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Rod Rogers and the City of the Stars (or just Rod Rogers for short) is a science-fiction series made up by Magnus Force. It is an adventure-comedy series taking inspiration from sci-fi series like Star Wars, Star Trek, Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, Futurama, and The Jetsons.

The series focuses on Rod Rogers, a 13-year-old boy in YER-GASP (Young Earth Representatives to GASP), a project to send young humans to Planet Zed, a city world home to all sorts of aliens and robots that serves as capital of the Galactic Alliance of Systems and Planets (GASP). On Planet Zed, Rod befriends a robot named Calculus and an alien named Voona, and the three have adventures across Planet Zed and other worlds, encountering many strange and wonderful things.


This series is a reboot of an earlier project of mine called Out of this World, borrowing the setting and many of the characters with some heavy tweaking based on another draft I made of the prior project.

For the other Unpublished Works made up by Magnus Force, see Incredi Girl and Meet The Nocturnes.

    Central Characters 

Roderick “Rod” Rogers

Rod Rogers is a YER-GASP member from America. Having always dreamed of going on adventures in outer space, Rod considers visiting Planet Zed to be the fulfillment of a lifelong fantasy that he is determined to live to the fullest. Daring, bold, adventurous, and courageous, Rod is always eager to try new things and confident to a fault. Despite his ego and recklessness, Rod is easygoing, a great cook, and an excellent leader who plays the reasonable middleman of the trio. On Earth, he has an older brother and sister, while his parents own a diner that he helps out at.

C3-X5 Calculus

Calculus is Rod’s robot buddy and roommate, nicknamed “Cal” by his friends. He is Rod’s closest friend of the cast. Highly inquisitive and highly intelligent, he has a strong thirst for knowledge and shares Rod’s enthusiasm for new experiences. On the other hand, Calculus lacks Rod’s extroverted self-assurance. He is always the first to worry about danger and is prepared for every situation with his wide array of gadgets. Despite his nervous tendencies and inability to understand love, he is extremely loyal to his friends and almost unfailingly polite towards others.

Voona Thinth

Voona is Rod’s alien best friend and the sole female member of the group. Although the daughter of the renowned GASP diplomat Tardell Thinth, Voona is rowdy, coarse, feisty, and tough. Never afraid to say what’s on her mind, she is a skilled and tenacious martial artist who shares and admires Rod’s thirst for thrills. Although short-tempered and prone to violence, Voona does have a soft side as she is very protective of her friends and loves all animals great and small. She is also embarrassed about her wealthy background as she wishes to be treated as just a normal person.


Droggs is Voona’s pet and constant companion. He is a Scuttling Sectile, an iguana-like creature from the rainforests of Voona’s homeworld that has six legs, a long tongue, compound eyes, a beak, and feathers running down his back. His species is very rare and valuable, but Voona was able to keep Droggs because he imprinted on her after hatching from his egg (which had been smuggled to Planet Zed). Although Droggs is considered repulsive by many, especially Calculus, who cannot stand the Sectile, Voona and Droggs share a strong mutual affection for each other.

Qual Kerbor

Qual is Rod’s rival and son of respected GASP Armada admiral Zarba Kerbor. A daring wannabe space adventurer like Rod, Qual is arrogant, sardonic, and hates Earthlings (or “monkeys” as he calls them). He especially detests Rod, who he sees as a primitive idiot. Despite this, he is often forced to team up with Rod on their adventures, and Rod sees Qual’s antagonism as friendly competition in what he believes is a lighthearted rivalry. Qual also has a one-sided crush on Voona as they take martial arts classes together, but Vonna loathes him as a narcissistic scumbag.

Gaitha Miyoonith

Gaitha is Rod’s legal guardian, having been assigned as his caretaker when YER-GASP was being organized. She is an archivist for the GASP Museum of Knowledge, known amongst her friends, family, and coworkers for being obsessively tidy and organized and utterly enamored with high culture and her job (especially if reading is involved). Under Gaitha’s bookish and sophisticated attitude though is a compassionate, intelligent, and diligent woman whose knowledge of all things GASP allows her to explain all sorts of fascinating bits of information for Rod and his friends.

Zemir Esilion

Zemir is Gaitha’s husband and Rod’s other legal guardian for his stay on Planet Zed. He runs a repair shop and is a licensed starship pilot, so he often helps Rod and his friends travel to other worlds. In contrast to Gaitha, Zemir is lowbrow and boisterous with a love for sports and parties (the wilder and louder, the better!). Despite his slovenliness, he is actually a good-natured fellow who knows a lot about GASP (especially technology), always seems to “know just the guy for the job” when Rod and his friends need some help, and is happily married to fellow know-it-all Gaitha.

    Other Characters of Note 

Modem and Trigonometric

Modem and Trigonometric are Calculus’ parents, as well as friends and neighbors of Gaitha and Zemir. They are scientists who spend much of their time in the laboratories of the GASP Museum of Knowledge, but are commissioned to create new inventions for businesses to sell. Modem is rather world-weary but goodhearted, while Trigonometric is extremely bubbly and optimistic.

Tardell Thinth

Tardell is Voona’s father, famed across Planet Zed and the rest of GASP as one of the best and most respected diplomats. But for all his negotiation skills, charisma, and open-minded thinking, he is constantly troubled with his daughter, as he cannot understand why she sees him as an embarrassment. Nevertheless, he loves Voona dearly, and Voona truly does love him deep down.

Pranter Wartuya

Pranter is Zemir’s pal and owner of Spaceman’s Stop, a popular hangout spot for Rod, his friends, and countless others from across Planet Zed and GASP. While not very bright and prone to getting into tight spots, Pranter is an amiable fellow with dreams of becoming a licensed starship pilot, a love for collecting curiosities from other planets, and an eagerness for hearing his patrons’ stories.

Styleen Felfew

Styleen is a psychic who offers her services to Rod and others. She is a gentle and kindhearted soul who shows equal compassion for all beings and completely rejects violence (thus she never directly opposes anyone when involved in Rod’s adventures). However, she also seems to almost live in her own little world meaning she is often eccentric and sometimes difficult to understand.

Principal Harthogarus Thol

Thol is the big, boisterous principal of Andromeda Secondary School. He is an ex-championship martial artist and former wilderness ranger who loves nature (and testing one’s mettle against it), exercises strenuously, and values discipline and good sportsmanship. When not running the school, Thol leads a wilderness trekking group and teaches Voona and Qual’s martial arts classes.


Integer is a classmate of Rod and his friends who volunteers at the GASP Museum of Knowledge and often assists Gaitha. She is even more intelligent than Calculus, but in contrast to the nervous but dignified Cal, Integer is excitable and accident-prone. Due to their love of knowledge, Integer has a massive crush on Calculus, but since he does not understand love, Cal is oblivious to this.

Glorgo the Globular

Glorgo is the bully of Andromeda Secondary School whom Rod and his friends sometimes run into. He operates like a mafia don and likewise is gentlemanly and honorable, despite engaging in questionable practices. But underneath his calmness, Glorgo is utterly ruthless to those who upset him, and few are brave enough to cross him, lest they incur his famously terrifying wrath.

Karak Trokto

Karak is Glorgo’s top henchman. Despised by nearly everyone, Karak is a cackling lunatic who seems to delight in the humiliation and suffering of others. The only person he doesn’t seem to annoy is Glorgo, who uses Karak as a spy. Karak is also extremely loyal to Glorgo, which manifests most blatantly in his sycophantism to his boss, which may partially be why Glorgo tolerates him.

    Planet Zed Explained 

  • Planet Zed is the sole world of the Zed System, but also the capital of the Galactic Alliance of Systems and Planets. Its surface is a rich and bustling metropolis of unimaginable vastness.
  • Planet Zed's population is over 8 trillion. This staggering number can be approximately divided into 6 trillion aliens belonging to countless species and 2 trillion robots of all sorts of designs.
  • Planet Zed was once a featureless world, but was made capital of GASP as its location was secure and neutral. It became the vibrant world it is today after a century of advanced terraforming.
  • Planet Zed orbits a star similar to our Sun and has an atmosphere and climate compatible with most species (the sky is indigo-violet as a result). Its rotation and orbit are opposite of Earth’s.
  • Additionally, Planet Zed also has eight moons, all terraformed to serve purposes that can’t be done on Planet Zed, such as military bases, waste management plants, and penitentiaries.
  • The Galactic Alliance of Systems and Planets (GASP) is a political organization that guides itself on peace, unity, equality, progress, and liberty. It is a bit like the Federation from Star Trek.
  • GASP consists of countless systems, planets, and species that have joined together to better the universe. The organization frequently adds new worlds, typically those with spacefaring societies.
  • Whenever a new world is added, GASP initiates an enormous exchange of technology and ideas, allowing for the growth of technology (especially in GASP robotics), society, and culture for all.
  • GASP is a democracy, in which a president is elected once every ten years for a single term. The president leads galactic politics and runs Planet Zed with help from the city’s administrators.
  • The official language of GASP is Galactic Standard, a planet-neutral language that is intended to be easy to speak for almost all species. By sheer coincidence, it is the exact same as English.


    A Galactic Guide to Species and Worlds 

Rod Rogers and YER-GASP

Earth had already been known to GASP for some time (approximately since the 1940s), but the decision to let Earth join GASP had been heavily debated for years in the GASP Assembly (where GASP’s politicians gather to debate). YER-GASP was set up shortly after GASP invited Earth to join the spacefaring organization, with the intention being to let the youth of Earth become the first ambassadors to the rest of the universe. Rod was one of the lucky hundred who were selected out of thousands of applications from across the globe. He says that his enthusiasm and open-mindedness convinced the YER-GASP committee he could live amongst aliens for a long period.

Calculus, Integer, Modem, and Trigonometric

Calculus, Integer, Modem, and Trigonometric are robots. GASP robots come in a staggering diversity of appearances and are found on countless worlds. Calculus is a short, gray, boxy robot who looks a bit like a trash can on wheels and is equipped with hundreds of gadgets and a massive databank. Integer is a tall, golden, humanoid robot with large antennae and extendable arms. Modem is a slender, gray robot with one eye, pincers, and a single wheeled leg. Trigonometric is a spherical, pink, hovering robot with a camera-like head and multiple arms on her circumference.
All GASP robots are intelligent, so robots are considered a sentient species by GASP, although the earliest-built robots were not sapient. Robots “reproduce” by having children constructed by GASP Robotics (a GASP-affiliated, robot-managed enterprise with a monopoly on robotics), using a complex and randomized system of programming and engineering to create unique individuals.

Voona and Tardell

Voona and her father Tardell are members of a species originating from the planet Cholak. Voona and Tardell are both very human-like, except with purple skin, pointed ears, and absolutely no hair on their bodies. But whereas her father is totally bald, Voona has several semi-prehensile tentacles on her head in place of hair. She sometimes uses them to juggle items when bored.
The planet Cholak is a tropical paradise currently at the height of a hothouse period. The planet is covered in rainforests, savannahs, swamps, mountains, and shallow seas – all teeming with wildlife. The Cholakites dwell in communes similar to Earth cities but protected by energy domes, so as to keep out wildlife and preserve nature because the planet is a popular safari destination.


Gaitha is a member of a species originating from the planet Nhimmai. She has mostly hairless pink skin, a long beak-like snout similar to that of an anteater, and small horns on the top of her head surrounded by long hair (like a Klingon). Gaitha also has an extremely long tongue with a length twice her height. It lets her slurp bits of food into the tiny mouth at the tip of her snout.
The planet Nhimmai is one of several worlds in GASP that does not rotate; thus one side is permanently stuck in freezing night and the other side stuck in searing day. Despite this, it supports many environments with inhabitants that have adapted to either of the two extremes. Gaitha’s species is one of few to have adapted to both, but live primarily on the border regions.


Zemir is a member of a species originating from the planet Elantros 5. Although he is human-like, he possesses four arms and four small eyes. Additionally, Zemir is very fat and has dry brown skin. His biology as a desert-dwelling alien species means that he literally does not require water to survive, while his large amounts of body fat sustain him when food is unavailable in leaner times.
The planet Elantros 5 is a desert planet of extreme conditions. The planet is virtually waterless, with native species gaining their liquids from elsewhere or not requiring water to survive. The little civilization that can put up with the unbearable heat mainly lives off mining and metalwork, resulting in some of the finest specimens of craftsmanship and engineering in all of GASP Space.


Qual is a member of a species originating from the planet Daquarri 8. He has moist orange skin, tentacles in place of limbs, a squid-like beak, and a long lure on his head that is also his eyestalk. Qual is also bioluminescent, squirts ink from his nostrils, and has no bones except for a cartilage spine and skull. However, he must wear a special wetsuit to prevent his skin from drying out.
The planet Daquarri 8 is entirely oceanic, with the occasional polar iceberg or artificial platform for terrestrial visitors. The underwater environment is very deep, with huge trenches cutting through the seafloor. The Daquarrians dwell in small communities at the bottom of the ocean. Outsiders must wear special deep-water equipment or stay on the platforms set up for them.


Styleen is a member of a species originating from the planet Thurisia. She is very small and skinny with yellow skin and large antennae. The only facial features on her vaguely mantis-like head are her big black eyes; she communicates with telepathy. Her species is well known for possessing a number of psychic powers, such as telekinesis, empathy, telepathy, and extrasensory abilities.
The planet Thurisia is one of the few worlds known to GASP Space where the poorly-studied phenomenon of psychic powers has developed. Although the planet is fairly Earth-like in climate and terrain (Earthlings may be reminded of the likes of New Zealand, Madagascar, or Australia when there), its inhabitants all possess psychic abilities or defenses against such mental powers.


Pranter is a member of a species originating from the planet Ruban 7. He possesses blue skin, a short trunk, small antennae, and big, red compound eyes that are usually covered up by goggles. His goggles are necessary for him to see, as they produce a unique form of UV radiation found only on Ruban. Without this UV radiation, Pranter’s vision is extremely poor and mostly blurry.
The planet Ruban 7 is known for being temperate and wet, with vast expanses of soaking forest and marsh all across the planet. The planet is bathed in a unique form of UV radiation from its sun that harmlessly blurs the vision of most outsiders but allows natives to see perfectly normally, with some inhabitants being so adapted to the UV rays, they will grow sickly and die without it.


Thol is a member of a species originating from the planet Dulgara. Immense in size, he is totally covered in thick white fur and has enormous tusks like those of an elephant jutting from the sides of his mouth. Overall, Thol could be described as being like a mammoth mixed with a yeti. He does not wear clothes, as his fur hides his nudity and already keeps him warm in most climates.
The planet Dulgara is a high-gravity world locked in the grip of a global ice age. Almost every creature native to the planet is massive and covered in thick fur perfectly adapted to the freezing climate. Virtually no civilization exists on the planet, as the inhabitants are all nomadic in nature. However, it is frequently visited by miners and big game hunters eager to utilize its resources.


Glorgo is a member of a species originating from the planet Jorvon 6. As the sole non-humanoid alien of the cast, Glorgo resembles a spherical green jellyfish with three eyes and four tentacles. He constantly levitates with the help of a helium-like gas inside his soft, squishy, and transparent body (his green coloring is actually a see-through of his insides). He’s a bit like an amoeba balloon.
The planet Jorvon 6 is unique on this list in that it is in fact a gas giant – one of several in GASP able to sustain life. So although the planet’s consistency is not dangerous to outsiders, visitors are typically relegated to the floating stations in the planet’s atmosphere or above it in space. But for those interested in traveling the planet’s endless skies, aerial cruise ships are available.


Karak is a member of a species originating from the planet Conda. He is tall and thin with green scaly skin, a long tail, large chameleon-like eyes, and no nose. As a reptilian alien, Karak can climb walls and ceilings and has a forked tongue he uses to sense his surroundings. Additionally, his skin is able to change color and texture like an octopus, giving him superb camouflage abilities.
The planet Conda is a low-gravity world covered in dense jungle notorious for being very deadly to outsiders due to its diversity of extremely dangerous wildlife – most of which strongly resemble bizarre, extraterrestrial versions of Earth’s dinosaurs. Thus, civilization is non-existent on the planet, with GASP planetary guides recommending most visitors to stay on a space station.


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