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A sandbox for series that I, Magnus Force, plan on launching pages for in the future, but don't have any tropes to add to them yet. As expected from my line of work on this site these days, they're all works with significant Canadian involvement in their production.

All of these shows I've never seen and have only heard of, so tropers who have seen these shows and feel like they can add tropes and launch a work page may freely appropriate these as they wish. Just inform me if you have done so - that way I can know the page has been launched and respond appropriately.


Family CHRGD

Family Jr.

T. and T.
Yes, you are looking at Mr. T in a suit and tie.

T.S. Turner was a city-smart kid fighting his way off the street, until he was framed for a crime he didn’t commit. Amy Taler was a young crusading lawyer. She mounted an appeal to put Turner back on the street, this time in a suit and tie, working as a private detective. Together they are — T. and T.

T. and T. (1987-1990) is a Canadian television series notable for two things - serving as a vehicle for Mr. T following the cancellation of The A-Team and for being one of the few live-action works created by the world-famous animation studio Nelvana.

In this series, Mr. T played T.S. Turner alongside Alexandra Amini as Amanda “Amy” Taler. As the Opening Narration above explains, the two are private detectives of very different backgrounds and very different attitudes. They do the usual kind of stuff you expect from 80s detective/cop shows - coming to the aid of civilians, thwarting criminals around the city, and getting into fights with bad guys while also tackling social and environmental issues of the day. Helping out Turner and Taler every so often were Danforth "Dick" Decker, the owner of the gym where Turner works out; Taler's secretary Sophie; and their occasional ally Detective Jones. Turner also lived with his Aunt Martha and teenage cousin Renee. Later seasons added a teenage orphan named Joe Casper who lived with Decker, Amy's sister Terri Taler, and another detective named Dick Hargrove.


3 seasons and 65 episodes were produced, originally premiering in syndication but later having new episodes broadcasted on Family Channel. Nelvana has made every last one of them available on Youtube through their Retro Rerun channel. Check them out here!


Majority Rules!

Majority Rules! is a Canadian children's comedy series created by Entertainment One that is notable for being the first-ever regular live-action program to be commissioned for the Canadian animation channel Teletoon (perhaps not coincidentally appearing around the same time, Teletoon's American counterpart Cartoon Network was also becoming very interested in live-action programming).

The show is about Rebecca "Becky" Richards (played by Tracy Spiridakos), a 15-year-old girl whose life is completely changed when she is elected mayor of her hometown of Mayfield. It follows the day-to-day escapades and mishaps she gets into as she juggles the pressures of her extremely irregular life to the best of her ability. But even despite the difficulties that come with her job at her age, Becky always finds a way to pull through and just keep on smiling - but not without a little help from her best friends, Margo Dubois and Kiki Kincaid.


The show debuted on September 10, 2009 , but ultimately wasn't very long-lived as it came to an end just a year later after 26 episodes. While the series did make a Channel Hop to the perhaps-more-appropriate Family Channel later into its run, it wouldn't be the last piece of live-action TV to be created for Teletoon, as the existence of shows like My Babysitter's a Vampire and Mudpit indicate.



Mudpit is a live-action/CGI-animation hybrid Canadian Series created by Cookie Jar Entertainment that stands out as being one of several mainly-live-action shows commissioned for Canada's national animation network Teletoon during the late 2000s and early 2010s (around the same time its American counterpart Cartoon Network was trying out the same thing). The show ran for 2 seasons of 26 episodes between January 5, 2012 and April 11, 2013.

The series follows four teenagers named Reese, Geneva, Mikey, and Liam, who form the eponymous band. These four kids seek to earn themselves the recording contract of their dreams so that they can make their way to Rock & Roll stardom. And in this case, they're chasing that dream by competing in the popular MMORPG Muzika, where bands enter the game as avatars of themselves and compete in challenges given and judged by the condescending host Slime (voiced by the Toronto voice acting legend Robert Tinkler). In every episode, the members of Mudpit gather at their favorite hangout spot to enter Muzika and take one of Slime's challenges. But as they attempt to win Muzika's challenges and finally get noticed, Mudpit will also have to contend with Reese's stepbrother Kyle, the leader of a rival band that Reese was formerly a member of, now willing to do whatever it takes to get one of Reese or ruin his day. Oh, and Once per Episode, Mudpit performs an original song.


The Most Magnificent Thing

The Most Magnificent Thing is a 22-minute animated short film produced in Canada by the world-renowned animation studio Nelvana. An Animated Adaptation of the best-selling children's book of the same name by Ashley Spires, this piece of Canadian animation is notable for being the very first animated short film ever created by Nelvana in its 50+ year history.

The Most Magnificent Thing tells the story of a young girl who possesses an inseparable bond with her pet dog. Being the creative and determined child she is, our plucky little heroine decides to build her friend a doghouse after receiving a toolkit for her birthday from her mother (who is an architect). But even despite her determination to build what she calls "the most magnificent thing", she finds that building her dream project is far from easy! But as she learns, with a little inspiration from others and a lot of heart from oneself, anyone is capable of achieving greatness.

The short film features the voices of Whoopi Goldberg, Alison Pill, Lily Bartlam, and Tony Daniels. It made its debut in 2019, being shown at over 90 film festivals across North America and Europe, where it earned critical acclaim for its animation and storytelling, as well as over 25 award nominations.

Incidentally, this is actually the second work from Nelvana based on a book by Ashley Spires, the first being Agent Binky: Pets of the Universe, which was based on her Binky the Space Cat series.

See the trailer here.


The Remarkable Mr King

The Remarkable Mr. King is a Canadian animated Preschool Show created by Nelvana that debuted in 2019 on Treehouse TV. It is the Animated Adaptation of the children's book series Mr. King by Quebec author Geneviève Côté. The show is designed to teach children about the importance of communicating important feelings and ideas, being mindful, and how to make up for your own mistakes.

The show focuses on a young lion named Mr. King. Taking great pride in his kind's reputation as the ruler of all animals, Mr. King believes that it is his duty as a monarch to help everyone around him. And so Mr. King goes around the forest in search of animals who need his help and coming up with plans to solve their problems. The catch is that as well-meaning as Mr. King is, his "big thinks" are frequently blinded by his own short-sightedness and his tendency to assume he knows everything there is to the situation. As a result, Mr. King's solutions sometimes end up creating even more problems! But Mr. King is never deterred by his failures and will always try and try again until he finally solves the problem and makes things right, sometimes even turning his goofs into victories for everyone to share!


Stella And Sam

Stella and Sam is the name of a series of children's picture books by Canadian author/illustrator Marie-Louise Gay and her husband David Homel first published in 1999. The series actually consists of three separate but related series of books, all set in Manitoba and featuring the same family and focusing on the two kids - the imaginative and fun-loving 9-year-old Stella and her curious and adventurous 4-year-old brother Sam, both of whom love to explore their outdoors surroundings, learn about their world, and play with their imaginations together.

The books are:

  • Stella series:
    • Stella, Star of the Sea (1999)
    • Stella, Queen of the Snow (2000)
    • Stella, Fairy of the Forest (2002)
    • Stella, Princess of the Sky (2004)
    • When Stella Was Very, Very, Small (2009)
    • Read Me A Story, Stella (2013)

  • Sam series:
    • Good Morning, Sam (2003)
    • Good Night, Sam (2003)
    • What Are You Doing, Sam? (2006)

  • Travels with My Family:
    • Travels With My Family (2006)
    • On the Road Again! (2008)
    • Summer in the City (2012)
    • The Traveling Circus (2015)
    • Travels in Cuba (2021)

The books have been very successful and been met with quite a bit of praise from critics. Perhaps then it comes as no surprise that they were given an Animated Adaptation in 2011, which was produced in Canada - something that is even less surprisingly if you actually know anything about Canadian animation and kids' TV in that country. Specifically, the Stella and Sam cartoon was done by Radical Sheep Productions (previously known for The Big Comfy Couch and later to be known for Fangbone! and The Bagel and Becky Show, incidentally both also adapted from children's books). It originally aired on Family Jr., running for 2 seasons and 52 episodes. Reruns later popped up in the United States on Sprout (now Universal Kids) in 2013 and Qubo in 2018, as well as CBC Kids in Canada (also in 2018).


Hippo Tub Co.

Those of you who actually know about their Canadian cartoons should be well aware of the fact that the vast majority of animated series produced in Canada are virtually unheard of, even by most Canadians. The great Canadian public broadcaster CBC seems to have some of the worst luck when it comes to this, its animated output being mostly overshadowed by those of Canadian cable networks oriented at children. In fact, some of its shows are so damn obscure that they've become lost media, with most or even all episodes being unavailable anywhere.

And this show is perhaps the ultimate example.

Hippo Tub Co. is an All-CGI Cartoon created by David J. Corbett that debuted in 2001 on CBC's Kids Block and ran for a single 13-episode season. Produced by Octapixx Worldwide, the show asks the question, "What happens to stuff that you lose down the bathroom drain?" And as it turns out, anything you lose down the bathtub ends up in Drainworld, a city where all the objects ever lost in all the world's bathtub drains ends up and is taken in by the eponymous Hippo Tub Co., which is kinda like the world's biggest lost-and-found department. Working at Hippo Tub Co. is Harley, a anthropomorphic blue hippopotamus wearing a transforming yellow bathtub like a pair of suspenders, as well as his best friend Norton, a red bird wearing red rubber boots. These two work as custodians at Hippo Tub Co., itemizing and labelling everything that ends up in Drainworld while also trying to make sure these lost items eventually make their way back to their owners. Alongside handyman Ted Tubman and pack rats Pete and Repete, Harley and Norton get themselves into all sorts of adventures involving all the different kinds of keepsakes that end up in Drainworld and become the focus of everyone’s attention there



Ah, the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, a little-known Canadian specialty channel that funds and airs television shows made by, for, and about Canada's First Nations (or Native Americans, as they're known by the Great White North's southern neighbor). The first national public television network by and for North American Indigenous peoples, the APTN does a wide variety of stuff: documentaries, news, dramas, specials, movies, sports, educational programs... and the subject of this page.

Animism is an extremely obscure Canadian animated series produced for APTN's Kids Block by the Vancouver media company Zeroes 2 Heroes that mixes First Nations mythology with Urban Fantasy. It tells the story of Melody "Mel" Ravensfall, a 17-year-old girl from Grind City who has joined the environmental activists of Grind City University in fighting off the efforts by the powerful development company Grind City Futures (headed by Chad Peterson) to build over The Gods' Lake. However, her life is changed when an attack by Mel and her friends Duane, Erin, and Nico, on Grind City Futures goes wrong and a mysterious elk-like being named Wapiti appears to rescue her from Chad.

Mel soon learns from Wapiti that her efforts to save The Gods' Lake is in fact just the smallest skirmish in a vast cosmic conflict between three supernatural siblings called The Trickster, The Mother, and The Wetiko. For countless millennia, these great spirits have controlled the cycles of the world, each one being overthrown by the other two joining forces to usher in a new age. However, Wetiko, the one currently in charge, has grown far too powerful for Mother to replace, thus threatening Earth's balance and its future. In order to restore the natural order to its rightful form, the emissaries of Mother and Trickster must join forces, and Wapiti, emissary of Mother, reveals to Mel that she is the current emissary of Trickster, carrying the mysterious ancestral powers needed for her mission - and what's more, Chad is in fact the emissary of Wetiko himself.

Now tasked with dealing with a conflict far larger than what she initially understood, Mel and her friends, as well as Wapiti, face off against Chad, his corporation, and his secret master in a battle to bring the world and its cosmic zeitgeist to its rightful form. But even as the struggle to save Gods' Lake continues under their broader conflict, a terrible secret and an enormous power for good hides beneath the surface of The Gods' Lake, one that has the potential to change everything.

Animism was released in 2013 for a single 6-episode season titled Animism: The Gods' Lake, but it was actually preceded by an alternate reality game called Animism: The Sacred Sites in the summer of 2010 to promote the series' development and eventual release. While the series gives the fundamental plot by itself, there is also an online adventure game, a graphic novel, and some short stories designed to tell more of the full story in a transmedia fashion or as standalone adventures. A second season called Animism: Titan Falls was announced to be in development, but that was back in 2014 and nothing has come out since.

Check out the trailer here!


The Mole Sisters

The Mole Sisters is a Canadian series of children's books by Roslyn Schwartz that was also adapted into a cartoon by Funbag Animation that started airing on Treehouse TV in 2003. Both the books and the show follow the adventures of two young moles as they explore their surroundings and learn about the natural world. A total of 10 books were published in the series, while the cartoon ran for 75 episodes.


Monster By Mistake!

Monster By Mistake! is a Canadian All-CGI Cartoon was created by Mark Mayerson. It was co-produced between Catapult Productions and CCI Entertainment (formerly Cambium), with the show's computer animation provided by Studio 345.

The series is about 8-year-old Warren Patterson, who suffers from all sorts of allergies. Unfortunately for him, said allergy problem is made worse when he one day comes into contact with a magical jewel from the mysterious parallel world of Fenrath, as the jewel curses him to transform into a giant blue humanoid monster whenever he sneezes! While Warren is able to turn back into his original self simply by sneezing again, being in monster form gets him into all sorts of trouble, particularly with the denizens of Fenrath, namely the evil Gorgool, who had originally created the jewel that cursed Warren for the purpose of taking over Fenrath from his brother Morgool. Fortunately, with a little help from his older sister Tracy (herself a practicing witch after she managed to get one of Gogool's spellbooks) and Johnny B. Dead, a wise-cracking, trumpet-playing ghost who haunts the Pattersons' attic, Warren can always find ways to get out of scrapes just as easily as he gets into them!

The show began life in 1996 as a Halloween special that YTV would air yearly, but in 1999, they decided to pick it up as a full TV series that ran for 51 episodes over 3 seasons between 1999 and 2003.



Z-Squad is a South Korean-Canadian All-CGI Cartoon co-produced between the South Korean studio Enemes and the world-famous Canadian studio Nelvana.

The show follows three ordinary preteen schoolgirls named Chaney, Haemi, and Jeanie who possess the power to transform into superheroines with help from three cuddly little aliens called the Zoots (individually named Zora, Zef, and Zuma). Together, these three girls must defend their world and that of the Zoots from a host of villains while also searching for the enchanted crystals that will grant them the power to both worlds.

The show originally aired in South Korea on SBS between December 2006 and June 2007 for a total of 26 episodes over a single season. Despite announcements that the show would air on YTV and Teletoon in Canada, as well as Disney Channel in the United States, it instead made its English-language debut on Pop Girl in the UK and would not make its way to North America until it became available on Amazon Video and Tubi TV.


Bob & Doug

SCTV is remembered for a lot of things - being one of the most iconic and influential Canadian TV series of all time, being the starting point for some of Hollywood's most beloved Canada-born actors and comedians, and for being one of the few Canadian TV shows to have been successful on American TV, among other things. When the show moved from Global Television Network to CBC for its third season in 1980, two of its most iconic characters were born: Bob and Doug McKenzie, a pair of none-too-bright, booze-loving, toque-wearing, and overall extremely stereotypical Canadians played by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas respectively. These brothers starred in their own little segment, a spoof of panel shows and Canadian Content laws titled "Great White North" (or "Kanadian Korner"), where they commentated on all things quintessentially Canadian while also saying "Eh" a lot and calling each other "hosers". The two ended up becoming pop culture phenomena in both Canada and the United States and mainstays of SCTV's run, so it should come as no surprise to some that in 2009, the McKenzie brothers were brought back for their very own cartoon series.

Bob & Doug (or The Animated Adventures of Bob & Doug McKenzie) is a Canadian animated sitcom produced for Global Television Network that brings back Bob and Doug McKenzie for a new era of television. The brothers are now a pair of garbage collectors living in the town of Maple Lake, a tiny little place located at the US-Canada border just across from the crime and porn-ridden American metropolis of JFK City. As expected, the two get into various misadventures that frequently involve their fellow townspeople.

The series was produced by Animax Entertainment, which was established by Dave Thomas, who reprised Doug McKenzie for the series. Unfortunately, Rick Moranis did not return to voice Bob, who was in his period of semi-retirement at the time, although he did hop on board as an executive producer alongside Thomas. Instead, American actor and comedian Dave Coulier took on the role of Bob for the show. Various miscellaneous Canadian actors, including several prominent Toronto-based voice actors, took on the other roles.

The show didn't last particularly long however, running for only 15 episodes, with 5 of them barely seeing any airtime on Global, who had decided to cut the show's run short after initially ordering 22 episodes. And unlike with SCTV, efforts to get the show on American airwaves were unsuccessful, with Fox backing out of initial plans to fund the series alongside Global very early on.


Little Charmers

Little Charmers is a Canadian preschool-aimed All-CGI Cartoon co-produced between Nelvana and Spin Master Entertainment for Treehouse TV.

The show follows three young enchantresses-in-training named Hazel, Lavender, and Posie, who explore and have adventures as they learn about casting charms and hexes, as well as important lessons about friendship and the like.

A series oriented at very young girls, Little Charmers ran for 57 episodes over 2 seasons between 2015 and 2017, premiering on Nickelodeon in the United States.

Tropes of the series:

Monster Math Squad

Monster Math Squad is a Canadian CGI animated Preschool Show created by Jeff Rosen and produced by DHX Media. The series aired on CBC Kids from 2012 to 2016 with a total of 25 episodes.

Created with the purpose of teaching kids about math and numbers, the series follows three young monsters named Max (Cory Doran), Lily (Julie Sype), and Goo (Annick Obonsawin) who live in the city of Monstrovia. This trio of monsters love nothing more than helping their friends solve their everyday problems, and their favorite way of doing so is by applying math equations!

Tropes of the series:

Go, Dog. Go!

Go, Dog. Go! is a Canadian-American All-CGI Cartoon from WildBrain and Dreamworks Animation Television that debuted on Netflix in 2021. It is the loose Animated Adaptation on the 1961 children's book of the same name by P. D. Eastman.

The show's stars are two young canines, the energetic and inventive Tag Barker and the more timid and reserved Scooch Pooch, whose family has just moved next door to Tag's. This pair of unlikely friends live in the Quirky Town of Pawston, where everyone is always on the go. Armed with plenty of ingenious plans and a love for anything that goes, Tag and Scooch are ready for fun and adventure together.

Tropes of the series:

Kody Kapow

Kody Kapow is a Canadian-French All-CGI Cartoon produced by Marathon Media (Totally Spies!, Martin Mystery) that aired on Universal Kids in 2017.

In this series, a 9-year-old boy named Kody is visiting his family's village in China when he learns that he is next in line to become defender of the village. Working alongside his grandfather Master Li, his detective cousin Mei, and a timid tiger named Goji, Kody trains himself to defend his village from various threats, particularly the evil Mogo Monkey No Go and his army of monkey minions. Luckily, Kody is equipped with a secret weapon known as the Sapphire Dragon that allows him to power up!

Tropes of the series:

Experimental Non-Work Pages Stuff

Additional Entries to the Character Sheet for Grojband I've Been Considering Recently

    The Pirate Crew
L-R: Captain Tighty Whitey, Shaven Beard, Barnacle Tim
"Thar be a giant X in the sky. We're supposed to do something when there's an X. Better check the pirate manual."
Voiced by: Robert Tinkler (Captain Tighty Whitey, Shaven Beard) and Kedar Brown (Barnacle Tim)
A gang of buccaneers who ride a magic pirate ship listening to sea shanties and doing classic pirate stuff. But since they're a bit clueless as to how pirate do things, they rely upon their trusty Pirate Manual to tell them everything.

    The Orb Experience
Clockwise beginning front: G'ORB, Z'ORB, T'ORB, and N'ORB
"Welcome to our battle, inferior beings. We are The Orb Experience. Now, prepare for a song that will doom your world."
Voiced by: Robert Tinkler (G'ORB), Brian Froud (T'ORB), Dwayne Hill (Z'ORB), and Bryn McAuley (N'ORB)
A band of sphere-like aliens who travel the universe in search of other bands to challenge, destroying their planet if they lose. However, they might have finally met their match when Grojband accidentally challenges them...

    The Blue Star of Rocklympus
A sentient evil artifact said in Rock Lore to take on the form of musical instruments to possess any who wield it to destroy all other sources of music. However, Grojband soon finds out it is more than just a mere legend...

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