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Spoilers Off applies to all "Moments" pages, so all spoilers are unmarked!
Rohan, regretting everything.
Josuke: I swear, it's like we're in The Twilight Zone.
Okuyasu: I don't know what that means, but my brain hurts just watching all this weirdness.
— The two after witnessing Tamami Kobayashi's unusual change in character

Part 4 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Diamond Is Unbreakable takes on a lighter tone compared to previous parts; because of this, the bizarreness tends to manifest more in silly than shocking aspects. As a result, there are more than your usual share of Funny Moments here: aided by a more-eclectic cast of characters than usual.

Hunt For The Arrow

    Jotaro Kujo! Meets Josuke Higashikata 
  • In Part 3 one of the most notable things about Jotaro's design was the fact that his hat seemed to merge seamlessly with his hair. That was when he had a black hat though...but his hat in Part 4 is white...and it just seems to gradually fade into his black hair!
    • His first hat also had a strangely-adorable "JO" written in gold, with the O being a heart. Too bad Josuke ruined it.
  • Josuke is a 16-year old high-school student, yet is 6 feet 1 inch in height. He's nearly as big as Jotaro is, and based on his age, he's still growing! Those Joestar genes must be really strong.
    • On the opposite end of the spectrum is poor little Koichi, who has the height and appearance of an elementary student despite being Josuke's age, and looks positively tiny next to his huge buddy.
    • And that's not mentioning Okuyasu, who is supposed to be a teenager, but looks and talks rather like a middle-age man. Hardly anyone in Morioh looks their age...
  • Josuke reveals where Angelo is hiding by capturing his Stand in a rubber glove and then using it like a voodoo doll to launch him straight up into the air out of the tree he was hiding in.
  • In an interesting, dark fashion, Angelo's fate is this in a Hilarious in Hindsight way. The final enemy Josuke's father Joseph faced in Part 2 was not killed by him, but ultimately turned into stone and sent drifting through space. The first enemy Josuke faces suffers a very similar fate with him using his "repair" ability to deliver a Fate Worse than Death to the man who murdered his grandfather.
    Narrator: Angelo's Rock; a popular town landmark well-known for being a hotspot for romantic rendezvous. For years, it's charmed the residents of Morioh, despite its disturbing appearance.
  • Josuke's mother leaping onto Jotaro, thinking that he's Joseph, hugging him and telling him how much she missed "him." While still amusing, what made it hilarious was how stoically he reacted to having such a cheerful and cute young lady hugging onto him.
    • Their identical appearance is actually pointed out by Josuke at the beginning of the part. Upon seeing Jotaro, he thinks to himself "hey, that guy sorta looks like me!"
      (Flatly and lifelessly as usual): My apologies, Miss Higashikata; I'm Mr. Joestar's grandson.
    • The mere fact that Jotaro, who is bigger, older and more serious than Josuke, happens to be his nephew.
    • After hearing the fact that Jotaro is her son's Nephew (which would, in a weird way, make him her step-grandson), Tomoko completely blanks out. She's likely still reeling from the shock of accidentally nuzzling her step-grandson.
  • Josuke's relationship with his mother is rather amusing, as they have a bizarre love-hate relationship less like a mother and son, and more like an older sister who he doesn't get along with but ultimately cares a lot about. She also gets a little petty at times.
    Tomoko: Josuke! That brat ate that snack I've been saving for me... hm! I'm gonna drink his juice!
  • Josuke and Okuyasu eating at Trussardi's restaurant. Seriously, the entire thing! Especially the end where, even after ascertaining that Trussardi's not a bad guy, he still forces Josuke to stay behind and clean his kitchen top to bottom all because he busted into said kitchen without observing proper hygiene.
    (Crazy Diamond punches the plate of spaghetti)
    • The dub gives us this gem during the third act.
      Josuke: For the love of God, drop the meat!
  • Right before Red Hot Chili Pepper confronts Josuke in his house, we get a scene of Josuke playing a Gradius-like video game while Tomoko tries to get him to turn if off and do his homework. She starts kicking his back and Josuke barely even reacts to it, just leaning forward a bit and desperately trying to finish his game, with both of them ranting at each other the whole time. He's about to beat the boss when he gets hit and dies, and immediately turns completely despondent. The anime adds in a comically sad piano song in the background as Josuke laments his failure.
  • Old Joseph mishearing everything.
    Okuyasu: Red Hot Chili Pepper!
    Old Joseph: Huh? What's that about a chilly pigeon?
    • The dub's even funnier.
      Okuyasu: It's Red Hot Chili Pepper! That's not good!
      Old Joseph: Huh? You said you got me a smelly sweater? No thanks!
    • A minute later, Akira disguises himself as a SPW worker and attempts to assassinate Joseph. When caught, he fingers another worker as the assassin, only to get punched out straight away by Okuyasu. And when Akira asks how Okuyasu figured it out so quick...
      Okuyasu: I was gonna beat the shit out of both of you and sort it out later. That deduction stuff is for the birds.
  • Josuke has many poses and funny, yet suggestive statements which all could be taken a different way. Including:
    • Saying his mind tends to wander whenever ball-shaped things are involved.
    • Wanting to buy shoes and a suit with a "sexy silhouette" whilst parting his chest collar.
    • Comparing a blissful feeling to putting on a fresh pair of underwear on New Year's Day.
    • Agreeing with Yukako when she says that Koichi looks cute when he smiles.
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    • His reason for never searching for women is that he is looking for a more "pure love."
  • Josuke and Okuyasu's tips for making a girl hate you (he's trying to help Koichi shake off a very obsessed Yukako Yamagishi):
    Josuke: Well, most girls aren't into bad hygiene or momma's boys.
    Koichi: I-I don't want her to think I'm a momma's boy! She might get mad at my mom and put her in danger!
    Okuyasu: Then it's a bad hygiene for you! Starting today, don't take baths!
    Koichi: Huh?
    Josuke: Yeah, and don't brush your teeth or change your underwear.
    Okuyasu: How about getting some lice or spiders in your hair?
    Josuke: Having smelly socks is pretty bad.
    Okuyasu: Maybe you should fart all the time too!
    Josuke: Oh yes, she'll totally hate that!
  • Also comedic in a rather dark manner is all the shit that Kira goes through in order to get back his 'girlfriend'. It almost seems like something from a Three Stooges show. What it leads to, however...
  • An anime exclusive moment of funny, after it is revealed Sheer Heart Attack survived Jotaro's Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs. It suddenly jumps to presumably the end of another long series of punches, to the ending riff of 'A Party of Stardust' from part 3.
  • Koichi's Let's Get Dangerous! moment is both awesome and this, as his boast ends up going off track way too fast (Japanese version only).
  • Echoes Act 3 has disabled Sheer Heart Attack by increasing its weight. Sheer Heart Attack is linked to Kira's left hand. Which leads to the very satisfying sight of better-than-you jackass Yoshikage Kira being yanked to the ground by his suddenly-50-kilogram left hand.
    • Right before this, we have what is essentially a Double Subversion of a Hope Spot. ACT 3 jumps in to save Koichi, using his new special move Three Freeze. The attack lands... and Sheer Heart Attack shrugs it off just like all the other attacks it's tanked. Koichi goes right back to freaking out until ACT 3 points out what Three Freeze actually does.
    • Not just that, but what follows is a hilarious Humiliation Conga for Kira as he unintentionally causes property damage with his left hand, is forced to pay for it, and then gets beat up by some random thugs.
    • What's even funnier is Koichi sticking the sound effect for heat sizzle in front of Sheer Heart Attack and allowed to run around the room while he was thinking.
    • Kira's revenge for this:
      Kira: By the way, you wouldn't happen to have any tissues on hand, would you? A handkerchief would also do. What is this? I've gone out of my way to pay you my respects; the least you could do is converse with me.
      Koichi: I don't have any...
      Kira: No worries... feel free to use mine.
      [Kira punches Koichi in the face.]
      Kira: Quickly now! Your nose is gushing blood! I offered it so you could clean yourself up.
    • After said revenge, Kira notices how Koichi wears his socks inside out and goes through all the trouble of fixing Koichi's socks (and putting his shoes back on) before trying to deliver the finishing blow on him.
  • Jotaro makes a really silly one-liner once he finally confronts Kira.
    Jotaro: Nice watch. Go ahead and take one last look at it. 'Cause I'm about to bust it up. To be clear by "it", I mean your face.
    • Then after kicking the shit out of him he gets closer to the astonished Kira and delivers the line again.
    Jotaro: Good freakin' grief. I take it back. Up close, that watch is tacky as hell. Although, to be fair, that's the least of your worries now. There's something that's gonna be a lot worse than that piece of junk... And that, my friend, is your putrid face.
    • It's even funnier in the anime because Kira had said DIO's famous Catchphrase which leads one to believe Kira got beaten up because of just one word.
    • In the anime, Jotaro tries prying Sheer Heart Attack apart by its jaws. For the first time in its entire existence, it indicates it can feel something.
      Sheer Heart Attack: Ow. ow. ow ow ow OW OW-
    • In a more darkly-hilarious example, the dry cleaner that Kira has Sheer Heart Attack target is trembling in pain and fear as Sheer Heart Attack slowly climbs up on his shoulder, saying its catchphrase, "Look over here" in a menacing baritone. When the man doesn't seem to respond, SHA then gets offended and demands the man's attention like a greaser who just got the cold shoulder.
      Sheer Heart Attack: Hey, didn't you hear me? I said look over here.
  • Another from Kira which has fast become a meme itself:
    Kira: When I was a kid, I saw Mona Lisa from my garmmar school art book. The first time I saw her, with hands on her knee... How do I say this... I had a boner.
    • Even funnier is that despite coming from the Duwang translation, it's actually completely accurate, down to the use of the word "boner" (the page has the kanji for "erection" in it).
    • And then there's the dubbed anime, which manages to drop all pretense despite actually censoring the scene (at least, for TV on On-Demand; it's uncensored on home video releases):
      Kira: When I was a young boy, I remember discovering Leonardo da Vinci's enigmatic Mona Lisa while leafing through a tome of the master's works. It was my first time laying eyes on her! The beauty before me, well, it aroused something in me... it gave me a rock-hard *BEEP*.
  • During the Atom Heart Father fight, Jotaro manages to find a way to circumvent Yoshihiro's picture powers by taking a photograph of Yoshihiro's own photo so he's standing by himself. Yoshihiro tries to escape but Star Platinum straight up obliterates Yoshihiro's polaroid camera. Jotaro grabs him, slooowly folds his picture in half, before slamming it shut, vigoriously taping the picture and attaching the photo to a wall with a thumbtack. All that can be heard is Yoshihiro's muffled screaming, which sounds like a choking seagull.
  • The entirety of the arc, "I Am An Alien!", definitely deserves mention. Especially Mikitaka turning into a pair of dice and landing a perfect roll... while making Bruce Lee noises which even Josuke calls him out on.
    • The subsequent dice game scam that Josuke tries on Rohan afterward. There's something darkly hilarious about Rohan and Josuke laughing with each other during their game, then Rohan slamming a knife into his own hand and cutting his finger off to show he's not fucking around. And Rohan's house burning down yet Rohan not giving a damn about it because he's obsessed with trying to uncover Josuke's act of cheating.
      • The reveal of the latter part; Rohan and Tamami (called in as an impartial judge) are carefully studying the dice. Just when you think the sirens of passing fire trucks have given Mikitaka away (sirens make him break out in a rash in any form)...
      Tamami: I've figured it out! The sirens were coming here! Your house is on fire!
    • During the aftermath of Rohan's house burning down (which he's convinced was caused by Josuke), Rohan keeps his cool.
    Josuke: Uh, sorry about yesterday. The fire was, um, pretty bad, right?
    Rohan: Yeah. I had a complete replica of the Drexel Heritage furniture used in the movie Pretty Woman, valued at 2.5 million, which was damaged beyond repair. Not that I care or anything.
  • When Josuke finally catches up to Yuya Fungami, the user of the Highway Star Stand that nearly killed him and Rohan in the town's hospital, he finds that Fungami is merely a bed-ridden invalid, who tries to appeal to Josuke's good nature by asking whether he would really bully a weak and helpless cripple. To this, Josuke responds by healing his injuries with Crazy Diamond, and THEN while Yuya is ecstatic about his recovery:
    Josuke: Yup, you're all better's a fair fight now, right?"
    Yuya: Oh. Crap.
    • Crazy Diamond then proceeds to beat Yuya out of the window and into a fountain. The funny part is the narration following: "Yuya Fungami hospitalization extended. Josuke warns, 'If you so much as think about using Highway Star to heal yourself, I'll come back and beat you bloody again.'" Then comes another punchline: "Although being nursed back to health by adoring fangirls might not be such a bad thing..."
    • Let's not forget that Josuke got some nutrients back by drinking IV fluids.
  • Also from the Highway Star arc, we have Josuke snatching a cell phone from a stranger while speeding up at 70 km/h on Rohan's motorcycle, it broke he had to snatch another phone shortly after.
    • Which is made funnier because his explicit power is repairing things and the people he snatched them from had important phone calls comically interrupted. There is no explanation for why he couldn't just fix the phones.
  • The beginning of the fight between Rohan and Ken Oyanagi (the RPS Kid). Before Rohan starts taking it seriously, he's just annoyed by Ken constantly appearing in his way and challenging him to rock-paper-scissors. So much so that he hauls off and punches him in the face. Let's repeat that: Rohan literally punched a 6th grader in the face because he kept annoying him.
    Rohan: There, I chose rock.
    • Rohan's being more Jerkass than usual this episode. He happens to run into Josuke, Okuyasu, and Yukako. Josuke invites him to join them, and Rohan mentally notes: "Perfect: a self-absorbed jerkoff, a moron, and a bitch, three people I have absolutely nothing in common with."
    • The anime adds this; when Rohan cheats using Shizuka Joestar (the invisible baby) and explains how he did so, we see Shizuka coo out what sounds like "Boom!" and strike a pose herself! She's learning, people.
  • As terrifying as Cheap Trick really is, some of the lengths its carriers go to avoid showing their back to people can get pretty silly.
  • One particularly hilarious, if some what twisted, moment is when Cheap Trick possesses Ronan for the first time, resulting in the following exchange
    Cheap Trick: Piggyback please? (Rohan looks around with a visible Oh, Crap! on his face)
  • Certainly an unintentional one, but some people on the net clarified some of Josuke's claims...
  • At the beginning of the rat-hunting chapters Jotaro comes up to Josuke and tells him they need to hunt a Stand-using rat. Josuke's reaction however is so random, one cannot help to chuckle:
    Josuke: A rat...? LIKE MICKEY MOUSE?!
    • And during the hunt when Josuke is really feeling the pressure of getting the rat he makes some rather amusing faces. The really funny part comes from when Crazy Diamond does the same.
    • Just the fact that a rat came closer to killing Jotaro than even DIO or any other human antagonist ever did. Yikes. Then again, Jotaro didn't even try fighting back, in fact, he let it shoot him, allowing Josuke to locate and shoot the rat himself.
    • This video of the scene would be perfectly fine if it weren't for the hacked subtitles that even the original poster is displeased about.
      Josuke: How is its stand just a fucking gun? What's this, Hol Mouse?
      Jotaro: (Concerned Japanese melting)
  • The fact that, after all of his cunning and running victory laps around the heroes, Yoshikage Kira was ultimately done in by something as mundane and ironic as being run over by an ambulance.
  • The fight with Cheap Trick puts Rohan through all kinds of humiliation, including an odd scene where the Stand gathers a mob of cats and dogs to attack Rohan. It's funny enough on its own, given that this is Rohan we're talking about... but once you remember all the times JoJo relied on villainous animal abuse and look at Rohan as a not-quite-Author Avatar, this scene suddenly reads as Araki giving the animals a chance at some payback.
  • The Part 4 anime's first opening ("Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town") is awesome, but there's something funny about seeing a JoJo cast actually grooving and dancing to their own opening tune (including Tonio walking with sass, shaking his hips!). It really reflects Part 4 starting in a much more light-hearted direction but still reflecting JoJo's usual seriousness and badassery.
  • Also, in a vein of dark comedy, the Part 4 anime ending showcases many characters we'd see in the first act, even Angelo! Only this's as the Angelo Stone. He was never featured normally in the ending sequence!
  • Okuyasu seeing Koichi with Yukako for the first time. He calls out to him, quickly notices he's sitting with a girl and lets out a spectacular gasp-slash-wheeze. The light-hearted piano soundtrack in the background is what really sells it.
  • After it was previously established that people who lack a Stand can still see the damage caused by them, and in Josuke's case, feel and acknowledge the fact that they briefly had a fist-sized hole in their chest, Josuke uses a similar approach to his handling of the prior hostage situation in order to remove Aqua Necklace from his mother. She barely acknowledges it, and instead asks Josuke to repeat what kind of coffee he wanted, implying that this is regular occurrence. Either that, or Tomoko's need for coffee in the morning is so great that she didn't even notice.
    • Also, during this part of the episode, Josuke is calling to Jotaro (who is at the hotel at the moment) about the possible dangers that Aqua Necklace might bring. After Josuke captures Aqua Necklace via the above-mentioned method, Jotaro told Josuke that he's going to go Josuke's house soon. After he hangs up the phone call, Jotaro enters a taxi... with the background seamlessly changing from the hotel room to the taxi, giving the impression of Jotaro teleporting from inside his hotel room to the outside of the hotel.
  • Yukako crossing the street while the walk light is red during the Cinderella arc, nearly causing a massive car crash around her.
    Driver: Damn it, lady! Can't you see that it's a red light?!
    Yukako: (In a pure "bitch" tone) Stuff it up your ass, douche! It's not my fault the frickin' light turned red!
  • The comedic value of the battle with Rohan gets amped to unspeakably high levels of farce due to some well-timed directing and sound direction in the animated adaptation.
  • When Josuke begins talking about the abilities of Red Hot Chili Pepper to the rest of the cast in the middle of a field, Koichi freaks out and starts yelling about how his homework disappeared. Keep it mind, as far as the reader knows, only Jotaro knows that its user is a student, as he heard them talking about exams over the phone, and called the meeting in the field specifically so that RHCP couldn't eavesdrop.
  • Because some things never change, when Grandpa!Joseph lets out his trademark "OH MY GOD!" even as a geezer, it's going to bring a smile to your face.
  • After catching Achtung Baby, Joseph finds out what Achtung Baby's gender by touching... Well you know where... After Josuke realizes he proceeds to chase after him threatening to hit him with his own cane.
  • When Koichi informs Josuke that he kissed Yukako, Josuke is sitting on a windowsill, drinking out of a carton. He just nonchalantly tips back out of shock to the point where he actually needs Crazy Diamond to grab him when he's about to fall off, before he climbs back onto the window and freaks out.
    • This is latter followed up with Okuyasu, learning that Koichi scored a girl before he ever did, suddenly bursting into tears in the middle of Josuke talking.
    • This is funnier in the anime, when Josuke hangs from the window by his elbows and casually continues the conversation, without even bothering to climb up, and neither Koichi or Okuyasu seem even mildly concerned. Dang, that boy sure has some upper body strength.
  • When Koichi wants Echoes Act 3 to use its powers to convince a nurse to tell him about the John Doe staying in the hospital and what room he's in, it responds with "Okay, Master! Let's kill da ho!" followed by a Battle Cry of "Biiiiiiitch!"
    • Many people assumed this was a line from the infamous Duwang Scans, but no. It was from the original, hand-written by Araki himself. note 
    • Also there's something funny when Koichi was indirectly telling that nurse that she just shooed him away and now asking for help, he managed to slip in Joseph's Catchphrase in it:
    Are you going to get in trouble with your boss if those break? Then you're going to be like "OH MY GOD!" Isn't it?note 
  • While it's a very tense scene and Kira as Kosaku is probably at his most creepy there's something oddly humorous about how he explains to Minako how he's not angry at her despite her calling his nail clippers geeky.
  • The hilariously Off-Model portrayal of Stray Cat in some of the moments.
    • Anime-exclusive moment related to Stray Cat: many people have found the narrator saying "Meow!" when narrating his thoughts to be unintentionally hilarious.
    • Adding to this, there's something inherently amusing about the fact that the arc's Big Bad, a serial killer with the ability to blow up anything, nearly meets his end at the hands of a dead cat who was reincarnated into a plant. Even better is method for surviving the fight: He throws a golf ball at his opponent. Being a cat, it promptly stops paying attention to Kira in favour of playing with the ball.
  • A small one, but as the story goes on it becomes hilarious just how few precautions Kira puts into keeping his serial killer status a secret. Ranging from taking his "girlfriend's" hand out in public places like the park and a sandwich shop, not bothering to lock the door behind him when killing people, to outright stating his identity when looking for Hayato in the attic, while believing full well he was in there. It's a small wonder Kira believes fate to be on his side. If it wasn't, he definitely would've been caught by now.
  • A darkly amusing moment happens as Kira performs one of the last murders in the series, is when he's accosted by a neighborhood creep, shortly after Josuke, Okayasu and Hayato take cover in a house. Kira gets accused of being a panty-thief, and as Kira walks away the creep sees a pair of panties hanging on a branch. The creep just cannot help himself, but while Kira had turned the undies into a bomb with Killer Queen, the creep actually dies feeling quite elated and lucky.

    Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable 
  • Joseph Joestar leaves the story for good the same way he came in: getting his wallet stolen by a strapped-for-cash but otherwise good-hearted young man.
    • To elaborate: Josuke is at the pier to see Joseph, Jotaro, and Shizuka off on their yacht, and after confirming that Joseph has a picture of Tomoko in his wallet like Josuke asked... Josuke reveals the ripped-out edge of the photo, and promptly uses Crazy Diamond to reforge the picture, dragging Joseph's wallet along for the ride, and thus takes the money in it. Probably payback for the time Joseph drained Josuke's bank account buying stuff for the invisible baby. He even taunts Joseph that having the latter keeping the picture would just further incite Suzi Q's wrath again. This, after musing to Jotaro about the people of Morioh being good and reminding him of their friends back during Stardust Crusaders. Some things never change, huh, Joseph?
    • Joseph's reaction. He's pissed at first, but just sighs and smiles. After all, like father, like son, eh? And Josuke replies in kind by fondly wishing him well.


  • The mere fact that the story is so thematically different from the previous parts may come off as an amusing incongruity: the previous parts were epic quests by the Joestar family to battle powerful, supernatural threats to all humanity. Come Part 4, and it's little more than a slice-of-life comedy of a bunch of high-school students, with low-stakes goals, using their powers to play tricks on each other and cheat at the lottery.
    • And after battling immortal, vengeful vampires and ancient Aztec demi-gods, who is the villain of this chapter? A hand fetishist who just wants a quiet life. Sure, he's a serial killer too, but still.
  • The Duwang scans. Any possibly dramatic or fairly serious moment is ruined by some of the most slapdash translation seen on a manga. Some of them have become outright memes in the community, with the more improved Part 4 scanlations retaining the more famous ones such as Koichi's "Get a feeling so complicated" as well as Kira's infamous "What a beautiful Duwang! CHEW"
    Josuke: Remember what I told you? YOU are the super retard!
    Surface: are you OK reatard? i am wood. stupid.
    Okuyasu: Don't be dong!
    • And there was one Chinese character left untranslated that hilariously resembled the English letters ABAJ.
    • Koichi's name is also mistranslated into "Guanglai Kangyi".(This is less of a mistranslation and more of a regional difference, as the kanji characters for Hirose Koichi would be written in Chinese as '广濑康一,' which is pronounced Guanglai (Hirose) Kangyi (Koichi)
    • It is worthy to note that Duwang really does improve towards the end, with sentences being legible and actually translated fairly well. Still hilarious, though.
    • It's even acknowledged in the English dub with Jalen K. Cassell using the "I feel you deeply!" line in the dub.
  • One of the anime staff artists did Christmas art with Reimi, Yukako, Shinobu, Tomoko, and Joseph wearing Christmas-themed outfits. The girls are all fanservicey in some form, but Tomoko takes the cake. Poor Josuke is mortified.
  • From the official film trailer: Koichi's face when Yukako shoves their desks together. He definitely has a feeling so complicated.

Live-Action Film

  • The live-action movie takes the "Stand reciprocity" idea in comedic directions: after Josuke catches Aqua Necklace in a bottle, he shakes it up while talking smack. The scene then cuts outside, showing Angelo flopping around like a fish on dry land, shouting "STOP IT!". When Josuke finally sets the bottle down on a table, a breathless Angelo growls "I'm definitely gonna kill him!"
    • During the showdown with Keicho, when it looks like Josuke is going to be killed, Koichi manifests his Stand powers, with the egg hatching into Echoes Act 1 as his hair spikes up, he gains a green Battle Aura, and triumphant music plays. ...And then Echoes throws a couple of weak punches at the air before falling onto its back, flailing uselessly as the music cuts out. Sorry Koichi, you're gonna have to wait for Part 2.
  • Near the end of the film, Josuke, Okuyasu and Koichi meet at Angelo's Rock. Josuke and Okuyasu call out "Yo Angelo" at the rock, while Koichi, who never met Angelo, just goes along with them and says "Yo Angelo" too.
    • The anime has a similar scene, but adds a grunt from Angelo after Koichi waves to him, either bemoaning his situation or just saying hello in vague acceptance.

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