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Cassandra could possibly be of Greek descent. Or something else.
If her name translates, to 'doom' in the aforementioned language, then what are the odds?
Cyrus Xavier is a clone of Slash!!!!!
Cyrus has the same hat Slash has, similar hair, etc. And considering the Cloning conspiracy....
Biffy and Kimmie were switched at birth

Kimmie is actually the Goldsteins' daughter while Biffy is actually Cassandra's son. That would explain why Biffy can't be hypnotised while Kimmie can.

Tasselworms are people!

After the green apple splat meltdown, the workers were kept behind that one side door. After the students left behind went down that corridor, they didn't meet anyone but blue tasselworms. Up until this point, the only tasselworm we saw was the reddish-brown one with t green and yellow sweater. This means that the blue ones are at least different. Plus, the main tasselworm is amazingly sentient, if you are paying attention. Maybe he's even the missing principal!

  • But weren't the blue tasselworms robots or something? Maybe they were what went after the original workers when they got stuck in the lockdown.
  • Jossed, the tazelwurms are actually a separate species of reptilian creatures that are charged with protecting sacred sites.
Lee's dad is Radcircles

He used to be a great prankster in his high school days, and he set up Lee for the prank partly to force his son to develop his own skills, as well to help him make some friends.

  • Jossed, Radcircles is Lynch.

Lee will not be the only one who gets blamed for the second prank.

According to the Detentionaire wiki, the third season will begin with Lee getting blamed for yet another prank that was similar to the first one. The perpetrator this time is supposedly a different person. The WMG is that this time, Lee's friends (Biffy, Camillio, Holger, and Tina) will also be accused of being Lee's accomplices. This puts all of them in detention for the rest of the school year, making sneaking around all that much more difficult since none of them will be able to move around as freely anymore. This will also allow Biffy to tag-a-long on missions and leave someone else on sync-watch duty.


Lee's mom will be the new principal.

As of the second season finale, Principal Barrage is AWOL and Vice Principal Victoria has been dealt with by the council. That leaves two positions in the school free (not to mention the empty positions left by the missing teachers). Lee's mom becoming the principal could explain how Lee will no longer be expelled.

  • Jossed, Barrage was brought back as the principal under the general control of the council.

The council will fulfill all the missing positions at school.

As of the end of the second season, four positions need to be filled: The Principal, the Vice Principal, the Coach, and one teacher. The council will infiltrate the school by filling in these positions during the course of Season 3.

Lee's Mom

Used to be, or possibly still is a spy.

The Serpent

Is actually Lee's long lost brother. His fixation on Lee's family and the resemblance between him and Lee make it suspicious.

  • However, his office decor in The Hydra and his accent seem to hint more at him being Japanese than Korean.
  • Confirmed.

The council is working with cloning

The Serpent collected a bandaid and razor from Lee's parents, probably for DNA.

  • Partially confirmed, MWF has cloned many of history's greatest minds, company founder Art Wurst, and Mrs. Ping (not to mention providing the food market with cloned livestock).However, the Serpent's actions more related to the previous guess.

Going off of the theory that the baby in the picture isn't Lee but another child who was revealed to be the Serpent, they probably had Lee to fill the void.

Biffy was experimented on as a kid.

He has an unexplained immunity to hypnotism, something only the genetic descendants of the four empowered by His Eminence should have. His parents clearly are more involved with MWF than he likes to believe, as they were in the Coral Grove base. Even though he works out his size and strength doesn't seem like something he'd inherit from them either.

  • Now that you mention it..

Kimmie was adopted.
She isn't immune to mind control and she doesn't have the birthmark; it seems like the only logical solution.

His Eminence's species is a branch of Homo reptilia.
(Insert accompanying "X Character is a Time Lord" WMG)

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