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Fridge Brilliance

Even if the events of the games are decided by random dice rolls and the players' occasionally reckless decisions, some of them could be interpreted in a more logical way:
  • Eden is specifically friendly towards Grunlek because she was raised by another dwarf, Drin, and thus she is more trusty toward this race. On the other hand, she seemingly hates Shin because he carries the druidess sword, and her scent on this unknown man made him suspicious.
  • When Mahyar describes Dania's cinnamon perfume Seb jokingly corrects "apple-cinnamon", but this could explain Shin's fondness toward apples: they remind him of her, his choice and the love he had to give up to continue his personal quest.
  • Viktor's One-Hit Kill on the flesh drinker was because of all the conflicted thoughts he had: he lost Théo after he swore to protect him to his late father then found out that he miraculously survived only to be possessed with a mysterious entity, the same kind he vowed to destroy when joining the Church of Light and the Inquisition. When Théo said him that they "will deal with that later", he released all his purgatory impulse combined with his overall frustration on the monster.
    • It effectively was his Rage Breaking Point. Fred not changing his attitude when switching from Théo to Viktor in the last act was likely an oversight from his part, but storywise it could be interpreted as the last step of the character's season-long Sanity Slippage.
  • Apple got so easily captured by the Ewoks because she was still badly injured from the rathtar's attack and the pain was so distracting that she didn't saw the rock coming.
  • The two Baragwin aliens that Apple threatened were able to detect deception, so bluff wouldn't have worked. For once, Fred's blunt approach was justified since the group wanted to keep their motive a secret. And after her recent trials, Apple's no-nonsense mode is somewhat understandable.
  • Apple making a screeching noise with her exoskeleton is actually justified: she was not entirely used to it and did not realized that sliding on the ground with it would make this sound.
  • Shin deciding the life of someone on a coin toss make sense since he is the one with the highest All or Nothing ratio of the group so it's fitting he believes in luck and causality.
    • Alternatively, Bob had his character decide whether or not to kill the sewer hobo of the first live on a litteral coin toss. B.O.B. may have done the same in-universe, which Shin would have picked on.
    • On a meta-level, the whole conclave debacle and the end of the second season was basically decided on a coin flip with Viktor's silent advice to Théo (a failed mental test with a 50/100 statistic).
  • Why is Théo calmer and more encline to peace in season 3? Because it comes after his recklessness, pettiness and desire to fight caused the razing of a big area, a Zombie Apocalypse and the death of a lot of people, among them Viktor, which, as his inter season episode shows, he's remorsful of (at least the last one). No wonder he's more cautious now.
  • Alternatively, Théo experiences the Five Stages of Grief throughout the 3rd season:
    • Denial: Théo acts as Viktor would have (most notably as a healer) and against his own impulses, as if his reckless behaviour was not the cause of Viktor's death.
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    • Bargaining: Between Episodes 8 and 10. Théo uncharacteristically negociates with 3 churches and, litteraly removing his status as either Paladin or Inquisitor, tries to barter for safe passage for his friends and himself with his enemies.
    • Anger: After his nth death, Théo lashes against anyone and everyone and wants to see the world burn.
    • Depression: Oh Lord of the Light, does he get it! A series of failures leaves him a husk of his former self.
    • Acceptance: By episode 27 of season 3, Théo feels he has completed his redemption and embraces his own notion of justice.
  • Théo seeing the connection with Vlad and the codices makes a lot of sense even in-universe since he fell in the psy world with him and partly fuse with him and a Death avatar.

Fridge Horror

  • Unless the meteor shower from season 2 had a larger range, the Intendant's Guild just won their war with all the churches army in disarray, even worse since the elementals will be invading soon if Théo's speech is to be believed.
  • 808 is filled with explosives! It sounds like a good idea at first to be able to set up remotely controlled Sticky Bombs, but it also means that if someone shoots 808's leg, he will explode and probably kill his companions in the process.
  • Unless he woke up and got the time to flee, Hal likely died shredded and/or burnt alive in the explosion radius of the Naga and maybe even the two Baragwins and the scanning robot too if they were not far enough. And that is not counting on the fact that Mordeyn (who apparently hated him) might have killed him on his way back.
  • Sanguinus message to the party. It is heavily implied that the long distance call from Sanguinus was powered by the blood of a LOT of his priests (with their consent), turning his lair into a charnel house just to contact the adventurers and to set up a meeting.
  • While Lily-Rose coming back is neat, it brings up the question of... What happened to the rest of her own group?

Fridge Logic

  • Bob explained that since his character was wearing a robe in the stream of water he should have got a "floating" bonus. That's not how it works, at worst a bunch of wet clothes should drown him even faster.
  • The Apple/rathtar scene is filled with intriguing details that don't make sense (even by Star Wars standards) when you think about itnote :
    • As partially lampshaded by Fred, how did Apple got into the containment box without noticing the rathtar, and conversely why did the rathtar not try to escape at this moment (maybe it was sleeping)? On the same subject, how did she close behind her? Did the electronic lock have a timer option, or was she just quick enough to do an Indy Hat Roll? And sure, she was in a hurry and probably didn't have the time to think it all through, but how was she supposed to get out of it?
    • Nobody (not even the GM) brought up the fact that the rathtar punched Apple right through a metal wall! It should have badly hurt her limbs and spine, but she actually didn't lose a single HP. And on the same subject: how was the rathtar, even berserk after Apple cut one of its tentacle, able to do that? Isn't that kind of box supposed to handle it if the Empire locked it inside, because here it just poked holes in it like if it was nothing? And by the way: what need have the Empire of a rathtar?! Did they plan to have a Jabba-style prisoner disposal, unless it was a refined delicacy (yum, sushi!) supposed to be served for Palpatine's dinner?
    • Finally, the way Mahyar describes the container's door opening means that, unless the kraken had enough sense in its running amok to remove its tentacles, all of them should have been cut off by the door.
  • Even Star Wars' less than scientifically accurate Slow Lasers should not be able to bounce on a wall, except if the interior of the spaceship was somehow made of mirrors. Bob lampshades that each time, but also considers it an Acceptable Break from Reality. There is also one precedent in the trash compactor scene but the official explanation is that it was "magnetically sealed".
  • Everybody forgot that Apple activated the jammer on her jewel when she was scouting the Naga. It should have deactivated the detector on the door, maybe even the sentry itself, and 808 could not even have the opportunity to help her. It becomes blatant that they actually forgot that detail when they suggest to use the jewel after she was trapped, even earlier than that when they suggest to send a RoboRex with her. However you could argue that it was Critical Failure and that "The Force Did It".
    • Then again episode 15's beginning shown that it's Mahyar who says when the jammer is on or off.
    • Since Fred wished to have his character make a headstand (her jammer is on her tiara) just before he rolled a critical failure, Apple may have accidentally turned it off when she tried.

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