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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Jolyne's first appearance... Banging her head against a bed within a prison cell and wishing to die after a guard that looked like Tom Cruise saw her on A Date with Rosie Palms.
  • During a full cavity search, Jolyne begins to pose like a model. The two female cops don't seem to mind.
  • Ermes tries to cheer up Thunder to keep him from electrocuting himself.
    Ermes: Whenever someone says "This Monday was a bad day," they'll say to themselves that "Saturday will be better." That's how we continue to live! No one lives a life of only Mondays!
    Thunder: I was arrested on a Saturday.
    Ermes: ...
    • Even funnier: before that, Ermes offered Xander her panties. And he was actually interested, too (if only for a moment)!
  • How does F.F. hide the Star Platinum disc? Enlarge her breasts and hide it in the cleavage.
  • To provide context for the trope image: F.F. is still getting used to inhabiting a human body, and needs water to survive, so she brings a large cup full of water with her everywhere she goes. When some random prisoner takes the cup and drinks from it. Big mistake. F.F. shoots some plankton into his mouth and forces him to regurgitate what he just drank, only to be overjoyed to see that there's more "water" in the cup afterwards.
  • While under the effects Jumpin' Jack Flash, Jolyne and Weather Report encounter more trouble.
    Jolyne: I... I don't know why this happened so suddenly, but, uh, You know it could happen to anyone! Even the pope probably doesn't have control over this!
    Weather Report: What are you talking about?
    Jolyne: You know, There's that thing, "number 1" and "number 2", has to do with bowel movements, the one that starts with a p!! I might do it in my pants! I'm really glad it's not "number 2", but it's still a natural urge! It must have something to do with zero-gravity. If we don't solve this, it's gonna be bad, in a different sense!
    • After beating the hell out of Lang Ranger, Jolyne dumps him in a clothing bin. The fact that she did this so the guards wouldn't sound the alarm at the sight of a bloody, unconscious dude doesn't negate this.
    • Pucci has Whitesnake point a handgun at Savage Garden: a literal pigeon sent to get Jotaro's Stand Disc.
    • When Jolyne gets shot, an injured Weather Report calls down a rain of poisonous frogs to save her. Pucci gets caught in the middle of it while locked outside a gate in the courtyard and starts counting prime numbers to calm himself.
    Pucci: 23, 28... no, it was 29... 29, 31, 37. Shit! There are frogs on my 800 dollar pants!
    • Take note that this is happening to the Big Bad, who would later kill the entire cast save Emporio no less.
  • Jolyne giving Foo Fighters advice on how to deal with the other prisoners cutting her in line during lunch.
    F.F.: What's the opposite of coffee? Something's that's not coffee...
    Jolyne: (Beat) ..Tea?
    F.F. Right! Tea! Etro's body says it wants to drink coffee, so i'm gonna ask for tea.
    • Then the lunch lady gets on it.
    Lunch Lady: 'Opposite of pork is salmon. A pig lives lazily, but a salmon opposes the river's current and conquers it!
    F.F.: I like it!!!
    Jolyne: Oh hey, open line! Keep on going!
  • Sports Maxx becomes an invisible zombie after getting killed by Ermes. Something he doesn't notice when he tries to bribe a guard and hits on a female prisoner. Speaking of her, she kicked a another male prisoner in the gut for touching her... which Sports is guilty of.
    • Believing that the prisoner did touch her (without paying) and still not figuring out that he's invisible, Sports decides to be a gentleman and drags his body out into the cemetery to take any cash he kept hidden.
    • The girl's complete obliviousness to an invisible force magically taking out money from the conscious man's sleeve and stripping him naked, believing that he's the one doing it despite not using his hands and floating in the air!
    Girl: Whoa! Why the hell are you stripping!? You mean you wanna do it with me here!? Right here, right now!? Hey, hey! You know there's a cemetery back there right!?(...) H-hey! Stop spreading you legs! Gimme a break! I'm not into weird fetishes like that!
  • The fact that the English localizations change Limp Bizkit's name to Flaccid Pancake. Some even prefer this name over the original; it's just that amazing.
  • Pucci uses Whitesnake to put a normal CD in Guccio, turning the latter into a human loudspeaker. Pucci's response? Close his eyes reverently and open his arms wide in praise.
    Pucci: Yes...praise this phenomenon...
  • Anytime Anasui tries to get a sweet moment with Jolyne; they're either just happenstance that he interprets as romantic opportunities or absurdly contrived set-ups by the man himself (such as getting FF to trip Jolyne just so she'll fall into his arms); either way, they usually end at his expense.
    • Anasui attempts to propose to Jolyne in the car while they're driving away from the prison. It's interrupted when Ermes and Jolyne notice the crocodiles on the side of the road and start yelling at them, and Jolyne chucks the ring Anasui was about to give her out the window thinking it was a rock. The best part is she doesn't even realize what Anasui was trying to do and the poor dude is heartbroken.
    • Even moreso when Anasui reveals he's going to rescue Jolyne from the maximum-security building because he fell in love with her, FF gives us this amazing dumbfounded expression.
  • Jolyne flipping off Kenzo in four different languages.
    • When F.F. fights Kenzo, Kenzo's stand "Dragon's Dream" tells F.F. her weak points because he's neutral and wants a "fair fight". Of course, since his power is about Feng Shui, he also included mundane info, such as:
    Dragon's Dream: Above your left ear. Right now, this spot is the ultimate red warning sign... Also, your lucky color is yellow and a picture of gold fish will bring you luck ...not that you have one at hand, but...
    • Before that, The lovely sight of a stand user and his stand arguing with each other when Jolyne figures out his ability.
    Kenzo: Look, Dragon's Dream! It's because you talked too much that they understand now!!
    Dragon's Dream: Shut up, old man! I'm not your lackey! Shouldn't everyone know about Feng Shui?!
  • Jolyne, after regaining her memory, sees she wrote a note to herself that says "Don't forget to wear your panties". Her realization is priceless.
    Gwess: She's got really pale skin, bright blonde, ratty hair. She's a whitey girly pig. She's about 175cm tall... She was wearing fishnets. And she just walked by!
    Jolyne: (Looks back at Miu Miu, who looks exactly how Gwess described)
  • Anasui’s desire to find Mickey Mouse.
    Anasui: “If there’s no Mickey, this shit ain’t Disney!”
  • Weather Report comes up with a way to defeat Bohemian Rhapsody, a Stand that makes characters and their stories real, which is to create your own story, of course. They just happen to be in a hurry so his character is a quick doodle of a superhero named "Put Back Man"... and the story is just "he can get rid of every other character, everything goes back to normal, the end.".
  • One panel shows the whereabouts and status of several characters during the events of Heavy Weather. Anasui's description is "Doesn't really understand what's going on. Just kind of following Weather to find Jolyne."
    • Out of context, Ermes' situation counts too.
    Touched the rainbow and for some odd reason is transforming into a snail.
  • The journalists at the end. Time may be speeding up abnormally and increasingly fast, but they're gonna show you these goddamn commercials no matter what.
  • During the effects of Made In Heaven's time-acceleration we see a mangaka fretting over his rapidly approaching deadlines. When he calls his editor to ask who could even work within these deadlines, the editor responds, "Rohan Kishibe".
  • While the accelerated time is in effect, most of the consequences shown get more serious and terrifying as the effect amplifies. Then you get a panel of a couple who takes advantage of it to have sex for 4 hours straight.


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