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Headscratchers / Auralnauts Star Wars

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  • Why did Far-2 d-2 destroy the singularity engine?
  • Why do Emperion security guards dress in laser tag uniforms?
    • Maybe it's in reverse - the laser tag uniforms are adapted versions of the security guard uniforms, so the Imperion can cut some corners by not spending money on a whole new lines of dress. As it was seen, the black uniform is mostly worn by the security guards within the major installations (such as Laser Moon or capital ships), while the white-uniformed guards often go on away missions, such as helping Vader to catch Leia or deliver fruits to Owen.
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  • If Anakin didn't marry Padme, and Luke/Duke is the son of Obi-Wan, who is Leia's mother?
  • How exactly did Creepio manage to create the Singularity Engine? If he used the inhabitants of Tatooine, did they know they were digging their own graves?


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