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Video Game: Zombie Revenge
Zombie Revenge is an arcade beat-'em-up from Sega and a spin-off of the House of the Dead series. As of this writing, its only home version is a reasonably solid Dreamcast port. It features the same creative approach to English as its parent franchise, and follows three government agents - Stick Breitling, Rikuya Busujima, and Linda Rolla - as they try to stop the man responsible for a massive zombie outbreak. It is an unapologetic quarter-muncher.

Rikiya Busujima, in his alternate costume, reappeared years later as one of Sega's representatives in the 3DS crossover Project X Zone.

This game provides examples of:

House of the DeadSega DreamcastHydro Thunder
Zeno Clash 2Beat 'em UpSuper Nintendo Entertainment System
ZaxxonCreator/SEGAApollo 13
WinterSurvival HorrorZombiU
War GodsArcade GameZyconix

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