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Fanfic Recs / Detentionaire

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Great Expectations by TinyMintyWolf

  • Recommended by: Angel2002
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Lee and Tina end up in detention with each other and they each confess an insecurity they have.
  • Comments: Interesting.

New School Year by [Jet556]

  • Recommended by: Thorion
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis:Tenth grade. A new year, new faces, new intrigue amongst the students and it all begins with one big prank. Of course, going to meet with a Catholic schoolgirl you met that morning can cause you to miss the prank and confessing that was where you were can get you branded a traitor. After all, high school is the last place on earth where Victorian and Early Modern social mores live.
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  • Comments: A well done story with original characters as the leads, it is more or less a redo of the author's previous "Strange School" series, which was also a Detentionaire fan fic series. Original Character Basil Hagen is still the protagonist but his POV of scenes from the episodes appear more often and in fact every chapter is taking place during an episode meaning there is less of Basil interacting with the main six characters. Instead of a plethora of love interests, Basil is given one in the form of Venus Kellerman who is the protagonist of the sequel "Beau and Leman" but even then Basil is shown to be willing to have a lust for Victoria that he ultimately gets over due to Victoria allowing integrity to fly out the proverbial window during the school play. Most amazing of all is a myth arc that begins with a Bat Out of Hell wing humanoid being sighted by Basil and later seems to be stalking Venus and still is in "Beau and Leman" and leaves me wondering what will happen next. Quentin Berkhart still appears but he has a rather minor role compared to the Death Bat as the monster comes to be called. I look forward to see what adventures Basil and Venus have been having while Lee and the rest have theirs.

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