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Works based largley on Classical Mythology are listed on the Myth page.

See also Religious and Mythological Theme Naming.

  • Jurassic World: Indominus is exceptionally vicious mainly because she was raised in isolation and was artificially created to exaggerate her predator traits. In some versions of Greek mythology, the Minotaur—an unnatural hybrid of human and bull—was a man-eater because, as an unnatural creature, it had no natural prey and had to eat manflesh instead, and was also raised in the isolation of the Labyrinth. Just like Indominus.
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  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire contains a few nods to the story of Orpheus.


  • A Song of Ice and Fire: The tale of the 'Rat Cook' in which Lord Wyman bases his 'pork' pies references the Classical Mythology tale of Atreus cooking and the sons of his twin brother Thyestes and then feeding them to the latter, thus bringing down a curse upon their house.
  • The Dresden Files:
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  • "To The Barest": Parris, the lawyer, being forced to choose between six men for the title of "the barest" is an allusion to Classical Mythology and Paris the swine-herder being forced to choose between three goddesses for the title of "the fairest".

Live Action TV

  • Doctor Who: In "Vincent and the Doctor" the Doctor fights a monster by looking at its reflection, just like Perseus fighting Medusa. Even better, there's a statue of Perseus with Medusa's head in the museum that the Doctor passes by.
  • Elementary: The fighting cocks from "The One Percent Solution" are named Romulus and Remus, after the two brothers who founded Rome in Classical Mythology. In the myth, Romulus kills Remus, but by the end of the episode Sherlock teaches his cocks to get along.
  • Game of Thrones: Stannis, much like Agamemnon in the myth of Iphigenia, is a leader faced by unfavorable weather and a stalled military campaign who chooses to sacrifice his innocent daughter to appease the gods and ensure victory. Also like Agamemnon, that decision ultimately leads to his destruction after he meets his death at the hands of a vengeful woman.


Video Games

  • Castle Cats:
    • Dio is based on Dionysus, considering the similar name and the fact that she led a clan that was obsessed with "-Grape Juice-".
    • Cassandra is a feline Medusa.
    • Thena is likely named after Athena.
    • Amortina is based on Cupid/Eros.
    • Venus, of course, is a reference to Venus/Aphrodite.
    • Minerva was likely named after Minerva.
    • Calli, a musical cat, was probably inspired by Calliope.
  • Criminal Case: "Poseidon" is carved into the floor in the Sun Deck scene during Case 43: Troubled Waters.
  • DragonFable:
    • The underwater town of Tethys is named after Tethys, one of the Titans of Classical Mythology, who was the Greek goddess of water.
    • The Bacon Element questchain features the Chickencow god called Zeuster, and sends you to complete parodies of the thirteen "Labors of Hercules".
  • Fire Emblem: Castor is named after one of the twins, Castor and Pollux, of Classical Mythology.
  • Flight Rising: Olympia Oyster: "A delicacy fit only for the gods. Dragons are advised to eat quickly, before theirs notices!" (Classical Mythology; Mount Olympus is the mountain on which the major gods were said to reside, and the concept of a food only gods are allowed to eat is similar to ambrosia)

Web Comics

Western Animation


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