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  • Axis Powers Hetalia fanfic Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità: It was because of their immense trust in Italy that Germany and Japan even agreed to share him. It was because of their immense trust in Italy that neither tried to undermine the other while being in a relationship with Italy. This leads to a polyamorous among the three with all being in love with each other.
  • A Crown of Stars: Shinji refuses leaving Asuka alone because he did it in the past and the consequences were horrible. She tried to commit suicide, she got torn into pieces and eaten alive, she was raped by monsters... so that he promised that he would always get her back and would never leave her side.
    • In chapter 54, after an episode of strong self-doubt Shinji declares Asuka he loves her, he is completely devoted to her, he would do anything for her and he is hers for as long as she wants her. Asuka feels utterly overwhelmed because she thinks she does not deserve that level of loyalty.
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  • Advice and Trust: In Chapter 2 as — he believes — Asuka sleeps, Shinji swears he will be hers always and forever. Throughout the story he sticks by her through thick and thin, and insists he will go whenever she goes.
  • The Child of Love: Shinji told Asuka he would never leave her or cheat on her and if he hurts her he will only hurt himself.
  • Children of an Elder God: In chapter 23 Shinji pleaded Asuka not leaving him. She replied she will not leave him, ever. Later when they are considering leaving human civilization after the war, Asuka tells plaintively she will go wherever Shinji goes. She never considered parting with him.
    Shinji:"I love you too, Asuka. Don't ever leave me. Please."
    Asuka:"I won't, [...] Never."
  • The Differentverse: Coco has this to Applejack and her family after Applejack, on the way out of Manehatten, found her crying from being bullied (due to having recently lost her parents) and, knowing how she felt from personal experience, offered her a home.
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  • Evangelion 303: In chapter 13 Shinji pops the question to Asuka. She asks if he really wants to tie himself to a nutcase like her and if he can promise he will be true to her for the rest of his life. He does.
  • In Ghosts of Evangelion Shinji promised that he would take care of Asuka. And he looked after her until the end. He never dated other women, either.
  • HERZ: Since he met her Shinji was single-mindedly fixated on Asuka, even if for many years she seemed hating him. In chapter two, during a breakdown Asuka pleads Shinji not leaving her, and he answers he is and has always been hers and he would never leave her.
  • Last Child of Krypton: In Chapter 9 of the rewrite when Shinji confesses his feelings Asuka demands this from him. He answers she already has it.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide:
    • When Asuka tells Shinji that he should just leave her before she hurts him, he replies he will not leave her because he wants to be with her forever.
      Asuka: Please, leave. Just leave. I don't want to hurt you anymore.
      Shinji: I'm … not going to leave.
      Asuka: Then I'm just going to keep kicking you.
      Shinji: I am not going to leave! I don't care how much you hurt me. Break every bone in my body if it makes you happy, but I am not going to leave you!
      Asuka: But...
      Shinji: Why can't you understand? I want to be there when you need me!
      Asuka: I don't need you! I don't want to need you!
      Shinji: But I need you! And I want to be with you forever!
      Asuka: You … what? Why?
      Shinji: You told me that if I couldn't live for myself, then … I should live for those around me. I … I can't live for myself, Asuka. So I'll live for someone else instead. I'll live for you."
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    • Argued by Misato and Ritsuko, and in Chapter 7 by Gendo and Fuyutsuki:
      Gendo: “Loyalty never dies.”
  • The One I Love Is: When Asuka falls in a coma after the Final Battle Shinjij promises he will always wait for her, not matter what.
    "I'll wait for you, Asuka. Even if it means waiting all my life..."
  • Scar Tissue: After Third Impact Shinji told Asuka his life was hers and she could do whatever she wanted with him. Unfortunately her mind was so broken due to all she had gone through that she abused him for months until she realized what her actions were wrong and stopped. Even so he remained by her side trying to support her until she got better.
  • In the Jackie Chan Adventures fic Queen of All Oni, Left and Right (Left especially) feel this way towards Jade. As Left puts it, in his thoughts,
    "They were her bodyguards, she was the one who had raised them to awareness and granted them power. Thought and the power to act on it, boons that to Left could never be fully repaid."
    • Ozeki, the General of the Sumo Khan, feels this way to Jade as well, having only served Tarakudo until female Shadowkhan could rise again.
    • Hebi (formerly Viper) is specifically conditioned to be this to Jade as well.
  • Inner Demons: Trixie to Queen!Twilight, out of love. Until literally her last breath, as she takes a sword for her and dies.
    • As the sequels prove, it's a literal case of undying loyalty, Trixie's love for Twilight having lasted over millennia, due to Reincarnation.
  • The Peggy Sue fic Time Braid has this between Naruto, Hinata, and Sakura. It's especially prevalent with Hinata to Naruto as well as Sakura and Hinata to each other. Hinata whether she's brainwashed or has sold her soul refuses to fight Naruto. Sakura (to whom Hinata sold her soul) gives up a chance at godhood because Hinata is damned for selling her soul.
  • In Child of the Storm, while rarely explicitly stated, the Avengers all have this towards each other.
    • In reference to the above, Natasha's former mentor and father figure Ivan Petrovich comments on how the Avengers have her loyalty, in tones that imply that this is a very rare thing indeed.
    • If Harry decides that you're his friend, there is no limit to how far he will go for you.
    • The Winter Soldier's loyalty to Natasha is perhaps one of his defining traits, and she is a key motivator in his breaking free of his brainwashing and resultant Heel–Face Turn.
  • In Fallen King, Joey is constantly asking himself what Yugi would do, and a lot of his actions stem from wanting to honor Yugi's memory.
  • Taken to an unhealthy level in Zenith. Spike is always loyal to Twilight, even as she's lying comatose in the hospital.
  • In Cultstuck, Equius betrays Alternia to protect Nepeta, a suspected rebel against the Condesce.
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic MLP Collateral Damage, Princess Ceymi feels this for the other Changelings of Hive Chrysalis, even as she is increasingly-alienated from Queen Chrysalis herself.
  • In Rising of the Dark Naruto, Hagwin, and Celia all share absolute loyalty for each other, going so far as to willingly wage war on roughly half the world for each other.
  • Mortality has this and definitely between Holmes and Watson, though Wiggins, Mary, Lestrade, Gregson and Mrs. Hudson qualify as well, but Holmes and Watson especially. If you think about it, despite the fact that Holmes was getting tortured with an inch of his life he wasn't afraid to exchange his life for his friend's. For his part, Watson calmly and coldly told the criminal he was interrogating "if your master's actions destroy him whom I regard as, as the best and wisest man I have ever known make no mistake that I shall hunt down, to a man, everyone who played a part in his destruction." He even killed Culverton Smith, most likely with his medical skills and also broke the law with no regrets.
  • Rose Of Pollux's Doctor Who fanfics have this between Jamie and all of the Doctors in spades. This makes for many heartwarming moments.
  • Queen of Shadows: The Shadowkhan race as a whole has this for the Queen lineage. Whatever other divisions they may have amongst themselves, they are all united in serving the Queens no matter what, and striking down anyone who threatens them.
  • Thousand Shinji: When Asuka tells Shinji that she is afraid of losing him, Shinji replies she will never lose him. When Asuka muses he can not promise that, Shinji replies he can and he does and, even if he died, his soul would find his way back to her from whatever afterlife he found.
  • In The Havoc Side of the Force, Harry Potter manages to inspire this in everyone he befriends on any level, partially because he's such a Benevolent Boss. Anakin's mother was offered a position in Chancellor Palpatine's retinue but turned it down so she could stay a kitchen hand on Harry's ship. A minister goes out of her way to have a former lieutenant in Naboo's military work for Harry and openly lies to the committee investigating him. Lastly, Anakin makes it clear that his friendship to Harry far outweighs his loyalty to the Jedi Order (at least partially because Harry's the reason Anakin could buy his mother's freedom).
  • In Robb Returns, Quill, one of Jon Arryn's men, has this towards the Lord of the Eyrie himself.
    • The North in general to Eddard Stark, particularly now that it is obvious that it will fall upon him the task of leading Westeros in the fight against the Others.
  • Chrono Reflect has Standard and Machine Rainbow Dash. However, with Standard Rainbow this is portrayed negatively, as she is a loyal friend to Standard Fluttershy, a bully who goes out of her way to treat her like dirt.
  • Theirs may be an Odd Friendship, but Fire-Forged Friends Mahanon and Victoria have this for one another without question in All This Sh*t is Twice as Weird. Even when they're not anywhere near one another, they will defend each other without hesitation.
  • A Dragons Flight gives this at House Velaryon for the Targaryens. When Visenya Targaryen comes to them for help, they immediately grant her shelter, showing her the respect a royal princess is due and already plotting to give her back the Iron Throne.
  • The Velaryons are just as loyal to the Targaryens in Bequeathed from Pale Estates. The moment they realise that Lyarra Martell nee Snow/Stark is in reality Visenya Targaryen, the last living child of Prince Rhaegar they immediately start plotting to overthrow the Baratheon dynasty and place Visenya on the throne. They do all this without Lyarra herself knowing.
  • War of the Biju: Much like in canon, not even death will break Itachi's loyalty to Konoha. Even though Naruto is younger than him by several years and was named Hokage after his death, Itachi still willingly goes to one knee before him and acknowledges him as his Hokage.
  • Son of the Seven Kingdoms: William tends to inspire this in those around him. The Blades, the Legions, and the Dawnguard are all loyal to him to the last member, and his closest friends view him as a brother.
  • Dauntless: Everyone who works for Lelouch is loyal to literally suicidal extremes. When Lelouch is badly injured in Area 11, his entire former squad (including their Number mechanic who'd be executed for it) go AWOL to be by his side, unknowing that Lelouch requested their transfer over a month prior and thus they wouldn't be court-martialed. One of Lelouch's squad mates was furious with another member because Lelouch had to put himself in danger to save him. Most notably, Lelouch's former comrade Lukas declines an offer to be Euphemia's knight (one of the highest honors any soldier can receive) because he wouldn't be able to serve under Lelouch if he accepted.
  • OGiNiM, the cheerful Keet Bulbasaur, towards the Dutch hypnotist YouTuber Nimja in Pokémon × Nimja: Play the Game. Regardless of the circumstances, he absolutely adores Nimja and will make it absolutely clear. One sentence sums up how he feels about Nimja: Ik gehoorzaam u volledig, Mijnheer! note 
  • Tony Stark accidentally inspires this in The War is Far from Over Now with the former agents of SHIELD after Natasha dumps all of SHIELDs files on the internet, due to Tony spending countless hours saving as many of them and their families as possible, getting them jobs in Stark Industries, and re-encrypting all the online information about them.
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic Loved And Lost, Prince Jewelius turns the entire city of Canterlot against Princess Celestia, Luna, Shining Armor, the Mane Five (all but Twilight) and Spike, even managing to manipulate Twilight Sparkle into losing all trust in them. However, he's unable to destroy the esteem Twilight and Canterlot's citizens hold toward Princess Cadance.
    • Though the princesses as well as Twilight's friends and brother become scorned pariahs about everywhere, the town of Ponyville quickly shelters them. It helps that Jewelius has not inspired any loyalty there by making the life there miserable on flimsy excuses ever since his rise to power.
    • It's revealed in the 11th chapter that most of the Royal Guards were seriously injured in the Changeling invasion, yet many of them refused to forsake their loyalty to the dismantled princesses and their former captain Shining Armor. Jewelius ordered these loyalists to be murdered as casualties of the invasion, and he afterwards filled the greatly decreased ranks with criminals he released from dungeons in exchange for their loyalty.
    • After Twilight finally realizes how evil Jewelius truly is and escapes from Canterlot to join the other heroes, Jewelius tries to label her as a traitor. Much to his surprise, however, Canterlot's citizens don't believe for one minute that Twilight doesn't have a good reason for turning against Jewelius. In fact, they start warming up to the idea of forgiving the other heroes and welcoming them back to society now that Twilight has joined them.
  • Double subverted in So We'd Both Be Free. Ty Lee initially acted as Azula's loyal best friend and romantically loved her, but she backstabbed her because she loved their mutual friend Mai more. When Ty Lee is given to Azula as a slave, Ty Lee spits at her and curses her. Her past adoration is no more. As it turns out, however, even Azula allowing Mai and Zuko to be executed doesn't stop Ty Lee from loving Azula. Feeling that Azula is all she has left, Ty Lee ends up falling back in love with her.
  • In Hellsister Trilogy, Wildfire spends one thousand years trapped in a star. Never, not even once, he stops thinking about his friends or his girlfriend Dawnstar.
  • In one of the multiple endings of We Can Do This Forever, Twilight Sparkle finally defeats Starlight Glimmer after roughly three hundred years before using the time spell to return them and Spike back to their own time. After seeing proof of Twilight's status as The Ageless, Pinky Pie starts studying to learn how to become an Alicorn so Twilight is never left alone again. After hearing Pinky's reason, Applejack starts studying alongside her.
  • In Everybodys Gotta Leave Sometime, it's Lucy Van Pelt, of all people, who points out that Charlie Brown's baseball team always stayed with him, even if they hardly won any games.

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