Quotes / [Trope Name] Injokes

"Lampshade Hanging"
The Order of the Stick, and it is important that it has to be at the top.

"Something mildly related!"
Trope Overdosed: The Series

"Lampshade Hanging quote!"
Another Trope Overdosed series, probably a comedy

"Obligatory quote from Zero Punctuation!"
Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, having just mentioned a Video Game trope on last week's episode

"A very tangentially related quote originating from last week."
A That Guy with the Glasses character

"Snarky quote that mentions this trope by name in a situation that is not actually an example!"
Some RPG that came out last week

One Character: "Discussion of trope between two characters.
Another Character: "Follow-up quote because the contributor felt the full conversation was needed to illustrate the trope."
One Character: "It's starting to become apparent that the contributor put it in because this was a trope about some kind of speech that could be several sentences long, and might in fact end up becoming a Wall of Text because these kind of speeches go on for a while."
Another Character: "Some quick line, maybe a question."
One Character: "Wham Line."
Series known for lots of dialogue.

"Song lyrics that are probably
Only tangentially
Related to this trope."
Artist whose version is best known (read: most recent), who probably wasn't the original artist, Songname in italics rather than double quotes

Badly formatted quote!

A three-days old webcomic which is read by two people in the world

"A quote with a lot of completely irrelevant details, most of which could be cut to make the quote easier to understand!"
An adult animated show

"Flavour Text or excerpt from a Warhammer 40,000 book that's as long as all the other quotes on the page combined."
Any given Warhammer 40k guidebook or novel

"Quote from a particularly noteworthy example of the trope."
— Quote from the main page repeated again for no adequately explored reason.

"Only.... ...of a quote... ...[troper] thought... ...long."
Actually not that long a sentence before being edited.

"Outré in-world quote from the narrator character."
Attributed to the author, who will now be locked up

A long paragraph in which the Lemony Narrator discusses the trope (or possibly a related one) at length, before explaining it won't be happening in this story, quoted in fullnote .

"Short quote that probably describes a related trope better!"
Some obscure anime with a fanbase of 50

"Quote that is barely related to the trope and is only here because the editor wants to plug her favorite show!"
Show in question, which we have all heard of and at least 95% of us are fans of so, really, what was the point

"Quote that is spoken by someone who causes it to be a spoiler."
The person you'd least suspect to say the quote, Trope Overdosed: The Series

"Quote from a particularly noteworthy example of the trope."

"Quote that has a Spoiler in it, despite the fact that TV Tropes has a rule against something like this."
Something, I guess.

"Some in-joke that only the writer and their friends will know."
Some guy I met down the pub.

"[Q]uote that starts in the middle of the sentence for some reason, and the troper who added it absolutely had to correct this by putting the initial capital in square brackets instead of something less jarring."
Some Trope Overdosed work, probably

"Ridiculous joke quote that is, nevertheless, vaguely connected to the trope."
A Youtube Poop, for some reason