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  • Cam and Tina's fake Starcrossed Lovers act in episode 4, complete with Bad "Bad Acting" and swelling violins.
  • At the Carnival,
    Holger: So, is point of rides to not die?
    Cam: Um... I guess technically.
    Holger: Then that is what Holger will do.
    (Holger repetitively chants "Not die.")
  • Story telling Cam at the beginning of episode 38.
  • In "Disco History Times" Tina tells Brandy that A. Nigma High's history has integrity. From the look of what Brandy is wearing, integrity has flown out the window!
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  • Any time Holger suffers Amusing Injuries, refers to himself as "Holger from school" bonus points if being called on his cell phone and painting a giant unicorn mural on the Ping's living room wall.
  • Any time Cam raps or sings.
  • While the episode had a Downer Ending, Holger trying to pick a fight with the poor man in the Giant Chicken suit was pretty fun to watch.
  • In order to get Irwin to help the rest of the Genius Club with a cryptic puzzle, Holger challenges him to a dance contest. At first the Genius Club is excited for it, but over time they start caring less and less until they just go back to what they are doing while the two just keep dancing.
    Irwin: Eat my vapor.
  • When Cam is suspended for accidentally telling the principals that he cheated he spends most of his first day being extremely bored and eventually becoming extremely lonely. It got to the point where he started watching Spanish soap operas, and then summarizing the whole show to the pizza man. He's that desperate for some communication.
    Cam: No, Hombre! My world is empty without you! *drops to his knees* PIZZA DUUUUUDE!
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  • There was The Hydra. In that episode the teens watch a film about solar eclipses and why you should wear safety glasses during an event like that. What happens to the boy in the film who didn't wear safety glasses is pretty funny, in a Black Comedy sort of way.
  • In episode 47, Cam encounters a group of Cleaner robots.
    Cam: Guys, heh-heh... Any chance you got some ice cream in there you can lend me?
    (Cleaners look at each other and talk in their language, then look at Cam)
    Cam: We're gonna do that thing where you chase me again, aren't we? Wait! Don't wanna trip! (ties his shoelace) 'Kay, I'm good. (gives thumbs up, then runs)
    • The Cleaners actually do wait until he finishes tying his shoelace. They may be evil, but at least they're considerate.
  • Episode 49. The teachers claim they're tired of teaching and taking orders from Barrage, so they have a football game. Barrage's answer?
    Barrage: Rule number 1 in a sportin' event: ALWAYS bring a tank!
  • The fight between Cassandra and The Serpent in episode 50 is a pure Moment of Awesome, but it leads to some hilarious moments as well. For example, when The Serpent thinks he's won, and Cassandra shows up in a giant robot suit, they have this exchange.
    Cassandra: Did you really think it would be that easy?
    The Serpent: Um... yes. But that was before now.

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