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  • In the end, what purpose served the goddamn spiders?? Why did Vlad (who was apparently controlling them) attack Drin, the druidess and their pack of wolves, then Théo and the adventurers (if it was any other reason than "letting them eat")? Why "spiders" specifically by the way, did they "connected better" with Vlad's contraption or was it simply for their "Zerg Rush" qualities? And plot-wise they didn't appear to serve his end-game other than maybe bringing him elementals for his experiences. Though one would notice that in the end they actually only attacked (onscreen at least) non-humans and Church members, so it was maybe just another one of his tool to get rid of magic ("Lawful Evil Spider Police" *cue opening*).
    • Well what creatures could attack adventurers, poison the one they don't want and bound with web the other that can serve to make gems? Plus wildlife attack is less alarming than if he just send his soldiers doing the abductions.
    • The earlier spiders killed adventurers (the druidess and her companion) who had informations on Vlad's activities and could interfere. They were next seen hibernating inside Bragg's territory, possibly to act in case his disappearance was noticed. Finally, during the last moments of Vlad's plan, they were gathered to guard his lair. How he planned to deal with them after destroying the magic is anyone's guess, though.
      • If his plan works he killed all the gods, spiders seems like small fry compared to that, plus he was draining the magic for him.
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    • According to Mahyar's recap of seasons 1 and 2, the Rapier Man was the one who controlled the spiders through his gems.
  • What was that sword in the season 1 animated ending? Was it supposed to be Théo's thus being a Series Continuity Error, was it a "spare" left on Lumière or did it belong to another player?
  • What happened to all the spider eggs? It was hinted several times that the spiders were a Hive Mind controlled by Knight Vlad, but did destroying him killed all the spiders and their eggs? If not, then there is a Time Bomb waiting to hatch all over the land.
    • Well remember how pretty much all the grown spider made an exodus to wonder city when Vlad called them? Even if the spider eggs hatches those spiders are either pest at worst (no one to control them and they are babies) or dies because who is gonna take care of them. Babies don't know how to hunt.
  • Squick incoming: Théo's preview is both Heartwarming and a Tear Jerker, but did that mean that he got back to the place where the "Death incident" happened, recovered Viktor's months-old rotten body under several tons of space rocks, probably calcined by the meteor and/or blown in several pieces due to the explosive power gem, put all that in a bag and dragged it for several days just to bury him in a somewhat symbolic place in the middle of nowhere?! At first we could think that it is just a symbolic tombstone, but Théo apparently affirms that Viktor is "right under there".
    • He probably just took a skull or something. Also I know Théo is an asshole but I expect him to search back his friends once he wake up instead of waiting a month so he probably rode back after the meteor stopped falling, met Shin and the other survivors, find some remains that he conserved in a box and carried it back to a place fitting for Viktor.
  • The whole "ogres are born from children's nightmares" is poetic, but how does that work? First of all: where do they appear? Is there a special place where they all come from, is it random or is it related to where the child had the nightmare? On that matter, and not even going on the how and the why (Magical Dream Phlebotinum, let's deal with it), are ogres related to 1) one child, growing bigger each time (s)he has a bad dream? 2) one nightmare, the worst it is, the stronger the ogre will be? 3) An amalgamation of multiple nightmares from different children, but then what are the rules? And if it is solution 1, if the ogre dies, is the child suddenly free of his/her night terrors (in a two-way kind of link) or will a new small ogre emerge the next time he or she will have a nightmare?
    • There is also the frequency: does an ogre "births" each time a kid have a nightmare, does it need several one to accumulate, or are only the worst nightmares powerful enough to generate it? Also, is there an age limit on the children for the compatible dreams, like 13 or 18? It would more logical to see the whole process as running through "personal fears" which are numerous and more irrational when you are a kid but progressively fade away with experience. However, Adult Fear is a thing, as well as Primal Fear and phobias. Do they still work for the ogres, and would the fact that they are so powerful make them even stronger than "regular" kid nightmares?
    • Considering Blood, Death and possibly Sound elementals roaming around it is not that far fetched. Think of it as the Boogeyman mix Clap Your Hands If You Believe. Kids imagine giant monsters all the time ; have one of them with The Gift of magic and suddenly little Timmy's dream come true and the woods he didn't want to go to is full of monsters.
  • The whole deal with Sanguinus not using his powers unless granted permission by the Adventurers. B.O.B. misunderstood it as something magic which was bound to the phrasing they would use (when he was badly wounded, Sanguinus stated that he couldn't cure himself without risking innocent casualties while B.O.B. was certain that by asking him to focus on their enemies, his powers could be controled) but it's only a matter of honor since his abilities are a condition rather than magic-related. So, even facing death, he wouldn't use his powers without permission from the heroes. The headscratcher part comes from the last minutes of season 3: B.O.B. told Sanguinus not to kill the intendants, but he ended up sacrificing them to heal the heroes, which goes directly against their wishes. So, what, did he imitate Genie's Loophole Abuse from Aladdin and moved their unconscious heads back and forth so they would agree to that ?
    • Sanguinus doesn't need permission, he just wanted to put the innocent blood on the heroes hands. By the way Mahyar was phrasing it was similar to when he asks Fred to use the dark side of the force, you can solve the problem but it will be a clear alignment shift. It's not like Sanguinus is a robot that do only what he is told he is a Noble Demon with his own goals and motivations. Even Grunlek who overdid the "he is a man of his word" thinks it's better to keep an eye on him when they are closing in on the Codices and t was always clear all he wants is blood to flow.


  • How did a bunch of Ewoks, a tribal civilization with no technology more advanced than "throwing rocks and tree trunks", ended up so far of Endor on this Jabiim planet? They even seem to be here since a long time if the treehouses are any indications. Did they secretly have Sufficiently Advanced Bamboo Technology, or should we consider "Ewok magic" canon at this point?
    • Deportation of Ewoks. I mean the Empire made a bunch of reflector shield on Endor, probably destroying some parts in the process. Now if someone decided to pick an interest in Ewoks they could have grabbed the tribe that lost their home and ship them to a planet that conveniently is the random destination when you use hyperdrive near Endor blindly. Basically the group attacked an animal sanctuary by mistake.
    • Or you can go with the suggestion of the players than Ewoks are the Precursors of the Star Wars universe and, although they surpass the other races in terms of knowledge, swore off technology after settling on a few worlds.
    • Why do they worship 808's arm? It's not like they never saw any piece of technology before, nor any robots for that matter since they apparently deal with "the Marketer" Mordeyn who has several Robot Dogs among other things. So, does an ancient prophecy specifically predicted that a giant hairy creature with an arm in its belt would bring them food and fortune?
      • 808's arm can function independently, which may have sparked the worship. If the Ewoks ARE familiar with that kind of technology, 808 is still a prototype of a discontinued line of robots, which means he actually is one of a kind.
      • Mordrayn is a crook who sold them robot parts as holy relics? I mean his whole "I paid an heavy fortune to get your stuff from Ewoks" is bullshit at best he had to give the tribes a bunch of mirrors and a story about how they can trap people's soul with it.
  • If Mordeyn is the one who created the map in the first place, why did he brought Zaart the Trandoshan to decipher it? I have multiple theories:
    1. He never actually saw the ship and Ardrynn in person, the Sith commanded him in a dream or something similar by using the Dark Side to send him vague coordinates and informations.
    2. Similarly, it was first Zaart who got a telepathic link with Ardrynn and drew the map, then Mordeyn eventually learned about it and embraced the Dark Side while Zaart got too stressed and scared and gave up the Dark Side traumatized and amnesic, the view of the ship triggering his PTSD.
    3. Mordeyn only wanted to look less suspicious in the eyes of the adventurers. The random guy they meet happens to know the location of the treasure? Totally not a trap!