Creator / Alistair MacLean
A 20th century writer of adventure/thriller fiction. A British citizen, Alistair MacLean was born in 1922 in Scotland. The son of a clergyman, English was his second language (after Gaelic Scots). During WWII he served on the HMS Royalist and saw action in the Pacific.

His novels focused on adventure exploits in far-flung reaches of the world (poles, jungles, and the Golden Gate Bridge.) Frequently he made use of naval themes and military characters. HMS Ulysses is considered a classic in naval literature. Among the novels that have been adapted into movies are The Guns of Navarone and Where Eagles Dare.

Many feel his writing declined later in life, and that the novels published after a three year hiatus (spent running a hotel in England) were significantly inferior to his earlier work.

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