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Hello everyone! I am Magnus Force, a student by day and a troper by night. I like history, writing, creatures (animals, monsters aliens, dinosaurs, robots, etc.), and creating ideas for works of fiction. I was born in Hong Kong but I've lived in Canada since I was 7. I'm also pretty active on Know Your Meme.

Be warned, I binge-edit a lot.

I like a lot of things, and listing them all would be too tiresome for me. So here, I've just put down 12 pieces of media that I would consider myself particularly a fan of (in alphabetical order):


I mentioned above that I like creating ideas for works of fiction. Below are the ones that I've made pages for on Darth Wiki's Unpublished Works index. At the moment, I no longer update these, nor do I plan on making any other pages, but that might change in the future.

  • Incredi-Girl: A series about a teenage girl who is able to transform into a superhero of incredible speed and strength in order to battle kaiju.

  • Rod Rogers and the City of the Stars: A series focusing on the escapades of an adventurous young Earthling visiting a metropolitan alien planet.

  • Meet the Nocturnes: A series centered around the eerie adventures of a perky young witch and a dorky young boy in a town inhabited by monsters.
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