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Manga: Miriam
Western Genki Girl

"Dear readers, This is a tale of a little girl and three young men. And so the story begins."
Opening Narration.

Miriam is a western, shoujo manga comprised of 7 volumes. The first three take place when Miriam is 8, volumes 4 to 6 take place when she's 17 and the last volumes is set a little after that.

Miriam is an energetic girl who lives on a farm with a woman named Grace. Miriam enlists a trio of young men named Douglas, Joel and Card to help out on Grace's farm. However, they have no interest in helping Miriam and ignore her. Despite their best efforts however, they find themselves helping out after all and together end up fighting against Mister Harnbag and the corrupt Sheriff.

Tropes used in this work include:

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