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Heartwarming / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

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Spoilers Off applies to all "Moments" pages, so Unmarked Spoilers Ahead!

  • A rather subtle one going into Vento Aureo concerning DIO of all people. DIO had been shown both while waiting around while his minions do his bidding and later to heal himself; he has been shown to drain female victims dry or manipulating his female minions until they're no longer in his favor - as Enya, one of his most loyal followers, found out. This is on top of the various Kick the Dog moments, he did over Phantom Blood and Stardust Crusaders, demonstrating himself to be an irredeemable monster with no humanizing qualities. Yet in spite of this, he allows not only a woman, in addition to a few others as Stone Ocean reveals, to live. Not only that, but had a child with each of them. This is a rather unexpected, humanizing action from what was considered to a pure evil character, especially one that treated women poorly.
  • The unnamed Gangster Giorno saved paying back the debt he owed Giorno by making his life better. His stepdad stopped beating him, he was invited to movies, he got ice cream for free, and the man also tried to avoid Giorno being sucked into the life of a mafioso. All of this because Giorno covered for him.
  • A violent one, but Giorno really shows that he truly will not let evildoers get their way after Black Sabbath's fight, when he transforms a banana into a gun to murder Polpo for killing an innocent old man who happened to be there. All the while putting himself in danger and doing off with a potential ally. While this definitely makes him a grey character, just the fact that, even though the death of passersby is treated as a minor fact by mafiosi (in the manga and IRL), Giorno will not let it go unpunished, really sets the tone for his beliefs.
  • Giorno ending his fight with Bucciarati, after deducing that he's a good man despite being a gangster due to the look Bucciarati gave to an unconscious boy on drugs.
    • Bucciarati further cements this nature by kicking a soccer ball (with Giorno smiling, impressed with his action) back to a group of boys after it accidentally hit him in the back.
  • Narancia's flashback of Bucciarati helping him, showing just why he is so loyal to the man. Without any questions the man paid for his education, his eye surgery and only got upset when he tried to join the mafia. But by the time the series begins, Narancia had done so anyway. Not that Bucciarati minds.
    • Throughout the first couple episodes, everyone in Naples likes Bucciarati. The Maitre'd of the restaurant holds his calls, people say "Hi" to him on the street, a fellow says he should shop at his place sometime (and Bucciarati says he will). People in the area come to him, and he listens patiently.
    • At the Marina, Buccirati tries to pay for their yacht, and makes sure they don't take Yacht #4, as Mista is scared of the number.
  • In the fight against White Album, Mista's refusal to abandon Giorno after the latter drives the car into the water is pretty sweet.
  • During the fight against The Grateful Dead, Prosciutto berates Pesci over losing his cool because Mista took away his personal glass of ice, which would stave off The Grateful Dead's aging effects. However, rather than call him an idiot, he actually sympathizes with Pesci, noting that it's perfectly reasonable to panic in that situation and he's actually only mad at him because he was extremely close to killing Mista with Beach Boy before he dispelled it in a panic. He then spends a chapter or two trying to give emotional support to Pesci, and the manner he does it is incredibly gentle and kind, akin to a big brother giving advice to his little brother. This makes it even more poignant when Prosciutto wills himself to stay alive to assist Pesci in the climax of the fight.
  • Another flashback showing Bucciarati's past shows that when his parents divorced, they asked which parent he would live with: his mother, in the city where he could receive an education, or his father in the village where he grew up. At the age of seven, Bucciarati understood that his mother would do fine in the city, but his father would be all alone in the village, and chose to stay with him.
  • A major scene where after finding out the Boss plans to kill Trish, Bucciarati decides to betray Passione, and the group is forced to make a major decision; follow Bucciarati and be branded traitors, or stay with the organization. Of the group, only Fugo states he has no intentions to follow. It seems at first that Abbacchio is following suit, listing off the risks that come with betraying the Mafia... then he walks onto to the boat.
    Abbacchio: I've never had a place to really call home, a place where I really felt like I belonged, you know? The only time I've felt at ease is... well, when I'm with you Bucciarati.
    • Mista joins them stating that he's next in line for promotion to Capo and taking the Boss' riches, acting nonchalantly as possible and showing complete faith in Bucciarati.
    Mista: (To Giorno) Listen, Bucciarati is smart as they come. No way in hell he couldn't take on an opponent he couldn't beat. We're gonna be rolling in sweet lire amico mio.
    • However, the true moment comes from Narancia, who agonizes over what to do, and begs Bucciarati to decide for him. Bucciarati orders him to stay, since if he can't come willingly, then he shouldn't bother. In the end, the boat drives off without Narancia, leaving him with Fugo. As he watches them leave, Narancia realizes that he and Trish are the same, having been betrayed by someone they trust, and chooses to defy Bucciarati's orders and leap into the water, swimming after the boat while screaming for them to wait as Fugo looks on, stunned.
    Narancia: BUCCIARATI!!! I'm going with you! I'm right here! Don't leave me! Please don't tell me to stay behind! Trish and I are the same! Her wounds are my wounds! Her pain is my pain!
    • Everyone in the boat smiles at Narancia's decision, especially in the anime, where Bruno almost sheds Tears of Joy with the warmest, sweetest smile he's ever had.
    • The anime-exclusive exchange between Narancia and the rest of Team Bucciarati after the former finally decided to follow Bucciarati is nothing short of heartwarming as well.
      Mista: You sure took your sweet ass time getting here, buddy.
      Abbacchio: You'd better not bitch and moan the whole time, you got it?
      Giorno: Narancia, you'll forever have my respect for doing this.
      Mista: (looking at Fugo from distance) So, Fugo stayed behind after all.
      Abbacchio: Well, that was his decision to make.
      Narancia: Bucciarati, I want... to protect Trish with everything I got! I swear to defeat the Boss with you!
      Bucciarati: Sounds good.
  • When the anime goes over Diavolo's past, it adds in a scene where Diavolo is shown meeting Donatella, awkwardly asking her out on a date and having a good time. Even (or perhaps especially) considering who he grows up to be, seeing him live like a normal kid can really get a few people in the feels.
  • After Abbacchio's death, he's shown to be eating in an unfamiliar place, and he hears a strange scraping noise which turns out to be a police officer searching through some broken glass to find clues. After speaking to the man for a few minutes, Abbacchio realizes he knows this his dead friend from when he himself was a cop, who died due to Abbacchio taking a bribe. Abbacchio stands up and begins walking towards a bus parked across the street, with the intention of returning to his friends... Given how cold-hearted he was to the others, especially Giorno, the line has a lot of impact.
    Officer: Where are you going, Abbacchio?
    Abbacchio: I'm getting on that bus. It's all coming back to me now... That's right! I have to get out of here! I have to help my comrades with what's coming!
    Officer: Have you forgotten Abbacchio? You came here on that bus. (Abbacchio stops) It's a last stop, I'm afraid. There's no going back, not ever.
    Abbacchio: (glancing at the officer, realizing he's his partner) Wait, it's you. All along, it was you! I took that damn bribe and you paid the price!
    Abbacchio's Partner: Oh Abbacchio, you've done so much good since then.
    Abbacchio: (is now so unbelievably at a loss for words that the only thing he can do is shed tears)
    Abbacchio's Partner: Hear me when I say, I am so proud of you, amico mio.
    • Before departing to afterlife together, Abbacchio's partner compliments Abbacchio's efforts and reassures him that the rest of Team Bucciarati sensed his will to seek out the truth.
      Abbacchio's Partner: Abbacchio, you've made everyone proud. Truly, your unrelenting determination to uncover the truth... Has made it's way into the hearts and minds of your comrades. And that, my old friend... is all that matters.
    • After the gang decides to leave Abbacchio's body behind (since staying to give a proper burial would be dangerous), there is a lingering anime-only shot of them departing, but the body is gone and in its place is a bed of flowers. One can only guess Giorno used Gold Experience to create life where their ally had given his.
  • The overall camaraderie each gang has for one another.
    • Team Bucciarati, despite their squabbling, truly care about each other. Narancia and Fugo immediately apologize to one another after their fights, they along with Mista can easily synchronize dance, and even Abbacchio indulges in their dumb conversations.
    • Their complete respect for Bucciarati is endearing as well. Abbacchio says he feels at peace with him and Narancia considers him his hero. Hell, Mista leapt out of a window from the sixth floor to ensure that Rolling Stones won't touch Bruno and kill him. Bruno saved all of their lives years ago and they all look up to him.
    • Similarly, La Squadra Esecuzioni/Hitman Team are very close and were obviously affected by Sorbet and Gelato's death not just by how gruesome it was but because they were friends not just associates. Their deaths are always on the back of Risotto's mind and because another reason why he wants to find the boss.
    • The most notable example are between Prosciutto and Pesci where Prosciutto acts like a Cool Big Bro to him and mentors him throughout the fight. And when Pesci is fighting Bucciarati he not only swears to avenge Prosciutto but also Formaggio and Illuso as well.
    • Even Cioccolata of all people gets one in the anime. When Secco listens to his voicemail, Cioccolata tells him that he values him as a partner and that he loves him, and the voice actor really makes him sound sincere when he says it (even though whether not he actually means it is left ambiguous as Cioccolata treats Secco more as a pet rather than a fellow human being). It sort of makes Secco look even more like a Jerkass when he reveals he never cared for him after finding out he died.
  • As they're on their way to meet the man at the Colosseum, Bucciarati sincerely offers Trish a place to live in the suburbs of Naples, mentioning a great restaurant and a school, which she deserves after going through all this... what makes it so bittersweet is that Trish never hears this, and Bruno only mistakes Doppio for her due to his condition.
  • A small one but still: The fact that Polnareff, after Doppio yells 'Do you have a problem with me being a girl?,' apologizes for saying "Trish" was a girls name and Doppio looks like a man, admitting he said something wrong. Small one, but Polnareff is trying to respect gender indentity.
  • In the anime adaptation, one of recurring tender piano motifs "Legame" ("Ties"/"Bonds") that accompanies scenes of decency and humanity fills your heart with warmth and hope, reminding us that being a story of mafiosi notwithstanding, Golden Wind is ultimately a story about kindness, caring, and making the world a better place.
  • During Giorno's farewell to Narancia, he promises that nothing will ever harm him again and covers Narancia's body with flowers from his home down. This takes both a figurative and literal meaning as anything created with Giorno's stand causes attacks to be redirected towards the attacker.
    Giorno: Stay put, okay? We'll be right back... You'll be safe here. I won't let anyone hurt you again, I promise... And don't you worry, when it's over we'll bring you home...
  • Trish laughing along with Mista after defeating Diavolo. A funny moment, but heartwarming when you consider that she's mostly been aloof and quiet for most of the story. Not simply because of personality, but because she was legitimately terrified of the whole situation she was brought into by the Mafia. And now that it's finally over, she finally gets to relax and breath.
  • The very end of the anime shows Giorno as the new head of Passione. When we get a shot of Polnareff/Coco Jumbo, we see a vase with the same flowers Giorno used to cover Abacchio and Narancia with when they were killed. Then at a second shot, we see a zipper as well, which symbolizes Bruno. Even though the three are gone, it's heartwarming that Giorno not only memorializes them, but they "live on" in part of Giorno's new rule as the leader of Passione.
    • In addition, the bottle of champange/sparkling wine there in the same brand as the wine Abbacchio was drinking during the memetic beatdown scene. Giorno never forgot about him either, despite their differences.
  • One from real life: this video of someone at Lucca Comics and Games, an Italian convention, holding a sign with Bruno's picture on it and the entire crowd gleefully chanting his name.

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