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Fridge Brilliance

  • The ''Manifesto Arcaneus'' (a.k.a. Finnwich's book) had a few hints to several Season 4 reveals.
    • The page containing the three-banded mark (similar to Lee's tatoo) and the surrounding skull-like images foreshadows the real appearance of His Eminence, his race, and his connection to the mark.
    • And when viewed through Finnwich's codex, it reveals someone that looks like a black-haired Lee. Identical Grandson, anyone?
  • The first hints concerning Mr. Wurst being one among many clones include his picture at the Mobile Wireless Federations building as in Tina's web-series and the heroes' brief observation of the identical MWF employees in "Double Date".
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  • When explaining the reason for MWF's cloning program to the teachers through a final recording, Mr. Wurst shows an old photo of Alexander Nigma and his prized students who became the founders of Mann, Wurst, Finnwich (himself included) which has a floating tuft of hair at one end. It's the fourth founder, Ping, who defected after learning the company's true motives.
  • The reason we haven't seen that much of Biffy's cat in Season 4 could be Biffy's realization as a Friend to All Living Things & a pet owner that the Darker and Edgier status of the whole investigation would bring about to many risks that he wouldn't want Rumplekittykat to be involved.
  • Really, if you go back to the start of Season 1, you realize just how much of the story they had planned in advance, with specific background details, both big and small; the underground tunnels in Season 1, the Pyramid and MWF building in Season 2, the picture of the submarine from Barrage's hard drive in Clogspiracy, the message to Blompkins in Return of the Ping from His Emenince and so many more that are easily missed on the first viewing.
    • One especially noticeable tidbit upon rewatch is in episode 1, in which Vice Principal Victoria is the only one besides Lee who isn't Covered in Gunge after the Prank, suggesting that she wasn't there when it happened...almost as if she expected it...
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  • In Season 2, after Lee ruins Finnwich's hypnotism show by not acting like he was hypnotized, his father tells him he should have faked it. He was faking it himself, since he has the same mark from His Eminence, thus making him impossible to hypnotize.
  • In the third season finale, Chaz claims the solar eclipse is the first sign of an upcoming apocalypse. Could be the usual Chaz, but in a way, he's partly right. The eclipse is used to open the pyramid located under the school, and that pyramid could have allowed the lizardmen to get out. The end of the Season 4 finale implies that, yes, those lizards are about to get out, with the intent of ending mankind.
  • Lee has a tattoo of a trigram on his left arm. This particular trigram is "fire", or in the original Chinese, Li.
  • If you look closely, you can see that Lee is friends with the Taz, who's red. And then there's the Serpent, who's pet snake Priscilla is blue. In this show, red is good while blue is evil. Their animal counterparts represent which sides they're on! Subtle, isn't it?
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  • Cassandra translates to 'doom' in Greek and Lee translates to 'peaceful' in Chinese. Both of their names represents what kind of people they are and how they contrast. It also represents the sides their on.
  • It's quite clever that a show that is all about conspiracy theories would feature a villain that is the epitome of those: A lizardman.

Fridge Horror

  • In Splitting Hairs, Holger claims that the Serpent knows no love and has lived a life of sadness. Makes you wonder how Cassandra raised him after kidnapping him from his parents.

Fridge Logic

  • If the founders and descendants of Mann, Wurst and Finnwich are all impervious to hypnotism, then how come Kimmie could still be hypnotized?
    • While we're on the subject, Biffy can't be brainwashed either, though we still don't know why. Part of the reason may have to do with his parents working for MWF, but unless we discover new family ties that make him either a Mann, a Wurst, a Finnwich or a Ping, this is still a mystery.
  • Given the fate of His Eminence's companion what is to say that the amount of Fatticus' reptilian allies has isn't about ten or fifteen?

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