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Boss' Orders

    Gold Experience 
  • The anime opens with several crimes such as robbery, extortion, bribery and drug dealing. Then soon after, the narrator says; "It's a famous tourist spot so beautiful that people say you should see it at least once before you die."
  • Giorno helps a few tourists with directions. Then he steals back their wallet from a thug without the tourists or said thug noticing, pretending that he just picked it up... then he uses Gold Experience's abilities to transform some money from wallet he gave back, taking it for himself, before buying ice cream for himself and a random kid. Jeez Giorno, make up your mind.
  • Koichi arriving in Italy and Giorno's first appearance. Giorno kindly offers Koichi a ride to a hotel... and drives off with Koichi's luggage before he could get on. Koichi easily stops the car with Act 3 and allows Giorno to leave, since he only wants his luggage back. Giorno complies and leaves Koichi with his luggage, which turns into a frog and hops back to Giorno later.
  • When Koichi makes Giorno's car heavy, what does Giorno do upon realizing he's completely screwed? He calls on the ancestral technique of his technical father's family and bolts the hell out of there! Looks like he's more of a Joestar than he seems.
    • Even funnier is the editor of the video adding Echoes popping up to offer some insight on the secret technique:
      Echoes: This enemy has a seriously heavy power. S-H-I-T.

    Joining the Gang 
  • Giorno's attempts to keep the lighter from being extinguished as part of his initiation test. One of his efforts include sticking the lighter on top of a bread loaf, making it look like a cheap birthday cake with a makeshift candle.
  • Giorno, wanting to get the lighter to his dorm room before the wind blows it out, politely refuses requests for help from soccer team who wanted a picture shot of them doing a human pyramid and an old janitor carrying a bunch of equipment. The anime makes their reactions so over the top comical that the soccer team collapses offscreen.
  • The Bland-Name Product, Spread Soda, which totally is not Sprite.
    • When it's spoken out loud however, the name of the soda is given as "Sparite."
  • Polpo's appearance in the anime. He looks like a weird fusion of Jabba the Hutt, Gru from Despicable Me , and a virus zombie from Cells at Work!. And he is massive.

    The Mystery of Soft Machine 
  • From the opening narration of episode 5: "Gang members in the city hate standing out, as it can quickly lead to their assassination. So even capos will dress normally to blend in with the crowd, and some even have cover jobs."
    • Then only a few minutes later, we see two gang members in ridiculously fashionable clothes and quirky hairdos, steering their car all over the road, causing others to bump into each other, while they're only just trying to have a conversation (about Polpo's death, but still). Very subtle you guys.
    • And simply the fact that literally every gang member, both in Bruno's gang and the enemy gangs, are all dressed so over the top absurd, and all the non-gang members are dressed much more normally. Hell, it may as well be a massive Failed a Spot Check each time they're trying to find the stand user among the crowd!
  • Bucciarati's gang's Establishing Character Moments.
    • Mista making a fuss over being served four cakes. Fugo tells him to just not eat them anyway, but Mista dramatically insists that he still wants to.
    • 16 X 55 = 28. Fugo has Narancia solve a math problem. That was his answer, even after correctly writing down 5 X 6 = 30. Fugo's response? Stab Narancia in the face with a fork and slam his head against the table. Mista and Abbacchio barely paid it any mind, implying that this happens so much it's normal.
      Mista: Oh boy, he's lost it now. Hey Abbacchio, are you gonna eat that cake?
    • Before Narancia and Fugo can start a fight, Bucciarati arrives to introduce Giorno to the group. They all shoot a Death Glare at Giorno for a moment before immediately going back to acting normal as if they weren't just trying to kill each other.
    • Then Abbacchio, who's been passively silent in the wake of his teammates antics up to this point, takes a tea kettle, pisses in it, and serves it to Giorno.
    • Giorno notices the scent, secretly changes one of his teeth into a jellyfish, and dramatically sips the whole damn cup in one go while the jellyfish absorbs all the liquid.
  • Speaking of Sparite earlier, when Mista shorts out Narancia's radio by pouring his drink into it. Narancia then complains that the radio is defective, even though it works perfectly fine during the torture dance.

    Sex Pistols Appears 
  • After defeating Zucchero, Narancia, Mista, and Fugo start dancing. Even better, it made it into All-Star Battle!
    • They were doing this while Zucchero, as a disembodied head, was hung by Mista on a fishing hook by the eyelid, while his eyes were being cooked by the sun magnified through a pair of glasses.
    • The anime actually expands the scene with Mista and Fugo joining in after Narancia starts it up, and Zucchero's brain starts suffering brief bouts of a Disney Acid Sequence in sync to the music!
    • And best of all, the entire torture dance sequence is only a few panels in the manga. One would expect the anime to make it a quick throwaway gag, but David Production went all-out with this particular segment, playing it like a music video, complete with trippy visuals!
    • The mere fact that when Mista notices Narancia dancing he joins in and syncs his moves up perfectly and then Fugo notices them dancing and does the same, both times without prompting. The only explanation barring Rule of Funny is the idea that the three of them have practiced this dance before.
    • In addition, once they return from below deck Abbacchio and Bucciarati walk in on them mid-dance and don't react like this is anything strange; they've seen it so many times before they don't care.
      • And to top it off, Abbacchio uses his Stand to listen to Zucchero's radio call, meaning absolutely none of this was needed.
  • While sneaking around on Capri while trying to capture Zucchero's partner, Mista randomly pulls out some dining utensils, some sausage, and bread. When Giorno calls him out that their target could move much sooner and that now is no time to eat, Mista snaps back that his Six Pistols are expecting their lunchtime.
    • Also, the Pistols bickering with each other over food, and Mista scolding them like a frustrated dad with a bunch of rowdy toddlers.
    • Mista was also dining on a small table. Where did he get that from?
  • Mista, being forced to fight Sale atop of a moving truck, repeatedly telling the driver when to stop and drive at different points. The poor, poor driver freaks out, confused whether to stop or drive because Mista keeps threatening him either way.
    • After the fight, the truck driver complains to himself about being ordered around the entire time and swears to himself that he’d tell whoever tells him to drive where again to piss off. Then Giorno, who has no idea that the situation is resolved and was still trying to find a car to get to Mista, hops in the truck and tells him to drive to the top of the mountain.
      Giorno: (*enters the truck*) I'm terribly sorry, but I'm chasing someone. Could you take me to the top of the island in this truck?
      Driver: (*grits his teeth in hesitation*)
      Giorno: (*slams the dashboard and angrily demands*) QUIT WASTING TIME! I'M DESPERATE HERE! YOU'RE GONNA DRIVE! GOT IT!?
      Driver: (*scared*) Y-yes sir...
    • Made even more hilarious when you remember that DIO pulled the same stunt to chase Joseph and Kakyoin, complete with Giorno needing to threaten the poor guy when he doesn't reply fast enough.
  • When Mista finally manages to land half a bullet into Sale's head, he stands motionless for a few moments...leaving Mista wondering if he actually survived that...then he promptly goes wall-eyed in the most hilarious way possible before he drops seemingly dead.
    • After which, the Pistols start celebrating and high-fiving each other...except poor 5, whom 3 punches in the face until he cries.

    Narancia's Aerosmith 
  • To mend a gunshot wound Mista sustained in his fight with Sale, Narancia and Fugo, in a grand display of ingenuity, staple his wound shut.
    • Mista is worried for a moment, but then he says that he likes how it looks.
  • There are two janitors arrive at the bathroom they were hiding in. Narancia steps out to stop them, only for one of the Janitors to pull a I don't see your name on it and goes in anyway. Narancia pulls a knife on him and immediately gets his ass kicked. Then we find out that was Trish and an escort in disguise who were there to hand her off to Bucciarati and the group.
    • Then when Trish changes out of her disguise, she asks Fugo for his coat and uses it as a handkerchief:
      Trish:I don't have a handkerchief with me, so go buy one for me. Also, some stockings and Givenchy Blush No. 2. The stockings need to be reinforced at the thighs. And get the latest edition of Vogue Italia, too, and some mineral water. I'd rather die than drink one that's not from France, though. When you're done gawking at the scenery, go buy that stuff for me.
      Fugo: (*brief silence, then he throws his coat in frustration*) ARGH!
  • Narancia goes shopping.
    • The sight of a bizarrely-dressed kid driving a car too big for him is funny enough, but it gets even better when he starts playing the same song from the torture dance on the radio!
    • And prior to this, Fugo tries to give him instructions on how to drive in circles to avoid being followed back to the hideout. In a repeat of the math problem incident, Fugo tries to make Narancia repeat what was told to him, and painfully jabs him with the car key whenever he's wrong. Narancia complains to Abbacchio, who only has the worst "I'm surrounded by idiots" expression in response.
    • And when Abbacchio insists that Narancia go shopping as his Stand ability would be useful to avoid being detected, Narancia gets all smug about it and laughs in Fugo's face while twirling the keys on his finger.
    • Formaggio's reaction once a pissed off Narancia brings out Aerosmith to shoot the crap out of him? He slowly closes the car's window.
    • Narancia takes way longer than it should to figure out that he was shrinking. His knife and his shoe became significantly "bigger" and he became too short to drive the car Bucciarati rented for him. Narancia's conclusion? None of them belonged to him. Obviously. Formaggio's reaction to this is either amusement (anime) or genuine annoyance and disbelief (Manga).
  • The anime added a small scene for La Squadra. Just chilling out at a restaurant in their flashy get-up - Prosciutto casually berates Pesci about ordering a glass of milk in such a place, and everyone on the table just gives a disgusted look at Melone when he sees a woman and commences Lecherous Licking (who is with their target, and becomes a casualty of Little Feet), all while grins sheepishly.
  • Pesci. Just look at him.
    • There's also a bit of hilarity where unlike the other members of La Squadra, he refuses to drink alcohol. He prefers milk.
    • His lack of neck and chin is further emphasized in the anime where it does a rubbery sound whenever Pesci turns his head around.
  • In a bit of Black Comedy, Formaggio laughing about how huge Polpo's corpse was, and how they would probably have to chop him up into little pieces to even fit in the crematorium.
  • In Narancia's flashback, Fugo yelling "I'D LIKE TO FEED HIM SOME SPAGHETTI, PLEASE!"

    Man in the Mirror and Purple Haze 
  • Abbacchio pokes Giorno's chest while they argue about leaving Fugo behind.
    • What makes it absolutely hilarious is the way it's framed: the camera first pans across a closeup of Abbacchio's eyes, then zooms in to the heart-shaped window exposing Giorno's chest, followed by Abba's finger poking the bare skin with a sharp noise and Giorno slightly recoiling.
    • The Memetic Mutation following this scene makes it even funnier, due to its Ho Yay implications, as well as the fact that Giorno is only 15, which spawned tons of memes about the FBI chasing down Abbacchio.
  • When Fugo's Stand, Purple Haze, appears, it at first seems to be a Knight of Cerebus... then it suddenly starts its obsessive self-cleaning, complete with a closeup of its sparkling leg after it's done with it. The noises it makes while doing so are comedy gold.
  • The brick snake. Giorno turns a brick into a snake, whose midsection is still a brick. Then the brick snake slithers away, making scraping brick noises as it goes.
  • In order to survive deliberately infecting himself with Purple Haze's virus, Giorno uses his Stand to make a snake (which is immune due to the brick it was made from being exposed to the virus) and extracts its blood to use as an antiviral serum, which Gold Experience injects into him by stabbing him with its fingers. Obviously, the process of injecting it and curing the virus must be extremely painful, but the anime turns this into a comedic moment by showing Giorno rolling around on the floor while screaming in pain in an over-the-top way. Meanwhile Fugo is having a heartfelt internal monologue about how amazing Giorno is while he's rolling around on the ground still, admittedly muffled by Fugo's internal dialogue, audibly howling in pain.

    Express Train to Florence 
  • Narancia nonchalantly tossing the newly acquired key over to Abbacchio, which instead lands on his wrist. The same wrist Abbacchio had to cut off to get the key away from Illuso and then visibly reattached by Bucciarati's stand off-screen apparently 15 minutes ago. Cue immense pain for Abbacchio.
  • Fugo falling face-first into Trish's boobs. Initially Fugo ponders at Trish's current situation. Then Mista ice-breaking the moment by telling him that he can't help but stare at Trish's chest. Fugo gulps and sweats, but when the van suddenly turns makes Fugo stumble and fall onto Trish's chest. Mista then proceeds to pull a Suspiciously Specific Denial until Fugo calls him out.
    • This moment is even worse in the manga, as not only is Trish's areola is visible, and Mista says the boss will KILL Fugo for looking.
    Mista: WAAAAAAAAAAAGH! (pulls Fugo away from a shocked Trish) Please forgive Fugo! He didn't mean any harm! He wasn't trying to take advantage of sudden braking to see your breasts or stroke your thighs under your skirt! He just couldn't help himself!
    Fugo: Hey, stop that! I actually lost my balance, but you're making it sound worse!
  • On paper, Bucciarati struggling to find a lock to fit the Boss' key into while two assassins are closing in him, only to find a turtle with a hole that's the exact same shape of the key is hilarious. That, and the fact he had no idea that they were already following him from several feet the whole time.

    The Grateful Dead 
  • After finally defeating Prosciutto and Pesci and discovering that Trish is a Stand User Bucciarati spends a moment in shock with a tiny bubble in the corner of the page with Sex Pistols mentioning that he had completely forgotten about Mista, who is pictured lying on the ground in a pool of his own blood. Sadly, this detail didn't make it into the anime.
    • Another gag that wasn't adapted was when the rest of the gang turned back to normal. Abbacchio and Fugo have no idea what was happening because they were asleep the entire time, and Abbacchio only wakes up briefly to tell Giorno to keep watch. Narancia, who was awake to feel the effects of the Grateful Dead, doesn't remember anything and his main gripe was the dead banana he was about to eat a while ago, which he proceeds to pester Giorno over.

    Baby Face 
  • While the gang is inside Coco Jumbo, Mista is surprised to see the Pistols munching on a hamburger, which they stole from the truck driver. The driver, surprised to see his burger gone and a turtle in its place, picks up Coco Jumbo to investigate...and then Mista reaches out of the turtle and punches him out cold.
    • And then the truck predictably crashes.
  • While inside Coco Jumbo, Trish exclaims that she needs to pee. Cue Bruno making a zipper inside a closet and telling her to use it as a toilet. Trish is visibly horrified.
    Bruno: Let's make the closet a toilet. Please, go ahead.
    Trish: Go ahead?
    Bruno: You said you had to go to the bathroom. I don't know where it leads underneath that, but I'm sure the turtle will be fine. It might actually get nutrients from it.
    Trish: (grumbles) I have no idea what you're trying to say...
    • Giorno then interrupts the scene by peeking into the hidden room, confirming Bruno a car has been procured. From Bruno and Trish's POV his face is absolutely HUGE.
  • Melone "educating" Baby Face is Black Comedy in spades, where he reads children's books to it, with pictures of various animals, teaching it things about each animal, then showing all of aforementioned animals attacking and killing Bruno.
    • Then he shows it another panel of various sports objects, then teaches how to use them in "fun" ways, cutting to pictures of killing the rest of Bucciarati's group!
    • It doesn't help that the pictures of Bucciarati's team members on Melone's computer are awkwardly super deformed, like poorly-drawn chibis that bear a slight resemblance to Koichi.
  • Giorno trying to warn the rest team that he's under attack after Baby Face cuts out his throat. Narancia takes Giorno's waving as Bucciarati telling them to hurry up on stealing a car.
  • During the battle against Baby Face, Giorno turns his own hand into a piranha and uses it to chew apart Baby Face from the inside! Kars would be proud.
  • As it burns to death, Baby Face is groaning out various synonyms of "burning."

    White Album 
  • A flashback shows how Mista came to join the gang: Bruno bailed him out of prison and ordered him some food. Bruno orders four cakes, causing Mista to eye him suspiciously, but at the last moment, Bruno orders a fifth cake for himself, prompting a smile from Mista and him saying "I think we'll get along well." That's right, Mista joined Passione because their leader doesn't order four cakes.
  • Mista and Giorno driving away at full speed down the highway, desperately fleeing from the world's angriest ice skater. That is all.
  • Ghiaccio pissed off mid-battle by Giorno mispronouncing Venice. Makes you wonder how often he disrupted the Squad's activities by randomly ranting off-topic things.
    Ghiaccio: You know Paris, France? In English , they pronounce it "Paris," but everyone else pronounces it without the "s" sound, like the French do. But with Venezia, everyone pronounces it the English way, "Venice." Like The Merchant of Venice or Death in Venice... (clenches his teeth, then throws out his frustration) WHY, THOUGH!? WHY ISN'T THE TITLE DEATH IN VENEZIA!? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!? IT TAKES PLACE IN ITALY, SO USE THE ITALIAN WORD, DAMMIT! THAT SHIT PISSES ME OFF! BUNCH OF DUMBASSES!
    • During the dramatic color shifts, Ghiaccio's hair sometimes turns pink, and given his hairstyle it looks like his brain is showing.
    • When Mista loses a finger, he seems to be more distressed that he only has 4 fingers left, than the fact that he lost a body part to frostbite!
  • The infamous "succ" scene. At first, it is a heartwarming moment for Giorno and Mista when Mista acknowledges that he and Giorno’s resolve are Not So Different. After their fight with Ghiaccio, Giorno has to heal Mista by turning the bullets in his wounds into flesh that patches up his wounds. However, the process is extremely painful, meaning Mista groans and howls in pain while Giorno is bent over him, touching his body all over. Even Giorno warns Mista that Gold Experience isn’t suited to fix things.
    • Plus, while Giorno was restoring the wounds, it hurting for Mista lead to him saying some insinuating stuff in Comical Overreacting way:
      Mista: OUCH! O-OW! Be gentler! Be gentler, damn it, Giorno!
      Giorno: I told you, I can’t. You’re a gangster, so please quit fussing. There are about 18 more wounds, so you’ll have to remove some of your clothes for me to plug the rest.
    • To add insult to injury, Narancia saw most of it, making him pull Joseph's "OH MY GOD" face. The anime version of this scene omits said gesture, but Narancia's WTF reaction is much more pronounced, combined with Dramatic Thunder.
      Mista: Ack! Giorno!
      Narancia: There they are! Hey, Mista! Gio–
      Mista: Be gentler! Be gentler, damn it! Don’t take off my clothes! I’ll feel it more!
      Narancia: !!!!!! (surprised, then immediately cowers in embarrassment)
      Bucciarati: Well, Narancia? Did you find those two?
      Narancia: Huh? W-well, u-um… N-No! Huh!? Suddenly there’s something in my eye? I can’t see! I can’t see them clearly!
      Mista: Giorno, no! Don’t! N-no more! I-I can’t! BE GENTLER, DAMMIII~T!!!
    • In the anime, it doesn't help that the outro song is Freek'n You, which plays instantly after the entire scene.
    • Also, the anime includes a romantic but otherwise comedic Venetian styled music for this scene. And it is the exact same music when Mista feeding his Sex Pistols!
    • Giorno's position in the anime is even more hilarious when it looks like he is giving Mista a handjob before lowering his head at his crotch level. Is it any wonder why Narancia misunderstood the situation?
    • The voice acting for this scene only adds to the hilarity. Needless to say, Mista Screams Like a Little Girl!

    The Mystery of King Crimson 
  • Though it's meant to be a dark and threatening scene where King Crimson is first revealed, it ends up becoming a bit of Narm in the anime because Epitaph, the smaller face on King Crimson's forehead, is somewhat poorly drawn in further-away shots. Sometimes it even looks so happy!
  • The scene where Bruno decides to betray the gang and leaves behind Fugo is a tragic and powerful scene...if it weren't for Narancia being inexplicably able to talk underwater as he desperately swims after Bruno's boat.


    Clash and Talking Head 
  • The group is eating, then Narancia accidentally stains some dude's clothes. The man gets angry and shouts at Narancia, who, being Narancia, almost mechanically uppercuts the man with a glass of wine thinking he's an assassin. Then Mista joins in on kicking the crap out of him.
    Man: You bastard! What the hell do you think you're doing!?
    Narancia: Huh?
    Man: (grabs Narancia) What are you gonna do about this, you little shit!? You think you can pay for this!? This suit cost four million lire! Let's take this outside!
    (Narancia squint his eyes, then retaliates by smacking him with the glass of red wine he was holding)
    Narancia: You must be the enemy!
    Mista: What!?
    (One second later, Narancia and Mista start kicking the man)
    Narancia: You an enemy!? Huh!?
    Mista: Well, are you!?
    Narancia: You an enemy!? Take that! And that!
    • Abbacchio stares at the beatdown with contempt for a few seconds and just takes a long swig of red wine. Then the scene immediately cuts to him joining in the beatdown shortly after before he stops and realizes he's not an enemy, then wonder about whether the stain can be cleaned and how to do it. While the man is unconscious. Seemingly not noticing the blood stains on his suit from the beatdown. Comedic sociopathy, thy name is Jojo.
      Abbacchio: Hold it, Narancia, Mista. I don't think this guy's an enemy. He's unconscious. He's totally just a random civilian.
      Narancia, staring at the man's beaten and bloody body: What? Are you serious? Crap! What am I gonna do?
      Mista: Yeah, this stain's gonna hard to get out. A single drop of red wine on a white suit really stands out.
      Narancia: I can't pay for this shit!
      Mista: Well, the location of the stain might make it look like a button. If he puts a button there, he can hide it.
    • The guy is also dressed in duller colors that actually would blend in with a normal crowd. Which, given JJBA's track record, means that he most definitely is NOT a Stand User. He doesn't have the fashion sense of one.
    • Before that, Giorno noted that the food could have been poisoned by Passione after they defected. So Abbacchio feeds to the unconscious man.
      Abbacchio: While we're at it, let's get him to make sure there isn't any poison in our food.
      Narancia: (chuckles)
      Mista: That's a great idea!
  • Narancia's antics in trying to warn/protect the gang from danger while under the effects of Tiziano's stand, Talking Head, which attaches itself to the victims tongue and makes them say the opposite of he's actually thinking.
    • Every time one of the group asks if he's okay. To which he shakes his head yes and..
      Narancia: Yes, I'm alright. (No! That's not it!)
    • Narancia trying to keep Giorno from taking the canal to escape, knowing that the water would make it easier for Clash to attack. Only from Giorno's perspective, Narancia keeps agreeing with him and contradicting himself by physically keeping him from walking over to the boat.
    • He comes with another solution for telling them about the other stand attacking them (Manga only, sadly), Squalo's Clash, by writing down "Water's its weapon! There's a Stand beneath my tongue!'' on his arm. Instead:
    • Narancia's solution for keeping Abbacchio from investigating a public toilet: By pissing in the toilet. And Talking Head is forcing Narancia to tell him to look at it. Watching Abbacchio freaking out is priceless.
      Narancia: Look at me! (Don't look at me!) Look in here! (Don't look in here!)
      Abbacchio: Wh-what the hell? That's disgusting!
      Narancia: Come over here, Abbacchio! (Don't come, Abbacchio!) Look in here! (Don't look in here!)
      Abbacchio: What are you talking about!? Have you turned into some kind of pervert!?
      Mista: We're trying to investigate because you said you saw the enemy in here! Did you see them in here?
      Narancia: Of course I—! (closes his mouth)
      Abbacchio: Seriously, what's your problem?
    • The best thing about this is that Abbacchio is in no place to think that looking at Narancia's piss is disgusting and perverted.

    Notorious B.I.G 
  • Creepiness aside, Carne. If you thought Pesci was a mess, take a look at this guy. Also, his fly is open.
    • In a meta sense, the fact that the studio actually bothered to cast a new voice actor (a pretty noteworthy one too) for a character with less than a minute of screentime before he bites the dust... By the way, those lines consist in a chuckle, some sounds of pain and the screeches that Notorious B.I.G makes... that's all.
  • As a precaution for the severed fingers Giorno found in a fridge, Bucciarati declares that he's going to throw them out with Sticky Fingers. While on a moving plane. The rest of the Gang understandably panic and hold on to the chairs while Bucciarati zips them out so quickly that no suction occurs.
    Bucciarati: Guess you didn't need to hang on after all.
    • The fact that he didn't bother to calm them down and explain exactly what was going to happen is this. Either Bucciarati didn't see what the difference would be if he did or he took the opportunity to be a Troll.
  • After getting rid of the severed fingers Giorno is back in his seat on the plane. He notices some writing scribbled on the wall and muses about it before wondering how it got there. As the scribbles become more and more ominous he stumbles across "Notorious B.I.G.", followed by his own name. Cue Giorno exclaiming "WHAAAAT?!" in the most ridiculous and over the top way, not unlike a certain father of his. It gets even better when not more than a few seconds later he yells it again.

    Spice Girl 
  • Diavolo's escape from the hotel room when the cleaning lady came in after the Notorious B.I.G fight counts as this under fridge humor. This is because King Crimson can only erase up to 10 seconds of time, meaning that in 10 seconds, he 1) Somehow managed to keep all his notes and photos of the protagonists and various miscellaneous stuff, 2) Clean up the wrecked laptop and 3) Jump out the window. It's like the situation when Polnareff encounters DIO and The World for the first time. Summed up in this comic dub.

    My Name is Doppio 
  • Doppio's antics of swinging back and forth between funny and downright creepy.
    • His "phone call" is even more hysterical in the anime, randomly imitating a ringtone with a high pitch. Counts as a Mood Whiplash as well, coming after almost murdering a taxi driver.

    "Green Day" and "Oasis" 
  • In the anime when Cioccolata is having his moment with Secco, his voice actor's delivery of the "Good good good"s sounds oddly amusing and in a strangely affectionate manner.
  • The start of Bucciarati's fight with Secco, where the latter gets his words messed up and Bucciarati bothers to correct him.
    Secco: How dare you ambush me back in that village back... I'm never falling for that again. How dare you do cleaver!? No wait... something so lever... no wait... something so beaver. Wait, or was it sever? Griever?
    Bucciarati: You mean "clever?"
    Secco: !!?. I knew that, dammit! What are you, a language teacher?! Y-y-you jerk!
    • Immediately after this, Secco pulls out his camera to set up a recording of the fight. Bucciarati is in mild disbelief for a seconds, and tries pulling a cheap shot on Secco while he's distracted. He gets kicked in the face for it.
  • Cioccolata is one of the most dangerous and evil opponents that the group faces. Which makes it that much funnier when Giorno finally gets the drop on him. The result? Seven solid pages of nothing but Giorno pummeling the everloving hell out of Cioccolata. And then as the coup de grace, Cioccolata lands in the back of a garbage truck when the beatdown is finally over. In the anime, the trash compactor closes in on itself right after Cioccolata's landing as a final "fuck you" for the Mad Doctor.
  • When Giorno and Pistol #5 investigate the helicopter, they are ambushed by Cioccolata, who had hidden himself in the helicopter. When Giorno tries to restrain him, he responds by cutting his own body in half, followed by a creepy yet utterly hilarious scene of Ciocolatta's upper half struggling to escape by flopping away like a fish out of water, his spine trailing behind him as he wriggles to safety.
  • Listening to Cioccolata's voicemail, Secco becomes delirious at the promise of FIVE sugar cubes, causing him to make ridiculous barking noises and the background to turn pink with hearts.
  • Cioccolata and Secco are featured as boss fights in the PS2 game. In Giorno's fight against the former, Cioccolata is his main target, while Green Day... just kind of slides around the rooftop in whatever way it feels like, ambivalently sponging out its mold while its master is getting pummeled to bits.
  • Secco's death, especially in the anime. After having Bucciarati sealing his left arm with a zipper (while he has Oasis's ability activated, a process who would turn his throat into mud, killing him), he tries to escape from the battlefield, only to trip down just as, at the same time, an inflammable garbage truck was passing by and stopped right after him, falling into it in a pretty ridiculous fashion, mirroring Cioccolata's fate an episode ago. It has to be seen to be believed.
    • Even better when you realize it's the same truck that Cioccolata fell into, as Secco began to shout his name after tripping into the truck.

    His Name is Diavolo 
  • Realizing that Bucciarati can't see or hear anyone but him, Doppio pretends to be an innocent bystander helping him out. Until he sees the rest of the gang and moves to kill Bucciarati in a panic when Mista's walking over. Then:
    Doppio: [[Makes ringing noises]] I-I wonder what that sound was. [[More ringing noises]]
    Bucciarati: What the hell are you doing? What did you just say?
    • Doppio assumes this is going to blow his cover. When he picks the phone he... has a surprising choice of words for the boss.
    • Yelling shouldn't be helping matters at all, but Bucciarati doesn't bat an eye and the Gang don't even notice the random yelling.
  • Bucciarati, now only being able to see Doppio as Trish, inadvertently outs him to Polnareff as a girl. This is what Diavolo, of all people, tells Doppio to do to ward off suspicion. And it works.
    Diavolo: Listen to me. This is what you're going to say: "Do you have a problem with me being a girl" Go on, say it Doppio!
    Doppio: Do you have a problem with me being a girl!?
    Polnareff: (Beat) ....I guess I said something I shouldn't have.
  • It wasn't as clear in the manga, but Silver Chariot throws a wheel-chaired Polnareff through the air to try and escape from Diavolo. Polnareff, you've done some stupid things before, but what were you trying to accomplish by flinging yourself straight up?

    The Requiem Quietly Plays 
  • The whole body-swap thing. But Mista and Trish's reactions to it take the cake.
    Trish: (looking at a mirror) Oh, no. I... I...
    (Mista and Trish looking at each other, then suddenly...)
    Trish: WHAT'S WITH THIS FACE!? THIS BODY! (smells her swapped body) I-I stink! My armpits... smell so baaaaaaaaaad!
    Mista: H-Hey, come on, Trish! That's not the problem right now! We were attacked by a Stand. It's definitely not the boss' King Crimson, but our minds have been swapped for some reason!
    Trish: KYAAAAH! I have hair growing on my fingers, and my nails are so gross and malformed! And they have so much dirt under them! I can't deal with this! (sniffs Mista's hand) I knew it! That stinks, too! Why!? Why did I have to be Mista!?
    Mista: How am I supposed to know? Probably because we fell asleep near each other. Is that really what you think about me? (sniffs Trish's hand) Do I smell that bad?
    Trish: Hey you! What the hell are you touching there!? (looking at Mista, scratching Trish's groin)
    Mista: Whoa, don't get the wrong idea! I wasn't trying to touch it! It's just itchy around the elastic!
    Mista: O-okay, I got it!
    Trish: If you spread your legs any further, I'll kill you!
    Mista: Okay, I get it! But you're wearing panties to make your butt look firmer, so everything's so tight and itchy! You're even wearing a push-up bra.
    Trish: (shaking Mista in Trish's body) Just so we're clear, the next time you stick your hand into my skirt, I'll kill you! I'm going to... curse you to death! (cry's over into "Narancia's" chest) Narancia!
    Mista: Tch. Don't you get it? That's Giorno. And so what, you're going to kill yourself? (spits)
    • Finally given an anime adaptation. It really is something else seeing Mista and Trish lose it collectively over their changes, especially Trish who seems to completely disregard that her kinslaying-wannabe father was around recently in favor of telling Mista to not stick his fingers around her body just because he cannot handle tighter fitting underwear.
      • Additionally in the anime version it's funny to see the normally cool and controlled Giorno (in Narancia's body) actually taken so off-guard by Trish (in Mista's body) crying against him to the point it's Narancia (in Giorno's body) of all people that is looking the most focused and intense.
      • The fact that during the swap, they keep the correct voices, something which is rarely done with body swaps in animation, leading to things like Mista's voice coming out high-pitched and Narancia's being deadpan and serious. The icing on the cake in terms of hilariousness is Giorno going from normally stoic and serious to Narancia's childish and hyper personality, complete with wacky expressions.
  • Number One of Mista's Sex Pistols going berserk while attacking him is pretty hilarious, making weird noises and kicking at Trish's body.
    • Speaking of Sex Pistols and Trish’s body: in the manga, several of them are REALLY happy that Mista is now a girl.
      • The final bit of icing on the cake is that one must remember that Stands are the extension of a user’s soul. It’s now safe to say what Mista thinks of Trish.

    Gold Experience Requiem 
  • In the anime, Diavolo yells "Who the hell do you think I am?!" Now, remember who his seiyuu voiced?
  • When Diavolo is first experiencing Gold Experience Requiem's power, he just looks back to see himself in every time frame, and one by one they say "Wha-!" over and over again. His internal monologue when this happens is pure gold.
    Diavolo: What is this? Wh-What am I seeing!? A-Am I dreaming? Am I witnessing some kind of illusion!? No, that can't be true! The only one who can move within the time I've disposed of is me, Diavolo!

    Sleeping Slaves (epilogue) 
  • Mista musing on how human flesh probably doesn't taste that good.
  • In the anime, after Mista crashes onto the car, Fugo crawls out of it. What makes it hilarious is that it's from far away.
  • The fact that after defeating Diavolo, Trish is snatched from under the Gang's noses yet again, this time by Polnareff, to call attention to the fact that he is still inside the turtle and about to be left behind!


  • On a meta example, when the anime's teasers dropped, they switched over to trailers giving brief summaries. First came Giorno's trailer (second trailer including the announcement), then Abbacchio's (third trailer including the announcement), and, somewhat appropriately, Mista's (fourth trailer, including the announcement).
    • Whether by design or coincidence, Mista makes his first official anime appearance at the end of Episode Four.
  • Someone on Japanese twitter tried to comprehend how Narancia got 16 x 55 = 30.
  • All the characters in Vento Aureo are named after food, with the odd one out being Giorno Giovanna himself. Of course, via Memetic Mutation, there were a lot of DiGiorno pizza jokes, which was only made funnier by the official DiGiorno's Twitter acknowledging the joke.
  • The songs chosen for Jojo's EDs are usually tonally fitting. Roundabout fit the almost fantastical adventures of Jonathan and Joseph Joestar, Walk Like an Egyptian set the tone for the first half of Jotaro's adventure to Egypt while Last Train Home provided the melancholy needed for the darker second half. I Want You provided a small town feeling while pulling double duty in expressing that Josuke's journey involved finding someone. So what song does Vento Aureo get in its first half? Jodeci's Freek'n You. The sheer Mood Whiplash of going from dramatic moments to the lines "Every time I close my eyes, I wake up feeling so horny" is mindblowing.
  • Due to King Crimson's songs being effectively deleted from YouTube due to copyright issues, many fans have jokingly stated that Robert Fripp wants to erase his music from existence, similar to how Diavolo wants to erase all traces of his past. Some of the uploads skip segments of the songs to avoid this which just emphasizes further how "King Crimson has erased time".
  • "Ghiaccio gets upset over Hit or Miss". This is completely in-character for him, and Melone's reaction to Ghiaccio calling him just to rant about it is priceless.
  • A promotion for the tea that Abbacchio pissed in, named "Abba-tea", was made as an April Fools prank. The description only makes it better.
    Abba’s tea is a tea with 100% of naturally derived ingredients extracted from Mr. Abbacchio. It is a precious gem that can only produce six bottles per day, adhering to thorough quality control. Please try it before meals and at teatime. To ensure that "abba-tea" is always served freshly squeezed from Mr. Abbacchio, we fed him copious amounts of avocados and melon, which have diuretic effects, and succeeded at harvesting 11 times a day (much more than the average urination of 6-7 times a day). We also gave him herbs and the like to create a fruity sensation of the tea going down your throat. There's no need to turn your teeth into jellyfish anymore!!
  • The second ending, "Modern Crusaders" depicts every stand in the part vertically from the boot to the top in mostly chronological order. At the bottom is Scolippi's Rolling Stone, a literal ball of stone. DP understandably didn't think that was a spoiler worth keeping under wraps. It's especially hilarious for anime-only watchers to realize that they've been watching a Stand the entire time before its debut in the anime. And then people noticed the same stone shaped into Bruno was right behind the statue in the very beginning of the first opening. That damn stone has been stalking us from the start like it did for Mista!
  • Corrupting the Playstation 2 video game adaptation produces results as hilarious as they are horrifying. Highlights include the narrator of the opening exposition having a seizure upon trying to say "Giovanna", and a giant Narancia whose Aerosmith uses the model for Bruno.
  • Episode 30 was accidentally posted on Crunchyroll with the subtitles from an episode of Fruits Basket. This lead to some amusing screencaps like Cioccolata and Secco sharing a tender, romantic moment or discussing proper seahorse care.

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