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Season 3 theories: (season 2 Spoiler alert!)
  • Grunlek survived thanks to his giant shield and his 3 Critical Hits. He protected Arcana, Tiolan, Jean-Michel Billy and most of the others NPCs from the meteors. Shin survived too by jumping into the well, but will be absent from most of the season. Viktor is dead, and Death!Bragg is mysteriously missing.
  • If any member of a church survived, the whole group will be held responsible and tracked down at least for the assassination of Maeda, much likely as accomplices of an heretic abomination and disciples of a demon, and possibly for the release of the undead and the destruction of the region (because, well, they are the cause of it all and only stopped the abomination because they were forced to.) The 3rd season will see the players embrace their status of Big Bad.
    • Half-confirmed half-jossed: they are held responsible for the destruction by the Intendants Guild, hunted by the Mercenaries Guild, and their methods got Darker and Edgier. But they met some church members survivors, and if they are far being friends, they all agree that the intendants are the most dangerous threat. B.O.B. is completely unrepentant for the death he rained and laughs at the face of a survivor, accepting that the Churches will try to hunt them when the Intendants will be dispatched.
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    • Completely jossed for the Big Bad theory however: they are more like La Résistance.
      • Still, Théo wants to see the world burn while Grunlek and Shin plot to take possession of the codices instead of destroying them.
  • Demon!B.O.B. is gonna be this season's Big Bad. Depending on the actions and the rolls, he will be either saved in a "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight or killed if they can't find any alternatives. Alternatively, if B.O.B. fails his Fighting from the Inside, he will take Enoch with him or incapacitate him so the other could Kill Them Both in a Heroic Sacrifice.
  • The new cast will be Krayn as Grunlek, Fred as Théo, Bob as Tiolan and Seb as Arcana.
    • Jossed, it is the same team as before.
  • Théo will have a Jerkass Realization and Took a Level in Kindness after Viktor's death.
    • Looks like you're right: he even named his sword "Viktor" to honor him. Also Fred and Mayhar confirmed that he would act more like a true Paladin is S3.
      • On the other hand, he straight up murdered an unarmed mook because he had Outlived His Usefulness. That's not really what I would call "kindness", and if Théo of all people Took a Level in Cynichish!
      • Compared to when Mahyar had to warn him that if he keeps punching Elyren he will kill him it's a level in kindness.
  • The bones that Grunlek's arm absorbed will be significant in some way (Ballistic Bone powers?).
    • Grunlek's new earthbending powers may be linked to this?

Season 4 Theories (Beware of Season 3 spoilers!)
  • Grunlek, tired of all this, will leave the group and either wander around the crater or come back to claim his rightfull throne. Krayn's new character will be an alchemist.
    • Jossed regarding Grunlek's relation to the group or Krayn creating a new character.
    • Confirmed for him reclaming his throne.

Enoch is actually a God
Or at least was at some point. Enochian is an ancient angelic language (it's used in Bayonetta by the way). Based on that, we could imagine that Enoch is some kind of Fallen Angel ; my theory is that he was the "guardian of knowledge" or something like that (based on his son's Seeker Archetype) but decided one day to share it with the mortals (thus the name "language of Enoch") and got banished for that by the other Gods (and maybe all Devils are exiled Gods for that matter). Or maybe he is still a God, the twist being that Gods are actually evil.

Apple will become a Sith
Tyzen's Force-sensitivity is a big Red Herring: Apple is actually the one who will become a Jedi, explaining for example how she survived being tossed through the containment box. And knowing Fred, she will end up with The Dark Side.
  • Jossed. For now… (Muah-ha-ha!)
  • Still, Mahyar tried to pull a Sadistic Choice appealing to the character's greed and stated that when Apple was facing the defense cannon, he would have had Apple use Dark Side points to avoid the blast if 808 had failed his roll.

808 will sacrifice himself
In order to protect his orgnic masters, he will likely make a Heroic Sacrifice of some sort like staying to set up a bomb or holding back a monster. Maybe they could find / he could give them a "backup" of himself, then look for E. Noch and/or his lab to find another suitable prototype in which they could put the Heart Drive (an 808 2.0, or even a more advanced prototype like say 808-73NN0N).note 

Spin-Off ideas

Madris isn't Shin's son
  • Considering strawpolls tend to have a very minor and brief effect on the storylines, the Reveal that Shin had a son is a bit too big for leaving it to a strawpoll. Shin just happend to looks like the kid's father.

Théo is actually possessed by B.O.B.'s demon after the latter healed Théo with his elementary stance
  • Mahyar and Seb already lampshaded this but the sudden change of Théo's behavior and his desire to "burn everything" may suggest that he's may be possessed (in some ways) by B.O.B.'s demon.
    • Plus, this is again lampshaded in the fifth Live's storyline when Théo's and B.O.B.'s souls exchanged bodies, as B.O.B.'s demon seems to "like" Théo's soul.

Sanguinus manipulated the Adventurers during all of season 3
  • Sanguinus planned to shut down access to magic with the help of the adventurers
    • He subtly aggravated the rift between the group and the Churches, by repeatedly indicating that they were not their allies but that he could be, by inviting survivors of the massacre at the conclave rather than more neutral parties to his meeting with the Adventurers and by implying they collaborated with the Intendants rather than being forced to surrender, possibly to push the heroes to act against the Churches interests.
    • His ultimate goal: to depower the other Churches and, since himself and other Sanguinus (Sanguini?) are not using magic, to place his Church above the others.


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