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Meet the Nocturnes is a horror-themed series made up by Magnus Force. It is a semi-comedic series with a monstrous, Gothic, and Halloween-inspired aesthetic, making it somewhat similar to The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The series focuses on Anne Macbeth, a 12-year-old witch who lives in tiny Nocturne Creek in a world inhabited by monsters. One day, she meets the 12-year-old paranormal enthusiast Mark Macintyre, a denizen of the humans’ world. The two become fast friends and Mark is accepted by the morbid but friendly townspeople of Nocturne Creek, but he must keep their world secret. Together, they have many creepy adventures involving both the Monster and Human Worlds.


For the other Unpublished Works made up by Magnus Force, see Rod Rogers and Incredi Girl.

    Premise (In-Depth Version) 

Anne Macbeth is a bumbling but eager young witch who lives in Nocturne Creek, a tiny town in a world inhabited by monsters. Though an inept magician, she dreams of becoming a great witch like her fiery mother Dorothy and patient grandmother Betty (also in her family are her goofball father Arthur, troublesome mummified cat Cleo, and uptight owl Tyto). One day, Anne is trying portal magic and runs into Mark Macintyre, a shy but good-natured boy of her age who comes from a semi-legendary parallel world inhabited by humans. After several mishaps, they become close friends, with Anne becoming a regular visitor to Mark’s hometown of Sunshine Falls, and Mark being accepted by Nocturne Creek’s morbid but friendly townspeople (but he must not reveal the Monster World’s existence to humans). With two whole worlds to explore, Anne and Mark have many spooky misadventures that turn the Human and Monster Worlds upside-down.

    Central Characters 

Anne Macbeth

Anne is a perky, friendly, and outgoing young witch who dreams of becoming a powerful magician one day. However, she is astoundingly bad with magic and extremely klutzy as well – the worst sorcerer in her family’s entire history. She works hard to overcome this by studying magic in her spare time, making her an avid reader. Outside of witchcraft, Anne is curious and enthusiastic, but can come off as quite weird to the people of Sunshine Falls. She also adores both creepy and cute things, especially when they’re put together, such as zombie puppies or big, fuzzy tarantulas.

Mark Macintyre

Mark is a boy from the Human World town of Sunshine Falls who happens to be Anne’s best friend. He is fascinated with paranormal and supernatural stories and occurrences, having first met Anne during one of his own investigations. Despite this, he is quite timid when it comes to interacting with people and considered something of a loser at school for his obsession with “ghost stories”. Nevertheless, Mark is quite smart, organized, and diligent in his work. His human thinking contrasts Nocturne Creek’s macabre eccentricity, which the Nocturnes find amusing.

Granny Betty Macbeth

Granny Macbeth is Anne’s maternal grandmother, well known in Nocturne Creek as a talented and powerful magician. As the matriarch of the Macbeths, Granny is wise, clever, and surprisingly lively for her age. She also serves as Anne’s wizardry tutor (she thinks magic schools are worthless) – a task that she displays immense patience for given Anne’s lack of improvement. Yet despite this, Granny firmly believes Anne has the potential in her, for she believes “the true power of magic comes from the heart”. Anne’s wand is that of her mother (Anne’s great-grandmother).

Dorothy Macbeth

Dorothy is Anne’s mother and, like her mother Granny Macbeth, an immensely skilled sorceress (though still vastly overshadowed by Granny Macbeth). She is a fearless and strong-willed woman, and will fiercely protect her daughter and husband when provoked. She does have a bit of a temper problem though and will sometimes get into heated arguments with other Nocturnes. However, she is still a warmhearted and caring mother. She and her husband run a shop called The Bubbling Cauldron that sells magical goods and services to the denizens of Nocturne Creek.

Arthur Macbeth

Arthur is Anne’s father and Dorothy’s husband, born with the surname Merlinson since wizards and witches prioritize the female lineage in naming conventions. In contrast to his hot-tempered wife, Arthur is quite mellow and tends to joke around a lot, with a fondness for monster-themed puns. Nevertheless, he is a very competent magician and a loving father towards his daughter. Arthur was not born in Nocturne Creek like the family he was adopted into, but moved there from Underworld City after meeting and falling in love with Dorothy while they were in university.


Cleo is Anne’s pet cat, specifically an undead feline mummy (many animals are monstrous in the Monster World). She is Anne’s familiar, meaning that she assists Anne in casting magic, but can be quite a nuisance due to her snarky attitude, penchant for spying on others to rat on them, and love for annoying Anne. However, this habit of snooping around is easily countered with a simple bribe of her favorite food, dried fish. When not sleeping around the house, Cleo can be found wandering Nocturne Creek in search of her own adventures and spying on people while at it.


Tyto is the pet barn owl of the Macbeth family, serving the same role of familiar for Granny, Dorothy, and Arthur that Cleo does for Anne. Unlike Cleo however, Tyto is a perfectly ordinary, non-monstrous owl (appropriately “creepy” animals can often be encountered in their non-monstrous forms in the Monster World). Because of this, Anne often uses him to send messages to Mark through portals to the Human World Around the house though, Tyto helps with organizing and searching for items, and is a stickler for orderliness and following to the letter.

    Denizens of Sunshine Falls 

As a whole

Sunshine Falls is a small town located directly on top of Nocturne Creek’s location and the home of Mark and the rest of the human characters. The town prides itself as a pillar of normalcy, a place where nothing interesting happens, and somewhere that one can live their everyday routine without any other troubles to concern them. Unfortunately for the people of Sunshine Falls (or Sunshiners), the activities of the denizens of Nocturne Creek create all sorts of weird and spooky phenomena that they try their best to ignore. Its population is about fifteen thousand.

Bob Macintyre

Mark’s rugged and short-tempered father. He has trouble understanding Mark’s interest in the supernatural phenomenon that happens around Sunshine Falls, and tries to get his son interested in what he believes are properly masculine things like camping, carpentry, sports, and hard work. However, he is even more confused by Anne’s love of creepy, which he sees as just plain weird.

Julia Macintyre

Mark’s mother and an absolute sweetheart with the patience of a saint. She finds Mark’s interest in the paranormal happenings around Sunshine Falls to be amusing in the same manner as a child telling fanciful stories. She is well-known for her scrumptious home-baked chocolate chip cookies. Anne’s ghoulish obsessions somewhat unnerve her, but she thinks it is just bizarre playfulness.

Maddie Macintyre

Mark’s 9-year-old sister and a member of the Girl Scout-like organization called the Berry Brigade. She is fearless and quite cunning for her age. She sees her brother as a loveable dork and gets along well with Anne, whom she is fully aware is a witch, though her parents do not believe her. She sometimes pesters Mark with her plucky boldness, even joining his adventures uninvited.


The Macintyre family’s pet dog. He is a very big dog, but also an extremely friendly one who loves to leap onto visitors. Mark sometimes brings him along on his investigations of the unexplained around Sunshine Falls. In fact, King is one of the few in town who pays attention to the weirdness. But as Sunshiners actively pretend nothing weird ever happens, they like to think he’s just jumpy.

Gus Goldstein

Mark’s nerdy best friend and the only kid at school who is seen an even bigger dork than him. He has countless phobias and is especially terrified of monsters, but nevertheless, he loyally follows Mark around in his expeditions of the paranormal. This cowardliness strangely contrasts Gus with his father Andy, Sunshine Falls’ local police officer, who is extremely protective of his fearful son.

Stacy Robins

The daughter of the Macintyres’ next-door neighbor, preschool teacher Tina Robins. Mark has a colossal crush on her, but constantly embarrasses himself in front of her or causes weirdness to occur. She is studious and athletic, but often extremely busy due to her desire to seem perfect. Despite her awkward relationship with Mark, she does find Anne’s eccentricity to be pretty cool.

Jacob Leland

A bully who enjoys picking on Mark and Gus and mocking their interest in investigating the weird phenomenon around Sunshine Falls. He likes to push their buttons and embarrass them for cheap laughs. But in turn, he is often subject to Anne’s hexes and the worst supernatural happenings that happen in Sunshine Falls – often misguided attempts by Anne to punish his obnoxiousness.

    Denizens of Nocturne Creek 

As a whole

Nocturne Creek is a tiny Monster World town of only about a thousand people. Home of the Macbeths and many other creeps and creatures, Nocturne Creek’s inhabitants (known as the Nocturnes) are a macabre yet hospitable bunch obsessed with the gruesome, the ghastly, the freaky, and the frightening, but full of small-town quirkiness and warmth. The town’s population is very diverse for its diminutive size, while the town itself is bordered by dismal swamps, dark forests of dangerous wildlife, and windy plains, as well as the sluggish namesake river and lake. The following Nocturnes are those that Anne and Mark most frequently interact with.

Mayor Irving Hollowcrane

A headless horseman who carries his decapitated head about. He is the bumbling but highly enthusiastic mayor of Nocturne Creek and descended from town founder Jack Hollowcrane, whom he deeply admires and tries to imitate in leadership. He rides a fierce, black, fire-breathing demon horse named Mara and has a sporty, easygoing son named Hal, who has a pumpkin head.

Professor Edgar Cranium

The still-living brains and eyeballs of a mad scientist in a jar. He lives next door to the Macbeths. He is supremely brilliant but scoffs at magic, believing his mad science to be superior, and often butts heads with Granny Macbeth. He makes various stitched-together hybrids that he treats as his ghastly children; they are quite common in the forests and swamps surrounding the town.

Ivan Quasimovich

A hunchback who works as Professor Cranium’s lab assistant, pupil, and caretaker. He is childish and not very intelligent but friendly and kindhearted, especially with the kids of Nocturne Creek he sometimes plays with. He is actually from Monster Europe but came to Nocturne Creek to study “mad science” under Professor Cranium, whom he is very loyal to and likes to call “Boss”.

Pauline Weaver

A half-human, half-spider monster who is the daughter of the town’s arachnid-like tailor Herman. She is Anne’s closest friend among the other kids of Nocturne Creek, sharing her adventurousness. She is very mischievous and enjoys teasing Mark by startling him all sorts of manners as she finds it highly amusing how easily humans get scared, especially by spiders. Her favorite food is flies.

Alfred Garou

A lazy werewolf who runs a barbershop. He rarely does his job though, preferring to instead enjoy himself by doing typically wolf-like things like howling at the Moon. He turns into a human when exposed to daylight, which he considers his most embarrassing secret and hides from the other Nocturnes. He has an awkward and dimwitted but ultimately good-natured son named Rufus.

Ned Stoker

An easygoing Nosferatu-like vampire who runs an inn/pub called The Black Coffin, where guests sleep in coffins. He can mix various drinks from blood for patrons of all ages, and delights in making use of his vampire powers to unnerve others. He has a wife named Caroline, who helps run his inn, and a daughter named Emma, who is obsessed with human-monster romance novels.

Stuart and Stanley Wyrmston

A two-headed dragon who runs a small eatery called Double Dragon Diner. They are both very, very stupid, with Stan being the surlier of the two who bosses around Stu, the dumber of the two. Stu is the one with two horns on his head and Stan only has a single horn on his nose. They often use their own twin fiery breath to cook their food, while their wings are much too small for flight.

The Scarington Family

A family of five ghosts who take care of Nocturne Creek’s beloved cemetery. The family consists of the loving but worn-out parents Jim and Wendy, as well as their three children: the mischief-making twins and partners-in-crime Ethan and Lucy (who are the youngest of the main circle of kids in Nocturne Creek at 10), and their cute baby Mia (who can throw poltergeist-like tantrums).

Sheriff Henry Gossamer

A big, hairy monster resembling a hybrid of a Sasquatch and a Cyclops. He is Nocturne Creek’s sole law enforcer, though since the town doesn’t see much crime, it is not a serious problem. Nevertheless, he takes his job very seriously and is usually seen roaming around Nocturne Creek, actively searching for lawbreakers that he usually gives a good roughing-up with his thick hands.

The Colossus

A massive, short-tempered golem that speaks only in deep, hoarse roars. He is the biggest and strongest monster in Nocturne Creek and well known for being outstandingly stupid. He does all the major heavy lifting for the townspeople like moving boulders, statues, and houses for projects. However, his bad temper and low intelligence means he needs a lot of supervision when working.

Oscar Oculos

A vaguely humanoid monster covered from head to toe in bulging eyes that he can pluck from his body at will. He runs the local market. He is very untrusting of his customers’ own integrity, so he makes them carry around his eyeballs so he can constantly watch their shopping. Occasionally, he loses an eyeball, but he is able to regenerate lost eyes for when that happens.

Dr. Archibald Cholera

A cheerfully maniacal plague doctor whose robes hide his horrifically diseased, leech-infested, corpse-like body. He is Nocturne Creek’s sole physician and loves to use the most painful medical tools and procedures for his business. Despite his sadism, he is a competent and talented doctor with experience as a dentist, a vetnerarian, an ophthalmologist, and so on – but he’s not painless.

Ms. Andrea Catrina

A calaca skeleton who teaches Anne’s class and is from Monster Mexico. She dresses in brightly coloured clothing and has ornate tattoos all over her body. She loves both the beautiful and the macabre, particularly when they are combined together, like flowers with skulls in their centers. A bisexual, she has a large family back home, whom she deeply values and ensures to never forget.

Martin Goyle

A winged gargoyle who owns, reports for, and edits Nocturne Creek’s local paper, the Nocturne Creek Howler. He is an intrepid and suave fast-talker who likes to watch what goes around town from the precipice of a rickety gothic tower for long periods to collect scoops for the newspaper. He is a notorious voyeur and often the best person to look for when one needs the latest gossip.

Phineas Silver

An elderly and knowledgeable mothman who works in Nocturne Creek’s library and archives, which are filled with all sorts of magic and lore. At two hundred years old, he is the oldest denizen of Nocturne Creek. He is on good terms with all the Macbeths, especially Granny, whom he has occasionally courted, as well as Anne, who is the most regular visitor to Nocturne Creek’s library.

The Adamsteins

An elderly pair of Frankenstein Monsters stitched up with mismatched body parts. They work as the stationmasters of Nocturne Creek’s phantom train station (the main entry point for outsiders and home of a self-piloted ghost train). They are the cranky Boris Karloff-like Frank and his much more compassionate Elsa Lanchester-like wife Mary – and they are happily married, surprisingly.

Swampy Joe

A half-crazy, swamp-dwelling monster resembling a deformed toad-fish-lizard-man covered in swamp filth and detritus. He lives in the foreboding swamps and forests past Nocturne Creek’s namesake river as a hunter and trapper, making him experienced with its dangers and monstrous wildlife, although notoriously paranoid towards anybody who trespasses his rundown little cabin.

The Nocturne Lake Monster

A cheerful but scatterbrained Nessie-like monster who dwells in the lake connected to Nocturne Creek’s namesake river. She is a local legend in Sunshine Falls since she sometimes travels into Lake Sunshine (Nocturne Lake’s parallel), using a bit of portal magic she learned from Granny. She is one of the many nieces of the Loch Ness Monster, and the second biggest of the Nocturnes.

The Hooded Horror

A mysterious robed entity whose only visible features are the tentacles trailing from out of its cloak. It never speaks (it communicates by other means) or takes off its garb, and is a fairly recent arrival to Nocturne Creek, so nothing is known about it except that it is a skilled instrumentalist. Rumor has it those who try to learn its identity are driven insane by horrific cosmic revelations.

Steve Hob

A diminutive gremlin with bat-like ears, a long pointy snout, a rat-like tail, and bird-like feet. He is very fond of practical jokes and regularly infuriates the other denizens of Nocturne Creek with his frustrating but goodhearted (by monster standards) pranks. He manages and owns a toys, pranks, and hobbies store, selling all sorts of grisly playthings for the children of Nocturne Creek.

Kate Meduse

A gorgon with the lower body of a snake who works as a repairman. Despite her perky attitude and beautiful appearance (for a monster), even Nocturnes get scared when she’s angry, because that’s when her infamous petrifying gaze activates. Fortunately, she always has an antidote (from the Macbeths) for anyone who gets turned to stone by her, and is generally pretty hard to anger.

The Thutmose Family

A family of four mummies, who run a pawn shop full of cursed objects. The family is made of the dumpy, inept father Ralph; his ditzy, shapely wife Sarah; shy, gifted daughter Grace (the oldest of the main circle of Nocturne kids at 13); nerdy son Seth; and three pets – Sobek the ordinary crocodile, Selket the giant scorpion, and Nekhbet the undead vulture that constantly eats itself.

Masaki Mujina

A gangly monster resembling a faceless human with freakishly long arms and fingers. He works as a mailman and runs Nocturne Creek’s post office. Despite his ability to appear unexpectedly behind people for surprise scares, he is polite and mild-mannered. He was originally from Monster Japan but is a longtime denizen of Nocturne Creek, having moved when he was a child.

The Grindlesplitter

A boogeyman with a cross-shaped mouth full of teeth that neatly splits his face into four sections. He is an expert at scaring others and loves to terrify human children by hiding closets, basements, and under beds (using portal magic). He runs a web forum for scaring enthusiasts like him, as scaring is a popular hobby in the Monster World. His real name is Eric Splitgrin, but he dislikes it.

Greg Lickety

A blob monster with a huge, prehensile tongue and a wide mouth full of rotten teeth. He runs a candy and ice cream shop known as Lickety’s Lickables where young Nocturnes enjoy ghoulish treats. Constantly drooling and leaving a trail of slime wherever he goes, his bad breath is legendary. Nonetheless, he is an honest and hardworking fellow whose store remains beloved.

Ruth Childchewer

A burly troll with large tusks from jutting her lower jaw. She runs a small farm on the dark and howling plains near Nocturne Creek, mainly raising pumpkins. She is very gluttonous, able to eat three whole goats in a single sitting, and often talks about how much she would love to eat a human child. But the truth is she’s too much of a sweetheart to ever dare eat any human child.


    What is the Monster World? 

  • The Monster World is a dark and shadowy parallel of the Human World. It bears many physical resemblances to the Human World, but all gloomy, macabre, and twisted versions of ours.
  • It is permanently dark in the Monster World. The closest there is to daytime and nighttime is a bright full moon becoming a dark new moon and back again over and over in a 24 hour cycle.
  • Almost everything in the Monster World has a dark and monstrous twist or is suitably creepy. A table might have claws, a pet dog could be undead, and a car might be possessed by a demon.
  • The inhabitants of the Monster World are the countless monstrosities and horrors that humans dwell in fear of both now and then. Nearly every monster type imaginable (and some not) exists.
  • Monsters are often known to enter the Human World (by using portal magic), but this was more common historically when the Monster and Human Worlds were linked with natural gateways.
  • The portals were destroyed long ago due to monster-human violence. However, some humans chose to live among monsters, soon becoming witches, wizards, mad scientists, and the like.
  • Since then monsters have formed their own society – one with a very creepy and macabre bent. Most monsters are neutral or apathetic about humans and focus on matters in their own world.
  • Magic and science (or rather mad science) coexist in the Monster World, due to the prolific nature of wizards and mad scientists. However, the two approaches don’t always see eye to eye.
  • The Monster and Human Worlds are largely parallel in geography. Differences manifest in the Human World as supernatural phenomenon (eg: hauntings may indicate a Monster World town).
  • Monster legend speaks of the Fairy World, a third realm of magic, light, and beauty inhabited by pixies, elves, unicorns, mermaids, centaurs, and others who don’t fit in the Monster World.


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