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pop'n music has Loads and Loads of Characters, which has made the pop'n series the subject of plenty of Bemani-related fanart and cosplay.

This page is under construction; if you have a character or tropes for a character to add, please feel free to edit. The list has gotten so long that it had to be broken up into several pages.

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Songs: Harmonia

A collection and variation of many different characters and animations from Pop'n Music 22 Lapistoria.


Songs: 歌劇 月夜のアラビア


Songs: (Sweat) Love Rocket

Leicars is a trio of space pioneers, born in the USA.


Songs: (GIRLS ALTERNATIVE) 証, (Diva Metal) 幻想花


Songs: (Bubbly Disco) Bubbly Time, (Happy Sad Core) Engraved Mark

A boy from Tokyo, Japan, his birthday is May 15th. He enjoys clubbing, shopping and fluorescent colours. He dislikes plain clothing.


Songs: (Arabian Crystal) ARABIAN CRYSTAL BGMメドレー


Songs: (Float) Silent Green


Songs: (胸キュン☆マーブル) ぶきように恋してる

An eighth-grader schoolgirl born in Westminister on May 4th. She likes trying out different clothes in front of the mirror. She dislikes being sleepy.


Songs: (Screen) GALAXY FOREST, (French Merchen) Recollection of the Troubadours

She's a heroine of popular B-movie. She was born in a basement in the United Kingdom on May 4th. She likes napping, having tea time at midnight and antique dolls. She hates cats.


Songs: (Eurasia Rock) Infinity Blue, (Rock Style) 空へ続く道 ~ Infinity∞MIX


Songs: (KANGTONG) 和称一起走,

A girl from Hong Kong who loves to dance, play and eat. She often hangs around her best friend, a panda named Pao-Pao.


Songs: (Hi-Tension) どうなっちゃったって, (Straight) Shiritori, (Hyper J-Rock) Brave!, (Hyper J-Party Rock) MIRACLE FLYER!!, (Baseball Heroine) 轟け!恋のビーンボール!!

A high school student and idol born on March 30th in Japan. She enjoys making ringtones and winter sports. She dislikes math and gloomy people.


Songs: (Mythoronica) Polis

Little Raisin

Songs: (Setsuna Girl) Only One More Kiss -雨に唄えば-, (Japanese Reggae) 春香 -HARUKA-

An alien from the Fairy Tale Kingdom.

Lord Meh

Songs: (Vellum) Eine Haube

Lotte and Ratte

Songs: (Twinkle Dance) Everyday Lovelyday, (Jewelry Rock) Jewelry Girl*

Twin sisters born on February 6th in Broom House. Lotte keeps a gothic stuffed animal named Kanta, and enjoys playing with it. She dislikes tea and her uncle's arguments. Ratte likes cleaning the house and fairy tales. Like her sister, she also dislikes tea. She isn't particularly fond of her aunt, and used her magic to run away.


Songs: (Pianotronica) Cocytus, (Progressive) The Least 100sec

A spirit born on October 4th. Lucifer is her twin brother.


Songs: (Neomotown) Sunny Sunday's Sky, (アメリカ民謡アレンジ) 聖者の行進

A gal from Neo-Detroit.


Songs: (Colorful Pop) Raspberry♥Heart, (Happy Hardcore) Sweet Sweet ♥ Magic, (Cutie Ele Pop) Blow me Up

Born on the Perfume Star on October 5th, Lulu likes travelling incognito and cute clothes. She hates the paparazzi.


Songs: (Lunatic Reel) moon dance, (Roma Swing) Tears in the Light





Songs: (TAI-KO HIP-HOP) 三日天下モンキー


Songs: (Pop Fusion) Tropical Palette


Songs: (Showa Noir) 誰がために陽はのぼる


Songs: (Pump) Let's Throw Away Long Pants, (Rotterdam Techno) rottel-da-sun

A rainbow mushroom who's also a mage, born in Fairy Tale Land. They like watching television.


Songs: (Ele Flood Wave) Aqua


Songs: アマイヒミツ

A topology teacher.

Magical 4

Songs: (World Tour 2) Magical 4

An all-female international idol group made to capitalize on Miracle 4's popularity. Members are Anne (French), Njomo (Kenyan), San (Chinese), and Quattro (Brazilian.)


Songs: (Kei-Row Punk) 進め! 爺ちゃん!


Songs: (Power Aco) Kimi ga suki da yo ~mamotte mamotte ageru kara, (Hot Rock) Cryin', (Posi Aco) New Days, (Electro Rock) Let it go

A young man living in Japan, born on April 5th. He works in a coffee shop, and likes cappuccino. Cyber's brother.


Songs: (Propose) Futari no Manifest


Songs: (Super Splash Tune) MANA, (Hard Renaissance 2) Evans

Marge & Rita

Songs: (Pizza) Pizza Italiano

A father-son pizza making duo living in Naples, Italy. Marge's birthday is May 14th, and Rita's January 5th.


Songs: (胸キュン☆マレット) キセキはじまり☆, じょいふる

Marisa Kirisame

For more info, see her entry under the Touhou Main Character sheet.
Songs: Struggle, 向日葵サンセット, 千年ノ理, チルノのパーフェクトさんすう教室, 取り残された美術(Arranged:HiZuMi), 魔理沙は大変なものを盗んでいきました, ナイト・オブ・ナイツ

One of two recurring protagonists of the Touhou Project series. She is a witch well-known for developing her abilities from scratch as well as her kleptomaniac tendencies.


Songs: (Boys R&B) Always

  • Funny Animal: Some kind of cat, maybe a leopard or a cheetah.


Songs: (Ukulelian) Night in KAUAI

A famous Japanese model taking a vacation in Hawaii.

  • Hula and Luaus: Wears a grass skirt and bikini top, as well as her animations and location being this trope.


Songs: a heck of a lot.

Judy's friendly rival, living in Japan, born May 29th. She loves anything involving dancing- dancing games at the arcade, inventing dance moves. She likes suama, a kind of Japanese candy. She hates spiders.


Songs: (Psychobilly) Jisei Template

Born in Sendai, Japan on September 5th. He likes sasashiniki and dislikes saying goodbye.

Mata Hari

Songs: (Nomadic Nation) カラルの月, (Nomadic Nation 2) Esperanza

A man who was born at the foot of Chiang Dao on August 17th, he loves to dance to the rhythm of music. He likes tom yum goong (a Lao and Thai spicy and sour soup). He dislikes people who trespass through the sacred world.

  • Breath Weapon: Can blow a small fireball.
  • Eye-Obscuring Hat: Subverted in that, since his bird hat has a beak, you can't see his eyes from the front, but you can see them from the side.


Songs: (Swish) 桃色♥時限爆弾

Matin and Nox

For more info, see their entry under the The Epic of Zektbach character sheet.
Song: (EPIC POETRY) Blind Justice ~Torn Souls, Hurt Faiths~


Songs: Go↓Go↑Girls&Boys!, クノイチでも恋がしたい, ロストワンの号哭

A popular cover artist from Nico Nico Douga. She was born in the "Third Dimension" and her brithday is January 29th. She enjoys singing, watching anime and video games. She dislikes lightning.


Songs: (Epic Prog) 量子の海のリントヴルム, 龍と少女とデコヒーレンス


Songs: (Moody) Midnight Yoghurt (女SPY☆お色気ゴーゴー脱出大作戦), (Latin Piano) Feux d'artifica, (Cutie) Cutie Honey

An enigmatic woman who constantly changes her name. Last month she was April, next month she'll be June.


Songs: (Sexy Girls) 淋しくてLoneliness, (NUDY) No More I Love You, (LONELY) Artemis

An aspiring diva from Hong Kong.


Songs: (Okinawa) 夢そうてぃ

A woman living in Okinawa, Japan who performs dances for folk songs. She loves going to the beach, and hates snakes and plane rides.

M.C. Tome

Songs: (Country Beats) 今日は今日でえがったなゃ, (Tokyo Rap) I'll go to Tokyo!

A farmer and a dancer. He loves plowing the fields.


Songs: (Modernism) 電波の暮らし, (Hiso) IN THE MOOD, (Hinamatsuri) La Peche du Pierrot, (昭和初期歌謡) 悪アガキ

A surrealistic dancing couple.

Megumi Hayakawa

Songs: (Magical Girl) Charade of Love

An elementary school student living in Japan who spends her time making sweets and playing with her dog, Rocky.

  • Love Triangle: She and Hitomi both have crushes on the same boy.


Songs: (Message Song) My, (Tegami'n Bass) The post girl in a hat.

A young postal worker.


Songs: (Missa) Requiem, (Cathedral) Henry Henry

A strange messenger who wanders the starlit skies. What could he be watching...?

Meu Meu

Songs: (萌えおこし電波ソング) めうめうぺったんたん!!, (Sweet's Progressive) ちくわパフェだよ☆CKP, 滅亡天使 † にこきゅっぴん, 都会征服Girls☆




Songs: (Girlhood) ロクブテ, (Girls Romance Pop) カタテ読書


For more info, see his entry under the TheGoonies character sheet.
Songs: (Goonies) GOONIES "R" GOOD ENOUGH


Songs: 今夜ボクがキミの救世王っ!

The leader of the boy band MesiA from p-M-crew Promotion, his birthday is July 5th. He likes collecting pillows and going to bed. He dislikes having too many lessons one after another.


Songs: (Clione Techno) CLIO


Songs: (Pavilion) Theme of Pop'n Land


Songs: (Upper Pop) How Low, (Digital Rock) X-Plan, そこに或るヒカリ

A schoolgirl from Setagaya, Tokyo whose birthday is on November 11th. She enjoys playing the guitar, surfing the net, shopping with friends and karaoke. She dislikes sea urchins.


Songs: (Moe Pop) オヤシロのムスメ


Songs: (Electro Pop) FAKE


Songs: (Eurobeat) ♥Love Sugar→♥, (Nyoro Rock) Tangerine and Kotatsu, Shock Me

A dentist living in Fukuoka Prefecture in the Kyushu District, Japan. Her birthday is March 29th.

Mimi and Nyami

Songs: Lots of them.

The Series Mascots of the franchise. Nyami's birthday is February 8th, and Mimi's March 3rd (or August 15th). Both live in Japan. Mimi likes shopping, chatting, rabbit themed goods and riding roller coasters. She hates tomato juice. Nyami also likes chatting and riding roller coasters, but enjoys playing at amusement parks in general. She dislikes coffee. Also covers their appearances as one unit, including "Poppers", "Pop'n Dream", and "Pop'n Xmas".

  • Art Evolution: They noticeably have a slightly different style in each new installment of the game.
  • Christmas Episode: As "Pop'n Xmas".
  • Cosplay: As the mascots of the series, they reappear in every new release with different outfits. Additionally, they're the characters for many songs under the "TV and Anime" category, where they cosplay as the characters from the anime that the current song is used in.
  • Credits Montage: As "Pop'n Dream", showcasing the history of pop'n music throughout the years.
  • The Dividual: Appear together as one unit in several instances.
  • Does Not Like Spam: Mimi dislikes tomato juice, while Nyami dislikes coffee.
  • Funny Animal: A rabbit girl and a cat girl, respectively.
  • Ear Swap: Their animations are identical aside from their ears.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Though some might not say it's exactly heterosexual...
  • Little Bit Beastly: Outside of their ears and noses, they appear to be human. According to their Popper's Lounge interview, whether or not they have tails is a "super secret".
  • Multicolored Hair: In Welcome to Wonderland, their hair is brunette on the outside, and pink on the inside.
  • No-Sell: In Lapistoria, their jewels were too strong for Jade to manipulate.
  • Secret Character: As "Poppers" in the home version of pop'n music 2.
  • Series Mascot: Represent the pop'n music franchise as a whole, and appear in every game and cover art.
  • Shout-Out: See Cosplay.
  • Unlimited Wardrobe: They collectively have the most costumes of any ''pop'n music character. See Cosplay.


Songs: (Chibikko Idol) Otome Rumba♪, (Patisserie Pop) Sweets dream, じゃんぴょん☆まじっく

Timer's younger sister, born on March 2nd, living in Japan. She loves dancing, and likes being with her big brother.


Songs: (Parabola) パラボラ

Miracle 4

Songs: (World Tour) Miracle 4

A collection of four characters as one unit. This idol group consists of Uno, 2st, Waka-san and Force. Look for their individual character entries for more details.

Mirai Yumeno

Songs: (Online Love Pop) Miracle of Love☆, (Techno Pop) I'm Screaming LOVE

A shy, gentle girl who's the second member of the Rainbow Trio. Born in Kamakura Yukinoshita on April 19th, Mirai spends her time drawing, reading and singing. She gets scared easily.


Songs: (Core Groove) THE PLACE TO BE, (J-R&B) ALONE

A woman from the Azabu, Minato ward, Japan, born on November 28th. She enjoys window shopping in her spare time.


Songs: (Noro-Emo?) ミサコの日記 (見ちゃダメ!)

A ghost of a schoolgirl who was born in Makai on August 2nd. She spends her time collecting mannequin dolls and writing her diary. She likes strawberries. She dislikes it when people try to figure out her secrets, which makes her furious or embarrassed.


Songs: (Pretty Miyabi) 突確全回転!


Songs: 麗しきエトワールアンジュ

The student council's secretary. She admires Hiumi greatly.


Songs: (Idol Pop) First Love, (Study) Love Parade

A singer born in Saitama, Japan. She likes baking and hates getting sick.


Songs: (Mof Rock) moffing, (Mof Pop ポプコネ) アルパカ☆Boooing


Songs: (Fascination) Oboro

A singer who was born in Idyllic Place on September 19th. She loves singing and dancing, and hates cucumbers.


Songs: (Ame Pop) Last of "I Love You"


Songs: (Housy Pop) 会社はワタシで廻ってる!?, (Trendy Pop) Go Easy!!, (Melo Core G) @n H@ppy Choice, (Electric Dance Wave) Music-U

An office worker currently working in Japan. Her birthday is November 29th.


Songs: (Andes Healing) ナスカの丘


Songs: (Capsule Princess) ふしぎなくすり

Moony Moon

Songs: (Umibe Duet) ハーフムーンビーチで逢いましょう


Songs: (Sly) Tokyo Traffic Report, (Hissatsu Spy) お仕置き忍のテーマ

A bonus character in Pop'n Music 9 who appears with Suit. He's constantly running from Suit after multiple crimes and jail breakouts.

Ms. Mush

Songs: (Cabaret) マッシュな部屋

  • Animate Inanimate Object: She's an anthropomorphic enoki mushroom.
  • Meaningful Name: The "mush" part in Ms. Mush's name is taken from the word "mushroom".
  • Mushroom Woman
  • Pretty in Mink: Wears a fox like a scarf. The question is, is the fox still alive or is it just fox skin?
  • Nice Hat: A big, round, white one almost three times bigger than her head. In Ms. Mush's Miss/Lose animations, it's even been shown to shoot spores.

Mr. Aoki

Songs: (J-Acid) STATION

A train attendant in Hikarigaoka station, Japan. His birthday is April 17th.


Songs: (Pop-Na Punk) Probably Inevitable!(Happy Man Japanese Version), (Guitar Punk) Happy Man, (Hard Country) JET WORLD

The original mascot of GuitarFreaks.

Mr. Fuguno

Songs: (Miraiha) Demolizone

Mr. Fukumimi

Songs: (Telephone Shopping) ポップン販売株式会社

A man living in Kobe, Japan, born on November 8th. He enjoys reading and playing bingo. He hates formal talk.

Mr. Ichijo

Songs: (Pianotec) Stories

A man from Hatchobori, Japan, his birthday is April 7th. He enjoys collecting, observing and analysing information.

  • Cameo: Telly66 appears as the phone on his desk.

Mr. Katucco

Songs: (味っ子) ルネッサンス情熱, (Lucky Hardcore) Daily Lunch Special

Mr. KK

Songs: (Percussive) West Shinjuku Cleaning Tune, (Alternative) Missing Cat, (Percussive 2) 西麻布水道曲, (Urban Rock) Life Goes on, On top of the world

A worker of Tokyo's Nishi-Shinjuku Plumbing in Tokyo, Japan. His birthday is December 5th. He likes cleaning, ramen and gun shooting games.

  • Almighty Janitor: A literal one at that.
  • Friendly Sniper: It had been hinted that he is this until we finally see his sniping skills in his Fever Win animation of his appearance, Pop'n Music 20.

Mr. Sobacco

Songs: (OH-MISOKA) さようならこんにちは


Songs: (Ska) Cassandra

Mrs. Wilson

Songs: (Urban Pop) Prism♡Heart

A tutor in the USA currently searching for Dino, who ran away from school.


Songs: (Latin Enka) ロマンス

  • Goofy Suit: Two people dressed as telephone poles.


Songs: (Showa Kayo) Apples and Honey, (O-Edo Kayo) Apple Lady, (Swing Kayo) Full of Floweres, (Japanese Alteration) Blossom Shower, (Megane Kayo) Pop'n Music Zoku Ron

A shamisen player born in Shinjuku, Japan on August 3rd.

Murmur Twins

Songs: (Cuddle Core) murmur twins (guitar pop ver.)

Brother and sister born on May 22, these twins live with two black cats and each other. They love drawing, singing and cake, and hate dentists and ghosts.

Muscle Masuda

Songs: (Rockbilly) ススメ! 少年!!


Songs: (Innocent) Fickle Wind, (Innocent 2) And Smile with You..., (Innocent 3) 流転と回天


Songs: If we listed them we'd be here all day!

A god born on September 28th who enjoys collecting records and the story of Peter Pan. There isn't much this guy doesn't like.

  • Cool Shades: Wears sunglasses in all of his appearances except for his Murakumo form.
  • Final Boss: While remixes are his main stage, he also tends to be a common pick for final boss songs as well, presiding over 20 fantasia's "少年は空を辿る" (Murakumo), Lapistoria's "L-an!ma", and Usaneko's "o†o".
  • Iconic Sequel Character: Didn't appear in the first installment, yet is one of the most iconic character in the franchise next to Mimi and Nyami.
  • Not Allowed to Grow Up: Is an "eternal boy" just like his favorite character, Peter Pan.
  • Physical God: He's the creator of the pop'n music world. But would you believe it by looking at him?
  • Remixed Level: Tends to be the character for remixed songs.



Songs: (MUHON TRANCE) NOBUNAGA, (Oriental Core) The Wind of Gold


Songs: (Ancient Euro) In The Ruins

Nakaji / Nanashi

Songs: (Megane Rock) Pop Music Ron, (Negame Rock) Ryouran Hit Chart

A guitarist living in Tokyo, Japan, born on June 17th. He likes dark places. He dislikes glasses, despite wearing a pair.

  • Henohenomoheji: Nanashi is really Nakaji with a piece of paper on his face.
  • Punny Name: "Nanashi" means "no name".
  • Megane: Even his song's genre is "Megane Rock."
  • Sdrawkcab Name: "Ryouran Hit Chart", Nanashi's song, has "Negame Rock" as its genre.


A player character in Pop'n Music 2. It's a swan shaped like the number 2.


Songs: (Tabla'n Bass) ナタラディーン

Nanako & Soramame

Songs: (Pure) セイシュンing


Songs: (Cheer Girl) GET THE CHANCE!

  • Bare Your Midriff: Comes with the cheerleader uniform.
  • The Ace: She's described as being beautiful, smart and very kind.


Songs: (Phasing Pop) Intersection


Songs: (Ray Jazz) NIGHT FEVER


Songs: (Natsuyasumi) なつやすみのぼうけん


Songs: (Samba) Viva! 2000, (オヤジサンバ) O-YA-GE de SAMBA

A half-Brazilian half-Japanese dancer born on February 19th.

Nazuna & Suzuna

Songs: (HEALING DUO) home.

Twin sisters living in the mountains of Japan, born on July 31st.


Songs: (Bastard Pop) スーダラ節 (平成版ラガ&ジャングルMIX)


Songs: (Contemporary Nation 5) The Sky of Sadness


Songs: (Drum'n Coredust) Mynarco, ラピストリアの約束

The diva of melancholy, her birthday is on June 10th. She likes dark, narrows spaces, and dislikes making eye-contact while talking to people.

Nice Guy

Songs: (Onsen Rap) ONSEN SONG remixed


Songs: (Disco Rap) Nick Ring, (Hoken Rap) DOLLAR DOLLAR, (E-Rap) Nick Boys, (E-Rap 2) Pinky Nick, (Mixturenpon) GIRIGILI門前雀羅

A troublemaker living in Chiba, Japan, born on June 15th. As a hobby he likes doing "an array of things that shouldn't be said here." He likes hats.


Songs: 風のささやき


Songs: (Bulgarian Rhythm) Deep Magenta

A robot gymnast seeking to obtain gold medals for her homeland. Incorporates an Epic Flail and a Macross Missile Massacre in her dance routines. In spite of this, she would much rather keep peace than have war.


Songs: (Club Jazz) Betty Boo, (Philly Soul) ヨコシマ・カラー・ベイビー, (J-Soul) Love Box

A photographer living in New York. She enjoys collecting vintage cameras, and drinking espresso. She hates war.


Songs: (crimms TALES) いきもの失格, (crimms TALES 2) 去る金合戦


Songs: (Fluch) 水面静かに大地の烈日わたらせて


Songs: (Portable Pop) Ensamble Forecast 3/28

  • Magic Hair: Her hair is capable of detaching from her head to form clouds in the sky.
  • Weather Manipulation: She's able to control the spring's weather.


The second member of Magical 4.

  • Cool Pet: Her hawk.
  • Out of Focus: As of Lapistoria, she's the only member of either international quartet not to have a song to herself.


Songs: (Kayou House) Nanja-Nai

A singer of a fancy club.


Songs: (Ukulele) Honohono


Songs: (Pop'n Pop) Like a pop'n music

A winner from the Boku mo Watshi mo Pop'n Artist character design contest. Nonet comes from the Fairy Tale Kingdom and her birthday is August 6th. She enjoys performing puppet shows based on Pop'n music and, what else, playing pop'n music. She dislikes mean and aggressive people.


Songs: (Starry †rance) Southern Cross

A composer who drifts throughout the universe, his birthday is August 6th and birthplace α Crucis Star. He spends his time composing music beneath the starry skies and watching star showers. He dislikes meteorites. He's sometimes called the musician of miracles due to his wandering tendencies and how hard it is to find him in the vastness of space.


Songs: (Afro Percussion Party) Earth Beat

African dancers.



Songs: (Wind Guitar) perfect green

A galactic train conductor.


Songs: (Alipro 2) 暗黒サイケデリック, 空想メソロギヰ


Songs: (Izumo) E-TEN-RAKU


Songs: (Karaoke) 愛言葉〜アイコトバ

A shy young girl working at a tea shop. She has a crush on S.8. TARO.


Songs: (Reggae) Baby, I'm Yours, (Latin Pop) In a Grow, (Slow Life) Sweet Time (pop'n mix), (Bossa) Coastline, (Carib) 麗しのカーディガン

A kind woman living in Jamaica. She's a fantastic swimmer.


Songs: (Spur Fusion) Snowfield Express


Songs: (Momo Visual 2) 魂ノ華, (Edge) 雷君

A guitarist for the Oni Tai Z band, he was born on Okayama, Japan on February 14th.


Songs: (Coredust Beat) 真超深TION, (Neji Rock) 螺子之人


Songs: (Lamento) Shizuku

Ookami boy

Songs: (Alternative Rock) Prince on a Star, (Emoctro) 少年リップルズ, (Dreamgazer) Little Prayer, (Zodiac Oracle 1) ストレイ・マーチ


Songs: (Time Travel) Rapunzel

A girl living between the sands of time.

  • Dramatic Ellipsis: Uses these extremely frequently, suggesting either that A) she is extremely shy, or B) her voice is weak from disuse.
  • Hand-Hiding Sleeves: Her hands are covered by her sweater dress.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Her song is named Rapunzel, so it is only fitting that her hair would be as long as her height. This is especially apparent in her Fever Win and Lose animations.
  • Time Master: Her Fever animation has her spinning with clock-like symbols in the foreground.
  • Slipknot Ponytail: In her Fever Win and Lose animations.


Songs: (Candy Pop) CANDY♥, (Sotsugyou) GRADUATION ~それぞれの明日~


Songs: (Breakout Rock) 雨ノチHello, (情念歌謡) 紅蓮の焔, (Progressive) Concertino in Blue

  • Meaningful Name: Oto (音) meaning "sound". Otobear has speakers on their hands and for a face.


Songs: (Melo Core) H@ppy Choice, (Kinnikuman) Kinnikuman Flame, (Tawasy Pop) 愛車はタワシで洗ってる!?


P-1 & P-2

Songs: (Industrial) Inflation!, (URA Soundtrack) Q-Mex Universe Boat, (Naniwa) Somebody Stole my Gal, (背徳と邪悪のエピタフ) マインド・ゲーム

Two robots made in Russia, developed to be used as personal house uses. However, their design had a bunch of errors and they were scrapped. But these two found their calling as comedians. They like science fiction movies.


Songs: (Space Waltz) flutter


Songs: (Fluffy Pop) Recorrection


Songs: (Analog Techno) ELECTRONISM, (UFO Techno) Far e@st Network

A supporter of justice whose ship crash landed. Since the crash he's taken to following Cyber around.

  • Facial Markings: has two lines extending down from the corners of his mouth.

Punch Senpai

Songs: (Ouenka) 燃やせ!青春~ポップン学園応援歌~, (ツッパリ) バリバリブギ~涙のフルーツポンチ~


Songs: (Violin Progressive) ポルターガイスト, (Black Album) OVERHEAT -Type P-


Songs: (Pyramid) Aphrodisiac named Forever, Cleopatrysm

A protector of royal families who looks like Anubis.


Songs: (Space Pop) μ9


Songs: (交響的物語) 駕篭の鳥


Songs: (Stray Girl) This way, (Blues Rock) Just you Wait!


Songs: (AOR) Harvest Moon, (Neat) Happy Birthday!!~with a million kisses~

A French singer who likes collecting furniture.


Songs: (Circus) Free Pass


Songs: (Clown Punk) ピエロのままで


Songs: (Anthem) GLORIA, (Sanctity) Blessing

A penguin who is also a pope. He wants to grow up to be like his father: a great and respected penguin.


Songs: (Groove Rock) 赤いリンゴ, (Rock 'n Roll) I am Rock 'n' Roll King

A policeman protecting the forests with his rocking guitar tunes. Born on the Rocky Mountain Range on December 8th, this bear likes patrolling, collecting sunglasses and honey. He hates ants.


Songs: (Kurofune Funk) Perry Desu!



An antagonist character in Pop'n Music 22 Lapistoria.


Songs: (Heaven) Voice, (Zodiac Oracle 7) アストライアの双皿

Born of the Big Bang on December 14th, this goddess is large, an entire vast field of space within her.

  • Blinding Bangs: Usually, only her nose and mouth is shown. Her Great and Win animations do show her face.
  • Celestial Body: Her dress shows star patterns.
  • Multicolored Hair: Her Great and Win animations make her hair multicolored.

Pierre & Jill

Songs: (Comic Song) Brother Tempura, (Ragtime) RADICAL RAGTIME TOUR, (Sushi) Hey, eating sushi!

They live in Fairy-Tale Land. They like dancing, and dislike liars.


Songs: (Setagaya-kei) 東京ガール(pop'n mix)

  • Funny Afro: It's about as big as half her body! Granted it's a wig but still.
  • Unlimited Wardrobe: Apparently she has over 3000 articles of clothing.


Songs: (Techno Kayo) Ultra Boy

An timid but peppy alien born on April 27th.


Songs: (Russia 2) The Retro Baron's Grief


Songs: (Racing) Violently Car


Songs: (Speed Core) MVA


Songs: (Pupcore) ポチコの幸せな日常


Songs: a lot.

An Angel born in Whiteland, Heaven on February 17th. She enjoys taking walks in the sky and playing the trumpet. She's friends with a fish family, even though she doesn't like swimming.

Pole Pole

Songs: (Wimbo) ポレポレの雨乞いの唄

A child who lives in Africa, born on May 25th. He enjoys taking walks.


Songs: (POPCORN PARTY) microwave popcorn

Pop'n 14 Fever Hero

Songs: (Fever Hero) フィーバー戦士ポップン14のテーマ. (Fever Hero ED) わたしのフォーティーン(フィーバー戦士ポップン14EDテーマ)


Songs: (Nostalgic) 25時ノ悪戯

A travelling boy going on an adventure to become the hero of Roll Town.


Songs: (J-POP) Life, (Precious) Sweets, (Nursery) もりへいこうよ

A plush rabbit who loves teddy bears. She wishes to befriend an real bear one day. Living in japan she spends her time sewing.

Prince M

Songs: (Glam Rock) Space★Kiss

Prince of Falena

For more info, see his entry under the SuikodenV character sheet.
Songs: (Genso Suikoden V) 女王騎士


Songs: (Fantasia Fusion) プロキオンの騎士団


Songs: (Magical Heroine) ラブ☆ゲッター ~ピュアクル♥リップ~, (Hi-Core) †渚の小悪魔ラヴリィ~レイディオ†

A magical girl born in Happy Lucky Shores on February 2nd. She's tasked with collecting magical crystals called Lovenas.


Songs: (Popping Wonder) ふしぎ飛行, (Hi-v Bleep) キャトられ♥恋はモ~モク




Songs: (Passionate Samba) samba de ASPEL

The fourth member of Magical 4.


Songs: (Contemporary Nation 4) Tree in Lake ~消えたチチカカの木~



Songs: (Tea-sy Listening) Afternoon tea dream


Songs: (Ballade) Shooting Star, (Autumn) Red Butterfly

A princess living alone in a castle in the forest, born in Pennsylvania. Being alone, she often talks to the plants and animals around her. She enjoys viewing the stars on clear days.


Songs: (Lovely Motown) プリズム

A girl who likes to garden. Her birthday is on May 6th.


Songs: (Strife) 疾風

A winner from the Boku mo Watshi mo Pop'n Artist character design contest. His birthplace is a secret de gozaru, but he was born on February 4th. He spends his time studying and broadening his knowledge, and likes windmills and sweet things.

Ralph Belmondonote 

For more information on Ralph Belmondo/ Trevor Belmont, see his corresponding entry under the Castlevania character sheet.
Songs: (Castlevania Slot) trezire de spirit, (Castlevania Slot 2) 緋月の狂想曲, (Castlevania Slot 3) De a lungul vieţii


Songs: 彼女は快刀乱麻

A swords-woman whose past life continues to haunt her, Ranma seeks to sever herself from her fate and settle a past rivalry that continues to haunt her. She likes martial arts and watching Yuzuru practice.


Songs: 空に抗い堕つるとも

A vocalist from space, his birthplace is the Habitable zone and birthday is June 9th. He spends his time writing songs, and likes live touring and the solar system. He dislikes fans who have No Sense of Personal Space.


Songs: 華陽炎 -Hana Kagerou-, C18H27NO3, 超恋愛☆エクストリーム・ガール, draw!!!!, ませまてぃっく♥ま+ま=まじっく!, レトロスペクティビリー・メリーゴーランド

The Series Mascot of Sound Voltex. She is an opponent character in Sound Voltex songs, which are crossed over to pop'n music as part of the "Floor Infection" series of events.

Rave Girl

Songs: (Rave) E-Motion, (Special Ending) Tap'n! Slap'n! Pop'n Music!, (Special Ending 2) Ending Theme of Pop'n Music 6, (Cats) CAT'S EYE, (Happy Hardcore) I'm so Happy


Songs: (Psyche) L.A.N.

Reiko Hinomoto

For more info, see her entry under the RumbleRoses character sheet.
Songs: (Rumble Roses) ランブルメドレー

Reimu Hakurei

For more info, see her entry under the Touhou Main Character sheet.
Songs: Russian Caravan Rhapsody, 待チ人ハ来ズ。, 妖隠し -あやかしかくし-, ほおずき程度には赤い頭髪, Bad Apple!! feat. nomico

The central protagonist of the Touhou Project series. Having appeared in every mainline game in the series as a playable character, she is a miko frequently tasked with protecting Gensokyo from various wayward youkai.


Songs: (Lovely Cat Pop) Chat! Chat! Chat!


Songs: (Denkimatsuri) ポップン電機CMソング


Songs: (Lounge) Cherry & Raquel, (Neo Aco REMIX) Fly Higher (than the Stars) 2 Step Mix, (Round Pop) ゼロ・グラビティ

Sugi-kun's friend and band member living in Japan. He enjoys sightseeing and chocolate. He doesn't like snakes or sea urchins.


Songs: (SCARLET) Kouen, (SPIEGEL) Mikagami, Kira -shakunetsu no Sabaki-

One of the four Tsugidoka! event characters. He is an energetic boy who works passionately towards his goals. He enjoys fighting games and hot snacks from the convenience store. He represents fall like Fuga and has powers over fire.


Songs: (J-Hip Hop) Egoist, (Caribbean Pop) Caribbean

A trio of ghosts.


Songs: a lot of them.

A kind girl living in Japan, with her best friend Sanae-chan. She enjoys making clothes, collecting records and cheesecake.

Rin & Daiki & Hurry

Songs: (Tri▼Euro) Let's go out!


Songs: (KAREN ROCK) Rensen Ryouran, (HAPPY HARDCORE) sakura sunrise, Realize Maze

One of the four Tsugidoka! event characters. Rinka is a cheerful girl who adores flowers and enjoys tending to them. She also likes Nyaguwa, a character from GITADORA. She represents spring and has powers over nature. Younger sister to Taiga.


Songs: (Swedish) Chamomile Bathroom, (Swedish 2) Tangeline, (College Pop) Peppermint is my Enemy, (Swinging Pop) Parasol, ベルガモット組曲

A Swedish schoolgirl born on August 7th, currently enrolled overseas in Japan. She likes riding her bike, and can't sit still.

Robin & Cock

Songs: (Jig) Tir na n'Og


Songs: (Infinity) kaleidoscope

Robot pets consisting of a monkey, a koala and an elephant. Great at dancing but they can do little else...

Rocket 86

Songs: (JAM) HypArcSin(x)


Songs: (Cosmo Pop) 魔法のたまご


Songs: (Windy Dance) FU-FA, (Shooting Fusion) El Dorado


Songs: (Elegoth) The Keel, (Elegothis Sabbat) Dar[k]wish, (Runic Air) Princess Roki

Roki's birthplace is Iceland, and her birthday is December 21st. She loves her family, but doesn't like meaningless questions.


Songs: a lot.

A wandering samurai adrift in Japan, born on June 9th. He enjoys calligraphy, traveling and dry sake. He dislikes the principles of royalty, and worldly desires.


Songs: (Country) Over the Hill

An energetic cowgirl.


Songs: (SPRING TECHNO) spring pony

  • Ambiguous Syntax: Is it a pony in the month of Spring or a pony on a spring? Apparently it's the latter, but that didn't stop it taking on a Spring motif (and performing a Cross Over into Reflec Beat Colette -spring-).


Songs: (Love Fortune) Sabrina, (J-Rock) Romance, (Mood techno) 5:00 AM Host ☆ Pure Love, 女々しくて, (Electric Manoush Swing) デッドボヲルdeホームラン

He likes in the Akita Prefecture in Japan. His birthday is April 21st. He likes collecting lighters, and shiny things. He doesn't like puddles.

Root @ Choudooken

Songs: (Science Pop) 恋はどう?モロ◎波動OK☆方程式!!


Songs: (Hyper Masquerade) Masquerade


Songs: (False Marchen) Sea Water Storage

A gorgon living deep in the black forest, born on October 17th. Because of her powers, everyone's afraid of her, which makes Rosalie sad because she'd like to be invited to a party every once in a while. She hates mice.


Songs: (Hyper Fantasia) Fantasia, (Platinum Fantasia) Märchen

Her birthplace is the Tower of the Crystal. She enjoys meditation and likes roses. She dislikes restraints.

Runious Room

Songs: (Ruinous Spirituals) Remain


Songs: (Rainy) Rings in the Water, (Lovers Pop) Good Person

An English girl who loves rain and snow, born on June 19th.


Songs: (Beast Metal) 野獣ワイルド

Ryusei Honey

Songs: (Ryusei Rave) Ryusei☆Honey

A cute cosmic heroine and Suisei's rival. She was born on R573 Nebula 15 Address on November 18th.


Songs: (Melo Punk) pure, (ションボリ) Jubenka, キセキ, 徒然 My world, キセキ



Songs: (Enka) Edo Blossom Shower, (Karaoke) 愛言葉〜アイコトバ

A samurai born on Oedo Star. He spends his time playing with children, and eating at Okon-chan's shop. He dislikes onions. He has a crush on Okon-chan.

Saddle Shoes

Songs: (Party Rock) PARTY A GO GO☆


Songs: quite a lot.

Her birthplace is Japan, born on December 21st. She likes singing, playing her guitar Shiro-Chan, karaoke and coffee. She dislikes people who smoke and getting lost. She's best friends with Rie-chan.

  • Palette Swap: Started out as one for Rie-Chan but soon got her own songs and outfits.


Songs: (China Progressive) 変幻自在, いーあるふぁんくらぶ

The third member of the Magical 4 idol group.

San Paulo Youko

Songs: (Mambo Kayo) HOTな夜の(秘)ドリンク


Songs: (Disco House) DISCOξTYPHOON, (Tekno Girl) New Magical Definition, (Bossa Go Go) Custom-Made Girl -NOT FOR SALE!-

A robot working as a model, made in Japan on March 11th. She likes dancing, weather forecasts and 120~130 BPM. She dislikes AA batteries.


Songs: (Lady Metal) Over the Night

A rock star born in Hokkaido, Japan.

Sarah & Bred

Songs: (Pf Pop) 風と自転車


Songs: (Tanabata) 白いとび羽根

  • Multicolored Hair: Her hair is colored various shades of green to make it look like leaves.

Sasuga Mogami

Songs: (Biwa Gatari) 涙雨物語, 侍戦隊シンケンジャー


Songs: (CHEER-PARA) 3・2・1→ Smile!

A kind business man who lives with Shishamo~, his pet cat.

  • Balloon Belly: In his LOSE animation, Shishamo~ gets this after eating Satou-san's lunch.


Songs: (Daemon's Metal) 魔界!痛快!ヘルダンス


Songs: (New Music) 僕の飛行機, ソラニン

A girl living in a city of mountains, born on April 14th.


Songs: (一揆) IKKI! Explosion


Songs: "Schall" we step?
A piano-themed spirit.


Songs: (Ba-Rock) EXCALIBUR

A pianist and singer. It's rumored that he can play at the speed of light.


Songs: (もう、しませんから。) セイント★セイジのうた


Songs: (Uchu-Ryokou) Space Dog


Songs: (Bali Trance) Denpasar, (Gamelan Trance) Gamelan de Couple

A dancer who performs dances for the dead. She dreams of going to Thailand one day. She dislikes rainstorms.


For more info, see her entry under the TheEpicOfZektbach character sheet.
Songs: (BATTLE DANCE) Shamshir Dance


Songs: (Funk Rock) 熟れた花, (US Hard Rock) BONANZA, (UK Pop'80) We Get it Together

A singer from Yokohama, Japan. He secretly likes writing poetry.


Songs: (Electro Swing) Broadway Diva


Songs: (Hi-Speed Fantasy Tune) SHION

A snow fairy born in a forests in Norway, November 7th. She likes winter and playing in the snow, but is not a fan of spring.


Songs: (Okinawassive) 西表島琉球曲

Shimotsuki Rin

Songs: (文学少女ロック) 虚空と光明のディスクール, (Emotional Duo) カタルシスの月, (浪漫歌謡) 滅びに至るエランプシス, 滅亡天使 † にこきゅっぴん

Shinobian Aka

Songs: (Ninja Hero) Ninja Hero Shinobian


Songs: (Ninja卍Heroine) 忍びアン子は恋の呪文

The cute ninja assassin from the Village of Shinobi, her birthday is on September 1st. She likes sakura mochi and dislikes dieting.

Shiratori Himeko

Songs: (Techno Child) わたしのパパはのうむだいじん


Songs: (Lounge Pop) Linus


Songs: (Fresh) チェイス!チェイス!チェイス!, (Skip) Ping×Pong×Dash

A stray cat living in Japan, March 10th. He was adopted by a kindly business man named Satou-san.


Songs: (Jinki Progressive) 風林火山

Shishiwaka's younger brother, who's more interested in playing music than upholding his family's customs.


Songs: (Symphonic Techno) 乱

A warrior who rides a mechanical boar.


Songs: (J-Tekno) Quick Master, (Akiba) E.C.M., (J-Tekno 2) Power Plant, (Folky) White Day Dream, (J-Soul) KOUYOU, (Falsion)THE FIRST SPACE FIGHT from FALSION

A keytar player from Japan, born on Novermber 7th, and Ice's and Timer's good friend. In his spare time he fishes, surfs the internet and drives cool cars. He dislikes not knowing what to compose.


Songs: (Lonely Feel) fragments, ホタルノヒカリ, (Rainy Waltz) リメンバーリメンバー, Sister's Noise

A schoolgirl in Japan, born on December 27th.

Σ (Sigma)

For more info, see their entry under the TheEpicOfZektbach character sheet.
Songs: (IDM) ZETA ~the World of Prime and Composite Numbers~


Songs: 哀彩

Non-Human Sidekick: An unnamed pet owl


Songs: (Makina) SigSig

silent room

Songs: (Silent) ongaku, (Dirge) ピアノ協奏曲第1番"蠍火"

A shadowy figure playing piano quietly in a black-and-white room.

  • all lowercase letters
  • Deliberately Monochrome: In contrast to the view outside the window, everything in the room is in black and white.
  • Nothing Is Scarier: Absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happens within the dark room, and it is implied there is no sound coming from the piano; The name "silent room" seems to invoke this, given that you're facing what is possibly the hardest song in the game.


Songs: (Pastoral) 森の鼓動, (Cure) Midori no Kaze, Butterfly

Simon Belmondonote 

For more information on Simon Belmondo/Belmont, see his corresponding entry under the Castlevania character sheet.
Songs: (Castlevania) Akumajou Dracula Medley Hybrid, (K-Classics) AKUMAJO DRACULA MEDLEY

One of many in the Belmont clan of vampire hunters; he is best known for being the protagonist of multiple Castlevania games, most famously the first one.

Sir Conga

Songs: (Funk Rock) Wall Street down-sizer, (Miami Salsa) El Dia Feliz


Songs: (Future Fusion) Infinite Space, (Drum'N'Bass) Far East Nightbird

Stella's close friend who lives on the Tempel Tuttle comet. His birthday is February 11th. Like Stella, he's also an alien. He spends a lot of his time riding around on his starboard.


Songs: (Horror) Yokai Z no Uta, (Halloween) Trick or Treat, (Hip Hop) Lacenaire

The bassist of Yuli's band Deuil. He was born in Fairy-Tale Land, and he enjoys chemistry, Gambler Z, curry and playing the bass. He doesn't like it when people mistake him for a mummy and hates pigeons.


Songs: (Collapse Jazz) Ergosphere, (Piano Contemporary) Macuilxochitl, NINE PIECE

A solitary pianist, living in New York, USA, born on October 24th.


Songs: (Candy Rave) Smooooch ・∀・, (CANDY RAVE) Wuv U


Songs: (Deep Sea Roman) The Aim of Nautilius


Songs: (Sonic Boom) Break on Through, 天体観測, オリオンをなぞる

Sora Hoshino

Songs: (Cute Techno Pop) We Can Change, ポリリズム, Kaleidoscopic

An idol born in Nerimaku Ooizumigakuen-Chou on July 23rd and the third member of the Rainbow Trio. She doesn't like her new manager.


Songs: (Depa Funk) デパ地下のお話


Songs: (Nan-Kyoku) クラゲータ


Songs: (Anime Heroine) 魔法の扉(スペース@マコのテーマ), すきすきソング

A space heroine with a crush for The King.


Songs: (J-Punkish Girl) 脱皮 ~Knock Out Regrets~, (Punkish Girl) Knock-Out Regrets


Songs: (Star Hero) Boku mo Watashi mo Movie Star


Songs: (Cosmic) SCI-FI, 532nm

An alien from the Tempel Tuttle comet, born on December 15th.


Songs: (Battle Symphony) 最期の決断


Songs: (Mondo) BICYCLE, (Neo Aco) (Fly Higher than) the Stars

Reo-Kun's friend and band member living in Japan. A lazy boy who dislikes anything that requires a lot of effort.

  • Brilliant, but Lazy: has an amazing singing voice that's described as 'cute' and is very popular but he just can't be bothered to try hard.

Suika Bros.

Songs: (湘南バラッド) 柳小路のシスター


Songs: (KG) Sweaty Guys, (Sly) Tokyo Traffic Report, (Hissatsu Spy) お仕置き忍のテーマ

An FBI agent inn Tokyo, Japan, trying to track down his mortal enemy, the criminal Morry. His birthday is December 28th. He likes bowling.


Songs: (Dynamite Soul) 1クールの男, (Osaka) Strongest Legendary Aunt


Songs: (Sympathy) Usual Days, (Sympathy 2) Distance, (Sympathy 3) Memories..., (Sympathy 4) Cloudy Skies, Only My Railgun, Perverse Heart ~あまのじゃく~, (Cyber Symphonic) メイメツ、フラグメンツ

A 14-year-old girl born on Tyramen Star 113, January 13th. She's the commander of the Kuromimi Usagi Corps, a group of black-eared rabbits bent on disrupting the peace of the galaxy. They're just really bad at doing so. She likes going to ramen shops, and dislikes weaklings.


Songs: (Positive) Candy Blue, (Girls Band) MILK, (Neo Folk Rock) Second Stage, (Positive 2) Heart of Dreams

A young girl born March 21st, she's exploring the world in search of her brother Kit. She naps a lot and has ticklish feet.


Songs: (地底探検) スーパーモグー

A mole-like vehicle/robot.

Susei Laura

Songs: (Susei Rave) BI-BUN-SEKI-BUN, 猛烈宇宙交響曲・第七楽章「無限の愛」

Ryusei's rival. She lives in Moon Street 16 Address and was born on August 2nd.

Suwa Punch

Songs: (Pop'n Taisou) ヒデオ体操第一

  • The Cameo: Features the real-life versions of Tsugumi Kataoka and Hideo Suwa, with an extra cameo from Tatsuya "good-cool" Furukawa, who can be seen playing the guitar at one point and chimes in with a dull "hai" twice during the song.
  • Boke and Tsukkomi Routine: Their animation consists of this done to a radio calisthenics broadcast, with Tsugumi as boke and Hideo as Tsukkomi.
  • Curtains Match the Windows: Hideo has black hair and eyes.
  • Nerd Glasses: Tsugumi wears a pair.
  • Non-Standard Character Design: Appear as the real-life Tsugumi Kataoka and Hideo Suwa during songs.


Songs: (撫子メタル) 黒髪乱れし修羅となりて

A young woman from Ryokejou, her birthday is on May 28th. Her hobbies include horseback riding and reading the Book of China. She likes the sound of insects, and dislikes bad practices of koto music.


Songs: (COOKIE FANTASY) Hearty Party


Songs: (Fushion) Crossover 12


Songs: (Melancholy) Twilight Gloom, (New Wave) Don't Disturb

A narcissistic man living in the UK. He likes bathing.


Songs: (High Speed Love Song) High School Love, Love so Sweet, On Your Mark, The Other Self

A basketball player from Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, born on January 25th. Enjoys collecting all sorts of basketball related paraphernalia.




Rinka's older brother.


Songs: (China Rock) 己経忍不住了


Songs: (浪速っ子ブギ) こなもん屋人情歌


Songs: 零と弌の鍵の唄

A quiet and unsociable student born in Asahina-cho, Japan on September 18th. Due to some incident, he's come to dislike playing the piano.


Songs: (Japanesque Progressive) Tamayura



A woman born on December 4th, living in Japan. She spends her time researching cosmetics and the application of them.


Songs: (亜細亜的協奏曲) 鳳凰




Songs: (Hyper Chinese Pop) 桃花恋情


Songs: (Des Bossa) SUN/光線

An energetic surfer from Haleiwa North Shore Oahu, Hawaii, born on July 21st. He enjoys napping on the beach. He hates snow.

Tart & Toffee

Songs: (French Pop) MOBO★MOGA, (Hard Chanson) Love is Orange

19-years-old sisters working together to become web designers.


Songs: (Folktronica) リンゴロジック

Techno Stars

Songs: (Romance Kayo) 出会う時・・・下関。, (Rhythm & Blues & Minyou) ドンパン節


Songs: (Beatnik) UPBEAT


Songs: (Asian Mixture) 桃源絵巻




Songs: (Warabe Step) コドモライブ

Teng Teng

Songs: (Chinese Mind) 悠久神話録 ~遥かなる山脈に流れる大河の畔にて~


Songs: (Ayakashi Rock) 情操ディストピア


Songs: (Toy Contemporary) Schrödinger's Cat


Songs: (J-Alterna) A Simple but Important Thing, (Folk Song) Dandelion, (NFR) KARISOME

His birthday is October 13th. He was born in Japan.

Tete & Toto

Songs: (Sonatina Tronica) 時を止める魔女


Songs: (Tears) Angel Fish

A young girl who lives in the sea, born on February 21st. She's currently looking for someone.


Songs: (Doboku Rock) ガッテンだ!!

Thunder Mai

Songs: (Daydream) 夢有


Songs: (Antique) 時守唄

A small mouse-like creature who lives in a clock shop, helping the clock makers working there.


Songs: (Digi Rock) ROSE ~恋人よ、薔薇色に染まれ, (Digi Pop) 走り抜ける君へ, Hurry up!, (Spark) NEW CENTURY GENERATION, (Cyber Digibeat) UNLIMITED, (JAP) JAP, (Variant Rave) PUNISHER

An enthusiastic cosplayer living in Japan, born May 15th. He really enjoys designing and collecting costumes, and its said that his closet is like a department store due to the sheer amounts of clothes he has. He just doesn't like making them, and dislikes sewing. He really likes Nyami. Minit's is his younger sister.


Songs: (Mongol) 怒れる大きな白い馬


Songs: (Folklore) アンデスの太陽


Songs: Hatcha Metcha Party

The twin sister's stylist, his birthday is on June 10th. He enjoys making matching outfits for him and his twin sister, Nia.


Songs: (D.I.Y) 日曜大工, (Toy Box) Redraw Lots

Todoroki Kei

Songs: (Twin Hero) 明日への誓い


Songs: (Forest Snow) 月雪に舞う華のように


Songs: (Chin-Don-Jazz) 文明開化

Torte and Parfait

Songs: (Modern Punk) Dreams About TYPE C, (Modern Ska) Dreams About TYPE A

Toru Kamikaze

Songs: (Anime Hero) The Theme of Gambler Z

A young man born on June 17th, living in Yokohama, Japan in a pachinko parlour... even though he's under-aged and can't gamble. But no matter, he'll become the best pachinko player ever when he's older! He's also locked in a struggle of good and evil against Warudoc.


Songs: (J-R&B) SAYONARA, (J-R&B 2) Look for Love, (J-R&B 3) Can't Stop my Love

The Tower

Songs: (SPIRAL STAIRS) Babel ~Grand Story~, (TWILIGHT CHIME) Babel ~Roof Garden~, Babel ~Stairway to Heaven~, (SCALE OUT) Babel ~Next Story~


Songs: (Testsudou) Train


Songs: a lot.

A lonely alien girl born on Planet Transtar on June 13th. She enjoys meditating while listening to music, kind people, and animals. She dislikes evil doers and wrongful acts.


Songs: (Goth Industrial) PACEM, (J-Hard Dance) 透明なエモーション


Songs: (Carnival ~Second~) Sunshine Dance (Latino YOKAN-mix)


Songs: (Wellfare) つばめ, (想歌 梅) 梅雪夜


Songs: (Snappy) CLOVER


Songs: (Ele Disco) 電気ダンス


Songs: (Winter Dance) White Eve, (Winter Cute Rock) ふゆこい


Songs: (J-HOUSE POP) 太陽とバトル, (J-HOUSE POP 2) Heart Collage, (SHY POP) Negaigoto, (SAISYUN ROCK) Our Determination is Transient, Get Off of My Way

Two people in one, DJ Tsuyoshi and OJ Tsuyoshi.

  • Split Personality: Quite literally, since half of his body is dressed as a Dj, while the other one is dressed like a flamboyant prince.


Songs: (Eurobeat ~Second~) Twin Bee ~Generation X~


Uchida Ichimon

Songs: (三味線ブラザーズ) 大桟橋(伊呂波調). (JONGARA SPIRITUAL) TSUGARU


Songs: かくしん的☆めたまるふぉ~ぜっ!. にめんせい☆ウラオモテライフ!

The titular Himouto of that particular manga. For more information about her, see her entry under the Himouto! Umaru-chan character page

  • Animal Motifs: Hamsters.
  • The Cameo: Her older brother Taihei shows up in her WIN/LOSE animations. Her outdoor self also shows up in her GREAT/COOL animation.
  • Crossover: A very notable one in that the actual character from the show appears instead of some sort of substitute or cosplay.
  • Fun Size: The version of Umaru shown in this game is based on her Otaku/indoor persona, who's much more smaller compared to her actual form.
  • Mythology Gag: Most of her animations are taken from the actual OP.
  • Otaku: Obviously.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: She brings out a bag of potato chips and a bottle of cola in her GOOD animation.


Songs: (Africa) Con te sabi 2119

A monkey living in Africa born on January 30th.

Uncle Jam

Songs: (Rap) Young Dream, (Caribbean Beats) Summertime, (Jungle Gogo) キングモンキー

A strange man no one knows much about. He likes eating eel pie, and dislikes anpan and takoyaki.


Songs: (Cyber Flamenco) hora de verdad

The leader of of an idol group called Miracle 4. Uno comes from Madrid, Spain, and his birthday is January 11th.


Songs: (Oi Punk) 悲しいね, (Oi Punk 0) ブタパンチのテーマ


Songs: (Bio Miracle) ぼくってウパ?


Songs: (Land Ballad) GEO SONG

  • Horse of a Different Color: Ur's steed, which has a body like a horse but a long neck like a camel, a head that resembles a llama, and a long tail.


Songs: (Lite Pop) まっさら, (Gamelan) Klungkung 1655, (Detune) MR.C.C.


Songs: (IDOL RUSH) 妄想ダイヤモンド, 恋は渾沌の隷也, うさぬこぬんぬんファンタジー!

A very cheerful and hyper idol whose psychedelic song background, constant nail biting and drooling make you worry about her health.


Songs: (Pop Music) うた




Songs: (Flower Pop) Marigold, ミス・パラレルワールド


Songs: (Smooth) ATTITUDE, (Cuban Groove) サナ・モレッテ・ネ・エンテ

A bartender born in Cuba. He enjoys tennis and sushi, and dislikes avocados. Apparently he sweats a lot.


Songs: (R&B) Tell me More...


For information on VENUS's music rather than their pop'n music "character", see their corresponding entry on the BEMANI music page.
Songs: (Without You Tonight) Brand New World, (Without You Tonight -II-) Survival Games, (Without You Tonight -III-) Far Away, (Without You Tonight -IV-) Wow Wow VENUS, (Without You Tonight -V-) Chu☆Chu☆Tonight, (Without You Tonight -VI-) Squeeze

Venus is actually two characters, designed to represent the BEMANI music unit VENUS, comprised of DJ YOSHITAKA and Sota Fujimori.

Vic Viper / Lord British

Songs: (Gradius) GRADIUS -FULL SPEED-, (Gradius II) A Shooting Star

The protagonist ship of the Gradius series. In pop'n music, Vic Viper's sprite from the NES port of the original Gradius is used. Although Lord British is an actual ship in Gradius, it is actually just a Palette Swap in this game (see below).

  • Crossover: From Gradius.
  • Palette Swap: The 2P version is labeled Lord British after the ship from the spin-off Salamander, although Lord British has never appeared in a mainline Gradius game. Rather than being a unique sprite, it's just the Vic Viper painted yellow and red.
  • Retraux: It uses its sprites from the NES port of Gradius.
  • Video Game Interface Elements: His fail animation conists of him getting blasted by the Big Core, causing the Game Over text to pop up.



Songs: (Neo GS) Shock of Love

The leader of GS, a band. He lives in Japan and his birthday is October 1st. He's quite vain.


Songs: (Plastic Pop) Stereo Tokyo

His birthday is January 7th. A free spirited child who loves to explore and travel. He likes bird and airplanes, and dislikes earthquakes.


Songs: (Cyber Gagaku) Variocana

The third member of the idol group Miracle 4. Born in Kyoto, Japan on March 8th, Waka-san spends his time playing the flute.


Songs: (Retro Future) Passacaglia, (Symphonovative Rock) Stella Sinistra

A man with a planet for a head who comes from the Andromeda Galaxy, born on July 5th. He likes reading, with a particular interest in philosophy and books about space and time. He dislikes meteorites.


Songs: (Taiyokuken) 個胃X光


Songs: (Blues) Aku no Yabou wa Blues, (Horror 2) Captain Warudoc's Blues

An antagonistic human who dislikes Gambler Z and constantly kidnaps Gambler's girlfriend.


Songs: (New Romance) Spell on Me, (Hamo-Rock) Love is Valid


Songs: Versa


Songs: (Loud Mixture Ragga) Soul on Fire


Songs: (Chippin' Rave) Bleep Beep Bop


Songs: そばかす, (Smile Smash) MILK・CROWN


Songs: (Hard Action) Commando


Songs: (Progressive Baroque) Ubertreffen, (Electro Baroque) Amalgamation


Songs: Habits



Songs: (E-CLINIC) Be☆Happy!

  • Meaningful Name: Yakko (薬効) means "medicine efficiency", pertaining to her nurse theme.


Songs: (Forest Snow 2) Byakuya Gento

A fox from Northland, his birthday is on January 9th. He enjoys sharing sake with the nearby villagers, and likes the seasons. He dislikes fighting, and people who are greedy or evil-spirited, forcing these kinds of people to pay him if they wish to hear him play his flute.

  • Fully Dressed Cartoon Animal
  • Funny Animal: A fox.
  • Meaningful Name: Yamabuki (山吹) can mean 'breathing mountain', referring to the fact that he lives in the mountain and plays a flute. His name is also a reference to the Japanese Kerria, a yellow flower that grows on mountain slopes.

Yamagata Marika

Songs: (Sweet's Pop) 恋とキングコング, (Forever Friends) 走れメロンパン, (Sweet's Progressive) ちくわパフェだよ☆CKP, 温故知新でいこっ!

A keyboardist and the main heroine of HinaBitter♪.




Songs: (Kyougeki) Add Oil! Healthy Monkey!

A popular actor in a theater troupe.

Yard the 6th

Songs: (Scottish) Bubble Bagpipe Hour


Songs: (Gin Rock) O・KU・NI


Songs: (Greening) Greening, (Contemporary Nation) Beyond the Earth, (Contemporary Nation 2) Sayonara Heaven, (Contemporary Nation 3) Echoes, (Contemporary Nation 6) Dust Shimmer

Yima's birthday is May 5th.


Songs: (Set's Bean) お豆の哀歌


Songs: (K-Dance) 夢見る少女

A singer from Korea.


Songs: (Hard Rock) SA-DA-ME, (Gatchaman) Song of Gatchaman, (Ninja Metal) 背水之陣 (Kagutsuchi Remix)


Songs: (Electroshock) Attack in the minor key

A boy from Tokyo, Japan. His birthday is on November 29th.


Songs: (Eleki族) 純愛ロマンス —PART 2—


Songs: (Disco Girls) HONE up♡Tonight

A competitive singer.

  • Fiery Redhead: She's described as being very competitive and can be aggressive sometimes.


Songs: (Visual) WHITE BIRDS, (Visual 2) Cry Out, (Visual 3) Late Riser, (JV Rock) Hana Tsuki Kiseki, (Visual 4) Desire, (Lie) USO

A vampire born in Marchen Kingdom on September 16th who enjoys songwriting and moonlit walks. He doesn't like sunlight, getting sunburned or boredom.


Songs: (Continental) 走り続けて


Songs: (Acidy DnB) Happy Life


Songs: (K-Euro) 작은행복

A model from South Korea who loves to dance and shop. She dislikes sweet foods.


Songs: (Des-Reggae) Yakankou, (Hip Hop) 7000 Questions

A man living in Okinawa, born July 8th.


Songs: (Girls Pop) Picnic, (ジェットコースターポップ) jet coaster☆girl

Sanae-chan's and Rie-chan's friend, a girl who lives in Japan, her birthday is in May 23rd. She likes cake, and dislikes ill-natured people. Enjoys taking slow walks through Daikan-yama.


Songs: (Convenience Saga) 24時間のヒーロー


Songs: 蒼い弓箭



Songs: (GLOSSOLALIA) 万物快楽理論


Songs: (Space Requiem) Zirkfied


Songs: (Darkness) Electric Dolls, (Darkness 2) Prohibited Contract, (Darkness 3) Quiet, 終末の序曲 ~オワリノハジマリ~

A phantom living in Venice, Italy, born on September 19th. This mysterious gentleman spends a lot of time practicing magic, so that he can bring the puppets and dolls he makes to life.


Songs: (Animal Minimal) The Zoo Zone


Songs: (Ground Techno) QUICK RESULT



Songs: (Cyber Arabian) Arrabiata, KHAMEN BREAK

The second member of the idol group Miracle 4. His name's supposed to be pronounced "Tsuusuto". His birthplace is Chiba, Japan and birthday is February 1st.

? (yes, that is his name):note 

Songs: (Niente) neu, Chaos:Q

  • Eldritch Abomination: Nobody is quite sure what exactly they are.
  • Expy: Just as MZD is one to Peter Pan, Hatena is this to Peter's shadow.
  • Final Boss: "neu" is the final song unlock of 15 ADVENTURE's unlock event, and the hardest one to boot.
  • Living Shadow: Serves as one to MZD. In an interview from Popper's Lounge, MZD chooses to keep it a secret.
  • The Nothing After Death: Pretty much explanation of his song, neu; even the song's genre is named niente, which means nothing.
  • One-Letter Name: One symbol.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifter: He changes his shape into some of the other characters in his Fever animation.


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