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Hello everyone! I am Magnus Force, a troper who just tries to enjoy himself and have fun when he can. I'm male and neurodivergent. I was born in Hong Kong but I've lived in Canada since I was 7.

I like science (particularly zoology and natural history), history, mythology, geography, creative writing, creatures (living animals, monsters, aliens, prehistoric life, robots, mythical creatures, speculative lifeforms, etc.), fantasy and sci-fi, worldbuilding, comics and graphic novels, animated cartoons (mainly Canadian and American, although I've been looking more into Australian and European cartoons lately), Kaiju and Tokusatsu, video games (mainly puzzles and platformers), jokes (especially puns), roleplaying games, old movies, educational/edutainment works, and creating ideas for works of fiction.

As far as Troper Types go, I think of myself primarily as a Trope Editor and a Wiki Curator, but I imagine others would disagree. More info regarding my edits can be found in the folder below. Unlike many other people on this site, I won't share any tropes that define me or where else you can find me, because I'm a pretty secretive guy who likes to avoid trouble. To me, these kinds of things are too personal, and I don't want them to reflect me badly.

Here's my Sandbox. Its full of drafts for works that I would like to see pages for on this wiki. Unfortunately, I have never seen all of the works I've written descriptions for, so I'm leaving it open to the rest of this site to edit and launch (just inform me so I know).

FUN FACT: This actually isn't my first TV Tropes account. I had two previous ones way back in the late 2000s before the site got revamped when accounts required cookies, but both times I lost the cookies and thus the accounts.

I mentioned above that I like creating ideas for works of fiction. I've got tons of ideas, but below are the ones that I've made pages for them on Darth Wiki's Unpublished Works index — the ones I've put the most thought into and consider my chief spare-time projects.

  1. Incredi-Girl: A series about a teenage girl who is able to transform into a superhero of incredible speed and strength in order to battle kaiju.
  2. Roger Rocket and the City of the Stars: A series focusing on the escapades of an adventurous young Earthling visiting a metropolitan alien planet.
  3. Meet the Nocturnes: A series centered around the eerie adventures of a young paranormal investigator and a perky witch in a town inhabited by monsters.

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As you might have noticed, a lot of my work on TV Tropes is related to animated TV shows produced in Canada. Now before any of you say anything about that, I leave you a quote from my favorite animation reviewer out there:

It's probably something that needs to be said, because it seems like in one decade - in one generation - people have singlehandedly flipped their perception of [Canada]'s output on its head. Canada - Canada makes good shit, Canada makes good stuff! They always have, and it's something that's almost been ignored just so people can make the same five jokes about Johnny Test, My Life Me, or whatever! Like yeah, they're not infallible, far from it, and the flops they put out can be friggin' hilarious to watch. [...] I, for one, am stuck on the classics.
The Wacky Delhi