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"And then Dexter said... ... ... ... ..."
Funny Moments for Ego Trip have their own page.
  • From an inter-short clip where Dee-Dee decides it's "time for a nice sit"... on her brother's head.
    Dexter: Hey, what do I look like, a chair?
    Dee-Dee: No, I looks like this! (Holds up paper with "I" on it)
  • "Way of the Dee-Dee", in which Dee-Dee tries to encourage Dexter to break out of his cold, scientific self, tries to leap out of her swing to start the self-discovery quest, only for the swing to snap back on her, tying her up in the set.
  • One episode revolves around Dexter trying to avoid being shoved into in the swimming pool by his dad. By the end of the episode he finally jumps in... only to lose something on the way out.
  • The Christmas episode. Dexter vs Santa Claus!
    • Dexter's rap number on what really happens on Christmas Eve, complete with a forced 90s sound and lyrics...
    WORD! Hoooo!
    Dad dresses up in a Santa getup,
    And then he puts the car up on the rooftop!
    He makes the car look like a sleigh, here,
    And Mom dresses up just like a reindeer!
    She greases up Dad so he'll slide down the chimney,
    And pull all our presents around the tree.
    Then Mom pulls him up, and by and by,
    They drive down the roof and into the sky!
    You go to the window cause you hear a little sound,
    And see Santa fly by before they ALL hit the ground!
    Everybody say HOOOOOOOO!
    • In the Mexican dub, Dexter says that, while Santa doesn't exist, The Three Wise Men (who are the ones bringing toys to mexican children in january 6) are the ones that DO exist.
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    • The part where Dexter apologizes for ruining Christmas, again.
    • The ending, where Dexter attempts to remind the family that there's more to Christmas than the presents, only for Dee Dee and Santa to shoot him down.
      Dexter: Isn't Christmas really about, uh... family... and, uh... love and sharing... and... (Starts singing) O Christmas tree, O Christmas—
      Dee Dee: You blockhead! That's not what Christmas is about!
      Dexter: It's not? Then what is it about?
      Santa: The presents. (Winks at the audience) Ho-ho-ho!
  • The entirety of "The Parrot Trap" where Dexter makes a robot parrot for the sole purpose of having a Yes-Man around. Then it overhears him yelling at Dee-Dee, and Hilarity Ensues. Here's a highlight:
    Robo-parrot: Dexter's a stupid girl!
    Dexter: No, no, no. Dexter is the most brilliant mind in the entire universe!
    Robo-parrot: Dexter's a cookie!
    Dexter: I am not a cookie!
    Robo-parrot: Dexter's a cookie!
    Dexter: Am not!
    Robo-parrot: Are too a cookie! (Dexter starts shaking Robo-parrot violently then stops for a moment)
    Robo-parrot (in Dexter's voice): I'm gonna bop you one, girl! (Dexter starts slamming the bird onto the desk)
    Robo-parrot: Cookie! (more pounding) Cookie! Cookie! Cookie! Cookie!
    • When he first finishes it, he calls the parrot "my greatest creation ever". Immediately after the above sequence, he calls it "the worst invention yet".
    • The parrot messing with Mom's cooking by suggesting crazy ingredients, including beans, olives, and cookies. And then...:
      Robo-Parrot (voice of fisherman from Dad's TV show): Worms and plastic minnows!
      Mom: Now wait just a minute here! (thinks hard for a few seconds) Where am I going to find worms and plastic minnows?
      Robo-Parrot: The Florida Everglades!
      (Smash Cut to Mom driving off in the station wagon)
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    • This sequence:
      Dad: Who's tryn' to sneak up on me?
      Robo-parrot: Dexter, boy genius. Dexter's a cookie!
      Dad: Shh, I'm trying to watch my show...
      Robo-parrot: I'm gonna bop you!
      Dad: Now, that is no way to talk to your fath—
      Robo-parrot: You are a stupid girl! Get out, get out, get out! Yop, yop, yop... Don't touch anything! (Dexter's Dad crawls off, shivering with fear)
      Dad: I-I'm sorry...
      Robo-parrot: You're a cookie! Get out, get out, get out!
    • The parrot almost reveals the existence of Dexter's laboratory to his parents, but Dexter manages to rush in and smash it just in time. We then get this scene:
      Dad: Dexter!
      Mom: How many times have I told you not to throw the bird?!
      Dexter: But Mom, it's not a real bird, I built it in my secret labotatory- D'ow! (covers his mouth)
      Dee Dee: Smooth move, Dexter! Now you'll have to erase Mom and Dad's memories... again.
      Parrot Beak: Smooth move, Dexter! Smooth move, Dexter!
  • The episode where Dee Dee was made smarter than Dexter ended with this unforgettable scene:
    Dexter (yelling at his assistant, a cymbal-banging bear toy): THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT! (Cue toy banging its cymbals onto Dexter's nose)
    • "Nobody commands my computer! COMPUTER, LIGHTS OFF!"
    • "My hair is on fire! My hair is on fire! My hair is on fire!"
      • After the fire burns all of Dexter's hair off, Dee Dee offers him some of her hair growth tonic, and we get an insanely funny scene that doesn't even have any dialogue.
        Dexter: *is sticking headfirst into a machine he's working on. When he pulls out, we see that he now has long, girlish hair. He gives Dee Dee an accusatory glance*
        Dee Dee: *blinks innocently*
        Dexter: *gives an Aside Glance to the viewer*
  • In "Critical Gas," Dexter eats a giant burrito for lunch, and believes he will explode from the gas. After completing his bucket list, he goes to tell his parents...
    Dad: Whatever it is, let 'er rip!
    • ...then, before he can say a word, he uncorks the fart heard 'round the galaxy. When we cut back to the living room, Mom and Dad have utterly shell-shocked expressions on their faces, and Dexter's gas was so powerful that the TV behind him is now embedded in the wall.
  • Every single glorious, over-the-top moment of the Speed Racer parody "Mock Five", especially the abuse of the Motor Mouth trope.
    • Dee Dee is the stand-in for Racer X/Rex Racer, but Dad is just pretending she's missing because he's mad at her for wrecking the original Mark 5. Or he might genuinely be oblivious, it's hard to tell with him.
    • Dee Dee and Monkey try to stop Mandark from sabotaging the Mark 5, but get distracted when he gives them candy.
    • The fact that a soap box derby is held on an active volcano!! The volcanic eruption is even used as a starting gun.
    • Dad claims that the Mark 5 is equipped with the latest soap box racing technology; wheels.
    • The Everybody Laughs Ending as Monkey, who has just eaten lava which he believed was candy, runs about screaming as his mouth burns.
  • One episode revolves around the Lab Computer losing her voice due to a program corruption, requiring Dexter to go inside the machinery and change it manually. One of the voices he ends up with, however...
    The Computer: (In Dee Dee's voice) Hi Dexter!
    • Another voice is an extremely sultry woman's voice, which ends up being so distracting that Dexter has to change it back.
  • Mandark's epic rant at the end of "Momdark".
    • From the same episode, Mandark calling Dexter a stupid doody head and throwing a tantrum over never being able to beat him.
  • "The Muffin King", with Dad making an all-out war out of getting his hands on those delicious muffins, is one of the funniest things in animation.
    • Funniest part was Dexter and Dee Dee sending Dad to his room twice! The first time when it happens, he then tries to make Dexter bring him the muffins.
      Dexter: (gasp) No, that is not possible! Oh, wait, no, you're right.
      Dad: So join me! Come to the muffin side! Don't resist, Dexter! (begins trying to hypnotize Dexter) It is your destiny.
      Dexter: NEVER!
      Dad: You will get the muffins for me!
      Dexter: (hypnotized) I will get the muffins for you. (walks over to get the muffins) Will get the muffins for you. (begins bringing them to Dad)
      Dad: Yes! Yes! Yes!
      Dee Dee: Dexter, no! It's a mind trick! Snap out of it! (smacks Dexter)
    • The bizarre fantasy sequence where Dad imagines himself in a land of anthromorphic muffins, who chooses him as the "Muffin King".
  • The Justice Friends sketches, which consist of Major Glory, Val Hallen, and the Infraggable Krunk facing the challenge of everyday lives as they share an apartment. For example, "Val Hallen's Room";
    Krunk: Krunk never been inside Valhallen's room! Teddy and Krunk scared!
    Major Glory: You are a Justice Friend, Krunk! And Teddy doesn't pay a third of the rent.
    • Ratman, a mere child of thirty.
    • The short where Major Glory is making Valhallen and Krunk pretend to be respectively a baseball player and an investor to impress his Uncle Sam:
      Major Glory: Uncle Sam should be here any minute. Justice Friends, assemble! Viking God of Rock, and future baseball Hall of Famer, Valhallen!
      (Valhallen slides in)
      Valhallen: I think I got a raspberry.
      Major Glory: The world's mightiest mortal, and CEO of his own amalgamated stock investment firm, Infraggable Krunk!
      (Krunk crashes through the wall)
      Krunk: (on phone) Have report on Krunk's desk by nine o'clock tomorrow, or Krunk smash! Let's do lunch.
      Major Glory: No, no, no, a thousand times NO! Val Hallen, you're supposed to slide head first! And Krunk, that tie does not go with that shirt! Now, we are going to go over it again, and again, and again, until we get it right! COMPRENDE?!
      (Krunk and Val Hallen get pissed)
      Major Glory: Is there a problem? Perhaps, I've pushed you too hard—
      (Krunk and Val Hallen tackle him)
    • Major Glory asks Krunk to clean his room before Uncle Sam arrives. Krunk just tears up the floor and dumps all the junk in the apartment downstairs.
    Woman: Did you hear something, dear?
    Man: Probably just them crazy kids upstairs again.
    • The ending where Major Glory finds that Uncle Sam has become a hippie.
  • "Ice Cream Scream" in general is hilarious, but the ice cream man's story of why he refuses to stop for Dexter (he had paid for an expensive ice cream with pennies, which somehow resulted in him not only tripping and breaking his tooth, but also losing his girlfriend and becoming homeless) is just the icing on top.
    Ice Cream Man: I can't even eat ice cream anymore, because of the pain! All because of your stupid pennies! (incoherent scream of rage, followed by heavy breathing, his face all red and his jugular vein throbbing)
  • The majority of "Dexter's Lab: A Story", the one where Dexter found a lost dog. Arguably every moment after he gets said dog to speak human English qualifies.
    Dog: Hey, hey dogs! I can hear you barking, I'm a dog! Can you hear me barking?
    • One would wonder if the people who did Up got their inspiration for the talking dogs from this episode.
    • "IT'S THE STICK!"
    • The ending where we see what the dog's owner is like. Let's just say that it explains a lot about the dog himself.
  • Dexter, what's that?
  • The episode "911", especially Dee Dee watching the EBS message with rapt attention, reacting throughout the episode as if she were watching a comedy, a horror movie, and a love story.
    • At one point, Mom and Dad are watching it too.
  • "The Koos Is Loose": "If you turn your lips inside out, you look just like Jimmy Carter."
    • Koosalagoopagoop force-feeding Dexter a papé wrap.
    Koos: Feel better?
    Dexter: No, because I just ate a tub of meat!
  • The entirety of "sdrawkcaB", in which Dexter invents a belt that allows him to go in reverse.
    • The fact that the opening credits are played backwards, letting you know exactly what kind of cartoon this is going to be.
    • All of the scenes of Dexter talking backwards, as well the way he says "Fo-O-rw-A-rd!" (actually saying "drawrof" while going in reverse so it comes out sounding like "forward," which was clearly accomplished by making Christine Cavanaugh saying "drawrof"), are all automatically funny.
    • Dexter un-eating a sandwich.
    • Dexter running up and down the stairs, accidentally tripping his father.
    • And when he discovers just who's been causing the belt to act against him.
    "(gasp) Dee Dee!" *Dee Dee flips reverse lever* "!eeD eeD (psag)".
    • He finally one-ups her when she puts on the belt, letting her fall to the floor from a great height, then flipping it into reverse several times.
    "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-Ooof'a! *switch* a'fooO-aaaaaaaaaaaaA!" Repeat.
    • Throughout the episode, any time the belt is in "reverse" mode, the music plays backwards too, including during the opening credits and the final musical sting.
  • Towards the end of the episode, "The Continuum of Cartoon Fools", Dexter tries various ways to find out how Dee Dee got into his lab, and in this scene, Dexter pretty much goes bonkers and holds up a watermelon, screaming, "This is it, I know it!" and smashes it with a mallet a'la Gallagher.
    • The end, where Dexter ends up locking himself out of his lab and realizes that in locking Dee Dee out, he locked himself out as well and begins hamming it up.
    "Uh. Oh, my dear. In my overwhelming zeal to banish my sister from the lab, I have indeed locked myself out. Too blinded was I not to foresee the most piteous of fates. I have thus performed the ultimate tragic irony. [the scene cuts to "The End" title card and Dexter comes out] Surely I am the fool of fools on the par of no other. I am no better than that stupid coyote or that crazy duck. Look at me! Look at me! I am locked in a continuum of cartoon fools! I am doomed to a life of comic mishap adventures and social indignations. And now, here I stand before you, beaten, defeated, and alone."
  • The entire episode of "My Dad VS Your Dad". "ARE YOU CRAZY?! YOU JUST THREW A DUCK AT ME!"
  • "Monstrosi-Dee Dee" is a CMOF. Funniest part being Dee Dee giving Dexter various hiding places only for her as a monster to discover them and Dexter practically failing to realize that the monster is his sister.
  • In "Jeepers Creepers, Where Is Peepers," Dexter and Koos' annoyed response to the Animesque villain Hookocho's drawn-out monologue:
    • Hookocho's response is also pretty hysterical.
      Hookocho: You insignificant TWERPS!
      • After sending Dexter and Koos over the bridge to fall and discovering Koos caught a pole on their way down:
        Hookocho: Well, well, well...NOW YOU'VE REALLY TICKED ME OFF!
    • As Dexter and Koos fly off in a giant robot to rescue Peepers, Koos starts singing along to the background music, which he claims is his and Dexter's theme song.
  • "Dee Dee and the Man", where Dexter "fires" Dee Dee, but eventually misses her and tries to find a replacement "spastic sister".
    Dexter: I'd like to see you dance, please.
    New Dee Dee: Okay, but it's fifty bucks extra.
  • "Decode of Honor":
    • "Your club is for big I-D-K-S-Cs!" "I... D... K... hey! I'm gonna tell Mom!"
    • The ending, with Action Hank and his men getting into a knock-down drag-out fight with the Pony Puffs... who manage to put up a good fight.
  • "Rude Removal".
    • In particular, the "Oh s***," ending and Polite!Dexter and Dee Dee.
      • All of Rude Removal. ALL OF IT.
  • Pretty much the entirety of "Things That Go Bonk in the Night"
    • This exchange.
    Major Glory: Krunk, you've been watching that TV Puppet Pals Marathon for the past four days! Aren't you the least bit tired?
    Krunk: (Gross-Up Close-Up of Kronk's baggy, bloodshot eyes) No.
    • Krunk goes to sleep by Counting Sheep. He's out like a light after only counting one!
    • Krunk's attempt at a TV Puppet Pals sketch where he becomes a Puppet Pal wearing a dress and pigtails and the punchline involves a pun on "four/fore". Puppet Pal Mitch proceeds to get angry and go in a tirade on how it's only funny when he hits Puppet Pal Clem with his bonking stick.
    • The ending, where it turns out to be All Just a Dream, Puppet Pal Mitch's dream to be exact. They resolve never to stay up and watch the four-day Justice Friends marathon again, and wish each other good night. Then:
    Puppet Pal Mitch: Puppet Pal Clem! There's a spider in your bed!
    *Puppet Pal Clem sits up and hits his head on the top bunk bed*
    Puppet Pal Mitch: BONK!
  • "Dimwit Dexter", starting from the moment he turns stupid to the end.
    Random Fat Kid: Hey, everybody! Dexter's running around in his underpants! Underpants! Underpants! Underpants!
  • The snowball fight episode brings us this scene.
    Dexter: First base...
    (Pan up to show Dexter his hiding behind the legs of a couple making out)
    Kissing dude: You said it, brother! (Cue Rimshot).
  • The banned episode "Barbequor" brings us the Silver Spooner and how he acts through most of the episode. He also happens to be a fan of Judy Garland.
    Monkey: Ack ack!
    Silver Spooner: (His eyes turn into stars) Judy Garland!? Where!? *Monkey grabs his spoon from under his feet and hits him over the head with it*
  • "Dexter and Computress Get Mandark," in all its hilariously nonsensical glory.
    • "And then Dexter said..."
    • After spending a while to explain Mandark's head growing large, the narrator says it grew bigger than the Earth, but then back-peddles by saying it was only as big as the Earth.
  • From "Dad is Disturbed".
    • Just how incredibly hyped Dad is about the "big game", and the recliner full of snacks and beer he's got set up... and it turns out the game he's so excited about is a dull-as-hell golf game.
    • When Mom comes in talking loudly on the phone with a neighbor, it later cuts to said neighbor, who just happens to be Betty Rubble, tied up and gagged with Dad pretending to be her on the phone and hanging up. He then cheerfully rips the phone out of the wall and says "See you around the holidays, Betty!" as he leaves.
    • Dad convincing Dexter that the golf game he's watching has a violent scene coming up and laughing like a maniac when it works.
    • In the end, the rest of the family steals the TV from him when a Potty Emergency kicks in, forcing him to watch the game with a pissed-off looking Barney Rubble.
  • At the end of "A Dad Cartoon", Dad sends his car, which has gotten wrecked during his attempts to clean it, off to the repair shop to be fixed. It ends up flying off a cliff, revealing several other cars that have been "sent to the repair shop".
  • After an intelligence test deems him to be "average" in "Average Joe", Dexter decides to be a normal kid, starting with dressing up in his only non-scientist outfit: his old baby clothes which make him look like a piglet. He then starts hanging out with a couple of punk teenagers. Dexter not only makes a fool of himself with his new (or old) attire, and misusing 90s slang, but the two teens actually think he's cool and let him hang with them without question.
    • Everyone refering to Dexter as "piggy" because of the baby clothes, to the point that the neighbor genuinely thinks he is one.
    • After all the ridiculous humiliation Dexter is put through, it turns out that, yes, he IS a genius, there was a mixup with the tests. This was found out through a phone call Dexter's Dad answers... and immediately after that, a neighbor calls that he has their pig (AKA Dexter). For some reason, the dad is moved to tears.
  • In "Sassy Come Home", Dee Dee finds it uncomfortable to wear her hiking boots and decides to take them off because she'd rather run around barefoot. Except Dee Dee's bare feet are so huge, as soon as she's de-shoed, she is greeted by Sasquatch, who is actually a shy kind-hearted soul who takes a liking to her because he has some big feet of his own. Unfortunately, Dexter is on the hunt for Sasquatch and mistakes his own sister for a baby Sasquatch as the two leave footprints in the forest.
    • When Dexter first sets out on his Sasquatch hunt:
      Dexter: Why is it taking so long? I should have been famous a minute ago!
    • Dad putting on thick clothing and wading boots... only to also pull out a bag of golf clubs, which he for some reason decided to play in the middle of the woods.
    • Dexter's Inflatable Portable Lab ends up being a disaster, as it is too bouncy and rubbery to actually perform any functions, it's essentially just a giant balloon.
    • Dexter attempts to smoke out the Bigfoot by setting a fire, only to run afoul of Smokum the Bear.
  • Dexter going to insane lengths to protect his lab in "The Old Switcharooms", where he and Dee Dee have been forced to switch rooms as punishment by Dad for misbehavior and roughhousing that caused of one of his prized trophies to get utterly demolished. Dexter, from past experience knows that Dee Dee would wreak havoc on his lab unsupervised. But this time, she's very courteous and leaves the lab alone, while paranoid Dexter all but trashes her room in the act of girding himself with the resources it has in a bid to stop her from doing anything destructive. Then Dad sees this and decides to one-up Dexter's punishment by making him sleep in the doghouse. Dexter thinks the dog will pose no threat to his lab as an innocent animal. Cue the dog going on a rampage and leveling the place.
  • In the episode "The Bus Boy", Dexter loses his pencil, which rolls to the back of the bus, where none of the kids go, due to it being dark and supposedly inhabited by a monster, who ate a kid named Billy Bloomberg many years ago. Various kids tell Dexter their own versions of the same story, including a hilarious fat German kid named Otto, who has a running gag of going "Mmmmmm" every time he mentions food.
    Otto: No, is true! (Munches into food) I tell you just what happen.
    (Cue sepia-tone flashback of Billy Bloomberg dancing in the bus aisle around with food in his hands)
    Otto: Little Billy Bloomberg was just hosing about, und eating cookies. Mmmmmm. Ze bus hit a bump, and Bill shpill his hot cocoa. Mmmmmm.
    (The spilled hot cocoa lands on the bus drivers lap, and she screams)
    Otto: Driver panic, und almost hit ice cream truck. Mmmmmm.
    • And at the end of the episode.
      Billy: Pencil?
      Dexter: You know, you raked it in right before I found you.
      Billy: Oh, uh...that wasn't a licorice stick?
      Otto: Licorice. Mmmmmm.
  • Major Glory saving the day thanks to Justice Fruit Pie.
  • In "Monstory," after Dee-Dee turns into a monster:
    Dexter: (running around in circles) Help, help! Save me! I'm a genius, save the brain! Save the brain!
    • Later we have the glorious kaiju battle between a transformed Dexter and Dee Dee, complete with them dramatically naming the moves they use. Dexter (a Godzilla-like dinosaur monster) sends Dee Dee flying with a Tail Slap and Dee Dee (turned into a giant spider creature) uses a TICKLE ATTACK... only for Dexter to counter with a flamethrower attack called "Monkey Mouth." Dee Dee appears unharmed though, and angrily leaps at Dexter, standing on one leg while spinning her other seven to continuously slap Dexter like a ballerina.
      • Right before they begin the fight Dee Dee transforms into her final form and rushes to Dexter shouting "I see you!" in her scary new voice. Dexter quickly drinks nuclear waste to transform too and challenges Dee Dee, declaring "This ends now!" Dee Dee just glares and whines "But I'm not finished!"
    • Dee Dee keeps bothering Dexter with a story he doesn't want to hear and at one point he asks her if this is another dumb knock knock joke, which she says no to. At the end of the episode Dee Dee has defeated Dexter and has him pinned so she can finish her story.
      Dee Dee: Now you'll listen! So the boy told the girl in the park on the pony...Knock Knock!
      Dexter:(eyes open in shock and horror) NNOOOOO!
    • The fact that the potion Dexter gives to Dee Dee is specifically labeled "DO NOT DRINK THIS, You will turn into a monster." A Freeze-Frame Bonus reveals that it was also the only beaker in his lab coat that didn't have the potion he wanted.
  • From "Techno Turtle", which pays homage to The Six Million Dollar Man, we have this gem when the baby turtle has its accident:
    Dee Dee: Dexter, look at what you've done!
    Dexter: (stammering)
    Dee Dee: You've ruined Mom's clock!
    Dexter: The clock? What about the baby turtle?!
    Dee Dee: Birdie? He's okay. His shell is cracking cause he's hatching!
    • Later, when the turtle wedges itself underneath the refrigerator to carry it up to Dee Dee's room.
      Mom (calling up to Dad, seemingly unfazed): Honey! The refrigerator's running!
      Dad (from bathroom): And Prince Albert's in the can!
      (Cue a certain monarch cheerily popping out of the toilet)
    • Mee Mee and Lee Lee's absolute disbelief of just how dumb Dee Dee really is when she calls the turtle a "birdie."
      Mee Mee: Dee, has your bro been experimenting on you again?
  • The entirety of "The Big Cheese" in which Dexter can only say "omelette du fromage" (due to an experiment in Sleep Learning backfiring). Especially the ending when tries to get into the lab and triggers its security fail safe.
    Computer: Password identification.
    Dexter: Omelette du fromage.
    Computer: Access denied.
    Dexter: Omelette duuu!
    Computer: Access denied.
    Computer: Access denied. Be advised: Complete computer memory core meltdown engaged. All active experiments will be terminated and demolecularized. Laboratory will self-destruct in ten seconds and counting.
    Dexter: OMELETTE DU FROMAGE! *Starts bawling*
    Dee Dee: That's all you can say~ That's all you can say~ That's all you can say~
    Computer: 3...2...1...*Laboratory self-destructs*
    • What really makes the above funny, though, is that throughout the rest of the short, Dexter has been leading a totally charmed life despite only being able to say "omelette du fromage". To wit, he starts hitting on a couple of girls who think his French is sexy, then their boyfriends show up and threaten bodily harm.
      Dexter: [frantically] OMELETTE DU FROMAGE! Omelette! Du! Fromage!
      Boy: Whoa whoa whoa, I didn't know it was like that! [backs off]
      Dexter: [Grins at camera]
    • Not to mention his success in class. He aces his French test (the reason he was taking the Sleep Learning experiment in the first place) because the only question turns out to be "What is cheese omelette in French?", but then he's called on in Math class... and the correct answer to a question about train times ends up being that they'll meet in the french town of Omelette Du Fromage (which of course does not exist). It cuts to Dexter standing absolutely baffled in the schoolyard during recess and scratching his head over the ridiculous coincidences.
    • It just spirals from there, Dexter becomes massively famous all across the world, stars in movies, becomes a music super hit, and brokers world peace in the U.N! It's of course all to set up the huge Mood Whiplash above.
  • "Ewww...That's Growth" is a funny episode in of itself, but what seals it is the ending. Dexter wants to ride the hot new rollercoaster ride "The Thing", but being Dexter, he is subjected to You Must Be This Tall to Ride. Dexter is able to make himself tall and is finally able to ride, except now he's so tall he smashes his head on the tunnel.
    • Originally Dexter has to use a stepladder to get out of bed in the morning because of his height. The first sign that his growth ray worked is that he can climb out of bed by himself and promptly throws the ladder in the trash.
  • "Topped Off": Dexter and Dee Dee try their parents' coffee, and Hilarity Ensues.
    • First is the sour faces of Mom and Dad first thing in the morning, complete with Gross-Up Close-Up.
    • The fact that coffee is depicted as magically solving all of Mom and Dad's problems. Not only does it wake them up, but they're immediately dressed after their first sips. And then there's this glorious pun.
      Dad: How's about one for the road??
      Mom: Sure thing, hun!
      (Takes a sip. Dad magically appears inside his car and drives off. From out of the kitchen.)
    • The Overly Long Gag of Dexter and Dee Dee daring each other to try coffee, which lasts from morning to the middle of the night. At which point the coffee is still hot.
    • "It's just icky stinky yucky poopy water!"
    • When they finally try coffee, much of the rest of the cartoon is spent on Dee Dee jumping on the bed and Dexter working in his lab, both of them on a serious caffeine buzz, complete with cuts back and forth between their respective activities to create a little rhythmic pattern.
    • Dad's horrified reaction to learning they're all out of coffee, and his melodramatic rant about how important coffee is to grown-ups. Not to mention that he catapults awake in a cold sweat just from Dee Dee, who is well out of his earshot, mentioning that they're out of coffee.
    • Mom's solution to the missing coffee? She opens a cabinet to reveal a Colombian guy with his donkey, who just happens to have an emergency supply of coffee.
    • Dad's statement at the end of the episode.
      Dad: We still had coffee after all. (worried) But what if we didn't?
  • "You Vegetabelieve It":
    • Dexter presents Dee Dee with a powerful plant food made from mackerel bones.
      Dee Dee: What's a mackerel?
      Talking Fish: I'm a mackerel! Now get me outta this mayonnaise jar!
      Dexter: Uh, don't mind him, he's always like that.
    • When one of the mutated plants growls at Dad, he remarks "That's strange." Then when he turns around and sees he's surrounded by plant monsters, he adds "That's even stranger..."
    • When Mom sees the mess in the backyard, she calls out to Dexter and tries to rope him into helping his father with the yardwork. Dexter tries to get out of it with the excuse that he's busy counting a vat-full of "science-y things". Then a dopey-looking, overly-helpful robot shows up and counts them for Dexter.
    • The Shout-Out to Little Shop of Horrors in the ending where Dad is stuck in the ground and feebly cries "Feed me!" over and over.
  • "If Memory Serves". Mandark tries to learn Dexter's secrets in his memory-saving invention, only to see a bunch of memories from Dexter's infancy that leave him confused, angry, and slightly traumatized.
    • "Hooray for Dexter! He made potty all by himself!"
    • "I am a baby! I am a baby! I am a baby!"
    • "Mom! Dexter's wearing my tights again!"
  • "Don't Be a Baby"
  • The entire episode "Sister Mom", where Dexter has Dee Dee pretend to be their mother, is 11 minutes of good laughs.
    • In general, seeing Dexter's mom prance around like Dee Dee and talk with Dee Dee's voice is just plain hysterical.
    • Dee Dee as Mom tells Dexter to do a bunch of chores, but mixes them up in silly ways, like telling him to wash his homework, feed the trash, and water the cat.
    • And what was it that Dexter gets in trouble for? The thing he's so ashamed of and what his principal himself has trouble saying out loud? He got an A-minus on a test. Dee Dee is not amused note .
    • The fistfight between Dexter and his "Mom" in front of the principal is a pure example of Crosses the Line Twice.
    • When the principal calls for another conference same time tomorrow, we see Dee Dee still impersonating Mom in addition to Dexter pretending to be Dee Dee and annoying Dee Dee by constantly saying "Dee Dee feel dumb" as well as the family dog made to look like Dexter, who just sits there panting and scratching his ear with his hind leg. The principal and the school counselor both shrug it off and go to get coffee.
  • At one point in the episode "Streaky Clean", a naked Dexter shouts with glee that he's home free. A hippie couple sees Dexter running naked and shouts "free" and they cheer him on due to assuming he's embracing nature.
  • All of Dexter's insulting thoughts in "Mind Over Chatter" when he ends up making his thoughts audible to everyone, especially calling his dad a stubborn doody head and commenting on the lunch lady's mole.
    • Even funnier is when Dexter is finally able to read Dad's mind, only to find out that his so-called "birthday gift" was just a crummy pair of socks. As he walks away, he tells the audience they don't have to tell him, he knows (it is implied we're all thinking "What an idiot!")
  • Dexter and Mandark fainting over Monkey and Ducky falling in love in "A Quakor Cartoon".
  • The entirety of "A Failed Lab Experiment", if only for the awkwardness of Dexter's humiliation at seeing his parents and sister naked because of his X-ray goggles and his family being completely unaware that he's able to see through their clothes and therefore oblivious to how uncomfortable he feels around them.
  • "Smells Like Victory" is just filled with funny moments.
    • When Dexter's computer tells him about the military approaching his lab.
    Dexter: Intruders? Who could it be?
    Computer: Hello! Unidentified intruders. As in, I don't know!
    • Because of some static over Dexter's transmission when he hears the general talk about their plan to destroy the evil filthy aliens, Dexter becomes mistaken that the military are the evil filthy aliens Grrr.
    • The general's embarrassment that he and his entire army were defeated by a young boy.
  • "Go, Dexter Family! Go!"
    • The alien leader reading Dexter's thoughts.
    Alien: My favorite color is orange? I like my soda pop without ice? My sister Dee Dee is a certified stupidhead?! This isn't the information I need!
    • When the other aliens laugh at the alien leader after Mom unravels his robe. What sells it is how whiny and defeated he sounds.
    Alien: Shut up. Shut up! Stop that laughing! That's it! You're all fired!
  • The ending of "Dexter's Library", where Dexter is punished for making a mess of the library by only being allowed to check out four books instead of five, yet he acts as if the library banned him for life.
  • The entire episode "Babe Sitter", especially Mandark acting out Star Wars with Lego-like figures of himself, Dee Dee, and Dexter and Dee Dee treating Mandark like a baby.
  • All of "The Lab of Tomorrow", in particular Dexter accidentally annoying an alien watching television and the revelation that Monkey was the narrator.
  • "They Got Chops"
    • The Overly Long Gag about the specifications on where free judo lesson five is taught.
    • Dexter and Dee Dee shouting "Ah, shiitake" when they fight.
    • At the end of the episode, Dad chews out Dexter and Dee Dee for messing up the house and remarks that Mom will be angry with them when she gets home. Instead, Mom turns out to have also taken up martial arts and beats up Dad!
  • Dee Dee's poetry succeeds in allowing Dexter to woo the girl he has a crush on in "Poetic Justice", but Dexter starts making up rhyming couplets on his own and ends up making up poems that insult Dee Dee. True to the episode's title, Dee Dee gets even by tricking Dexter into reading a poem that insults the girl he loves.
  • In "Comedy of Feathers", Dee Dee assumes that the ostrich at the zoo is hideous because it's been mistreated and wants to rescue him. Dexter is about to correct Dee Dee and inform her that the ostrich is supposed to look that way, but he instead gets himself a hot dog, some popcorn, and a soda and prepares to watch Dee Dee make a fool of herself.
  • "Labels"
    • The episode features a commercial for "Puppet Pals jeans." It...defies description.
    • Dexter and Dee Dee's label maker war eventually results in their parents angry to see the house a mess and everything labeled either "Dexter" or "Dee Dee". For no logical reason, Dad apparently starts assuming that everything labeled "Dexter" or "Dee Dee" is supposed to be called that.
    Dad: The Dee Dee's knocked over, the Dexter's off the hook, and did anyone walk the Dexter?!
    • The ridiculous escalation labeling war between Dee Dee and Dexter. First, Dexter builds a pair of brass knuckles that lets him mark things, then Dee Dee digs a label maker out of her closet. Then Dexter builds a machine gun label maker.
    • Dexter drinking an entire jug of apple juice to keep Dee Dee from labeling it, then running into a serious Potty Emergency, only to find that Dee Dee has marked the bathroom. The ending implies just how he solved this problem.
      Mom: Honey, why is the carpet wet?
  • Dexter's Imagine Spot of him and Dee Dee still being stuck together by the finger trap well into their old age in "Unfortunate Cookie".
    Old!Dee Dee: Come on, Dexter! Shake a tail feather!
    • Dexter and Dee Dee go looking for a way to get out of the fingertrap, and track down the store it came from, "Wong's Curiosities" in Chinatown. For some reason, Dee Dee keeps acting like they're in a martial arts movie.
    • At Wong's, they're ambushed by what appears to be a Ninja, and Dee Dee prepares for a fight... only for the ninja to remove the costume, revealing he's just a nerd buying a novelty ninja costume from Wong.
    • In return for freeing them from the trap, Wong sends the two on a "quest", which they assume has some mystical goal that will let them escape. Nope, Wong just had them pick up his dry cleaning, some fish and some herbs. It had nothing to do with the trap, he just had them run errands for him. Freeing them from the trap is easy, as it's just a matter of pushing your fingers together.
    • Dee Dee is hilariously devastated when she realizes there's no magic involved.
  • "Aye-Aye Eyes":
    • Dexter is stuck with a weird doe-eyed girl because he gave her back the bunny doll she dropped.
      Dexter: Listen here, girl. I'm not gonna be your boyfriend! Even if... even if you tell whole world about my top secret laboratory! (slaps his mouth shut. The girl is grinning from ear to ear)
      Cue Music Montage
    • Dee Dee sees Dexter oddly cheerful about being forced to be the wide-eyed girl's boyfriend. Turns out it's because "I FINALLY FOUND MY LASER GUN!"
    • Even Dee Dee is creeped out by the bug-eyed girl as soon as she's out of earshot.
    • Dee Dee says the only way to get rid of the girl is to get her to fall in love with someone else.
      Dexter: Absolutely not!
      Dee Dee: Why?
      Dexter: (suave) 'Cause, when you love Dex, you love the best!
      (Dee Dee gives him a completely silent, unimpressed look)
      Dexter: (sheepishly) Ehehe, what was you idea, again?
    • Dexter's response once the girl does fall in love with another, similar-looking boy? "She's too good for him."
  • "Chubby Cheese":
  • Dad's chipper suburban father attitude is completely at odds with the gritty truck stop environment in "Ham Hocks and Armlocks." The scene of him changing the country western music on the jukebox to '50s-style bossa nova, followed by his ridiculously dorky dance, just emphasized just how out of place he is there.
  • The end of "Dexter is Dirty" wherein Mom is more concerned that Dexter is squeaky clean over the living room being in shambles thanks to Dee Dee.


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