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Welcome to the Trope Pantheons thread! Please read the rules:

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Rules. The following are not suggestions or tips, but things that have to be followed:
  • Gods can't be followers or high priests for obvious reasons.
  • When you suggest a God, please explain why they fit the trope. Not everyone is going to understand just "X should be the God of Y because they exemplify the trope" off the bat, especially if they're unfamiliar with the work.
  • No hype profiles, please.
    • So you ask, what exactly is 'hype profile'? It is a profile based on ongoing events that hasn't been around very long, but generates a lot of hype, possibly because of elements such as Wham Episode or Memetic Mutation or Large Ham or overall 'OMGAWESOME!!!' They're all not bad tropes, but building a portfolio solely for that is a bad idea, as they do not say a thing about representing the trope best (unless it's those trope concepts that they are trying to embody for a long time). You can see one if the profile is only showing off how awesome they are or suddenly pushing how 'significant' they are thanks to the just very recent events rather than respecting the longstanding good representations of the trope. And usually having... minimum portfolio or flavor texts and being a bit too generalized or self-contained to events from within their home series instead of interacting with other Pantheon members.
  • The Pantheon is not a mouthpiece for you to voice your opinions on certain characters. You may like certain characters more than others, but don't make the profiles for characters you like look like Character Shilling.
  • DO. NOT. put a link to these Pantheon pages into the main wiki page. The moment you want to add in a main Characters page that the character is a God of this trope, don't do it. If you see leftovers of this practice, do yourself a favor and delete it from that main page. This also goes to the Trivia page. The only exception to this rule is if a page in the Pantheon could be confused for a page in Main, like Good Colors, Evil Colors and Good & Evil Colors.
  • You must use the Trope Pantheons discussion thread in the forums if you wish to add a new deity, story, something else of importance to the Trope Pantheon canon, or reworking an existing deity (be it simply improving their existing profile or changing their title).
    • For new and reworked deities, 3 [tup] means the profile will have a one week waiting period.
    • For new and reworked deities, 4 [tup] is a 3 day waiting period.
    • 5 [tup] is an automatic ascension for new and reworked deities.
    • Speaking of reworks, for anyone that wants to improve such profiles, they have to review the current trope the character(s) has and see if it still holds up or if there is a better rep for their trope.
    • For adding new Treasures to the Treasures or new Dominions to the Dominions, the following rules apply:
      • For new Treasures or Dominions, 3 [tup] is a 3 day waiting period.
      • 4 [tup] is an automatic addition to the Treasures or Dominions.
  • Do not include fan reception in any profiles. It has nothing to do with the character themselves and will create unnecessary conflict.
  • Write a detailed explanation on why the character is the best candidate for deity of that trope. If people disagree with you, do not force it on the people.
  • Keep in mind that if you still want to try to find a trope for a particular character, you're only given three chances on such. If a suggestion goes past three possible tropes, then it will come off as shoehorning a character into the Pantheon just for the sake of that character to be there.
  • Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment ALSO applies here. Do not bring things that would incite fights, even if it is what's currently the hot topic and might be 'urgent'. For example, the political scene and some really bad politicians. We are not here to fight at each other, so don't suggest things that go to that direction.
  • Do not create a trope page for a story until the story is fully completed.

    Instructions and Tips 
Here are some tips one should keep in mind when editing:
  • Please use the Trope Pantheons discussion thread in the forums if you wish to add a new deity, story, or something else of importance to the Trope Pantheon canon. You can also get some assistance in the forum thread. Submissions that are added without discussion are likely to be deleted.
  • If the character you are about to add to a House already exists in another, make sure to mention that this god has spots in other houses as well.
  • When writing facts/trivia about gods, try not to contradict what has already been written elsewhere.
  • When writing down the name of a Theme Song, try to avoid calling it "Theme of God X" or "Theme of (Show where God X originates from)". If possible, try to find out if the song has an actual name.
  • When adding an image for your God, make sure that it is not too big unless you wish to write more about the god you have chosen.
  • If you feel the need to remove a god for some reason and replace him/her with another, please see what the other tropers think about this in the discussion thread before doing anything hasty. If you're lucky (and they're from the same franchise), maybe both of them can share the title "Gods of (Insert Trope Here)".
  • Certain tropes can have more than one God. It is not advisable, but it is not forbidden. Just ensure that this second God will bring in new flavor of the trope. If you have doubts on how to bring the other flavors, consult the Trope Pantheon Discussion forum. Case in point: In the original Greek Mythology (and later Roman Mythology), both Ares/Mars and Athena/Minerva share the title of 'God/Goddess of War', and even then, they differ in flavor: Ares is about brutal warfare, Athena is about war strategies and finesse, while Mars took up some of Athena's elements that he kinda differs out than Ares. If the original myth can do this, why the hell not for the Pantheon?
  • Be creative! If you need some time to work out your potential deity's profile, use the Pending Gods or Pending Gods 2 page to get help. Incomplete and/or low-quality entries are more likely to get deleted or replaced.
  • When writing about a God who just happens to be a person in real life, just try to be very careful about what you decide to say. See also the Rules section. Especially the 1st bullet point.
  • All deities should be sorted by their divine ranking. Put Overdeities on the top of the page and Quasideities on the bottom. Also be sure to add them in alphabetical order by their first/given name.
  • Occasionally there will be Gods that carry a title without a trope. This is not forbidden, but it's well advised not to abuse them. Aside from introducing too many niche concepts, there are still chances for new tropes related to your chosen deity's title to be launched through YKTTW...
    • Additionally however, the only house that a tropeless profile are wholly allowed is the House of Food. Mainly due to most food items lacking tropes, and adding tropes about said foodstuffs is slightly unecessary. However, the character being ascended for their choice of a food, or food-related thing must be a decently good representative of said item. IE: Their Trademark Favorite Food, or something that they're closely associated with In-Universe, or both (example: Gangplank and his oranges).
  • Maximum number of tropes what a god should have is three, but don't try to abuse that fact. If you need to use a second trope to specify a certain thing about their position, that can be excused.
  • Some series will eventually have greater representation in the Pantheon than others. This is unavoidable, but a little diversity helps, as well. Try to ensure that if you add a deity from a popular series, make sure that it's because they're a good representative for the trope in question, and not just because they're connected to another deity in their respective canon.
  • As far as deities from actual mythologies (Greco-Roman, Norse, Japanese, etc.) are concerned, try not to replicate the default myths about their characters and use a fictional counterpart instead. In other words, if you want to use the Greek/Roman god Ares/Mars, you can't add him as the "God of War", but you can use him as part of another trope as long as it's a different version of him. For example:
    • Zeus, while having elements of his persona from Classical Mythology, draws more from his portrayal in the God of War Series.
    • Thor and Loki's Pantheon portrayals are influenced heavily by their appearances in their Marvel Comics series.
    • Amaterasu is a woman in her Japanese mythology portrayal, but her Pantheon counterpart is the dog goddess from Ōkami.
  • Don't depend too much on the hype/meme train, don't just jump onto that train willy-nilly in order to put on some events or entry in the Pantheon. It might not last very long or represent the trope best. This is Trope Pantheons, not Trope Hype Train!
  • Unless the character proposed is specifically from the Abridged version, the character should represent the tropes in their canon selves. If they also happen to possess the trait of the Abridged self, good! But otherwise, get the abridged stuff onto just the flavor texts.
  • To prevent any surprising need to rework profiles due to new development, please restrain from ascending gods from a series before the thing is either released or for longer-running series, there is a good enough of a break from story. This also applies to already existing series if there is a new thing coming out.
  • Please be sure to ask in the discussion about what you want to work before making the profile. This is done to see if your proposal is the best representative and so, in case your profile is turned down, you don't waste time writing something that others might not find suitable.
    • In the same vein, if you adopt a profile from another troper, it is recommended that you make an announcement that you have done so on the discussion thread. More often than not, a trope that was reserved for something was given away to someone else.
  • It is much more recommended to word the title like "God of X" instead of "The God that Xs". This will give off the vibe the God actually ruled over that trope instead of just 'did X', giving more credentials to how it's the best example of the trope.

    Divine Ranking System 
  • Overdeity: Omnipotent-level Reality Warpers capable of manipulating the entire universe (or at least the world) at will. Within their own universe they are believed to be omnipotent, or at least impossible-to-completely-destroy embodiments or concepts.
  • Greater Gods: High-level Reality Warpers and that are extremely powerful (capable of destroying or changing anywhere from a large city to a planet at will) and very strong non-reality warpers capable of doing the same thing.
  • Intermediate Gods: Deities at this level are capable of strong but specialized powers such as hydrokinesis, pyrokinesis, etc. without major drawbacks and low level Reality Warpers capable of affecting their immediate area at will.
  • Lesser Gods: Capable of highly specific or little power on their own, or suffer from Power at a Price. However, they may be able to ruthlessly exploit their power or combine it with just being badass enough to make up for it.
  • Demigods: Basically the Badass Normals of the pantheon, making up for their lack of abilities with strength, strategy, and/or planning.
  • Quasideities: Any otherwise normal human, human equivalent, or below without any special powers or training will fall here.

    Deity Template 
Template for adding a new deity:

God X, God/dess of (Insert Trope Here) (Alternate names/Nicknames, Fan Nickname)

  • An image, if possible. Please use official art or a screenshot for a picture.
  • Potential House:
  • Rank: This can range from Quasideity, Demigod, Lesser God, Intermediate God, Greater God, to Overdeity. This doesn't always have to be a representation of power, but it can also represent influence in the Pantheon.
  • Symbol: An image or icon used to represent the deity.
  • Theme Song: Song that usually is used in affiliation with the character. If the deity is a musician this will most likely be their Signature Song. If possible, give a link for reference, preferably on YouTube.
  • Alignment: Good, evil, neutral etc. Forget about The Great Character Alignment Debate here, the Pantheon is one of the few places where you can assign Dungeons & Dragons alignment to characters that don't have alignment system. After all, the Pantheon is based on D&D.
  • Gender: For Pokémon deities only. Defines the gender of the Pokémon; if genderless, it instead defines what gender they identify as.
  • Ability: Provides the Pokémon's ability. If they can Mega Evolve, the new ability is listed as well.
  • Moves: Defines the four moves used by a Pokémon. A Z-Move may also be listed.
  • Portfolio: Tropes associated with the character.
  • Domains: Things that the character has influence over.
  • Herald: Non-ascended loyal character that is from the same series as the ascended character.
  • High Priest: Non-ascended like heralds, but not from the same series, and can serve as a worthy replacement in case something would happen. They can be served as part-time workers in case the originals are busy with some jobs. Co-Godhood is accepted depending on the approval of the originals, usually if the co-deity is from the same series.
  • Followers: Non-ascended characters that are not part of the Pantheon, but would probably worship this character by the fact that they share the ascended character's trope.
  • Allies: Members of the Pantheon that are allies.
  • Rivals: Members of the Pantheon that are rivals.
  • Enemies: Members of the Pantheon that are foes.
  • Additional Character Relationships: Members of the Pantheon that have various relationships (examples include Enemy Mine, Vitriolic Best Buds, Teeth-Clenched Teamwork, Headbutting Heroes, Friendly Enemy, Friendly Rival, Just Friends, etc.) other than allies, rivals, or enemies.
  • Partner: Defines a partnership with an ascended deity and Pokémon.
  • Respected by/Respects: A deity whom the members of the Pantheon respect or are respected by.
  • Pitied by/Pities: A deity whom the members of the Pantheon feel pity for or find pitiable.
  • Opposed by/Opposes: Not necessarily the same as "Enemies", but this is used for any deity whom the members of the Pantheon directly opposes or is opposed by, regardless of alignment.
  • Conflicting Opinion: Sometimes, the Deities argue over specific themes and philosophies.
  • Add the Intro. The intro is made up of two trivia, the Ascension Text (or just the Ascension) and The Bio. Both are necessary, but which order you use for them may vary depending on the profile in question. It may be better for one profile to have The Bio first and the Ascension second or vice-versa, although for the most part the order is irrelevant:
    • The Ascension Text: This the story of how the character got into the Pantheon and/or was ascended. There are many ways for this to happen. They may be tricked into it or have simply wandered into the Pantheon, they may have had an already ascended character bring them in, they may already be in the Pantheon (via being another deity's Herald or sharing a trope) and got "promoted", or some combination of the above. Anything is possible in the Pantheon, so use your imagination, but try to incorporate their trope into the story, if possible.
    • The Bio: A brief synopsis on the character's backstory. No need for the character's entire life/production history, but just give enough that those who don't know the character can get an idea of how the character works.
  • Now add some random trivia/facts about events/alignments/moments/fights/friendships/relations etc.
  • And some more trivia/facts.
  • And a couple of more.

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RJ-19-CLOVIS-93 from New Zealand
Nov 8th 2019 at 1:56:19 PM

[up][up][up] I dunno, seems too on the nose. Also I think we should avoid major religious figures belonging to one of the biggest religions on Earth(2 billion people+). However I will accept fictional iterations of the character. Rather we could have different fictional versions of Jesus to represent the different Jesus tropes like Hippie Jesus.

@ Muundeis: Learning Tools would be where Newton would fit

Anything else for these DC ideas?

Apokolips and New Genesis, Divine Worlds Of Villainous Dystopias And Heroic Utopias (together: The Fourth World)
Left-New Genesis, right-Apokolips
  • Votes: 1(Master Hero)
  • House: Planets (House of Dominions)
  • Description: A hellish ecumenopolis (Apokolips) and heavenly arcadia with a floating city of Supertown (New Genesis), both existing in a higher dimension
  • Symbol: Darkseid's Omega Symbol (Apokolips), The New God symbol for freedom (New Genesis). Both use a Boom Tube or Mother Box as a general symbol
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil and Chaotic Good respectively
  • Portfolio: Villainous Badland, Heroic Arcadia, Enforced Cold War (it didn't last), Dwells In The Sphere Of The Gods, After the End Of A Ragnarok (as a whole), Always Lawful Evil Dystopia, Polluted Wasteland and City Planet (Apokolips), Utopian Arcadia of Crystal Spires and Togas, Always Chaotic Good (New Genesis)
  • Domains: Divinity, Duality, Conflict (Both), Dystopia, Tyranny, Industrialization (Apokolips), Utopia, Freedom, Arcadia (New Genesis)
  • Ruled by: Darkseid (Apokolips), Highfather (New Genesis)
  • Sacred to
  • There came a time when the Old Gods died! A climatic battle erupted between these gods, the noble and brave died with the brutal and cunning. Their world was destroyed, but eventually life emerged again. The molten remains split into two, bringing forth the dystopian Apokolips and utopian New Genesis. Evil and good, forever locked in conflict. This is the Fourth World, home to the New Gods.
  • In general
    • The two worlds are a sort of archetype of evil and good. As such the inhabitants morally reflect this, though even the harsh world of Apokolips can produce good souls(Orion) or free themselves through The Power of Love (Big Barda). But if there's something both sides can agree on, it's the merits of Bold Inflation and Purple Prose. The Grand United Alliance of Evil and Grand United Alliance of Good had a lot of vested interest in these worlds. Both sides would also like to know how Metron, a New God who claims to be from neither worlds, fits into things.
    • Apokolips and New Genesis exist in a higher plane known as the Sphere of the Gods, along with other divine beings. There's only one true version in the multiverse, described by Batman as coming from a sort of "archetypal, platonic world". While the gods(Darkseid at the least) have a Fighting a Shadow situation, this has led many people to wonder just how to explain the various contradictory depictions, retcons despite it also being mentioned these worlds are beyond normal space-time. Or how mortals visiting it works. The House of Knowledge is trying to resolve this, with Jack Kirby aiding them.
    • Requires a Boom Tube to go to and from, though some beings like Libra managed without. It's advised not to, as the true size of the New Gods and their home worlds are so massive that the Earth would barely displace a small lake-the Boom Tubes also scale mortals/the New Gods to be relatively equal in size. The House of Time and Space is working on making their own Boom Tubes and transportation devices separate from New God control.
    • A pact was made, exchanging sons for an Enforced Cold War. Everyone knows it's temporary, and it's prophesied Orion will kill Darkseid in a climatic war that sees the end of the Fourth World. Despite some attempts, Executive Meddling and the status quo prevents a permanent end. Darkseid is currently forming his own alliance, the Harbingers of Repression, for many reasons, but one of them is to ensure next time the end of the Fourth World comes he has an absolute advantage. And Highfather has encouraged further interaction with the pantheon, primarily the GUAG, for New Genesis to balance the scales in their favor. If anything, this'll make the next "final battle" even more apocalyptic.
  • Specific to Apokolips
    • Apokolips' most notable feature is its ever-burning fire pits. Its citizens are basically slaves to Darkseid, treated terribly yet so conditioned they worship him like some sort of Stockholm Syndrome. That said, they're often portrayed as a vicious lot and Darkseid is able to keep some sort of order. The GUAG has tried to take down Darkseid or at least try to better the citizen's spirit, but the fact it can't be changed from being a Crapsack World is an eternal thorn in the side of good. Nowadays they focus on making sure Darkseid doesn't try to turn the rest of creation into a new Apokolips.
    • Despite being the evil half of the Fourth World, Apokolips has cut all ties to Melkor and the GUAE. Darkseid doesn't play second fiddle, and Melkor reminds Darkseid of the one being he fears; his father and even worse God of Evil, Yuga Khan. YHVH hopes to usurp Darkseid's authority and take control of Apokolips, as it's firmly on the Law side of things, all in His eternal ambition to eliminate The Evils of Free Will and assert Himself as the one god.
    • Santa Claus has somehow managed to get his hand on a Mother Box or bypass the dimensional barriers, since he always manages to give Darkseid his yearly coal-a fact that infuriates him to no end. Further infuriating Darkseid and Apokolips as a whole is Rick Sanchez, who's skill at dimensional portals led him to take making his own Boom Tube as a challenge. After he accomplished that he mocked their technology and left a bunch of dick picks. He did that with New Genesis, but they didn't make a "torture and/or kill on sight" towards Rick.
  • Specific to New Genesis
    • A veritable paradise covered in lush forests and greenlands. To prevent nature being disrupted, the only urban center is the massive floating city of Supertown. This is something that those in the Nature Preservers respect.
    • Hexxus would love to change that, though he hasn't had any success so far. Unlike Melkor and Apokolips, Cosmos and the GUAG are totally welcome on New Genesis. Highfather has pledged support to them over the other alliances.
    • Lucifer has asked to form a potential alliance of convenience, given Apokolips' tyranny is a bane to the Grand United Alliance of Chaos and their goals. Highfather wanted to reject him outright as New Genesis does not approve of the GUAC's methods, however admits Lucifer would help against Darkseid. Lucifer was quick to point out that he has made some morally dubious actions such as trading his son for Darkseid's in The Pact, and one of his allies is Zeus. While he had a point, New Genesis has made it clear it's a non-aggression pact and will go against Lucifer the moment he goes out of line to stop the likes of Darkseid or YHVH.

James Bartholomew Olsen, God of Constantly Gaining And Losing Superpowers (Jimmy Olsen, Superman's Best Friend, Mr Action, Elastic Lad, Flamebird, Accountable, Turtle-Man and many other super-names)
Jimmy in what passes for normal.
A group shot of various weird transformations 
  • Votes: 1(Master Hero)
  • House: Power Gains And Losses (House of Power)
  • Quasideity (transformations vary from Demigod to Intermediate God)
  • Symbol: The wristwatch he uses to call Superman
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Introduced In A Radio, Badass Normal Despite His Bad Luck, Superpower Silly Putty, Photographer, Magnet For Strange Events and Super Dickery, Adorkable Nice Guy Who'll Always Be Superman's Pal, No Parents, Sees Superman Like A Dad, Intrepid Reporter, Took a Level in Badass
  • Domains: Friendship, Journalism, Strange Occurances, Superpowers(temporary)
  • Allies: Clark Kent, Lois Lane and the rest of the Superman family, DC Comics superheroes in general (particularly the New Gods of New Genesis), Moredcai and Rigby, George, Ben Tennyson, Toshinori Yagi and Izuku Midoriya, Metro Man, Ron Weasley, Luigi
  • Enemies: Most DC Comics super-villains (Lex Luthor, Regime Superman and the Joker are at the top of the list), Plutonian, Louis Bloom, Diana Christensen
  • Jimmy Olsen is the son of a military man who disappeared during a mission, so he was raised mostly by his mother. After she died he inherited a large fortune, but chose to give it away to good causes. A Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer who works at the Daily Planet, his close friendships with his colleagues, Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Perry White. He is most well-known for his friendship with the Man of Steel, who he met when Jimmy created a special signal watch that emits a high-frequency sound that only his super-hearing can hear, which Superman let him keep to use as a method of alerting him when his life is in danger.
  • A major Weirdness Magnet, which went into overdrive during the crack-tasting Silver Age of comics. Of course a dedicated newspaper reporter like Jimmy will try to be part of the action. One of the only gods in the pantheon who's experience with weirdness might surpass his are park rangers Mordecai and Rigby, and Regular Show might as well be called "Weirdness Magnet; The Show". They had a good laugh exchanging stories on all the crazy events that have happened to them.
  • The weirdness associated with Jimmy Olsen is the fact that he has gotten and lost all sorts of superpowers. Mainly expressed by weird transformations like a big head. If Jimmy is forced to choose his favorite, he usually picks the giant turtle boy due to its power and iconic status. The House of Power is trying to figure out some pattern to it so they can predict and thus properly utilize the powers he gets.
  • Assuming it's even counted, Countdown to Final Crisis had him getting back various weird superpowers because of the number of dead New Gods' souls who inhabited him, as part of Darkseid's plan...or something. Nobody likes talking about it. Linkara bemoaned the gaudiness of Jimmy's Mr Action costume and told him to get a better costume if he's going to be a proper superhero, advice Jimmy has taken.
  • The Grand United Alliance of Good is hoping to help him control whatever random powers he gets. To do so, Jimmy has visited Ben Tennyson because how he has managed to get used to the variety of different alien powers the Omnitrix has bestowed on him. Along with Deku he has also been training under All-Might, who reminds Jimmy a lot of Superman.
  • A magnet for Super Dickery, though there's usually a good reason for it. OK, sometimes it doesn't. Being in the presence of Bob and George's own Weirdness Magnet and "corrupting influence" on making characters act surlier resulted in Super Dickery and weirdness only surpassed by the crackiest Silver Age stories. Jimmy found he likes George as he's usually a nice guy, and often finds himself frustrated by the weirdness. Especially time travel.
  • Jimmy's a nice kid, though a number of DC super-villains have tried to take a swipe at him or those he cares about. Mainly he's concerned about Lex Luthor, given Luthor's where he lives already. However he's been quick to oppose the Joker since the Regime universe saw him as the first casualty in the Joker's plan to break Superman. While Regime Superman was happy to see some version of his old friend back, Jimmy was horrified and saddened to learn what a tyrant that Superman became.
  • While there is some pity Jimmy has to Regime Superman, there is nothing but total disgust and contempt towards the Plutonian. He's an utter bastardization of anything a Superman Substitute should be, not helped by how his original heroism was motivated by a desire for attention and glory than genuine selflessness. Metro Man, however, was a Superman Substitute Jimmy liked. He's a bit of a Smug Super, but has matured.
  • On the flip side Jimmy was disturbed to learn about his equivalent in Metroville, the entitled stalker and eventual supervillain Hal Stewart. Jimmy hopes to never meet him. He already has his fill of evil journalists and crooks associated with the law like Louis Bloom and Diana Christensen. Thankfully Spiderman exists as superhero reporter, due to his job at the Daily Bugle.
  • Jimmy is friends with Luigi as he tries to help Mario as much Jimmy tries to help Superman. He's not all that surprised by the many weird power-ups that have showed up in the Mario Kingdom, finding them not to different from the powers he gains and loses in a regular basis. He's also friends with Ron Weasley, another red-haired sidekick to a famous hero.

Edited by RJ-19-CLOVIS-93 on Nov 8th 2019 at 10:58:10 PM

Representing New Zealand, TV Tropes addict
AjWargo Lord Barglebroth, Come For Your Souls! from Westfeild, New Jersey
Lord Barglebroth, Come For Your Souls!
Nov 8th 2019 at 2:17:23 PM

Well, there is Kung-Fu Jesus...

Check out my fanfiction account here!
WeirdWarrior Press 5 For Senor from the Sunshine State Relationship Status: They can't hide forever. We've got satellites.
Press 5 For Senor
Nov 8th 2019 at 2:32:53 PM

[tdown] for the Jesus suggestion.

This time, I'm really gonna do it.
Nov 8th 2019 at 2:36:51 PM

At this point, Jesus is fair game. As i said, do the South Park Version.

Gacha Is A Lie.
M1gamiTensei 2edgy4me from THE SINS NEVER DIE Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
Nov 8th 2019 at 3:00:12 PM

Kung-Fu Jesus already belongs to Toki

Jesus is obviously a controversial person, not because of the guy himself but all the religious stuff surrounding Him. Regardless of your belief, he is a proven historical figure that had an effect even outside of Abrahamic religion.

If I would write him, Jesus would be a Composite Character of all his iterations. He’ll still be Son of God of course and is pretty much an Overdeity in power. Pretty sure Jesus is tolerable of all beliefs, “Love thy neighbor” and all that.

I could post the profile in my sandbox when I got the baseline and everyone can pitch in to help (need all the nicknames listed). I was raised to be a Christian and I’m pretty sure the internet can help track down every version of Jesus across media. Can’t keep Jesus Taboo forever.

fasoman1996 Angry pure boi from Argentina (A.K.A. Naziland) Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
Angry pure boi
Nov 8th 2019 at 3:02:16 PM

I rather play it safe and maybe stick with just a specific version.

Like the South Park Jesus mixed with some Saint Young Men jesus

OW 2 hypemon
Nov 8th 2019 at 3:06:11 PM

I would go the same route.

Jesus also appear in Family Guy in which his second coming cause him to go on a ego trip.

Gacha Is A Lie.
M1gamiTensei 2edgy4me from THE SINS NEVER DIE Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
Nov 8th 2019 at 3:07:45 PM

Maybe the South Park version can be his own separate character first. I do believe Biblical tropes should be presented in the Pantheon since we’re already dipping our toes with specific iterations of characters being from the Bible. Like Moses, Solomon, all that. From what I see it, actually putting the South Park Jesus over the actual one to be more controversial.

Making that Pewdiepie profile made me believe if I could ascend that guy, through some time, effort and collaboration, maybe Jesus could get here if I just follow the same footsteps.

fasoman1996 Angry pure boi from Argentina (A.K.A. Naziland) Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
Angry pure boi
Nov 8th 2019 at 3:09:05 PM

[up] Don't push it or the mods could get mad.

OW 2 hypemon
Nov 8th 2019 at 3:09:55 PM

There was no controversy when The SP Devil was here before other Devils.

Edited by WhirlRX on Nov 8th 2019 at 6:10:21 AM

Gacha Is A Lie.
WeirdWarrior Press 5 For Senor from the Sunshine State Relationship Status: They can't hide forever. We've got satellites.
Press 5 For Senor
Nov 8th 2019 at 3:10:15 PM

[up][up][up] I'd rather we stick with the South Park/Saint Young Men version.

Edited by WeirdWarrior on Nov 8th 2019 at 6:12:02 AM

This time, I'm really gonna do it.
RJ-19-CLOVIS-93 from New Zealand
Nov 8th 2019 at 3:10:52 PM

Pewdiepie's controversy is more a one-time Never Live It Down thing, isn't it?

Representing New Zealand, TV Tropes addict
yugi195 Superlex from Lexcorp Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Nov 8th 2019 at 3:11:11 PM

Besides, Jesus is already in the Pantheon.

It's time to stop being selfish. The world needs Lex Luthor.
Bazzardreturns The Marked Prince from Canada Relationship Status: In love with love
The Marked Prince
Nov 8th 2019 at 3:14:04 PM

@ M1gami Tensei: bitch, no.

Time to explore the world!
louisent31 HE'S JUST SO BEAUTIFUL from Chaldea Relationship Status: I <3 love!
Nov 8th 2019 at 3:17:58 PM

M1gami: Please don’t. I’m begging you. We would get so much flak from the mods if we let this happen.

Rj: What about Peter Parker? He’s a superhero who never even met his parents who is also a journalist and photographer.

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Rip Sita
Nov 8th 2019 at 3:20:00 PM

Would you honestly get flak by the Mods? Did it happen with God? You did it twice.

Gacha Is A Lie.
Bazzardreturns The Marked Prince from Canada Relationship Status: In love with love
The Marked Prince
Nov 8th 2019 at 3:23:03 PM

[up] Do you want to tempt fate?

Time to explore the world!
Nov 8th 2019 at 3:23:47 PM

[up]You can always ask it?

Gacha Is A Lie.
Bazzardreturns The Marked Prince from Canada Relationship Status: In love with love
The Marked Prince
Nov 8th 2019 at 3:26:38 PM

Nah I'll stop with the questions.

But in all seriousness, no Jesus in the Pantheon. [tdown]

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EJTails The Knight of Lightning, Seeker of Respect from A World of Light and Darkness Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
The Knight of Lightning, Seeker of Respect
Nov 8th 2019 at 3:37:43 PM

Since I had uploaded my draft earlier, what do you think of it? Should I add it to the Pantheon now, or is there something you should suggest I add?

The Lightning Flame Fox. Risen up to finally bring proper respect to those that deserve it.
WeirdWarrior Press 5 For Senor from the Sunshine State Relationship Status: They can't hide forever. We've got satellites.
Press 5 For Senor
Nov 8th 2019 at 3:38:10 PM

As I have posted before, [tdown] for the Jesus profile.

This time, I'm really gonna do it.
rinrinboss Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Nov 8th 2019 at 3:45:49 PM

No Jesus, because he's too controversial topic. I honestly don't know if what the difference between Christianity and Catholicism, and my family made me go to church every Sunday. But do we have someone for Raised Catholic ?

Edited by rinrinboss on Nov 8th 2019 at 3:46:34 AM

Excessive-Menace The fish... from The Mancave Relationship Status: Dancing with myself
The fish...
Nov 8th 2019 at 3:46:13 PM

[up][up][up] [tup] for Arusu/Erdrick/Three, you need 5 [tup] to upload the profile immediately. 3 is one week wait, 4 is three day wait.

Edited by Excessive-Menace on Nov 8th 2019 at 3:48:06 AM

Do you like my car?
Bazzardreturns The Marked Prince from Canada Relationship Status: In love with love
The Marked Prince
Nov 8th 2019 at 3:47:12 PM

[up][up] Buddy, Catholicism is a type of Christianity.

Edited by Bazzardreturns on Nov 8th 2019 at 3:47:22 AM

Time to explore the world!
WeirdWarrior Press 5 For Senor from the Sunshine State Relationship Status: They can't hide forever. We've got satellites.
Press 5 For Senor
Nov 8th 2019 at 3:49:03 PM

[up] We even have a trope for it called Christianity Is Catholic.

This time, I'm really gonna do it.

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