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  • All-Star Cast: Bob Lennon, Frédéric Molas and Sébastien Rassiat. Krayn and Mahyar Shakeri were fairly known in their own circle, but not much outside (of course their careers benefited from this Colbert Bump).
  • Colbert Bump: Krayn was arguably the less famous member of the four main characters (a video maker specialized in MMORPGs). He has acquired a much more significant fanbase thanks to the success of Aventures.
    • It could applies even more to Mahyar, considered one of the best French Game Masters but whom probably no-one had ever heard about outside of hardcore "rôlistes". Now he has his own show and is probably considered the Tabletop RPG expert by the French gaming community.
    • Sorina-Chan, Aventures' illustrator, also had a significant bump thanks to this show (for example, she worked for Salut Les Geeks thanks to it), and became more than "that Asian girl from JdG".
  • The Danza: Bob Lennon plays a character nicknamed Bob in both series: Balthazar Octavius Barnabé and 808. (Though Bob is not his actual name.) Plus B.O.B. doubles as an Ink-Suit Actor.
    • Grunlek's full name is Grunlek Von Krayn.
  • Fandom Life Cycle: Stage 2. It has a significant fandom, but not very vocal outside of FanFiction.Net and DeviantArt.
  • Fan Translation: Well, all the quotes that you will find of this wiki are fan-translated, whether they are In-Universe or said by the players. Similarly, if most of the names stay the same, some translations such as "the Old Tower", "Rapier Man", "Wonders City", or "Middland" are English approximations of the original French names.
  • Follow the Leader: Many Tabletop RPG web-series appeared in the French YouTube sphere after the success of Aventures. Even Mahyar himself jumped on the hype train and started a Solo Side Project named Reussite Critique after his personal blog (though some Aventures members still occasionally participate amongst other Special Guests).
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  • I Knew It!: Many fans expected Théo to eventually come Back from the Dead, but the most popular theory was that he somehow survived thanks to the spider venom in his blood (so it is partially disproved). Similarly, many people knew that Fred would not be able to keep Viktor a Straight Man all the way and that he would eventually have a Sanity Slippage.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: For some unknown reasons, the second part of the third Live storyline (the one with the flying mansion) has never been uploaded on YouTube. The full livestream is still available on Dailymotion though, and a fan has uploaded it on YouTube.
    • The results of the live strawpolls are pretty difficult to find if you want to see what were the options given the the audience, but sometimes nice fans put them in the comment section.
    • A failed livestream — which was planned to be the second part of the second Live scenario (the one with Sir Délénor) but was plagued with technical issues and eventually postponed — is circulating in the comment section of the actual second part.
  • No Export for You: A French Tabletop RPG campaign Web Video series? Yeah, fat chance any of you English speaking tropers will ever see this show translated in Shakespeare's language (outside of a potential Comic-Book Adaptation, but again not many Franco-Belgian Comics ever cross the frontiers). note 
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  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: The Lives include several artworks made by fans and commissioned by the GM, such as water halflings in the second one and orcs in the third.
  • Playing Against Type: Compared to Bob Lennon's usual Pyro-Barbarian persona he uses on characters like Balthazar, who talk loud and call people they meet "blasted dogs", 808 is a polite robot with a C-3PO voice (of course that is with his politeness chip on).
  • Prop Recycling: Mahyar mostly uses a new pack of Star Wars-themed assets for Starventures but one can still recognize some tokens from Aventures such as some lizards or the rusty tower in which they hid from rampaging spiders, here used as Mordeyn's house.
  • Tribute to Fido: Balthazar's cat in the Live series is named Wilfrid just like Bob's real cat (which is no real surprise seeing how he names his own characters).
  • Rule 34 – Creator Reactions: The team often jokes about the Slash Fics and seems pretty happy about it. They even purposely make Fanfic Fuel Ho Yay scenes for fans with Shipping Goggles.
    "Now we have covered every single pairing!"
    • Fred mentioned the possibility of reading fanfics with the group acting in character.
  • Throw It In: Mahyar often includes in the canon what started as simple jokes between the players reacting to the dice rolls.
  • What Could Have Been: Being an improvised show depending on random dice rolls and unpredictable players, the show had a lot of Aborted Arcs but also new storylines that were supposed to be way shorter and ended up being more important than initially intended by Mahyar. See the main page for a more exhaustive list.
    • Starventures was initially really supposed to be called "Aventures in Space!" but Bob eventually coined the final name inspired by Starbarians in which he does several voices in the French dub. Mahyar was a tad disappointed, as he preferred the original corny name.
  • Word of Saint Paul: Sorina-Chan, the illustrator of the series, drew a fanart of Bruce's character Aldo Azur. She said in the description that since they didn't really describe him physically she had to improvise most of his design. This will probably be the closest (and only) artwork we will ever get as far as "canon" goes.
    • It also applies to the lore Fred created as the GM of a live storyline. Mahyar only agreed so far as it was restricted to the town where the party was.
    • Any suggestion or assumption by Bob Lennon regarding the lore of Aventures.


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