Manga: Daily Life with Monster Girl

aka: The Monster Girl Encyclopedia

Daily Life With Monster Girl is a manga written by Pixiv artist Takemaru "Okayado" Inui about Kimihito Kurusu and the monster girls he is hosting, a lamia named Miia, a harpy named Papi, a centaur named Centorea (a.k.a. Cerea), a slime girl named Suu, a mermaid named Meron, an arachne named Rachnera, and a dullahan named Lala. And this group's only getting bigger.

Three years ago, the government revealed the existence of monsters to the world and began working to integrate the two societies. Just like human cultural exchange programs, some humans have been sent to live with monsters, while some monsters are now living with humans. Due to an error, Miia ended up at Kimihito's house by mistake, but her case worker is too lazy to fix it. Over time, Miia ended up falling for Kimihito, but due to the laws governing the cultural exchange program, if they ever consummate their relationship, she'll be sent back to her own country.

Things get even more complicated when the other girls arrive...

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And there is good news for English-speaking countries; Seven Seas Entertainment has licensed the series under the title Monster Musume and started releasing it. Several volumes are available already, and most of them topped the New York Times manga charts!

The anime began airing in summer of 2015, titled Everyday Life with Monster Girls, and has been licensed to Sentai Filmworks. See the preview here. Crunchyroll is also streaming the anime, which can be viewed here for folks in the following regions: note 

This manga is a Bleached Underpants work based on the author's previous online hentai manga shorts, Living with Monster Girl; please do not post tropes applying to that one.

Now has a character page that is sure to need love as time goes on.

For Okayado's other works with monster girls, see Deadline Summonner and 12 Beast.

This manga provides examples of:

  • Absurdly Youthful Mother: Mia's mom has got it going on. As well as Papi's and Centorea's.
  • Accidental Marriage: Centaurs have strict rules about only letting one's "master" ride on their backs. Naturally, Kimihito finds this out right after he spends most of chapter 4 riding Centorea.
  • Action Girl: The special ops, with special mention to Zombina who totes uzis.
  • A-Cup Angst: Manako's response to finding out that a 103cm bra was insufficent to contain Centorea is to go into shock and grab at the air in front of her chest.
    • Tionishia tries to cheer her up by saying small breasts aren't bad. Doppel points out Tio can't understand what it means to be flat since her own bust is 160cm, which is big enough to make Centorea seem flat by comparison.
    • Centorea herself, believe it or not, suffers from this slightly when she meets Cathyl, a minotaur who she is displeased to note is bustier than her. Though it should be noted that Tionishia is also bustier than Centorea, but she's never had a problem with her.
  • Adorkable: Meron. Centorea has her moments, too.
  • All Myths Are True: All monsters, at the very least.
  • All There in the Manual: The MonMusu Collection end-cards in the anime, which give detailed facts about different extra-species:
    • The first expands on lamia as well as their sub-species, like echidna (which have venom like vipers) and melusine (a winged type).
    • The second shows harpies and their sub-species, including raptors (carnivores that are more like eagles or hawks) and poultry (which are essentially chickens in harpy form).
    • The third covers centaurs and their sub-species, which include lightweights (aka racing centaurs, a fragile type built for speed) and heavyweights (built for size and strength).
    • The fourth looks at slimes and their sub-species, such as red slimes (an acidic type with the personality to match) and green slimes (a poisonous type who can't keep full humanoid form).
  • All Women Are Lustful: The Series, God damn. Those who are not in for outright sex will tease the protagonist to no end.
  • Amusing Injuries: In chapter 5, Kimihito walks into the kitchen, and has a big u-shaped hoofprint on his face. He explains to Miia that he accidentally walked in on Centorea while she was bathing after her morning exercise. Later Miia has hoofprints all over her as well when she tries to stop Centorea from taking Kimihito with her to fill out her homestay application. And then there are all the times Kimihito gets crushed by doors...
    • Zombina as well, since already being dead she can survive them. She takes her hand falling off as one would their wrist watch coming loose.
  • Aren't You Going to Ravish Me?:
    • Most of the various girls that move in with Kimihito really want to have sex with him. But due to a combination of him being Above the Influence, and also being thrown in jail if he did do it with them, he never takes advantage of them, even when they practically throw themselves on top of him.
    • There have actually been several occasions where sex would have likely occurred (Kimihito even noting his resistance to his sexy roommates has its limits), only for an Amusing Injury or Interrupted Intimacy to occur. The chances of a successful seduction get lower as more monster girls start living with him because while most of the girls would jump at the chance for a romp in the sheets (or on the floor, anywhere really) with Kimihito, they similarly will stop at nothing to keep the OTHER girls from getting intimate with him. Mia and Cerea in particular are prone to protecting his "purity" (for themselves that is).
  • Art Shift: In episode 3 of the anime Miia, Papi, and Centorea are about to fight each other for Kimihito's affections. They are rendered as creepy, Madoka-esque blobs of color with no pupils, moving in an unnatural way. The scene also ends in a Pastel-Chalked Freeze Frame.
  • Artistic License – Biology: All over the place. Then again, monster people were considered fictional to humans until a while ago. There might be an explanation for how their bodies work in their world, though they wouldn't necessarily work in the real world. Likely justified due to supernatural elements; after all, it's not as if Zombina or Lala could even be "alive" otherwise.
  • Artistic License – Law: The "humans can't attack monsters and vice versa" somehow extends to law enforcement. No cop on the planet would actually go along with this.
  • Audience Participation: The author adds in new Cute Monster Girls to Kimihito's harem based on the readers' votes.
  • Author Appeal:
  • Author Avatar: In a bonus chapter for chapter 8, the author is portrayed as a hermit crab. He even gets a cameo as a plushie in some panels.
  • Awesome but Impractical: Manako has a transforming Briefcase Blaster. However the bonus chapters at the end explain that it's riddled with so many flaws that only a few prototypes were produced before the project was scrapped.
  • Balanced Harem: All the girls have their equal take of Ship Tease with Kimihito. Kimihito freely admits to himself that he'd enjoy being married to any of them.
  • Batman Gambit: The threat of "D" was thought up by Doppel in order to make Kimihito closer to one of his girls so he can choose one after hearing Ms. Smith complaining. Unfortunately the whole thing completely backfires on her. Instead of picking a single girl, he got closer to all of the girls living with him, and may have even captured the affections of her co-workers too.
  • Beauty Equals Goodness:
    • So far, the biggest jerkasses of the manga are the racist couple, the director, and the orc gang. None of them are pleasant to look at.
    • Averted by Rachnera's initial host family. They look like fairly normal, decent people, but they sold her off because she wasn't what they were expecting.
      • Chapter 26 also mostly explained the reason why they sold her off. Along with the above it is revealed Rachnera accidentally cut the daughter's face with her claws. It seemed this was the deciding factor into their belief that they truly could not live together.
    • Also averted by Draco.
  • Bedmate Reveal: The very first scene of the series: Kimihito wakes up to find that Miia is in bed with him, having decided to use him as a warm body to warm herself up. Unfortunately that also means her instinctive reaction to someone trying to wriggle free is to grasp him tightly in her coils. At first this only means a Marshmallow Hell, but Kimihito quickly faces the prospect of being crushed to death.
  • Bifauxnen: Draco turns out to be one
  • Bishounen: Draco from chapter 19. Although SHE turns out to be a Bifauxnen
  • Bizarre Sexual Dimorphism: Downplayed with centaurs; due to being a combination of Barbarian Tribe and Hordes from the East for much of their history, only the strongest male centaurs survived long enough to breed. This "natural selection" caused the next generation of male centaurs to become more muscular, more violent, and (unintentionally) more ugly. However, in today's modern world, the war-specialized muscular brutes that are the male centaurs have fallen out of use, and female centaurs are looking elsewhere to find a mate.
  • Bland-Name Product: Monsterbooks Coffee.
  • Bleached Underpants: As noted in the description, most of the original Monster Girl works are far more explicit.
  • A Bloody Mess: In chapter 6, Kimihito was at the fridge when the girls caught up and rammed into him. In the aftermath they saw him lying on the ground with the splattered ketchup thinking it was his blood.
  • Boobs of Steel:
    • Tionishia sports the largest set, with Centorea and Rachnera somewhat behind, and she is the strongest. Being an Ogre / Oni helps as well.
    • Centorea is no slouch in the strength department either, feeling perfectly at ease with full-plate armor. This is similarly justified by the racial gift of her strong centaur body.
    • Rachnera is no weakling, but her superiority in combat is generally more along the "ambush and trap" variety.
    • Cathyl is a Minotaur who is about as tall and busty as Tionishia, and is quite the powerhouse herself.
    • And then of course, Suu and Kii take it Up to Eleven with their ability to reach Kaiju proportions (and the bust sizes to match)
  • Breast Expansion: As part of Suu's shape changing abilities, if she consumes enough water she can change from the appearance of a young girl to a buxom adult.
  • Broke Episode: In chapter 25, Kimihito finds out he doesn't have a lot of money leftover due to having to buy so much food to feed the girls with, and they're out of food. Fortunately the vendors give them a lot of free food, mostly stuff they couldn't sell, and later Suu and Kimihito visit Kii, who gives them a lot of edible plants from the forest. Ms. Smith later tells him that the government would reimburse him for living expenses. He tells her she should have told him about this sooner. He then spends almost all of Chapter 26 Out of Focus, having his various receipts and claims audited by the government. .
  • Brutal Honesty: Rachnera generally does this as she doesn't like sugar-coating things. Such as when she tells Centorea her sandwiches are not very good because she just put chopped raw vegetables between two pieces of bread.
  • Bullying a Dragon:
  • Call Back: In Chapter 26 in Cerea's room you can see the body armor and the saddle she has used in previous chapters.
  • Can't Have Sex, Ever: Not without Miia (and later, Papi and Centorea) getting kicked out of the country, anyway. Note that real-life exchange programs usually have this policy. Subverted as of chapter 5, as Kimihito has been made into the guinea pig of a new amendment to the exchange program allowing interspecies marriages, presumably rendering the rule invalid.
  • Chekhov's Gun:
    • When Miia first meets Draco, Draco gives her a can of coffee as a gift. After Kimihito saves her from Draco, she throws it at Draco to shut her up.
    • When Mero is introduced, there are times when she speaks with a high regal tone, with her being portrayed as a regal monarch. Turns out, she is a princess for real.
  • Classical Mythology: A lot of the girls are based on Greek myths: Miia (lamia), Papi (harpy), Centorea (centaur), Rachnera (arachne), Manako (cyclops), Kii (dryad), Cathyl (minotaur), Merino, Ton & Kot (satyrs).
  • Could Have Avoided This Plot: If Kimihito had mentioned his financial troubles in feeding the household to Ms. Smith (or alternately, if she had remembered to tell him about the government reimbursing him for such in the first place) Chapter 25 wouldn't have happened.
  • Crack Defeat: In chapter 17, Miia and Meron have a swimming race. Meron is expected to have the advantage, being a mermaid, but Miia uses her 8-meter body to simply stretch a long distance, allowing her to cover much of the pool without swimming. In the end, both of their Logical Weaknesses come into effect (to clarify, the heated pool isn't warm enough to keep Miia going and the chlorinated water poisons Meron), and Cerea wins despite not being shown for the entire race. Doubles as a Brick Joke, as Cerea actually does mention that she's going to participate in an earlier panel, but she's ignored despite her protests.
  • Crapsaccharine World: The first chapter lays out a pretty optimistic view of the world, but also lays out subtle indications that things are not quite as happy as they seem. The exchange program's been a "huge success", various extraspecies have been able to integrate well with human society, and it didn't really change the world much. However, the exchange laws are explicitely noted to be full of loopholes:
    • While either humans or extraspecies harming each other would punish one side or the other, this simply leads to people from both sides abusing the law to their own advantages while also being protected because they haven't technically harmed someone, and the legally permitted penalties are so absurdly negligible that the orc leader points out that all he'd get for what amounts to a terrorist attack is community service.
    • If an extraspecies is found away from their host, they are the one in violation of the laws, even if the reason for it is something like being sold off to someone else, with no mention of any penalties to the host for the separation. Heck in Chapter 26 it is even revealed that said host family that sold them off can still be a host family for an extraspecies, even to said extraspecies they sold off.
    • Young monster girls are also in danger of being kidnapped by humans, likely to be sold into any number of horrifying scenarios. The ones rescued in Chapter 20 are children.
    • While extraspecies along the lines of cat girls have integrated well, to the point of being celebrities in some cases, the "various" successes do not apparently include the more monstrous variants, such as most of the girls living with Kimihito. Racism toward them is shown repeatedly throughout the series.
    • It's noted that most places are not built with non-humanoids in mind. Chapter 15 implies that Kimihito's home is one of the only places that is. Justified because the other species were unknown to most of humanity. In chapter 17 it was shown that attempts at integration are being made. Not a road without speed-bumps, though, since there are lots of different species, each one with different needs. The equipment in the gym that was set up for extra-species, for example, was full of human equipment unsuitable for those without legs similar in size and shape to a human.
    • The chapter introducing Miia's mom has introduced a bright spot in this darkness. In the The Unmasqued World, the lamia can procreate with much more ease, since with the access to human society, they can also have access to human sperm banks and can procreate by artificial insemination.
  • Crash-Into Hello:
    • How Kimihito first meets Centorea, where they even lampshade it.
    • His meeting with Meron also goes something like this. Kimihito plucks her from her runaway wheelchair and ends up smashed between her and a pole during their first encounter.
  • Crazy-Prepared: Yukio's onsen has something for just about every type of extraspecies. They have extra-long pools so Miia can really stretch out, extra-deep pools so Centorea can completely submerge herself, and shallow waterfall pools so Suu can still enjoy the water without being diluted. Yukio herself wears a sealed full-body suit so her frozen body doesn't melt in the high heat of the hot-springs.
  • Cute Monster Girl: It's in the name, folks.
  • Date Peepers: Chapter 18 has the girls tail Kimihito and Ms. Smith, spying on their date together. Turns out it's a cover to flush out an assassin out for Kimihito's life should he marry a monster girl.
  • Debut Queue: Each of the girls gets a chapter that introduces them. Including the MON, who are a police force consisting of non-humans who take out non-humans criminals trying to exploit the rule that humans can't touch non-humans.
  • Deconstruction: Of the Cute Monster Girl: rather than taking the fantastic creatures at face value, the comic puts a good deal of time and effort into delving into the complexities of their anatomy and how they would interact with the world around them: Mero the mermaid for instance must avoid chlorinated water, as trying to breathe in it is like inhaling bleach fumes and will make her horribly sick. Miia, being part snake, has an aversion to cold. Manako the cyclops has horrible depth perception, and so on. These usually end in humor but also lead to a couple of tense moments, like the time Miia nearly drowns in a pool when the cold water saps her strength.
  • Defeat by Modesty: Centorea's jousting match with her mother ends in a draw because they both suffer a Wardrobe Malfunction.
  • Destructo-Nookie: All of the girls during the Lunacy. Kimihito even admits he first has to train his body like mad to even stand a chance of surviving the wedding night with whomever he picks.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: When Suu and Papi cosplay as Utsuho, with Suu controlling the hands and feet, the others attempt to call them. Suu ends up fumbling with the phone and drops it between her breasts, with all of this happening in public. The phone goes all the way down and then they attempt to call her again. With the phone on vibrate. The people watching from afar would have their noses bleeding by this point.note 
  • Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male: Kimihito suffers from this a couple of times, such as when two random people insult Miia in chapter 2. She proceeds to tail whip them, but he jumps in the way, telling her that humans aren't suppposed to attack non-humans, and vice versa. He also gets smothered unintentionally by her a lot as well due to her tendency to wrap herself around him.
  • Double Standard: Rape, Female on Male:
    • If any of the girls raped Kimihito, he'd be the one sent to jail while the offending girl would only be deported! Considering how much stronger they are than him (and how horny they can get), it's really impressive that he's managed to fend them off as long as he has! Admittedly, he is eventually selected as a test case for interspecies marriage, meaning that if it does happen, neither of them will be punished, but that would be poor consolation to a rape victim.
    • Chapter 27 might as well be called Double Standard: Rape, Female on Male as we learned that lamias have been reproducing by kidnapping and imprisoning men to use as fodder for breeding and played for laughs. This came to an end when the extra-species laws came into effect, forbidding them from doing so anymore. Though that hasn't stopped them with the idea that the lamias that attend the exchange bring back their host.
  • Drunk on Milk: Rachnera gets drunk on caffeine (from tea); this is actually achievable in spiders.
  • Ecchi: There is topless nudity and lots of fanservice, but nothing more racy than that. This varies sometimes. Even compared to the bold previous chapters, chapter 20 is unbelievably raunchy when you see it for yourself. And then there's chapter 21...
  • Erotic Eating: Papi can't hold a popsicle on her own without the risk of dropping it, so she asks Kimihito to do it for her. Passersby conclude that he's a pervert who is doing it on purpose.
  • Fantastic Arousal:
    • Suu does this to Centorea, Miia, and Papi in chapter 10 while trying to get water/sweat off them. Actually anytime that Suu gets a chance to wrap herself around any of the monster girls.
    • On a more general note, the tip of a Lamia's tail.
  • Fantastic Racism:
    • Towards the monster girls. And if they retaliate, they get kicked out of the country. Though in fairness, it goes both ways.
    • Draco belives that the Dragonewts are superior to everything else on the planet and thus kings of not only reptiles, but all species.
  • Fee Fi Faux Pas: Played with when the majority of the crew tour a shopping mall for the first time, since the usual supermarket is closed: street vendors go into a panic as they try to hide or at least stop cooking chicken, fish, and even horse as the mermaid, harpy, and centaur come into view. Kimihito hastily contradicts the assumption, at least for the non-vegetarians. Also leads to an associated conversation held by Kimihito to his harem about possible food clashes.
  • Fish out of Water: The world (extra-species and humans) is experiencing this thanks to the fantastic Culture Clash. It is particularly harder for non-humanoid species in human cities (justified because humans have never experienced having centaurs, mermaids and arachnes as fellow citizens, so the cities aren't adapted (yet) to them).
  • Foreshadowing: The author's note in Chapter 8 regarding Suu's appearance says that some of the other most requested monster-girls were a spider girl, a dullahan, a mermaid, a plant girl, and a dragon girl. All of which end up appearing later in the manga.
  • Forgetful Jones: Harpies as a whole have terrible memories. Papi can't even remember Kimihito's name, only calling him 'hubby'. Eventually, he realizes her memories are forgotten after her third step or so, and has her stop walking to explain more about the situation.
  • "Friends" Rent Control: Justified; all expenses needed to house the many people that live with Kimihito are paid for by the government as part of the exchange program. The associated rising food expenses versus a constant income, on the other hand, comes to a head in Chapter 25 which is mentioned under Could Have Avoided This Plot for a reason...
  • Full Boar Action: A wild boar appears out of nowhere in Chapter 21.
  • Gag Boobs:
    • Miia and Centorea. Gets lampshaded where both call each other on their bust size.
    • Outclassing either of them is the Ogre Tionishia (who is said to have a 160cm breast size) and Cathyl, a Minotaur who leaves all three in the dust.
  • Genre Savvy: The Crash-Into Hello above? Centorea believes all stories in Japan have their true love met this way, particularly if they are eating a piece of toast. This is a common staple in anime.
  • Godiva Hair: Frequently in the anime, so it can avoid showing anything that's fine in manga form and not-so-fine on television.
  • Gonk: Male Centaurs are so ugly and brutish, that the only way a female will ever mate with them is if they are put in the mood by a handsome human male. Much in the same way 'teasers' are used when breeding racehorses.
  • Gratuitous English: The English subtitle below the series' kanji says "Everyday that there is a monster girls."
  • Hannibal Lecture: Lilith, bound to a tree by Rachnera, tries this on her by calling her basically a frightened little girl hiding behind her tough outer shell. Not only does it not take, but it mostly just serves to make it that much worse for herself.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Due to the monogendered nature of their respective species, Miia and Papi are this, having an inverse of the Human Mom Non Human Dad subtrope; Chapter 29 reveals that Cerea also falls under this.
  • Harping on About Harpies: Papi and her mother. Episode 2's MonMusu Collection also covers several harpy subspecies, such as land animals, the harpy version of birds such as emus and ostriches, adapted for terrestrial life; poultry, the harpy version of chickens; and raptors, the harpy version of eagles and hawks.
  • Headbutt Thermometer: Centorea demonstrates this to Suu, who then performs this on Kimihito. It doesn't quite work as well as Centorea intended, mostly because Suu almost drowns Kimihito and just repeats what Centorea said—that is, her body temperature.
  • Headless Horseman: A female Dullahan named Lala shows up, minus her steed.
  • Heart Beat-Down: The ending of the anime opening credits has all the girls combine this into one giant attack and throw it at Kimihito.
  • He Is Not My Boyfriend: When Meron innocently asks Centorea if she's dating Kimihito in chapter 12, the latter replies this way. Not that they'd mind being his girlfriend/wife though.
  • Hidden Purpose Test: In Chapter 29, it turns out Centorea's mother challenged her to a duel not because she disapproved of Centorea's relationship with Kimihito, but to prove that the centaur race's old custom of only breeding with the strongest centaurs was outdated, since Centorea's father was a human.
  • Hoist By Her Own Petard: Happens to Miia twice in chapter 12:
    • The first time, she notices Meron's clothing keeps slipping off due to a mermaid's natural sliminess. So Miia plays with Suu to get slimed up too, but Kimihito just tells her to take a bath.
    • The second time she turns down the temperature to make Meron feel cold, despite the fact that Miia herself doesn't like the cold. Then Meron mentions that compared to the temperatures in the deep parts of the ocean, the AC feels nice to her.
  • Horny Devils: Chapter 21 introduces Lilith. She has a young-looking body like Papi, can hypnotize people, and really enjoys watching sexual acts.
  • Hurricane of Puns: The first volume of the English manga has so many animal puns. While present in the second volume as well the amount of puns seem to have been drastically reduced.
  • Hypocritical Humor:
    • In chapter 2, Miia yanks Kimihito into a dressing room to show off some bras, which he is clearly uncomfortable being in. He rushes out after seeing her topless, and accidentally yanks her panties away, which seem to be a thin triangular shaped piece of clothing. She then says only a pervert would steal a girl's panties, while completely ignoring the fact that she constantly teases him and goes topless around him, putting him in those perverted situations against his will.
    • In Chapter 19, Miia is indignant when Mero introduces her to a sea snake, believing she's doing so just because Miia's a snake. This despite Miia making fun of the other girls by comparing them to sea animals.
  • Immodest Orgasm: And before you're even ten pages into the story, too. Or 3 minutes into the Anime
  • Improbably Female Cast: Aside from the Orcs in Chapter 11, the male centaurs in Chapter 29, and Sebastian and Potemkin in Chapter 34, every single Extraspecies seen has been female. That said, Lamias and Harpies at least are a One-Gender Race.
  • I'm Taking Her Home with Me!:
    • In chapter 19, Tionishia mistook "touching the dolphin" with "abducting it from the pool".
    • In Chapter 33, Papi and others help on a farm and she absolutely falls for the baby chickens to the point she won't leave the farm without them.
  • In-Series Nickname: Kimihito is rarely called his real name, as each of the girls have their own nickname for him.
  • Instant Sedation:
    • Played with when Ms. Smith uses darts meant for Extraspecies. So when Kimihito was hit with three of them she was glad to see that he was still fine.
    • Straighter example in Chapter 27 with lamias' neurotoxin. Can be taken orally. Several hours of sleep with no risk of overdose and hardly any ill effects. Or maybe the one administering it doesn't care about others' well-being. Rachnee later pays her back for the hangover.
  • Intimate Healing: In Chapter 13, many of the ladies' suggestions to help Kimihito get over his cold tend to degrade towards this. In the end, what actually works is another example: Suu gives him filtered water out of her body, by breastfeeding him.
  • I Want Grandkids: Miia's mother. Also applies to the entire lamia race; lamias require human men to be able to reproduce, so they are often forced to kidnap men and press them into becoming the father of the next generation of lamia. The Extraspecies Exchange Act stopped this kidnapping, so each Lamia tribe sent out a representative to find (and seduce) a man so he would come willingly. Miia is the representative of her tribe.
  • Just a Kid: Papi and Suu are treated more like Kimihito's little sisters than romantic rivals by the other girls in the household. Rachnera even volunteers to "babysit" them when Miia, Meron, and Centorea visit a gym built specifically for extraspecies like them.
  • Karma Houdini: Despite the fact that the law is very clear about sexual intercourse in the host home, Miia and the others all routinely make passes at or otherwise force themselves onto Kimihito. He is always the one taking all the heat and being constantly reminded and threatened about the consequences, and yet the girls are never reprimanded for THEIR behavior or told to have any sort of self-control.
  • Knight of Cerebus:
    • The Orcs seem to be this in chapter 11, despite being quite a bit sillier than most examples, but that chapter turns out to be an Out-of-Genre Experience.
    • Rachnera served as a slightly straighter example. Not only is she more monstrous than most of the other girls, she quickly and easily ties up the chapter's antagonist in a single panel. And her backstory, revealed in the next chapter, depicts a darker side to the exchange program: her host family illegally sold her to the director simply because they were expecting a more humanoid extraspecies, such as the cat girls that the media tends to focus on (although the truth proved to be not quite that simple: they honestly thought the director was part of the exchange program, and sold Rachnera off because she accidently injured her daughter). However, looks were deceiving: Rachnee's far from evil, more bitter than anything, and she ends that very chapter with joining the group.
    • The straightest example we've gotten thus far is the dragonet, Draco. Not only is she a fearsome sight, but she has the sheer, high-octane crazy to back it up, kidnapping and almost raping Miia. Unlike Rachnera, she has no Freudian Excuse for her actions, and unlike the orcs she's competent and played deadly serious.
    • And another has come along. The Dullahan, Lala, makes her first appearance grabbing Kimihito by the notch in her scythe. Like Rachnera, however, she ultimately turned out to be (relatively) harmless: she plays up the 'doom and gloom' angle because she enjoys playing pretend, and just like Rachnera she joined the group when all was said and done.
    • Although you must keep in mind the trope is always ultimately subverted. Either they turn out to be sorry excuses for Knights, revealing quirks that destroy their credibility, or they suffer a Humiliation Conga, or they join the harem's antics the chapter just after, and everything is forgotten, wiping off the Cerebus Syndrome along the way. These are not mutually exclusive.
  • Latex Perfection: Suu's shapeshifting abilities come in very handy, able to form perfect human legs for Meron's disguise and perfect human arms for Papi's disguise. Unfortunately, said legs and arms are under the sole control of Suu, who can be scatterbrained at the best of times...
  • Lethal Chef: Anything Mia cooks is almost certain to make you sick or even pass out from just the smell. At first it was thought to be due to her just being a horrible cook, adding ingredients to the food simply because they have the same color or adding different ingredients because they have similar sounding names. But then it's also revealed that since she's a carnivore, she has fewer taste buds and can not judge her own cooking.
  • Limited Wardrobe: Justified in that many of the girls need specially modified clothing to be able to wear them properly. (Meron's skin is constantly coated in a slippery film, Papi has large, feathery wings instead of arms, etc.)
  • Little Bit Beastly:
    • All the girls shown during the 1st chapter, where the news reporter states that the program was a "huge success" and that the world hasn't changed much from it. It explains quite a lot about what happens to our poor protagonists, who don't fit into this category in the slightest.
    • We actually get to meet an extraspecies girl who fits this category for the very first time in chapter 17: a Kobold (dog-girl), and a rather genki one at that. Since then, more and more have been showing up: dragonets, dryads, and devils all fit this category, culminating in a dullahan: just going by the manga, you'd never know she's not human until her head comes off or you get a look at her eyes (in full color, however, her skin's an obvious giveaway).
    • And after them, we get yuki-onna, nine-tailed foxes, minotaurs, satyrs, and lizardmen.
  • A Lizard Named Liz: The names for most of the Monster Girls are all indicators of their species.
    • Each of the Cute Monster Girls in Kimihito's harem has her name derived from her species name — Miianote  from Lamia, Papi from harpynote , Centorea from Centaur, Suu from Slimenote , Meron from Mermaidnote , Rachnera from Arachne, and Lala from Dullahan.
    • It isn't limited to the main cast either, see also: Zombina the zombie, Doppel the doppelganger, Draco the dragonet, Yukio the yuki onna and Liz the lizardman.
  • Loophole Abuse:
    • The Interspecies Protection Act has a few, namely, the "Humans can't attack monsters" and vice-versa law, which can be exploited by criminal monsters.
    • When Miia gets insulted a second time by the racist couple in chapter 2, she remembers that she can't attack humans. However, that doesn't stop Kimihito from punching both of them in the face.
    • This particular abuse caused some, currently unknown, changes to the Extraspecies Exchange Laws.
    • In Chapter 14, a director tried to use the loophole to get away with taking uncensored film recordings, Miia's shed skin, and Papi's egg to sell for money. Good thing Suu and Kimihito were there.
    • In Chapter 16, a man tries to use the 'monsters can't harm humans' rule for...VERY bad reasons. Unluckily for that guy (and luckily for everyone else), Rachnera doesn't give a shit.
  • Lunacy: The full moon apparently awakens a monster girl's more primal instincts. And wouldn't you know it, it comes the night Ms. Smith introduces the inter-species marriage addendum. Poor Kimihito spends the whole night trying to avoid some unwanted monster sex.
  • Marry Them All: Suu thinks this is probably the best way to solve Kimihito's "harem problem." Of course, whether or not she fully understands what marriage is is an open question.
  • Marshmallow Hell:
    • Kimihito is often put into this by Miia and Centorea.
    • Tionishia gets in on the act in Chapter 22.
    • Taken Up To Eleven in Chapter 29, when he found himself drowning between Cerea and her mother's breasts while they were making up after their duel.
  • Mars Needs Women: Gender-flipped. Lamias and harpies are both female-only species and require human men to mate with in order to perpetuate the species. Chapter 27 reveals that lamias had previously kidnapped men as sex slaves for this, but were forced to stop with the species exchange program and Miia's original purpose was to find a man to bring back as a communal husband for her village.
  • Mass "Oh, Crap!": In chapter 26, Centora, Miia and Papi have one when they realize their mothers are coming to visit.
  • Mermaid Problem: Not an issue for any of the girls, but referenced by some hecklers.
    • As early as the first volume, Miia is shown lying on a bed, (almost) completely naked, just wearing "panties" (actually an adhesive triangle of cloth that sticks to her very human genitalia). From what you can see, her snake tail has a lengthwise crease where it connects to her human waist, making it look like Miia had legs, but they then fused together to form the snake part of her.
  • Mistaken for Cheating: Cathyl believes her home-stay carer/boyfriend is cheating on her when she catches him playing with other women in the barn late at night. When she says their names, however, Kimihito tells her that those are the names of the farm's sheep, and the guy was just milking them.
  • Monster Girl of the Week:
    • The series takes this formula from chapters 19 to 22. In order, we get a dragonet, a dryad, a devil, and a dullahan. Notice a theme? You should— the first three are Red Herrings for an anonymous assassin going by "D," and while "D" was initially determined as a fake in Chapter 22, a SECOND letter comes in. At first, it seems to be an actual threat, but then in Chapter 24 it's revealed to be a Dullahan with a penchant for long-winded speeches and pretending to be the Grim Reaper.
    • It takes this formula again during the vacation arc in chapters 31 to 34, where we get a yuki-onna, a nine-tailed fox, a minotaur and some satyrs, and a lizardman.
  • Mood Whiplash:
    • The introduction of the Orcs has a good amount of this. First they enter the store, armed with AKs, and take the workers as hostages. Then they make their demands which are... to get OrcXElf/Princess/Royalty/Slave/everything pornography. Hm. Maybe these guys are not so threatenWTF?! Did one of them just unload their bullets into the stomach of a police officer while taking another hostage as a rape victim?! The officer and the "rape-victim" are actually part of MON, make it out easily, and end the threat, but still, that was one hell of a mood change.
    • In Chapter 18, the monster girls believe Kimihito is cheating on them with Ms. Smith. Hijinks ensue as they follow their "date" until they learn the real reason for it: Kimihito received an anonymous death threat and they're trying to flush out the perpetrator.
    • Chapter 22 has the reveal that "D" was Doppel all along. The group laughs it off as a well-intentioned plan gone horribly awry. Then a second letter from a REAL threat comes along, and everyone assumes it's just Doppel again. The real clincher is a Dullahan hooking Kimihito by the neck with her scythe.
  • Morton's Fork: Kimihito is presented with one at the end of chapter 5. Ms. Smith says the government is going to try out inter-species marriage, and decided he was going to be the test case. So she tells him to marry one of the girls living with him. Since all three of them are Clingy Jealous Girls however, this doesn't work out well for him as they all try jumping him at once in the next chapter, once the full moon puts them in the mood.
  • Mum Looks Like A Sister: Miia's, Papi's and Centorea's mothers all look barely older than their daughters. While for Papi's mom this is to be expected (Harpies' petite bodies allow them to fly), no reason is given for why Miia's and Centorea's mother's look that way and is even lampshaded in the case of Miia's mother.
  • Mundane Utility: In chapter 27 Kimihito decides to thoroughly clean the house before Miia's mother arrives. Papi uses her wings as a feather duster and Suu turns into a Roomba to clean the floor.
  • Neck Snap: Kimihito is on the receiving end of this courtesy of Miia during the shedding scene. He's better in the next scene, of course.
  • Never Live It Down: The fact that Miia has dislocated Kimihito's shoulder in Chapter 1 is brought up multiple times throughout the series. invoked.
  • New Powers as the Plot Demands:
    • It's nearly becoming a running gag for Suu to randomly turn out to have whatever power is needed this week. Of course, Suu is a previously unknown species, so this could simply be a case of powers no one knew about, rather than spontaneously displayed.
      • Suu suddenly shows off a whole raft of new imitation-based powers in Chapter 13, including shapeshifting into a fairly convincing duplicate of another person.
      • In the same chapter, shown briefly, is what seems to be a empathy link ability, as Suu was able to suddenly experience every sensation Kimihito was feeling while sick by touching his forehead with the tip of the slime feeler on her "hair". In the next chapter, it was shown that this extends to being able to read minds in general, as she did to expose the director's true nature to the rest of the cast.
      • In chapter 18, Suu imitates clothing and limbs to disguise the other monster girls as humans.
      • In chapter 20, Suu turned into a Kaiju and apparently doing so makes her smarter, though she had to fall into a pile of experimental fertilizer first so it may be a one-off event.
      • The intelligence boost returns in chapter 31 when she absorbed the minerals from the hot spring they were visiting.
      • As of chapter 25 Suu can detect poisons and changes shape to indicate them. This despite being apparently immune herself (though it does "poison her words", as observed by Kimihito). Also she can spit ingested poisons at others.
      • As of chapter 30, Suu is also apparently able to heal injuries to a certain extent, shown when she healed the torn skin on Kimihito's finger simply by putting said finger in her mouth (although the kind act was overshadowed by her smothering and once again nearly drowning him). As of yet, it isn't clear whether this ability only functions for small injuries like the torn skin on the finger, or if it would work for larger injuries as well.
    • In Chapter 18, Rachnera reveals that she can use her thread like a cup telephone.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero:
    • In general, the girls tend to break windows and doors anytime they suspect Kimihito of trying to get intimate with one of the other girls.
    • In chapter 12, Kimihito has Meron in a Bridal Carry, causing Miia to get insanely jealous and slam into them to break them apart. Turns out that he was just carrying her to the second floor so she could see what was up there. Miia also breaks Meron's wheelchair in the process, so now he has to carry Meron that way for the rest of the day, something the former is not pleased about.
  • No Cartoon Fish: In Chapter 19, the various sea life seen in the aquarium are drawn in a very realistic art style compared to the rest of the manga.
  • Not Using the M Word: "Liminals", or Extra Species, is the more politically correct term for Monsters in the English manga. Admittedly calling them Monsters can have very negative connotations for such a racially fragile situation.
  • Older Than They Look: Miia seems rather calm at the prospect of Papi and Kimihito bathing together. Reason?
    Miia: "I can be calm and mature because I'm a woman and she's a child."
    Ms Smith: "She's actually your age."
    Miia: (breaks down door to bathroom)
  • One-Gender Race: Lamiae and harpies are both all-female races.
  • Our Centaurs Are Different: While the female centaurs of this world are more like English knights of a royal Court, the males are instead modeled after the stereotypical barbarian hordes from other works. Centorea even has a full body suit of armor. They also have horse ears instead of human ears. The MonMusu Collection in Episode 3 covers centaur subspecies such as the Fragile Speedster lightweights; the large, muscular heavyweights, who're generally amiable and absent-minded; and the dairy breeds, who serve as wetnurses for other centaurs who are having difficulty with breastfeeding.
  • Out-of-Genre Experience: Chapter 11 puts the harem comedy on hold for a terrorist hostage rescue. A silly terrorist hostage rescue with orcs demanding orc friendly hentai manga.
  • Out with a Bang: The same moon that puts the girls into a mating frenzy also causes them to forget their inhuman strength and cease holding back. Kimihito, his willpower wavering, suddenly realizes exactly what that means for him if he gives in.
  • Parental Abandonment: Kurusu reveals in chapter 16 that he lives with his parents (who are currently abroad).
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: So you think you're safe from doing wrong to monster girls just because of an exploitable protection law? Kimihito and Rachnera would like to prove otherwise.
  • Pervert Revenge Mode: Zigzagged. Sometimes the girls play it straight, sometimes they're actually amused by Kimihito's Accidental Pervert moments. When he accidentally walks in on Centorea in the shower, the next scene has him apologizing to her, sporting a nasty hoof-shaped black eye. Astonishingly for a scene like this, Centorea is ALSO apologizing: she never told him she takes a shower after her daily exercise.
  • The Plan: In chapter 18, Kimihito and Ms. Smith go out on a "date", prompting the girls to follow them around. In the end, it wasn't really a date, but instead an attempt to flush out a potential assassin who wrote a threatening letter to him if he should marry one of the girls. Ms. Smith then plans for all of the girls to go on a date with him in an attempt to flush out the perpetrator. Although they do meet some antagonists, none of them turn out to be the one who wrote the letter. Then a second one is sent. Then they finally catch a suspicious person in chapter 22, who turns out to be Doppel, who was also the culprit for the first letter. She claims she wrote it so that he would go on a date with the girls, and hopefully pick one of them to marry, though it backfires HORRIBLY as he wound up getting closer to all 6 of his girls AND the other agents of M.O.N.. As chapter 22 ends with the culprit found, they state they didn't write that second letter... It was sent by a Dulahan named Lala who joins the house at the end of chapter 24.
  • Poor Communication Kills: Essentially Chapter 28 with Papi and her mother. Papi believes her mom is trying to take her home while her mother is just trying to recover the picture she accidentally added in her message of her and Papi's father.
  • Product Placement: The Chevrolet pick-up in chapter 9, kinda...
  • Psycho Lesbian: Draco towards Miia
  • Punched Across the Room: When the two racists begin calling Miia names at the love hotel, Kimihito responds by hitting the male of the pair so hard that he's thrown into his girlfriend and they both get knocked outside.
  • Punctuated! For! Emphasis!: When Lala goes into another one of her dramatic speeches instead of telling Ms. Smith why she ran away to see Kimihito, she says:
    Ms. Smith: Why. Did. You. Come. Here?
  • Reality Ensues: Centorea running around with a fake sword, which would be very dangerous if it were real, though it still hurt Kimihito really badly.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Kimihito of all people gives one to Ren, a member of Rachnera's previous host family who wanted to take her back. She is berated for treating having Rachnera living with her family as a trial to endure, rather than considering Rachnera's own feelings on the matter.
  • Rewatch Bonus: Doppel as an Incredibly Obvious Tail in chapter 23, and also knowing from Chapter 30 that Kimihito's actually dying and coming back to life over and over again.
  • Scooby Stack: Centorea, Miia, and Papi do this in chapter 5 after Kimihito wakes up from getting hit by three tranquilizers Ms. Smith shot at him accidentally.
  • Screw Destiny: Essentially what each of the "Mothers coming to visit" chapters boil down to.
  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: When Lala first shows up, she claims to be a Grim Reaper here to pick up Kimihito, who was going to die soon. All of the girls besides Rachnera then run away from the house with him in tow. But their attempts to "save" him make things worse, such as Centorea dragging him behind her after he falls off, Meron nearly drowning him, and Miia nearly constricting him to death again. Then Ms. Smith shows up and explains who Lala really is. Her species likes to spout off high art, difficult to comprehend things. The fact that they can detach their heads only adds to that illusion. But Ms. Smith tells them Lala isn't really much different than they are.
  • Serious Business:
    • Ms. Smith says the law is pretty clear that a human and non-human in the same homestay program having sex is a big no-no, and will lead to criminal charges for the human, along with the non-human being deported. (Which is pretty much what happens in Real Life.) So naturally when Kimihito accidentally takes Miia to a love hotel (because she wanted to go somewhere private where people couldn't keep gawking at her, and was also big enough to fit her), Ms. Smith leads a police SWAT team and they blow the door away into the room when they hear about a human and non-human going into a love hotel. Miia taking off her clothes and telling Kimihito to do it with her right before the cops bust in doesn't help matters any.
    • When Kimihito gets sick in chapter 13, Ms. Smith quarantines the girls from nursing him lest they catch his illness. While he only had a little cold, she explains it as if they'd waste away if they caught it (an idea that Mero finds romantic), so they send Suu to nurse him back to health, but not before giving her all sorts of weird ideas such as feeding him something strange Miia cooked up. However this could be subverted as it is clear Ms. Smith just used this as an excuse to get out of doing mountains of paperwork and falls asleep soon after arriving to "help".
  • Shaggy Dog Story: Kimihito's food hunting in Chapter 25. After much trouble, he finally manages to secure a large supply of food, even creating a banquet for his tenants... then MON came along and helped themselves. The supplies went down fast in a combination of Heroic BSOD and Unstoppable Rage... of cooking. Then the knife is further twisted in another direction when it's revealed that the bureau is ready to reimburse any expenses for housing extra species. Including food. Ms. Smith had to remind him that they did modify his house for housing Meron for free.
  • She's Got Legs: When asked what he likes best in a woman in an omake, Kimihito says "legs". Going by his response to Rachnera in the main story when he first meets her, the species of the legs in question doesn't seem to be foremost on his mind, meaning that for his harem, this is only an issue when it comes to Miia and Meron, neither of whom have legs.
  • Shoot the Hostage: Zombina, being undead, is not adverse to shooting through her own body to surprise kidnappers.
  • Shotgun Wedding: Miia's mom tries to force "Darling" into one.
  • Shown Their Work: The series often incorporates aspects of real-life animals into the biology of the monster girls, some of them pretty obscure.
    • Miia's and Cerea's horrible cooking is justified by real-world biology. Omnivores (like humans) have over twenty times as many taste buds as carnivores like snakes—of course Miia's cooking tastes fine to her. On the other hand, because herbivores like Cerea generally have twice as many taste buds as omnivores, omnivores just can't appreciate her vegetable dishes.
    • Spiders do get drunk on caffeine.
  • Shut Up, Hannibal!: Rachnera's response to the second breaking speech? Tie Lilith up and dominate her into a weak sub.
  • Sick Episode: Kimihito spends most of Chapter 13 sick in bed, with Suu taking care of him.
  • Slime Girl: Slimes are a very recent discovery in this series, with Suu being the only one known. The MonMusu Collection at the end of Episode 4 reveals some subspecies, including red slimes, whose bodies are very acidic; green slimes, whose bodies are poisonous; pink slimes, who feed on nectar and smell like flowers; and black slimes, who have fallen foul of human pollution.
  • Snake People: Lamiae, like Miia. The MonMusu Collection at the end of Episode 1 lists several other subspecies, including the viper-like echidna; the medusa, whose angry glare comes from her poor eyesight; and the melusine, a shore-dwelling creature with a set of impressive but purely-vestigial wings.
  • Snakes Are Evil: Discussed in Chapter 26. When Miia is once again planning an evil scheme to get rid of one of her "competition", Mero and Cerea think this is why snakes have such a bad reputation.
  • Someone to Remember Him By: Meron tries to invoke this when she believes that Lala is really a grim reaper and he is about to die, wanting to tell her children the tragic story of their late father. Kimihito calls her a "Tragedy freak".
  • Spit Take: Ms. Smith does one in chapter 5 when Kimihito blames her for the latest incident between Centorea, Miia, and Papi fighting, when she accidentally shoots him with three tranquilizers meant for the girls.
    • Cerea does this in Chapter 26 after hearing Kimihito deny Ren from being Rachnera's host family again. By doing so she sprays Miia which results in Suu attacking Miia in the background.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Draco towards Miia, and "D" toward Kimihito.
  • Suck Out the Poison: In Chapter 20, a dryad Papi found (and then planted) grew into a 50-foot violent behemoth due to absorbing toxic waste. Suu absorbed the same waste and also grew huge, but managed to keep sane. Apparently, her new super-size also grew her brain, because she suggested that the best course of action would be to remove the toxin from the dryad's system. Papi immediately jumps on the dryad's giant breast and attempts to suck the toxin out...through her nipple. She is swatted away, and Kimihito is pressed onto the dryad's breast and commanded to finish the job. Awkward does not even begin to cover it. The worst part? It actually worked.
  • Super Window Jump: Happens regularly. Luckily, the windows are made of Soft Glass.
  • Tempting Fate: Subverted with a vengeance in chapter 24. When confronted with his alleged fated demise and after going through too many close-calls during the chapter thanks to the girls trying to protect him, Kimihito gets fed up with the situation and stomps away while quoting every Death Flag/Famous Last Words he can think of.
    Kimihito: Miia, if... if I make it back alive, we're getting married!
    Miia: Huh... Wait, Darling! That's a Death Flag!
    Kimihito: I'm not sticking around here! I'm going home! note 
    Miia: STOOOOOOP!
    Kimihito: Can I just go to the goal right now...?
    Miia: Wait, Darling!
    Kimihito: You don't mind if I beat that thing, right?
    Miia: Of all things why do you have to raise so many Death Flags?!
    Kimihito: No problem, everything's fine. I'm not afraid of anything anymore!
  • Themed Harem: Cute Monster Girls. By chapter 4 there is a Lamia, a harpy, and a centaur, all living with one guy. It's explicitly referenced in chapter 6 by one of the girls. Chapter 8 adds a Slime girl by popular demand, and chapter 10 adds a Mermaid using the same method. Chapter 15 also adds an Arachne, and chapter 24 adds a Dullahan. As of Chapter 22, MON may well be on the way to joining them. And Chapter 25 drops hints that the Dryad girl from chapter 20 may end up in here as well, since she needs to pick a host family and the only human she seems to be able to stand is Kimihito.
  • They Killed Kenny Again: In hindsight, Kimihito is actually this. Lala reveals in Chapter 30 that he actually dies, but he's just too stubborn to stay dead.
  • Those Two Guys: The racist couple. For some strange reason they have a tendency to be at the same place as Kimihito and the girls who live with him at certain occasions. And yes, they do constantly spew racist insults at the girls and act like dicks around pretty much anybody they come across, humans or not. And yes: they do have a tendency to get their just desserts in the end.
  • Trash of the Titans: Ms. Smith's apartment is filled with trash bags and stacks of stuff when seen in chapter 4.
  • The Unmasqued World: By the time the story begins, the existence of monster girls have been already been outed to the public at large for sometime. However there are still some monster types humans are unaware of. Slimes were one of them.
  • Unwanted Harem: Kimihito finds himself in this situation due to the increasing number of monster girls that show up and end up living with him. The fact that they fight over and seduce him constantly, and that he's not allowed to have sex with them (except the one he marries, which brings its own problems as the girls fight over that), doesn't make things any easier. Gets an extra dose of drama as he likes all of the girls and would like to marry them but is afraid to choose between them in part because he knows that no matter who he chooses he'll still break the hearts of everyone else.
  • Walking Spoiler: While Lala's existence has quickly reached It Was His Sled territory (no thanks to gracing the cover of Volume 7), she's still introduced fairly late in the story, and a lot of important reveals are tied directly to her.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: 4/7 of the girls can't stand being in cold temperatures.
    • Suu, being made of slime, freezes solid.
    • Miia is cold-blooded, so she goes into hibernation/gets sleepy.
    • Mero's body produces liquids to keep her constantly hydrated, meaning that for her, being in cold air is like the chill humans get when they go from water to air.
    • Rachnee's body slows down as well. (Similarly, she can't stand heat either.)
  • Wham Episode: Chapter 22, wherein a Dullahan sneaks up behind Kimihito and apparently chops his head off. Closer inspection of the panel right before DOES reveal a notch in the scythe's blade, though. She just hooked him with it, but still...
  • Wham Line
    Doppel: I didn't write a second letter.
    Lala: You. You are on the brink of death.
  • Wire Fu: When Miia and Rachnera agree to help put on a show for Luz's failing shrine, Rachnera ties strands of her silk to Luz's body, allowing her to "fly" around the stage.
  • Wounded Gazelle Gambit: In chapter 12, after Miia declares Kimihito off-limits to Meron, the latter replies in kind. When he returns to the room, Meron asks him to take her back to her room because the warm air and low humidity is making it hard for her to breathe. Once they're alone, she starts asking him about not having a girlfriend, only for Miia to bring the others in wearing swimsuits to foil Meron's plan. In the end, Miia's worrying was for nothing, as Meron read about The Little Mermaid, and wants a tragic love story just like that, where she falls in love with a guy who doesn't notice her despite all of her sacrifices for his sake.

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