Briefcase Blaster

A gun concealed inside or in the shape of a briefcase.

Most of the examples under IKEA Weaponry pack away into a briefcase when disassembled, other than those deliberately disguised as something even more innocuous.

Turns out to be a case of Truth in Television. The CIA, as well as American government and military bodyguards, do actually use submachine guns concealed in cases (just like the one depicted). The case is built with a trigger on the handle that allows it to be fired without removing the weapon.

See also Senseless Violins, when weapons are concealed in an instrument case, and Handbag of Hurt, when the briefcase itself is used as a melee weapon.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Black Lagoon: Roberta uses a machinegun briefcase in her initial appearance.
  • Used by a pair of bodyguards in the opening scene of Ghost in the Shell.
  • Black Cat has the Sweeper Sven Vollfield, who carries a machine gun (amongst other assorted items like a net launcher) inside his briefcase which he carries at all times.
  • Kazuki in Ga-Rei -Zero- dual wields anti-demon machinegun briefcases. Also, this trope is somewhat similar to Senseless Violins, except that the carrying case is the weapon.
  • This is the preliminary weapon of The Invaders in Gate Keepers, to go with their identical suit-and-tie motif.
  • Manako from Daily Life with Monster Girl has a briefcase that unfolds into a sniper rifle. The bonus chapter at the end explains that it's Awesome, but Impractical.
  • A variant is used in Tokyo Ghoul. Early on, Kaneki is warned to report to the manager if someone carrying a briefcase every enters the cafe. That's because Ghoul Investigators carry their weapons in innocent-looking silver briefcases, which could hold anything from a BFS or a BFG to a spiked whip or a Sinister Scythe. These weapons are deployed automatically into the user's hand with a click of a button concealed on the handle.
  • One-Punch Man: Genos has a briefcase that transforms into a pair of arms for him to use to fire powerful blasts of energy.


  • In Snow Crash, Reason is mounted inside a suitcase, though it does have a heat exchanger coming out of the side.
  • The Executioner: while posing as a drug dealer's bodyguards, Able Team are each equipped with a briefcase with an Uzi inside and a steel trauma plate for protection. "If you see a bullet coming, just block it."
  • A duffel-bag variation shows up in American Assassin.
  • Adele's servant Tovera routinely carries one in the RCN series.

    Live Action TV 
  • Get Smart: Maxwell Smart had one of these once, as did his inspiration, James Bond.
    • First seen used by a KAOS-affiliated hit man played by Leonard Nimoy.
  • Kamen Rider Decade had a card case which could extend a handle and barrel to be used as a gun. It could also extend a blade to be used as a sword.
  • Deadliest Warrior: One of the weapons used by the CIA in CIA vs. KGB is a Walther PPK hidden in a briefcase with a pulley system (terminating in a string looped around the finger) attached to the trigger. The agent assigned to test it manages to shoot all three targets perfectly while carrying the case normally.
  • Dennou Keisatsu Cybercop: Each weapon used by the Cybercops (with the exception of their standard personal firearms) come in a standard suitcase.
  • On Boardwalk Empire, Dean O'Banion invokes this when he warns Al Capone that he does not want to find out what Van Alden has in his briefcase. Al Capone backs down and leaves which is a good thing for O'Banion and Van Alden since the briefcase contains electrical clothing irons. Van Alden works as a door-to-door salesman and these are his samples. He does not know O'Banion and is simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. O'Banion uses an Indy Ploy to make Al Capone think that the case hid a gun and thus saves their lives.
  • In one episode of Arrow, an assassin takes out his targets by posing as a lawyer and shooting them through his open briefcase.

    Tabletop RPG 
  • Hot Chicks RPG. The Trick Case can fire a weapon while it's inside the briefcase. The Discarding Case has a hidden switch that causes the case to fall away, leaving the weapon in the user's hand.
  • Rifts introduced a briefcase assault rifle and shotgun in Triax 2.

    Video Games 
  • Perfect Dark had the laptop gun, which could also double as a turret.
  • Nightfire has the Phoenix Ronin, a minigun concealed inside of a briefcase that can be set down as an automated sentry gun or operated by remote.
  • Zombie Revenge featured the two guitar-case weapons from Desperado.
  • The Pandora gun in Devil May Cry 4 is carried around like a briefcase. It can turn into a crossbow, a bazooka, a laser cannon, a minigun-version of the more realistic Briefcase Blaster shown above, a blade boomerang and a mobile missile launching fortress, and when opened, it produces a brilliant flash of light that instantly destroys all enemy shields in addition to damaging them. It also has 659 other forms as well, but naturally, you'll never actually see any of them in gameplay. See more here.
  • The 'Sniper Case' from the Hitman games allow you to carry a disassembled Sniper Rifle around in a briefcase without suspicion, as sniper rifles are too large to be concealed in 47's jacket.
    • There are also a few other suitcases for other types of rifles, which come fully-assembled. Also a subversion as these suitcases are so long that somebody should be asking questions.
  • Secret Agent Clank goes one step further and gives us the Blowtorch Briefcase.
  • No One Lives Forever has the rocket-launcher briefcase.
  • Natasha, one of the characters the player can choose in Rusty Hearts, can use the 'Weapon Bag' which takes this trope to its logical conclusion as it can change into a minigun, RPG, and even a small personal bunker lined with cannons depending on what skills the player chooses to pick up.
  • Modern Warfare 3 adds the Magpul FMG-9 (see Real Life below) as a secondary weapon. It works much the same as the Glock 18 does, though with the player character unfolding it for the initial-pickup animation.
  • 007: From Russia with Love replaces this with the Briefcase Turret (see the "Phoenix Ronin" entry below). It's Q's briefcase, but with an automated turret and photoelectric sensor (like the kind you see on those tapless sinks in McDonald's). The kicker: once deployed, it cannot be retrieved.

    Web Original 

    Web Videos 

    Western Animation 
  • In the SWAT Kats episode "The Dark Side of the SWAT Kats", the evil Mirror Universe version of Deputy Mayor Briggs had a gas gun in her briefcase. She used it knock out two guards so she could release what she thought were the in-universe evil Swat Kats.
  • Samurai Jack: in "Jack and the Labyrinth", the stranger carries a multipurpose briefcase that has a machine gun inside as well as a lighter.
  • Young Justice: Red Arrow uses a compound bow version of this to stop an assasination attempt.

    Real Life 
  • Truth in Television: Heckler and Koch makes a special briefcase for their MP5K, as seen in the page image. Here's a video.
  • Magpul made a concept product (the FMG-9) that looked similar to a small briefcase that housed a Glock and a flashlight and could easily fit into your back pocket. All you had to do was flip it open and you'll be ready to go. Magpul also makes a near-identical kit for airsoft guns, but the real one never reached the production stage.
  • The CETME Ameli is a light machine gun, 5.56mm caliber, capable of fitting inside a briefcase. Unlike the above examples, it does have to be removed and assembled before use, but that is surprisingly quick.
  • During the assassination attempt on former President Ronald Reagan, Agent Robert Wanko pulled an Uzi out of his briefcase in order to cover the President's evacuation to the hospital moments after the President had been shot.
  • The Ares FMG appears to have this idea in mind.
  • The Nerf Deploy CS-6 is a pump-action blaster that can collapse into a compact "briefcase" form.
  • Beyond 2000 featured a concept of a very rapidly firing submachine gun with a Laser Sight, the AM-180A, based on the American 180 submachine gun (distinctive for its saucer shaped pan magazine mounted on top of the weapon and the secret to its very high rate of fire), which not only made for deadly accurate shots, but also fired so rapidly it could shred most materials to bits and even penetrate bulletproof vests. A concealed version was developed in parallel, being built in to a briefcase that even included the Laser Sight, and like the pictured weapon above, could be fired with the case closed (in fact during the show, the briefcase version was used to demonstrate that a bulletproof vest was futile in protecting the victim from this weapon).
    • The standard/non-concealed version of the AM-180A also happens to be IKEA Weaponry, and was designed to be easily assembled in complete darkness.
  • While SMGs and the like really do utilize this trope, one way fiction often misrepresents it is with long-range sniper rifles that disassemble to fit in a briefcase. Such weapons are very precisely fine-tuned and the disassembly and reassembly process would throw even an experienced sniper off - it doesn't take much to miss when firing at a target thousands of feet away. The very few true rifles that can be disassembled in this fashion are generally used with iron sights only at ranges of 500 yards or less, usualy for hunting small game in an emergency.
  • DRD Tactical's Paratus-16 rifle series is a family of assault rifles designed to be stored in 3 segments inside specialy designed briefcases that can be assembled in less than a minute. A semi-auto civilian version is readily available, but with a $5,000 price tag (as opposed to $800 to $1,500 for an FAL, $2,000 for an AR-15 chambered for .308, or $3,000 for a SCAR-17S) and no real advatages over other .308 rifles outside of it's takedown feature, it hasn't exactly caught on.