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    Lyrical Explanations 
Kicked Your Monkey is about Gotye and Kimbra's failing relationship, which completely falls apart after Gotye cheats on her.
Gotye is bored of Kimbra, and, in a fit of selfish cuckooness, begins to persue a woman known only as "Ms. Fisher." At this point in the relationship, he doesn't even listen to Kimbra anymore when she tries to dish out sweet, cheesy romance. The only thing he likes to is make Kimbra squeal in bed, but only on Wednesdays and only if she's got her stuff shaved to his specifications.

Kimbra, meanwhile, stumbles upon his chat and text records with Ms. Fisher and confronts Gotye on his way out of Arizona to see her on how Ms. Fisher wants a banana in her crack, claiming that he has a "Waldo Sack." She also reveals that she found video of Gotye's affair, and, notes that he's having unprotected sex with her, trying to get her pregnant. She insults Ms. Fisher's hairiness and finally tells him he can go eat her pie, but to be sure to close the door on their relationship.

When Gotye arrives on Ms. Fisher's door however, she refuses to continue having sex with him after she realizes he's been having unprotected sex with her explicitly to get her pregnant.. Rejected, Gotye leaves, but not before keying her van, which, along with the thought of strangling Kimbra, proves to be enough of a turn-on for him when he's masturbating later.

Later on, as he realizes just how badly he screwed up, he notes that such actions were clearly signs that he's actually a member of the dark side, noting that they, too, are greasy, sex seeking freaks who try to hide their sexual escapades above people's heads. As he sits, he begins to contemplate how complex the world is, and the lines that people travel along through life often times intersect, injecting color into life.

  • "Kicked your monkey and used your goat" is a euphemism Gotye uses when admitting to cheating on Kimbra.
  • When Gotye mentions "Fighting with ninja gloves," He's referring to how before Kimbra confronted him, they would passive-aggressively fight each other.
  • He traveled back in time and had a fling with Phryne Fisher. She'd love him.

"Dirty Spaceman" is actually a breakup song.
A couple lives in space. Based on the chorus's wording, he (nameless, for the moment) probably lives with her (name/nickname 'Angel Mouth').
  • Friction arises in their relationship for a number of reasons. She's racking up a bill from all these Chinese men texting her, provokes Spanish guys into trying to choke her dog, and among other things demands children cooked over easy on Mondays - she may also be The Alcoholic.
  • The last straws come in a pair. Angel Mouth not only eats all of the Jedi Jello(tm), but also lets his frog, Adrian, out of the airlock to die of suffocation/decompression. In anger, she dubs him 'Dirty Spaceman' and he storms out, stopping to take 'the spaceman head' (probably something he had with him when he moved in).
    • Alternately (re: 'spaceman head'), he's just saying she gave him one last BJ and now he's taking off...
  • Angel Mouth eventually seeks solace in the arms of Alejandro, a high school friend. Dirty Spaceman gets a leopard to keep freestyle, possibly as a replacement for Adrian, and drowns his sorrows in ping-pong and paintball until morning, seeking love elsewhere the whole time.
  • 'seed money for the Re-Animator' may point to Dirty Spaceman's future plans (resurrecting Adrian, maybe?). Considering Angel Mouth refers to Alejandro as 'not drunk' emphatically, who knows how long that relationship'll last.
    • Someone needs to write fanfiction about this...

  • The first scene is about Katniss getting "the squirts", a form of severe gas that people in the distant future get when they are nervous. Fudge puddles is a Euphemism for Diarrhea that occasionally comes shortly after experiencing said gas.
  • The second scene is about Gale trying to make sure Katniss has a high social status now that she's a tribute, i.e. she can't have a handbag she doesn't like, she needs to replace water with milk if she can't drink it without choking on it. "Scooby doo" means "you can solve this".
  • Cinna is obviously drunk, and hitting on Katniss - "Fruity" is a euphemism for "sexual", and that comment on "who's stopping us? Your dad?" is him being a jerk and reminding that her Dad is dead, and therefore can't object to them hooking up.
  • The Fourth scene is from Cinna's perspective. He's so drunk he has no clue what's actually going on.
  • Fifth scene is a dream Katniss is having while unconscious.
  • Sixth scene has Peeta hallucinating due to remains of Tracker Jacker venom and blood loss, which is why Katniss is still acting sane.
  • Seventh scene is Clove's jealousy, because she thought Katniss had a crush on Cato, who she has nicknamed "Brian".
  • The Eighth scene is just an extension of scene 6.
    • Additionally, Codfish Joe is only faking not knowing how babies grow so Katniss will keep going and show him how babies actually grow. (We mean have sex with her.)
  • The Stinger with Prim being the devil is just Prim faking it to avoid winding up in the games.

"More Hunger Games" is Katniss and Peeta's attempt to deal with returning to society after killing people
In the respective scenes:
  • Katniss has become attached to her iguana because being with people reminds her of killing people - she's never had to kill an iguana. Gale genuinely wants to be her boyfriend, which is why he keeps hinting to her that she should sell it. However, she is somewhat insane due to the trauma from the games, and as such Gale is also okay with them not being friends.
  • Katniss and Peeta struggle to have a normal conversation about clothing due to being used to having to be ready to kill at any moment - Katniss threatens to "poot on" Peeta, a euphemism for attack.
  • Haymitch states that Katniss has clearly lost any interest in any guys who are not simple (as these are people who she can get attached to, and the Games have taught her that people you get attached to die). However, Katniss and Peeta are having a brief period of insanity due to District 11 reminding them of the Games, much to Haymitch's disgrace.
  • Peeta tries to calm Katniss down after a nightmare about the games, but they're so inexperienced with this that neither of them are certain what to do.
  • Effie's ridiculous song is catchy - the silly people of the capitol couldn't care less what it's about.
  • After the whole incident of the second Hunger Games, Gale tests Katniss' sanity with a simple humming test - He starts humming for no reason, and he judges her sanity based on how long it takes her to hum along, and how well she hums. He quickly decides she is still quite insane, and doesn't want to be associated with her at his party, although he feels offended upon finding out she didn't want to, and tells her she would like it. When Katniss says he thinks that he's wonderful, he claims that "A turkey sandwich is wonderful", meaning he's more than wonderful because he's so much more than just a sandwich. Katniss, however, is now thinking about food.
  • Head Peacekeeper Thread is just as ruthless as his film counter part, but he enjoys the fact that he can be as wacky as he likes, and still kill people. Haymitch nervously plays along with his little game, but Peeta doesn't even realize what he's talking about.
  • The Snot-Rag scene is Peeta's the result of Peeta's attempt to return to a normal civilian life - now that he's actually in the games, he's having great difficulty helping Katniss as a tribute, and instead is offering to get a rag used to clear up the snot one sometimes accumulates when crying or screaming.
  • Haymitch is drunk, but he is almost successfully managing to act otherwise. However, Katniss can see that something is wrong.
  • Haymitch is still drunk when Gale is brought in to be healed, and Prim is still keeping up the "devil" act, for safety. Katniss' mother has watched so many people die that she isn't shocked by having Gale nearly die. She is, however disgusted at the thought of him barfing while on her kitchen table.
  • *Okay, I'm clueless for this scene*
  • The little girl is threatening Katniss because of the tributes Katniss killed in the games - one of them was this girl's sibling.
  • "I'm going on a cardboard diet" is a euphemism for "I'm gonna kill myself"; Gale is seriously depressed from Katniss liking Peeta.
  • Haymitch thinks that Katniss and Peeta should form a band, because they're already famous as tributes. Why not increase their fame?

The "Bushes of Love" are actually "Bushes of LOVE".
  • Ben Kenobi doesn't think the Chicken-Duck-Woman-Thing is a Stalker with a Crush. After all, she went toe-to-toe with him and Anakin 49 times, killing the latter brutally on the last attempt, and is implied to be out there somewhere waiting to kill again. The fact that everything in BLR is capitalized, including the lyrics and titles, hides the fact that "LOVE" would be capitalized regardless — it IS an acronym meaning "Level of Violence", the ability to distance oneself from their victims. She probably didn't care at all what she did to Anakin.

Tarkin was planning to marry Leia during "It's Not a Moon".
  • Tarkin is shown telling someone to get his wedding suit, and he's clearly attracted to Leia. However, she refused to marry him, so he ended up blowing up Alderaan in retaliation.

The monster from "Monster Run" was the one who ate Jimin's pasta.
  • It was a trap to lure the BTS members to it could steal their souls. While it didn't work, it could explain the huge shift in tone from the two songs, as they had an encounter with the monster due to it eating Jimin's pasta and are clearly traumatized by everything they've seen. This could also explain why "Monster Run" was released two years after BTS' last song, "Sample of My Pasta", since in-universe whatever the boys saw was so traumatic that it took years for them to recover.

Jin met the evil architect before the release of "Sample of My Pasta".
  • In "Monster Run", Jin mentions that he "met the evil architect in the night". This encounter led to his sad, depressive personality as shown in "Sample of My Pasta", and he frequently dances to cope with his trauma. He still hasn't recovered from this in "Monster Run", as he's still depressed, but at least he's willing to admit why he's so sad.

    Other Theories 
Bad Lip Reading is really... Ark Music Factory.
Friday wasn't just the most obvious target, it was the most available. Basically the corporate bigwigs behind Ark saw an impending disaster and decided to engineer a big Take That, Audience!, by bringing in some sound-mixing guys who'd been building their experience on Youtube and other places, starting out with a rip on Friday, automatically endearing themselves to the populace, and building up a name with more and more songs. By the time they're done, the placeholder staff at Ark will be long phased out and Friday will invoke a Fandom-Enraging Misconception.
  • Case in point, everything they've done has been given a hip-hop slant (except "Hot Jumping Beans" and "Asian Baby", presumably because said execs wanted more white input to play up Rascall Flatts' redneck angle).
  • Case in point 2: a recent copyright claim to block "Gang Fight" was done in Rebecca Black's name rather than Ark.
  • This would also explain the secrecy: Ark has a bad reputation after "Friday".

All Bad Lip Reading videos take place in a shared universe.
Where the lyrics actually make sense, in context. Probably a low fantasy one, considering the presence of (simultaneously) magic geese, Uzis, hobbits, alchemists, and so on. This in turn opens the floor for some of the singers not to be human, if that floats your oyster.
  • Alternately, the shared universe is the one from an episode of The Twilight Zone (1985), where everybody was speaking in Word Salad English. While the protagonist of that tale was resigned to his fate being stuck in that world and started relearning his own language, it's possible that the power of hiphop can turn this predicament into a force of awesomeness.
  • "Russian Unicorn" could be the exception that proves the rule. Their "real world" makes sense to them but when Michael Bublé snaps out of his fantasy at the end of the video, the cashier is creeped out and you can hear hushed whispers that suggest that even for this universe, what he was singing was strange.
    "He thinks monsters are after his testicles!"

The gang fight described by Rebecca Black...
Is between her (and her group) and Miley Cyrus and her (aviator?) 'crew'.Additionally, Black Umbrella isn't the name of a kind of weed, it's Cyrus' gang, and Friday (potentially) is the name of Black's.
  • Ahem. Not 'Friday', 'Barney'. And 'crew' most likely means her band of car customising fanatics.

The "right stuff" is salvia, not marijuana as many listeners assume.
Considering that Miley got media attention for smoking it earlier this year, why wouldn't it be?

Bad Lip Reading is being paid for lyrical Product Placement.
Think of all the brand names that get mentioned in their lyrics, especially food or beverages: "Black Umbrella" mentions Snapple, "Russian Unicorn" mentions Hot Pockets, "Dirty Spaceman" mentions Bacos and Jello, "(Rockin') All Night Long" has Porsche, Red Bull, Tang and Patron, "Hot Jumping Beans" has Ho-Ho's and Frito-Lay, "Everybody Poops" sort of implies that iPhone and BlackBerry have "bowel issues" because they "ain't no Android", etc. Clearly, after the success of "Gang Fight", they started covertly taking corporate sponsorship offers.

Or inversely, BLR is raising capital to go into their own merchandising.
Those BLR-branded plasma TVs in some of their videos? They might be planning to make and sell real ones.
  • They've started selling actual tshirts now... point still stands, they could stand to build some capital from that.

In "Everybody Poops", is a cyborg who is sympathetic to the human cause.
He calls himself "a soft machine man", which sounds a lot like a description of a cyborg if you think about it. He either sides with the humans because he still considers himself mostly human (he does poop, after all) or just because he hates the idea of androids stealing school supplies so much.
  • Alternately, he is a biological machine like a reimagined series Cylon, or a mechanical being with synthetic skin, like a Terminator. Either way, he has deeply infiltrated human society, to the point where he can apparently even poop.
  • Or he is a "Soft Machine man", whose anger at having been kicked out of the band has driven him to an incoherent rage.

Rebecca Black is being sarcastic when she keeps asking "Have I brought this chicken for us to eat?" and "Have I brought this chicken for us to thaw?" in "Gang Fight" - she really plans to assault her rivals with it. When Taboo mentions going to watch a chicken fight in "Everybody Poops", the chickens are the weapons, not the combatants. And when Jay-Z says "chicken never hurt me" in "Morning Dew", he's bragging that he's never been defeated in a frozen chicken battle.

Alternatively, the chickens are used as magical weapons of some sort.
That's why Ludacris rescued the chickens and can't explain what they do, it must be kept a secret and only celebrities of their universe are allowed to interact with the magical chickens.
  • However, only magical chickens are off limits. Regular chickens can still be eaten. In "Time to Rock," one of the singers says she likes "Chicken smeared with Funyuns™ — s**t really tastes good!"

Whoever writes the lyrics to these parodies is either anorexic or morbidly obese.
And that's the reason for the sheer number of references to food.
  • Jossed: he said in an interview the food references are because a lot of mouth movements look like food, but you don't hear a lot about food in real pop songs.

The reason the voice imitations are so spot-on is because it's actually them.
I mean, it's clear the people behind all this are professionals. And the Nicki Minaj and impressions sound exactly like them... maybe it's the artists themselves having a laugh.

Or, alternatively, at least one of the people involved can actually read lips properly.
  • According to Rolling Stones, this is becoming truth.

The videos are all actually intended to have the lyrics they have in the BLR videos
  • ...and the real songs are really a bad lip reading of the Bad Lip Reading videos. How else could you explain the fact that the songs are all much better than their originals and match the video better (watch "Dirty Spaceman" and "Check It Out" and tell me that the video actually makes more sense for the supposed "real" song it was shot for. Go ahead)?

James Blunt is telling an epic story of revenge in Anachronic Order
James Blunt and his pet bullfrog sell you some wine. They witness you punching a Brazilian orphan. Even the Bullfrog, who is normally emotionless, wants to exact revenge upon you for this unforgivable deed. James leads your dog into a hut and slits its throat, Destroys the submarine your friends are riding in (With help from a phantom), watches them drown in their own blood, and Pushes you on top of your burger and fries. He steals your wallet and buys a lot of good weed, a bottle of milk and a soggy eggshell. He then remembers his old pet owl, who had a strange habit of wearing clothes, and philosophizes that "a Zebra thinks he's half not-black".
  • Also, after pushing you onto your burger and fries, he challenges you to fight a bear in the night. You accept, and the bear eats you, but then it turns out that the bear was actually a costumed gorilla.

A love triangle exists between BLR-Verse Taylor Swift, Wiz Khalifa and Bruno Mars, of which Barack Obama is aware.
In “(Rockin') All Nite Long”, Swift calls herself “a waitress”. Obama, in “Trick the Bridesmaid”, comments on the crown being “for your juicy waitress”. Who has a crown? Mars, who'll “knock you out”. Clearly, Mars intends to invite Swift over and knock her in the head after wine to prevent her from becoming Khalifa's girlfriend, and Obama knows exactly what's about to happen, but is too busy dealing with the famine that Rick Perry mentioned in his campaign video (by stealing food) to help in any way other than trying to discourage Mars from going through with his crazy plan.

The guy behind Bad Lip Reading is Ghost.
Both are Texans. Both are men of a thousand voices. Both are involved in internet culture. If Ghost is a troll, as some suspect, it fits.

Lou McGopher is Adrian the Frog.
He got Angel Mouth to let him out of the airlock, and thus escaped back to Earth where he changed his name to Lou McGopher and joined up with Gotye.

The "Ricky???" Herman Cain is talking to is Rick Santorum
Unfortunately, Santorum couldn't remember Cain's name in his video. ("Frankie???")

What an actual Bad Lip Reading concert would involve.
  • The original singers like Michael Bublé, Gotye, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber performing the BLR tunes. Which leads to Michael doing double duty as the Gary LeVox parts of 'Asian Baby', Miley as the Kimbra part of 'Kicked Your Monkey', etc.
  • Soundbyte victims like Rick Perry and Herman Cain reading out their speeches for real and announcing each act at the end
    • Given that Herman Cain is dead now, this will probably never happen, unless BLR finds a way to resurrect him.
  • The plasma screen in the back of the stage shows off unreleased BLR videos of all types (songs, soundbytes, whatever)
  • Sketches performed by Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, referencing the BLR videos but in new scenarios within their own movieverses
  • BTS doing performances of "Sample of My Pasta" and "Monster Run".
  • Finally, the BLR man himself performing the last unreleased video - from behind a curtain

At the end of Hot Problems, The girls encounter Rebecca Black's gang.

In "Morning Dew", Jay-Z is portraying the CEO of a successful fast food chain specializing in chicken.
  • When he claims "Chicken never hurt me, I'm a good flavor top dog", he means he is head of a chain restaurant called Good Flavor note , and is doing well financially because of the chicken that they serve. He's encouraging Lady Gaga to try chicken fingers instead of pizza because he wants her as a customer - she apparently orders out a lot, and he wants the profits the local pizza shop gets from her for himself.
The Shih Tzu from Magic Man is the same one from Beard With Glue.
  • After biting Jolly June The Humpback up on her hump, the dog gained an infamous reputation as a dangerous dog who liked to bite people and was abandoned. By the time of Beard With Glue, people had forgotton just who the dog belonged to and when he stole James Blunt's chicken, he simply assumed you owned the dog and sent it over to torment him.

Wiz Kalifa actually IS an alchemist, and what he requests that you bring him is an alchemical formula.
He has an appointment next week but nothing to do between now and then, so he decides to use the week to catch up on his sleep. Potatoes, meat and greens are all elements of hearty Soul Food, which is known to cause The Itis, wherein you feel drowsy and/or fall asleep after eating a big meal. Weed is also a relaxant and can induce sleep. By combining the two, he's able to craft the ultimate sleeping medicine, which allows him to snooze until he's gotta hit 'em next week.

Terry/Tyrion Lannister from Medieval etc. was the "ghetto Hobbit with an Uzi" from Magic Man
...and Ludacris was telling the truth. Considering how he behaves and his speech patterns, this seems pretty likely.

The creator of BLR is a Time Lord
...And that's why he's a Man of a Thousand Voices. Each regeneration only has to do a couple of voices, which he records and keeps handy. He records all the appropriate parts for each video and has put them together completely during his final regeneration. And at least one of his regenerations is a woman.

As a child, the BLR-verse version of had his school supplies stolen by an android
He never really got over that

"Tie-Dye Einstein", as mentioned in "Dirty Spaceman", is one of the "two different Einsteins" mentioned in "Inauguration 2013".
In the Bad Lip Reading universe, Albert Einstein was cloned twice. The first time was successful, and the cloned Einstein took on an advisory role in the American government. At some point, it was decided a second Einstein was needed, but this one suffered from Clone Degeneration, and developed two unusual quirks: A preference for tie-dye clothing and a compulsion to steal stop signs. The second Einstein clone escaped from the cloning facility and is still at large. His rampant stop sign theft once caused Nikki Minaj to have a car accident - She was unharmed, but after her experience, she wanted to warn others through song. In the past, Tie-Dye Einstein has posed as the original clone to cause further mischief; Acknowledgement of the two Einsteins became part of the presidential oath because it was important that the President not be fooled again.
  • Perhaps Tie-Dye Einstein created the androids as well. It would explain why they steal school supplies - he coded them to have his kleptomaniac tendencies but set it to school supplies so they wouldn't steal his stop signs.

The Walkers in the BLR-verse are so polite and friendly that humans don't want to be associated with them
We always see the humans attack the walkers but never the other way around. The Walker are an oppressed race of former humans who just want to be friends.

Food shortages are a recurring problem
We've seen food shortages come up in political contexts a lot. Puka-chay puka-chay or Aztec for "lazy farmer" being used as an insult for anyone who puts a slice of pizza on bread? Farmers are scapegoated for the shortage and stereotyped as lazy. This makes some Jerkass behavior slightly more reasonable. Petey's casual attitude towards serving kitten meat as "they're just baby cats"? Not much else is available and he figured they'd be fine with it. Edward wanting to eat the dead rabbit is just being pragmatic and his outrage at his cake being casually eaten makes a bit more sense.

Katniss' behaviour becoming increasingly stranger after the first Hunger Games video is a result of her having PTSD
In the first Hunger Games video Katniss would say weird things, but she wasn't considered any stranger than the other characters. Afterwards, her behaviour becomes increasingly more erratic, to the point that other characters consider her weird even by their standards. It's likely that the events of the first movie traumatized her so much that she's become even more of a Cloudcuckoolander as a result.

BLR uses his real voice in the High School Musical and Stranger Things narrations.
Why else would they sound exactly the same?

Steve Hair suffers from absence seizures.
It would certainly explain why he goes blank for ages. And seems to have memory problems, hence his forgetting where Nancy's locker is in "More Stranger Things" despite being her boyfriend.

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