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    Season 1 

    Season 2 
  • Season Finale: B.O.B unleashing his demon while Krayn throws 3 critical hits in a row and Shin having Icy gouging the Big Bad's eyes.

    Season 3 
  • Théo and B.O.B team up on a wolf who end up being thrown on fire.
  • During the meeting with Vaal and subsequent attack of the Mercenaries, Théo blocks a critical hit with his own, saving B.O.B from being bisected in extremis.
  • While infiltrating the Intendants'mansion, Théo and B.O.B. run down a hallway filled with suits of Animated Armor trying to hit them as they pass in front of them. Théo blocks every single one of their blow, culminating in him blocking two armors at the same time.
  • After a long string of failures including a near death, Théo get to save everyone in the Finale by using his elemental form and flying his teammates to safety.

    Season 4 
  • Shin jumping over the summoned troll and killing the goblin warlock, making the beast disappear.

  • The in extremis rescue of Apple by 808, with a 60/60 check which would have likely resulted in the death of the Twi'lek if he had failed his roll by only 1 more point. Bob even celebrated this epic scene with a little Latin Lover moment ("¡Olé!").
  • Gaar freeeing Tyzen from his prison by ripping the tube off it's support.
  • Apple secures the MacGuffin, Gaar tackles a Sith lord across the room, Tyzen turns every cannons in the room on the villain and the villain parries every shot safe for the last one and only by making 81/80.

  • In the first Live story the group try to sneak out of a castle but Théo can't force a door open, Grunlek, thanks to a Critical Success, tear the whole door open.
  • In the second Live Seb gets his scenario killer reputation by killing the boss while he is summoning his monster goons. Most of the monsters make a run for it the moment they are summoned when they see their leader is dead.
  • In the third Aventures Live story, Grunlek manages to make Théo's failure to impale a kid looks like Théo jumped to save him from falling to his death.

    Les Survivants 
  • In Episode 11, the group's plan to free the other survivors from the pluderers of the Future.
    • Seb, one of the biggest Doom Magnets of the series, rolls a 01 (Critical Success). The result is Hoan throwing a knife in the throat of a sentinel of the Future who was about to shoot Andrew.
    • The moment when Andrew manages to protect Hoan from two zombies after Fred succeeds a difficult roll (30 or less; he rolled a 29).
  • The finale has a few epic moments
    • Krayn survived the whole game with Janet! Even better since she was about to get eaten near the end only to pass her survival check on a clutch 30 or less; he rolled a 30).
    • Jonh the driver, despite not only being a non playable character who totalled the bus last episode and is only good at passing his survival check. when they get on a boat and Mahyar has to roll the last roll that will tell if the group escaped The Horde or not, he makes a Critical Success and Mahyar simply throws the horn with his right hand.
    Seb: Oh my license was for boat all along.
    • Fred finally gets to play the little girl and roll a one on his perception check, making her a ninja that saves the driver from a zombie.



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