBBLE TECHNO) クライマックス銭湯


Songs: (New Age) 龍舞 ~DRAGON DANCE

A woman from Australia who went to live in Japan and became a miko.


Songs: (Masara) Nice Tabla, (Hindi Pop) MAHARADIN

An Indian girl who has 100 cooks, 500 elephants and 1000 servants at home to her disposal. She enjoys cooking, but only her dad ever eats what she makes. She dances three times a week and dislikes spicy curry.

Karoline & Yangels

Songs: (Cosmological) UNBOUND MIND

Kasuga Sakiko

Songs: (Gratitude) とってもとっても、ありがとう。, (浪漫歌謡) 滅びに至るエランプシス, (Maid Metal) ホーンテッド★メイドランチ, 温故知新でいこっ!, 乙女繚乱 舞い咲き誇れ


Songs: (New-Commer) un-Balance

A girl from England who wants to be a dancer like Judy.


Songs: (J-Rock Φ New) Alicy, マジLOVE1000%


Songs: (Raga Pop) Sci-Fi Girl, (Mordern '80) 翔べない天使, (J-Garage Pop) Miracle Moon(お月様が中継局)

An alien born near the Swan (Cygnus) who initially came with the intent to invade earth. However, culture shock and all the dancing she did made her forget her mission and immigrate to earth. She enjoys collecting figurines, and dislikes pickles.


Songs: (Folk Rock) 面影橋

Keri Maru

Songs: (蹴鞠) Kicky Kemari Kicker


Songs: (Cinema) 映画「SICILLIANA」のテーマ, (Cinema 2) 映画「ジェノヴァの空の下」のテーマ


Songs: (Mandolin Step) Liebe〜望郷〜

  • Plant Person: Maybe? Their hair (if you could call it that) is a tree stump and roots.


Songs: (Gang) きえた!? ナポレオン

A mysterious gang member from Chicago, USA, born on September 10th. He enjoys dancing and poker, and hates cowards.


Songs: (Light Fusion) Micro Dream, (80s Pretty Pop) so good!!

A woman who was born in Cordelia (Uranus IV), her birthday is February 26th. She enjoys learning foreign languages, and her favourite place is planet Earth. She dislikes space mice and drunk customers.


Songs: (Hyper Japanesque) Infinity Light, (Hyper Japanesque 3) Stars in the Sky ~The Story of Dawn~, (Princess Core) KIMONO♥PRINCESS, (Platinum Japanesque) ЁVOLUTIΦN

A depressed woman who barely talks, looking for the prince she fell in love with after he died. Her birthplace is Kyoto, Japan, and birthday is August 18th. She enjoys reading poems and the autumn night sky.


Songs: (Emotional) Loveholic

The King

Songs: (Passion) Tonight, Lovers Day, (Western) Texas Gunman, (Cowboy) Blue River, (50's) Shake!, (Merican Rock) NANANA ROCK'N ROLL KING

A singer and dancer who likes American football, his fans, and stage designing. His hometown and birthday is America, January 8th. He doesn't like it when Mary tries feeding him natto (fermented soybeans).

Kinoko Boy

Songs: (Techno Pop) 321 STARS, (Harenti Techno) LINN 1999


Songs: (Peach Idol) ドキドキ妄想空回りシンドローム(ドキ・カラ), (Bubblegum Dance) Mermaid girl, ロマンティックあげるよ

An undersea idol


Songs: (Ultra Lovelin' Euro) LOVE ② くらっち


Songs: (Dark Marchen) 絡繰男爵忌憚

A doll who lives in a forgotten town, created on December 24th. They enjoy playing with animals and picking flowers, and avoids conflicts of any kind.

  • The Blank: Their entire head is solid black.

Kirishima Tsukasa

Songs: Show Up!


Songs: 乱れた風紀に天罰を


Songs: (Momo Visual) 紅ノ桃

The head vocalist of the Oni Tai Z band, he was born in Okayama, Japan on June 16th.


Songs: (Symphonic Metal op.2) Sanctum Crusade, (Sorcery Prog) Shining Wizard


Songs: (Quilt) キルト, (Trance Core) FLOWER

Ko Ryu

Songs: (MFC) 麻雀格闘倶楽部特別接続曲


Songs: (Motor 5) くちうるさいママ

A young basketball player in Groovy Town. He also break-dances in his spare time.


Songs: 神曲

A boy from Nirvana, his birthday is August 15th. He likes to preach and go on pilgrimages.

  • Art Shift: During his LOSE animation, everything goes from looking like an oil painting to digital art.
  • Curtains Match The Windows: Black hair and eyes.
  • Meaningful Name: Kobozu (小坊主) is a term used to refer to young priests who're still training.
  • Non-Standard Character Design: Not Kobozu himself, but everything happening around him. Seriously, that scribbly background and all the weird stuff happening makes it look like M.C. Escher did it.


Songs: (Ambition) Existence, (Ambition ポプコネ) existence(エレクトロポップン!MIX)


Songs: (Euro Queen) What I Want (EURO MIX)

Chanel's twin sister living in Paris, France. She enjoys touring and going to the beach, and has an interest in cute boys.


Songs: (Dogu Techno) Dogu Ditty

Koumori Otoko

Songs: (Exciting Rock) 鳥無き島にて

A mysterious man who comes from the Eighth circle of Hell, Malebolge, born on June 19th. He enjoys seducing ladies and then making them cry. He hates hypocrisy. It seems he might have something to do with an epidemic going on in a nearby town.

Koyama Akemi

Songs: (Miracle) 都庁前までおねがいします, (Miracle 2) はぴはぴGROOVE!!〜あなたにおちるスパイラル〜, (Mushiba Waltz) 僕の名前は勇気 ~鈴木歯科クリニック編~


Songs: (Techno Pop) Electronic Fill

A robot made in Russia, originally intended to be used in war but ended up being sold as a personal helper.


Songs: (Pop Rap) Smile the Night Away

Kraft again? Oh, wait, no- it's just Uncle Jam pretending to be Kraft.

  • Paper-Thin Disguise: there are apparently visible fasteners on the costume. Also the overall shape and colours are different from the original Kraft.


Songs: (Velvet Bullet Hit) ヴェルヴェットバレット


Songs: (万葉歌) 防人恋歌


Songs: (下克上DRUM'N'BASS) Ge-Ko-Ku-Jo

Kuro Guruppa

Songs: (Seesaw Fantasy) She saw a miracle


Songs: (荒波演歌) しまなみ海道 男道


Songs: (Showa Boogie Woogie) ラブラブギウギ♥


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