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Gratuitous caption text shows us how it's done!

"Quote from a particularly noteworthy example of the trope."

"One more quote than is allowed"
Someone who doesn't know about Quotes Wiki or italics.

Elaborate introductory example or reasoning behind the trope, ending in a Title Drop, probably being a circular pothole. Reference to Alice and Bob.

Plain, simple, and brief explanation of the trope. Common features of said trope.

Pros, cons, and/or implications of the trope.

Discussion of how the trope relates to anime or manga, even if it doesn't.

How old the trope is. How seriously or not the trope is taken nowadays.

Mention of how this trope may sometimes be Truth in Television.

Alternatively, if the trope is not Truth in Television, an explanation of the horrible things that would happen if it were to be carried out.

Shoehorned reminder that Tropes Are Tools, so no Justifying Edits or Square Peg Round Tropery please.

Origin of Trope Name. References to other, relevant tropes. Justification of reason trope was split from older, less well-written trope.

See also related tropes. Compare similar tropes. Contrast conflicting tropes.

Mild warning that this trope is not to be confused with similarly named trope.

Mild warning that this trope is not to be confused with some trope with similar words in the title, Just for Pun.

Suggestion to post complaints on the Dethroning Moment of Suck page.

Now-obsolete mention of a Troper Tales page.

Reminder to keep natter off the main page with obligatory link to the Discussion page. Reminder that Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment applies to controversial subjects, and No Real Life Examples, Please! applies to tropes with no or controversial Real Life analogues. Obligatory spoiler warning, in case the trope involves twists that by their very nature are spoilers.


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As Examples Are Not General, this folder should probably be removed and have some of its content moved to the trope description and/or the Analysis subpage. It's still here due to a combination of This Troper not knowing about the policy, That Troper not knowing where to move the content, and Yonder Troper just not having the heart to delete it.

  • Example at the top by a new troper who doesn't know to always put new examples at the bottom.
  • Example at the very top because someone is a Parabomber...I mean, example at the top because it's the Trope Namer.
  • Example at the top because it's the Trope Namer. No other explanation.
  • Example near the top that used to be the Trope Namer, but now is just confusing because the trope name was changed and no one bothered to update the example text.
  • Example. (And how!)
  • Zero-Context Example that tries and fails to hide its lack of context by adding something like "Full Stop" at the end.
  • Example from an obscure work at or near the top only because it was a favorite of the Trope Launcher.
  • Equally obscure example at or near the top because the three-hundredth edit was made by someone who either doesn't know the rules or feels that this example is way better than the ones below.
  • Chronologically-confusing entry that refers to entries further down the page but got moved to the top thanks to someone alphabetizing all the entries but not re-writing them to fit.
  • Example from a classic which allows an editor to declare it one of The Oldest Ones in the Book.
  • Example declared to be the Ur-Example, even though likely not one.
  • Shoehorned "obligatory" reference to Trope Overdosed: The Series.
  • Example without any explanation.
  • Example that has nothing to do with the trope, but is related to the title of the trope; which the original Troper chose to be clever.
  • Example that, due to the fact that there are other examples here, should have two bullet points.
    • An extra sentence that really shouldn't have its own bullet point but simply be part of the original entry.
    • Another example from the same book that's added in with another bullet, making it seem as if it's part of the original example
    • example from someone who doesn't bother with porper grammar
  • Example that this editor is shocked, surprised, or astounded hasn't been mentioned yet. You've probably never heard of it.
  • Example that begins with "This is not actually an example, but..."
  • Examples from four more Trope Overdosed series.
    Name with overly long description of the character's situation: quote from the series that is related to the example above, but not the trope.
  • Example that uses "it's" when it should be using "its", and "lead" when it should be using "led".
  • Example that makes sense only if you interpret the work through a certain pervasive fan theory, but does not mention this fan theory in any way.
  • Example that uses external link markup when a WikiWord would have been quite sufficient.
    • Example made by a contributor that doesn't know how to properly pothole single-word articles and uses the external link markup instead.
      • Example made by a contributor similar to the above that also doesn't understand single-word links and threw in a random capital letter instead.
  • Example in which the contributer pluralised a WikiWord when the actual link is singular, thereby creating a redlink.
  • Zero-Context Example claiming that a work is "infamous" for using this trope, without saying so much as a single word as to how.
  • Example that allegedly "provides" the page image and/or quote, except that the image and/or quote in question has been replaced or removed since the example was added and nobody bothered to update the example.
  • Example with an irrelevant sinkhole in absolutely every word.
  • Example that someone placed a YMMV Trope in that the contributor thought was an Awesome Moment, Funny Moment, Heartwarming Moment, Nightmare Fuel, or Tear Jerker that should probably be fixed up, but might stay with an unsightly mark for some time.
I think this is formatted wrong
  • Example that was left unfini
  • Example of the trope being averted in a work that has no reason to use it in the first place.
  • Example with an extra blank line after it.

    • Incorrectly indented example.
  • Example requiring an extremely long explanation.
  • Example with a [[spioler:broken spoiler] revealing something you don't want spoiled.
  • Entirely spoilered example.
  • Example that contains a pothole that is broken up by italics, forcing the curious reader to check the tooltip before, during, and after the italics to see if they all lead to the same page.
  • Example with a quote, followed by some more elaboration.
    Alice: The quote.
    Bob: Yes, this is the quote.
    The elaboration, which is still in quote-format because of bad formatting.
  • An example that spoilers out the fact that the trope happens or that Alice dies.
  • Shoehorned "deconstructed example" added just because This Troper wanted to make a parody or an excessively cynical story seem more intellectual.
  • Example that was somehow
split in half
  • Example full of unnecessary details.
  • Example that contains the words "also" or "similar to the above/below" despite the referred-to examples being deleted or moved, making it look very weird.
  • Example containing a superfluous redlink because it contains a name like Mc Troper or an initialism like RP Gs which hasn't been formatted correctly.
  • Example that doesn't bother to elaborate on something, and instead tells you to go to a different TV Tropes page for more details.
  • Example that put a [1] in brackets, resulting in a bracketed number instead of the simple link the editor intended.
  • Example awkwardly referencing a Renamed Trope because someone was too lazy to reword it.

     [Series Name]  
  • Mention of [Series Name], which apparently has enough examples to merit its own folder.
    • Example that goes up top because it is the Trope Namer.
    "Trope Naming quote that can probably also be found on Quotes Wiki."
    • Another example where the trope is used.
    • Series Name OWNS this trope! Here's another example as proof.
    • Even this series admits it's kind of an Overused Running Gag, hence why it was Subverted in Episode Number.
    • Example parodying Trope Name's use of this trope that should probably go in a folder other than this one.
  • Trope name that doesn't use a bullet point, indicating the prior entries were probably posted before this series gathered so many examples of this it needed its own folder.
  • Example that doesn't belong on this page at all, but has avoided deletion for a few months because the editor buried it in the middle of the article.
  • [Trope Name]: Seen in [Series Name] Online, [Viral Marketing ARG] or [Tabletop Game] 1e (which is now out of print) but now unable to be viewed because of a failure to Keep Circulating the Tapes.
  • Other Trope Name: Example which could be confirmed, except the trope it links to was lost in The Great Crash and never reinstated. Since said trope wasn't cut and [Series Name] is obscure and posted long ago, nobody has noticed the Red Link, and if somebody does they can't tell for sure because they don't know what the trope was.
  • Two words: [Series Name].
  • A particularly egregious example from Episode 12.
  • Slightly reworded example that appeared near the top of this folder.
Example that the contributor forgot to bullet
  • Example that was repeatedly deleted and then re-added, with whole paragraph arguments in the reasons for editing.
  • Mundane example that This Troper insists is not made up, just to make [Series Name] seem crazy.
  • Example with an explanation that contradicts the explanation on the page for [Series Name].
  • Example that finally adds a link to the page for [Series Name].
  • An otherwise-unnoteworthy example note .
  • An example that is more Wild Mass Guessing than anything else.
  • With [Series Name], it's pretty much given.
  • Example ending in the clause "Making this...", which is potholed to OlderThan[Dirt / Feudalism / Print / Steam / Radio / Television / TheNES], even though [Series Name] isn't actually that old.
  • Example posted by a big fan of [Series Name], who describes it as "an interesting use of this trope" or "an odd example" despite being unremarkable.
  • An example that references "a recent episode of [Series Name]" without any further elaboration to help identify the episode months or years down the road.
  • Shout-Out example that describes something from [Series Name] and Pot Holes "Sounds familiar?" to [Another Series] without explaining the connection between the described thing and [Another Series].


    Anime & Manga 
  • Example after example about Obscure Anime That Was Never Released Outside Japan.
    • One of which is so laden with fanspeak as to be practically in Japanese itself.
  • Three and a half pages of Anime examples that you just scroll right on by because you've never heard of any of them.
  • Example from Super Robot Wars
    • Yet another example from the Trope Overdosed series that's here because the person who added the above example wasn't really paying attention to what he was doing.
  • an Abridged Series example listed under Anime instead of under Web Original.
  • Example from some redlinked anime called Nipponisu no Serizu Neemu Disupeto Puresenssu wa Taitoru no Ingurisu, the title of which you can't make heads or tails of because you don't know Japanese, peppered with mentions of seemingly every single Anime Fanspeak trope for added confusion.
    • Complaint that you can't make head or tails of the above because you don't know Japanese.
      • Natter about how it's Romaji, not actual Japanese.
      • Natter about capitalization of Romaji.
  • Example from some redlinked anime called Akushuarii Engurisshu Taitoru, the title of which you can't make heads or tails of because you don't know Japanese, but which you would immediately recognise had the person adding the example deigned to write the title in English, not English-turned-katakana-turned-romanized-katakana.
  • Example from Mahou Sensei Negima!.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya example.
    • Not to mention another example in that series.
  • An example from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
  • Obligatory Johan reference.
    • Firm assertion that Johan is this trope.
  • An Example from an anime, which, given the nature of the series, makes sense.
  • Incomprehensible example from a Mind Screw series.
    • Wall of Text that attempts to explain the above example, but ends up confusing the reader even more.
  • An example from an anime or manga which is illustrated here. The link is to a scanlation which has been taken down due to licensing issues, rendering the example useless.
  • Example from Show You Don't Watch and May Have Never Heard Of, written so worshipfully that you get Hype Aversion from a single sentence fragment.
  • Example consisting of a link to a copyright-infringing YouTube upload of Popular Anime, which will probably be deleted within a few days of being added.

    Comic Books 
  • Example from a newspaper comic incorrectly placed in the Comic Books section.
  • Example from a comic book movie that should probably go under Film instead.
    • Actually, that example goes hand in hand with examples from other media based off the comic, so the examples from their own sections are rolled up with the ones from the comic.

    Empty Folder That The Page Launcher Just Left There Instead Of Commenting It Out Or Something 

    Once-Empty Folder That Someone Put a Shoehorned Example into to Give It A Purpose 
  • Shoehorned example that probably isn't even from the right type of media.

    Fan Fiction 

    Films — Animated 
  • Obligatory Disney Animated Canon and/or Pixar examples:
    • All lumped under their own bullet point.
    • Example from Disney/Movie, with a broken link because This Troper forgot that one-word titles aren't Wiki Words.
    • Example from a Disney sequel.
      • Natter about the canonicity of Disney sequels.
  • Example from an Obscure Children's Film that was only added because someone watched Bobsheaux.
  • Stray Disney Animated Canon example that missed the bullet point.
  • Example exclusive to a live-action adaptation of a Disney Animated Canon film.
  • Legitimate example from Sausage Party, which was removed because This Troper really hates that film.

    Films — Live-Action 

  • A bunch of Discworld examples.
    • Example of Lampshade Hanging, subversion, and/or deconstruction from a Discworld book.
    • Example of exactly the same gag reused in a different Discworld book.
    • Example from another Discworld book that has more to actually do with this trope than above example does.
    • Example from yet another Discworld book that has more to do with one of the previous Discworld examples than it actually does this trope.
  • Example from Paul Robinson claiming that the trope is represented in his non-existent novel Instrument Of God.
    Two-kilobyte block of text alleged to be a quote from Instrument Of God which doesn't really seem to have any particular relevance to the trope, or, really, anything else for that matter.
  • Obligatory Twilight example, noting how it was either 'done badly', or 'particularly glaring'.
  • Example in which the contributor wrote "TitleOfBook" rather than "Literature/TitleOfBook", thereby either creating a redlink or a link to a similarly titled work in a different medium.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Example from Redlinked Show Of Which You Have Heard.
  • Example from Redlinked Show You Have Never Heard Of, but the title of which prompts you to look it up on Google or The Other Wiki.
  • Example from Redlinked Show You Have Never Heard Of, but the fact it has an interesting take on the trope prompts you to look it up on Google or The Other Wiki.
  • Example from Redlinked Show You Have Never Heard Of or Show With An Actual Page Which You Have Never Heard Of which you investigate in curiosity that turns out to be So Bad, It's Horrible, Grimdark, or worst of all has certain niche themes that for most people are just plain disturbing.
  • Example involving a Monty Python's Flying Circus sketch.
    • Natter referential joke!
      • Obscure joke reference!
    • More joke references.
  • Obligatory Firefly reference.
  • Obligatory example from a Star Trek series, correctly placed in the "Live-Action TV" folder where it belongs.
    • Ten
    • more
    • examples
    • from
    • totally
    • different
    • Star Trek
    • works
    • most of which should be in a different folder
  • Obligatory Doctor Who example.
    • Additional Doctor Who example which refers to the incarnation by number. The number links to The Nth Doctor even though that has nothing to do with this trope.
  • Example from a Doctor Who spin-off series that was added directly under the Doctor Who examples but isn't bulleted with them because the person who added it wasn't sure and decided to split the difference.
  • "Obligatory" example from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • Example from an episode of a TV show which just aired, even though there is already an entry for the same series up above.
  • The same example from an episode of a TV show which just aired, even though there are already an entry for the same seres up above AND the new exmaple already exits if the editor were to move his eyeballs by three inches. Usually full of spoiler tags and spelling erors because the editor was trying to be the first person to post the example.
  • Example from a movie adaptation of a TV show that should be in the Film section.
  • Example from Obscure Show Which Had A Page that was lost in The Great Crash which Google and Wikipedia have no listings of, or the Wikipedia listing is under the author's name.
  • Strange example from Well-Known and Highly-Praised Series that is a triple... no, quadruple... wait, no. A quintuple subversion.
  • Example that potholes the series name so it can't be searched for on the page and will be repeated further down at some point.
  • Far-reaching example from This Troper's favorite Trope Overdosed series. It's not really relevant, but you'll leave it because someone else will just add it again.
  • Example discussing how Show With a Large Periphery Hatedom does this trope badly. Probably already on the page, but This Troper really hates this thing.
  • Example of this trope being tested on MythBusters.

Medium header in smallcaps that the editor who folderized the page accidentally missed

  • Inevitable music example from an artist you either hate or have never heard of.
  • Another Red House Painters example posted by Tonagamu... and you don't care because you haven't heard of Red House Painters.
    • Tonagamu adding on the example even though he probably could have just added it to the main paragraph.
  • Rare musical example. Not to be confused with the dozen other musical examples.

    Mythology and Folklore 
  • Surprise trope example from mythology, indicating that this trope is Older Than Dirt.

    Newspaper Comics 

    Redundant Truth in Television Folder That Wasn't Removed When The Real Life One Got Added 
  • Redundant example that can also be found in the Real Life folder.
  • Anecdote from This Troper's personal life, which was put here after being removed from the Real Life folder.
  • Controversial example.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Example from Warhammer 40,000, with shoehorned reminder of that game's Black and Grey Morality and/or World Half Empty, probably describing the Imperium at length, and ending with "And they're the good guys."
  • Example from Magic: The Gathering with a link to an old version of the card database.
  • Example from Paranoia, described in a perfectly normal manner from the perspective of the real world.
    • In-character complaint about security levels, happiness, and treason. Request that the above person report to an execution chamber. Obligatory "Have a Nice Daycycle!"
  • Example from Dungeons & Dragons that would never happen in an actual game but is totally possible under rules-as-written.
  • Example from the Xyz World Of Nameness sub-game Noun: The Verbening which is written without bias, but the nature of the settings make it clear how much it is Squick or Nightmare Fuel.
  • Example from the Old World Of Nameness sub-game Verbling: The Nouning which is noticeably lighter than every other example and strongly contrasts with the example from the later Verbling: The Squick.
  • One example each from the remaining sub-games of the two Xyz World of Darkness settings. All of them either make you wonder why anyone would play it, or feels normal and cause you to wonder why anyone would play something boringly safe.


    Video Games 
  • Example from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All.
    • Spoiler from Apollo Justice because you should have known better than to read a completely spoilered out sentence yet you read it anyway because it was fairly long and you thought it was going to be about the subject at hand and not an example from a different game that might have been an useless spoiler to mention to begin with, which prompts you to immediately scroll down after reading the first line in order to forget about the spoiler. Also, while we're at it, spoiler from Dual Destinies.
    • Spoiler from Spirit of Justice.
  • An example from Mass Effect.
    • An example of how it was subverted in Mass Effect 2 that really should be a different trope altogether, with bad Example Indentation on top.
    • An example that mentions that the trope is used in both Mass Effect games which nobody bothered to correct after Mass Effect 3 came out.
  • Example from Super Mario 64 using a quote specific to the DS remake with a link to Updated Re-release or Super Title 64 Advance.
  • Video game example which contains a disputed piece of information.
    • You're wrong.
  • Ancient, seemingly incorrect example from Trope Overdosed: The Videogame that mentions how this trope was used in a feature that was patched out by a later update.
  • Video Game example that asserts that part of the game is hard, for any reason.
    • Seven paragraphs of Walkthrough Mode to justify a rebuttal of "actually it's super easy if you know what you're doing".
  • Example from Undertale, probably involving Sans.
  • That example from a Star Trek video game that you've already seen because it was one of the ten million sub-bullets on an example in the "Live-Action TV" folder..
  • Example from a Final Fantasy game
    • Tangentially related examples from others game in the series
  • Example from Game World Online which is now dead and cannot be confirmed either way because it was impossible to Keep Circulating the Tapes.
  • Example from a Valve game series that predated Steam. Complaint edited in at a later date that a cliffhanger caused by the example will never be resolved because the game series is in Development Hell.
  • Example from World of Warcraft which any long-time player knows is still true but is only widely known to said long-time players, making it hard to confirm without pouring over huge amounts of lore.
  • Example from The Franchise of Video Game: Latest Installment which will be irrelevant the second the next one is revealed at E3.
  • Example from Early Crowdfunded Game Whose "Innovative" Funding Method Made Them A Media Darling... Outdated Star Citizen Lore Predating the Funding Rush... Limbo... Braid... No Time To Explain!... The Binding of Isaac... Fez... Flappy Bird... Crowdfunded Game That Came THIS Close to Release But Was Cancelled Because One of the Devs Illegally Spent the Money On Themselves... Five Nights At Freddys... Undertale... Crowdfunded Game That Came THIS Close to Release But Had It Stolen Out From Under Them By A Concept Artist Leaving and Claiming All the Finished Graphics as Intellectual Property... Newly Crowdfunded Game... Indie Game That Was Popular Last Year... Indie Video Game that is... was a Surprise Hit posted by someone in the huge fanbase.
    • Oh, the game is no longer popular, Indie Video Game Hit of 2017... 2018... 2019 has a "better" (read: newer) example.
  • Example from a Visual Novel that was placed in the Video Game folder instead, probably because there wasn't a separate folder.
  • Example from Metal Gear Solid 2 with an obligatory Pot Holed reference to either Gainax Ending or Mind Screw.
  • Shoehorned Portal example added as an excuse to reference old memes.
  • Example describing how Snark Bait: The Game supposedly uses this trope badly.
    AVGN: Ranting from The Angry Video Game Nerd about this trope, which should instead be placed in the Web Video folder.

    Visual Novel 
  • Example from a game (such as Ace Attorney) where it isn't certain it qualifies as a Visual Novel due to its gameplay ratio.

    Web Comics 
  • Example of Lampshade Hanging, subversion, and/or deconstruction from The Order of the Stick.
  • Example from a "recent" arc of a webcomic that's been around for 8 years doing five updates a week, so the archive is huge, and since the example is so far up the page it's long ago fallen off the edit page, there's no way to tell when "recent" was.
  • Obligatory Homestuck reference, and a full description of the quadrants.
    • Along with a bulleted argument about Vriska.
      • Or just repeated HONK honk HONK's
  • Example from a popular Web Comic you should read but don't because it is absurdly long and you don't want to go on an Archive Binge, including several references to how amazing the web comic is.
  • Example from a Web Comic so obscure that you get the feeling that it was added by the comic's author.
  • Webcomic did it here, only the date format has changed, so the link is no good.
    • Also here, but when you translate the date to the new format, there's no obvious connection.
    • And here, with an outdated link that does not contain the date.
  • Other Webcomic also did it here, but the link is dead because it was on a Webcomic-Hosting-Made-Easy site from the late-2000s which was capitalizing on the comic-making craze and closed down to avoid the decline, or which was in for the long haul but could no longer stay in the black.
  • Deleted Webcomic may have used this trope, but there's no way to verify it since the author took it down, and it isn't archived anywhere.
  • Example from Semi-Obscure Webcomic With a Page That This Troper Didn't Link to.
  • Example from Webcomic That Didn't Even Get Its Title Italicized.
  • Example that claims that the trope has been played straight, subverted, averted and inverted in Long Runner. No further details are given.
  • Example from an obscure fetish-based comic with a link to its trope page or website, not pointing out that said comic is fetish-based. This example should have been nuked due to 5P, but for some reason hasn't.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 

  • Visual Novel example added because there was no VN folder, This Troper didn't know if it counted as a video game and decided to play it safe.
  • Example from a work that's so obscure no one even knows its medium.
  • Misplaced Real Life example.

    Real Life 
  • A lone Real Life example erroneously declared as Truth in Television which we are not making up.
  • Questionable example from This Troper's life.
  • Urban Legend that totally happened to this troper's sister's ex-boyfriend's 2nd cousin's niece's math teacher's friend.
    • Me Too! Lengthy personal anecdote.
  • Link to a discredited Urban Legend.
    • Natter that links to Snopes instead of just removing the example.
  • Rather spurious example from Real Life, revealing the editor's ideological bias and bordering on Troll material.
    • Attempt to delete/rectify above, which gets restored multiple times as ideological bias matches community preferences.
      • Above example deleted.
  • Obligatory example about how evil Disney/[insert corporation here] is.
  • Example that uses spoilers to hide a real-life, well-known death.
  • Example involving Adolf Hitler, thus invoking Godwin's Law.
    • Example involving Stalin, thus invoking Godwin's Law Response.
  • Controversial example that is bound to be deleted at some point for fear that it might result in Internet Backdraft.
    • Counterpoint to controversial example, which might even get the entire Real Life section taken off the page, despite the fact that the rest of the Real Life examples were perfectly uncontroversial.
      • Blatant, badly spelled Flame Bait to above, asserting that all who stand on one particular side of the discussion are baby munching Nazis.
  • Historical example that is now found not to be true.
  • Example that doesn't actually belong in the Truth in Television section.
    • Comment indicating that this example should be moved up into the main section, by someone who didn't bother to do that.
    • Above example read by unhinged fan, who becomes a Daydream Believer.
  • Non-example stating that this sometimes occurs in real life.
  • Scientific example that stems from a common misconception.
    • Natter that disputes the accuracy of the above example while being equally wrong.
  • Personal anecdote made general by scrubbing the name of the person, place, or thing it happened to.
  • Dead link to a newspaper article that may or may not have featured this trope.
  • Link to a news article behind a paywall.
  • Example that contains minor factual errors.
    • Another example calling the original poster of that example an idiot.
    • Ridiculously nitpicky reply quoting facts that only someone who works in the field mentioned/lives in the area mentioned/is God would know.
    • Ridiculously nitpicky reply that focuses on one inconsistency that can be easily edited out.

  • Shoehorned Broken Base example listing every single minor disagreement within the fanbase.
  • Example from something with a genuine Broken Base, written in a highly diplomatic and value-neutral way, using phrases like "this upset some of the fans". This example probably replaced several paragraphs worth of argument from opposite sides of the schism, possibly between the same two people.
  • Example beginning or ending in "YMMV".
  • An It Sucks audience reaction added to push This Troper's opinions, not to accurately report on the general audience's reception of the work.

Joke that didn't fit anywhere else, usually about the page itself, referencing the topic at hand.

Either Statler or Waldorf: Snarky comment about the subject at hand.
The other one (depending on who made the snarky comment): Sarcastic reply to the previous comment.
Both: Do-ho-ho-ho-hoh!

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